Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Renfrewshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAM of Windyhill Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
ADAM of Windyhill Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
ADAMS of Braehead Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
AFFLECK of Nethermuir Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
AIRLIE of 1 Craignethan-road Whitecraigs Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
AITKEN of 1 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
AITKEN of The Garage and Smithy House Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
ALEXANDER of 66 Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ALEXANDER of Frankland Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
ALEXANDER of Rachan Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
ALEXANDER of Sunnemede Brookfield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
ALLAN of 80 Cathcart-road Glasgow and of Clo-velly 80 Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ALLAN of Allanton Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
ALLAN of Edgehill 9 Firwood-road Newton Meams -- Renfrewshire
ALLAN of Kilmeny Craigie-drive Meamskirk -- Renfrewshire
ALLAN of Quothquan 18 RoddingShead-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ALLAN of Tanjong Rhoo Killbarchan -- Renfrewshire
ALLEN of 31 Hillside-road Greenock -- Renfrewshire
ALLISON of Knaresby Newton-avenue Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
ALLISON of lOCarolside-gardensClarkston -- Renfrewshire
ALLISON of South Arkleston Farm Paisley -- Renfrewshire
ALLISON of Strathavon 22 Glenpatrick-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
ALSTON of Hillholm 42 Glenpatrick-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of 29 High-street Lochumnoch -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of 29 Netherburn-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of 5 Bute-gardens Muirend Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of 50 Seres-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of 6 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of 7 Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of 80 Williamwood Park Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of AshbumeMillikenPark Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of Corraith Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of Gwalla Matherton-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of Hi 11 view Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of Ladyacre Inchinnan -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of North Lodge Wemyss Bay -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of Springbank Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of Strathearn 19 Ayr-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ANDERSON of the Dell Maryville-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ANDREWS of Sona Broomberry-drive Gourock -- Renfrewshire
ANGUS of Chatsworth Kilmamock-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ARMOUR of South Hillhead Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
ARNEIL of Willowbank Arthur-street Busby-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
ARTHUR of 36 Esplanade Greenock -- Renfrewshire
AULD of 16 Belmont-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
AUSTIN of Dennistoun Bridge-of-Weir-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
AUSTIN of Glencaim Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
BABTIE of Braehead Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
BAILIFF of 3 Donalds Wood Cottages Corse- bar-rofd Paisley -- Renfrewshire
BAILLIE of Moidart Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BAILLIE of Storrs 7 Greenbank-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BAIN of 4 Broomknowe-terrace Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BAIRD of 66 Stamperland-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BAKER of Frandor Clock-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
BALLANTINE of 26 West Nile-street Glasgow C.1 and of Clevanshill Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
BARBOUR of Holly Bank Houston -- Renfrewshire
BARBOUR of Lyles Land North- street Houston -- Renfrewshire
BARCLAY of 42 Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BARCLAY of Gleniffer View 11 High Calside Paisley -- Renfrewshire
BARNET of 25 Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BARR of Matherbank Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BARR of Merkland Duchal-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BARR of Mount Royal Kings-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
BARR of Mount View Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
BARR of The Grange Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
BARR of Woodend Ranken Glen-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BARTON of Greenloaning Westbrae-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
BAXTER of Burnbank Farm Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BECKETT of South Arthurlie Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
BEECHEY of co Dr McKendrick Dunard Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BEGG of 24 Nethercliffe-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
BEGG of Ardmorag 4 Greenbank-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BELL of 101 West Nile-street Glasgow and 18 Broomvale-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
BELL of 22 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BELLAMY of The Red House Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
BENNIE of Kewlyn Florence-drive Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BIGGART of Carleith Duchal-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BINNIE of 17 Eastwoodmanis-road Thornlie-bank -- Renfrewshire
BISSETT of 8 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
BLACK of 18 Benview-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BLACK of 20 Giffnock Park Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BLACK of 43 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BLACK of 7 Seyton-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BLACKADDER of 68 Kilmarnock-road Giff-nock -- Renfrewshire
BLACKWOOD of Craigfintry Uplawmoor -- Renfrewshire
BLACKWOOD of Redholme Overton-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
BLAIN of Walden 6 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BLAIR of 88 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Renfrewshire
BLAIR of Firfield Golf-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BLAIR of Greystones Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BLAKE of Cragside Waterfoot Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BLAKE of Inverkip House Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
BLAKEBOROUGH of Inchgarvie Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
BLOW of 66 Union-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
BOLTON of Netherplacc Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
BOLTON of Samphrey Uplawmoor -- Renfrewshire
BOW of 14 Etive-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BOW of Woodbrook Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BOWMAN of 31 Gloucester-avenue Carolside Park Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BOWNESS of 3 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BOYD of Balgray House Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
BOYD of Bathfield Wemyss Bay -- Renfrewshire
BOYLE of Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
BOYLE of Norwood Whitlea-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BRACKENRIDGE of 109 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Renfrewshire
BRACKENRIDGE of 14 St Annes-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BRAMAH of Clonsceen Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
BRAWLEY of 87 Seedhill-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
BRECHIN of Stinchar Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BRELSFORD of Tigh Beag 6 Douglas-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BRODIE of 163 Newark-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
BRODIE of Fenwick House Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
BROOKSBANK of 87 Avondale-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
BROUGH of 119 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
BROUGH of 5 Mayfield-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 12 Ormonde-drive Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 20 Eastwoodmains-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 23 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 29 Langtree-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 29 Netherburn-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROWN of 662 Clarkston-road Muirend -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 67 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 69 Eastwood Mains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of 8 Williamwood Park Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Craigengower Langbank -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Craigmore West Gates-avenue Lochwinnoch -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Harvale Kilbarchan-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Heatheryknowe Rowantreehill-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Helenslea Mearns-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Hillview Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Redholme Lochwinnock -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Riversdale Langbank -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Rosslyn Bonar-crescent Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
BROWN of Viewfield 101 Kilmarnock-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BROWNLIE of Brandon 73 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
BROWNSWORD of Beechmount Ulundi-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
BRYAN of Clifton Clarkston-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
BRYCE of Ardmoor Uplawmoor -- Renfrewshire
BRYSON of Eddlehurst 1 Huntly-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BUCHAN of Helenslea 44 Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BUCHAN of St Ronans Rysland-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
BUCHANAN of 49 Nethervale-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
BUCHANAN of Leny 2 Balgair-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
BUCHANAN of Morro Velho 7 Bulloch-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
BUCHANAN of Nether Kirkton Neilston -- Renfrewshire
BUDD of 10 Cavendish-drive Broom Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
BUDGE of Paismuir Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
BUNTAIN of 19 Glen-avenue Port Glasgow -- Renfrewshire
BURNET of Woodbrook Lethington-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
BURNS of 17 Heathwood-drive Orchard Park Thomliebank -- Renfrewshire
CAIRNS of 7 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CAIRNS of 7 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CAIRNS of 7 Woodvale-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
CALDWELL of c/o Todd Rannoch Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CALDWELL of Hazelbank Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
CALDWELL of Tandlehill Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CALDWELL of Tandlehill Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CALDWELL of Tandlehill Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CAMERON of 17 Milliken-drive Milliken Park Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
CAMERON of 35 High-street Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
CAMERON of 5 Penrith-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CAMPBELL of 1 Lonsdale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CAMPBELL of Benston Cottage Millikenpark -- Renfrewshire
CAMPBELL of Birnam Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
CAMPBELL of Braeside Howood -- Renfrewshire
CAMPBELL of Carsluith 5 Eglinton-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CAMPBELL of Netherhaugh Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
CAMPBELL of Windyridge Methven-road White-craigs -- Renfrewshire
CAPIE of 39 Deanwood-a venue Muirend Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
CAPIE of 39 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
CARLTON of 17 Arden-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CARRUTH of Lawmamock Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
CARRUTH of Lawmarnock Kilbrachan -- Renfrewshire
CARRUTHERS of 45 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
CATTERALL of Fascadail 23 Dorian-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
CATTERALL of Fascadail 23 Dorian-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
CHALMERS of Croydon Nursing Home Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
CHARTERS of Woodside Langback -- Renfrewshire
CHISHOLM of Dinsdale Eastwoodmains-road-west Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CHRISTIE of Houstonfield Houston -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CLADWELL of Tandlehill Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CLAPPERTON of 205 St Vincent-street and of 4 Woodside-terrace both in Glasgow and of Lochside Loch-winnoch -- Renfrewshire
CLAPPERTON of 205 St Vincent-street and of 4 Woodside-terrace both in Glasgow and of Lochside Lochwinnoch -- Renfrewshire
CLARK of 5 Hillside-road Manse- wood -- Renfrewshire
CLARK of Ancrum 21 Otterburn-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CLARK of Dunaline Howwood -- Renfrewshire
CLARK of Dunedin Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CLARK of Dunedin Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CLEMENT of Inglestone Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
CLERK of Glenbarry 263 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CLOUGHLEY of 8 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
COCHRAN of Belview Linwood -- Renfrewshire
COCHRAN of Craigielea Uplawmoor -- Renfrewshire
COCHRANE of Burnbank Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
COCHRANE of Tregenna Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
COCKBURN of Hazelbank Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
COCKBURN of Redcliffe Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
COCKBURN of Woodend Eastwoodmains-road west Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
COGHILL of Ingleside5 Church-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
COLLIER of 26 New Sneddon-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
COMBE of Lyon Cottage Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
CONNELL of 10 Sandringham Court Broom Estate Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
CONNELL of Dunrobin Howwood -- Renfrewshire
CONNOR of 25 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
CONNOR of 25 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
COOK of Ladymuir Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
COOK of Mhor Lagan Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
COOK of The Manse of Levem Nitshill -- Renfrewshire
COOPER of 9 Ashburn-gardens Gourock -- Renfrewshire
COULSON of Ardfruoch Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
COULTER of 27 Ormonde-avenue Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
COUTTS of 9 Ailsa Villas Muirend -- Renfrewshire
COWAN of 80 George-square Glasgow and of Lindores Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
COWIE of 60 Merrycrest-avenue Merrylee Park Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CRABB of Malvaig Beech-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
CRAIC of Barrhill House Gourock -- Renfrewshire
CRAIG of 5 Nethervale-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
CRAIG of Broom Broom-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
CRAIG of Meadowbank Kilharchan -- Renfrewshire
CRAIG of Monkland Farm Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
CRAIG of Monkland Farm Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
CRAIG of Windyknowe Gateside-road Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
CRAM of 24 Albert-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of 15 Netherburn-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of 16 Montgomery-strect Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of 45 First-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of 97 Brisbane-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of Albert Villa Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of Braeside Victoria-road Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of Hillside Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of Moorhouse Eaglcsham -- Renfrewshire
CRAWFORD of Waverley Eaglesham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
CRIGHTON of Drummadoon Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
CROFTS of Mam Tor Eastwoodmains-road-west Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CROMBIE of Bon Accord Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
CROSS of Ingliston House Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
CROWTHER of Lundielaw Matherton-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
CULLEN of 188 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
CUMMING of Kilgraston Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
CUMMING of Kilgraston Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CUNNINGHAM of 3 Glenwood-drive Thomliebank -- Renfrewshire
CUNNINGHAM of 35 Espedair-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
CUNNINGHAM of 85 Kilmarnock-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CUNNINGHAM of Cardrona Lethington-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
CUNNINGHAME of 15 Williamwood-park Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
CURRIE of Baldorran Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
CUTHBERTSON of 13 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
CUTHBERTSON of St. Annes Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
DALGLISH of co Underwood Tower-drive Sonrock -- Renfrewshire
DALY of Craigallion Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
DALZIEL of 50 Sunnyside-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
DALZIEL of Barfield Houston -- Renfrewshire
DALZIEL of Deneholme Ers-kine-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
DARROCH of 4 Birch-avenue Busby -- Renfrewshire
DAVIDSON of 29 The Loaning Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
DAVIDSON of Wood-croft 51 Cloch-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
DAVIDSON of Woodcote Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
DAVIE of Dalroyston 42 Kilmar-nock-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
DAVIE of Woodbrook Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
DAVIES of 38 Fox-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
DAVISON of 4 Woodside-crcseent Cragmohr Shandon Dumbartonshire and of Hazelmerc Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
DAWE of 36 Esplanade Greenock -- Renfrewshire
DAY of The Learigg Uplawmoor -- Renfrewshire
DEANS of 131 Beith-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
DEMPSTER of 543 Castlemilk-road Croftfoot -- Renfrewshire
DICK of Heathpark Neidpath-road East Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
DICKIE of 27 Netherburn-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
DICKSON of 8 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
DICKSON of Braefoot Caplethill-road Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
DONALD of 10 Linwood-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
DONALD of 9 Eglinton-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
DONALD of Beltrees Linwood-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
DONALD of Crosscryme Arthurlie-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
DONALD of Dargavel Bishop ton -- Renfrewshire
DONALD of Ludovic-square Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
DONALDSON of Kirktonfield House Neilston -- Renfrewshire
DOUGALL of Craigpark Norwood-drive Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
DOUGLAS of 1 Kendal-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
DOUGLAS of Loreburn 722 Clarkston-road Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
DOUGLAS of Malvern 3 Benview-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
DOW of North Lodge Wemyss Bay -- Renfrewshire
DOW of Ruberslaw Elphinstone-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
DREW of Mhor-Logan Baiclaven-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
DUFF of Glencairn Brookfield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
DUFF of Harlow Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
DUFF of Harlow Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
DUFF of Harlow Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
DUFF of Harlow Old Greenock-road Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
DUFF of Lismore Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
DUFF of Manse of Meams Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
DUMBRECK of West Rountreehill Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
DUNBAR of Westmount Langbank -- Renfrewshire
DUNCAN of Avondale 206 Ayr-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
DUNCAN of Ridgway School-road Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
DUNDAS of Winona Victoria-road Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
DURANT of Morven Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
DUTHIE of 41 First-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
DUTTON of Mayfield Bridge Of Weir -- Renfrewshire
DYER of 26 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
EADIE of Broomhill Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EASSON of Resteneth Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
EDGE of 39 Incle-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
EDINGTON of Coniston 28 Woodvale-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
EDWARDS of 712 Clarkston-road Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
EDWARDS of Belton House Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ELLIS of 46 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
ENTWISTLE of Sunnyhurst 10 Beech-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
EWING of Ailsa Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
EWING of St. Helier 8 Norwood-drive Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
FAIRWEATHER of Faside Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
FALCONER of Vfewpark 2 Overlee-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
FARQUHAR of Mossyde Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
FARQUHARSON of 88 Albert-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
FERGUSON of 10 Roodebloem-gardens Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
FERGUSON of 22 Strathmore-avenue Ralston Paisley -- Renfrewshire
FERGUSON of 33 Merryton-avenue Merrylee Park Giff- nock -- Renfrewshire
FERGUSON of 77 Barshaw-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
FERGUSON of Craigdarroch Torrington-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
FERGUSON of Ron Bank Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
FINDAY of St Oswalds Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
FINDLAY of Fairknowe Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
FINLAYSON of 12 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
FISH of Morven Dalhousie-road Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
FITTON of Leebank Busby-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
FLANDERS of Woodend Castlehead Paisley -- Renfrewshire
FLANNIGAN of 195 Candren-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
FLEMING of Crossways Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
FLEMING of Dunskey Crookfur-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
FLEMING of St Margarets Dalhousie-road Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
FLEMING of Woodcliff Barclaven-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
FORBES of Corgarff Arthurlie-drive Newton Meams -- Renfrewshire
FORD of 31 Broomley-drivc Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
FORREST of 1 Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
FORREST of Manilla Main-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
FORSTER of 48 Glenpatrick-road Ederslie -- Renfrewshire
FORSYTH of 5 Lonsdale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
FORSYTH of 680 Clarkston-road Netherlea Renfrewshire
FRASER of 16 Comisk-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
FRASER of 24 Merryburn-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
FRASER of 46 Stamperland Hill Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
FRASER of Ard-Coille Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
FRASER of Ardeoille Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
FRASER of Royal Bank House Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
FULLARTON of Southcroft Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
FULLARTON of Torphins Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
FULLARTON of Torphins Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
FULLERTON of Greenways Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
FULLERTON of Greenways Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
FULLERTON of Midton House Howwood -- Renfrewshire
FULLERTON of The Red House Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
FULTON of 77 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Renfrewshire
FULTON of 87 Albert-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
FULTON of The Totini Hotel Greenock -- Renfrewshire
GALBRAITH of Strathmore Eaglesham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
GALLAGHER of 68 Rowan-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
GALLOWAY of Craigtonlea Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
GALLOWAY of High Tor Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
GARDINER of Hillsborough Summerhill-road Clarks-ton -- Renfrewshire
GARDNER of 53 Underwood-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
GARDNER of 9 Ruthven-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GARDNER of Kenmure Eastwoodmans-road West Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
GARDNER of Salcombe 19 Lynton-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
GARDNER of Woodend Houston -- Renfrewshire
GARRY of Levenbank Craigard Port Glasgow -- Renfrewshire
GARVIE of Braehead Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
GAVIN of Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
GEMMELL of 22 Norwoodklrive Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
GIBB of Avallon Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
GIBB of Glannant Meikleriggs Paisley -- Renfrewshire
GIBB of St. Catherine Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
GIBSON of 22 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
GIBSON of Firlands Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
GIBSON of Riversdale Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
GIBSON of Rossbank Port Glasgow -- Renfrewshire
GIFFORD of Sherwood Wemyss Bay -- Renfrewshire
GILCHRIST of 39 Newton-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
GILCHRIST of 43 Larchfield-aVenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
GILCHRIST of Innadale 7 Broompark-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
GILDEE of 14 John Lang-street Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
GILLESPIE of 11 Ormonde-drive Nether Lee -- Renfrewshire
GILLESPIE of 47 Caroline-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
GILLESPIE of 47 Garolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
GILLESPIE of Millbank West Arthurlie Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
GILLIES of Tolloch-ard 16 Bay-view-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
GILMOUR of 24 Ailsa-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
GILMOUR of 6 Stewarton-road Thorn-liebank -- Renfrewshire
GILMOUR of Cochrane Lodge Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
GILMOUR of Eaglesham House Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
GILMOUR of Moorburn Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
GILMOUR of The Holms Howwood -- Renfrewshire
GIRVAN of Dalaruan Stanley-drive Brook- ffeld -- Renfrewshire
GLASGOW of March-ment Kings-crescent Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
GLENDINNING of 12 Bute Gardens Muirend Caithcart -- Renfrewshire
GOODWIN of 11 Chalmers-street Gourock -- Renfrewshire
GORDON of 2 Rosebank-terrace Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
GORDON of 28 Merrybum-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
GORDON of Low Overton Kilbareham -- Renfrewshire
GORDON of Parkleven Kil- macolm -- Renfrewshire
GORRIE of Norwood 3 Summerhill-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
GOURLAY of 25 Merryvale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
GOWAN of 4 Easwald Bank Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
GRADY of Co-operative Buildings Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
GRAHAM of Cedar Hall Kilmacolin -- Renfrewshire
GRAHAM of Firgrove 176 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
GRANT of 10 Kelly-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
GRANT of 19 Cardwell-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
GRANT of 5 Douglas-gardens Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
GRANT of Eildon Westbrae-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
GRANT of Highfields Neidpath-road East Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
GRANT of Inchinnan -- Renfrewshire
GRASSICK of 3 Balvic-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
GRAY of 12 Sandringham-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
GRAY of 13 Main-street Busby -- Renfrewshire
GRAY of 2 Lincuan-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
GRAY of 2 Lincuan-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
GRAY of 38 Fulwood-avenue Linwood -- Renfrewshire
GRAY of Coolavin 6 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
GRAY of Roseholm Thornliebank -- Renfrewshire
GREENLEES of Lynton Duchal-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
GREENLEES of Newark Paisley -- Renfrewshire

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GRIERSON of Barcraig Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
GRIFFITHS of Eltham Cherrywood-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
GUNN of Ravelston 2 Deramore-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
GUNN of Sunnyside Uplawmoor -- Renfrewshire
GUTHRIE of 7 Arden-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HACKING of 155 Tannahill-terrace Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HADDOW of Broomknowe Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
HAIG of Haighlea Florence-drive Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
HAINES of 28 Merryburn-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HALCROW of 16 Rosslea-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HALL of 21 Lanfine-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HALL of 31 Church-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HALL of Glenside 56 Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HALLIDAY of 2 Canal-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HALSTEAD of Hazeldene Milliken Park Kilburchan -- Renfrewshire
HAMILTON of 123 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
HAMILTON of 29 Woodvale-avenue Giffnoch -- Renfrewshire
HAMILTON of Auchinane Castlehead Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HAMILTON of AuchLnane Castlehead Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HAMILTON of Greenbank Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HAMILTON of Nethermuir Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
HAMILTON of Strathcart Ujlundi-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
HANNA of 63 Beech-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
HANNAH of Teesta Kilmarnock-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
HARBOTTLE of Mitford Lodge Nethington-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HARDIE of 21 Gartmore-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HARDIE of Duncraggan Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HARKNESS of Ruberslaw Elphinstone-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HARRINGTON of Sheldale Lockwinnock-road Kilmalcolm -- Renfrewshire
HARRISON of 13 Braidbar-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HARRISON of Dinsdale Eastwood-mains-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HARRISON of Holmsgarth 10 Westwood-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HARRISON of Symedale Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
HART of 78 Holmscroft-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
HART of The Manse of Mearns -- Renfrewshire
HARVE of Langbank Cottage Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
HARVEY of West Walton Neilston -- Renfrewshire
HASWELL of 91 Albert-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
HASWELL of 91 Albert-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
HAWKINS of 38 Dempster-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
HAWTHORN of Wilowbank Arthur-street Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HAWTHORN of Woodend Eaglcsham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HAY of 588 Clarkston-road Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
HAY of Redmyre 7 Torrington-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HEELEY of 154 West Regent-street Glasgow and Holmwood Old Mearns-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HEMPHILL of Ardmore 4 Greenhill-crescent Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
HENDERSON of 25 Williamwood Park-west Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
HENDERSON of 31 High-street Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
HENDERSON of 49 Busby-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HENDERSON of Arngask Cantsbridge-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HENDERSON of Linfairn Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
HENDERSON of Wallacelea 278 Main-street Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
HENDRY of Ardmorag Greenbank-avenue White-craigs -- Renfrewshire
HENDRY of Blairmore West Glen-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
HENDRY of Crosslees Thomliebank -- Renfrewshire
HENDRY of Dunmore Thomson-avenue Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
HENDRY of Lyndhurst Gateside-road Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
HENDRY of Ormlie Bridge-of-Weir -- Renfrewshire
HERALD of 11 Leslie-street Pollockshields Glasgow and of Ashdeane Newton Meams -- Renfrewshire
HERBERT of 19 Netherlee-road Muirenel -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HERBERTSON of 74 Broomielaw Glasgow and of The Naprocks White Craigs -- Renfrewshire
HERVEY of Deneholme Erskine- road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HEWAT of Mayfield 16 Oakley-drive Muirend -- Renfrewshire
HEYS of Redhall Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
HIC of Kilmeny Langbank -- Renfrewshire
HIGHGATE of Tynedale Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HILL of 26 St Annes-drive Giffnock Renfrewshire
HILL of 4 Melford-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HILL of Argyll Lodge Paisley-road -- Renfrewshire
HILL of Dunard Craigston-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
HOBBS of 21 Netherburn-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
HOLDSWORTH of Newark 26 Eastwoodmains-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HOLM of Dunavon Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HOLM of Holmcraig Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
HOLMES of 136 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HOLMES of Cochrane Cottage Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
HOLMES of Gladstone Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
HOLMES of Hermiston Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
HOLMES of The Syke Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HOLMS of Sandyford Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HOOD of Thirlstone Brookfield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
HOPE of Oaklea Roddinghead-road White-craigs -- Renfrewshire
HORN of 30 Sunnyside-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HORSBURGH of Springbank Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
HOSIE of Eriskyne 8 Calside-avenue Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTON of 39 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTON of 4 Westwood-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTON of 9 Gateside-place Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTON of Finlaystone Langbank -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTON of Greenhill Farm Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTON of Reston Cottage Milliken Park Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTOUN of Cartside Busby -- Renfrewshire
HOUSTOUN of Cartside Church-road Busby -- Renfrewshire
HOWARTH of 22 Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
HOWE of 3 Broomlands-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
HOWIE of 23 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HOWIESON of 46 Giffnock-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
HUNTER of 23 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
HUNTER of 33 Broomlea-crescent Inchinnan -- Renfrewshire
HUNTER of 38 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
HUNTER of 4 Lonsdale-avenue Giffnoch Renfrewshire
HUNTER of Broombank Newton Mearns Renfrewshire
HUNTER of Drumgelloch Kilmarnock-road Whitecraigs Renfrewshire
HUNTER of Glentyan Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
HUNTER of Pentre Bychan Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
HUNTER of Rothmaise Milverton-road White-craigs -- Renfrewshire
HUTTON of New Mount Thomson-avenue Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
HYLAND of Finlaystone House Langbank -- Renfrewshire
HYNDMAN of Seafield 6 Fox-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
INNES of 22 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
INNES of Cargeri Lodge Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
INSHAW of 18 Lochbroom-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
JACK of 16 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
JACK of 19 Greenlaw-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
JACK of Dungavel Methuen-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
JACK of Dungavil Methven-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
JACK of Monkdyke Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
JACK of Olive Bank Barrhead Renfrewshire
JACK of Olive Bank Barrhead Renfrewshire
JACKSON of Hillside Albert-road Brookfield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JAMES of Morven Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
JAMIESON of 25 Berryhill-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
JAMIESON of Coniston 28 Woodvale-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
JAMIESON of Igarah Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
JOHNSON of 6 North-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
JOHNSON of Glengyron -Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
JOHNSTONE of 8 Seyiton-avcnue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
JONES of St. Marys Home Barrhead Renfrew -- Renfrewshire
KAY of The Oaks Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
KEITH of 3 Forbes-place Wemyss Bay -- Renfrewshire
KELSALL of Walden Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
KELSO of East Langbank Langbank -- Renfrewshire
KENNEDY of Ainslie Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
KENNEDY of Glen Morag Castlehill-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
KENNEDY of Glendower Lynton-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
KENT of Eastwood Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
KENWORTHY of care of Shand 192 Severn-crescent Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
KERR of 60 Hillview-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
KERR of Braehead Uplawmoor -- Renfrewshire
KERR of Janefleld Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
KERR of Netherhaugh Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
KERR of Newstead Montrose-terrace Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
KERR of Over Johnstone Farm Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
KERR of Over Johnstone Farm Millikenpark -- Renfrewshire
KINCAID of Brannochlie Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
KING of 4 Walton-street Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
KING of Craigilea Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
KING of Cromartie 12 Linwood-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
KING of Kingsmount Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
KING of The Mallet 21 Ayr-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
KING of The Mallet 21 Ayr-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
KIRK of Lincluden 716 Clarkston-road Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
KIRKBY of Carsphaim Watt-road Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
KIRKWOOD of 1 Evan-drive Williamwood Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
KITSON of 24 Eaglesham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
KNAPP of 58 Cardwell-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
LAIDLAW of 42 Woodvale-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LAING of Hawthomdene 164 Eastwoodfnains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LAIRD of 7 Belmont-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
LAIRD of Craigmount School Scone Palace Perth and Dunfraoich Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LAIRD of Dorema Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LAIRD of Nethermains Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LAIRD of Rosslyn Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LAMBERT of Thurros Lint white Crescent Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
LANG of 73 Stamperland-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LANG of Auchenbothie Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LANG of Brodnick Villa Oxford-road -- Renfrewshire
LANG of Netherby Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
LANG of The Moat House Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
LANG of Thombank Millikenpark -- Renfrewshire
LANG of Underwood Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
LANG of Westside Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LATIMER of Broomside 90 Ayr-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
LAW of Elmstead Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LAWRENCE of 11 Williamwood-terrace Netherlee Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
LAWSON of The Studio Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LECKIE of 10 Carrick-crescent Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
LEDINGHAM of Fairfield Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LEISK of Alwyn Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
LEITCH of Bennan Albert-road Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LEITCH of Bennan Albert-road Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
LEITCH of Kensland Crosclee by Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
LESLIE of Wellwood Eaglesham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LESLIE of Wellwood Eaglesham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LEYS of Craigholm Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
LIGGAT of Balnagown Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
LINDSAY of 10 Sandringham Court Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
LINDSAY of 46 Ailsa-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
LINDSAY of 64 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LITHGOW of Gleddoch House Langbank -- Renfrewshire
LITTLE of 48 Sunnyside-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
LLOYD of 4 Maryville-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
LLOYD of Ardmore Greenhill-crescent Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
LOBBAN of 18 Church-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
LOCKE of Strathearn otherwise Strathern Gateside-road Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
LOVE of Glenview Bridge of Weir-road Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
LOW of 20 Dunbeath-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
LOW of Bellenden Langbank -- Renfrewshire
LOWE of Halebank Glebe-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
LYON of Lanfurly Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MACADAM of 19 Linnwood-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MACCRACKEN of 11a Belmont-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MacCULLOCH of Abbotsford Douglas-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MacDONALD of 1 Rysland-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MACDONALD of 650 Clarkston-road Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MACDONALD of Cameron-place Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
MACDONALD of Dunkeld Torrington-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MACDONALD of Hydropathic Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MacFARLAN of Kinnoul Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MACFARLANE of 108 Eastwood Mains-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MACFARLANE of 6 Langtree-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MACFARLANE of 715 Clarkston-road Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MACFARLANE of St Nicolas Dinard-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MACFEAT of Woodcroft Roddinghead-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MACFIE of Hillden Tandlehill-road Milliken Park Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
MACFIE of Langhouse Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
MACFIE of Langhouse Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
MACGILLIVRAY of Dundela Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MACGREGOR of 51 Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MACINTOSH of 29 Williamwood Park West Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MACKAY of 14 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MACKAY of 59 Ormonde-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MacKAY of Hazelwood Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
MACKAY of Westbank Houston -- Renfrewshire
MACKENZIE of Auchindrain Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
MACKIE of 25 Merryburn-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MacKINNON of Hazelwood Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
MACLACHLAN of Redcliff Overton-crescent Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
MACLAURIN of Laighpark Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MACLEOD of 12 Ashlea-drive Merrylee-park Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MACLEOD of 4 Woodvale-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MACLEOD of 44 Stamperland-gardens Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MACMILLAN of 15 Huntley-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MACMILLAN of 23 Clyth-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MACNAIR of 23 Huntly-avenue Giffnoch -- Renfrewshire
MACNEUR of Glenbrae Kilmalcolm -- Renfrewshire
MACNEUR of Glenbrae West Glen-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MACNICOLL of Eildon Langbank -- Renfrewshire
MacNICOLL of Eildon Langbank -- Renfrewshire
MACROBIE of Hazelwood Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MAIN of Mansfield Wemyss Bay -- Renfrewshire
MAIN of The Cairn Clock-road Gourack -- Renfrewshire
MAIR of Glencrag 79 Beith-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
MAITLAND of Howardene Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MALCOLM of Lusset Broadloan -- Renfrewshire
MALLOCH of Mount Pleasant Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
MANN of Ravenswood Eaglesham-road Busby -- Renfrewshire
MANN of Redlands Bridge-of-Weir -- Renfrewshire
MANSON of Ravelstone Deramore-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MARKHAM of 130 Hillview-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MARR of care of Carrie Lamorna Houston -- Renfrewshire
MARSHALL of 37 Merryvale-avenue Merrylee Park Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MARSHALL of 6 Woodbank-crescent Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
MARSHALL of Burntshields Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
MARTIN of 27 Ormidale-terrace Murrayfield Edln- burgh and-of 16 Dunbeath-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MARTIN of 4 Brooklea-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MARTIN of 8 Treemain-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MARTIN of Balman Craig-nethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MARTIN of Miltonlea Lochwinnoc-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MASON of 9 Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MASSIE of Home Knowe 20 Williamwood Park Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MATHER of Belmont Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MATHER of Linnard Westbrae-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MATHKESON of 33a Gordon-street Glasgow and of 65 First-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MAXWELL of 1 Sunnyside-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MAXWELL of Dargavel and Lawmarnock -- Renfrewshire
MAY of Lintwhite Hostel Bridge Of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MCALISTER of 44 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MCALISTER of Craigellachie Patter-ton Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MCAUSLAND of 59. Bank-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
MCBEAN of 18 Dalmeny-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
McCLAIR of Woodview West Broad Loan -- Renfrewshire
McCONNELL of Broadlie Park Neilston -- Renfrewshire
McCRACKEN of 15 Balmeg-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
McCUFFlE of Rossendale Langbank -- Renfrewshire
MCDERMOTT of 48 Greenock-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
McDONALD of Cahirmore Stanley-drive Brookfield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
MCDONALD of Westhaven Inver kip -- Renfrewshire
MCEWAN of 3 Woodvale-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
McEWAN of 7 Caddlehill-street Grennock -- Renfrewshire
McFADYEN of The Knock Sachelcourt-av&nue fiishob-ton -- Renfrewshire
McFARLANE of Anchor-villa Langbank -- Renfrewshire
McGEACHY of Windygates Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
MCGEACHY of Windygates Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
McGEE of Mill House Broadloan -- Renfrewshire
McGEOCH of Malloa 59 Kilmarnock-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MCGIBBON of 3 Union-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
MCGLASHAN of Glenacre Victoria-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
MCGOVERN of 20 Dunlop-street Linwood -- Renfrewshire
McHAFFIE of Kirktonfieid House Neilston -- Renfrewshire
McKAY of The Firs Broomfield-road Whitecraigs or Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
McKENDRICK of Redholme Golf-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MCKENNA of 29 First-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MCKINNON of Reclife Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
McKNDOE of Kersmakin Houston -- Renfrewshire
McLAREN of 6 Linwood-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MCLAREN of Drumcross Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
MCLAREN of Ravemsdown Gryffe-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MCLAUCHLAN of Aldersyde Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
MCLAUGHLIN of Stoneyhurst Eaglesham-road Busby -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MCLAUGHLIN of Stonyhurst Eaglesham-road Busby -- Renfrewshire
MCLEAN of 16 Main-road Castlehead Paisley -- Renfrewshire
McLEOD of Linndale Potterhill Paisley -- Renfrewshire
MCLINTOCK of Marlowe 116 Beech-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MclLWRAITH of Carwin Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
McMANUS of Nyasa 10 Eglinton-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
McMILLAN of 44 Stamperland Hill Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
McMINN of 19 Belmont-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
McNAB of 1 Rockburn-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MCNEIL of Waverley-2 Rodding-head-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MCNEILL of 72 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
McNEILL of Bridgend Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
MCNEISH of Summerlea 1 Park-view Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
McOWAT of 108 Hillview-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MCPHEE of Mingary 31 Victoria-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
MCVEAN of Claddich 672 Clarkston-road Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MCWHIRTER of 7 May-terrace Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
McWHIRTER of Longhurst 12 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MEADOWCROFT of 115 Whitehaugh-avenue Paisley -- Renfrewshire
MEIKLE of Parish Council Offices Main-road Houston -- Renfrewshire
MEIKLE of Saint Bernards Horsewood-road Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MELLANBY of Westwood Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MELROSS of Thornhill House Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MELVILLE of 51 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
MENARY of 10 Cavendish-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MERCER of 82 Lembert-drive William wood Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MICHIE of Deanside -- Renfrewshire
MILLAR of East Knowe Paisley -- Renfrewshire
MILLAR of Octavia-buildings Kilmalcolm -- Renfrewshire
MILLAR of The Kyles Duchal-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of 11 Belmont-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of 12 Ayr-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of 24 Nethervale-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of 54 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of 62 Newton-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of Ellerslie 56 Manor-crescent Gourock -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of Little Raiss ,Darnley-road Barr- ; head -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of Norwood Whitelea-road Kilma colm -- Renfrewshire
MILLER of Westmount Langbank -- Renfrewshire
MILLN of 9 Lethington-road White-craigs -- Renfrewshire
MILLS of Draffen Treemain-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MILNE of 2 Binnie-street Gourock -- Renfrewshire
MILNE of 31 First-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MILROY of the Shielin 2 Summerhill-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MITCHELL of 16 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MITCHELL of 22 Barrland-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MITCHELL of 48 Ormonde-drive Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MITCHELL of 57 Carol- side-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MITCHELL of Bankside 8 Seyton-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MITCHELL of Neriby Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MITCHELL of Ramleh 2 Ormonde-drive Muirend -- Renfrewshire
MOIR of 70 Larchfield-avenue Newton Meams -- Renfrewshire
MOIR of Glenmohr Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MONTEITH of 2 Greenbank-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MOORE of Willarton Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MOORHEAD of 104 Brunswick-street Glasgow and of Garth Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
MOOROV of Ridgeways 7 Crookfur-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MORGAN of 2 Arthur-street Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MORRISON of 196 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MORRISON of 196 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MORRISON of 25 Huntly-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MORRISON of 5 Knowe-terrace Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MORRISON of Banavie Neidpath-road West Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MORTIMER of 11 Marlborough-gardens Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MORTON of 15 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MORTON of 2 Netherton-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MORTON of 40 Atholl-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MORTON of 51 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MORTON of Crawick 18 Linwood-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MORTON of Westbreak Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MOSES of 98 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
MOWER of R. M. Grant St. Nicholas 65 Ayr-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MUIR of 144 Main-street Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
MUIR of 21 Hazelwood-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
MUIR of 36 Campbell-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
MUIR of Hillview Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
MUNRO of 21 Netherlee-road Muirend -- Renfrewshire
MUNRO of Braefoot 29 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MUNRO of Braefoot 29 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
MUNRO of Violet-grove Shankland-road Greenock -- Renfrewshire
MURDOCH of 1 Haldane Villas Scotstounhill -- Renfrewshire
MURDOCH of Highfield Huntly-avenue f Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
MURDOCH of Mitford Lodge Lethington-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
MURPHIE of 30 Beith-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
MURPHIE of Craigielea 30 Beith-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
MURRAY of 1 Princess Park Erskine Hospital Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
MURRAY of 36 Denholm-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
MURRAY of 91 Ormonde-crescent Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
MURRAY of IV Ormonde-drive Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
NAPIER of 450 Clarkston-road Muirend -- Renfrewshire
NAPIER of Southpark Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
NEILSON of 13 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
NESMITH of Badden 79 Clock-road Ashton Gourock -- Renfrewshire
NEVILLE of Aldworth Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
NICHOLSON of Braddan 25 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
NICOL of Douglas Moor-road Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
NIMMO of Westwood Victoria-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
NOBLE of 29 Balmeg-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
NORBURY of 31 Sandy-road Renfrew -- Renfrewshire
NORVAL of Fernbank 81 Busby-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
NORVALL of 66 First-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
OLIVER of Netherby 103 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
OLLASON of Coronation-building Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
ORCHARDSON of Easthead Houston -- Renfrewshire
ORFORD of Hughenden 39 Eaglesham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
ORME of Hope Cottage Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
OSBORNE of Rysland Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
OSBORNE of Rysland Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
PAIRMAN of Old Manse Busby -- Renfrewshire
PARK of 16 Evan-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
PARK of Albyn Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
PARKER of 13 Airdale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
PATERSON of 18 Wellington-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
PATERSON of 32 Davieland-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
PATERSON of 37 Main-street Lochwinnoch -- Renfrewshire
PATERSON of 8 Summerhill-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
PATERSON of Ravenshaw Glebe-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
PATERSON of Winnowlea Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
PATON of 23 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
PATON of Cunningham Cottage 2 Elliot-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PATON of Ellabank 279 Main-street Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
PATON of Stanely Brookefield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
PATTERSON of 20 Richmond-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
PATTERSON of Kilmorie 11 Claremount-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
PATTIE of Orcadia Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
PATTISON of Croftluton Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
PEARSON of 25 Bentinck-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
PEARSON of Samphrey Uplawmore -- Renfrewshire
PEARSON of Springhill Cottage Port Glasgow -- Renfrewshire
PENDER of Morven Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
PENMAN of Broomknowe Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
PERERA of Riccartsbar Asylum Paisley -- Renfrewshire
PERMAN of Kilmory Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
PETERS of Kildalton Paisley-road Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
PETTIGREW of 9 Whitehough-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
PHILIP of 28 Woodvale-avenue Giffmock -- Renfrewshire
PHILIP of Fordbank Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
PHILLIPS of 23 Sunningdale-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
PHILLIPS of 54 Montgomery-street Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
PICKEN of 8 Bute-gardens Muirend Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
PINKERTON of 34 Davieland-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
POLLOCK of Carlibar Craignethan-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
POLLOCK of Mount Pleasant Barnhill- road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
POLLOK of Pinmore House Pin wherry Ayrshire and of Pollok Castle Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
PORTER of 8 Bromvale-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
POTTER of 26 Sunnyside-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
PRENTICE of 49 Ormonde-avenue Muirend Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
PRENTICE of 51 Atholl Drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
PRIMROSE of Avonlea Elmwood-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
PRIMROSE of Greenways Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
PROWSE of 8 NethercUffe-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
PULLAR of Sannox Methven-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
PURDIE of 1 Stratton-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
PURDIE of 25 Dalmary-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
PURDIE of Omar 25 Dalmary-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
PURDON of 12 Orchard-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
PURDON of Woodlea Newton-avenue Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
QUIN of 27 Carolside-avenuC Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
QUINKS of 27 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
RAE of 16 Dornoch-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
RAE of Netherdale Bishopston -- Renfrewshire
RAINGER of Netherby Neidpath-road West Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
RAMSAY of 28 Church-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
REID of 102 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
REID of 73 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
REID of Alton 30 Nonvood-clrive Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
REID of care of Mrs MacFarlane 45 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
REID of Firhall Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
REID of Newtonhead Cottage Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
REID of Old Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
REID of Rosslyn Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
REID of The Sheiling Kilmacolin -- Renfrewshire
REID of The Sheiling Kilmacolin -- Renfrewshire
RENFREW of 20 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
RENSHAW of Corsliehill Houston -- Renfrewshire
RICHARDS of 168 Eastwood Mains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
RICHARDSON of 4 Reservoir-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
RICHMOND of 11a Esplande Greenock -- Renfrewshire
RILEY of Rossendale 16 Buchlyvie-road Ralston -- Renfrewshire
RITCHIE of 26 Merrylee Park-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RITCHIE of 6 Brisbane-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
RITCHIE of Eglinton Forrestfield-crescent Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
RITCHIE of Greenhill Farm Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
RITCHIE of HeatHfield Victoria-road Brookfield by Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
ROBB of 9 Walker-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of 12 First-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of 24 Church-street Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of 28 Huntly-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of 55 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of 6 Hart-street Linwood -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Ardshiel Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Chatsworth 11 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Craigie Arthurlie-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Craignair Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Cuilin Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Dalveen 41 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Dunkeld Torrington-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Glengyron Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Glengyron Whiteeraigs -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Grianan 2 Greenbank-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
ROBERTSON of Struan Percy Drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ROBIN of Manderlea 1 Crookfur-road Newton Meams -- Renfrewshire
ROBINSON of Dentonholme 14 Dalmeny-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ROBINSON of Westdene Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
RODGER of 1 Calside Paisley -- Renfrewshire
RODGER of 15 South-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
RODGER of 31 Atholl-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
RODGER of Pilmuir Mills Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
ROGER of 14 Etive-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ROGERS of 48 Kilmarnock- road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ROOKE of 11 Newark-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
ROSE of Fereneze West Brae-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
ROSS of 1 Ashton-terrace Gourock -- Renfrewshire
ROSS of 10 Thornlea-drive G iff nock -- Renfrewshire
ROSS of 11 Dalmeny-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
ROSS of Enmore Polbae-crescent Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
ROSS of Kilmartin 32 Ormonde-drive Muirend -- Renfrewshire
ROWAND of Beaumont Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
ROWELL of Gledstane Park Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
RUDD of 7 Elmbank-street Glasgow and of West Hurlet Nitshill -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of 1 Burnfield-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of 21 Williamwood Park Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of 22 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of 5 Wellfield-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of Garvel Mount Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of Glenan 16 Langtree-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of Newhall Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
RUSSELL of The Merse Torrington-avenue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
SALMOND of Bourtree Bank Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SANACHAN of 31 Kilnknowe Cottages Howwood -- Renfrewshire
SANACHAN of St Claire Howwood -- Renfrewshire
SANDEMAN of Kevin Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
SAWERS of Avonbank Beith-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
SCOBIE of Elma Beech-avenue Newton Meams -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of 14 Bogle street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of 6 Park-road Giffnock Renfrewshire
SCOTT of 8 Airdale-avenue Giffnock Renfrewshire
SCOTT of Ardaris 11 St Anns-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of Baldoran 166 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of Dalliefour Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCOTT of Glenville Nursing Home Ravenscraig -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of Harpfield Greenhill-crescent Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of The Tontine Hotel Ardgowan-square Greenock -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of Tower House Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
SCOTT of Woodside Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SCRIVENER of 21 Linwood-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SEMPLE of 6 Easwald-bank Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
SEMPLE of Beltrees Treemain-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
SEMPLE of Fordbank Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
SHADE of 53 (formerly 15) Ormonde-avenue Muirend Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
SHAW of Elmbank Cottage Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
SHAW of Invergarry Ayr-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
SHAW of Invergarry Ayr-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
SHEARER of Meadowflat -- Renfrewshire
SHEDDEN of Iona 16 Edglesham-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SHERIDAN of Heathcote 14 Caddlehill-street (or terrace) Greenock -- Renfrewshire
SIMPSON of 3 The Loaning Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
SIMPSON of 31 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SIMPSON of 31 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SIMPSON of 8 Balfron-road Oldhall Paisley -- Renfrewshire
SIMPSON of Glenburn Moorfield Gourock -- Renfrewshire
SINCLAIR of Borva 25 Hawkhead-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
SINCLAIR of St. Clair Kilbarchan-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
SINCLAIR of Sunnyside Church-road Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
SKINNER of 8 Carolside-garden Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SLATER of Rosella Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
SLOAN of Ardgryfife Duchal-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
SMALL of 10 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SMALL of Braehead 69 Stamperland-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SMALL of Kenmure 22 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SMALL of Ruaig 26 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SMEAL of Lundie 29 Roddinghead-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
SMEATON of 23 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SMILLIE of 6 Netherhill-avenue Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of 15 Knoll-park-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of 20 Stamperland-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of 24 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of 28 Dunlop-street Linwood -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of 3 Carruth-drive Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of 3 Moraine-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of 7 Bridgend-road Greenock Renfrewshire
SMITH of 8 Eastwood-crescent Thornliebank -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of Ardmore 24 Larchfield-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of Ardmore 24 Larchfleld-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of Armorica Rowand-avenue Giff- nock Renfrewshire
SMITH of Duvenny 8 Greenhill-crescent Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of Eastwoodhill Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of Kinaros Lochwinnoch -- Renfrewshire
SMITH of North Kirktonmoor Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
SMYTH of Banktop Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
SNODGRASS of Craigend Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
SOMERVILLE of Johnstone Moidart Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
SOMMERVILLE of 1 Stamperland-crescent Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SPEIR of Auchenames Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
SPEIRS of 57 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
STARK of Craigard Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
STARK of Rookwood Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
STEEL of 101 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
STEEL of 11 Douglas Gardens Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
STEEL of Copsewood Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STEVEN of Glenview Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
STEVENSON of 11 Evan-drive Williamwood Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
STEVENSON of Abbanoy Millikenpark Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
STEVENSON of Herries 23 Broompark-drive Broom Estate Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
STEVENSON of Igarah Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of 10 St Anns-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of 14 Tremaine-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of 3i Seres-road Williamswood Park Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of 4 Windsor-place Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of Dungorm Stanely-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of Gleniffer Home Meikleriggs Paisley -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of Hawthornbank 147 Eastwood-mains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of Mayfield Ersklne-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of Mayish 29 Wood-vale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of Morven Victoria-road Brookfield -- Renfrewshire
STEWART of Ulverscroft Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
STIRLING of 10 Leebank-drive Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
STIRRAT of Glenairlie Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
STIRRAT of Over Johnstone Farm Milliken Park -- Renfrewshire
STRACHAN of 7 Lochiel-terrace Thomliebank -- Renfrewshire
STRANG of 11 Glenville-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
STRANG of 14 Dalmeny-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
STRANG of The Shaw Kilmarnock-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
STRANG of Wankers Farm Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
STUART of Tigh-mo-Gradh 6 Rockburn-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
SUGDEN of Larriston Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
SUTHERLAND of Elrig Glenpatrick-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
SUTHERLAND of The Angle Braidholm-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
SWAN of 16 Ormonde Park Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
SWANN of 52 Broomvale-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
SWEET of 25 Glenpatrick-road Elderslie Renfrew -- Renfrewshire
TAIT of 85 Glasgow-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
TANNAHILL of 36 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Renfrewshire
TAYLOR of 2 Broomknowe-terrace Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
TAYLOR of 8 Beechwood-drive Renfrew -- Renfrewshire
TAYLOR of The Stripe Lochwinnoch -- Renfrewshire
TAYLOR of Wester Clydeview Langbank -- Renfrewshire
TELFER of Somersby Hawkhead-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
TELFER of Wintonlea Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
TELFER of Wintonlea Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
TEMPLETON of Ardenvohr Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
THAYER of The Dykebar War Hospital Paisley -- Renfrewshire
THOM of 156 St Vincent-street Glasgow and of Aldworth Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
THOMPSON of 2 Arthur-street Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
THOMPSON of Glenfarne 1 Berryhill-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
THOMPSON of Kilallan Bishopton -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of 1 Broomknowe Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of 17 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of 23 St Ann s-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of 29 High-street Lochwinnoch -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of 4 Williamwood Park Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of Ashbourne Bishopston -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of Ravenswood Langbank -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of Rosegarth Kilmamock-road White-craigs -- Renfrewshire
THOMSON of Roslyn 51 Craw-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
THORNLEY of 39 Parnie-street Glasgow and of Caris- dene 19 Overlea-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
TILLEY of DunalaStair 11 Penrith-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
TINDALL of Hillcrest Clarksiton -- Renfrewshire
TOCiWELL of 21 Binnie-street Gourock -- Renfrewshire
TOLLEMACHE of 56 Caledonia-crescent Gourock -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TOMKINS of 12 Lochiel-terrace Thornliebank -- Renfrewshire
TOWART of Ellenbank Inverkip -- Renfrewshire
TUNBRIDGE of Beech-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
TURNBULL of 1 Golf-road Clarkston (near Glasgow) -- Renfrewshire
TURNBULL of Crawick Norwood-drive Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
TWEEDDALE of 37 Church-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
VALLANCE of Hill Cottage 4 High Calside Paisley -- Renfrewshire
VEREL of Clippers House Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
WADE of 17 Cardwell-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
WADE of 17 Cardwell-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
WADSWORTH of 72 Causey Side Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WAINAY of 19 Eastwood-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WALKER of 2 Over ton-terrace Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
WALKER of 2 Penrith-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WALKER of 37 Linn-terrace Cath-cart -- Renfrewshire
WALKER of Bellevue 8 Johnstone-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of 18 Smithhills-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of 28 Stamperland-gardens Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of 36 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of Garvie Cottage Eaglesham-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of Greenwayes Roundhill-drive Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of Hillcrest Capelrig-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of Juliston 186 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of Mariedha Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of West Brae Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of Wistrau Douglas-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WALLACE of Woodbourne Wemyss Bay -- Renfrewshire
WALLS of 30 Linn-drive Muirend -- Renfrewshire
WALSH of 2 South Park-drive Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WATERS of 19 Linn-terrace Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
WATERS of 59 High-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WATERS of Westmarch House 69 Greenhill-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WATERSON of Firwood Eaglesham-road Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
WATERSTON of Whinfell Langbank-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
WATSON of 16 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WATSON of 49 Ormonde-avenue Muirend Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
WATSON of Daisyfield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
WATSON of Glen Morag Castlehill-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
WATSON of Muirfield Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
WATSON of Newfield Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
WATSON of Redhurst Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WATT of 32 Milverton-road Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
WEBSTER of 3 Belmont-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WEEPLE of Vicarburn Linwood -- Renfrewshire
WEIR of 13 Walkinshaw-street Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
WEST of Ranfurly Lodge Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
WESTWOOD of 664 Clarkston-road Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
WHITAKER of Broomknowe 1 Langtree-avehue Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
WHITE of 6 Cavendish-drive Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
WHITE of 7 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Renfrewshire
WHITE of Houston House Stables Houston -- Renfrewshire
WHITE of Willaird Whitecraigs -- Renfrewshire
WHITEHEAD of 26 Eastwood-avenue Giff-jnock -- Renfrewshire
WHITELEY of Woodlands Manse Thornliebank -- Renfrewshire
WHITEMAN of 29 Brisbane-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
WHITFIELD of 9 Corrie Grove Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
WHYTE of 2 Knowe-terrace Giffnoch -- Renfrewshire
WILKIE of 13 Walker-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WILKIE of Southview Kilbarchan -- Renfrewshire
WILLIAMS of 46 Brougham-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WILLIAMS of 98 Green-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WILLIAMSON of 15 Montgomery-street Eaglesham -- Renfrewshire
WILLIAMSON of 16 Roselea-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WILLIAMSON of 9 William-street Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of 10 Woodlands-road Thomliebank -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of 15 Hathaway-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of 23 Claremont-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of 36 Ormonde-drive Muirend -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of 90 George-street Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of Ardoch 10 Eastwood-avenue Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of Darnley House Nitshill -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of Duncraggan Methven-road Whitecraigs Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of Newton House Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
WILSON of Thorn House 1 Beith-road Johnstone -- Renfrewshire
WINNING of 599 Clarkston-road Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
WINTER of 5 Lochiel-terrace Thornliebank -- Renfrewshire
WOOD of 2 Binnie-street Gourock -- Renfrewshire
WOOD of Rosevale 49 Kilmarnock-road Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
WOODBURN of Mondesir Langbank -- Renfrewshire
WOODBURN of Westfield Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
WOODCOCK of 6 Hazelwood-avenue Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
WOODROW of Westfield Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
WOODSIDE of 16 Kings-crescent Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
WOODWARD of Pensham Finlaystone-road Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire
WRIGHT of 129 Neilson-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
WRIGHT of 134 Main-street Newton Mearns -- Renfrewshire
WRIGHT of 33 Main-road Elderslie -- Renfrewshire
WRIGHT of 44 Margaret-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
WRIGHT of 5 Williamwood-terrace Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
WYLIE of Parkview 36 Broadloan -- Renfrewshire
WYLLIE of The Stores The Orphan Homes of Scotland Bridge of Weir -- Renfrewshire
WYNESS of 32 South-street Greenock -- Renfrewshire
WYPER of 6 Williamwood Park Netherlee -- Renfrewshire
YORKSTON of Ralston Cottage Stormyland-street Barrhead -- Renfrewshire
YOUNG of 101 Neilston-road Paisley -- Renfrewshire
YOUNG of 11 Berryhill-drive Giffnock -- Renfrewshire
YOUNG of Barrwood Barrhill-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
YOUNG of Barrwood Barrhill-road Gourock -- Renfrewshire
YOUNG of Fanmore 77 Ormonde-avenue Muirend Cathcart -- Renfrewshire
YOUNG of Tholinda 32 Eastwood-avenue Gilfnock -- Renfrewshire
YOUNGSON of 6 Clark-street Moorpark -- Renfrewshire

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ENGLAND COUNTIES (MORE) Cheshire  Cheshire (pt 1)  Cheshire (pt 2)  Cornwall (towns)  County Durham  County Durham (pt 1)  County Durham (pt 2)  Derbyshire  Derbyshire (pt 1)  Derbyshire (pt 2)  Devonshire  Devonshire (pt 1)  Devonshire (pt 2)  Essex  Essex (pt 1)  Essex (pt 2)  Essex (pt 3)  Hampshire  Hampshire (pt 1)  Hampshire (pt 2)  Hertfordshire  Hertfordshire (pt 1)  Hertfordshire (pt 2)  Kent  Kent (pt 1)  Kent (pt 2)  Lancashire  Lancashire (pt 1)  Lancashire (pt 2)  Lancashire (pt 3)  Lancashire (pt 4)  Lancashire (pt 5)  Lancashire (pt 6)  Lincolnshire (towns)  Middlesex  Middlesex (pt 1)  Middlesex (pt 2)  Middlesex (pt 3)  Somerset (towns)  Staffordshire  Staffordshire (pt 1)  Staffordshire (pt 2)  Surrey  Surrey (pt 1)  Surrey (pt 2)  Surrey (pt 3)  Sussex (pt 1)  Sussex (pt 2)  Yorkshire  Yorkshire (pt 1)  Yorkshire (pt 2)  Yorkshire (pt 3) 
ENGLAND TOWNS Accrington  Aylesbury  Bath  Bedford  Birkenhead  Birmingham  Blackburn  Blackpool  Blandford  Bodmin  Bournemouth  Bradford  Brighton  Bristol  Buckingham  Burnley  Burton-on-Trent  Bury St Edmunds  Buxton  Cambridge  Canterbury  Carlisle  Chatham  Chelmsford  Cheltenham  Chester  Chichester  Colchester  Coventry  Crewe  Darlington  Deal  Derby  Devonport  Doncaster  Dover  Durham (town)  Eastbourne  Ely  Exeter  Folkestone  Gateshead  Gloucester  Great Yarmouth  Greenpool  Guildford  Halifax  Harrogate  Hartlepool  Hastings  Haverfordwest  Hereford  Holland  Huddersfield  Huntingdon  Ipswich  Kidderminster  Kingston-on-Thames  Kingston-upon-Hull  Lancaster  Leamington Spa  Leeds  Leicester  Lewes  Lichfield  Lincoln  Liverpool  Lowestoft  Macclesfield  Maidstone  Manchester  Margate  Middlesbrough  Monmouth  Newcastle-upon-Tyne  North Shields  Northampton  Norwich  Nottingham  Oldham  Oxford  Penzance  Peterborough  Plymouth  Poole  Portsmouth  Ramsgate  Reading  Ripon  Rochdale  Rochester  Salford  Salisbury  Scarborough  Sheffield  Shrewsbury  South Shields  Southampton  Southsea  St Leonards on sea  Stockton-on-Tees  Stoke-on-Trent  Stratford-on-avon  Sunderland  Taunton  Tonbridge  Torquay  Truro  Tunbridge Wells  Wakefield  Warrington  Warwick  Wells (Somerset)  West Worthing  Weston-super-Mare  Whitby  Wigan  Winchester  Windsor  Wolverhampton  Worcester  Worthing  York 
ENGLAND TOWNS (MORE) Ashton-under-Lyne  Birmingham  Birmingham (pt 1)  Birmingham (pt 2)  Birmingham (pt 3)  Durham  Liverpool  Liverpool (pt 1)  Liverpool (pt 2)  Manchester  Manchester (pt 1)  Manchester (pt 2)  Altrincham (Cheshire)  Hyde (Cheshire)  Northwich (Cheshire)  Runcorn (Cheshire)  Sale (Cheshire)  Stockport (Cheshire)  Wallasey (Cheshire)  Wirral (Cheshire)  Exmouth (Devonshire)  Paignton (Devonshire)  Barking (Essex)  Ilford (Essex)  Leigh-on-sea (Essex)  Romford (Essex)  Southend-on-Sea (Essex)  Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)  Stroud (Gloucestershire)  Hertford (Hertfordshire)  Ashford (Kent)  Beckenham (Kent)  Bromley (Kent)  Dartford (Kent)  Gillingham (Kent)  Gravesend (Kent)  Herne Bay (Kent)  Orpington (Kent)  Plumstead (Kent)  Sevenoaks (Kent)  Sidcup (Kent)  Welling (Kent)  Whitstable (Kent)  Barrow-in-Furness (Lancashire)  Bolton (Lancashire)  Bury (Lancashire)  Chorley (Lancashire)  Darwen (Lancashire)  Morecambe (Lancashire)  Nelson (Lancashire)  Preston (Lancashire)  Prestwich (Lancashire)  Southport (Lancashire)  St Helens (Lancashire)  Grimsby (Lincs)  Gosforth (Northumberland)  Whitley Bay (Northumberland)  Mansfield (Notts)  Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffs)  Stafford (Staffs)  Bexhill-on-Sea (Sussex)  Bognor Regis (Sussex)  Horsham (Sussex)  Hove (Sussex)  Rugby (Warwickshire)  Halesowen (West Midlands)  Smethwick (West Midlands)  Stourbridge (West Midlands)  Walsall (West Midlands)  West Bromwich (West Midlands)  Bromsgrove (Worcestershire)  Barnsley (Yorks)  Batley (Yorks)  Bingley (Yorks)  Bridlington (Yorks)  Brighouse (Yorks)  Dewsbury (Yorks)  Goole (Yorks)  Keighley (Yorks)  Pontefract (Yorks)  Redcar (Yorks)  Rotherham (Yorks)  Shipley (Yorks)  Skipton (Yorks)  Sowerby Bridge (Yorks)  Todmorden (Yorks) 
LONDON Croydon  London  London (E - pt 2)  London (E- pt 1)  London (EC)  London (N - pt 1)  London (N - pt 2)  London (NW - pt 1)  London (NW - pt 2)  London (other)  London (SE-inner)  London (SE-outer)  London (SW-inner)  London (SW-outer - pt 1)  London (SW-outer - pt 2)  London (SW-outer - pt 3)  London (W - pt 1)  London (W - pt 2)  London (WC) 
WALES COUNTIES Anglesey  Brecknockshire  Cardiganshire  Carmarthenshire  Carnarvonshire  Denbighshire  Flintshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire (pt 1)  Glamorganshire (pt 2)  Merionethshire  Monmouthshire  Montgomeryshire  Pembrokeshire  Radnorshire 
WALES TOWNS Aberdare  Bangor  Barry  Bridgend  Builth Wells  Cardiff  Carmarthen  Carnarvon  Llandaff  Merthyr Tydfil  Neath  Penarth  Pontypridd  Port Talbot  Rhondda  St Asaph  Swansea 
SCOTLAND COUNTIES North Britain  Scotland  Scotland (pt 1)  Scotland (pt 2)  Aberdeenshire  Angus-shire  Argyllshire  Ayrshire  Banffshire  Berwickshire  Buteshire  Caithness  Clackmannanshire  Dumbartonshire  Dumfriesshire  Elginshire  Fifeshire  Forfarshire  Invernessshire  Kincardineshire  Kinrossshire  Kirkcudbrightshire  Lanarkshire  Lothian  Midlothian  Morayshire  Nairnshire  Peeblesshire  Perthshire  Renfrewshire  Ross-shire  Roxburghshire  Selkirkshire  Shetland  Stirlingshire  Sutherland  Wigtownshire 
SCOTLAND TOWNS small Scottish town  Aberdeen  Airdrie  Alloa  Angus  Arbroath  Arran  Ayr  Banff  Berwick  Berwick-on-Tweed  Blairgowrie  Brechin  Bridge of Allan  Broughty Ferry  Calston  Cambuslang  Campbeltown  Carnoustie  Coatbridge  Crieff  Dalbeattie  Douglas  Dumbarton  Dumfries  Dunblane  Dundee  Dunfermline  Dunoon  Edinburgh  Elgin  Falkirk  Forfar  Glasgow  Grangemouth  Greenock  Haddington  Hamilton  Hawick  Helensburgh  Inverness  Kelso  Kilbride  Kilmarnock  Kirkcaldy  Kirkcudbright  Lanark  Largs  Lockerbie  Montrose  Nairn  Orkney  Paisley  Peebles  Perth  Prestwick  Rothesay  Rutherglen  Saltcoats  Selkirk  St Andrews  Stevenston  Stirling  Stonehaven  Stranraer  Strathaven  Troon  Uddingston 
BRITAIN ELSEWHERE Britain elsewhere  Guernsey  Isle of Man  Jersey  Gibraltar  Falkland Islands  Channel Islands 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND COUNTIES County Antrim  County Armagh  County Carlow  County Cavan  County Clare  County Cork  County Derry  County Donegal  County Down  County Dublin  County Fermanagh  County Galway  County Kerry  County Kildare  County Kilkenny  County Kings county  County Leitrim  County Leix  County Limerick  County Longford  County Louth  County Mayo  County Meath  County Monaghan  County Offaly  County Queens county  County Roscommon  County Sligo  County Tipperary  County Tyrone  County Waterford  County Westmeath  County Wexford  County Wicklow 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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