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Fifeshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAMS of 5 Gillespie-terrace St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ADAMS of Abbotsford Wormit -- Fifeshire
ADAMSON of 2 North Main-street Coaltown of Wemyss -- Fifeshire
ADAMSON of Anchona 31 Station-road St Monance -- Fifeshire
AIKEN of 14 Norwood Newport -- Fifeshire
AITKEN of 2 Victoria-gardens Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
AITKEN of Balgeddie Farm Leslie -- Fifeshire
AITKEN of Marchmont Norwood East Newport -- Fifeshire
AKTKEN of Edenview St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ALLAN of Blairnor Fremihie -- Fifeshire
ALLAN of Edengrove Dairsie -- Fifeshire
ALLAN of Harvieston Chapmans-place Elie -- Fifeshire
ALLAN of Mansfield Leslie -- Fifeshire
ALLAN of Royal Air Force Station Leuchars -- Fifeshire
ALLEN of 14 Frederick-crescent Brucefield Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
ALLEN of Fairview Newport -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of 23 Main-street Lochgelly -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of 3 Westwood-terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of 3 Westwood-terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of Ashlea Wormit -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of Bridgend Cottage Windygates -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of Clayslops St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of Earlsrieuk Elie -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of Fettes Bank Lade Braes St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of Fettykie House Leslie -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of Scotia Villa West Newport -- Fifeshire
ANDERSON of St Serfs Eventide Home Newport -- Fifeshire
ANDREW of Mansfield Strathmiglo -- Fifeshire
ANDREW of The Rectory St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ANSTRUTHER of Balcaskie Pitten- weem -- Fifeshire
ARCHIBALD of Barony-cottage Leslie -- Fifeshire
ARMOUR of Liberty Elie -- Fifeshire
ARMSTRONG of Craigard Wormit -- Fifeshire
ARNEIL of Scotscraig Earlsferry Elie -- Fifeshire
ASH of 40 Hepburn-gardens St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
ATKINSON of Leuchars -- Fifeshire
ATTRILL of 26 Kings-road Rosyth -- Fifeshire
AUDAS of Diyburgh House Easter Aberdour -- Fifeshire
AULD of Treetops Elie -- Fifeshire
BAIN of Rockmount Crosshill-terrace Wormit -- Fifeshire
BAIN of Rockmount Crosshill-terrace Wormit -- Fifeshire
BAIN of Woodmuir Park Newport Fifeshire
BAIRD of Homelands Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
BALFOUR of Balbirnie Markinch -- Fifeshire
BALFOUR of Bramcote Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
BALFOUR of Fernie Castle Ladybank -- Fifeshire
BALLINGALL of 47 Erskine-street Buckhaven -- Fifeshire
BARCLAY of St Andrews -- Fifeshire
BARLOW of 141 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BARLOW of Woodville Robert-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
BARNET of Arden Cupar -- Fifeshire
BARRIE of 6 High-street Newport -- Fifeshire
BARRON of Vandlebury Birkhiil- avenue Worm it -- Fifeshire
BATCHELOR of 4- Dempster-terrace St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
BECKETT of Inch Cottage Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BELL of 5 Struan-place East Newport -- Fifeshire
BELL of 7 The Cross Cupar -- Fifeshire
BELL of Marine Cottage Leven Fifeshire
BELL of Sandhurst Earlsferry Elie Fifeshire
BELL of South Manse Auchtermuchty Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BELL of Thornbank East Newport Fifeshire
BENNET of Khoni-Ghur Tayport -- Fifeshire
BERRY of Farquharlea North Union-street Cupar -- Fifeshire
BERRY of Tayfield Newport -- Fifeshire
BETHUNE of 39 High-street Elie -- Fifeshire
BETHUNE of Langlands St Andrews -- Fifeshire
BETHUNE of Lindsay of Kilconquhar -- Fifeshire
BETHUNE of Mountquhanie by Cupar -- Fifeshire
BILLING of Scotscraig House Tay-port -- Fifeshire
BILTON of 67 Queensferry-road Rosyth -- Fifeshire
BIRCH of Leuchars -- Fifeshire
BIRRELL of 15 Nelson-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
BISHOP of Grigna Cottage 44 William- street Tayport -- Fifeshire
BISSET of Braeside Emsdorf-road Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
BISSET of Seggieden Newport -- Fifeshire
BLACK of 20 Donald-crescent Thornton -- Fifeshire
BLACK of 20 Sang-road Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
BLACK of 211 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BLACK of 4 Myrtle-terrace Tayport -- Fifeshire
BLACK of Gas Works House Newport -- Fifeshire
BLACK of Rossie Coilessie -- Fifeshire
BLACKETT of Wester Lochies Burntisland -- Fifeshire
BLACKWOOD of Westend Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
BLAIR of Camsie House Charlestown -- Fifeshire
BLAIR of Salisbury-place Kirkton Burntisland -- Fifeshire
BLEVINS of West Markinch Markinch -- Fifeshire
BONAR of Weston Cupar -- Fifeshire
BONTHRONE of 37 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BONTHRONE of Hillcrest Wellpark-terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
BOOME of 4 Links-place Leven -- Fifeshire
BOOTH of 36 Newtown Cupar -- Fifeshire
BOWMAN of St Adrians Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
BRAID of 15 Leslie-terrace Main-street North End Thornton -- Fifeshire
BRAKENRIDGE of Netherlea Newport -- Fifeshire
BRAND of Mount Pleasant Woodlands-road Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
BRASS of 5 Queen Margaret-street Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
BREBNER of Tayview or Tayview Villa Newport -- Fifeshire
BREEN of Briarlea Cupar-road Newport -- Fifeshire
BREMNER of Esley West Newport -- Fifeshire
BREMNER of Links View Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
BRIGGS of Strathairly county of -- Fifeshire
BROADFOOT of 5 The Terrace Elie -- Fifeshire
BRODIE of Millfield House Falkland -- Fifeshire
BRODIE of Moy Villa Newburgh-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
BROWN of 1 Hill-crescent Wormit -- Fifeshire
BROWN of 31 Nethergate Crail -- Fifeshire
BROWN of 37 Regent-street Kincardine-on-Fonth -- Fifeshire
BROWN of 45 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Beech-wood St Andrews-road Leuchars -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Bircholme Freuchie -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Brolin Temple Lower Largs -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Castle-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Colville House East Wemyss -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Dalmore Elie -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Durham House Newmills -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Eastbrook Newport -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Mitchell Cottage Springfield -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Newton House Gateside -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Oakhurst Wood-haven Wormit -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Shirley Ladybank -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROWN of Tayview-terrace Newport -- Fifeshire
BROWN of Vintner Colinsburgh -- Fifeshire
BRQUGH of Eden View Guardbridge -- Fifeshire
BRUCE of 126 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BRUCE of Central Grocery High-street Strathmiglo -- Fifeshire
BRUCE of Seabank Tayport-road East Newport -- Fifeshire
BRUNNEN of 6 Albert-crescent Newport -- Fifeshire
BRUNTON of The Schoolhouse Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BRYCE of The Avenue Charlestown -- Fifeshire
BRYEN of the Royal Air Force Base Leuchars -- Fifeshire
BRYSON of 162 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE of Fordell House Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
BULLIONS of 111 Lumphinnans-road Lochgelly -- Fifeshire
BULLIONS of 11L Lumphinnans-road Lochgelly -- Fifeshire
BUREAU of Anchorlea Methil Brae Methil -- Fifeshire
BURKE of Seaside Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
BURNETT of Blida Shore-road East Wemyss -- Fifeshire
BURNHAM of the Kennel Dunshelt Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
BURNS of Braedene Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
BURNS of Cross House Ceres -- Fifeshire
BURT of Duniver Bowhill Cardenden -- Fifeshire
BURTON of Back Lebanon Cupar -- Fifeshire
BUTTAR of Hillpark Viewmount-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
BUTTENSHAW of 18 Holborn-place Rosyth -- Fifeshire
BUTTERS of Cliff House Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
CAIRNS of Easter Cash Strathmiglo -- Fifeshire
CAIRNS of Hollywood Buckhaven -- Fifeshire
CALDERWOOD of Primrose Bank West Newport -- Fifeshire
CALLOWAY of The Grove Kelty-hill-road Kelly -- Fifeshire
CAMERON of Hillside House Ceres -- Fifeshire
CAMERON of Kinnear House Cupar -- Fifeshire
CAMPBELL of 126 Grieve-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
CAMPBELL of Mount Cottage East End Frenchie -- Fifeshire
CAMPBELL of Rockview Elie -- Fifeshire
CAMPBELL of The Hermitage Cupar -- Fifeshire
CAMPSIE of Brands Hotel High-street Ceres -- Fifeshire
CARGILL of R.A.F. Station Leuchars -- Fifeshire
CARGILL of RAF Station Leuchars -- Fifeshire
CARNEGIE of Aytounhill -- Fifeshire
CARSTAIRS of Hillcrest Edenside Guardbridge -- Fifeshire
CARSWELL of 12 Linden-avenue East Newport -- Fifeshire
CARSWELL of Rostellan Cupar -- Fifeshire
CARTER of Cliff House Ferry Hills North Queensferry -- Fifeshire
CATHCART of Pitcairlie -- Fifeshire
CATION of Bellfield Newton of Falkland Freuchie -- Fifeshire
CATTON of Sands-place Aberdour -- Fifeshire
CHALMERS of 20 Kilnburn Newport -- Fifeshire
CHALMERS of Kilburn House. Lower Lago -- Fifeshire
CHALMERS of Linley Cupar -- Fifeshire
CHAPMAN of 84 High-street West Leslie -- Fifeshire
CHAPMAN of Yewbank Newport -- Fifeshire
CHEAPE of Corie Lynn Maitland-street Leven -- Fifeshire
CHITTY of West Park Hotel St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
CHRISTIE of Dalblair Abbotshall-road Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
CKLMOUR of Bay mount Wormit -- Fifeshire
CLARK of Bonnie Bank Commonty-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
CLARK of Church-street Freuchie -- Fifeshire
CLARK of Craigknowe Tay-street Newport -- Fifeshire
CLARK of Steelend -- Fifeshire
CLARK of Steelend -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CLAYTON of Tarvit Cupar -- Fifeshire
CLAZY of Balmalcolm Kingskettle -- Fifeshire
COCHRAN of Florence Villa Freuchie -- Fifeshire
COCHRANE of Bukom Aberdour -- Fifeshire
COCHRANE of Cramond House 15 High-street Newport -- Fifeshire
COOK of Craigard Tayport -- Fifeshire
COOK of Rosehill Newmills -- Fifeshire
COOPER of 8 Church-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
CORDON of Sandilands Cupar -- Fifeshire
COURTS of 17 Millgate Cupar -- Fifeshire
COVENTRY of Westfield Cupar -- Fifeshire
COWAN of Rawal Pindi Oakfield-street Kelty -- Fifeshire
COWLEY of Riverside Wormit -- Fifeshire
COX of Southern Lodge St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
CRABB of Graigmount Tayport -- Fifeshire
CRABBE of Stratheam Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
CRAIK of Lynedoch Bay-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
CRAWFORD of Webford Balcurrie Windygates -- Fifeshire
CRAY of Struiebrae East Newport -- Fifeshire
CRERAR of Westmuir Craig-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
CRICHTON of Luthrie Bank Cupar -- Fifeshire
CROLL of Viewmount Queen-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
CROOK of 5 James-square Newport -- Fifeshire
CROSSE of 15 The Links St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
CULBERT of The Cross Springfield -- Fifeshire
CUMING of Thymbra Lodge East Newport -- Fifeshire
CUMMING of Albert Villa 42 Albert-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
CUNINCHAME of ) Balgowrie Culross -- Fifeshire
CUNNINGHAM of Avenel Church-road Leven -- Fifeshire
CUNNINGHAM of Glenlyon 37 College-street Buckhaven -- Fifeshire
CUNNINGHAM of Halbeath House Halbeath -- Fifeshire
CUNNINGHAM of The Mink East Links Leven -- Fifeshire
CUNNINGHAM of Viewbank Newport -- Fifeshire
CURRAN of the Dunes South St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
CURRIE of Glencliffe The Glebe Aberdour -- Fifeshire
CURRIE of Letham View Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
DALL of The Retreat Upper Largo -- Fifeshire
DALRYMPLE of 51 Macduff-street East Wemyss -- Fifeshire
DALZELL of Starr-Bank Kilmany -- Fifeshire
DANKS of Ansonhill House Crossgates -- Fifeshire
DARE of 96 South-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
DAVIDSON of 4 Woodbine-terrace East Newport -- Fifeshire
DAVIDSON of Craigisles 29 Craig-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
DAVIDSON of I-Iillpark Viewmount-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
DAVIDSON of Lyndhurst Cupar -- Fifeshire
DAVIES of Guidore Millbank Cupar -- Fifeshire
DAVIES of Redcote Leven -- Fifeshire
DAWSON of Hillpark Leuchars -- Fifeshire
DAY of Mansons Golf Hotel St Andrews -- Fifeshire
DEAS of 37 Ogilvy-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
DEWAR of Orchard Lea Limekilns -- Fifeshire
DEWHURST of Croft Butts Kingsbarns -- Fifeshire
DICK of Anchor Lodge Bonvil-road Cupar -- Fifeshire
DITCHER of 31 Gorrie-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
DOBIE of Glassmount Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
DOBIE of Roselea Cupar-road East Newport -- Fifeshire
DODDS of St Fort near Worrnit -- Fifeshire
DOIG of Craighelen Wellgate Park West Newport -- Fifeshire
DONALDSON of 35 High-street Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
DOUGAL of 6 Melville-terrace Anstruther -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DOUGLAS of 18 Queens-gardens St Andrews -- Fifeshire
DOUGLAS of Craigcleuch Alma-terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
DOUGLAS of Monks Moss Ladybank -- Fifeshire
DOUGLAS of Park View Aberdour -- Fifeshire
DOWIE of Lime View Blebo Craigs Cupar -- Fifeshire
DOWNIE of Winnigbrae West Newport -- Fifeshire
DRYSDALE of Strathenry Leslie -- Fifeshire
DUDDRIDGE of North-road Timsburv -- Fifeshire
DUIGAN of Angle Cottage Ladybank-road Dunshelt Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
DUKE of Saughtrec Ceres Cupar -- Fifeshire
DUNCAN of Naughton Wormit -- Fifeshire
DUNLOP of Wester Colquhally Lochgelly -- Fifeshire
EASSON of 5 Norwood Newport -- Fifeshire
EASSON of Inverythan Bay-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
EDARDS of Brookside Corneyhill Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
EDWARDS of Seabeach House Aberdour -- Fifeshire
EGGLESTON of 14 Abbey-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ELDER of Glenord Cupar -- Fifeshire
ELGOOD of Elmbank East Newport -- Fifeshire
ELLEFSON of The Brae Methil -- Fifeshire
ELLINCSEN of Durie Leven -- Fifeshire
ELLIS of Craigard St Brycedale-road Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
ELLSON of Woodville Dairsie -- Fifeshire
FAICHNEY of Rosevale Shore-road Anstruther Wester -- Fifeshire
FAICHNEY of Rosevale Shore-road Anstruther Wester -- Fifeshire
FAIRWEATHER of 1 Union-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
FARQUHARSON of Rowanbank Wormit -- Fifeshire
FARQUHARSON of The Granary East Newport -- Fifeshire
FEATHERS of Beechbank 27 Craig-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
FERGUSON of 4 Prospect-terrace East Newport -- Fifeshire
FERGUSON of Martyrs Church Manse St Andrews -- Fifeshire
FERRIER of 2 Myrtle-terrace East Newport -- Fifeshire
FETTES of 4 Temple-crescent Crail -- Fifeshire
FISHER of Venturefair-avenue Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
FITHIE of Beechwood West Newport -- Fifeshire
FLEMING of Ravenscraig Tayport-road Newport -- Fifeshire
FOALE of 2 Ordnance-road Crombie Dumfermline -- Fifeshire
FORBES of West End Freuchie -- Fifeshire
FORKER of 49 High-street Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
FORKER of 59 High-street Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
FORREST of Whinnie Knowe Foulford-road and also of High-street Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
FORRESTER of Beechwood Elie -- Fifeshire
FORRESTER of Beechwood Elie -- Fifeshire
FORRESTER of Craigenvale Cupar-road Newburgh -- Fifeshire
FOSTER of Craig Cottage West Wemyss -- Fifeshire
FOSTER of The Cottage Aberdour -- Fifeshire
FOTHERINGHAM of 213 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
FOWLER of Academy-square Limekilns -- Fifeshire
FOWLIE of Canmore Private Horel St Andrews -- Fifeshire
FRAIL of Beechgrove Farm Cupar -- Fifeshire
FRASER of Pearl Bank 61 Albert-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
FRAZER of Crescent Bank East Newport -- Fifeshire
FRENCH of Taybank East Newport -- Fifeshire
FREW of 7 Abbotsford-crescent St Andrews -- Fifeshire
FYFE of Belmont Upper Reform-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
GALLOWAY of Eldon Buchanan-gardens Strathkinness-road St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
GALLOWAY of Lochton West End Crail -- Fifeshire
GALLOWAY of Riversdale Newburgh -- Fifeshire
GALLOWAY of Rockbank Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
GALLOWAY of Tarvit Park Cupar -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GARDINER of Saint Catherines and Amdilly Temple Lower Largs -- Fifeshire
GARDNER of Orchard Lea Limekilns -- Fifeshire
GARDNER of Orchardlea Limekilns -- Fifeshire
GARLAND of Mogadam Pitlessie-by-Ladybank -- Fifeshire
GARNOCK of Holly Bank Betson-street Markinch -- Fifeshire
GARVIE of Violet Cottage James-street Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
GASKELL of Largo Cottage Largo -- Fifeshire
GEARY of 10 Garvock-terrace Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
GEMMEL of The Old Manse Elie -- Fifeshire
GEMMELL of Lochieheads Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
GEMMELL of Lochieheads Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
GENTLE of 15 Kilbagie-street Kincardine-on-Forth -- Fifeshire
GEORGE of 26 Ogilvy-street Tayport Fifeshire
GERRIE of Windermere 6 Kilnburn East Newport -- Fifeshire
GIBB of 9 Kilnburn East Newport -- Fifeshire
GIBB of 9 Kilnburn East Newport -- Fifeshire
GIBB of Pitteuchar Markinch -- Fifeshire
GIBSON of Craigbank 4 Provost-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
GILLESPIE of Kilrymond Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
GILLESPIE of Netherhill Aberdour -- Fifeshire
GILLIES of Inchview Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
GILLON of 10 Bernard-street Leith Edinburgh and of Craiglynne Home Park Aberdour -- Fifeshire
GILMOUR of Church-street Frenchie -- Fifeshire
GIRDWOOD of 112 High-street-west Leslie -- Fifeshire
GLASGOW of Crawford Priory Cupar -- Fifeshire
GOODALL of Belmont Couston-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
GOODALL of The Manse Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
GOODFELLGW of Sandford High-street Earlsferry -- Fifeshire
GORDON of 2 Hilipark-terrace Wormit -- Fifeshire
GORDON of 2 Hillpark-terrace Wormit -- Fifeshire
GORDON of 2 Hillpark-terrace Wormit -- Fifeshire
GORDON of Broomholme Leuchars -- Fifeshire
GORDON of Miramar Crail -- Fifeshire
GOUDIE of Springbank West Newport -- Fifeshire
GOULD of Aitken House Ceres -- Fifeshire
GRACE of The Grange St Andrews -- Fifeshire
GRAHAM of Blyth Villa Largo-road St Andrew?s -- Fifeshire
GRAHAM of Westbank Cupar -- Fifeshire
GRANT of Drumeldrie Upper Largo -- Fifeshire
GRAY of 128 Trinity-road and of Grange-road both in Edinburgh and of Luckhawhill Leuchars -- Fifeshire
GRAY of 41 Keith-street Kincardine or Forth -- Fifeshire
GRAY of Hillside Foulford-road Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
GRAY of Kingscroft Elie -- Fifeshire
GREEN of Broomlees Kilconquhar -- Fifeshire
GREGORY of 1 Victoria-terrace Tayport -- Fifeshire
GREGORY of 5 Castle-terrace Tayport -- Fifeshire
GREGORY of Castle Cottage Tayport -- Fifeshire
GREGORY of The Rest Albert-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
GREIG of Manse-street Aberdour -- Fifeshire
GROSSET of Blinkbonny Woodlands-road Lundin Links Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
GROSSET of Eden Park Cupar -- Fifeshire
GUILLEMARD of City Park St Andrews -- Fifeshire
GULLAND of High-street Earlsferry Elie -- Fifeshire
GUTHRIE of 24 Commercial-street Methil -- Fifeshire
HAGGART of 38 Craig-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
HAGGART of Balsillie Farm Leslie -- Fifeshire
HAIG of Clayton Dairsie -- Fifeshire
HAIG of Lawfield Ladybank -- Fifeshire
HAIMES of 85 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
HALKETT of Pitfirrane Crossford-by-Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HARDIE of Cupar-road Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
HARGREAVES of The Hope North Queensferry -- Fifeshire
HARLING of 15 Newton-place Rosyth -- Fifeshire
HAROIE of 17 West High-street Leslie -- Fifeshire
HARRIS of Cranley 10 Macduff-crescent Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
HARROWER of 12 High-street Kincardine -- Fifeshire
HASTIE of Crown Hotel Newmills -- Fifeshire
HATCH of Ardlowan Leslie -- Fifeshire
HAXTON of 15 Perth-road Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
HAXTON of 2 Seaforth-place Gallatown Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
HAY of Clifton Park Wormit -- Fifeshire
HEATON of Park Cottage Kinghom -- Fifeshire
HEGGIE of Main-street Coaltown Balgonie Mark- inch -- Fifeshire
HENDERSON of 12 Victoria-road Markinch -- Fifeshire
HENDERSON of Heathbank Hepburn Gardens St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
HENDERSON of Viewbank Leslie -- Fifeshire
HENDERSON of Westlea Bay-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
HENDERSON of Woodside Markinch -- Fifeshire
HERIOT of 6 Windmill-road St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
HERIOT of Blalowan Cupar -- Fifeshire
HEWITT of St. Colme House Aberdour -- Fifeshire
HICKS of 12 Murray-place St Andrews -- Fifeshire
HILL of 15 The Links St Andrews -- Fifeshire
HILL of St Andrews -- Fifeshire
HILL of Woodend Cupar -- Fifeshire
HINDLE of Glen Eden House Edenwood Cupar -- Fifeshire
HINDLEY of The Dunes St Andrews -- Fifeshire
HOLDEN of Gowanlea Carslogie-road Cupar -- Fifeshire
HONEYMAN of Elmwood Cupar -- Fifeshire
HOOD of Buckhaven -- Fifeshire
HOOD of Moness Newton Park Wormit -- Fifeshire
HOPKINS of 2 Windsor-terrace Mait-land-street Leven -- Fifeshire
HOPKINS of Oakbank Falkland -- Fifeshire
HORNE of Braeside Emsdorf-road Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
HORNE of Laurel Bank Lower Largs -- Fifeshire
HORSBURGH of Roselea Queen-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
HOSSACK of The Bungalow Bell-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
HOUSTON of Auchterderran Manse Cardenden -- Fifeshire
HOUSTON of Hillside Cottage Cupar -- Fifeshire
HOW of Balnacarron House St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
HOWELL of 112 South-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
HOWIE of 54 Hill-street Dysart -- Fifeshire
HOWISON of Parkside Newburgh -- Fifeshire
HUDSON of The Red House Queens-terrace St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
HULL of Rockview St Andrews -- Fifeshire
HUNT of 24 Lomond-crescent Falkland -- Fifeshire
HUNT of Pittencrieff Logie Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
HUNTER of 41 Lockhart-place St Andrews Fifeshire
HUNTER of Huntwood Inverkeithing-road Aberdour -- Fifeshire
HUNTER of Viewfield Windygates -- Fifeshire
HUSBAND of Lyndhurst East Newport -- Fifeshire
HUTCHISON of Braehead Frenchie -- Fifeshire
HUTCHISON of Kinloch Collessie -- Fifeshire
HUTCHISON of Kinloch Collessie -- Fifeshire
HUTCHISON of Kinloch Collessie -- Fifeshire
HYSLOP of Woodstock Newport -- Fifeshire
INGLIS of Baird Cottage Letham Ladybank -- Fifeshire
INGLIS of Letham Ladybank -- Fifeshire
INNES of 28 Union-street Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
INNES of St Johns Forth-street St Monance -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
IRELAND of Ballindean Kilmary -- Fifeshire
IRELAND of Norfield Buchhaven -- Fifeshire
IRELAND of Norfield Buckhaven -- Fifeshire
IRVINE of Ellabank Leven-road Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
ISAACSON of Lade Braes Villa Saint Andrews -- Fifeshire
JACK of Brunton-road Markinch -- Fifeshire
JACKSON of 12 Howard-place St Andrews -- Fifeshire
JACKSON of Lomondvale Falkland -- Fifeshire
JACKSON of Struan Park Cupar -- Fifeshire
JACKSON of Taygrove Newburgh -- Fifeshire
JAMIESON of 22 King-street Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
JAMIESON of Sauchur House Elie -- Fifeshire
JARVIS of 39 Shoregate Crail -- Fifeshire
JEFFREY of Balsusney Upper Largo -- Fifeshire
JEFFREY of Drumphin Torryburn- -- Fifeshire
JEFFREY of Haynes-buildings South-street Kingskettle -- Fifeshire
JEFFREY of Lahill Largo -- Fifeshire
JEFFREY of Pitmillie Kingsbarns -- Fifeshire
JOHNSTON of Abbey Lodge Newburgh -- Fifeshire
JOHNSTON of Ingleside Chapel-place Inverkeithiing -- Fifeshire
JOHNSTON of Kirklandhill Methil -- Fifeshire
JOHNSTON of Overkellie Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
JOHNSTON of St. Helens St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
JOHNSTON of Torrisdale Car-berry-road Leven -- Fifeshire
JOHNSTONE of 48 High-street West Leslie -- Fifeshire
JOLLIE of 52 High-street West Leslie -- Fifeshire
KAY of 15 Pulmuir-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
KAY of 15 Pulmuir-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
KAY of 2 Tay-terrace East Newport -- Fifeshire
KAY of Priory Acres St Andrews -- Fifeshire
KEAY of 54 Ogilvy-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
KEAY of 6 Craig-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
KEAY of Riverview East Common Tayport -- Fifeshire
KEDDIE of 36 Balgreggie-park Cardenden -- Fifeshire
KELLY of the Cottage Prinlaws Leslie -- Fifeshire
KELLY of Viewforth Elie -- Fifeshire
KELT of Balgills Cottage Wormit -- Fifeshire
KERR of Dumira West Newport -- Fifeshire
KERR of Nether Stenton-by-Markinch -- Fifeshire
KERR of Violet Bank Newburgh-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
KERR of Wester Kinnear House by Wormit -- Fifeshire
KETTLEY of 88 Spitalfield-crescent Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
KIDD of 4 Howard-place St Andrews -- Fifeshire
KING of Locks Hotel Howard-place St Andrews -- Fifeshire
KININWORTH of Woodlea Westfield-avenue Cupar -- Fifeshire
KINMOND of Wingateplace East Newport -- Fifeshire
KINNEAR of Castlefield Tower Cupar -- Fifeshire
KIRK of Eden-road Springfield -- Fifeshire
KNOX of Carslogie-road Cupar -- Fifeshire
LACKIE of 43 Townsend-place Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
LAING of Sands-place Aberdowr -- Fifeshire
LAKIN of Bellevue Tayport -- Fifeshire
LAMONT of Muirside Cairneyhill -- Fifeshire
LANG of 46 Seymour-place Middlesex and Mansfield St Andrew s -- Fifeshire
LANG of Hayston Balmullo Leuchars -- Fifeshire
LATTO of Vine Cottage King-street Newport -- Fifeshire
LAVEROCK of Navarre Anstruther -- Fifeshire
LAW of The Manse Cairneyhill -- Fifeshire
LAW of Victoria House Tayport -- Fifeshire
LAWRIE of 122 West High-street Buckhaven -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LAWRIE of Rowallan Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
LAWSON of Catherine Bank Ceres -- Fifeshire
LEAN of Monziehall Farm Crossgates -- Fifeshire
LEE of Touch Croft Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
LEE of Touch Croft Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
LEES of Baldastard Farm Largo -- Fifeshire
LEITCH of 29 Bonnygate Cupar -- Fifeshire
LEITCH of Hillbank Cupar -- Fifeshire
LEITH of Lochburn Elie -- Fifeshire
LENG of Seymour East Newport -- Fifeshire
LENG of Thorndyke Newport -- Fifeshire
LESLIE of Shore-road Anstruther -- Fifeshire
LILBURN of Craigforth Elie -- Fifeshire
LINDER of Glencoe Wardlaw Gardens St Andrews -- Fifeshire
LINDSAY of Craigsanquhar Cupar -- Fifeshire
LISTER of Osborne-place King-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
LITTLE of 4 South Union-street Cupar -- Fifeshire
LIVINGSTONE of 13 Swan-road Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
LONIE of West Mount Newport -- Fifeshire
LORIMER of 4 Drummond-place Edinburgh and Gyles House and Kellie Castle both in Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
LOW of Alleyneghr St Andrews -- Fifeshire
LOW of Blebo Cupar -- Fifeshire
LOW of Broadhangh Newport -- Fifeshire
LOW of Ro selea East Newport -- Fifeshire
LOWSON of 116 Randolph-street Buckhaven -- Fifeshire
LUCAS of Eifer Lodge Tayport-road East Newport -- Fifeshire
LUMSDEN of Whitefield House Freuchie -- Fifeshire
LUTHER of the Binn House Burntisland -- Fifeshire
LYALL of 12 Alexandra-place St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
MacALLAN of 58 South-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MacALPINE of Seacliff Crescent-road Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
MACARTHUR of Elmbank West Newport 1 -- Fifeshire
MACARTHUR of St. Leonards Manse Kinghom -- Fifeshire
MACBEAN of Moatville Cupar -- Fifeshire
MACDONALD of 3 Hope-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MacDONALD of 3 William-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
MACDONALD of Dhivach 8 Tayview-terrace Newport -- Fifeshire
MACDONALD of Hillside Cottage E Newport -- Fifeshire
MACDONALD of Hillside Cottage East Newport -- Fifeshire
MACDUFF of The Abbotsford Private Hotel St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MACFARLANE of 2 Glamis-terrace Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
MACFARLANE of Park View Windygates-road Leven -- Fifeshire
MACGREGOR of Murrell Cottage Limekilns -- Fifeshire
MACGREGOR of Murrell Cottage Limekilns -- Fifeshire
MACKAY of Bay House Tay-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
MACKAY of Boarhills St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MACKAY of Hermon Hill East Newport -- Fifeshire
MACKENZIE of 2 Hope-street Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
MACKIE of 18 Queens-gardens St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MACKIE of Bankton Park Kingskeittle -- Fifeshire
MACKIE of Lynnwood Upper Largo -- Fifeshire
MACKINTOSH of The Nursing Home Crail -- Fifeshire
MACLAREN of 42 India-street Edinburgh and of Dunreggan Elie -- Fifeshire
MACLENNAN of St Adrian Woodside-road Elie -- Fifeshire
MACMICHAEL of The Manse Upper Largo -- Fifeshire
MACMILLAN of Glenardle East Links Levan -- Fifeshire
MACQUOID of Lynmouth Bay-road Worm it -- Fifeshire
MACRAE of Newmill St Andrew s -- Fifeshire
MADDICKS of 7 Dick Place Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
MAITLAND of Edgecliff West St Andrews -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MALCOLM of Hilton Forthar Star by Markinch -- Fifeshire
MALING of 1 Saint Phillan's-place Newport -- Fifeshire
MARCH of Bankhead Farm Saline -- Fifeshire
MARSHALL of 7 Queens-gardens St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MARSHALL of Sweet Bank Markwich -- Fifeshire
MARTIN of Marine House Crail -- Fifeshire
MARTIN of Mrs Brooksbank Dunshelt Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
MASSON of Lettoch Hepburn-gardens St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
MATHER of Wellwood Ladybank -- Fifeshire
MATHERS of 2 Norwood Newport -- Fifeshire
MATTHEW of Maeshowe 5 Golf-place St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
McATHIE of Edenshead Arms Gateside Strathmiglo -- Fifeshire
McCAFFERTY of 35 Queensferry-road Rosyth Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
McCASH of Darnoc Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
McCREA of 5 Hope-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
McDOUGALL of 2 Woodside-crescent Elie -- Fifeshire
McHARDY of St Leonards Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
MCKAY of 5 Glebe-crescent Tayport -- Fifeshire
McKENZIE of The Cottage Tayport -- Fifeshire
McKINNON of Southfield Kilmany-road Wormit -- Fifeshire
McLACHLAN of Standalane Farm Oakley -- Fifeshire
MCLAREN of 12 Greyfrairs Garden St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
McLAREN of College Gate St Andrews -- Fifeshire
McLAUCHLAN of 1 Murrel-terrace East Aberdour -- Fifeshire
McLEAN of 17 East-street Anstruther Easter -- Fifeshire
McLEOD of 3 Cromwell-road Rosyth Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
MclNNESorPHILP of Southport House Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
MclVER of Mary Bell House North Union-street Cupar -- Fifeshire
MEIKLEJOHN of Briar Cottage King-street Newport -- Fifeshire
MelNROY of The Hill House near-Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
MELVILLE of 3 Spencer-place Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
MELVILLE of Allean Windygates-road Leven -- Fifeshire
MELVILLE of Clinton-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
MELVILLE of Melville House Ladybank -- Fifeshire
MELVILLE of Melville House Ladybank -- Fifeshire
MELVILLE of Miramar Crail -- Fifeshire
MENMUIR of Craigie House Manse-street Aberdour -- Fifeshire
MENZIES of Keith Bank Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
MENZIES of Magicwell Balmullo Leuchars -- Fifeshire
MENZIES of Ruthvaille Abernethy-road Newburgh -- Fifeshire
MENZIES of Ruthvaille Newburgh -- Fifeshire
MERCER of Pitlessie-by-Ladybank -- Fifeshire
METHVEN of The Laurels Neort -- Fifeshire
MILLAR of 4 Kilgask-street Newport -- Fifeshire
MILLAR of Eden-place Cupar -- Fifeshire
MILLAR of Grenada East Newport -- Fifeshire
MILLAR of Milford 36 Craig-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
MILLAR of Waulkmill Charlestoun -- Fifeshire
MILLER of 3 Abbotsford-crescent Saint Andrews -- Fifeshire
MILLER of 61 Broad-street Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
MILLER of Burnbrae Kincardine-on-Forth -- Fifeshire
MILLER of Glenogle Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
MILLER of Rose-street St Monance -- Fifeshire
MILLER of Rowan Cottage Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
MILLER of Rowan Cottage Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
MILLIE of Barony Cottage Cupar -- Fifeshire
MILLS of Craigwhinnie Cupar-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
MILNE of 12 Charles-streef Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
MILNE of Athole Bank Inver-gowrie Perthshire and of The Haven Culross -- Fifeshire
MILNE of Hope Park Cupar -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILNE of Inglewood East Newport -- Fifeshire
MILNE of Park Cottage Limekilns -- Fifeshire
MILNE of Rowanbank Wormit -- Fifeshire
MITCHELL of Carahooee South-road Cupar -- Fifeshire
MITCHELL of Kilremny East Newport -- Fifeshire
MITCHELL of Kirkton Auchtertool Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
MITCHELL of Larennie Cupar -- Fifeshire
MITCHELL of Larennil Cupar -- Fifeshire
MITCHELL of The Craggan West Newport -- Fifeshire
MITCHELL of Woodlands Markinch -- Fifeshire
MOHR of Clifton Bank Cupar-road Newport -- Fifeshire
MONCRIEFF of The Castle Elie -- Fifeshire
MONCRIEFF of The Castle Elie -- Fifeshire
MONRO of Thymbra Lodge Newport -- Fifeshire
MOORE of Orchardhead Rosyth Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
MORGAN of 53 Somerville-street Burntisland -- Fifeshire
MORGAN of Edenbank Cottage Edenwood by Cupar -- Fifeshire
MORGAN of Orwell Tay-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
MORISON of Falfield Cupar -- Fifeshire
MORRIS of 10 Queens-gardens St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MORRIS of 197 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
MORRIS of 21 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
MORRIS of 5 High-street Crail -- Fifeshire
MORRIS of Ivanhoe 5 Preston-crescent Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
MORRIS of Louise-place High-street Newport -- Fifeshire
MORRISON of Duntrune 23 Kilnburn Newport -- Fifeshire
MORRISON of Ferncroft Crail -- Fifeshire
MORRISON of Main-street Kilconquhar -- Fifeshire
MORRISON of Roselea Cupar-road Newport -- Fifeshire
MOSCRIP of Duddingston House Leven-road Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
MOSLEY of 16 South-street Elie -- Fifeshire
MOSS of 11 Dempster-terrace St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
MOSS of 53 Fairykirk-road Rosyth Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
MOTION of West Dron Dairsil -- Fifeshire
MOUBRAY of Balgonar Saline -- Fifeshire
MOUBRAY of Otterston and Cockaimie Aberdour -- Fifeshire
MUDIE of Douglas House Kinloch-street Ladybank -- Fifeshire
MUIR of Tayside House West Lights Tayport -- Fifeshire
MUNRO of Kilmaron Castle Cupar -- Fifeshire
MURRAY of 6 Gibson-place St Andrews -- Fifeshire
MURRAY of Firpark Cottage Emsdorf-street Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
NAIRN of Victoria Buildings Newburgh -- Fifeshire
NEILSON of Carling Cottages North Queensferry -- Fifeshire
NELSON of Bramtleys Frenchie -- Fifeshire
NELSON of The Feus Freuchie -- Fifeshire
NEWLANDS of Balvenie Stenhouse-street Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
NEWMAN of Redhurst Cupar -- Fifeshire
NICOL of 8 Pilmour-links St Andrews -- Fifeshire
NICOL of Abden Cliff Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
NICOL of The Bungalow Upper Largo -- Fifeshire
NICOLL of Ashdene Wormit -- Fifeshire
NICOLL of Bayview Kinghom -- Fifeshire
NICOLSON of Carseview Victoria-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
NISBET of Falkland -- Fifeshire
NISBET of Summerlea 35 Randolph-street Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
NIVEN of 8 Tay-terrace Newport -- Fifeshire
NlCOL of Abden Cliff Kinghorn -- Fifeshire
NORRIE of 1 Kilnbum East Lewport -- Fifeshire
NORRIE of One Kilnbum East Newport -- Fifeshire
NOVAR of Raith Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NUTTER of 1 St Phillans-place Newport -- Fifeshire
OLIPHANT of Mayview Anstruther -- Fifeshire
OSBORNE of Annfield Kingskettle -- Fifeshire
OSWALD of 20 Queens-terrace St Andrews -- Fifeshire
PAGAN of Cupar -- Fifeshire
PAISLEY of 1 Myrtle-terrace Newport -- Fifeshire
PARKER of 128 Stenhouse-street Cowdenbeath -- Fifeshire
PATERSON of Ashton Cottage Doodhaven Wormit-on-Tay -- Fifeshire
PATERSON of Buckthorns Farm Largs -- Fifeshire
PATERSON of Duncraggan Newport -- Fifeshire
PATERSON of Hazel Bank Kelty -- Fifeshire
PATERSON of The Bungalow 7 Bell-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
PATON of Castlemount St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
PATRICK of Peebles Carronvale Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
PATTERSON of 26 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
PATTERSON of Dauphin Hill St Andrews -- Fifeshire
PAXTON of Drumalis Woodhaven Wormit -- Fifeshire
PAYNE of St Isabelle Aberdour -- Fifeshire
PEAT of Craiglea Wormit -- Fifeshire
PEDDIE of Corra Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
PEEBLES of 34 Grange-road Burntisland -- Fifeshire
PEEBLES of 34 South Union-street Cupar -- Fifeshire
PEEBLES of The Bield Pickletillem Leucfiars -- Fifeshire
PEEBLES of Waterside Wormit -- Fifeshire
PEET of Agra House Tayport -- Fifeshire
PENTLAND of Craigrothie Ceres-by-Cupar -- Fifeshire
PERCY of 5 Gosforth-place Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
PERRY of the Royal Air Force Station Leuchars -- Fifeshire
PETHERAM of Haworth Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
PHILP of Drummochy Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
PILKINGTON of St Fort House Newport -- Fifeshire
PITKETHLY of 140 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
PITKETHLY of 65 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
PLAYFAIR of Wyvem St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
PLUMB of Bishop s House St Andrews -- Fifeshire
POLLOCK of Neworth Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
POOLE of Academy-square Limekilns -- Fifeshire
PRESTON of Rotherwood West Newport -- Fifeshire
PROPHET of Viewbank Wormit -- Fifeshire
PRYDE of Home Cottage Freuchie -- Fifeshire
PUGH of Gordon Villa Elie -- Fifeshire
PURVES of 7 Windsor-terrace Maitland-street Levin -- Fifeshire
RAE of Millfield Strathmiglo -- Fifeshire
RAMSAY of 10 Rustic-place Anstruthe -- Fifeshire
RAMSAY of Clifton Bank East Newport -- Fifeshire
RAMSAY of Listonville Mansfield Leslie -- Fifeshire
RAMSAY of The Castle House St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
RATTRAY of Craigroyston Crosshill Glencraig -- Fifeshire
REEKIE of 42 Ford-crescent Thornton -- Fifeshire
REID of Annandale Woodhaven Wormit -- Fifeshire
REID of Bruce Cottage Torrybum -- Fifeshire
REID of Linburn Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
REID of Maplewood Ceres-road Cupar -- Fifeshire
REID of Ship Inn 78 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
RENNIE of Lexham Monimoil -- Fifeshire
RICHARDSON of 62 Somerville-street Burntisland -- Fifeshire
RITCHIE of Dura Cupar -- Fifeshire
RITCHIE of Langlands St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ROBB of One Lockhart-place St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of 33 East Shore-street Buckhaven -- Fifeshire

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ROBERTSON of Craignoon Austruther -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of Darvel Lodge East Newport -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of Elmhurst West Newport -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of Fairview Queen- sitreet Newport -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of Rosebank-terrace Leslie -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of St. Helens 23 Elizabeth-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of Toll Park St Andrews -- Fifeshire
ROBERTSON of Wemyss Cottage 35 Craig-road Tayport -- Fifeshire
ROBINSON of 45 Holborn-place Rosyth -- Fifeshire
ROCHE of The Cottage Pitscottie Cupar -- Fifeshire
RODGER of Park House Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
RODGER of Parkhill Dysart -- Fifeshire
ROGER of Whinbrae 63 Albert-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
ROGERS of Oakdene West Newport -- Fifeshire
ROLLO of Wemyss Manse East Wemyss -- Fifeshire
ROSS of Boyndie Newport -- Fifeshire
ROSS of Masonic Cottage Newburgh -- Fifeshire
ROSS of Tavern House Hillend near Inverkeithing -- Fifeshire
ROWAND of 19 Queens-gardens St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
ROWIBOTTOM of Vandlebury Wormit -- Fifeshire
ROWLEY of Moncrieffe House Bridge of Cam Perth -- Fifeshire
RUSSELL of 135 Links-street Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
SALISBURY of Hilton Farm Cottages Rosyth near-Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
SALMOND of Hillcrest Wellpark-terrace-west West Newport -- Fifeshire
SANDERS of 38 Victoria-terrace Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
SANGSTER of 107 High-street Leslie -- Fifeshire
SAUNDERS of No 224 Squadron RAF Leuchars -- Fifeshire
SCOBIE of Ferrycraig North Queensferry -- Fifeshire
SCOBIE of Ferrycraig North Queensferry -- Fifeshire
SCOTT of Beechwood West Newport Fifeshire
SCOTT of Crutherston Cottage William-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
SCOTT of Dillie Cottage North End Thornton -- Fifeshire
SCOTT of Khoni-Ghur Tayport -- Fifeshire
SCOTT of Mansfield Ladybank -- Fifeshire
SCOTT of Stracathro Dunfermline-road Crossgates -- Fifeshire
SCOTT of Violetbank Wormit -- Fifeshire
SCRYMCEOUR of Louise-place High-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
SCRYMGEOUR of Cadzow West Newport -- Fifeshire
SCULLION of 6 Flutorum-avenue Thornton -- Fifeshire
SEATH of Gowerfiekl Culross -- Fifeshire
SHAND of Lynnwood Lunden Links -- Fifeshire
SHANKS of Finella Cottage West Skene-street Strathmiglo -- Fifeshire
SHARP of 30 Landel-street Markinch -- Fifeshire
SHARP of The Garage Milton of Balgonie Markinch -- Fifeshire
SHAW of 9 Linksfield Tayport -- Fifeshire
SHAW of Criterion Pleasance Leven -- Fifeshire
SHEPHERD of 108 South-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
SHEPHERD of Avondale West Newport -- Fifeshire
SHEPHERD of Drum Lodge Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
SHEWAN of Seagate St Andrews -- Fifeshire
SIMPSON of 154-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
SIMPSON of Inchyra Kingskettle -- Fifeshire
SIMPSON of Tighnavon -- Fifeshire
SIMPSON of Viewbank Tayport -- Fifeshire
SIMSON of Brunton House Markinch -- Fifeshire
SIMSON of Brunton Markinch -- Fifeshire
SJTTIE of 227 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
SKIVINGTON of 3 John-street Crosshill Glehcraig -- Fifeshire
SLATER of 2 Kinkell-terrace St Andrews -- Fifeshire
SLOAN of Four Links-place Elie -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SMART of 2 Kirkland Walk Methil -- Fifeshire
SMITH of 23 South Union-street Cupar Fifeshire
SMITH of Beech wood-terrace Newport -- Fifeshire
SMITH of Brookville Cupar-road Newport -- Fifeshire
SMITH of Eglinton Victoria-street East Newport -- Fifeshire
SMITH of Heathville Newport Fifeshire
SMITH of New Carden Cardenden -- Fifeshire
SMITH of Oakbank Falkland -- Fifeshire
SMITH of Russell Mills Springfield -- Fifeshire
SMITH of St Margarets Windygates -- Fifeshire
SMITH of Walnut Cottage Balcurvie Windygates -- Fifeshire
SMITH of Whincrag Newport -- Fifeshire
SORLEY of 64 North-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
SPANTON of Section House R.M. Police Rosyth -- Fifeshire
SPENCE of 23 Braco-street -- Fifeshire
SPENCER of Rankielour Springfield -- Fifeshire
SPITTAL of Cocklaw-street Kelty -- Fifeshire
SPITTAL of Shore House 21 Forth-street Kincardine-on-Forth -- Fifeshire
STALKER of Fairview Leven -- Fifeshire
STEEDMAN of 46 Park-street Lochgelly -- Fifeshire
STEIN of Taymount Prospect-place East Newport -- Fifeshire
STEiWART of Greenwood East Newport -- Fifeshire
STEVEN of Dundruid Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
STEVENSON of Liberty Elie -- Fifeshire
STEVENSON of Pitscottie Inn Pitscottie -- Fifeshire
STEVENSON of Southwood Woodmill-road and of 9 East Port both in Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
STEWART of 14 Victoria-gardens Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
STEWART of 18 Priestden-road St Andrews -- Fifeshire
STEWART of Ledenurquhart Farmnear Strathmiglo -- Fifeshire
STEWART of Riverlea Warmit -- Fifeshire
STEWART of Riverlea Wormit -- Fifeshire
STOKER of 5 Leslie-road Rosyth -- Fifeshire
STORRAR of Newton Wormit-on-Tay -- Fifeshire
STORRAR of Starlea Ladybank -- Fifeshire
STOTT of Rosendaal Beechwood-terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
STRACHAN of Chance Inn by Cupar -- Fifeshire
STRACHAN of The Terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
STRAITON of 1 Ahderson-lane Kincardine -- Fifeshire
STRANG of 42 Hospital Hill Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
STUART of 35 Selvage-street Rosyth -- Fifeshire
STUART of Auchenheath West Newport -- Fifeshire
SUDDARDS of 1 Donaldson-gardens St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
SUTHERLAND of Crichton House An-struther -- Fifeshire
SWAN of 26 High-street West Leslie -- Fifeshire
SWAN of 29 Lamont-drive St Andrews -- Fifeshire
SYME of 52 Balsusney-road Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
TAILYOUR of Ardgowan St Andrews -- Fifeshire
TARBET of Brooklands St Andrews -- Fifeshire
TAYLOR of 165 Balsusney-road Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
TAYLOR of 3 Tay-terrace East Newport -- Fifeshire
TAYLOR of Murison Millbank Cupar -- Fifeshire
TAYLOR of South-view Balgonie-place Markinch -- Fifeshire
TAYLOR of St Colmes Manse Aberdour -- Fifeshire
TAYLOR of The Retreat Elie -- Fifeshire
TEALL of Belvedere Elie -- Fifeshire
TENNANT of West View Blebo Craigs Cupar -- Fifeshire
THOM of Howiegate Markinch -- Fifeshire
THOMPSON of 44 South-street St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
THOMS of Seaview St Andrews -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of 5 Rattray-place Cupar -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
THOMSON of 7 Millburn-terrace Anderson-street Leven -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Anstruther-road Ceres -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Browns Close and 41 High-street both in Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Clydesdale Cottage King-street-east Newport -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Danellvid Newport -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Dillie Cottage Northend Thornton -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Eifer Lodge Tayport-road East Newport -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Eifer Lodge Tayport-road East Newport -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Elmbank West Newport -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Elmwood Appin-crescent Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Spinks Rose Villa High-street Methil -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Sunny Knowe Freuchie -- Fifeshire
THOMSON of Thrums Well-road Ladybank -- Fifeshire
TOCHER of Dunbog Manse Newburgh -- Fifeshire
TOD of 60 Crossgate Cupar -- Fifeshire
TODD of Kingsbarns House Kingsbarns -- Fifeshire
TOMPKINS of Forthview Limekiln -- Fifeshire
TOUGH of Corona Tayport -- Fifeshire
TRAILL of Elmlea East Wemyss -- Fifeshire
TRAILL of Giffordtown Ladybank -- Fifeshire
TULLIS of Brackmont Crail -- Fifeshire
TULLIS of Strathenry House Leslie -- Fifeshire
TULLOCH of Greycraig Saline -- Fifeshire
TURNBULL of Dunholm Kingsbarns -- Fifeshire
TURNBULL of Invervie St Monance -- Fifeshire
UNDERWOOD of Craigower Windmill-road St Andrews -- Fifeshire
URQUHART of 34 Paul-street Lochgeily -- Fifeshire
URQUHART of Maitland-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
URQUHART of Victoria Cottage Maitland-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
VEITCH of 100 Dewar-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
VEITCH of 50 William-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
VENTERS of Craignethan-place Leven-road Windygates -- Fifeshire
VINCENT of Rosebank House West Newport -- Fifeshire
WALKER of 154 High-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
WALKER of 2 Temple-crescent Crail -- Fifeshire
WALKER of 2 Temple-crescent Crail -- Fifeshire
WALKER of 4 Orchard Park Crail -- Fifeshire
WALKER of 58 Bonnygate Cupar -- Fifeshire
WALKER of Carlonan Beechwood-terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
WALKER of Castle Cottage West Newport -- Fifeshire
WALKINSHAW of 1 High-street Kincardine-on-Forth -- Fifeshire
WALLACE of Bank House-place Leslie -- Fifeshire
WALLACE of Bank-place House Leslie -- Fifeshire
WALLACE of Garrawalt Kennoway-road Windygates -- Fifeshire
WALLACE of Oldholm Leven -- Fifeshire
WALLACE of Rosebank-terrace Prinhaws Leslie -- Fifeshire
WALLS of Collairnie Ladybank -- Fifeshire
WALLS of Main-street Crossgate -- Fifeshire
WALSH of Cromwood 65 Station-road Lochgelly -- Fifeshire
WATCHMAN of Carseview Wormit -- Fifeshire
WATSON of 29 Argyle-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
WATSON of Anstruther -- Fifeshire
WATSON of Chance Inn Cupar -- Fifeshire
WATSON of Easter Feisk Newburgh -- Fifeshire
WATSON of Serpentine Villa Temple Lower Largo -- Fifeshire
WATSON of The Haven Low-road Auchtermuchty -- Fifeshire
WATSON of Woodside-by-Leven -- Fifeshire
WATSON of Yew Cottage Bow of Fife by Cupar -- Fifeshire
WATT of Kildene Westfield-road Cupar -- Fifeshire
WATT of Middlefield Cupar -- Fifeshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WATT of Middlefield Cupar -- Fifeshire
WEATHERLY of The Hermitage Pittenweem -- Fifeshire
WEBB of 1 Kinness-place St Andrews -- Fifeshire
WEBSTER of Fairview East Newport -- Fifeshire
WEBSTER of Newton Park Wormit -- Fifeshire
WEDDELL of Belmont Roome Bay Crail -- Fifeshire
WEDDERBURN of Balhousie Leven -- Fifeshire
WEDDERBURN of Dhucraig St Andrews -- Fifeshire
WELCH of Ferndene Cupar -- Fifeshire
WELCH of Windsor House Ceres -- Fifeshire
WELWOOD of Kirknewton Midlothian and of Garvock -- Fifeshire
WESTWOOD of Clunie Cupar -- Fifeshire
WHALE of 3 Balwearie-road Kircaldy -- Fifeshire
WHALE of 3 Balwearie-road Kirkcaldy -- Fifeshire
WHITE of ?Sandyhitl Kitigsbarns -- Fifeshire
WHITE of Castle Garden Crail -- Fifeshire
WHITE of High-street Anstruther Wester -- Fifeshire
WHITEHEAD of Clinton-cottage Newburgh -- Fifeshire
WHYTE of Beauly ?Milnathort -- Fifeshire
WHYTE of Roselea Upper Largo -- Fifeshire
WIGHTMAN of 168 Pittencrieff-street Dunfermline -- Fifeshire
WILDRIDGE of The Cottage Kinglassie Cardenden -- Fifeshire
WILKIE of 38 Hill-road Newburgh -- Fifeshire
WILKIE of Craigview Upper Reform-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
WILKIE of Scoonie House Leven -- Fifeshire
WILKINS of Lyndhurst Middleshade-road St Andrews -- Fifeshire
WILLIAMSON of 6 Mason-street Newburgh -- Fifeshire
WILLIAMSON of Hollam Leven-road Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
WILLIAMSON of Norvil Lundin Links -- Fifeshire
WILLMIN of 93 Market-street St. Andrews -- Fifeshire
WILSON of 1 and 13 Lumphinnans road Lochgelly -- Fifeshire
WILSON of 71 Woodside-avenue Rosyth -- Fifeshire
WILSON of Beechcroft Markinch -- Fifeshire
WILSON of LingarthWellpark-terrace West Newport -- Fifeshire
WILSON of Logie Cupar -- Fifeshire
WILSON of Main-street Leuchars -- Fifeshire
WILSON of Marella Pipelands-road St Andrews -- Fifeshire
WILSON of Star Beck 6 Wallace-street St Andrews -- Fifeshire
WILSON of The Cedars Bell-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
WILSON of Westerloo St Andrews -- Fifeshire
WISHART of Dryburgh House Easter Aberdour -- Fifeshire
WISHART of Invertay Cupar-road Newburgh -- Fifeshire
WOODHEAD of 12 York-place Dumfermline -- Fifeshire
WOTHERSPOON of The Manse Kinglassie -- Fifeshire
WYLES of 42 Glebe Park East Wemyss -- Fifeshire
WYLLIE of Commercial Bank House Leven -- Fifeshire
WYND of Mount Pleasant Tayport -- Fifeshire
YORSTON of Davidson Barwood Dunshelf -- Fifeshire
YOUNG of 52 Albert-street Tayport -- Fifeshire
YOUNG of Denend House Cardenden -- Fifeshire
YOUNG of Kiliymont St Andrews -- Fifeshire
YOUNG of Struan-bank Wormit -- Fifeshire
YOUNG of Taycliff Newport -- Fifeshire

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