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Angus is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABERCROMBY of Muir Cottage Trinity Brechin -- Angus
ABERCROMBY of Muir Cottage Trinity Brechin -- Angus
ADAM of 131 Dundee Road Forfar -- Angus
ADAM of Knoweholm Knowehead Brae Kirriemuir -- Angus
ADAMS of 3 Castle Street Brechin -- Angus
ADAMS of 3 Castle Street Brechin -- Angus
ADAMSON of 28 Whites Place Montrose -- Angus
ADLER of St Martins Dunlapple Road Edzell -- Angus
AIRLIE of Airlie Castle Kirriemuir -- Angus
AITCHISON of 9 North Balmossle Street Monifieth -- Angus
AITKEN of Edendale 16 Victoria Place Brechin -- Angus
AITKEN of Woodside House WoodsIde Coupar -- Angus
ALEXANDER of 44 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
ALEXANDER of Alexa Bank 51 Ferry-road Monifirth -- Angus
ALEXANDER of Burndale 13 Park Road Brechin -- Angus
ALEXANDER of Panmurebank Hotel Carnoustie -- Angus
ALLAN of The Wyck Craigie-drive Dundee -- Angus
ALLARDYCE of 36 Victoria Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
ANDERSON of 2 Nolt Loan Road Arbroath -- Angus
ANDERSON of 20 Hillend Road Arbroath -- Angus
ANDERSON of 4 Wellbank Kirriemuir -- Angus
ANDERSON of 473 Brook Street Broughty Ferry -- Angus
ANDERSON of 69 Market Street Brechin -- Angus
ANDERSON of West Cottage North street Newtyle -- Angus
ANDREW of 91 High Street Monifieth -- Angus
ANNAN of Bellgray-villas 11 Terry- road Monifieth -- Angus
ANNANDALE of 14 Westgate Friockheim -- Angus
ASHER of St. Brides Carnoustie -- Angus
ATHERTON of 3 Horologe Hill Arbroath -- Angus
BAIN of 7 YeWbank Avenue Broughty Ferry -- Angus
BAKER of The Schoolhouse Newbigging -- Angus
BALLINGALL of The Grange Monifieth -- Angus
BANKS of Halfwood inn Road Birkhill -- Angus
BANNERMAN of 23 Kinnaird Street Arbroath -- Angus
BANNERMAN of Mlllbum George Street Coupar -- Angus
BARNET of Haslemere 87 Dalhousie Street Monifieth -- Angus
BARRIE of 8 Osborne Place Dundee -- Angus
BARRIE of Leabank 101 Dundee Road West Broughty Ferry Dundee -- Angus
BATCHELOR of Craigmount Strathmartine Dundee -- Angus
BAXTER of 7 Gardyne Street Friockheim -- Angus
BEEDIE of 65 Durham Street Monifieth -- Angus
BELL of 8 Coupar Angus Road Lochee Dundee -- Angus
BELL of The Retreat Barry -- Angus
BENNETT of 2 Gayfield Arbroath -- Angus
BENNETT of 6 Church Street Broughty Ferry -- Angus
BIRSE of Preston Park Little Brechin -- Angus
BLACK of 26 Dorward-road Montrose -- Angus
BLACK of Bonnyrigg InverIscandye Road Edzell -- Angus
BLACKADDER of 40 Dorward Road Montrose -- Angus
BLACKMORE of Kinnordy Kirriemuir -- Angus
BLAIR of Lochbank House Forgar -- Angus
BLEASE of Springfield Johnshaven -- Angus
BOGLE of Loahhead of Kilry Glenisla -- Angus
BOND of Dundee Hospital Westgreen Liff -- Angus
BOURNE of 3 Milnamair Western Road Montrose -- Angus
BOWEN of Meadowbank 55 Barry Road Carnoustie -- Angus
BOWMAN of 3 Rosebery Place Arbroath -- Angus
BOYD of Roseangle station Crescent Invergowrie Dundee -- Angus
BRAID of 7 Hillend Road Arbroath -- Angus
BRAND of 16 Oxford Street Dundee -- Angus
BRAND of 70 Ure Street Dundee -- Angus
BRETT of Auldbar near Brechin -- Angus
BRODIE of Idrles Letham -- Angus
BROWN of 19 Redfield Crescent Montrose -- Angus
BROWN of 80 Ferry-road Monifieth near Dundee -- Angus
BROWN of 90a Northesk Road Montrose -- Angus
BROWN of 94 Brechin Road Arbroath -- Angus
BROWN of Ann field Letham -- Angus
BROWN of Dunlappie Cottages Edzell -- Angus
BROWN of Gardenhurst 9 Philip Street Carnoustie -- Angus
BROWN of Golf View Edzell -- Angus
BROWN of Lyngrove Church Road Woodside Coupar -- Angus
BRUCE of 23 Dalhousie Road Barnhill -- Angus
BUCHAN of 16 Dunarn Terrace Newtyle -- Angus
BUCHAN of 30 Helen Street Arbroath -- Angus
BUCHAN of 7 Hillside Road Dundee -- Angus
BUCHAN of Parklands Edzell -- Angus
BUCHAN of Station House Glamis -- Angus
BUCHANAN of 76 High Street Monifieth -- Angus
BUCKLEY of Belleville Green Lane Carnoustie -- Angus
BULCK of 5 Balmossle Street Monlfleth -- Angus
BURT of 2 James-place Broughty Ferry -- Angus
BUTCHART of Rosemount 44 Latch-road Brechin -- Angus
BUTT of 12 Panmure Street Monifieth -- Angus
BUTTAR of Cortson Coupar -- Angus
BUTTAR of The Neuk Woodside Coupar -- Angus
BUTTAR of The Neuk Woodside Coupar -- Angus
CAESAR of Monse of Panbride -- Angus
CAITHNESS of Dunsie North Latch-road Brechin -- Angus
CALDER of Walroa Robertsor Terrace Forfar -- Angus
CALDWELL of Orange of Conon by Arbroath -- Angus
CALLOWAY of Woodlands Wellbank by Monikie -- Angus
CANT of The Panmure Hotel Monifieth -- Angus
CARLE of 9 Union Street Edzell -- Angus
CARNEGIE of 5 Kinnaird Street Arbroath -- Angus
CARNEGIE of Boysack and Kinblethmont -- Angus
CARNEGY of Lour Forfar -- Angus
CATTO of Bank House Friockheim -- Angus
CAW of Dunnichen by Forfar -- Angus
CHALMERS of Abbeyhill Coupar -- Angus
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CHALMERS of Angle Cottage 37 Brechin Road Forfar -- Angus
CHALMERS of Eskmount Brechin -- Angus
CHALMERS of Glenesk Cottage Dunlapple Road Edzell -- Angus
CHRISTIE of 30 Dalhousie Place Arbroath -- Angus
CHRISTIE of Parklands Edzell -- Angus
CHRISTISON of 7 St. Marys Street Brechin -- Angus
CHRYSTAL of 50 Seafield Road Dundee -- Angus
CLARK of 37 Jamieson Street Arbroath -- Angus
CLARK of Abbeyhill Coupar -- Angus
CLARK of Abbeyhill Coupar -- Angus
CLARK of Cliff House Arbroath -- Angus
CLARK of Hillview West Hemming Street Letham -- Angus
CLARK of Lynnwood Birkhill by Dundee -- Angus
COLLIE of 44 Latch Road Brechin -- Angus
COLLINS of 2 Panmure-street Monifieth -- Angus
COLLISON of 9 George Street Montrose -- Angus
COMRIE of North Mains of Logie Kirriemuir -- Angus
CONNELLY of 7 Lawson Place Dundee -- Angus
CONQUEST of North Water House Edzell -- Angus
COOPER of 1 Park Road Brechin -- Angus
COOPER of Seven Trees Dalbog Edzell -- Angus
COOPER of The Gorse Dunlappie Road Edzell -- Angus
COPLAND of Tor-na-veen Jamieson Street Forfar -- Angus
CORDON of 6 Latch-road Brechin -- Angus
CORSANE of 27 Baldovan Terrace Dundee -- Angus
CORSAR of 42 Hay swell Road Arbroath -- Angus
CORSAR of Cardean Arbroath -- Angus
COUPER of Ellerslie Coupar -- Angus
COUTTS of Rosemount Forfar -- Angus
COVENTON of Ferndale Invergowrie-by-Dundee -- Angus
COWIE of 3 Redfield Road Montrose -- Angus
CRAIG of The Inn Longforgan -- Angus
CREE of Strathview Errol-road Invergowrie -- Angus
CROCKETT of Spynie House Leysmill by Arbroath -- Angus
CROLL of 4 Montague Street Barnhill Dundee -- Angus
CROLL of The Cottage Honifieth -- Angus
CRUICKSHANKS of 34 Hillhead Terrace Kirriemuir -- Angus
CRYSTAL of Barns of Claverhouse by Dundee -- Angus
CUNNINGHAM of 17 Fontstane Road Monifieth -- Angus
CUNNINGHAM of Broomknowe Edzell -- Angus
CUNNINGHAM of Woodlands Hotel Panmure Terrace Barnhill Broughty Ferry -- Angus
CUTHBERT of 17 Scott Street Brechin -- Angus
CUTHBERT of Fidra and Hillside Drive Dundee -- Angus
DANSKIN of 9 Hobart Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
DARLING of Edenbank Kelso and Lednathie Kirriemuir -- Angus
DAVID of Mardon Carlogie Road Carnoustie -- Angus
DAVIDSON of 1 Erskine Street Montrose -- Angus
DAVIDSON of Craigbank 2 Provost Road Tayport Fife and care of Messrs John Cargill Limited 32 Cowgate Dundee -- Angus
DAVIDSON of North Street Newtyle -- Angus
DAVIDSON of Rose Cottage Inverkellor by Arbroath -- Angus
DAVIE of Crathes Cottage Elm Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
DAVIES of 10 Constitution Terrace Dundee -- Angus
DEMPSTER of 272 Blackness Road Dundee -- Angus
DEWAR of 46 Farington Street Dundee -- Angus
DICKSON of Cornescorn Dunlappie-road Edzell -- Angus
DICKSON of Lydox Invergowrie -- Angus
DINGWALL of Marr Villa 10 Queen Street Coupar -- Angus
DODS of Marguerite Victoria Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
DOIG of Dalarossie Errol-road Invergowrie -- Angus
DOIG of Maule Street Monifieth -- Angus
DON of Manlesden Brechin -- Angus
DONALD of Baxter Park Manse 238 Broughty Ferry Road Dundee -- Angus
DONALD of Hawthornbank Letham -- Angus
DONALDSON of 31 Loraine Road Dundee -- Angus
DONALDSON of Cairnton by Arbroath -- Angus
DORWARD of Galloway Place 5 Brook Street Monifieth -- Angus
DOUGLAS of Hallgreen Mains Inverbervie Montrose -- Angus
DOW of Forty Seven Dens Road Dundee -- Angus
DOW of Woodmyre Blairgowrie-road Coupar -- Angus
DRAFFEN of Wayside Castle Huntly-road Longforgan -- Angus
DRUMMOND of Murrayfield 65 Carlogle Road Carnoustie -- Angus
DUFF of Shielhill House Forfar -- Angus
DUKE of Netherley Trinity Road Brechin -- Angus
DUNBAR of 12 Hillview Montrose Street Brechin -- Angus
DUNBAR of 43 Charleston Drive Lochee Dunbar -- Angus
DUNCAN of 20 Latch Road Brechin -- Angus
DUNCAN of 28 Arbirlot Road Arbroath -- Angus
DUNCANSON of Maybank! Dalhousie Street Carnoustie -- Angus
DUNLOP of Wester Leys Kettins -- Angus
DUTHIE of 32 Morrison Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
EAST of 2 St. Johnswood Terrace Westpark Road Dundee -- Angus
EDDIE of 90 High Street and care of Campbell 36 Hill Street both In Arbroath -- Angus
ELDER of 4 Adelaide Terrace Dundee -- Angus
ELLIS of 8 Rosemount Road Arbroath -- Angus
ERSKINE of Annfield Woodside Coupar -- Angus
ESPLIN of Dunlra Limanhead Forfar -- Angus
EWEN of Manse of Glenesk Brechin -- Angus
FAIRLEY of Beech Cottage West Hemming Street Letham -- Angus
FAIRLEY of The Gorse Dunlapple Road Edzell -- Angus
FAIRWEATHER of 1 Church Street Monifieth -- Angus
FAIRWEATHER of 16 Ireland Street Carnoustie -- Angus
FAIRWEATHER of Foresters Croft Oathlaw -- Angus
FAIRWEATHER of Foresters Croft Oathlaw -- Angus
FAIRWEATHER of Morven Hotel 15 High-street Montrose -- Angus
FAIRWEATHER of The Neuk 10 Rosebery Place Arbroath -- Angus
FALCONER of 179 East High Street Forfar -- Angus
FALCONER of 26 Christies Lane Montrose -- Angus
FENTON of Cyprusbank 17 Dalhousie street near Monifieth -- Angus
FENTON of Inverusan Montrose -- Angus
FERGUSON of 15 Westgate Flockhelm -- Angus
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FERGUSON of Drumlogie Caddam Road Coupar -- Angus
FERGUSON of Ormile Lodge Ireland Street Carnoustie -- Angus
FERGUSON of Westerton of Colliston by Arbroath -- Angus
FERGUSSON of Cortachy Manse Kirriemuir -- Angus
FERNS of Athol Palace Hotel St. Andrews Montrose -- Angus
FERRIER of 56 Millgate Friockheim -- Angus
FINDLAY of 23 Panmure Street Brechin -- Angus
FINDLAY of 56 Nolt Loan Road Arbroath -- Angus
FINDLAY of Bar lea Wyllie Street Forfar -- Angus
FINLAY of 31 Christies Lane Montrose -- Angus
FISHER of Craig-y-Darra Longforgan -- Angus
FLEMING of 1 Madeira Street Dundee -- Angus
FLETCHER of Letham Grant by Arbroath -- Angus
FORBES of 56 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
FORBES of Guildene 6 Dalhousie-street Monifieth -- Angus
FORBES of Little Grange Ramsay Road Edzell -- Angus
FORREST of 6 Brechin Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
FORREST of Dunarn Newtyle -- Angus
FORSTER of Daisy Cottage Ernest Street Arbroath -- Angus
FRASER of 19 Brechin Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
FREEMAN of Braeside Forfar -- Angus
FYFE of Alisa Cottage Clayholes Carnoustie -- Angus
GAMMELL of Blythehill Forfar -- Angus
GARDINER of Bracondale High Street Edzell -- Angus
GEEKIE of 27 Fergus Street Arbroath -- Angus
GEEKIE of Abbotsville Coupar -- Angus
GEEKIE of The Neuk Caddam Road Coupar -- Angus
GIBSON of 22 Mains Road Dundee -- Angus
GIBSON of 4 Dalhousie Street Brechin -- Angus
GIBSON of 40 Panmure Terrace Barnhill Dundee -- Angus
GIBSON of Duncraig Edzell -- Angus
GILLESPIE of 1 Morley Place Forfar -- Angus
GLASS of Carriden Nursing Home Northmuir Kirriemuir -- Angus
GORDON of The Bower Longforgan -- Angus
GORDON of Woodbine Cottage Birkhill by Dundee -- Angus
GOW of White Lodge Belsize Road Broughty Ferry West Dundee -- Angus
GRANT of 70 High Street Montrose -- Angus
GRANT of Burnside House St. Cyrus by Montrose -- Angus
GRANT of Delnabo Longforgan -- Angus
GRANT of Ecclesgreig House St Cyrus -- Angus
GRANT of Firdene Queen Street Mairfieth -- Angus
GRANT of St. Martins Hillside Montrose -- Angus
GRAY of 4A Montague Street Barnhill Droughty Ferry -- Angus
GRAY of Church Street Newtyle -- Angus
GRAY of Church Street Newtyle -- Angus
GRAY of Rohaillon 22 Hill Street Monifieth -- Angus
GUTHRIE of 18 Southesk Street Brechin -- Angus
GUTHRIE of 37 Keptie Road Arbroath -- Angus
GUTHRIE of 6 Pearse Street Brechin -- Angus
GUTHRIE of Guthrie Castle Guthrie -- Angus
GUTHRIE of Guthrie Ivan Douglas of Guthrie Castle Guthrie -- Angus
HADDEN of Darrawella 43 Airlie Street Brechin -- Angus
HADDON of Flora Villa 15 Lochty Street Carnoustie -- Angus
HAIR of Smithfield Farm Monikie -- Angus
HAMILTON of House of Dun Hotel Dun -- Angus
HARRIS of 1 Teaman Street Carnoustie -- Angus
HARRIS of 6 Upper Constitution Street Dundee -- Angus
HARRIS of Astral House Gray Road Liff -- Angus
HARRIS of Invergarry Gordon Park Kirriemuir -- Angus
HAY of 1 West-street Johnshaven -- Angus
HAY of 4 St. Andrew Street Brechin -- Angus
HEARD of The Croft Woodside Coupar -- Angus
HEGGIE of 9 Brook Street Monifieth -- Angus
HENDERSON of 7 Home Terrace Broughty Ferry -- Angus
HENDERSON of Gowanlea Station Road Barry -- Angus
HENEGAN of 74 Dalhousie Street Monifieth -- Angus
HESSLEQRAVE of 1 West Somerville Place Dundee -- Angus
HILL of St. Arlans Padanaram-by-Forfar -- Angus
HILL of St. Catharines Croft Union Street Coupar -- Angus
HILL of The Old Manse Coupar -- Angus
HILLS of Cayuga Dronley Road Birkhill -- Angus
HOILE of 145 High Street Montrose -- Angus
HONEY of Culzean Cottage Ramsay Street Edzell -- Angus
HOOD of The Schoolhouse Westmuir Kirriemuir -- Angus
HOWAT of Dalblair South Street Burrelton Coupar -- Angus
HOWISON of Three Strathern Road Broughty Ferry -- Angus
HOWORTH of Norwood Mackenzie Street Carnoustie -- Angus
HUNTER of Ewan Cottage Barry -- Angus
HURRIE of 3 Forfar Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
HUTCHISON of St Rules Manse Monifieth -- Angus
HUTTON of 13 Drumachile Loan Brechin -- Angus
HUTTON of Midway Longforgan -- Angus
INESON of 53 Dalhouse Street Monifieth -- Angus
IRVINE of 38 BanK Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
IRVINE of Barbra Bank Northmuir Kirriemuir -- Angus
IRVINE of care of Wilkie and Dundas of Kirriemuir -- Angus
JACKSON of Lockhead Dalhousie Place Arbroath -- Angus
JEFFREY of Park House 1 Park Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
JOBSON of Affleck MonIkie -- Angus
JOHNSTON of 9 Carlogle Road Carnoustie -- Angus
JOHNSTON of Messrs. Wilkie and Dundas Kirriemuir -- Angus
JOHNSTON of Newton Park Brechin Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
JONES of 83 Carlogle Road Carnoustie -- Angus
JONES of Grey Harilngs Montrose -- Angus
JOSS of Strathview Inveriscandy-road Edzell -- Angus
KAY of Esmeralda Cottage St Cyrus -- Angus
KEDDIE of Donavourd 136 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
KEILL of Braemount Longforgan -- Angus
KEITH of Abbethune by Arbroath -- Angus
KEITH of Sidlaw Cottage Andson Street Friockheim -- Angus
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KENNEDY of Two West Hillbank Kirriemuir -- Angus
KERR of Selhurst Carnoustie -- Angus
KERR of The Village Glamis -- Angus
KIDD of Lingarth 22a Durham-street Monifieth -- Angus
KILGOUR of Mayriggs Kirriemuir -- Angus
KINNEAR of 7b Green-street Arbroath -- Angus
KITTO of Glenlora Rose Street Carnoustie -- Angus
KYD of Littleton of Arlle Kirriemuir -- Angus
LAING of 5 Whitefauld Road Dundee -- Angus
LAING of Ann Cottage Inverbervie -- Angus
LAIRD of 36 Albany-terrace and care of Alexander Henderson and Sons Limited South Dudhope Works Dundee -- Angus
LAMB of 36 Latch Road Brechin -- Angus
LAMONT of Smithfield Monikie -- Angus
LANGLANDS of 24 Hayswell Road Arbroath -- Angus
LAWSON of 13 Baxter Park Terrace Dundee -- Angus
LAWSON of 3 weilbank Place Monifieth -- Angus
LEE of 39,Albany Terrace Dundee -- Angus
LINDSAY of 18/20 Bank Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
LINDSAY of 6 Elmbank Elm Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
LINDSAY of Annfield House 54 Maule Street Carnoustie -- Angus
LINDSAY of Bankhead Monikie -- Angus
LISK of 5 Miligate Loan Arbroath -- Angus
LIVINGSTON of 65 Glengate Kirriemuir -- Angus
LOGIE of Inverlelth 1 Lunan Street Fripckhelm -- Angus
LORRAINE of 87 Monifieth Road Broughty Ferry -- Angus
LOW of 29 Wharf Street Montrose -- Angus
LOW of Little Collo Birkhill -- Angus
LOW of Whitehouse Tealing -- Angus
LOWDEN of 1 Clarkille 32 Arbroath Road Carnoustie -- Angus
LOWE of Banchory Coupor -- Angus
LOWSON of 8 Bridge-street Barnhill Broughty Ferry -- Angus
LOWSON of Larchhill Kirriemuir -- Angus
LOWSON of The Quest House Clova -- Angus
LUMSDEN of 17 Panmure Street Brechin -- Angus
LYALL of 2 Panmure Terrace Montrose -- Angus
LYELL of Gardyne Castle Guthrie -- Angus
LYELL of The Cottage 4 4 Christian Road Craigie Broughty Ferry -- Angus
LYON of the Noransidc Sanatorium Fern -- Angus
MACDONALD of 16 Dalhousie Terrace 39 Ramsay Street Monifieth -- Angus
MACDONALD of Summerbank Edzell -- Angus
MACGREGOR of Pinewood Cottage Burrelton Coupar -- Angus
MACINTOSH of Northern Hotel Brechin -- Angus
MACKAY of 14 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
MACKAY of 6 Eastgate Friockheim -- Angus
MACKAY of Briar Glen 7 Carlogle Road Carnoustie -- Angus
MACKAY of Messrs. Wilkie and Dundas Kirriemuir -- Angus
MACKENZIE of 33 King Street Inverbervie Montrose -- Angus
MACKENZIE of Myrestone Cottage by Forfar -- Angus
MACKIE of St. Anns by Brechin -- Angus
MACLEAN of Benarty 23 Lovedale Road Balerno Midlothian and of 24 High Street Campustic -- Angus
MACLEOD of Kin-a-collie Ramsay Street Edyell -- Angus
MACNIVEN of Ard-beg 181 Brechin-road Kirriemuir -- Angus
MACRAE of Burnbank Burrelton-by-Coupar -- Angus
MAILER of Burneside Abbeylands Coupar -- Angus
MAITLAND of Burnside Forfar -- Angus
MALCOLM of 41 Dundee Road Forfar -- Angus
MANNING of Northfield Cottage Brechin -- Angus
MANSON of St. Albans Delhousle Street Edgell -- Angus
MARK of 18 New-road Forfar -- Angus
MARSHALL of 8 Precinct Street Coupar -- Angus
MARTIN of 76 Church Street Droughty Ferry Dundee -- Angus
MARTIN of Woodside Villa Woodside Coupar -- Angus
MASON of 3 Rose Street Arbroath -- Angus
MASSON of Hilton St Cyrus -- Angus
MATHERS of Tiderslle Victoria Street Monifieth. -- Angus
MATHEWSOH of Enverdale House Coupar -- Angus
MATTHEW of Brin Mhor Hillend-road Arbroath -- Angus
MATTHEW of Millvlew Glengate Kirriemuir -- Angus
MAXWELL of Baldovan House by Dundee -- Angus
MAXWELL of Strathard Coupar Angus Road Newtyle -- Angus
MCBAY of 3 Mid-street Johnshaven -- Angus
McCASKIE of 17 Millar Street Carnoustie -- Angus
MCDONALD of Ashlea Church Lane Kirriemuir -- Angus
MCDONALD of Ravenscraig Roods Kirriemuir -- Angus
McGREGOR of 35 Durham street Monifieth -- Angus
McGREGOR of Hatton Cottages Newtyle -- Angus
MCGREGOR of North Tay House Balfield Road Dundee -- Angus
McKAY of Ingleneuk Barry -- Angus
MCLAREN of Garden House Reswallie-by-Forfar -- Angus
MCLEOD of Ardlui Station-crescent Invergowrie -- Angus
McNEIL of Panmure Hotel Monifieth -- Angus
McNICOLL of Farm Lodge Easter Ogil by Forfar -- Angus
MCPHERSON of IS Cowgate Inverbervie -- Angus
MEALINGS of The Hut Nursery Road Broughty Ferry Dundee -- Angus
MEIKLE of Dunira Inverkeilor -- Angus
MIDDLEMASS of 3 Birchwood-place Logie Dundee -- Angus
MILL of Gaystones Douglas Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
MILLAR of 22 Clerk Street Brechin -- Angus
MILLAR of 5 Morgan-street Dundee and of Primrose Cottage Letham -- Angus
MILLAR of 67 Durham Street Monifieth -- Angus
MILLAR of Craig Montrose county -- Angus
MILLER of Doldy Glenisla -- Angus
MILLER of Stracathro Hospital Stracathro-by-Brechin -- Angus
MILLS of 20 Knowehead Crescent Kirriemuir -- Angus
MILNE of 31 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
MILNE of East Mains of Kelthock Brechin -- Angus
MILNE of Ellerslie Blairgowrie Road Cowpar -- Angus
MILTON of Bellevue 16 Princes Street Monifieth -- Angus
MITCHELL of 21 Andover Hill Brechin -- Angus
MITCHELL of 45 Ferry Road Mon If let h -- Angus
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MITCHELL of 7 Argyll Street Brechin -- Angus
MITCHELL of Downham Ardler Coupar -- Angus
MITCHELL of Lynnmartln Edzell -- Angus
MOCHRIE of Estrella Easthaven Carnoustie -- Angus
MOIR of Bridge-street Gourdon -- Angus
MOLL of 15 St. Peters Place Montrose -- Angus
MOLLISON of St. Andrews House Dunlappie-road Edzell -- Angus
MORGAN of 8 Yewbank Avenue Broughty Ferry -- Angus
MORGAN of The Manse 2 Panmure Place Montrose -- Angus
MORRISON of Beechwood Albert-street Monifieth -- Angus
MORTON of Craigdarroch Abbey Road Coupar -- Angus
MOSELEY of 31 Woodside Terrace Dundee -- Angus
MOSSON of Glenelvan Couper -- Angus
MUDIE of Doniford 26 Airlie Street Brechin -- Angus
MUIR of Nevay Park Newtyle -- Angus
MURCHISON of Morulsk Strathview Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
MURDOCH of Hillhead Monikie -- Angus
MURRAY of Brooklyn East Street Johnshaven -- Angus
MURRAY of Elmslea Elm Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
MURRAY of Glenwood House Kinnordy Road Kirriemuir -- Angus
MURRAY of St. Katherines 10 Castle Street Brechin -- Angus
NAME of 12 Elliot-Street Arbroath -- Angus
NAME of 23 Panmure Street Monifieth -- Angus
NAME of Burnside Forfar -- Angus
NAME of Cralgard Dunlapple Road Edzell -- Angus
NAME of High Street Burrelton Coupar -- Angus
NAME of Home Fann Dunnichen -- Angus
NAME of Rosemount Latch Road Brechin -- Angus
NAME of The Brontle Dalhousie Street Carnoustie -- Angus
NAME of Urlebank 1 Millgate FriocKheim -- Angus
NAPIER of 17 park Road Brechin -- Angus
NELSON of Cluseburn Inverbervie -- Angus
NICOLL of 16 Abbot-street Arbroath -- Angus
NICOLL of Den of Fenella Lauriston St Cyrus -- Angus
NICOLL of Kinneries Letham -- Angus
NICOLL of Uplands Birkhill -- Angus
NICOLL of Viewfield Kirriemuir -- Angus
NOWACKI of 69 Panmure Street Broughty Ferry -- Angus
OFFORD of 29 Whites Place Montrose -- Angus
OGILVY of 5 Wellbank Kirriemuir -- Angus
OGILVY of Marywell House Kirriemuir -- Angus
OLIPHANT of Tremont Place Causewayend Coupar -- Angus
OMMANNEY of Ollchom Farm Arbroath -- Angus
PARIS of Hallyburton Lodge Coupar -- Angus
PARISH of 96 Gray Street Broughty Perry -- Angus
PARK of The Ogilvy Arms Hotel Kirriemuir -- Angus
PATE of 37 Carlogle Road Carnoustie -- Angus
PATERSON of 13 Panmure Street Monifieth -- Angus
PATERSON of Gowanpark Little Brechin -- Angus
PATERSON of Jollys Hotel 16 Clerk Street Brechin -- Angus
PATERSON of The Briars Dalhousie Street Carnoustie -- Angus
PATRICK of Dalbreck Coupar -- Angus
PATTERSON of 2 Northampton Road Forfar -- Angus
PATTERSON of Northampton Road Forfar -- Angus
PATTIE of 75 Sandeman Street Dundee -- Angus
PATTULLO of Eassie House Eassie -- Angus
PEEBLES of Theydon Longforgan Dundee -- Angus
PENNY of 9 Millar Street Carnoustie -- Angus
PETRIE of 3 East Navarre Street Monifieth -- Angus
PETRIE of Inverdene Errol Road Invergowrie -- Angus
PETRIE of Rose Cottage Letham -- Angus
PIRIE of 62 Cragside Whitley Bay Northumberland and 18 Tailyour Crescent Montrose -- Angus
PITKEATHLY of Ardchville Coupar -- Angus
PLAYFAIR of Islabank Coupar -- Angus
PLENDERLEITH of Ellwyn Errol-road Invergowrie -- Angus
POWRIE of 62 Glengate Kirriemuir -- Angus
PRAIN of Myrtle Cottage Muirhead of Liff -- Angus
PROUDFOOT of 69 Carlogne Road Carnoustie -- Angus
RAE of 48 Terrace Road Carnoustie -- Angus
RANKINE of 57 Townhead Inverbervie -- Angus
REID of 12 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
REID of 32 Camperdown Street Broughty Ferry -- Angus
REID of St Margarets Letham -- Angus
RENNIE of Glamis Hotel Glamis -- Angus
RINTOUL of Hallyburton Lodge Coupar -- Angus
RITCHIE of 18 Holding Denhead of Gray Liff by Dundee -- Angus
RITCHIE of Seaboume 63 Princes Street Monifieth -- Angus
RITCHIE of Seabourne 63 Princes-street Monifieth -- Angus
ROBB of 4 Mackenzie Street Carnoustie -- Angus
ROBBIE of Doon Park 12 St. Peters Place Montrose -- Angus
ROBERTS of Duneaves Nursing Home Broughty Ferry -- Angus
ROBERTSON of 13 Roberts Street North Forfar -- Angus
ROBERTSON of 26 Panmure Street Monifieth -- Angus
ROBERTSON of 61 Northesk Road Montrose -- Angus
ROBERTSON of 62 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
ROBERTSON of Blythehill Forfar -- Angus
ROBERTSON of Glendale East Hemming Street Letham -- Angus
ROBERTSON of Greengates Maule Street Ceirnoustie -- Angus
ROBERTSON of Jessop Little Mill Montrose -- Angus
ROBERTSON of The Manise of Murroes by Broughty Ferry -- Angus
ROGER of West Pitkerro Cottages Baldovie Dundee -- Angus
ROOD of 25 Causewayend Coupar -- Angus
RORISON of Downfield Cottage Westmuir Kirriemuir -- Angus
ROSS of Chaplin Villa Trinity Road Brechin -- Angus
ROSS of Chaplin Villa Trinity Road Brechin -- Angus
ROY of 15 Church Street Newtyle -- Angus
RUSSELL of 21 Panmure Street Monifieth -- Angus
RUSSELL of 26 Charleston Glamis -- Angus
SADDLER of Annfield Letham -- Angus
SAMSON of 20 Durham Street Monifieth -- Angus
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SAMSON of 54 Brook Street Monifieth -- Angus
SANDEMAH of Ashlea Montrose Road Arbroath -- Angus
SANGSTER of Royal Hospital-Hillside Montrose and Bon Accord Church7Street Edzell -- Angus
SARGEN of 1 Ancrum Gardens Lochee Dundee -- Angus
SCOTT of 100 High-street Montrose -- Angus
SCOTT of Clive House Letham -- Angus
SCOTT of Dundee Hospital Liff -- Angus
SCOTT of Eliza Cottage Barry -- Angus
SCOTT of Nether Careston-by-Brechin -- Angus
SCOTT of Seaforth House Johnshaven -- Angus
SHARP of Caxton 8 Dalhousie Street Monifieth -- Angus
SHARP of Lundle Brechin -- Angus
SHARPE of 53 High Street Edzell -- Angus
SHAW of 9 Newington-ter race B rough ty Ferry -- Angus
SHEPHERD of 4 Philip Street Carnoustie -- Angus
SHERRET of 4 Clerk Street Brechin -- Angus
SHERRIFF of Ascreavle Kirriemuir -- Angus
SHERRIT of Camphill Dairy 12 Holly Road Broughty Ferry Dundee -- Angus
SIBBALD of 269 Perth Road Dundee -- Angus
SILVER of The Elms Trinity by Brechin -- Angus
SIMPSON of Dalshian Northmuir Kirriemuir -- Angus
SIMPSON of Kirktonshade Kirriemuir -- Angus
SKELTON of 295 Montrose Street Brechin -- Angus
SMALLWOOD of Golf View Edzell -- Angus
SMART of Cranes Meadow The Mall Montrose -- Angus
SMEATOH of 2 Birdhill Place Birkhill -- Angus
SMITH of 135 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
SMITH of 2 Inchcape Road Arbroath -- Angus
SMITH of 38 Holding North Corston Coupar -- Angus
SMITH of 7 Mowatts-lane Gourdon -- Angus
SMITH of Airlie Place Monikie -- Angus
SMITH of Ashwood 81 Dundee Road Broughty Ferry -- Angus
SMITH of Crosston Dunnichen by Forfar -- Angus
SMITH of Elldon Cottage 1 Nott Loan Road Arbroath -- Angus
SMITH of Little Fairhill Northmuir Kirriemuir -- Angus
SMITH of The Gables The Mall Montrose -- Angus
SMITH of The Home Farm Dunnichen -- Angus
SMITH of The Royal Asylum Montrose -- Angus
SMITH of Uplands Monifieth -- Angus
SOUTAR of 27 Glover-street Arbroath -- Angus
SPALDING of Ballyvestor 11 Panmurefield Road Monifieth -- Angus
SPLITT of Alton Wyllie Street Forfar -- Angus
STEELE of 58 Dalhousie Street Monifieth -- Angus
STEVEN of Hawthorn Bank Latham Forfar -- Angus
STEWART of 39 Maule Street Monifieth -- Angus
STEWART of 8 Latch Road Brechin -- Angus
STEWART of Ardmore Edzell -- Angus
STEWART of Dronley House Dronley -- Angus
STEWART of Ravenla Morrison Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
STEWART of Rimuhau 49 Carlogle Road Catnoustle -- Angus
STEWART of Woodlands Birkhill -- Angus
STORRIER of 4 Warslap Avenue Arbroath -- Angus
STORRIER of Killermont Muir Street Kirriemuir -- Angus
STOURTOH of Marcus by Forfar -- Angus
STRACHAN of Seaview Villa 14 Tayside Street Carnoustie -- Angus
STRACHAN of The Manse Aberlemno Forfar -- Angus
STROTHER of 86 Balgillo Road Broughty Ferry Dundee -- Angus
STUART of 6 Linton Road Arbroath -- Angus
SUTHERLAND of 11 Dundas Park Brechin -- Angus
SUTTIE of Royal Hospital Montrose -- Angus
SYMINGTON of The George Hotel Haddington and Auchmithie Mains Arbroath -- Angus
TARBAT of 83 Ladyloan Arbroath -- Angus
TATTERSALL of 95 Strathem Road West Ferry Broughty Ferry Dundee -- Angus
TAYLOR of Lundle View Dalhousie Street Edzell -- Angus
TAYLOR of Pitmines Cottage Guthrie -- Angus
TENNANT of Hillside Hotel Hillside -- Angus
THIRD of 17 Durham Street Monifieth -- Angus
THOMPSON of Greenways Invergowrie by Dundee -- Angus
THOMS of Midway Longforgan -- Angus
THOMSON of 53 Long Lane Broughty Ferry -- Angus
THOMSON of 8 St. Andrews Street Brechin -- Angus
THOMSON of Alderayde Golf Street Carnsustle -- Angus
THOMSON of Buttery Bank Blairgowrie Road Coupar -- Angus
THOMSON of Inchcolm Dalhousie-street Edzell -- Angus
TOCHER of 9 Dundee Street Carnoustie -- Angus
TOWNSLEY of 33 Dalhousie Street Monifieth -- Angus
TULLIS of 51 Dalhousie Street Monifieth -- Angus
TURNBULL of Cruachan Caddam Road Coupar -- Angus
TURNBULL of Pltmules Cottage Guthrie -- Angus
TWADDLE of The Fruin Dalhousie Street Carnoustie -- Angus
UNDERHILL of Newbigging Road Newtyle -- Angus
VALENTINE of Denhead Cottage 7 Kilnbank Lane Glengate Kirriemuir -- Angus
WALKER of Lundle Brechin -- Angus
WALKER of Muir Lodge Northmuir Kirriemuir -- Angus
WALKER of St. Albans 80 Ferry-road Monifieth -- Angus
WALTON of 2 North Street Newtyle -- Angus
WALTON of St. Olaf 52 Nott Loan Road Arbroath -- Angus
WATSON of 1 Northampton Place Forfar -- Angus
WATSON of 73 Southesk Street Brechin -- Angus
WATSON of Ballinard Broughty Ferry -- Angus
WATSON of Douglasfield Woodside Coupar -- Angus
WATSON of Stracathro Brechin -- Angus
WATT of 24 Usan Village by Montrose -- Angus
WATT of The Royal Bank of Scotland 1 High Street Monifieth -- Angus
WEIR of 6 Oswalds Buildings Brechin -- Angus
WHITE of 5 Market-place Forfar -- Angus
WHYTE of 115 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
WHYTE of 21 Hillhead Terrace Kirriemuir -- Angus
WHYTE of Kiln-na-Coile Ramsay-road Edzell -- Angus
WIGHT of 57 Clark Street Brechin -- Angus
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WIGHTON of 7 Roseangle Dundee -- Angus
WILKIE of 2 Millgate Friockheim -- Angus
WILKIE of 46 Princes Street Monifieth -- Angus
WILKIE of Maywood Longforgan -- Angus
WILKIE of Never-In George Square Coupar -- Angus
WILKINSON of 81 Dalkeith Road Dundee -- Angus
WILL of Willoughby Cottage Woodside Coupar -- Angus
WILLIAMSON of St. James Park Brechin -- Angus
WILLIAMSON of Strathmore Barry -- Angus
WILSON of 166 Ferry Road Monifieth -- Angus
WILSON of 23 Ireland Street Carnoustie -- Angus
WILSON of 5 Kellin Avenue Dundee -- Angus
WILSON of Liff-by-Dundee -- Angus
WILSON of Margie Edzell -- Angus
WILSON of Park Wood 19 SU James Road Forfar -- Angus
WILSON of Westside Edzell -- Angus
WRIGHT of 17 Pearse Street Brechin -- Angus
WRIGHT of Station House Barry -- Angus
YOUNG of 140 Ferry Road otherwise 1 Panmurefield Road Monifieth -- Angus
YOUNG of Ferguson Floral Bank Invergowrie -- Angus

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