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Italy is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of Villa Lontana 11 Via Cassia Antica Rome -- Italy
ACCAME of Comoedia Lenno Lago di Como -- Italy
ACCAME of Genoa -- Italy
ADAMS of Villa Kreyer Nervi near Genoa -- Italy
ADAMS of Villa Savonarola Florence -- Italy
AGAR of Corso Mentana 47-3 Geaioa -- Italy
AGNES DES GENEYS of the Counts and Barons of Pinerolo -- Italy
ALDWORTH of Le Boschetto Incostc Bagno a Ripoli Firenze -- Italy
ALEXANDRE of Bressanone -- Italy
ALGOUADICH of Via Mergellina 216 Naples -- Italy
ALINGHIERI of 21 via del Parodi Foce La Spezia -- Italy
ALIOTTI of 29 Corso d ltalia Rome -- Italy
ALLEN of 10 Via Maggio Presso Boni Florence -- Italy
ALLEN of Brisago -- Italy
ALLLATINI of Livorno -- Italy
ANDERDON of Susa Piedmont -- Italy
ARCARI of Villa Flora Borgo Panigale Bologna -- Italy
ARDITTI of 4 Via Lecco Milan -- Italy
ARKLE of 6 Viale Trenta Aprill Rome -- Italy
ARMSTRONG of 34 Via Romana Florence -- Italy
ASCOLl of 320 Via dei Gracchi Rome -- Italy
ASHBURNER of The Pension Piccioli 1 Via Tornabuoni Florence -- Italy
ASHBY of 14 Via Vincenzo Bellini Rome -- Italy
ASHBY of Hotel de la Reine Ospedaletti -- Italy
ASHLEY of Hotel Reale Bordighera -- Italy
ASTIENATI of Bricherasio Pinerolo -- Italy
AUTERI of 16 Via dei Della Robbia Florence -- Italy
AXWORTY of Villino Beatrice Viale Tito Livio Monte Mario Rome -- Italy
AYLWARD of Bordighera -- Italy
BAIN of Bordighera -- Italy
BALDUINO of 3 Via Gorgona Genoa -- Italy
BALLESTRA of 1335 Dorsoduro Venice -- Italy
BALMAS of Colombat San Germans Chisone -- Italy
BALMAZ of Via Domenica Dali Orto Genoa -- Italy
BARBACELATA of Villa Ida Rapallo Liguria -- Italy
BARDIN of Basclica Borgotaro Parma -- Italy
BARLOW of 74 Via dei Bofghi Lucca -- Italy
BARLOW of The Villa Miramonte Gavinana Pistoise -- Italy
BAROCCI of 33 Via S Sofia Milan -- Italy
BAROLI of Ponte San Pietro Bergamo -- Italy
BAROVERO of 74 Via Ormea Turin -- Italy
BARTOLOTTI of Via Mazzini 8 Imola Bologna -- Italy
BASCETTA of 21 Via Dante Solarino Syracuse Sicily -- Italy
BATCHELER of Castello di Eurio Lago de Como -- Italy
BAYLEY of Viale Misurata 7 Milano -- Italy
BAYLEY of Villa Catalina San Remo -- Italy
BAYLEY of Villa Landriano Chieri Turin -- Italy
BEALEY of Palazzo Morteo Alassio -- Italy
BEATTIE of 22 Via Fra Guitone Florence -- Italy
BEDDARD of Hotel d Angleterre Bordighera -- Italy
BEGG of Bagnolo Rifredo Mugello Florence -- Italy
BELFANTE of 1 Via Brigata Liguria Genoa -- Italy
BELL of 22 Herbert-road Smethwick Staffordshire and of Pensione White 11 Via Vittoria Colonna Rome -- Italy
BELL of The Hotel Continentale Bordighere -- Italy
BELLACCI of Florence -- Italy
BELLELI of Villina Pisetzki Via Plinio Roifie -- Italy
BELLETTIERI of Civitavecchia -- Italy
BELLI of Pietra Cevara Bardi Province Parma -- Italy
BENJAMIN of 84 Alte Wall Hamburg Germany and 6 Via Monte Amiata Milan -- Italy
BENJAMIN of 84 Alter Wall Hamburg Germany and of 6 Via Monte Amiata Milan -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BENOLIEL of 59 Villa della Pergola Florence -- Italy
BERENSON of I Tahi Ponte Mensola Settignano Florence -- Italy
BERGAMASCHINI of 3 Via Puricelli MHano -- Italy
BERGEEST of 44 Villa Mattonaia Florence -- Italy
BERGEEST of 44 Villa. Mattonaia Florence -- Italy
BERNARDI of Villa Mesco Monterosso al Mare Spezia -- Italy
BERRY of Monte Verde Bordighera -- Italy
BERTELLI of 9 Via Cherubini Florence -- Italy
BESSO of 16 Via Elba Milan -- Italy
BIANCO of Salita San Rocco 7 Rapallo-Ligure -- Italy
BIANCO of Via Vincenzo Monti 45 Torino -- Italy
BICKEL of Villa Doccia Fiesole near Florence -- Italy
BICKLEY of Genova Comigliano at Via alia Chiesa 19 -- Italy
BIEDERMANN of Villa Tappainer Arco Trentino -- Italy
BINGHAM of Casalecchio di Reno Bologna -- Italy
BISHOP of Hotel Angst Bordighera -- Italy
BLACKBURNE of Alassio -- Italy
BONA of 8 Via Pietro Calvi Milan -- Italy
BOND of 124 Via dei Serragli Florence -- Italy
BOND of 124 via dei Serragli Florence -- Italy
BONDONNO of Via Lepora Alice Castello Novaro -- Italy
BONE of Villa Alexandra Alassio -- Italy
BONGIANINO of Via G. Salino Gavaglia -- Italy
BOON of La Vista Alassio -- Italy
BORDONARO of Via Po 50 Rome -- Italy
BORKOWSKI of Headquarters 2nd Pohsh Corps Ancona -- Italy
BOSELLI of 1 Piazza Sant Antonino Piacenza -- Italy
BOSSARD of Milan -- Italy
BOWSER of Villa Maria Via Delle Madonnelle Pugliano Naples -- Italy
BRACCHI of Bardi Province Parma -- Italy
BRACCHI of Bardi Province Parma -- Italy
BRADSTREET of Villa La Massa Candeli Florence -- Italy
BRODRICK of Barclays Bank Limited 95 Victoria-street Middlesex and of Villa Primavera Bordighera -- Italy
BROOKS of Santa Margherita Ligure -- Italy
BROTHERTON of Pension Peuker Merano -- Italy
BROWN of 55 Via Bruxelles Rome -- Italy
BROWN of Via Nairdonnes 23 Naples -- Italy
BRUCE of Casa Montagu Alassio -- Italy
BRUNI of Borgo Pint 30 Florence -- Italy
BRUNTON of Grand Hotel Flora Rome -- Italy
BUCKLEY of 3 Via dellc Castagnc Genoa -- Italy
BUCKLEY of Via San Nazaro 18-2 Genoa -- Italy
BURDESS of 1 Piazza di Ponte Sant Angelo Rome -- Italy
BURKE of 5 Girolame Fiesole -- Italy
BURLAMACCHI of Bagni di Lucca Lucca -- Italy
BURRONI of Rigoli (Bagni San Giuliano) -- Italy
BURTON of 25 Via dei Bardi Florence -- Italy
BURTT of 5 Corso Mentana Genoa -- Italy
BUSCAGLIA of Vigliano Biellese -- Italy
BUTTRUM of Via Stazione Spinetta Marengo Alessandria -- Italy
CAETANI of 30 Via di Monte Savello Rome -- Italy
CALABRINI of Villa Mezzomonote Monte Oriolo Impruneta Florence -- Italy
CALVI of San Remo -- Italy
CALZONI of Corso Venezia 49 Milan -- Italy
CAMEO of Via Lazio 6 Rome -- Italy
CAMINO of Villa Camino Caluso Piemonte -- Italy
CAMPBELL of Toronto Ontario Canada and of Car- brook Strada Romano Bordighera -- Italy
CAMPERIO of Villasanta Milan -- Italy
CARACCSO of Lago di Como Domaso -- Italy
CARMICHAEL of 13 Via del Pellegrino Florence -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CARNARVON of Alta-t chiara Porto Fino Liguria -- Italy
CARRAWAY of 13 Viale Milton Florence -- Italy
CARRINGTON of 28 Via Castelfidardo Florence -- Italy
CARRINGTON of 30 Via Castelfidardo Florence -- Italy
CARRINGTON of 30 Via Castelfidardo Florence -- Italy
CARRINGTON of 30 Via Castelfidardo San Gervasio Florence -- Italy
CARTACCI of Via Appennini 53 Rome -- Italy
CARTER of Mura dal Prato 20-3a Genoa -- Italy
CASQUET of 5 Caslisto Trastevere Rome -- Italy
CASSINI of Camporosso near Ventimiglia -- Italy
CASTAGNA of Via Alberico 11 13 Rome -- Italy
CASTAGNA of Via Belfiore 10 Torino -- Italy
CASTELL of Ach an Eas Island Bank-road Inverness and of Cara Castell al Mare Rapallo -- Italy
CASTELLETTI of Villa Subaglio Merate Como -- Italy
CATTONI of Donego Cannero Lake Maggiore -- Italy
CAVACEPPI of 51 Corso Vittorio Emanuele Rome -- Italy
CENTARO of 9 Piazza S Felice Florence -- Italy
CERIMBOLI of 13 Via Masaccio Florence -- Italy
CESALI of Piazza S Nicola Cesarini 3 Rome -- Italy
CESANA of 6 via Casaregis Genoa -- Italy
CESARESCO of The Palazzo Martinengo Salo -- Italy
CHAMBERS of San Maurizio Fiesole Florence -- Italy
CHAMBERS of Villa Maramozza Lerici Spezia -- Italy
CHAMlER of 32 via IVontCighi Florence -- Italy
CHAYES of 25 Via Ricasoli Leghorn -- Italy
CHAZAL of 4 Via Fiume Florence -- Italy
CHAZAL of Via Fiume Florence -- Italy
CHESTER of 23 Via XX Settembre Genoa -- Italy
CHIESA of Vincenzo Monte 37 Milan -- Italy
CHIO of 8 Via Cesarea Genoa -- Italy
CHIRI of Bratto Pontremoli -- Italy
CHRISTIE of Villino Bruzzo St Ilario Genoa -- Italy
CICCOLINI of 149 Via di Monserrato Rome -- Italy
CLARK of Pensione Gonelli 36 Via Montebello Florence -- Italy
CLARKE of Udine in -- Italy
CLAYTON of 70 Via de Gelsomino Florence -- Italy
CLAYTON of La Puntir Cervara Santa Margherita Lequre -- Italy
CLEAVER of Hotel Bella Riva Fasano -- Italy
CLEAVER of Hotel Bella Riva Fasano Lake Garda -- Italy
CLOSE of Florence -- Italy
COATES of Villa Primavera Bordighera -- Italy
COCKELL of Villa Savonarola Arcetri Florence -- Italy
COCKS of Martins Bank Limited (Cocks Biddulph Branch) 16 Whitehall London and of Fondamenta Boulini 1113 S. Trovaso Venice -- Italy
COCUZZI of Civitella Alfedena Province d'Aquila -- Italy
CODURRI of 4 Via Collegio Capranica Rome -- Italy
COHEN of The Convent of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters 49 Viale Glorioso Rome -- Italy
COHEN of The Convent of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters 49 YiaXe Glorioso Rome -- Italy
COLERIDGE of 6 Via Saa Stefano Rotondo Rome -- Italy
COLLINI of Pinzolo Trento -- Italy
COLLINS of Hotel Brufani Perugia -- Italy
COLLINS of Reading and Perugia -- Italy
COLLIS of Les Lanterets Lucerne San Giovaimi Province Di Torino -- Italy
COMPARE of Varazzi Savona -- Italy
COMPARETTI of 9 Viale Principe Eugenio Florence -- Italy
COMPERE of 9 Via Vittoria Colonna Naples -- Italy
CONGREVE of Villa della Castagnola Pallanza Lago Maggione -- Italy
CONSONNI of 28a Via Monte Napoleone Milan -- Italy
CONYBEARE of La Valetta Bordighera -- Italy
COOMBES of Merano -- Italy
COPEOFVALROMITA of 1 Via Dora Rome -- Italy

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CORNER of Hotel Paradiso Diano Marina Liguria -- Italy
CORRIERI of Via Vittorio Emanuele 9 Camporgiano -- Italy
CORRODI of 77 Piazza di Spagna Rome -- Italy
CORTI of 8 Piazza Paolo Ferrari Milan -- Italy
COSGROVE of 11 Via Santa Radegonda Milan -- Italy
COSSAVELLA of Bollengo -- Italy
COSTANTINI of 17 Via Roma Caramanico -- Italy
COUSINS of The Windham Club St James-square Middlesex and of Villa Nobel 4 San Remo -- Italy
COX of Palazzo Vairo Alassio -- Italy
CRAIG of 20 Via Santa Caterina Florence -- Italy
CRAVES of Palazzo Norfolk Alassio -- Italy
CREACH of Villa Iride Bordighera -- Italy
CRISCUOLO of 148 Balfour-road Ilford Essex and Via Caracciolo 36 Meta di Sorrento -- Italy
CROCI of 206 Mianubiola Estate Collecchio -- Italy
CROFT of 197 Via del Babino Rome -- Italy
CROVO of Piau degli Alberi Monleone Cicagna -- Italy
CURRO of 1 Via S Giorgio Trieste -- Italy
CURTIS of 28 Via Vigna Nuova Florence -- Italy
D'OLIER of Villa La Vignetta Alassio Savona -- Italy
DALY of Casa Rustica Bordighera -- Italy
DAUBREE of Piazza Rayneri 1 Turin -- Italy
DAVIES of Via Palermo 28 Rome -- Italy
DE LUCA of Via Ferdinando Palasciano 17 Naples -- Italy
DE MATTEIS of Via Solferino 9 Florence -- Italy
DE SANTIYAN Y VELASCO of 3 Via Biferno Rome -- Italy
DE THIERRY of 23 Via Luigia Sanfelice Vomero Naples -- Italy
DEAN of Baveno Lake Maggiore -- Italy
DEGIORGI of Via Francesco Crisp i 5 Florence -- Italy
DELLA TORRE of Parco Flora 69 Via Tasso Naples -- Italy
DES GRANGES of Rome -- Italy
DESTRENS of Civ 2 Via Verese Gazzada Schianno Verese -- Italy
DEYBARRONDO of f 7 Via Alfieri Florence -- Italy
DICKER of 2 Vico Beltrame Alassio -- Italy
DICKINSON of Villa Fabian Alassio -- Italy
DOBBIN of The Coilvent of The Assumption Sen Dalmaizo Cuneo -- Italy
DONALD of Florence -- Italy
DONALDSON of Ospedaletoti -- Italy
DONALDSON of Ospedaletti -- Italy
DONNER of The Villa II Ticalbo via Benedetto Fortini Florence -- Italy
DUBINI of 32 Via Spiga Milan -- Italy
DUDGEON of The Palace Grand Hotel Varese -- Italy
DUDGEON of The Palace Grand Hotel Varese -- Italy
DUFF of 67 Eaton-square Westminster and of 77 Costa San Giorgio Florence -- Italy
DUG of Villa Due Aosta -- Italy
DWYER of 54 Via Marche Rome -- Italy
DYSON of 18 Via Gino Capponi Florence -- Italy
EDDOWES of The Hotel Cocumella Sorrento -- Italy
EDGAR of Hotel Pension La Scala Siena -- Italy
EDWARDS of Villa Anthusa Alassio -- Italy
ELFORD of Catania -- Italy
ELIA of 9 Via San Valentino Rome -- Italy
ELLENBAND of Via del Levante 5 Bari -- Italy
ELLIOT of 16 Via Baccio Pontelli Rome -- Italy
ELLIOTT of Hotel Imperial Rome -- Italy
ELSDALE of 18 Via Maggio Florence -- Italy
ELSDALE of 18 Via Maggio Florence -- Italy
EMERSON of Lo Zodiaco 15 Via di Camerata Florence -- Italy
EMMONY of 60 Via Christamone Naples -- Italy
ESTENSE of Palazzo Selvatico Padua -- Italy
ETIENNE of 3 Via Lasca Firenza -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EVERS of Villa dei Terrazzi Diano Marina Ligure -- Italy
EYRE of Florence -- Italy
FABRES of 37 Calle Riquelme Santiago de Chile -- Italy
FAUSER of 30 Via Porpora Milan -- Italy
FEILMANN of Pensione Westend Merano Bolzano -- Italy
FERRARI of Castelnuovo Garfagnaha -- Italy
FERRARIO of Moltrasio Como -- Italy
FIRTH of Alassio -- Italy
FISH of Pensione Marandi Piazza S S Annunciata 2 Florence -- Italy
FISHER of Taormina Sicily -- Italy
FITCH of 9 Via Vittoria Colonna Naples -- Italy
FLEISCHMANN of Palazzo del Sig Conte Cesare Travaglini Spoleto -- Italy
FLETORIDI of Orsogna Chieti -- Italy
FONTANNAZ of Casetta Teodolinda Varenna (Como) -- Italy
FORBES of Casa Rosina Orta Novarese Piedmont -- Italy
FORBES of Hotel Concordia Alassio -- Italy
FORBES of Via Labicana 45 Rome -- Italy
FOSTER of Via Antonelli 38 Rome -- Italy
FOX of 33 Via Quatro Fontane Rome -- Italy
FRANCATI of 13 Via Filippo Palizzi Vomero Naples -- Italy
FRANCESCONI of 23 Via Fillungo Lucca -- Italy
FRANCIOLI of Villa Adelina Intra per Zoverallo Lago Maggiore -- Italy
FRANZA of Via Carlo Linneo 15 Roma 135 -- Italy
FRASER of Casa Rosa Alassio -- Italy
FRASER of Hotel Pensione Istria Grado Trieste -- Italy
FREEMAN of Via Privata Faini 8 Brescia -- Italy
FRERE of Viale Poggio Imperiale 68 Florence -- Italy
FRIZZONI of Via Luisa del Carretto 43 Torino 107 -- Italy
FUNAJOL of 33 Via dell Erta Canina Viale dei Colli Florence -- Italy
FURNESS of Via Goffredo Casalis 16 Torino -- Italy
GABACLtO of 39 Via Melchiorre Gioia -Milan -- Italy
GABELLINI of 6 Via Cherubini Casa Bene-cletti Florence -- Italy
GADD of Pensione Paufili Palazzo Roselli del Turco 17 Borgo S S Apostoli Florence -- Italy
GALEOTTI of Viilino Belcolle Corso Impero 101 San Remo -- Italy
GALLONE of 132 Corso Roma Milan -- Italy
GALLOTTI of 66 Via Sicilia Rome -- Italy
GANDOLFIduke of The Villa Soave Capiago Como -- Italy
GARAVACUA of Via Millano N 14 Magenta -- Italy
GARBARINI of Via Mazzini 20 Alassio Genoa -- Italy
GARDINER of Villa Medici Fiesole Florence -- Italy
GARRATT of Hotel Santa Margherita Santa Mar-gherita Ligure -- Italy
GASTALDELLO of Baggi di Rosa Room 48 Provincia di Vicenza -- Italy
GATTI of 6 Parco Grifeo Naples -- Italy
GATTI of Lavagna -- Italy
GATTI of Via Bernini al Varnero 50 Naples -- Italy
GAZZI of Via Cavour 15 Piacenza -- Italy
GEE of 180 Via Marina Naples -- Italy
GENEZZANO of 10 Via Motta Milan -- Italy
GENNA of 45 Via Frisella Marsala Sicily -- Italy
GHILARDI of 34 Via Montforte Milan -- Italy
GHIO of San Torre di Santa Rosa Genoa -- Italy
GIANCALE of 12 Piazza Oberdan Florence -- Italy
GINSBURG of Villa Tragara Capri -- Italy
GIULINI of Carmerlata Lazzago -- Italy
GLAZEBROOK of the Palace Hotel Alassio Savona -- Italy
GLAZEBROOK of Villa Banksia Alassio -- Italy
GLAZEBROOK of Villa Olga Alassio Savona -- Italy
GOBBI of Ospizio de Carita Corso Stupinigi Torina -- Italy
GOETZ of Villa Esperin Capri -- Italy
GOMEZ of Florence -- Italy

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GORDON of Via Nazionale 35 Florence -- Italy
GOUGH of Pensions White Piazza Cavalleggieri 2 Florence -- Italy
GOWEN of Pracchia -- Italy
GOWEN of S Ambrogio Rapallo -- Italy
GRANITO of Belmonte marquis of Castellabate of 270 Riviera di Chiaia Naples -- Italy
GRANT of Villa Adelasia Allasio -- Italy
GREECE of Hotel Excelsior Rome -- Italy
GREENHAM of 6 Via Torre Bianca Trieste -- Italy
GRONAU of Villa delle Palayyine San Domenico di Fiesole Florence -- Italy
GUERCIO of 11 Via Montalbo Palermo Sicily -- Italy
GUERRIERI of 85 Via San Zanobi Florence -- Italy
GUICCIOLI of Villino Guiccioli via Torino 40 Rome -- Italy
HALLAM of S. Antonio Tivoli -- Italy
HALLAM of Sant Antonio Tivoli Rome -- Italy
HALLETT of Vico Sylvestro 4 Alassio -- Italy
HAMILTON of Montepulciano Lugio -- Italy
HANBURY of Kingston Maurward Dorchester and of 41 Smith-square Westminster and of La Mortola Ventimiglia -- Italy
HANKEY of Villa Rita Bareagno Zara Dalmatia -- Italy
HARDCASTLE of Villa Aurea Agrigento Sicily -- Italy
HARDMEYER of Heinrich of Milan -- Italy
HARRISON of Hotel Bristol Bordighera -- Italy
HARRISON of Via Principe d Acaia 20 Turin -- Italy
HARWOOD of 18 Viale Delle Acacie Vomero Naples -- Italy
HASKARD of 12 Via San Spirito Florence -- Italy
HASKARD of 12 Via San Spirito Florence -- Italy
HAWKSLEY of The Field House Crowborough Sussex and of 28 Via Antonio Scialoja Rome -- Italy
HAYDN of Casa Rovida Baveno (Novara) -- Italy
HAYDON of Via Francesco Crispi 13 Pistoia -- Italy
HENLY of 134 Via dei Gracchi Rome -- Italy
HERZER of 49 Via Macedonia Melloni Milan -- Italy
HEYWOOD of Taormina Sicily -- Italy
HILL of Villa Nina San Pietro Castelveccana Varese -- Italy
HODGES of Villa Porto Felice Lenns Lake Como -- Italy
HOLDEN of 54 Piazza di Spagna Rome -- Italy
HOLLAND of Viale Gambaro 16 Genoa -- Italy
HOOD of Bronte of 13 Pelham-crescent Middlesex and Castello di Maniace Bronte and La Falconara Taormina both in Sicily -- Italy
HORNE of 6 Via dei Benci Florence -- Italy
HOWES of English Church Bagni di Lucca (Villa)] Tuscanny -- Italy
HULTON of 6383 Calle Della Testa SS Giovanni e Paola Venice -- Italy
HUMBERT of 4 Corso Regina Elena Florence -- Italy
HUNT of 137 Via Principe Di Piemonte Rome -- Italy
HUSTED of Via Sella 1 Santa Margherita Ligure -- Italy
HUTTON of Naples -- Italy
HUTTON of Naples -- Italy
HUTTON of Villa Ferrari Rieti -- Italy
IONIDES of Hotel Quebec Marble Arch London and 10 Palazzo Vairo Alassio -- Italy
JACOBS of Hotel Regina Viareggio -- Italy
JARDELLA of 32 Via Mazzini Pontremoli -- Italy
JAVAL of Grand Hotel de la Reine Ospedaletti -- Italy
JENKINS of Villa dei Penco S Ilario Ligure -- Italy
JENSEN of Via Montani 12 Genova-Quarto -- Italy
JERVIS of Pensione Crocine Florence -- Italy
JOHN of 18 Via Borgognissanti Florence -- Italy
JOHNS of Villa Hortensia Bordighera -- Italy
JOHNSON of 319 Pizzadella Monte Sansavino Arezzo -- Italy
JOHNSON of Via Margutta 53b Intemo 13 Rome -- Italy
JOHNSTONE of Palazzo Contarini dal Zaffo Venice -- Italy
JOHNSTONE of Palazzo Contarini dal Zaffo Venice -- Italy
JONES of Pansione Bonera Via R Sarfatti Genoa Nervi -- Italy
KAPP of Villa Moser Curano-Cavalese Trento -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KAY of Palazzo Brancaccio 247 Merulana-street Rome -- Italy
KEANE of 35 Corso Umberto 1 Naples -- Italy
KING of 866 S Vio Venice -- Italy
KIRBY of 13 Via Castagne Vizza Genoa-Pegli -- Italy
KIRBY of Villa San Giacomo Cornigliano Ligure Genoa1 -- Italy
KLIEN of 19 Viale Abruzzi Milan -- Italy
KNOCKER of 22 Via Alpi Rome -- Italy
KNOCKER of 22 Via Arpi Rome -- Italy
KNOX of Villa San Girolomo Fiesole -- Italy
LAMPEN of Villa San Fedele San Remo -- Italy
LANCIA of 5 Via Beaumont Turin -- Italy
LANDAN of Monte Catani Terme -- Italy
LANDESMAN of via Manzoni 39 Milan -- Italy
LAURA of 9 Pasta Via Giuditta Saronno -- Italy
LAVILLE of 3 Via San Antonio Bordighera -- Italy
LAWLESS of 32 Via Romana Florence -- Italy
LEE of 107 Via del Babuino Rome -- Italy
LEE of Hotel Reiner Merano -- Italy
LEHANE of 6 Via St Stefano Rotondo Rome -- Italy
LEIBERICH of 4 Wilmington Villas King Edward-avenue Broadstairs Kent and of 63 Via Aureliana Rome -- Italy
LEITENITZ of 12 Via San Gallo Florence -- Italy
LESSLER of 41 Via Michelangelo Buonarroti Viareggio -- Italy
LEWIS of 26 Via Lazzaro Spallanzani Rome -- Italy
LEWIS of Tarcento Udine -- Italy
LIEVESLEY of Via Moretta 15 Turin -- Italy
LING of New York New York State U8A temporarily of Villa Della Darsena Menaggio Lagodi Como -- Italy
LISTER of Union Club San Remo -- Italy
LITTLE of 73 Via Tasso Naples -- Italy
LLOYD of II Pineto Grandola -- Italy
LOCATELLI of Via Maurizio Bufalini 24 Rome -- Italy
LOMELLINI of via Giovo 2 Santa Margherita Liguria -- Italy
LONGRIDGE of Rione Carelli Villa Castronuova Posillipo Naples -- Italy
LOUPY of Villa Paradise Rapallo -- Italy
LOWE of Hotel Paradiso Marina -- Italy
LUCATELLI of 4 Via G Tagliapietra Trieste -- Italy
LUKE of The Chalet Alassio -- Italy
LUMBY of Via Gregoriana 5 Rome -- Italy
LUTRARI of 10 Dell Universita Trieste -- Italy
LYON of Hotel Vittoria Roma San Remo -- Italy
LYSTER of Albergo La Foresta Vallombrosa Florence -- Italy
LYSTER of Villa Antonio Saint Dal Mazzod i Tenda Cuneo -- Italy
MACAFEE of 20 Via dei Bardi Florence -- Italy
MACKAY of Hotel Tennis Windsor Bordighera -- Italy
MACKENZIE of 15 Via Cesare Cabella Genoa -- Italy
MACKENZIE of Villa Benivieni Via Benedetto da Maiano Fiesole Florence -- Italy
MACMUNN of the Home School the Riviera San Remo -- Italy
MADGE of 64 Via Bernini Naples -- Italy
MAINO of Garbagnate Milanese -- Italy
MAITLAND of Hotel Yolanda Bordighera -- Italy
MAIURI of San Pasquale a Chiaia 48 Naples -- Italy
MALAGODI of 8 Via Maurizio Bufalini Rome -- Italy
MAMOLA of 3 Via Guiseppe Picciola Pesaro -- Italy
MANACORDA of Villa Cavallari Lucca -- Italy
MANNING of 88 Viale Poggio Imperiale Florence -- Italy
MANSFIELD of 17 Piazzia Pitti Florence -- Italy
MANSI of Minori Salerno -- Italy
MANZI of 70 Via Mazzini Viareggio -- Italy
MANZONI of Bassano del Grappa -- Italy
MARAINI of 6 Viale Lorenzo Maga-Jotti Florence -- Italy
MARCONI of 11 Via Condotti Rome -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MARCONI of Via Dante 4 Rapallo -- Italy
MARCONI of Via Dante 4 Rapallo -- Italy
MARCOPOLI of Via Ludovisi 43 Rome -- Italy
MARESCA of 12 Viale Elena Naples -- Italy
MARINELLA of 5 Cavendish Mansions Clapham Surrey and of Via Mazionale 43 Falconara Marittima Ancona -- Italy
MARRO of San Mariano Perugia Corciano -- Italy
MARRO of San Mariano Perugia Corciano -- Italy
MARTIN of Casa Ballanco Via Regina Ellena Bordighera -- Italy
MARTIN of Villa Florence San Remo -- Italy
MARTYN of Hotel Savoia Bordighera -- Italy
MASSARI of 18 Veserada Guinadi -- Italy
MATTEI of Via Udine 28 Trieste -- Italy
MAUDE of Casa Frollo Guidecca Venezia -- Italy
MAVROCIORDATO of Florence -- Italy
MAYNERl of Cassela Postale 270 Turin -- Italy
MAZZA of Genoa -- Italy
MAZZA of Rome -- Italy
McARTHUR of Villa Belfiore Gardone Riviera Brescia -- Italy
McDONNELL of Villa San Girolamo Fiesole -- Italy
MELLER of Rome Hotel Minerva -- Italy
MENDES of 43 Via San Giovanni Laterano Rome -- Italy
MERRY DEL VAL of the City of the Vatican -- Italy
MEYER of 31 Viale Luigi Maine Milan -- Italy
MICHELETTI of 43 Corso Umberto Pistoia -- Italy
MICHELI of Via Vinccnio 36 Milan -- Italy
MICHELL of 18 Via Maggio Florence -- Italy
MICHELL of 18 Via Maggio Florence -- Italy
MICHOLLS of Villa Crouy Obermais Mgran Tyrol -- Italy
MIGLIORINI of Bibbiena -- Italy
MILLAR of Hotel Bristol Bordighera -- Italy
MILLER of Alassio Genova -- Italy
MILLER of New York U S A and of Villa Sylva San Remo -- Italy
MILLS of Castello Plars Merano -- Italy
MIOZZI of 28 Via Aristo Milan -- Italy
MIRANDA of 7 Via Rondinnelli Florence -- Italy
MONSACCHI of Carsie Rosa Via Michelangelo Alassio -- Italy
MONSEN of 7 Via Zara Florence -- Italy
MONSON of 9 Palazzo Vairo Alassio -- Italy
MONTALBA of Campo S Agnese San Vio 809 Venice -- Italy
MONTEFIORE of Rome -- Italy
MONTORSELLI of Le Fontanelle Siena -- Italy
MOORE of 85 Via Roma Occhieppo Superiore Biella Vercelli -- Italy
MOORE of Piazzo Teobaldo Brusato 4 Brescia -- Italy
MORELAND of Villa Helios San Remo -- Italy
MORELLO of 399 Corso Calatafimi Palermo Sicily -- Italy
MORTOLA of 30 Via Bighetti Chiavari -- Italy
MORUZZI of Montiglio di Vigolzone -- Italy
MOURAVIEFFAMOURSKY of Villa Torre al Pino Florence -- Italy
MUNDAY of Pensione Marienheim Via dei Serragli 130a Florence -- Italy
MUNSTERMANN of Via dei Fossi 1 Florence -- Italy
MURATORI of Milan -- Italy
MURPHY of 147 Via Guilia Rome -- Italy
MURRAY of Calle Larga Dei Proverbi 4566 Santi Apostoli Venice 18 -- Italy
MUSSA of 13 Via dei Colli Rome -- Italy
MUSSA of 13 Via dei Colli Rome -- Italy
NACMIAS of Via Mascheroni Milan -- Italy
NAHL of Opesdale Tedesco San Remo -- Italy
NALDER of La Passalacqua Moltrasio Como -- Italy
NANTI of 12 Via Gallileo Gallilei Padova -- Italy
NANTI of 12 Via Gallileo Gallilei Padova -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NAPOLITANO of Saviano Napoli -- Italy
NATHAN of 122 Via Torino Rome -- Italy
NATHAN of 6 Via Sergio Laghi Trieste -- Italy
NEHER of 19 iVico Lieti Capodimonte Naples -- Italy
NESBITT of Via Cola di Rienzo 28 Rome -- Italy
NEUMEYER of 68 Corso Francia Turin -- Italy
NEVILL of La Conca d Oro San Remo -- Italy
NICOLAIDIS of 8 via Torre Bianca Trieste -- Italy
NICOLI of Fornoli di Bagni di Lucca -- Italy
NIMMO of 12 Via Renzo Righetti Genoa -- Italy
NOEL of via Barnaba Oriani 115 Parioli Rome -- Italy
NORBURY of 14 Piazza Carlo Felice Turin -- Italy
NORMAN of Hotel du Parc Florence -- Italy
NOVELLI of Villa Favoriita (Imperia) Riva Ligure -- Italy
NUTT of 9 via Gustavo Modena Florence -- Italy
O'KEEFE of Via Guantai Nuovi 64 Naples -- Italy
ODLING of 9 Piazza Farini Carrara -- Italy
OGLE of Villa Suzanne San Remo -- Italy
OLIPHANT of Pension della Palma San Remo -- Italy
OLIPHANT of Pension della Palma San Remo -- Italy
OLIVIERI of Vico Lungo Teatro Nuova 16 Naples -- Italy
OLLPHANT of Villa Littardi Ospedaletti Ligure -- Italy
ORCHARD of Villa Cilento Rosillipo 85 Naples -- Italy
ORLANDO of 18 Via Leopardi Milan -- Italy
ORSI of 8 Via San Frediano Florence -- Italy
OSBORNE of Merano -- Italy
OTTONE of Villa Ottone Chiavari Genoa -- Italy
OTTONE of Villa Ottone Genoa -- Italy
PACHNER of Via Verudella 28 Pola -- Italy
PAGET of 6 Via del Palmerino San Gervasio Florence -- Italy
PAGLIARI of Via Frattina 73 Rome -- Italy
PALLANT of Pievequinta Fort -- Italy
PALMADCESNOLA of 3 bis Via delle Porte Nuove Florence -- Italy
PALMADICESNOLA of 3 bis Via delle Porte Nuove Florence -- Italy
PARKER of 15 via Assarotti Genoa -- Italy
PARODI of 15 Via Genova Varazze -- Italy
PATE of 28 Via Cal Sabigi Leghorn -- Italy
PATTISON of 126 Viale Hanbury Alassio -- Italy
PATTISON of 252 Bis Via Tasso Naples -- Italy
PAULUCCI Dl CALBOLI of 1 Via Nicolo Porpora Rome -- Italy
PAYNE of the Grand Hotel San Reno -- Italy
PEARCE of 20 Via Montevido Rome -- Italy
PEDLEY of Acquaseria Lago di Como -- Italy
PEDULLI of 2 Via Garibaldi Florence -- Italy
PEDULLI of 2 Via Garibaldi Florence -- Italy
PEIRANG of 18 Via Milite Igrioto Santa Margherita Ligure -- Italy
PEIRANO of Via Repellini Santa Margherita Ligure -- Italy
PEIRCE of Via Agostino Naples -- Italy
PEIRCE of Via de Pretis Naples -- Italy
PELITI of Carignano Turin -- Italy
PELL of Via Farevelli 4 Milan -- Italy
PELOSI of 9 Nelson-street Swansea and Via Roma Villa Latina Provincia Di Frosinone -- Italy
PENISTAN of St Georges School San Remo -- Italy
PERTILE of Via Ariosto 28 Milan -- Italy
PERTILE of Via Ariosto 30 Milan -- Italy
PERTILE of Via Ariosto 30 Milan -- Italy
PERUZZI of Strassaldo Cervignana de Frinti -- Italy
PETILLO of 68 Via Roma Saviano Naples -- Italy
PETRUCCIANA of 43 Corso Umberto Pistoia -- Italy
PIANZOLA of Via Macedonio Melloni 6 Parma -- Italy

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PICENARDI of Trento -- Italy
PIGOT of Carnaiore Lucca -- Italy
PILKINGTON of Corner Cottage Fore-street Budleigh Salterton Devonshire and of La Perugina 6 Viale Galileo and of 28 Via Gino both in Capponi Florence -- Italy
PIO of Villa Carolina Santa Margherita Ligure -- Italy
PISA of Via Cola di Rienzo N 271 Rome -- Italy
PISELLI of Pavia -- Italy
PLACCI of 7 Via Alfieri Florence -- Italy
POLLiCH of 2 Via Nicolo de Rin Trieste -- Italy
POLLOCK of Manicomio S Salvi Florence -- Italy
PONTI of 11 Via Bigli Milan -- Italy
PORTER of Hotel Maris Alassio -- Italy
POTT of 6 Via Forbici Florence -- Italy
POZZETTI of Connero Lago Maggiore -- Italy
PRARIO of Piedicavallo -- Italy
PREGI of 10 Manson-place Middlesex and of 7 Via Com-merciale Trieste -- Italy
PRIESTLEY of 6 Via Delle Campora Florence -- Italy
PROBST of Via Monterosa 21 Milan 25 -- Italy
PUGLIESE of Genoa -- Italy
PUPPO of Via de Tommaso 18 Imperia Porto Maurizio -- Italy
PURDIE of Via Toscana 13 Rome -- Italy
QUEIRAZZA of 2 Piazza Belgioioso Milan -- Italy
QUERCIOLI of Via St. Nicolo Da Tolentino 53a Rome -- Italy
QUERCIOLI of Via St. Nicolo Da Tolentino 53a Rome -- Italy
QUINTIERI of Naples -- Italy
QUINTIERIFUGIOVANNI of Carolei Cosenza -- Italy
RAE of Leghorn -- Italy
RAE of Villa Maria 52 Via Nuovo Posillipo and of 189 Via Roma both in Naples -- Italy
RAGAZZI of 247 Via Merulana Rome -- Italy
RALLI of 1 Piazza Scorcola Trieste -- Italy
RALLI of Limeto di Vernasca Piacenza -- Italy
RANDECCER of Via G d?Annunzio N 2 Trieste -- Italy
RAPPAPORT of 9 Via Babuino Rome -- Italy
RAPPIS of Via Giovanni Battista Lanata 16 Genoa -- Italy
RASINA of Varese -- Italy
READ of 2 Via Venezia Florence -- Italy
REYNOLDS of Casa Monticello Anacapri Isola-di-Capri -- Italy
RHODE of Via Malta 2 Genoa -- Italy
RHODES of 125 Via del Tritone Rome -- Italy
RICCARDI of Villa Rosa Bordighera Via Ventimiglia -- Italy
RICCARDI of Villa Rosa Bordighera Via Ventimiglia -- Italy
RICE of Cupola House Hayling Island Hampshire and Villa Santa Margherita Alassio -- Italy
RICHARDSON of Casalvecchio Piani di Borghetto Bordighera -- Italy
RICHARDSON of Casalverchio Bordighera -- Italy
RICOTTI of 12 Via di Villa Rome -- Italy
RIETTI of Piscina San Moise 2057 Venice -- Italy
RIMBOTTI of 8 Via Cosimo II Vecchio Tres-piano Careggi Florence -- Italy
RINALDI of Via Monte Zebio 40 Rome -- Italy
RIVOIRA of 44 Via Cavour Rome -- Italy
ROBBINS of 115 Via de Serragli Florence -- Italy
ROBERTS of 21 Via San Leonardo Florence -- Italy
ROBERTSON of 3 Via Giulis Cesare Vanini Florence -- Italy
ROBERTSON of Ca?Struan Ponte Della Salute Venice -- Italy
ROBILLIARD of Via A1 Poligno Loana Savona -- Italy
ROBINSON of Hotel de Londres Bordighera -- Italy
ROBY of Villina Belsole Via della Piazetta Nervi Genoa -- Italy
ROGERS of Villa Bellaria Settignano Florence -- Italy
ROI of Montegalda -- Italy
ROLLE of 51 Via Cassini Turin -- Italy
ROSE of 8 Via San Domenico Florence -- Italy
ROSE of Palazzo Moroni Rome -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ROSSI of Contrada Camigliatello Spezzano della Sila Palmi -- Italy
ROTA of Bergamo -- Italy
ROTHE of Via Grabmayr 19 Merano, -- Italy
ROWBOTTOM of 3 Piazzi Stazione Bordighera -- Italy
ROYLE of 44 Lugamo Amerigo Ves- pucci - Florence -- Italy
ROYLE of 44 Lugarno Amerigo Vespucci Florence -- Italy
RUBINO of 29 Casale Vecchio Ottaviano Naples -- Italy
RUGLIONI of Palazzo Franco 20 Corso Imperatrice San Remo -- Italy
RUOCCO of 7 Sasso-street Barga Lucca -- Italy
RUTHERFORD of Risegate Longdown-lane Ewell Surrey and of Porta Canarda Ventimiglia -- Italy
SACARDOTE of 18 Via Riccardo Sinea Turin -- Italy
SACERDOTE of Venti Settembre 60 Turin -- Italy
SADLER of Villa Degli Angeli Fiesole Florence -- Italy
SADLER of Villa degli Angeli Fiesole Florence -- Italy
SALIMEI of Rome -- Italy
SAMMONS of 4 Stanhope-road Sidcup Kent and Piazza Independenza 13 Florence -- Italy
SAMUELS of Villa Bet Santa Margherita Ligure -- Italy
SAMUELS of Villa Boitano Rapallo -- Italy
SANDON of Casa Becchi via Aurelia Pieve-Ligure -- Italy
SANGUINETI of Chiavari Genoa -- Italy
SANGUINETI of Flat 4 64 Corso Paganini Genoa -- Italy
SANSEVERINO of 71 Via Galileo Galilei San Remo -- Italy
SANSEVERINO of Villa Belpensiero Bordighera -- Italy
SANTAMARIA of 11 Vici Emilio del Cavaliere Rome -- Italy
SAROLDL of 30 Vittorio Emanuele Torino -- Italy
SARTOR of Via 1 Canale Torriglia Genoa -- Italy
SARTORI of Leghorn Tuscany -- Italy
SAUNDERS of Villa Placida Merano Tirol -- Italy
SAUZIN of Merano Trentino -- Italy
SCARTEZZINI of 6365 Magenta Genoa -- Italy
SCHEIDEL of Hotel Plaza Corso Umberto Rome -- Italy
SCHLAEFLI of 21 via Montallegro Genoa -- Italy
SCHLUMPER of 42 Via Stelvio Milan -- Italy
SCHUT of 17 Via della Sacrestia Rome -- Italy
SCHUTT of Merano -- Italy
SCHWABE of 16 Via Santa Caterina Florence -- Italy
SCHWARZ of Via OstrManara 4 Verona -- Italy
SCIAKY of Via Mario Pagona Milan -- Italy
SCOONES of Villa Primavera Strada Romana Bordighera -- Italy
SCOTT of 1 Via Grain-battista Vico Rome Italy
SCOTT of Hotel Regina Elena Santa Margherita Legire -- Italy
SELLS of Casa San Giorgio Quinto A1 Mare -- Italy
SERMONETA of Palazzo Sermoneta Monte Savello Rome -- Italy
SETON of 6 Via Santo Stefano Rotondo Rome -- Italy
SHERMAN of 5485 Castello Venice -- Italy
SIBBALD of 4 Via Barbano Florence -- Italy
SICH of Grand Hotel Savoy Cortina D?Ampezzo -- Italy
SIDOLI of Via Predella 8 Bardi Provincia de Parma -- Italy
SIEBZEHNER of 69 Via Masaccio Florence -- Italy
SINCERO of Palestrina of 22 Via Vincenzo Bellini Rome -- Italy
SINEO of Turin -- Italy
SITA of 3 Via H Febboraio in-Cremona -- Italy
SKINNER of Gazzi Messina Sicily -- Italy
SLINGER of Viale Elena 5 Naples -- Italy
SMELLIE of 6a Via Dante da Castiglione Florence -- Italy
SMITH of 14-Via delle Caldaie Florence Italy
SMITH of 19 Via Faruffini Milan Italy
SMITH of 32 Viale Regina Vittoria Florence -- Italy
SMYTH of Hockland Tappeiner Weg Merano -- Italy
SNOWDEN of The Institute San Francesco Alassio -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SNOWDEN of The Institute San Francisco Alassio -- Italy
SOIA of Bianzone Soudrio -- Italy
SOLARI of 5 Via Nino Bixio Chiavari Genoa -- Italy
SOLARI of 5 Via Nino Bixio Chiavari Genoa -- Italy
SOLDI of Rocca 46 Pessina Cremona -- Italy
SOLI of 19 Corso Oporto Turin -- Italy
SOMERSET of 1 Via Guido Monaco Florence -- Italy
SORVILLO of 30 Piazza dei Martiri Naples -- Italy
SOUTHWELL of 2 Via Adelaide Ristori Rome -- Italy
SPEAR of Villa Mon Reve Baveno Lago Maggiore -- Italy
SPINOLA of 75 Corso G Lanza Turin -- Italy
SPRANGER of 4 Via Dei Micheli Florence -- Italy
SPRANGER of 4 Via Micheli Florence -- Italy
SQUINTANI of Via Vespiano da Bisticci Florence -- Italy
STANSFIELD of Castello Devachan San Rema -- Italy
STATNIGROSS of 38 Via Papiniano Milan -- Italy
STEALEY of Via GM Terreni 10 Livorno -- Italy
STEEL of Hotel Beau Site Via Ludovisi Rome -- Italy
STEINER of 21 Viale Bianca Maria Milan -- Italy
STELLA of Chieri Turin -- Italy
STEVENS of 39 Corso Umberto Rapallo -- Italy
STILON of Naples -- Italy
STORY of 142 Quattro Fontane Rome -- Italy
STROZZI of Palazzo Strozzi Piazza Strozzi Florence -- Italy
SUMBUL of 19 Via Casilina Rome -- Italy
SUTCLIFFE of Instituto Santa Giuliana Falconieri Via Santa Giuseppe Calasanzio 1 Rome -- Italy
SYLVESTER of 52 Via del Serchio Rome -- Italy
TAGLIAVIA of 3 Via. Notarbartolo Palermo Sicily -- Italy
TASKER of 113 Corso Vittorio Ememuele Naples -- Italy
TAYLOR of Villa Talon Casalecchio di Reno Bologna -- Italy
TEDALDI of 3 Piazza South Agostino Lucca -- Italy
TEDESCHI of Via Ampere 40 Milan -- Italy
THOMPSON of 38 Via Della Piazzola Florence -- Italy
THOMPSON of The Villa ii Tondo 64 Via della Piazzola Florence -- Italy
THUMANN of 6 Via del Consolato Rome -- Italy
TIGHE of Casa Francesca 11 Via Vittorio Veneto Bordighera -- Italy
TIRAPANI of lmola -- Italy
TOD of Lungamo Soderini 5 Florence -- Italy
TOFFOLO of Via XX Setembre Fanna Udine -- Italy
TOFFOLO of Via XX Settembre Fanna Udine -- Italy
TOGNOLI of Cremona -- Italy
TONDO of Nuvolera -- Italy
TORNATOLA of Corso Cavour 48 Messina -- Italy
TORRE of Genoa Via Brigata Liguria 1 -- Italy
TORTA of 14 Villannova Via d Asti Torino per Poirino -- Italy
TOSETTI of Via Melleris 6 Milan -- Italy
TOZZI of 62 Cours Napoleon Ajaccio Corsica France and of Pontremoli -- Italy
TRAMONTANA of 265 Via Roma Palermo Sicily -- Italy
TRENCH of Villa Bona- ventura Cadenabbia Lago di Como -- Italy
TREVOR of 17 Lung Arno Torrigiani Florence -- Italy
TROWER of Villa Cesina Capri -- Italy
TROWER of Villa Cesina Capri -- Italy
TRUCCHI of 14 Via Castelli Pallanza -- Italy
TRUCCHI of 14 Via Castelli Pallanza -- Italy
TSCHUD of Ranica Bergamo -- Italy
TURCATTI of Sondalo -- Italy
TURCATTI of Sondalo -- Italy
TURNER of 2 Via Ruggero Settimo Milan Italy
TURNER of 45 Viale Milton Florence -- Italy
TURTON of Eremo Francescanp Trevi Umbria -- Italy
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TURTON of Siena -- Italy
URQUHART of Casa Gini 44 via Savoia Rome -- Italy
VALSAMAKY of Trieste -- Italy
VANNI of 16b Via Po Rome -- Italy
VAUGHAN of Gampiglia Marittima Leghorn -- Italy
VENTURA of Corso Vio Orazio Raimonds San Remo -- Italy
VENTURI of Can Bianco 10 Pistoria -- Italy
VERRELL of 5 Viadella Fortezza Florence -- Italy
VICLIETTA of 27 Via Pallamaglio Turin -- Italy
VIDI of Pinzolo Trent -- Italy
VILLA of 40 Via Legnano Turin -- Italy
WALKER of Villa del Sole San Remo -- Italy
WALLACE of Pensione Eden Alassio -- Italy
WALLMAN of 23c Via Lombardia Rome -- Italy
WALWORTH of Casa Pineta 41 Piazza Piave Viarregio -- Italy
WALWORTH of Casa Pineta Viarregio Lucca -- Italy
WARD of 6 Via San Stefano Rotondo Rome 24 -- Italy
WARD of Casa Roma Bordighera -- Italy
WARNEFORD of Hotel Belvedere Bordighera -- Italy
WARREN of Bordighera -- Italy
WATTS of 53 Sackville-road Hove Sussex and 109 Via dei Serragli Florence -- Italy
WATTS of Villino Guilitti Corso Dante Alassio -- Italy
WEINLICH of Flat 23-61 Via Emanuele Filiberto Genova Nervi -- Italy
WEIR of 7 Via Monteceneri Fiesole -- Italy
WEISSCHEDEL of Villa Maretti Varzi Pavia -- Italy
WELSFORD of 86 Via Emilia Rome -- Italy
WELSFORD of 86 Via Emilia Rome -- Italy
WELSFORD of 86 Via Emilia Rome -- Italy
WERTHEIMER of Villa Treia Macerata -- Italy
WHIPPLE of Faribault Rice Minnesota USA and of Bagni di Lucca -- Italy
WHITAKER of 80 Via Savoia Rome -- Italy
WHITAKER of Villa Malfitano Palermo Sicily -- Italy
WHITBY of 11 Via Guisseppe Verdi Leghorn -- Italy
WHITE of 3 Via Guiseppe Ferrari Genoa -- Italy
WHITE of Collegio Beda 67 Via S Niccolo da Tolentino Rome -- Italy
WHITEHEAD of 10 Via Tadi Padua -- Italy
WHITEHOUSE of The Hotel Savoia Bordighera -- Italy
WHITEWAY of The Palazzo Nattero Alassio -- Italy
WICKS of 63 Via Piemonte Rome -- Italy
WiHITEHOUSE of the Hotel Savoia Bordighera -- Italy
WIKSTROM of St Andrea a Rovezzano Florence -- Italy
WILLIAMS of 37 Via Puccinotti Florence -- Italy
WILLIAMS of 4 via Cernaia Florence -- Italy
WILLIAMSON of Calvary Hospital Little Company of Mary 6 Via San Stefano Rotondo Rome -- Italy
WINGATE of Fiesole Florence -- Italy
WONNACOTT of 7 ?Via Principessa Clotilde Rome Italy
WOOD of Monte Calvario Porto Maurizio -- Italy
WOOD of Monte Calvario Porto Maurizio -- Italy
WOODHOUSE of Casa Saccaggi Bordig-hera -- Italy
WRIGHT of 18 Via Vivaio Milan -- Italy
WYLDE of 5 Well Close-place Leeds and of Corso Piave 18 Pinerolo -- Italy
YESSOULA of 2 Piazza Sei Febbrais Milan -- Italy
YOUNG of 89 Via San Niccolo Florence -- Italy
ZAHN of Merano -- Italy
ZAMBALDI of 14 Via Durini Milan -- Italy
ZAMBARDI of Castelforte -- Italy
ZARCHI of Merano -- Italy
ZEILINCA of Merano -- Italy
ZIFFER of 51 Via S Brigida Naples -- Italy

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MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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