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Germany is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABEL of Pension Schoenblick Ottostresse 3bii Munich -- Germany
ACHARD of Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
AFONIN of 99 Alsenstrasse Zehlendorf Berlin -- Germany
AGULAR of 33 Victoria Strasse Breslau -- Germany
AGULAR of 33 Viktoria Strasse Breslau -- Germany
AHLSWEDE of 16 Kickerlingsberg Leipzig-Gohlis -- Germany
AHRENS of Ruhmkorffstrasse 2 Hanover -- Germany
ALBERSHEIM of 97-98 Kurfuerstendamm Berlin-Halensee -- Germany
ANDERS of Wilmersdorf Pariserstrasse 32 Berlin -- Germany
ANDRESEN of Angelburgerstrasse 22 Hens- burg Prussia -- Germany
ANDRESEN of Munketoft 29 Flensburg Prussia -- Germany
ANDRIESSEN of 4 Weimarischestrasse Berlin iWilmersdorf -- Germany
ANGEL of 63 Bismarkstrasse Spandau -- Germany
ARMITSTEAD of Helmstaedter Strasse Berlin-Wilmersdorf -- Germany
ARNOLDI of Martan Richter 29 Street Nuremberg -- Germany
ASCHROTT of Berlin -- Germany
ASSENHEIM of 20 Nettelbeckstrasse Berlin -- Germany
AUERBACH of 6 Palmen Gartenstrasse Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
AUERBACH of Freihen von Steinstrasse 18-2 Frankfort-on-Maine -- Germany
BACHMANN of Bellevue 46 Hamburg 39 -- Germany
BACKHAUSEN of Bromberg -- Germany
BAELZ of 50 Richard-Wagnerstrasse Stuttgart -- Germany
BAESSLER of 39 Badensche Strasse Berlin-Wilmersdorf Berlin -- Germany
BARTLING of Hindenburgufer 73 Kiel -- Germany
BASHFORD of 25 Nerotal Wiesbaden -- Germany
BAUER of Wasserburg a Inn -- Germany
BAUMANN of Gschwend -- Germany
BAYLEY of 11 Augusta Strasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
BECKMANN of 26 Albertinen Strasse Berlin-Zehlendorf -- Germany
BEERENSSON of 15 Fasanenstrasse Charlottenburg Berlin -- Germany
BEISSER of Ahrensburgerstrasse 68 Rahlstedt Hamburg -- Germany
BENDIT of Markgraffenstrasse 35 Berlin -- Germany
BENSMANN of 45 Bottcherstrasse Bremen -- Germany
BENTZ of Wendelsheim -- Germany
BERENDT of 6 Neue Rabenstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
BERENDT of 6 Neue Rabenstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
BERMANN of 55 Schuhbrucke Breslau -- Germany
BERMANN of 8 Fronbenstrasse Breslau XViiI -- Germany
BERMANN of 8-10 Frobenstrasse Breslau -- Germany
BERNARD of 5 Erathstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
BERTERMANN of Gren-zach -- Germany
BERTRAND of 8 Birkenstrasse Berlin -- Germany
BEST of Medenbach bei Wiesbaden -- Germany
BEYELER of Heggacherstrasse 17 Korb Stuttgart -- Germany
BLOMEYER of 111 Westendallee Charlotten- burg Berlin -- Germany
BOHM of 40 Feldstrasse Breslau -- Germany
BOHM of 40 Feldstrasse Breslau -- Germany
BONNESS of Klein Hehlenerstrasse 10 Celle Hanover -- Germany
BOOKER of Aders Strasse 34 Dusseldorf -- Germany
BORGZINNER of 16 Hannen Strasse Goettingen -- Germany
BORRMANN of Stadtischen Kraukenhause Baden- Baden -- Germany
BORUCKA of 12 Piastenstrasse Breslau Prussia -- Germany
BOSCH of 24 Landshuterstrasse Berlin -- Germany
BOSTETTER of Municipal Hospital Munich 2 S W -- Germany
BOVER of 49a Mollstrasse Mannheim -- Germany
BOYKOW of 2a Fontanestrasse Berlin -- Germany
BRANDS of Wiesbaden -- Germany
BRANSCHEIDT of 7 Kerpener Strasse Cologne -- Germany
BRINCKMANN of 42 Beerenstrasse Berlin -- Germany
BROCKHAUS of 28 Maximiliankorso Berlin Frohnau -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROICHER of Sinzig-on-Rhein -- Germany
BROMLEY of Luboldtstrasse 2111 Dresden -- Germany
BROWN of 33 Viktoriastrasse Berlin -- Germany
BROWN of 43 Treptower Park Treptow Berlin -- Germany
BROWNING of 65 H.Q. Control Commission -- Germany
BRUCKNER of Glass-chleiferei Greuzhammer near Ilmenau -- Germany
BRUN of Richterstrasse 12 1 Leipzig -- Germany
BUCH of 80 Mahlower-strasse Felton -- Germany
BURGER of Karolinenstrasse 38 Nuremburg -- Germany
BUSCH of 2 Hofweg Hamburg -- Germany
BUTTERWORTH of Breslauer Strasse 26 Berlin -- Germany
CAMPBELL of Kleistrstrasse 26 Berlin -- Germany
CANTENWINE of 57 Bismarckstrasse Ludwigsburg -- Germany
CARRELS of 71 Osterdeich Bremen -- Germany
CARTER of Bismarckstrasse Marienwerder West Prussia -- Germany
CHADWICK of Schillerstrasse 122 Berlin-Charlottenburg -- Germany
CHISHOLM of Mittelweg 53 Hamburg -- Germany
CHRISTENSEN of Bad Neuenahr county Koblenz -- Germany
CHRZELITZER of 26 Ring Oberglogan -- Germany
CHRZELITZER of 9 Anenstrasse Waldenburg Silesia -- Germany
CHRZELITZER of Oberglogan -- Germany
CLARKE of Waldheim Monrepoo near Neuwied-on-the-Rhine -- Germany
CLEMM of Gehenbuhlstrasse 14 Stuttgart Weil im Dorf -- Germany
CLYBOUW of 10 Salvator Strasse Aachen in -- Germany
COENEN of Viersin -- Germany
COHEN of 4 Briihlstrasse Hanover -- Germany
COHEN of Pension Liesecke Wiedenmayerstr Munich -- Germany
COHN of 53 Grunewaldstrasse Berlin-Schoneberg -- Germany
CONNOLLY of P.W.D.P. Blranch 321 H.Q. C.C.G. Kiel -- Germany
COPMANN of Am Hang 15 Altona-Blankenese -- Germany
CORDES of 10 Hobrechtufer Breslau -- Germany
CORNELSEN of 13 Holunderweg Ham-burg-Grossbarstel -- Germany
COTZ of 3 Steinmetzstrasse Berlin Lichterfelae Sud -- Germany
CROSS of 7 Schloessleweg Durlach -- Germany
CROTRIAN STEINWEG of 48 Bohlweg Brunswick -- Germany
DAHL of 50 Friedrichstrasse Aachen -- Germany
DANZIGER of 6 Lindenthaler Strasse Leipzig -- Germany
DAVID of Viktoria Allee 26 Frankfort -- Germany
DAVID of Wuppertal Elberfield -- Germany
DAVIS of 15 Ohlendorfstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
DELANEY of 1 Schackstrasse Munich Bavaria -- Germany
DEMENT of 49 Motzstrassc Wilmersdorf Berlin -- Germany
DEMONTEGO of 8 Market Friedland Mecklenburg -- Germany
DEMUTH of 26 Eschenbachstrasse Frank-furt-on-Main -- Germany
DENNIS of 609 H.Q. C.C.G. Hamburg -- Germany
DEUBNER of 17 Lugo Strasse Freiburg in Breisgau -- Germany
DEVAUX of Hofheim am Taunus -- Germany
DEWSBURY of Gladbacherstrasse 4 Bensberg bei Cologne -- Germany
DEXHEIMER of 7 Johannisberger Strasse Berlin-Wilmersdorf -- Germany
DEXHEIMER of Wendelsheim near Alzey -- Germany
DINGERTZ of Brahmsallee 23 Hamburg -- Germany
DOFF of 19 Dahlmann-strasse Charlpttenburg Berlin -- Germany
DREIER of lb Dechanatstrasse Bremen -- Germany
DREYFUSS of Bruchsal Baden -- Germany
DREYFUSS of Hamburg -- Germany
DRORY of 4 Hewaldstrasse Berlin Schoneberg -- Germany
DULIER of Johann Georgstrasse 12 Berlin Wilmersdorf -- Germany
EINHARDT of 84 Hochallee Hamburg -- Germany
ELKAN of Magdalennenstrasse 33 Hamburg -- Germany
ELLIS of Bergstrasse Selheim Michelstadt Hesse -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ENGEL of 21 Opitzstrasse Breslau -- Germany
ENGEL of 5 Strassburger Strasse Berlin -- Germany
ENGEL of Gabingstrasse 59a Breslau -- Germany
ENGEL of Gabintzstrasse 59a Breslau -- Germany
ENGEL of Kleinburgstrasse 10 Breslau 18 -- Germany
EVANS of Platz der Republik 2 Stettin -- Germany
EWALD of 6 Flansstrasse Mahlow Potsdam -- Germany
FAIRBURN of Schwerin -- Germany
FAUST of 19 Sonnenberger-strasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
FECKER of 22 Kornerstrasse Berlin -- Germany
FEHRENBACH of Eisenbach Baden -- Germany
FEIST of 1 Argelanderstrasse Bonn-am-Rhein -- Germany
FEISTMANN of Offenbach-am-Main -- Germany
FELDCES of Dulken Rhineland Schiricksweg Nr 1 -- Germany
FERRARS of Freiburg Baden 57 Obeiron -- Germany
FERRARS of Hospiz des Evang Stiffs Freiburg in Baden -- Germany
FEUCHTWANGER of 52 Reitmore Strasse Munich -- Germany
FEUERLEIN of 149 Kurfurstenstrasse Berlin -- Germany
FIEBIGER of Ruppersdorf 162 near Reichenberg -- Germany
FIEDLER of Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
FIEDLER of Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
FIGNER of 124 Hohenzollemstrasse Munich -- Germany
FINGER of 3 Einsiedlerstrasse Chemnitz -- Germany
FINKLER of 115 Koblenbe stms Bonn -- Germany
FISCHER of Bad Zwischenahn Oldenburg -- Germany
FISCHER of Borgstede -- Germany
FLETCHER of Bad Suderode Neuestrasse 20 -- Germany
FOBBE of 8 Ilr Jahnstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
FOLZER of 51 Escherscheimerland Strasse Frankfurt Amain -- Germany
FRACKENPOHL of 6 Uhlandstrasse Altona-Gross Flottbek -- Germany
FRAENKEL of Eschersheimer Anlage Frankfurt-am-Main -- Germany
FRANCK of 1 Menzenschwand bei St Blasien Baden Baden -- Germany
FRANK of Theresienstrasse Munich -- Germany
FRANKS of Kugelgenstrasse 2 Dresden -- Germany
FRANZEN of Suth uber Friedrichstadt aEider -- Germany
FRENKEL of 6 Pfaffendorfer Slrasse Leipzig -- Germany
FRENKEL of 6 Pfaffendorfer Strasse Leipzig -- Germany
FRENZEL of 9 Bache- strasse Friedenau Berlin -- Germany
FREYESLEBEN of Wielandgasse 32-1 Graz -- Germany
FRIEDRICHS of Lerche Hamm -- Germany
FRISCH of Kunofischer platz 11U Charlottenburg 5 Berlin -- Germany
FROST of 4a Treptower Chaussee Berlin -- Germany
GARRELS of 43 Wilhelminenstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
GAUTIER of Offenbach -- Germany
GEjLLER of 92 Wicner- strasse Dresden -- Germany
GIBSON of Feldgasse 9 Dresden -- Germany
GLEY of 6 Leibnitzstrasse Wolfenbuttel -- Germany
GOBEL of 527 Bern Strasse Kochem -- Germany
GOLANKOWICZ of 1st Polish Armoured Division 10 Supply Company A.P.O. Westertede -- Germany
GOLDSCHMIDT of Eschenheimer Anlage 28 Frankfurt -- Germany
GORDON of Kronprinzenstrasse 4 Diisseldorf -- Germany
GOSLING of Berlin-Charlotten-burg 13-15 Meerscheidtstrasse -- Germany
GOYZ of 3 Steinmetzstrasse Berlin-Lichterfelde -- Germany
GRAHAM of Moltkestrasse 15 Koblenz -- Germany
GRAHAM of Pension Regina 1 Kurfurstendamm 37 Berlin W1 -- Germany
GRAINGER of Tiefenthal Eltville Prussia -- Germany
GRATWEIL of Wilmersdorf Berlin -- Germany
GREINER of Adolf Hitler Strasse of 30 Rentlingen -- Germany
GROSS of the Schorndorf Brickworks Schorndorf near Stuttgart Wurtemburg -- Germany
GROTE of 24 Offenbacher Strasse Berlin -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GRUNBERGER of 35 Kanzleistrasse Stuttgart -- Germany
GUNTHER of Bleichstrasse 54 Pforyheim Baden -- Germany
GUTTMANN of Wiesbaden -- Germany
HAAS of 59 Bergheimer Strasse Heidelberg -- Germany
HAASE of 23 Mottlstrasse Munich -- Germany
HAASE of 56 Hohenzollernsitrasse Hanover -- Germany
HACHENBERGER of Heppen- heimer Strasse 14 Biebrick-on-Rhine -- Germany
HACKER of 44 Neue Weinsteige Stuttgart -- Germany
HACKER of Prinz Handjerystrasse 9 Berlin Zehlendorf -- Germany
HADDON of Bodenstedtstrasse 13 Hanover -- Germany
HAGEMANN of 38 Blucherstrasse Bonn am Rhein -- Germany
HAMER of Gieszmannsdorf District of Bunzlau Silesia -- Germany
HANNE of 33a Klosterallee Hamburg -- Germany
HANSEL of the Municipal Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main -- Germany
HARK of Ebersdorf in Thuringen Kreis Schleiy -- Germany
HARLFINGER of Dresden-Klotzsche Bismarkstrasse 2 -- Germany
HARTERT of 60b Albrcct Strasse Berlin Steglitz -- Germany
HARTMANN of Bad Homburg -- Germany
HARTMANN of Mulhausen Thuringen -- Germany
HARZER of Schwerin Mecklenburg -- Germany
HAUENSTEIN of Burgundenstrasse 5 Falkensee -- Germany
HECHT of 19 Beethovenstrasse Frankfurt-au-Main -- Germany
HEERTZ of 15 Eysseneckstrasse Frankfurt-on-Main -- Germany
HEISS of Eisenach -- Germany
HEMING of Victoria Hotel Wiesbaden -- Germany
HEMSLEY of Goldsteinstrasse 7 Dusseldorf -- Germany
HENDEWERK of 3 Guntherstrasse Hannover Dohren -- Germany
HENKEL of 57-J Wilhelmshoher Allee Cassel Hessen -- Germany
HENNINCER of 84b Yorck Strasse Berlin -- Germany
HERBST of 30 Richardstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
HERBST of Villa Clara Hahnenklee-in-Hartz -- Germany
HERIOT of 8 Maria Hilfstrasse Cologne -- Germany
HERRFELDT of Lange Strasse 89 Baden-Baden -- Germany
HERTEL of 1 Schnorr Strasse Dresden -- Germany
HERTZ of 1 Hirschstrasse Baden Baden -- Germany
HESKE of Strassburg-Newdorf (Els) Rossweg 13 -- Germany
HESSE of Charlottenburg -- Germany
HESSE of Hamburg -- Germany
HEUMANN of 44a Dechbettener Strasse Regensburg -- Germany
HEYM of 82 Talstrasse Meissen -- Germany
HEYMANN of 8 Tiergartenstrasse Berlin -- Germany
HEYMANN of In Den Zelten 8 Berlin NW40 -- Germany
HEYNE of 15 Jungstrasse Dresden-Blasewitz -- Germany
HIGDON of Chrysander-Strasse 11 Eimsbuttel Hamburg -- Germany
HILL of 22 Leonshards Platz Stuttgart -- Germany
HINRICHSEN of Berlin-Dahlem Lohleinstrasse ii -- Germany
HIRSCH of 121-4 Rheinstrasse Darmstadt -- Germany
HIRSCH of 22 Kaiser Friedrichstrasse Koblenz -- Germany
HIRSCH of Langestrasse 30 Waren Muritz -- Germany
HIRSCH of Rheinstrasse Darmstadt -- Germany
HIRSCHFIELD of 217 Rothenbaum Chaussee Hamburg -- Germany
HOCH of 39 Bismark Strasse Furtwangen -- Germany
HOCH of 6 Fabrice Strasse Dresden -- Germany
HOCH of Furtwangen -- Germany
HOFFA of 38 Luerstrasse Hanover -- Germany
HOFHEINZ of 16 Mittelstrasse Berlin Steglitz and 5 Rankestrasse Berlin-Charlottenburg -- Germany
HOHENREIN of Sanderring 20 Wurzburg -- Germany
HOLZER of Breslau -- Germany
HONEKER of Wagensteig Bei Himmelreich Baden -- Germany
HOPE of Tylsen -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HORLEBOC of Charlottenburg 1 Berlin Spree-street 13II1V -- Germany
HORNING of Rittergut Bergfarnstedt Kreis Querfurt -- Germany
HOTOPF GORT of 2 Konigstor Stettin -- Germany
HOTOPF of 19 Victoria-strasse Weinbockle -- Germany
HUCKING of Dortmund Dorstfeld Horst Wessel-platz 24 -- Germany
HULTON of Berlin W35 Winter-feldstrasse 14 -- Germany
HUNT of 7 Allerweg Hanover -- Germany
HUTZ of Conradstrasse 16 Munchen -- Germany
IRSCH of 1214 Rheinstrasse Darmstadt -- Germany
JACOB of 5 Groben Ufer Berlin -- Germany
JACOBIUS of 79A Mendelssohnstrasse Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
JAFFE of Hamburg 39 Leinpfad 12 -- Germany
JEAFFRESON of Marburgcr Strasse 14 Berlin -- Germany
JENSSEN of 4 Friedrich Wilhelm Strasse Bcrl n -- Germany
JOHST of 22 Hegestrasse Hamburg -- Germany
JONES of 176 Kieflerstrasse Cologne Richel -- Germany
JONES of Hotel Continental A24 Dresden -- Germany
JORDANIDES of Pirnaische-strasse 75 Dresden-Altstadt -- Germany
JORGENSEN of Fleischergasse Danzig -- Germany
JOSEPH of 17 Beethovenstrasse Frankfort-on-the-Main -- Germany
JOSSET of St Brigidaheim Cologne-Bocklemund -- Germany
JOWETT of Cravenscroft Lower Gills Cliff-road Ventnor Isle of Wight and of Mauerkircher Strasse 46 Munich -- Germany
JUNKER of Altewichring 6511 Braunschweig -- Germany
KAHLER of Pyrmonterstrasse 6 Hameln an der Weser -- Germany
KAHN of 1 Schubertstrasse Frankfurt on Maine -- Germany
KAHN of i Kluberstrasse 14 Frankfurt-on-the-Main -- Germany
KALLENBACH of 63 Sybelstrasse Charlottenburg Berlin -- Germany
KALLENBACH of 63 Sybelstrasse Charlottenburg Berlin -- Germany
KANZOW of Hotel Victoria Wiesbaden -- Germany
KAPLAN of 91 Kipdorf West Elberfeld -- Germany
KARMANN of Elizabeth Diakonissen Krankenhaus Lutzowstrasse Berlin -- Germany
KARMINSKI of 18 Pariserstrasse Berlin -- Germany
KARSTENSEN of Prien am Chiemsee Oberbayern -- Germany
KATZENSTEIN of Mardevitz auf Rugen Uber Sagard -- Germany
KAUFMANN of 21 Hebelstrasse Mannheim -- Germany
KAUFMANN of Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 29 Dusseldorf-Ober-kassel -- Germany
KAUFMANN of Market 3 Coburg Bavaria -- Germany
KAYSER of 8 Heinrich-strasse Fulda -- Germany
KAYSER of Schwaneustrasse Traben Trarbach -- Germany
KEEFE of 2 Haupstrasse Kripp-on-Rhine -- Germany
KELLER of 26 Bismarck Strasse Darmstadt -- Germany
KEMPTER of 10 Heinestrasse Stuttgart -- Germany
KENNY of Schierbrok Grand Duchy of Oldenburg -- Germany
KENNY of Schierbrok Oldenburg -- Germany
KENNY of Schierbrok Oldenburg -- Germany
KENT of 6 Palmengarten Strasse Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
KIESSELBACH of 58a Poppelsdorfer Alice Bonn -- Germany
KINROSS of Ackerwand Weimar -- Germany
KINSTLEY of Ludwigstrasse 45 Freibourg Baden -- Germany
KINSTLEY of Ludwigstrasse 45 Freiburg Baden -- Germany
KIRCHHOFF of Junkerstrasse 51 Bad Aachen -- Germany
KLAUKE of Hamptstrasse 4c Stiepel near-Bochun Westphalia -- Germany
KLEEMANN of 49 Rosenthalerstrasse Breslau -- Germany
KLEIN of 37 Orber Strasse Grunewald Berlin -- Germany
KLENIM of Siechenhaus Bethesda Kotzschenbroda -- Germany
KNOOP of 37 Martinluterstrasse Schoneberg Berlin -- Germany
KOBNER of Handschuhsheimerland Strasse 20 Heidelberg Baden -- Germany
KOCH of 10 Hindenburgring Plauen -- Germany
KOENIG of Freiburg 1 Breisgan Holbeinstrasse 2 -- Germany
KOHLER of 106 Lichter Strasse Giesen -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KOLIASNIKOFF of 10 Martha Strasse Berlin -- Germany
KOLTZE of Gladbach Rheydt Rheydt -- Germany
KONIG of 9 Goethe-street Dresden -- Germany
KONSKI of 2 Elsa Strasse Berlin-Friedenam -- Germany
KRETZSCHMAR of Nikolaistrasse 3945 Leipzig -- Germany
KULP of Obermain Anlage 29 Frankfurt -- Germany
KUNTZE of Berlin-Dahlem -- Germany
KUOERLI of Waibllngen Wurtemberg -- Germany
LANDAN of Barkhaus-strasse Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
LANDAU of 17 Luetrow Platz Berlin -- Germany
LANDSBERGER of 17 Bornimerstrasse Berlin Halensee -- Germany
LANGE of Baden-Baden -- Germany
LAPORTE of Munich Ainmuellerstrassc 361 -- Germany
LASCH of 8 Flemmingstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
LAURVONMUENCHHOFEN of Freiburg -- Germany
LAUTENBERGER of Geisensee 1 Darmstadt -- Germany
LAUTENBERGER of Geisensee 1 Darmstadt -- Germany
LEAK of J urgensgaarder Strasse 22 Flensburg -- Germany
LEAK of Jurgensgaarder Strassc 22 Flensburg -- Germany
LEENDERTZ of Bornsen near Bergedorf Hamburg -- Germany
LEHMANN of 6 Plaverstrasse Brandenburg-on-the-Havel -- Germany
LEHMANN of Dresden -- Germany
LEKEBUSCH of 31 Frankenstrasse Wuppertal-Barmen -- Germany
LEON HARDT of Rankenheim near-Gross Koris -- Germany
LETZCUS of Reinsburgstrasse 180 Stuttgart -- Germany
LEUENROTH of 3 Alfred-street Schuttestift (Schutte Foundation) Hamburg Hanover -- Germany
LEUENROTH of 3 Alfred-street Schuttestift (Schutte Foundation) Hamburg Hanoyer -- Germany
LEUPOLD of Schachen Lindau Bodensee -- Germany
LEVY of 27b Konigsallee Berlin-Grunewald -- Germany
LEVY of 42-43 Doenhofplatz and of 42-43 Kraunsenstrasse both in Berlin -- Germany
LEVY of 5 Altonaerstrasse Berlin -- Germany
LEWANDAWSKY of Hamburg -- Germany
LEWIN of P48 Polish Forces B.A.O.R. Haseluerae -- Germany
LEWINSON of 23-24 Joachinstaler Strasse Berlin -- Germany
LIALIOS of 118 Erhardt-strasse Munchen Bavaria -- Germany
LIEBETRUTH of Nuernberg -- Germany
LIEBMANN of Konigsteinerstrasse 48 Frankfort -- Germany
LILIENFELD of Ausbacherstrasse 6 Berlin Charlotten-burg -- Germany
LINDE of 1 Eckerbergstrasse Stettin -- Germany
LINDLEY of 29 Blittersdorf Platz Frankfurt-am-Main -- Germany
LINDNER of Spielmannstrasse 22 Brunswick -- Germany
LINDSAY of Dernburgstrasse 34 Charlotten burg Berlin -- Germany
LINTZ of Berlin-Charlottenburg -- Germany
LION of 23 Landshuterstrasse Berlin -- Germany
LIPPERT of Isartalstrasse 6/4 Munich -- Germany
LIPPMANN of Kurfurstendamm Berlin W -- Germany
LIPSTADT of Ise Strasse 39 Hamburg -- Germany
LLOYD of Villa Delos Muensterschestrasse 7-8 Wilmersforf Berlin -- Germany
LOEB of 40 Bohmerstrasse Frankfurt-on-Main -- Germany
LOEB of Hochried Murnau Bavaria -- Germany
LONG of 11 Olivaerplatz Berlin -- Germany
LONG of 12 Kaiser Allee Hoppegarten Berlin -- Germany
LOPEZ of Giesestrasse Altona near-Hamburg -- Germany
LUTTER of 15 Lobauerstrasse Dresden -- Germany
LYSCHINSKA of 4 Brauergilden Strasse Wolfen-buttel -- Germany
MACFADYEN of Am Reinsgraben 4 Goettingen Hanover -- Germany
MACKIE of 14 Ernst Strasse Kirchrode Hanover -- Germany
MAERKY of Nymphenburg South Auffartsallee 4 Bavaria -- Germany
MAERKY of Nymphenburg South Auffartsallee 4 Bavaria -- Germany
MAGNUS of 46 Muenchenerstrasse Berlin Schoeneberg -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MANFIELD of 44 Kapellenstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
MANN of 28 Linden Alice Berlin Charlottenburg -- Germany
MARC of Buckeburg -- Germany
MARCELLIN of 7 Gartenstrasse Dresden -- Germany
MARCUS of Aumuhle near Hamburg Dora Spechtalle 1 -- Germany
MARCUS of Bubenrode Homberg Kassel -- Germany
MARKWALD of Freirnaurer Kraukenhaus Hamburg -- Germany
MARTENS of 72 Fasanen Strasse Berlin -- Germany
MARTIN of 128 Bremer Strasse Achim b-Bremen -- Germany
MASON of 9 Goethestrasse Dresden -- Germany
MATTHIEU of 4 Fritz-Reuterstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
MATZAT of Weilburg aLahn -- Germany
MCANALLY of Schnorrstrasse la Dresden -- Germany
MEISSNER of 10 Viktoriastrasse Duren Rhineland -- Germany
MEISTER of 7 Hellmundstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
MERCKENS of Ioden Julich -- Germany
MERZINCER of 2 Palaisstrasse Strehlen Dresden -- Germany
MESCHELSOHN of Konigin Augustastrasse 51 Berlin -- Germany
MEYER of Schlozerstrasse 3 Karlshof Lubeck -- Germany
MICHALK of 27 Daheimstrasse Dresden -- Germany
MICHALSKI of 1 Davoserstrasse Berlin-Schmorgendorf -- Germany
MICHELBACHER of 10 Wenighosbacherstrasse Hosbach Vei Aschaffenburg Bavaria -- Germany
MIEDER of Leipzig N 22 Marbachstrasse 1 -- Germany
MOHLENBECK of 470 Duishurger Strasse Mulheim kuhr Speldorf -- Germany
MOLLER of 3 Ramberg-street Munich Bavaria -- Germany
MONTAGUE of Kaiser Wilhelmstrasse 21 Bad Kreuz-nach -- Germany
MORRIS of Villa Mannstaedt Troisdorf -- Germany
MOSBACHER of 6 Elsheimerstrasse Frankfurt-on-Main -- Germany
MULLER of 51 Babelsbergerstrasse Wilmersdorf Berlin -- Germany
MULLER of Stuttgarterstrasse 134 Tuttlingen -- Germany
MULLER of Talstrasse 61 Solingen Ohligs -- Germany
NACHELSKY of 55 Pfalzburgerstrasse Berlin-Wilmersdorf -- Germany
NAGEL of Forthausstrasse Dresden -- Germany
NATHAN of 90 Sierichstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
NEBEL of 32 Mohrenstrasse Coburg -- Germany
NELKI of 47 Papenstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
NELKI of Hamburg -- Germany
NELKI of Hamburg -- Germany
NETTLETON of Lichterfelde Kommesserstrasse 19 Berlin -- Germany
NEUBAUER of 13 Grosse Markstrasse Offenbach-on-Main -- Germany
NEUBURGER of 25 Eschenstrasse Nuremburg -- Germany
NEURATH of Wilmersdorf Berlin -- Germany
NITTSCHER of Auenstrasse 34 Hamburg -- Germany
NOACK of 20 Bodestrasse Braunschweig -- Germany
OEHRINCEN of Slawenitzitz Upper Silesia and of flumboldstrasse 20 Grunewald Berlin -- Germany
OESER of Nienstedten near Hamburg -- Germany
OLCIN of 33 Nollendorfstrasse Berlin Prussia -- Germany
OLDE of 23 Neuer Kamp Hamburg -- Germany
OLDE of 23 Never Kamp Hamburg -- Germany
OLDE of 27 Neurkamp Hamburg -- Germany
OLDE of 27 Never Kamp Hamburg -- Germany
OLDENBOURG of 63 Waldstrasse Leipzig -- Germany
OLSCHEWSKI of 50 Steinmetzstrasse Berlin -- Germany
OTTO of 35 Konigin Luise Strasse Berlin-Dahlem -- Germany
OVERMAN of Residenzstrasse 911 Blasewitz Dresden -- Germany
PASKE of Medenau 72 Frankfurt-am-Main -- Germany
PATCHETT of Elisabeth House 4 Loerstrasse Bonn Rhine -- Germany
PATTERSON of 20 Bessler Allee Kiel -- Germany
PATZSCHKE of 7 Springerstrasse Leipzig -- Germany
PAYNE of 25 Odefelderstrasse Hamburg -- Germany

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PERRY of 6 Detention Barracks and Field Punishment Camp Munster British Zone -- Germany
PETERSMANN of Leipzig -- Germany
PFEFFERKORN of Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
PFISTER of Am Zollstock Kunzelsau Wurtemberg -- Germany
PFLUGER of Hamburg -- Germany
PHILIPPI of Helmstedterstrasse 17 Berlin-Wilmersdorf -- Germany
PIEROTH of Kummelsheim BBingenbruck Rhineland -- Germany
PIETZCKER of Alsterdorferstrasse 179 Hamburg 39 -- Germany
PINTO of Israelitsches Krankenhaus Hamburg -- Germany
PLUMER of 89 Lostan Byk Magdeburg -- Germany
POCOCK of 15 Zasins Strasse Constance Lake Constance Baden -- Germany
POLLAK of 67 Motzstrasse Berlin -- Germany
POLLARD of Oberzwehren Kassel -- Germany
PORSCKE of 103 Billstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
POWELL of Sophienstrasse 32111 Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
PRAG of 9 Kaiserstrasse Berlin -- Germany
PRAGER of 27 Ohlaner Stadtgraben Breslau -- Germany
PRANGE of 21 Nerobergstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
PRESCHER of 25 Mainzerstrasse Wiesbaden-Biebrich -- Germany
PROWE of Schutzallee 42 Berlin Lehlendorf Mitte -- Germany
PUTSCH of 6 Mozartstrasse Wuppertal-Elberfield -- Germany
QUANTE of 353 Uellendahlerstrasse Wuppertal-Elber-feld -- Germany
RAPP of Obermain Anlage 29 Frankfurt-on-Main -- Germany
RAUDE of Konigstal Harz Highlands -- Germany
RAUDE of Molln Lanenburg -- Germany
RENNERT of Berlin Friedenau Albest-rasse 27 -- Germany
RICARDO ROCAMORA of 105 Bismarckstrasse Berlin Charlottenburg -- Germany
RICHARDS of Franklinstrasse 20 Dresden A 24 -- Germany
RIKOFF of Wiesbaden -- Germany
RINDSKOPF of 32 Konigswarterstrasse Fuerth Bavaria -- Germany
ROCHUSSEN of 3 Kaulbachstrasse Munich -- Germany
ROLFES of Niedarrader Landstrasse 14 Frankfurt-a-Main -- Germany
ROMBACH of Heimatblick Furtwangen Baden -- Germany
ROMMEL of 11 Allee Strasse Hanover -- Germany
ROSEMAN of Laudshuter Strasse 11 and 12 Berlin W30 -- Germany
ROSENBACHER of 10 Salzgries Vienna -- Germany
ROSENBAUM of 8 Eichhomstrasse Wurzburg -- Germany
ROSENBERG of 35 Lessing Strasse Berlin NW87 -- Germany
ROSENFELDER of 27 Nikolais Strasse Leipzig -- Germany
ROSEWITZ of 25 Funkenburgstrasse Leipzig -- Germany
RUDOLPH of 38 Augustrasse Oldenburg -- Germany
RUGE of Berlin -- Germany
RUNGE of 11 Bismarckstrasse Leipzig -- Germany
RUPPELL of 63 Augersburger Strasse Berlin Charlottenburg -- Germany
RUSCH of Gutinerstrasse 9 one Bad- Schwartan -- Germany
RUSS of 4 Goethestrasse Cologne-Marienburg -- Germany
RUSSELL of Mainzer-strausse 82 Koblenz -- Germany
SACK of Haupstrasse 3 Arolsen -- Germany
SALM of Montbestrasse 12 Leipzig -- Germany
SARTORI of Roonstrasse 6 Kiel -- Germany
SATTLER of 34 Staufenstrasse Frankfurt au Main -- Germany
SCHAPER of Berlin Schoneberg Luitpoldstrasse 28 -- Germany
SCHARF of Wilhelmshavener Strasse 16 Berlin -- Germany
SCHAUMANN of Gumbinrieu -- Germany
SCHIFFMANN of 14 Saling Hamburg -- Germany
SCHILDE of Plauen in Vogtland -- Germany
SCHILDE of Plauen in Vogtland -- Germany
SCHIMMELPFENNIG of 11 Ferdinand Wallbrechtstrasse Hanover -- Germany
SCHIWABACHER of 20 Hohenzollern Strasse Berlin -- Germany
SCHLECHT of Ludwig Wilhelm Platz 3 Baden Baden -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCHLOSSBERG of Sanatorium Groedel Bad Nauheim -- Germany
SCHMIDT of 6 Durerstrasse Altona Hamburg -- Germany
SCHNEHAGE of 22 Jungfemstige Hamburg -- Germany
SCHNELLER of Augsberg Bavaria -- Germany
SCHNORR of Kritze Graben 1 Jena -- Germany
SCHOCKEN of Wesermunde -- Germany
SCHRODER of Munich Bavaria -- Germany
SCHULER of 45 Kaiser Wilhelm-strasse Leipzig -- Germany
SCHULL of Duren Rheinland Holzstrasse 11 -- Germany
SCHULTE of 27 Sybelstrasse Berlin-Charlottenburg -- Germany
SCHUSSLER of Kunzeslau Wurtemburg -- Germany
SCHUTZE of Fleischerstrasse 1 Griefswald -- Germany
SCHWAB of Gartnerweg 2 Frankfurt on Main -- Germany
SCHWAB of Sansbury-place Settle Yorkshire and of Planegg near Munich Bavaria -- Germany
SCHWABACHER of Langestrasse 7 Frankfurt on Main -- Germany
SCHWARTE of Berlin-Steglity Albrecht Strasse 14-2 -- Germany
SCHWARZBACH of 18 Ebereschenallee Berlin-Charlottenburg -- Germany
SCHWARZSCHILD of Liebig-street 53 Frankfort Maine -- Germany
SCHWEIZER of 109 Olgastrasse Stuttgart -- Germany
SCHWERZEL of 36 Nauener Strasse Potsdam -- Germany
SECKBACH of Frankfurt-on-Main -- Germany
SEDDIG of Gartenhause 5 Keithstrasse Berlin W62 -- Germany
SEEHOFF of Parkallee 9a Hamburg -- Germany
SEEZ of 232 Niedernhall Wurttemberg -- Germany
SEIDEL of Finkenau 27 Hamburg -- Germany
SELCK of 20 Gruneburgplatz Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
SIMON of Siegmundshof 13 Berlin -- Germany
SIMONIS of 20 Wangenheimstrasse Berlin Grunewald -- Germany
SINTENIS of Schiller Strasse Berlin Steglitz -- Germany
SKINNER of 17 Seerobenstrasse Wiesbaden Prussia -- Germany
SMITH of 272 Frankfurter-strasse Niederzwehren Kassel -- Germany
SMITH of 30 Waugenheimstrasse Berlin-Grunewald -- Germany
SMITH of 87 Kaiserdamm Charlottenburg Berlin -- Germany
SOHRE of Gleesbergerstrasse Radiumbad Oberschlema Saxony -- Germany
SPANGENBERC of Gledotschstrasse 8 Berlin -- Germany
SPANGENBERG of Gledotschstrasse 8 Berlin -- Germany
SPEAR of 23 Hornschurch promenade Furth Bavaria -- Germany
SPEYER of Furstenplatr 2 Berlin Charlottenburg -- Germany
SPIEGEL of 36a Kirschallee Breslau -- Germany
STEIN of 97 Hauptstrasse Blankenese Hamburg -- Germany
STEIN of Molser Burg near Madgeburg -- Germany
STEIN of Wipplingerstrasse 12 Vienna 1 Austria -- Germany
STEITZ of Hamburg 13 Mittelweg -- Germany
STERNBERG of 9 Hohenzollerndamm Berlin-Wilmersdorf -- Germany
STEWART of 15 Striegauer Strasse Frieburg Schlesien -- Germany
STEWEN of 87 Wandsbecker Chaussee Hamburg -- Germany
STIEBEL of Eschenheimer Anlage 18 Frankfurt-am-Main -- Germany
STOLLE of Huchting bei Bremen Kirchhuchtinger Heer- strasse No 183 -- Germany
STORCH of Berlin Zehlendorf Boelckestra 14 -- Germany
STRADTNER of 4 Langgasse Kulmbach -- Germany
STRAETER of Hotel Nassauerhof Weisbaden -- Germany
STRAUS of 1 Seminarstrasse Karlsruhe -- Germany
STRAUS of 1 Seminarstrasse Karlsruhe -- Germany
STRAUS of Wurzburg Bavaria -- Germany
STROHER of Rottenkirchen Vogtland -- Germany
SWINBURNE of 66 Kappellen Strasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
SWORDS of Gottingen Hainholzweg 44a -- Germany
SYMONDS of 65 Donandt Strasse Bremen -- Germany
TALKE of Hofgut Fremersberg Baden-Baden -- Germany
THELWALL of 99 Kaiserdamm and of 17 Tiergarten Strasse both in Berlin -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
THIELE of 3 Maximilianstrasse Munich Bavaria -- Germany
THILO of 12 Hohenzollemstrasse Zehlendorf Berlin -- Germany
THISTLETHWAITE of Reichs Strasse 9 Dresden -- Germany
TOEPFFER of Toepffer s Park Magdeburg -- Germany
TOURTEL of Pension Hoper Auguste Victoria Strasse Bad Nauheim -- Germany
TREPLIN of Menzenberg Bad Honnef Rheinland -- Germany
TRINKS of Uplandstrasse 173-174 Berlin-Charlotten-burg -- Germany
TROPSCH of 47 Hagdornstrasse Mulheim-Ruhr -- Germany
TSCHIRCI of Kolberg -- Germany
TURK of Kirn Prussia -- Germany
TURPE of Burgstadt Saxony -- Germany
TYRER of 35 Pionierstrasse Dusseldorf -- Germany
UTHE of 24 Parkstrasse Bremen -- Germany
UTTING of Neuenhagen -- Germany
VALENTIN of 10 Wannseestrasse Berlin -- Germany
VAN ST RAATEN of 6 Parkstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
VETTER of 20 Salsgitter Voppstedter Tor 9 -- Germany
VIDAL of Altona-Blankenese -- Germany
VIELGUT of 111 Oederweg Frankfurt Main -- Germany
VON BARTELS of 107 Gartenstrasse Dusseldorf -- Germany
VON BENECKENDORFF UNO VON HINDENBURG of 3 Landgrafen Strasse Berlin -- Germany
VON KOCH of Pemscheid -- Germany
WAIBEL of 78 Knesebeck Strasse Berlin Charlottenburg -- Germany
WALLACE of 2 Maria Louisenstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
WALTER of 40-41 Kuesselstrasse Potsdam -- Germany
WARBURG of 175 Uhland-strasse Berlin-Charlottenberg -- Germany
WASSE of 926 Rothenburg 0T Mittelfranken Bavaria -- Germany
WATSON of 65 Lembach Strasse Hanover -- Germany
WAUGH of Hoppegarten near Berlin -- Germany
WEECMAN of 14 Simrockstrasse Bonn am Rhine -- Germany
WEEGMANN of 14 Simrockstrasse Bonn am Rhine -- Germany
WEHRHAHN of 4 Kronprinzenstrasse Hamburg-Blankenese Hochkamp -- Germany
WEIDHOFER of 28 Giselastrasse Munich -- Germany
WEILLER of Eschersheimerlandstrasse Frankfurt am Main -- Germany
WEINGART of 77 Schillerstrasse Charlottenburg Berlin -- Germany
WEINGART of 77 Schillerstrasse Charlottenburg Berlin -- Germany
WEISBACH of Dortmund -- Germany
WEISMAN of Stettenstrasse 6 Frankfurt-am-Main -- Germany
WEISS of Breitbrunn Ammersee Bavaria -- Germany
WEISSENSTEIN of 39 Felix Mottl-Strasse Vienna XIX -- Germany
WELLS of 27 Saal Strasse Bad Kosen-on-Saale -- Germany
WENDT of 45 Friedrichstrasse Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
WENGLER of 10 Pflaume-strasse Bohlitz Ehrenberg Leipzig -- Germany
WENK of Altendorfer Strasse Essen -- Germany
WENZEL of Wettinerstrasse Aue Saxony -- Germany
WEST of 6 Kurfursenstrasse Wesermunde-Lehe -- Germany
WEST of Bellevue 24 Hamburg 39 -- Germany
WILKINSON of 23 Wallmoden Strasse Hanover -- Germany
WILLIAMS of 46 Clive-place Penarth -- Germany
WILLIAMS of Hamburg -- Germany
WILLIAMS of Waidmannstrasse 5 Waidmannslurt Berlin -- Germany
WILLRICH of Rotes Kreuz Krankenhaus Hamburg -- Germany
WINGERATH of Hermanstrasse 12 Dusseldorf -- Germany
WINNERTZ of Penig Saxony -- Germany
WINTER of Brunnhilde Strasse 2 Berlin -- Germany
WIRTH of Hartmannsdorf -- Germany
WITTE of 9 Schillerstrasse Bad Segeberg -- Germany
WITTMUND of 105 Hoheluft Chaussee Hamburg -- Germany
WOLF of 34 Alte Rabenstrasse Hamburg -- Germany
WOLFF of 116 Wilhelmstrasse Berlin -- Germany
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WOLFF of 5 Hindenburg Platz Clausthab-Zellerfeld -- Germany
WOLFF of 56 Martin Lutherstrasse Schoneberg Berlin -- Germany
WOLFF of 7 Weberstrasse Heidelberg -- Germany
WOLFF of 7 Weberstrasse Heidelberg -- Germany
WOLFF of Brueggen Rhineland Hochstrasse 99 -- Germany
WOLFF of Frankfort-on-Main -- Germany
WOLFRAM of 27 Diekampstrasse Bochum -- Germany
WOLFSOHN of 16 Wilhelmstrasse Wiesbaden -- Germany
WOLLENBERG of 75 Kaiser Wilhelmstrasse Schwerin in Mecklenburg -- Germany
WOLLNER of Adolfsallee 71 Wiesbaden -- Germany
WURCKHEIM of 4 Neue Antonienstrasse Breslau -- Germany
WURCKHEIM of 44 Freiburgerstrasse Breslau -- Germany
WURCKHEIM of 44 Freiburgerstrasse Breslau -- Germany
WUTOW of 23 Spenerstrasse Berlin -- Germany
ZACHMANN of Rothebaum Chausee 36 Hamburg -- Germany
ZEHNTER of 14 Mittlere Hofgasse Traunstein Oberbayern -- Germany
ZIEGLER of Wiesbaden -- Germany

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