Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Berwickshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
AINSLIE of Todheugh Edrom -- Berwickshire
AITCHISON of Belleville 40 Bridgend Duns -- Berwickshire
AITCHISON of Primrosehill Duno -- Berwickshire
AITKEN of Braehead Cottage Leitholm Coldstream -- Berwickshire
AITKENHEAD of Janefield Earlston -- Berwickshire
AITON of Birkhill Earlston -- Berwickshire
ALEXANDER of 41 South Street Duns -- Berwickshire
ALLAN of 30 Market-square Coldstream -- Berwickshire
ALLAN of Lammer View Gordon -- Berwickshire
ALLAN of Old Town Ayton -- Berwickshire
ALLAN of The Manse Paxton -- Berwickshire
ALLAN of Viewfield Chirnside -- Berwickshire
ANDERSON of 58 Castle Street Duns -- Berwickshire
ANDERSON of Chester View Upper Burnmouth -- Berwickshire
ANDERSON of Eudora 21 Burnmouth -- Berwickshire
ANDERSON of Gavinton Duns -- Berwickshire
ANDERSON of Stuartslaw Edrom -- Berwickshire
ANDERSON of The Mount Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
ARCHIBALD of Roseville Earlston -- Berwickshire
ARMSTRONG of Wedderlie Gordon -- Berwickshire
BAILLIE of 13 Langton-gate Dims -- Berwickshire
BAIRD of Fairlaw Farmhouse Reston Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
BAIRD of High-street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
BAIRD of Kelloe Edrom Duns -- Berwickshire
BALFOUR of 7 Langtongate Duns -- Berwickshire
BALFOUR of Newton Don -- Berwickshire
BARCLAY of The Butts Duns -- Berwickshire
BARR of Sunnyside Reston -- Berwickshire
BARRIE of Anchor House Coldingham -- Berwickshire
BATHGATE of Wedderlie Westruther Gordon -- Berwickshire
BEATTIE of Beech House Coldstream -- Berwickshire
BEATTIE of Newbigging Walls Lauder -- Berwickshire
BEAVER of Pathhead House Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
BELL of Clalrholme Reston Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
BELL of Craigview Lauder Road Earlston -- Berwickshire
BELL of Dene Cottage Dunglass Hill Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
BELL of Hawthorn Cottage Oxton -- Berwickshire
BELL of Legerwood Earlston -- Berwickshire
BELL of Lumsdalne Coldlnghan -- Berwickshire
BELL of Northfield Abbs -- Berwickshire
BELL of Peelwalls House Ayton -- Berwickshire
BELL of Sparrow Croft Qavlngton Dews -- Berwickshire
BELL of Wiselawmill Lauder -- Berwickshire
BERTRAM of Angebrow Farm Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
BEVERIDGE of Wellwood Paxton -- Berwickshire
BISSET of Wayside Chirnside -- Berwickshire
BLACK of Demerara St. Ellas Mynd Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
BLACKHALL of Coldingham Law Coldingham -- Berwickshire
BLAIKIE of 5 Teindhillgreen Duns -- Berwickshire
BLAIKIE of Teindhillgreen Duns -- Berwickshire
BOGUE of Venlaw Lauder Road Earlston -- Berwickshire
BOLTON of Cheviot House Chirnside -- Berwickshire
BORTHWICK of Old Manse Abbey-street Bathans Duns -- Berwickshire
BOWE of Fernrig Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
BOXWELL of Eyehank House Heston -- Berwickshire
BRACK of Foulden Bastle -- Berwickshire
BRACKENBURY of Tweedhill -- Berwickshire
BREWIS of Little Swinton Coldstream -- Berwickshire
BREWIS of Tweedsmuir Chirnside Duns -- Berwickshire
BRINGLOE of The Little House Chirnside -- Berwickshire
BROTHERSTON of 4 Halcombe-crescent Earlston -- Berwickshire
BROWN of 1 Williambank Earlston -- Berwickshire
BROWN of 13 Newtown Street Duns -- Berwickshire
BROWN of 3 Lamberton -- Berwickshire
BROWN of Crofthill Chirnside Duns -- Berwickshire
BROWN of CrofthillChimsideDeens -- Berwickshire
BROWN of Highlaws Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
BROWN of Longformacus Duns -- Berwickshire
BROWN of Marlfield Coldstream -- Berwickshire
BROWN of Peelwalls Ayton -- Berwickshire
BROWN of Springbank Villa Ayton -- Berwickshire
BROWN of West End Paxton -- Berwickshire
BROWNLIE of Haughhead Earlston -- Berwickshire
BRUCE of 27 The Row Lauder -- Berwickshire
BRUCE of Pittlesheugh Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
BRUCE of Rose Cottage Preston Duns -- Berwickshire
BRUNTON of Overleek Duns Road Coldstream -- Berwickshire
BRYDON of Cliff Cottage Burnmouth -- Berwickshire
BUCHAN of Duns Castle -- Berwickshire
BUCHAN of Ivy Bank Coldingham -- Berwickshire
BULLERWELL of Westerside Farm Coldingham -- Berwickshire
CALDER of Billiemains Duns -- Berwickshire
CALDER of Law Ledge Coldstream Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
CALDER of Marigold Duns -- Berwickshire
CALDER of Northbank Ayton -- Berwickshire
CALDER of Oxenrig Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CAMERON of Cul-na-Slthe Coldingham -- Berwickshire
CAMERON of Trinity Duns -- Berwickshire
CAMPBELL of Addinston Lodge Lauder -- Berwickshire
CAMPBELL of Tweedbank High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CAMPBELL of Yew Tree Cottage Hutton -- Berwickshire
CAPE of Hawkslaw Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CARMICHAEL of 32 Duns Road Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CARMICHAEL of Helensville Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CARNEGIE of Cowdenknowls Earlsiton -- Berwickshire
CARRUTHERS of Hill Crest Chirnside -- Berwickshire
CAVERS of Kirklee Eccles -- Berwickshire
CHALMERS of Blackadder Gardens Edrom Duns -- Berwickshire
CHRISTISON of Lawfield Farm Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
CHRYSTAL of Chester House Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CLARK of The Bield Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CLARK of The Bungalow Hutton Mains Hutton -- Berwickshire
CLARKE of Forse Caithness and Kelloe -- Berwickshire
CLAZIE of 3 Langtongate Duns -- Berwickshire
CLENDINNEN of High-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
COCHRANE of Wester Row Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
COCKBURN of The Cottages Winfield Farm Hutton -- Berwickshire
COLEMAN of Braeside Earlston -- Berwickshire
COLLIE of The Square Paxton -- Berwickshire
COLLIN of 11 Home Street Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
COLLIN of 8A Home Street Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
COLLIN of 9 Home Street Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
COLLIN of Briar House Albert-road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
COLVILLE of Clint Lodge St. Boswells -- Berwickshire
COMMON of Slmithy Cottage Houndslow Gordon -- Berwickshire
COMMON of Smithy Cottage Houndslow Gordon -- Berwickshire
CORBETT of 4 Golden Square Duns -- Berwickshire
COWAN of Oxton Lauder -- Berwickshire
COWAN of The Roan Lauder -- Berwickshire
COWE of Churchview Cottage Hutton -- Berwickshire
COWE of Churchview Cottage Hutton -- Berwickshire
COWE of Macks Mill Gordon -- Berwickshire
COWE of Nether Mains Chirnside -- Berwickshire
COWE of Oidcastles Chimside -- Berwickshire
COWE of Old-castles Chirnside -- Berwickshire
COWE of St. Abbs Haven Coldingham -- Berwickshire
CROALL of West House Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
CROMBIE of 6 Houndlaw Park Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
CUNNINGHAM of 45 High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CURRIE of Ashlea Station Road Lauder -- Berwickshire
CURRIE of Cressfield Coldingham -- Berwickshire
CURRIE of Cressfield Coldstream -- Berwickshire
CURRIE of Redpath Earlston -- Berwickshire
CURRY of Fleurs Farm Coldingham -- Berwickshire
DALGLEISH of Cross Hall Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
DALGLIESH of The Bield 17 Holding Humehall Hume -- Berwickshire
DAND of The White Swan Reston -- Berwickshire
DARLINQ of 36 Foulden Newton -- Berwickshire
DAVIDSON of 20 Duke-street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
DAVIDSON of 23 Eglinton-crescent Edinburgh and of Lenchie North Berwick -- Berwickshire
DAVIDSON of Craiglea Duns Road Coldstream -- Berwickshire
DAVIDSON of The Cottage Coldstream -- Berwickshire
DAVIDSON of The Hill Coldingham -- Berwickshire
DAVIS of Mindrum Nursery-road Loughton Essex and-of Kinneswood Thorn-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
DAY of 2 Rossville Market Square Coldstream -- Berwickshire
DEAN of Abbey Cottage Coldingham -- Berwickshire
DEANS of Keppoch Haddington -- Berwickshire
DEANS of Paxton House Lodge Paxton -- Berwickshire
DENHOLM of Redhall Ayton -- Berwickshire
DENHOLM of Springbank Ayton -- Berwickshire
DEWAR of Southview Gavinton Duns -- Berwickshire
DICKINSON of Dene Burn House Ayton -- Berwickshire
DICKSON of 31 Upper Burnmouth -- Berwickshire
DICKSON of Dod Mill House Lauder -- Berwickshire
DICKSON of Houndwood Manse Heston -- Berwickshire
DICKSON of Lyndean Lauder -- Berwickshire
DICKSON of St. Ellas House St. Ellas Place Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
DICKSON of Waulk Mill Reston -- Berwickshire
DOBSON of 64 Easter Street Duns -- Berwickshire
DODDS of Braeheads Reston Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
DODDS of Corsbie and 1 Thorn-street both in Earlston -- Berwickshire
DODDS of Thornville 1 Thom Street Earlston -- Berwickshire
DODDS of Thornville 1 Thorn-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
DODS of Craigholme Reston -- Berwickshire
DODS of West High Street Lauder -- Berwickshire
DONALDSON of Glencourt Cottage Coldingham -- Berwickshire
DOUGHTY of 2 Thorn-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
DOUGHTY of Beech Villa Ayton -- Berwickshire
DOUGHTY of Summerhill Ayton -- Berwickshire
DOUGHTY of The Grange Lauder -- Berwickshire
DOUGLAS of Abbey St. Bathans Duns -- Berwickshire
DOVE of Whitehill Gordon -- Berwickshire
DOWNIE of The Chestirs Lauder -- Berwickshire
DRUMMOND of Summerhill House Ayton -- Berwickshire
DRYBURGH of Redbraes Marchmont Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
DUNLOP of Hoprlg Farm Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
DUNN of Bromley Cbldingham -- Berwickshire
DUNS of Sunnyside Duns -- Berwickshire
DURIE of Eastcote Oldham Stocks Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
DYKES of Dowlaw Coldingham -- Berwickshire
EDGAR of Atholl Bank Chirnside -- Berwickshire
EDGAR of Leeside Coldingham-road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
EDGAR of Leeside Coldingham-road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
EDGAR of Redhall Ayton -- Berwickshire
EDINGTON of The Bow Coldingham -- Berwickshire
ELLESMERE of Bridgewater House 14 Cleveland Row St James Westminster and-of Stretchworth Park Estate Stretchworth Cambridgeshire and-of Mertoun St Boswells -- Berwickshire
ELLESMERE of Bridgewater House 14 Cleveland-row St. James Westminster and of Stetchworth Park Estate Stetchworth Cambridgeshire and of Mertoun Saint Boswells -- Berwickshire
ELLIOT of Cainmerlaws Westruther Gordon -- Berwickshire
ELLIOT of Holmford Victoria-road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
ELLIOT of Middlestots Duns -- Berwickshire
FAIR of Grantshouse -- Berwickshire
FAIRBAIRN of Westmuir Earlston -- Berwickshire
FAIRLEY of High-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
FAWCUS of Broomdykes near Duns -- Berwickshire
FEEST of Braeside Earlston -- Berwickshire
FENDER of Peelwalls Cottage Ayton -- Berwickshire
FENDER of Starchhouse Mordington -- Berwickshire
FENDER of Starthouse Mordington -- Berwickshire
FERME of H.H Horsburgh Ayton -- Berwickshire
FERME of Horn Bum Ayton -- Berwickshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FINDLATER of Kemano Chirnside -- Berwickshire
FLEMING of 4 Halcombe-crescent Earlston -- Berwickshire
FLEMING of Huntspool Earlston -- Berwickshire
FLEMING of Ladyklrk Shiels near Coldstream -- Berwickshire
FLEMING of Winfield Farm Whitsome -- Berwickshire
FLEMING of Winfield Whitsome -- Berwickshire
FORREST of St Serf Lander -- Berwickshire
FORSYTH of 7 Winterfield Gardens Duns -- Berwickshire
FORSYTHE of Blackacfdef Bank Duns -- Berwickshire
FORSYTHE of Blackadder Bank Duns -- Berwickshire
FORSYTHE of Blackadder Bank Duns -- Berwickshire
FORTUNE of Femhurst Chimside -- Berwickshire
FORTUNE of Kilmony 42 Bridgend Duns -- Berwickshire
FOZIER of Greenhead House Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
FRASER of Oxendean Duns -- Berwickshire
FRENCH of Victoria Villa Reston -- Berwickshire
FRISKEN of Oaklands Ayton -- Berwickshire
FULLERTON of Howpark Grantshouse -- Berwickshire
FULTON of 4 High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
FULTON of Renggam 9 High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
FULTON of Sunnyside Milne Graden Coldstream -- Berwickshire
GENTLE of Mersington Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
GEORGESON of Red House Lander -- Berwickshire
GIACOPAZZI of The Limes Coldstream Road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
GIBB of The Loanln Edinburgh Road Lander -- Berwickshire
GIBB of Westfield Lauder -- Berwickshire
GIBSON of 8 Market Place Lauder -- Berwickshire
GIBSON of Bank House H10i Street Gordon -- Berwickshire
GIBSON of Braemar Coldstream Road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
GILLESPIE of High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
GLADSTONE of High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
GLADSTONE of St.. Ronans Gordon -- Berwickshire
GOLD of 4 Priory Bank Coldstream -- Berwickshire
GOLIGHTLY of Whitelaw Farm Haddington -- Berwickshire
GOODING of Hutton Castle Hutton -- Berwickshire
GORDON of Stoneshiel Hall Reston -- Berwickshire
GOUGH of Edington Mill House Duns -- Berwickshire
GOVAN of Lochiel Villa Chirnside -- Berwickshire
GRAHAM of 3 Langtongate Duns -- Berwickshire
GRAHAM of Edington Mill House Chimside -- Berwickshire
GRAHAM of Lingarth Marchmont Road Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
GRAINGER of Ayton Castle Ayton -- Berwickshire
GRANT of Georgefield Earlston -- Berwickshire
GRANT of The Dell Gordon -- Berwickshire
GRAY of 13 Paxton-terrace Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
GRAY of 8 Home-place Coldstream -- Berwickshire
GRAY of Elderbank East Coldstream -- Berwickshire
GRAY of Tyneview Haddington -- Berwickshire
GREENE of The Lodge Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
GREENFIELD of Eyebank House Reston -- Berwickshire
GRIEVE of Flass Gordon -- Berwickshire
GRIEVE of Flass Gordon -- Berwickshire
GRIEVE of Greenside Chirnside -- Berwickshire
GRIEVE of Hatton House Chirnside -- Berwickshire
GRIEVE of Rosebank Ay ton -- Berwickshire
GRIEVE of Rosebank Ayton -- Berwickshire
GRIEVE of Stobswood Duns -- Berwickshire
GRIFFITHS of The Parsonage Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
GUY of Elmbank Ay ton -- Berwickshire
HAIG of Lennelhill Coldstream -- Berwickshire
HAMILTON of Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
HAMILTON of Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
HAMILTON of Mordington Mains -- Berwickshire
HAMILTON of Talt Cholcelee Duns -- Berwickshire
HAMILTON of The Manse Burnmouth Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
HAMILTON of Westwood 44 Newtown Street Duns -- Berwickshire
HANBURY of Mary Cottage St. Boswells -- Berwickshire
HAND of St Marys or St Marys Villa Reston -- Berwickshire
HASTIE of Hume Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
HASTIE of Ravelston Chirnside -- Berwickshire
HASTIE of Sorella House Gairnton Duns -- Berwickshire
HASTIE of Viewfield Oavlnton Duns -- Berwickshire
HASTIE of West End Chirnside -- Berwickshire
HAY of 45 East High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
HENDERSON of 24 East High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
HENDERSON of East Braes Coldstream -- Berwickshire
HENDERSON of Spottiswoode Gordon -- Berwickshire
HENDERSON of The Hawthorns Coldstream -- Berwickshire
HENDERSON of The Square Earlston -- Berwickshire
HENRY of West Cottage Duns -- Berwickshire
HERBERTSON of The Bield Lauder -- Berwickshire
HERDMAN of Paxton Dene Hutton -- Berwickshire
HEWAT of The Loaning Reston -- Berwickshire
HILL of The Manse Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
HILSON of Image-row Chimside -- Berwickshire
HINTON of The Retreat Summerhill Ayton -- Berwickshire
HISLOP of Elldon View Gordon -- Berwickshire
HOGARTH of Foulden Hill -- Berwickshire
HOGARTH of Rhymers Cottage Earlston -- Berwickshire
HOGG of Mayfield Earlston -- Berwickshire
HOGG of Mayfield High-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
HOGG of Rose Cottage Westruther Gordon -- Berwickshire
HOME of Bassendean House Gordon -- Berwickshire
HOME of Cedar House Paxton -- Berwickshire
HOME of Kirkgate Clurnside -- Berwickshire
HOME of The Cottage Paxton -- Berwickshire
HOME of The Hirsel Coldstream -- Berwickshire
HOOD of Linhead Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
HOOD of Westlands St. Abbs -- Berwickshire
HOPE of Nansfield Hutton -- Berwickshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HORNBY of Cressfield Coldstream -- Berwickshire
HOSICK of Braehead Hutton -- Berwickshire
HOUNAM of Hollybush Duns -- Berwickshire
HOUSTON of Hutton Castle Barns -- Berwickshire
HOWEY of 25 The Mount Duns -- Berwickshire
HOWEY of Whitton Tannage Brae Duns -- Berwickshire
HUME of 20 Easter Street Duns -- Berwickshire
HUME of George Hume Trinity Lodge Duns -- Berwickshire
HUNT of Greenwell Chirnside I 4 Duns -- Berwickshire
HUNTER of 1 Victoria-place Coldstream -- Berwickshire
HUNTER of 17 The Mount Duns -- Berwickshire
HUNTER of Manse of Foro Duns -- Berwickshire
HUNTER of Station-road Gordon -- Berwickshire
HUTCHISON of Homefield St. Abbs -- Berwickshire
HUTCHISON of Homefield St. Abbs Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
HUTCHISON of The Cottage 10 Bogan Coldingham -- Berwickshire
INNES of Ninewells Chimside -- Berwickshire
IRELAND of Dinglesyde Clouds Duns -- Berwickshire
JAMIESON of Kirkbank House Paxton -- Berwickshire
JEFFREY of Ladyklrk Villas Noiham -- Berwickshire
JEFFREY of Town Farm Bungalow Earlston -- Berwickshire
JENNINGS of Cranshaws Duns -- Berwickshire
JOBSON of High-street Ayton -- Berwickshire
JOHNSTON of Millbank Ayton -- Berwickshire
JOLLIE of Courtburn Coldingham -- Berwickshire
JONES of Loanside 2 Station Road Lauder -- Berwickshire
JONES of Loanside Station Road Lauder -- Berwickshire
JONES of Springbank Old Manse Ayton -- Berwickshire
JOPLING of Leitholm -- Berwickshire
KEARNEY of Westerlea Chirnside -- Berwickshire
KERR of West End Earlston -- Berwickshire
KING of Castle Hotel Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
KING of Springbank Ayton -- Berwickshire
KINGHORN of 40 Newtown Street Duns -- Berwickshire
KINROSS of New Mains Farm Reston -- Berwickshire
KITSON of Blanerne House Edrom Duns -- Berwickshire
KNOX of Chirnside Nursery Chirnside -- Berwickshire
KNOX of Newton Don -- Berwickshire
LAING of Hillview Houndslow Gordon -- Berwickshire
LAMB of Telndhill House Runs and Cranshaws House Duns -- Berwickshire
LAMONT of Violet Cottage 16 The Row Lauder -- Berwickshire
LANG of 35 Lammerview Chirnside Duns -- Berwickshire
LARGE of Redpath West Earlston -- Berwickshire
LAUDERDALE of Thirlstone Castle Lauder -- Berwickshire
LAURIE of Auchencrow -- Berwickshire
LAWRIE of 43 Castle-street Duns -- Berwickshire
LAWRIE of 7 Edinburgh Road Lauder -- Berwickshire
LEACH of Whitsome Laws Duns -- Berwickshire
LEDGERWOOD of Broadmeadows Lodge Hutton -- Berwickshire
LEITCH of Broomhill House Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
LEITCH of Lennel Hill Coldstream -- Berwickshire
LEITCH of The Dell Gordon -- Berwickshire
LETHAH of Fireburnmill Coldstream -- Berwickshire
LILLICO of 16 Duns Road Coldstream -- Berwickshire
LILLICO of Mindrum Nursery-road Loughton Essex and of Kinneswood Thom-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
LINDSAY of 12 Heriotfield Oxton Lauder -- Berwickshire
LINDSAY of Blackburn Chirnside -- Berwickshire
LINDSAY of Blakerstane Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
LINDSAY of Rlblgill Edinburgh Road Lauder -- Berwickshire
LINDSAY of The Bowes Gordon -- Berwickshire
LITTLE of Gordon Hospital Gordon -- Berwickshire
LITTLE of Reston House Reston -- Berwickshire
LOCKIE of 76 High-street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
LOGAN of 45 High-street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
LOGAN of 7 Parkside Coldstream -- Berwickshire
LOGAN of Birkhill Earlston -- Berwickshire
LOGAN of Merslngton Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
LOGAN of Rosybank Cottages Coldstream -- Berwickshire
LOTHIAN of 20 Newtown-street Duns -- Berwickshire
LOUGH of 14 Houndlaw Park Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
LOWRIE of 13 Main-street Swinton -- Berwickshire
LUGTON of Johnsfield Duns -- Berwickshire
MACALISTER of Abbey Park Coldingham -- Berwickshire
MACCORMAC of Hume Hall Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
MACDONALD of Birgham Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MACFARLANE of The Hermitage Duns -- Berwickshire
MACGREGOR of LindisFarne Marmion-road North Berwick Haddington -- Berwickshire
MACIVER of The Schoolhouse Eccles -- Berwickshire
MACK of Lynnside Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
MACKAY of Hanughhead Earlston -- Berwickshire
MAKEPEACE of Hope Park Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MARSHALL of 1 Victoria Place Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MARSHALL of 27 High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MARSHALL of 64 Easter Street Duns -- Berwickshire
MARTIN of 7 Castle Street Duns -- Berwickshire
MASON of 36 Holding Foulden -- Berwickshire
MATHER of The Elms Ayton -- Berwickshire
McALPINE of Leet View Coldstream -- Berwickshire
McARTNEY of Melleratain Gordon -- Berwickshire
McBAIN of Chirnside -- Berwickshire
MCDONALD of Market Square Earlston -- Berwickshire
MCDONALD of St. Nathans Cottage High Street Lauder -- Berwickshire
McDOUGAL of Bingham Coldstream -- Berwickshire
McDOUGAL of Blythe Lauder -- Berwickshire
McDOUGAL of Blythebank Duns -- Berwickshire
McKEACHIE of The Old Manse Chirnside -- Berwickshire
McKERROW of Addinston Oxton -- Berwickshire
McLARDY of Dryburgh Farm Dryburgh -- Berwickshire
MCLEAN of 24 Holding Moor Park Foulden -- Berwickshire
MCLEOD of Dye Cottage Longformacus Duns -- Berwickshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MCWHAN of Checklaw House Duns -- Berwickshire
MEIKLE of Leet View Market Square Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MELROSE of Hillcrest Mansefield Place Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MENZIES of Karnes Duns -- Berwickshire
MESSER of 7 Houndlaw Park Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
MIDDLEMISS of Auburn Cottage Chirnside -- Berwickshire
MIDDLEMISS of Auburn Cottage Chirnside -- Berwickshire
MILLAR of Clouds Duns -- Berwickshire
MILLER of Bank House Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
MILLER of Cheviot Hduse Colmside -- Berwickshire
MILLER of Cheviot House Chirnside Duns -- Berwickshire
MILLER of Ivy Cottage Paxton -- Berwickshire
MILLER of Main-street Gordon -- Berwickshire
MILLER of Springbank Ayton -- Berwickshire
MILLICAN of Causewaybank Chimside -- Berwickshire
MILNE of Nether Mains Chimside -- Berwickshire
MITCHELL of Jardlnefield Duns -- Berwickshire
MOFFAT of 7 The Orchard Reston -- Berwickshire
MOFFAT of Belle Ville Reston -- Berwickshire
MOFFAT of Paxton Dene Paxton -- Berwickshire
MOFFAT of Paxton House Dene Paxton -- Berwickshire
MOFFITT of the Cottage Simprim Farm Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MOLE of Greenburn Reston -- Berwickshire
MOLESWORTH of Cruicksfleld Duns -- Berwickshire
MOLESWORTH of Crulcksfield Duns -- Berwickshire
MOOR of Torwood Foulden -- Berwickshire
MORRIS of The Square Earlston -- Berwickshire
MOSGROVE of 37 Bridgend Duns -- Berwickshire
MUIR of 6 Holding Fbulden -- Berwickshire
MUIRHEAD of Mayfield Leitholm -- Berwickshire
MURRAY of Gordon -- Berwickshire
MURRAY of Lintlaw Chirnside -- Berwickshire
MURRAY of Tweed Cottage Coldstream -- Berwickshire
MURRAY of Tweedhill Hutton -- Berwickshire
MURRAY of Whisgills Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
NAIRN of 16 Newtown Street Duns -- Berwickshire
NAME of Bankhead Duns -- Berwickshire
NAME of Broombank Grantshouse -- Berwickshire
NAME of Milne Graden West Mains Coldstream -- Berwickshire
NAME of Pellowhills Fam Ladykirk -- Berwickshire
NAME of Riymers Cottage Earlston -- Berwickshire
NESBIT of Gavinton Village Langton -- Berwickshire
NICHOLSON of Gordon -- Berwickshire
NICHOLSON of Peel Walls House Ayton -- Berwickshire
NISBET of 11 Victoria-place Coldstream -- Berwickshire
O'REGAN of 25 Albert-road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
OLIVER of Belleville Bridgend Duns -- Berwickshire
OVENS of 19 West High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
OVENS of Mansefield -- Berwickshire
PALMER of 39 Newtown Street Duns -- Berwickshire
PARVIN of Greenloaning Allanton Duns -- Berwickshire
PATE of Calrnbank Duns -- Berwickshire
PATERSON of 2 Teindhillgreen Duns -- Berwickshire
PATERSON of 3 The Row Lauder -- Berwickshire
PATERSON of Caimbank Duns -- Berwickshire
PATON of Clairvaux 3 Tweed-terrace Coldstream -- Berwickshire
PATON of Clairveaux 3 Tweed-terrace Coldstream -- Berwickshire
PATTERSON of 4 Home Street Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
PATTERSON of Dunreoch Chlrmslde -- Berwickshire
PATTERSON of Mansfield Swinton Duns -- Berwickshire
PAXTON of Dairy Cottage The Square Cockbumspath -- Berwickshire
PECK of Main-street Gordon -- Berwickshire
PETRIE of Lawfield Cottage Cockbumspath -- Berwickshire
PHILIP of Hirsel Homestead Coldstream -- Berwickshire
PHILIP of Rosevale Ayton -- Berwickshire
PHILIP of The Manse of Legerwood Earlston -- Berwickshire
PHILIPSON of Dunhdlme Chirnside -- Berwickshire
PHILLIP of Enterlea Ayton -- Berwickshire
PHILLIP of Westerlea Chirnside -- Berwickshire
PILLANS of Maines Chimside -- Berwickshire
PITT of 8 Montrose-gardens Milngavie -- Berwickshire
PITT of Eccles -- Berwickshire
PLAYFAIR of 1 Tweed-terrace Coldstream -- Berwickshire
PLENDERLEITH of Sunwick Hutton -- Berwickshire
PLEWS of Brae side Todlaw Road Duns -- Berwickshire
PORTEOUS of Easterhill Coldstream -- Berwickshire
PORTEOUS of Easterhill Coldstream -- Berwickshire
POTTINGER of Wellnage Duns -- Berwickshire
POTTINGER of Wellnage Duns -- Berwickshire
POW of High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
PRATT of Wayside Coldstream -- Berwickshire
PRENTICE of Wayside Ayton -- Berwickshire
PRINGLE of 19 the Row Lauder -- Berwickshire
PRINGLE of Braemount Chirnside -- Berwickshire
PRINGLE of Hawthorn Cottage Oxton -- Berwickshire
PURVES of 27 Albert-road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
PURVES of 68 Castle Street Duns -- Berwickshire
PURVES of Adderburns Allanton Chirnside -- Berwickshire
PURVES of Adderburns Allanton Duns -- Berwickshire
PURVES of Farm Cottage Swinton Hill Duns -- Berwickshire
PURVES of Lochiel Chirnside -- Berwickshire
PURVES of Nunlands Foulden -- Berwickshire
PURVES of Nunlands Foulden -- Berwickshire
RAMAGE of Hurkur Stow-road Lauder -- Berwickshire
RATHIE of The Sheiling Lauder -- Berwickshire
RAY of 3 Marine Parade Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
READMAN of Thornfield Earlston -- Berwickshire
READMAN of Thornfield Earlston -- Berwickshire
REDDEN of South View Hutton -- Berwickshire
REED of The Cottage Wellnage Duns -- Berwickshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
REID of 3 Home Place Coldstream -- Berwickshire
REID of Post Office House Victoria-street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
REID of Simprim Coldstream -- Berwickshire
RENNIE of Glebe House High Street Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
RENTON of 16 Duns Road Coldstream -- Berwickshire
RENTON of Courtburn Coldingham -- Berwickshire
RENTON of Yeavering House Coldstream -- Berwickshire
RIDDELL of Walterstead Ladykirk -- Berwickshire
RIDPEATH of 3 Rossville Market Square Coldstream -- Berwickshire
RITCHIE of The Manse Gordon -- Berwickshire
ROBERTSON of 115 Mount-street Westminster Middlesex and of Ladykirk -- Berwickshire
ROBERTSON of 12 Langtongate-street Duns -- Berwickshire
ROBERTSON of 13 Langton Gate Duns -- Berwickshire
ROBERTSON of Blisdean Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
ROBERTSON of Butterlaw Coldstream -- Berwickshire
ROBERTSON of Millbrae House Ayton -- Berwickshire
ROBERTSON of Sunniside Paxton -- Berwickshire
ROBSON of Lawfoot Duns -- Berwickshire
ROGERS of Hume Cottage Coldstream -- Berwickshire
ROGERSON of Edringrton Mill -- Berwickshire
ROGERSON of Todspool Earlston -- Berwickshire
ROMANES of Harryburn Lauder -- Berwickshire
ROSE of St. Marys Reston -- Berwickshire
ROSS of Mansefield Westruther Gordon -- Berwickshire
ROSS of Rockcliffe Chirnside Bridge -- Berwickshire
ROSS of Westruther -- Berwickshire
RUNCIMAN of Leader View Earlston -- Berwickshire
RUNCIMAN of West Mains Lauder -- Berwickshire
RUTHERFORD of 2 West Summerfield Earlston -- Berwickshire
RUTHERFORD of The Cottage Bridgend Duns -- Berwickshire
RUTHERFORD of The Cottage Bridgend Duns -- Berwickshire
RUTHERFORD of Tweedsyde Earlston -- Berwickshire
SANDERSON of Birrieknowes Cockbumspath -- Berwickshire
SANDERSON of Gunsgreenhill Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
SANDERSON of Leet Villa Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SANDERSON of Wayside Ayton -- Berwickshire
SANDILANDS of Ivy Cottage Oxton-by-Lauder -- Berwickshire
SANDISON of Highlavs Ayton -- Berwickshire
SANDISON of Hlghlaws Fyemouth -- Berwickshire
SCOTT of 82 High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SCOTT of Butterdean Grantshouse Duns -- Berwickshire
SCOTT of Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SCOTT of Fembank Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
SCOTT of Greystoke Halcombe-crescent Earlston -- Berwickshire
SCOTT of Mansefield Westruther -- Berwickshire
SCOTT of Whlterlg Ayton -- Berwickshire
SEARLE of Ninewells Chirnside Duns -- Berwickshire
SEED of Woodend Farm Duns -- Berwickshire
SHANKIE of 8 Thornfleld-crescent Earlston -- Berwickshire
SHARP of Glenlea Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SHAW of Wester Park Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SHIEL of Zeet Cottage Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SHIELL of The Bowes near Gordon -- Berwickshire
SHIELS of the Loanin Lauder -- Berwickshire
SHORT of Allanbank Gairnton Duns -- Berwickshire
SIMPSON of care of Hope Park Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SIMPSON of Ellem Lodge Ellernford Duns -- Berwickshire
SIMPSON of Willnage Duns -- Berwickshire
SINCLAIR of 19 High Street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SINCLAIR of Clalrholme Heston -- Berwickshire
SINCLAIR of Eastcote Earlston -- Berwickshire
SLIGH of Wester Row Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
SMAIL of Thom Cottage Earlston -- Berwickshire
SMITH of 4 Thornbank Earlston -- Berwickshire
SMITH of 4 Thornfield Crescent Earlston -- Berwickshire
SMITH of 7 Home-terrace Coldstream -- Berwickshire
SMITH of Brierybaulk Duns -- Berwickshire
SMITH of Mordington Mains -- Berwickshire
SMITH of of Sparrow Cottage Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
SMITH of Peelwalls House Ayton -- Berwickshire
SMITH of The Retreat Summerhill Ayton -- Berwickshire
SOMERVILLE of The Manse Gordon -- Berwickshire
SPEIRS of 10 Bridgend-crescent Duns -- Berwickshire
STAUNTON of Cawderstanes -- Berwickshire
STEEL of Cocklaw Ay ton -- Berwickshire
STEEL of Fernhurst Chirnside -- Berwickshire
STEEL of Ivybank Chirnside -- Berwickshire
STENHOUSE of Mayfield Leitholm Coldstream -- Berwickshire
STEVEN of Denebank Mordington -- Berwickshire
STEVENSON of 20 Briarwood-avenue Newcastle-upon-Tyne and South Lea St Abbs -- Berwickshire
STEVENSON of Bingham Coldstream -- Berwickshire
STEWART of Broadmeadows Hutton -- Berwickshire
STEWART of Broomfield-house Thorn-street Earlston -- Berwickshire
STEWART of The Park Earlston -- Berwickshire
STOBIE of Legars Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
STOBO of Whitemire Edrom -- Berwickshire
STODDART of Rose Bank Ayton -- Berwickshire
STOREY of South Renton Grantshouse -- Berwickshire
STOTHART of 8 East High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
STRATHAIRN of West House Chirnside -- Berwickshire
SUTHERLAND of Edrington -- Berwickshire
SWAN of Rhuallan Chirnside -- Berwickshire
SWINTON of Blanerne Cottage Edrom -- Berwickshire
SWINTON of Swinton House Swinton Duns -- Berwickshire
TAIT of 5 West High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
TAYLOR of Elder Bank Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
TAYLOR of Kirkhill Coldingham -- Berwickshire
TAYLOR of New Horndean Ladykirk -- Berwickshire
TAYLOR of Peelwalls House Ayton -- Berwickshire
TAYLOR of Purves Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
THORNTON of 31 Castle Street Duns -- Berwickshire
TOMLINSON of Buskinbrae Coldingham -- Berwickshire
TORRANCE of Summerhill House Ayton -- Berwickshire
TROTTER of Charterhall Duns -- Berwickshire
TULLIE of care of Hillside Grantshouse Duns -- Berwickshire
TURNBULL of 2 Tweed-terrace Coldstream -- Berwickshire
TURNBULL of 2 Tweed-terrace Coldstream -- Berwickshire
TURNBULL of 20 Gourlays Wynd Duns -- Berwickshire
TURNBULL of Crumrig Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
TURNBULL of Kimmerghame Mains Farm Duns -- Berwickshire
TURNBULL of Woodend Duns -- Berwickshire
TURNER of Elldon Cottage Longfoimacus Duns -- Berwickshire
USHER of Dunglass Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
USHER of Dunglass Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
USHER of Dunglass Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
VEITCH of The Elms Ayton -- Berwickshire
WAKEFIELD of Brae side Earlston -- Berwickshire
WALKER of 30 Market-square Coldstream -- Berwickshire
WALKER of 34 Market Square Coldstream -- Berwickshire
WALKER of 5 East High-street Lauder -- Berwickshire
WALLACE of Sunnyside Reston -- Berwickshire
WALLACE of The County Hospital Gordon -- Berwickshire
WALTON of Westgrove Duns -- Berwickshire
WATSON of 41 West High Street Lauder -- Berwickshire
WATSON of Heathwood Halescombe-crescent Earlston -- Berwickshire
WATSON of The Cove Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
WATSON of The Elms Duns -- Berwickshire
WATT of Hawthorn Cottage East End Lander -- Berwickshire
WEATHERHEAD of Holmford Victoria-road Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
WEATHERHEAD of Mountview Duns -- Berwickshire
WEATHERHEAD of Springbank Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
WELCH of Old Manse Horndean -- Berwickshire
WEMYSS of Wedderlawn Castle Duns -- Berwickshire
WHITE of 19 Duke-street Coldstream -- Berwickshire
WHITE of 51 Main Street Swinton Duns -- Berwickshire
WHITE of Bowshiel Grantshouse -- Berwickshire
WHITE of Glebe House Greenlaw -- Berwickshire
WHITE of Kimmerghame House Duns -- Berwickshire
WHITTLE of 8 Lamberton -- Berwickshire
WHITTLE of The Roan Lauder -- Berwickshire
WIGHT of Greenwood Grantshouse -- Berwickshire
WIGHT of The Anchorage Cockburnspath -- Berwickshire
WIGHTMAN of Butterlaw Coldstream -- Berwickshire
WILKIE of Glenholme Duns -- Berwickshire
WILKIE of Romanno Cockbumspath -- Berwickshire
WILSON of 22 Newt own-street Duns -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Bungalow Hotel Blaneme Edrom -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Cockbum Duns -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Elmbank Ayton by Eyemouth -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Kimmerghame Heugh Edrom -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Nenthorn Manse -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Simprim -- Berwickshire
WILSON of The Bield Black Bull-street Duns -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Thorneydykes Westruther Gordon -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Todlaw Duns -- Berwickshire
WILSON of Union Villa 18 Longtongate Duns -- Berwickshire
WOOD of Burnside Cottage Oxton Lauder -- Berwickshire
WOOD of Victoria House Coldstream -- Berwickshire
WOOD of Woodbine Cottage Burnmouth -- Berwickshire
WOOD of Woodville Earlston -- Berwickshire
WRIGHT of Hillend Reston -- Berwickshire
WRIGHT of Mayville Grantshouse -- Berwickshire
WRIGHT of Redhall Ayton -- Berwickshire
YOUNG of 2 Thom Street Earls ton -- Berwickshire
YOUNG of 4 Victoria-place Coldstream -- Berwickshire

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