Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Perthshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAM of Floral Cottage Braco -- Perthshire
ADAM of Floral Cottage Braco -- Perthshire
ADAM of Holmvale Airlie-place Alyth -- Perthshire
ALEXANDER of Carey Abernethy -- Perthshire
ALEXANDER of Little Nook Main-street Gilmerton -- Perthshire
ALLAN of 9 Queen-street Doune -- Perthshire
ALLAN of Albro Cottage Glenfarg -- Perthshire
ALLAN of Ballinluig Inn Ballmluig -- Perthshire
ALLAN of Cam Dearg Callander -- Perthshire
ALLAN of Kinnonpark Methven -- Perthshire
ALLAN of Laurel Bank Ancaster-road Callander -- Perthshire
ALLAN of Macatholl Cottage Caputh Munthly -- Perthshire
ALLEN of Lagganallachie Strathbraan Dunkeld -- Perthshire
ALLEN of Viewmhor Pitlochry -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of 13 Queen-street Craigie -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Ashbrook Burrelton -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Carshalton South-street Burrelton -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Cottarton Farm Almondbank -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Dornock Mill Crieff -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Helensfield Balquhidder Station -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Kinloch House Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Laurel Bank Strathtay -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Linton Villa Scone -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Oakbank Auchterarder -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Potterhill -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Straloch-by-Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
ANDERSON of Woodville Comrie -- Perthshire
ANDREW of Balkerach Balkerach-street Doune -- Perthshire
ARBUTHNOT of Trinity College Glenalmond -- Perthshire
ARMSTRONG of The Birran St Fillans -- Perthshire
ARNOTT of Dunmore Abemethy -- Perthshire
ASHE of Dabreoch Enochdhu Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
ASHMORE=HARTLEY of 3 Pembroke- court Edwards-square Middlesex and of Ashmore Bridge of Cally -- Perthshire
ASHTON of Perth District Asylum Murthly -- Perthshire
ASHWORTH of Deansiton Villa Deanston -- Perthshire
ATHOLL of Eastwood Dunkeld -- Perthshire
AUSTIN of Invertiel-Addison-terrace Crieff -- Perthshire
BAILEY of North Lodge Auchterarder -- Perthshire
BAILLIE of Ochilview Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
BAIRD of Bloomfield Abernethy -- Perthshire
BAKER of Heatherlea St Fillans -- Perthshire
BAKER of Newbold Cadder-crescent Dunblane -- Perthshire
BALD of East Haugh Pitlochry -- Perthshire
BALD of the Orleans Club 29 King-street St James London SW1 and East Haugh Pitlochry -- Perthshire
BALMAIN of Bendarrock Strathtay -- Perthshire
BANKS of Ardarroch Rait Errol -- Perthshire
BARCLAY of 24 Glover-street Craigie -- Perthshire
BARLOW of 18 Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
BARR of Daldrishaig Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
BARRIE of Westoun Keay-street Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
BARRON of Ardchoile Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
BARROW of Riseley Meigle -- Perthshire
BARTY of Lethendy-by-Meikleour -- Perthshire
BARTY of Northbank St. Margarets-drive Dunblane -- Perthshire
BAXTER of Millhole Murthly -- Perthshire
BAYLY of Druids-mere Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
BAYNE of 6 Moredun-terrace Craigie -- Perthshire
BAYNE of Station-road Methven -- Perthshire
BEAN of Waterloo Cottage Braco -- Perthshire
BEATY of Turret View Carrington-terrace Crieff -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BECKETT of Callander Cottage Callander -- Perthshire
BEGG of Fendoch 17 Burrell-square Crieff -- Perthshire
BELL of Hydro Hotel Pitlochry -- Perthshire
BELL of Rossie Forgandenny -- Perthshire
BENDALL of Stanley Hotel Stanley -- Perthshire
BENNET of 3 Lyon Cottages Killin -- Perthshire
BERRY of Kendrum Scone -- Perthshire
BIRKMYRE of Dalmunzi? Glenshee Perthshire
BISHOP of Tanglin Dunblane -- Perthshire
BISSET of Spoutswell House Dunkeld -- Perthshire
BLACK of Catherine Bank Pitlochry -- Perthshire
BLACK of Garry House Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
BLACKLAW of Claremont Comrie -- Perthshire
BLAIR of Dalshian Pitlochry -- Perthshire
BLAIR of The Neak Woodside Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
BLAIR of Viewbank Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
BLOY of The Poplars Heughfield-road _ Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
BOAG of Oakfield Dunning -- Perthshire
BOAG of Pairney Auchterarder -- Perthshire
BODENHAM of Morven Balmoral-road Blair-gowrie -- Perthshire
BOGIE of Belford Lynedoch-road Scone -- Perthshire
BOWIE of Ardshean Killin -- Perthshire
BOWIE of Aros Strathtay -- Perthshire
BOYD of Newton of Pitcaims Dunning -- Perthshire
BOYD of Sylverton Balformo-road Scone -- Perthshire
BOYD of Sylverton Scone -- Perthshire
BOYLE of Bellevista Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
BOYLE of Craggish douse Comrie -- Perthshire
BOYLE of Rose Villa Fortingall -- Perthshire
BRAMLEY of Craigroyston Glenfarg -- Perthshire
BRAND of Milton Forteviot Forgandenny -- Perthshire
BRAND of Milton of Panholes Blackford -- Perthshire
BRETT of Lawmuir Methven -- Perthshire
BRODIE of Tayview Bank Craigie -- Perthshire
BROOM of Main-street Abernethy -- Perthshire
BROWN of Church of Scotland Eventide Home Belmont Castle Meigle -- Perthshire
BROWN of Dalhalla Comrie -- Perthshire
BROWN of Glenellen Reform-street Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
BROWN of Larchfield Auchterarder -- Perthshire
BROWN of Ochil Cottage Glehfarg -- Perthshire
BROWN of Olney Bank Comrie -- Perthshire
BROWN of Olney Bank Comrie -- Perthshire
BROWN of Rothes 3 Victoria-terrace Crieff -- Perthshire
BROWN of Strone Bridge of Cally Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
BROWN of Tigh Grianach Dunkeld -- Perthshire
BROWNE of Kincardine -- Perthshire
BRUCE of Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
BRYANS of Aros Strathtay -- Perthshire
BRYDEN of Newmains Scone -- Perthshire
BRYDON of Blackhillock Murthly -- Perthshire
BUCHANAN of Middlecroft Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
BUNCLE of The Commercial Temperance Hotel Drummond-street Comrie -- Perthshire
BURNS of Roslyn Guildtown -- Perthshire
BUTTER of Kirkhill Meigle -- Perthshire
BUTTER of Nether Pitcairn Grandtully by Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
CAESAR of 11 Blacket-place Edinburgh and of Gwydyr House Crieff -- Perthshire
CALDER of Ardclach Killin -- Perthshire
CAMERON of 31 Commercial-street Bridgend -- Perthshire
CAMERON of Brumbley Burghmuir -- Perthshire
CAMERON of Calvine -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CAMERON of Mid Denglie Glenfarg -- Perthshire
CAMERON of The Gardens The Caimies Glenalmond -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Broich Crieff -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Craig Villa Callander -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Daisy Cottage Stanley -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Drummond Arms Hotel St Fillans -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Easter Dunfallandy Pitlochry -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Ivycote St Fillans -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Kindallachan Ballinluig -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Lignwood Scone -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Lorachan Callander -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Luncarty House Luncarty -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Old Newton House Doune -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Rose Cottage Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
CAMPBELL of Rossie Farm Dunning -- Perthshire
CARLESS of Overdale Crieff -- Perthshire
CARMENT of the Commercial Temperance Hotel Drum- mond-street Comrie -- Perthshire
CARMICHAEL of Drumphin Fowlis Wester Crieff -- Perthshire
CARMICHAEL of The Cottage Rosemount Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
CARR of Craighead House Thornhill by Stirling -- Perthshire
CARRUTHERS of Dunfraoich Crianlarich -- Perthshire
CATTON of Glencarne Brompton-terrace Kinnoull -- Perthshire
CATTON of Glencarne Brompton-terrace Kinnoull -- Perthshire
CAW of Craighall Stanley -- Perthshire
CHALMERS of Lower Granco-street Dunning -- Perthshire
CHALMERS of Lower Granco-street Dunning -- Perthshire
CHALMERS of Sannox 3 Craigie-road?Craigie -- Perthshire
CHALMERS of The Earn Farm Thornhill -- Perthshire
CHAPLIN of St. Marys House Thetford Norfolk and of Clathick Crieff -- Perthshire
CHAWNER of Burston Staffordshire and Ardvreck Crieff -- Perthshire
CHILCOTT of Cairnlea Birnam Dunkeld -- Perthshire
CHISHOLM of Eastfield Murthly -- Perthshire
CHRISTIE of Alltchaorian Crianlarich -- Perthshire
CHRISTIE of Ivybank Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
CHRISTIE of Tilt Hotel Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
CHRISTISON of Milton-of-Camserney-by-Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
CHRYSTAL of Merok Dunblane -- Perthshire
CHURCH of The Sheiling Angus-road Scone -- Perthshire
CHURCH of The Sheiling New Scone -- Perthshire
CHURCH of The Sheiling Scone -- Perthshire
CLARK of Dundonnachie Dunkeld -- Perthshire
CLARK of Dunmore Abernethy -- Perthshire
CLARK of Mailingsland Cottage Hunter-street Auchterarder -- Perthshire
CLARK of Myrtle Cottage Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
CLARK of Penarth Perth-road Scone -- Perthshire
CLARKE of 94 Norfolk-road Seven Kings Ilford Essex and-of Woodside Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
CLARKSON of Little Cambus Doune -- Perthshire
CLEGG of Corrie Bruaich Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
CLELAND of Middleton Thornhill -- Perthshire
CLELLAND of Muirhead Dunning -- Perthshire
CLIFFORD of Mavfield Dunblane -- Perthshire
COATS of St Serfs St Fillans -- Perthshire
COATS of The Cottage 59 Ferguslie Paisley and of Fomethy House by Alyth -- Perthshire
COCKER of Dinard Rosemount Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
COMBE of Granco-street Dunning -- Perthshire
COMRIE of Caponacre Cowden-road Comrie -- Perthshire
COMRIE of Comrie Cottage Comrie -- Perthshire
COMRIE of Ochilview Cottage Fowlis Wester near Crieff -- Perthshire
CONSTABLE of Balmyle Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
CONSTABLE of Carriefodly Bridge of Cally Blair-gowrie -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CONSTANT of Atholl Vale Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
CORRIE of 18 Gallowhill Crieff -- Perthshire
COUPAR of Wester Feddal Farm Braco -- Perthshire
COUPER of Dunfallandy Pitlochrie -- Perthshire
COUTTIE of Gleann Uaine Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
COUTTS of Ure Bank Invergowrie -- Perthshire
COWAN of Lagreach Pitlochry -- Perthshire
COWANS of Forteviot -- Perthshire
COWIE of Ben-y-hone Cottage Comrie -- Perthshire
COWLES of Bridge of Teith Cottage Doune -- Perthshire
COWPAR of Dalbreck Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
COX of Drumkilbo Meigle -- Perthshire
COX of Methven -- Perthshire
CRABBIE of Drum Coille Braco -- Perthshire
CRAIC of Dundriven Abernyte and Long- forgan -- Perthshire
CRAIG of Dundriven Inchture -- Perthshire
CRAIG of Mossend Cottage New Clunie Murthly -- Perthshire
CRAM of 8 Main-street Callander -- Perthshire
CRAWFORD of Blackdud Blairdrummond -- Perthshire
CRERAR of The Schoolhouse Killiechassie-by-Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
CRERAR of Tulloch of Ballechin Ballinluig -- Perthshire
CRERAR of Woodvale Callander -- Perthshire
CRICHTON of Arblair Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
CRICHTON of Langlands Luncarty -- Perthshire
CRICHTON of Maryfield Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
CRITCHLEY of Pine Trees Hotel Pitlochry -- Perthshire
CROLL of 12 West Mill-street -- Perthshire
CUNNINGHAM of Tower House 57 High-street Dunblane -- Perthshire
CUTBUSH of Alderwood Comrie -- Perthshire
CUTHBERT of The Retreat Scone -- Perthshire
CUTHBERTSON of Lochiel Cottage Bridge-of-Gaur Rannock Station -- Perthshire
DALGLEISH of Lagrannoch Callander -- Perthshire
DALGLEISH of Lairig Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
DALZIEL of Tigh-na-TraighAberfoyle -- Perthshire
DAVIDSON of Drumtogle Mill Auchterarder -- Perthshire
DAVIDSON of Invernahaven Abernethy -- Perthshire
DAWSON of Drum Coille Braco -- Perthshire
DAWSON of Drum Coille Braco -- Perthshire
DAWSON of Moss-park Rumbling Bridge -- Perthshire
DAWSON of Mosspark Rumbling Bridge -- Perthshire
DENNY of Strathcona West King-street Helensburgh and of Dunblane Hotel Hydro Dunblane -- Perthshire
DEWAR of Balmenoch Comrie-road Crieff -- Perthshire
DEWAR of Main-street Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
DEWAR of Mill of Drummond Muthill -- Perthshire
DEWAR of The Eirlic Murray-place Crieff -- Perthshire
DICK of Bellevue Pitlochry -- Perthshire
DICKSON of Glassingall Dunblane -- Perthshire
DIXON of Innerpeffray Lodge Crieff -- Perthshire
DIXON of Innerpeffray Lodge Crieff -- Perthshire
DODS of Gask Manse Auchterarden -- Perthshire
DOE of Homelea Cottage Errol -- Perthshire
DOIG of Daisy Cottage Burrell-street Comrie -- Perthshire
DOIG of Daisy Cottage Burrell-street Comrie -- Perthshire
DOLLAR of 6 Emma-street Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
DORSIE of 82 Perth-road Scone -- Perthshire
DORWARD of The Loaning Meigle -- Perthshire
DOUGALL of Beneira Auchterarder -- Perthshire
DOUGALL of Old Bank House Dunning -- Perthshire
DOUGLAS of Corriegorm Fearnan Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
DOUGLAS of Lochend Port of Menteith -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DOUGLAS of Morenish-place Killin -- Perthshire
DOUGLAS of Tullich Ardeonaig Killin -- Perthshire
DRIVER of Edzell -- Perthshire
DRYNAN of The Neuk Killin -- Perthshire
DUNCAN of St. Catherines Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
DUNDAS of Bankhead Blair Drummond Doune -- Perthshire
DUNSMORE of Woodside Villa Almondbank -- Perthshire
DUTHIE of Strathview Muthill -- Perthshire
EADIE of Waterside Braco -- Perthshire
EASTON of Keamari Perth-road Scone -- Perthshire
EDGAR of Dail-aut-Sagairt Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
EDWARD of Knock Cottage Crieff -- Perthshire
EDWARDS of Bracknowe Bonhard-road Scone -- Perthshire
ELDER of Ardrennick Strathtay -- Perthshire
ELDER of Newran Madderty -- Perthshire
ELLIS of Murthly-terrace Birnam -- Perthshire
ELLIS of The Hollies Abernethy -- Perthshire
EWING of Woodlands Ewanfield Crieff -- Perthshire
FAIRLIE of Revack Lodge Crieff -- Perthshire
FAIRWEATHER of The Elms Meigle -- Perthshire
FARQUHAR of Moray Lynn Kilbryde-grove Dunblane -- Perthshire
FENTON of 19 Priory-place Craigie -- Perthshire
FENWICK of Kirkhill Luncarty -- Perthshire
FERGUSON of 2 Clarendon-crescent Edinburgh and of Torwood House Birnam-by-Dunkeld -- Perthshire
FERGUSON of Greymount Alyth -- Perthshire
FERGUSON of West Norrieston Thornhill -- Perthshire
FERGUSSON of 3 Main-street Doune -- Perthshire
FERGUSSON of Ballinluig -- Perthshire
FERGUSSON of Camamore Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
FERGUSSON of Carnamore Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
FERGUSSON of Dalcapon Ballingluig -- Perthshire
FERGUSSON of Scalebor Park Hospital Burley-in-Wharfedale Yorkshire and Camamore Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
FERGUSSON of The Boat of Murthly Dunkeld -- Perthshire
FERRIER of Knockfarrie Lodge Pitlochry -- Perthshire
FILSELL of Yew Tree Cottage Guildtown -- Perthshire
FINDLAY of Albert-road Scone -- Perthshire
FINDLAY of Laurel Bank Hill-street Alyth -- Perthshire
FINLAYSON of 24 High-street Perth and of Braehead 1 Darnhall-drive Craigie -- Perthshire
FINLAYSON of Dundalg Old Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
FINLAYSON of Tillyvere Dunblane -- Perthshire
FISHER of Auchinner Glenastney Comrie -- Perthshire
FLEMING of Cedar Cottage Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
FLEMING of Kintocker Crieff -- Perthshire
FLETCHER of Tofthill Glencarse -- Perthshire
FOGO of Row House Dunblane -- Perthshire
FORBES of Ballintium Dunfallandy Pitlochry -- Perthshire
FORBES of Cothall Dundee-road Coupan Angus -- Perthshire
FORBES of Craigatin Pitlochry -- Perthshire
FORBES of Craigatin Pitlochry -- Perthshire
FORBES of Glenardocli Doune -- Perthshire
FORBES of Meikleour Hotel Meikleour -- Perthshire
FORBES of Redcote Forgandenny -- Perthshire
FORBES of the Manse Forteviot -- Perthshire
FORD of Auchtar Fortingall -- Perthshire
FORD of Balloch House Alyth -- Perthshire
FORGIE of Beech Villa Bronipton-terrace Kinnoull -- Perthshire
FOTHERINGHAM of Elmgrove Pitlochry -- Perthshire
FOTHERINGHAM of Woodlane Blairdrummond -- Perthshire
FRASER of Ardlui 37 Queens-road Scone -- Perthshire
FRASER of Auchendoune Dunblane -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FRASER of care of Davidson Drumshengal Braco -- Perthshire
FRASER of Dundonnachie Dunkeld -- Perthshire
FRASER of Inverisla Western-road Auchterarder -- Perthshire
FRASER of Kinloch House Strathbraan Dunkeld -- Perthshire
FULFORD of Gallowston Cottage Braco -- Perthshire
GAIRNS of Main-street Balbeggie -- Perthshire
GALLOWAY of Viewbank Errol -- Perthshire
GARDINER of Maryfield Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
GARDINER of Maryfield Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
GARDINER of Parker Cottage Luncarty -- Perthshire
GARDNER of Fairmount View Barnhill -- Perthshire
GARMENT of Rossearn Perth-road Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
GARRETT of Glenalbyn St Fillans -- Perthshire
GARVIE of Murraypark Crieff -- Perthshire
GAY of Carey Abernethy -- Perthshire
GEEKIE of Templehall Orchards Longforgan -- Perthshire
GIBB of 1 Nellfield-road Crieff -- Perthshire
GIBB of Henghfield-road Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
GIBSON of Craighall Stanley -- Perthshire
GIBSON of Union Bank House Perth -- Perthshire
GILLAN of Graindtully Hotel Grandtully -- Perthshire
GILLAN of Toranean Callander -- Perthshire
GILLESPIE of Stronvar Balquhidder -- Perthshire
GILLIES of Hawkshaw Comrie-road Crieff -- Perthshire
GILLIES of The Lodge Birnam Dunkeld -- Perthshire
GILMOUB of Easter Boss Comrie -- Perthshire
GILROY of Fingask Errol -- Perthshire
GLASSFORD of Upper Derculish Strathtay -- Perthshire
GLEN of 74 Main-street Callander -- Perthshire
GLENNIE of Morenish Callender -- Perthshire
GOLD of The Schoolhouse Muthill -- Perthshire
GOUDIE of Muirton of Ardblair Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
GOULD of Milwaukee Pitlochry -- Perthshire
GOVER of Lands of Loyal Alyth -- Perthshire
GOW of Milton Cottage Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
GOW of Shenval Bankfoot -- Perthshire
GRAHAM of Braendam Thornhill -- Perthshire
GRAHAM of Drummond Arms Hotel Crieff -- Perthshire
GRAHAM of Hill Errol -- Perthshire
GRAHAM of Rednock House Port of Menteith -- Perthshire
GRAHAM of The Lindens Stanley -- Perthshire
GRAHAM of Viewheld Ross Comrie -- Perthshire
GRAHAME of Tannacroich Fortingall -- Perthshire
GRANT of Atholl Villa Pitlochry -- Perthshire
GRANT of Drumochter Buildings Kings-street Stanley -- Perthshire
GRANT of George-street Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
GRANT of Hunterhall near Glencarse -- Perthshire
GRANT of South Manse Abernyte Inchture -- Perthshire
GRATE of Highfield Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
GRECO of Orchard House Scone -- Perthshire
GREENWOOD of Greystones Dalginross Comrie -- Perthshire
GREGO of Orchard House Scone -- Perthshire
GREY of Polinard Dalginross Comrie -- Perthshire
GRIEVE of 4 Lyon-cottages Killin -- Perthshire
GRIEVE of Glenorchy Callander -- Perthshire
GRIEVE of Glenorchy House Callander -- Perthshire
GRIMOND of Oakbank Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
GUMMING of Ben Voirlich House Auchterarder -- Perthshire
GUTHRIE of Airdaniar Pitlochry -- Perthshire
GWYTHER of St Marys Rector Birnam -- Perthshire

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HAGGART of Findynate Stanley -- Perthshire
HAGGART of Yarra Cottage Stanley -- Perthshire
HAIG of Blairhill Rumbling Bridge -- Perthshire
HAIG of Blairhill Rumbling Bridge -- Perthshire
HALDANE of Gleneagles Auchterarder -- Perthshire
HALDANE of Lintibert Nuthill -- Perthshire
HALEY of Cinema House Crieff -- Perthshire
HALIBURTON of Murray Field Luncarty -- Perthshire
HALL of East Manse Comrie -- Perthshire
HAMILTON of Cambusmore Callender -- Perthshire
HAMILTON of Lomond St Mary s-drive Dunblane -- Perthshire
HAMMOND of Ardcaille Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
HAMPTON of Madeira Cottage 21 Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
HANBRIDGE of Middlebank Errol -- Perthshire
HANNAH of Post Office House Acharn Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
HANNAH of The Tealing Perth-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
HARPER of Craigview Aberuthven Auchterarder -- Perthshire
HARPER of Main-street Abernethy -- Perthshire
HARRIS of Airlie Villa Bankfoot -- Perthshire
HARRISON of Taybridge-drive Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
HARRISON of Taybridge-drive Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
HARVEY of Drumcrea Stanley -- Perthshire
HASTINGS of North Manse Crieff -- Perthshire
HASTINGS of North Manse Crieff -- Perthshire
HASTRICK of Greystones Methven -- Perthshire
HATTON of Rockfield Pitlochry -- Perthshire
HAY of Easter Rhynd Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
HAY of Old Toll House Invergowrie -- Perthshire
HAYWOOD of Caimhill Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
HENDERSON of Ingram Neuk Auchterarder -- Perthshire
HENDERSON of Romanknowe Longforgan -- Perthshire
HENDERSON of The Old School House Errol -- Perthshire
HENDLEY of Birkhill Muckhart Dollar -- Perthshire
HEPBURN of Ingsley Bonhard-road Scone -- Perthshire
HEWITT of Struan-place Pitlochry -- Perthshire
HIGGINBOTHAM of Glenorchard IJun- blane -- Perthshire
HILL of Belfield Rosemount Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
HILL of The Neuk Dunblane -- Perthshire
HOOD of 4 Gowrie-street Bridgend -- Perthshire
HOWARD of Cruachan Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
HOWDEN of Dabruadh Victoria-terrace Crieff -- Perthshire
HOWDEN of Murray Royal -- Perthshire
HOWISON of Ardmoy Scone -- Perthshire
HOY of St Martins Longforgan -- Perthshire
HUGHES of Aikenhead Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
HUNTER of Dalnalinne Taybridge-drive Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
HUNTER of Somerled Kilmahog Callander -- Perthshire
HUTCHISON of 1 George-street Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
INGLIS of Beechgrove Comrie -- Perthshire
INGLIS of Kinclaven Stanley -- Perthshire
INNES of Pansy Cotsage Strathtay -- Perthshire
IRVINE of Pitnacree BallinVmg -- Perthshire
ISDALE of Ashbank Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
JACK of 25 West High-street Crieff -- Perthshire
JACK of Lily Bank Thornhill -- Perthshire
JACKSON of 16 Main-street Bridgend -- Perthshire
JACKSON of 2 Strathearn View Crieff -- Perthshire
JACKSON of Invermay Forgandenny -- Perthshire
JACKSON of The Merlewood Private Hotel Birnam -- Perthshire
JAMESON of Fernhill -- Perthshire

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JARDINE of Whitelaw West Huntingtowerfield -- Perthshire
JEFFREY of Mac Atholl Cottage Caputh -- Perthshire
JEFIMIK of The Polish Forces under British Command Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
JENKINS of Revucky Cawdor-crescent Dumblane -- Perthshire
JOHNSTON of Duncrievie Methven -- Perthshire
JOHNSTON of Goodlyburn-terrace Jeanfield -- Perthshire
JOHNSTON of Welton Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
JOHNSTONE of 23 Wellmeadow Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
JONES of Hurlingham Lodge Fulham Middlesex and of Aberuchill Castle Comrie -- Perthshire
JONES of Knockdhu Pitlochry -- Perthshire
KAY of Gowanfield Comrie -- Perthshire
KEAY of Rowanbank Methven -- Perthshire
KEMP of 34 Commissioner-street Crieff -- Perthshire
KENNARD of 9 Bank-street Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
KENNEDY of Lugunia Pitlochry -- Perthshire
KERR of Ballendrick Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
KERR of Burrell-street Comrie -- Perthshire
KIERANS of East Tullyfergus Alyth -- Perthshire
KING of Sunnybrae Cherrybank -- Perthshire
KINLOCH of Ferneyfold Madderty Crieff -- Perthshire
KIRSOP of Craignethan Callander -- Perthshire
LAING of Craigview Auchterarder-road Dunning -- Perthshire
LAING of Wester Kinloch Kinloch -- Perthshire
LAIRD of Maraval Dunblane -- Perthshire
LAMOND of 8 East Bridge-street Bridgend -- Perthshire
LAMOND of Bridge-street Dunkeld -- Perthshire
LAMOND of Cardean Meigle -- Perthshire
LAMONT of Bullions and Muirside Cairneyhill -- Perthshire
LAMONT of Kirkmichael near Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
LAR of Roselea Perth-road Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
LAW of The Cottage Gleneagles -- Perthshire
LAWRIE of Ardclach Killin -- Perthshire
LAWSON of Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
LAWSON of Arnbank Abercaimy Crieff -- Perthshire
LAWSON of Blair Cottage Dunkeld-road Bankfoot -- Perthshire
LAWSON of Hazelwood Granco-street Dunning Perthshire
LAWSON of Moyness Invergowrie Perthshire
LEADBETTER of Dun-na-Choille Strathtay -- Perthshire
LEITCH of Wester Boquhapple Thornhill -- Perthshire
LEITHAM of 5 Kinnaird Bank Craigie -- Perthshire
LENG of Ruthven Manse by Meigle -- Perthshire
LENNOX of Cross Cottage Dunblane -- Perthshire
LINDSAY of Co-operative-buildings Invergowrie -- Perthshire
LINDSAY of Tower of Lethendy Meikleour -- Perthshire
LINDSAY of Witch-hill Kinnoull -- Perthshire
LIVINGSTON of Scotrea Strathtay -- Perthshire
LLOYD of Achalader Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
LOGAN of Ledlanet Barnhill -- Perthshire
LOGIE of Keir’s House Errol -- Perthshire
LORIMER of Ballycock Dalguise -- Perthshire
LOW of Bridgend House Stanley -- Perthshire
LOWRY of Pinewood Bridge of Tilt Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
LOYNES of Achray Saint Fillans -- Perthshire
LUIS of Viewfield Comrie -- Perthshire
LUMSDEN of Craig House Stanley -- Perthshire
LUNAN of 14 Cambridge-street Alyth -- Perthshire
LYLE of Glendelvine Murthly -- Perthshire
LYON of Arcuil Pitlochry -- Perthshire
MACARA of Inverearn Abernethy -- Perthshire
MACBEAN of Mount-place Scone -- Perthshire
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MacBEATH of Crianlarich -- Perthshire
MACBETH of Dalnaspidal Dalwhinnie -- Perthshire
MacCAULL of Homelea Ercol -- Perthshire
MacDIARMID of Craig Ard Killin -- Perthshire
MacDONALD of Athoil Arms Hotel Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Ballintuim House Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Ballintuim House Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Belvidere Auchterarde -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Castlehill Inchtune -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Glenorchy Callander -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Kirklands Saint Martins -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Kirklands St Martins -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Strathvenue Callander -- Perthshire
MACDONALD of Tynreich by Ballingluig -- Perthshire
MACFARLANE of 1st Division Deanston Doune -- Perthshire
MACFARLANE of Doune -- Perthshire
MACFIE of Oransay Bimam Dunkeld -- Perthshire
MACGREGOR of The Green Park Hotel Pitlochry -- Perthshire
MACGREGOR of Tighvallich Bankfoot -- Perthshire
MACINTOSH of Middleton Thornhill -- Perthshire
MacINTOSHMVO of Tayhill -- Perthshire
MACINTYRE of Bridgend House Callander -- Perthshire
MACK of Ealing Villa Rosemount Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MACKAY of Duntonlich Kinnoull -- Perthshire
MACKAY of Ellwood Birnam -- Perthshire
MACKAY of Tigh ?n Eilean Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
MACKENZIE of Craigmount Barnhill -- Perthshire
MACKIE of Mylnefield Feus Inver-gowrie -- Perthshire
MACKIE of Orchill Villa Western-road Auchtcrarder -- Perthshire
MACKIESON of Main-street Thornhill -- Perthshire
MACLACHLAN of Meikleour -- Perthshire
MacLAGAN of House of Ross Comrie -- Perthshire
MacLAREN of Ardvorlich -- Perthshire
MACLEAN of Meall Dubh Kinloch Rannocb Pitlochry -- Perthshire
MACNAUGHTON of Bailaness Grandtully -- Perthshire
MACNAUGHTON of Elmlea West Huntingtowerfield -- Perthshire
MACPHERSON of Chattan Comrie -- Perthshire
MACPHERSON of Chattan Comril -- Perthshire
MACPHERSON of Cloichfoldich Strathtay -- Perthshire
MACQUAKER of Calderwood Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
MACRORIE of The Poplars Abernethy -- Perthshire
MACTAVISH of Dundarroch Trossachs Callander -- Perthshire
MALCOLM of Auchterarder Castle Auchiterarder -- Perthshire
MALCOLM of Wortley-place Meigle -- Perthshire
MALLOCH of Upper Mains of Kinnaird Inchture -- Perthshire
MANSFIELD of Scone Palace and of Ard Choille both in -- Perthshire
MANSFIELD of Scone Palace and of Ard Choille both in -- Perthshire
MARINDIN of Fordel Glenfarg -- Perthshire
MARSHALL of Belmont Castle Meigle -- Perthshire
MARSHALL of Bleaton Hallet Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MARSHALL of Coillessan Killiecrankie -- Perthshire
MARSHALL of Coillessan Killiecrankie -- Perthshire
MARSHALL of Laurel Bank Strathtay -- Perthshire
MARSHALL of Woodhill Ballintuim Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MARTIN of Bridgeton Almondbank -- Perthshire
MARTIN of Ranworth Doune -- Perthshire
MARTIN of Ranworth Doune -- Perthshire
MARTIN of Woodlands Ruthven-street Auchterarder -- Perthshire
MASON of Old Cottage Tulloch Perth -- Perthshire
MATHER of Briar Cottage WTolfhill Cargill -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MATHIESON of Witch Hill Kinnoull Causeway -- Perthshire
MATTHEW of Craigmakerran Guildtown -- Perthshire
MATTHEWS of The Mailler Home of Rest Auchterarder -- Perthshire
MAULE of Dalesch Lodge Tummel Bridge -- Perthshire
MAXWELL of Easter Dunfallandy Pitlochry -- Perthshire
McBAIN of Exton Inchture -- Perthshire
MCBEATH of Atholl Vilia Pitlochry -- Perthshire
McCALL of Tigh-na-Craoibh Luib -- Perthshire
McCALLUM of Taymount Stanley -- Perthshire
McCRAE of Lochearrihcad Hotel Lochearnhead -- Perthshire
McDONALD of High field Pitlochry -- Perthshire
McDUFF of Tomnagrew Dunkeld -- Perthshire
McEWEN of The Cottages Deanston Doune -- Perthshire
McGLASHAN of Burnlea Ballinluig -- Perthshire
McGOWAN of Pipeweli Winchelsea Sussex and of Persie House Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
McGRATH of Erigmore Dunkeld -- Perthshire
MCGREGOR of Abemyte Inchture -- Perthshire
McGREGOR of Kinloch Rannoch -- Perthshire
McGREGOR of Main-street Almondbank -- Perthshire
MCINTOSH of Clach-Ard Bankfoot -- Perthshire
McINTOSH of The Schoolhouse Alyth -- Perthshire
McKEICH of 3 Trossachs-road Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
McKENDRICK of Dunallan Dunblane -- Perthshire
McKENZIE of Burnlea Ballingbuig -- Perthshire
MCKENZIE of Newra Farm Muthill -- Perthshire
McKERCHER of 12 Acharn Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
McKILLIGIN of Edenbank Newton-street Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MCLAREN of 139 Crieff-road Hillyland -- Perthshire
MCLAREN of Belmont Castle Eventide Home Meigle -- Perthshire
McLAREN of Dali Lodge Killin -- Perthshire
MCLAREN of Dali Lodge Killin -- Perthshire
McLAREN of Post Office House Ardtalnaig Lochtayside -- Perthshire
McLAREN of The North Manse Errol -- Perthshire
MCLEOD of Lagganallachie by Dunkeld -- Perthshire
MclNTOSH of 2 Muirhall-terrace Bridgend -- Perthshire
MclNTOSH of Cam Dris Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
MclNTOSH of Portnacraig 76 Wilson-street Craigie -- Perthshire
MclNTOSH of Railway-cottages Balcjuhidder -- Perthshire
MclNTYRE of Kindrogan Enochdhu -- Perthshire
McMARTIN of Mowen Taybridge-road Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
McNAUGHTON of Ivy Gottage Kinbuck -- Perthshire
MCNAUGHTON of The Smithy Balquhidder Strathyre -- Perthshire
MCPHERSON of Main-street Brook-place and Brook House Pitlochry -- Perthshire
McQUEEN of Terrace Cottage Doune -- Perthshire
MCTAWISH of Turrerich Amulee by Dunkeld -- Perthshire
McWHANNEL of Hilcote Glasdale Comrie -- Perthshire
McWILLIaM of Benview Thornhiff -- Perthshire
MEIKLE of Clementon Scone -- Perthshire
MEIKLE of Stratheam Leigh Crieff -- Perthshire
MEIKLE of Strathearn Leigh Crieff -- Perthshire
MeLAGCAN of Strathisla Meigle -- Perthshire
MELHADO of Dykeneuk Dunkeld -- Perthshire
MENZIES of Dalshian Auchterarder -- Perthshire
MENZIES of Glenard Glenfarg -- Perthshire
MERCER of Fonab Cottage Pitlochry -- Perthshire
MERCER of Highfield House Scone -- Perthshire
MILL of Oakfield Dunning -- Perthshire
MILLAR of Remony Lodge Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
MILLARKCMP of 18 Abercromby-placc Edinburgh and of Remony Lodge Aberkeldy -- Perthshire
MILLER of Anstonlea 20 Burrell-square Crieff -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILLER of Ardmoy -- Perthshire
MILLER of Cleeve -- Perthshire
MILLER of Dalhousie Pitlochry -- Perthshire
MILLER of Drumtochty Tavern Heriotfield Logiealmond -- Perthshire
MILLER of Duncrievie House Glenfarg -- Perthshire
MILLER of Easterhill Pitcullen -- Perthshire
MILLER of Gowanbank Highfield-road Scone -- Perthshire
MILLER of Inveraven -- Perthshire
MILLER of Olrig House Dunning -- Perthshire
MILLER of Osborne-terrace Craigie -- Perthshire
MILLER of Pitroddie Errol -- Perthshire
MILLER of Springbrae Kinnoull -- Perthshire
MILLER of Tayview Caputh Murthly -- Perthshire
MILLER of The National Bank of India Madras and Garry Cottage Stanley -- Perthshire
MILLS of Glenfarg House Abemethy -- Perthshire
MILLS of Marr Villa Confar Angus -- Perthshire
MILNE of Athole Bank Invergowrie -- Perthshire
MILNE of Melness Dunblane -- Perthshire
MILNE of Templehall Meigle -- Perthshire
MILNE of The Braem Alyth -- Perthshire
MIRRIELEES of Garth Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
MITCHELL of 15 Daire Parkrplace Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MITCHELL of Annfield Woodside Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
MITCHELL of Balnoe Perth-road Blair-gowie -- Perthshire
MITCHELL of Dalkenneth Lochearnhead -- Perthshire
MITCHELL of Easter Ross Farm Kincardine -- Perthshire
MITCHELL of Exeter Bank Balformo-road Scone -- Perthshire
MOINTYRE of Hilden Western-road Auchterarder -- Perthshire
MOIR of Aberuchill Comrie -- Perthshire
MOIR of Ruthvenfield Almondbank -- Perthshire
MOLTENO of Glenlyon House Fortingall Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
MONCRIEFF of Dundonnachie near Dunkeld -- Perthshire
MONCUR of Ardura Fair-mount-terrace Barnhill -- Perthshire
MONCUR of Countlaw Burrelton -- Perthshire
MOON of Elnagar Pitlochry -- Perthshire
MORAY of Abercaimy Crieff -- Perthshire
MORAY of Alercaimy Crieff -- Perthshire
MORGAN of Daloreck Crieff -- Perthshire
MORRIS of 8 Northlea Doune -- Perthshire
MORRIS of St Matthews Woodside Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
MORRISON of Duluth Drummond St Comrie -- Perthshire
MORRISON of Mains Farm Doune -- Perthshire
MORRISON of Rossdhal Comrie -- Perthshire
MORRISON of The Milton Comrie -- Perthshire
MORRISON of The Milton Comrie -- Perthshire
MOWBRAY of Spittalfield Murthly -- Perthshire
MUNGALL of Croftweit Crieff -- Perthshire
MUNRO of Munro s Hotel Strathyre -- Perthshire
MURDOCH of Barnet-place Auchterarder -- Perthshire
MURDOCH of Viewfield Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
MURRAY of Aberturret Crieff -- Perthshire
MURRAY of Drummonie Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
MURRAY of Milton Cottage Logiealmond -- Perthshire
MURRAY of Moorlands Whitelea-road Burrelton Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
MURRAY of Newlands Scone -- Perthshire
NASMYTH of Glen Farg House Abemethy -- Perthshire
NEWBIGGING of 29 Heriot-row Edinburgh and of Dalchonzie Comrie -- Perthshire
NEWLANDS of The School House Inver-gowrie -- Perthshire
NICOL of The Firs Craigie -- Perthshire
NICOLL of Bendarroch Strathtay -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NICOLSON of Ballathie Stanley -- Perthshire
NICOLSON of Broomhill near Stanley -- Perthshire
NICOLSON of Mains of Pitfour Glencarse -- Perthshire
NIGOLL of 4 Queen-street Craigie -- Perthshire
NISBET of Barden Ferntower-road Crieff -- Perthshire
NISH of Lynedoch View Langley -- Perthshire
NOAD of Bankhead Kinnoull -- Perthshire
NORTHEY of East Mains Callender -- Perthshire
OGG of Finnart Lodge Rannoch Station -- Perthshire
OGILVY of Ballyoukan Lodge Pitlochry -- Perthshire
OLIPHANT of Ardblair Castle Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
OMOND of Abernyte House Abernyte Inchture -- Perthshire
OSBORN of Fingask Errol -- Perthshire
PALLMAN of Railway Sidings Church Gresley -- Perthshire
PANNELL of Viewfield Bankfoot -- Perthshire
PANTON of Murthly -- Perthshire
PANTON of Stormont Murthly -- Perthshire
PANTON of The Cottage Dunira Comrie -- Perthshire
PATERSON of Millhill House Inchture -- Perthshire
PATERSON of Watston Farm Doune -- Perthshire
PATON of Glenara Methven -- Perthshire
PATON of Lorachan Callander -- Perthshire
PATON of Meikle Obney Bankfoot -- Perthshire
PATRICK of 59 Stir-ling-street Blackford -- Perthshire
PATRICK of Eastend Cottage Gartmore -- Perthshire
PATTERSON of Eden Cottage Newton of Pitcairn Dunning -- Perthshire
PATTON of Denbank House Methven -- Perthshire
PATTULLO of Foxhall Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
PAUL of St Margarets Hospital Auchterarder -- Perthshire
PEDDIE of Oakdale Henghfiekl-road Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
PENNEY of Tighantavi Strathtay -- Perthshire
PERKINS of The Neuk Dalginross Comrie -- Perthshire
PHILP of Tormaukin Hotel Glendevon -- Perthshire
PICKARD of Hazelbank Auchterarder -- Perthshire
PICTON of Library House Innerpeffray Crieff -- Perthshire
POLLOCK of Bella Vista Victoria-road Scone -- Perthshire
POTTER of Femdale Invergowrie -- Perthshire
PRESTON of Drumore Blairgowrie Perthshire
PRINGLE of Dunvalanrigh Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
PRINGLE of Invercloy Donne-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
PRINGLE of Invercloy Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
PRUCE of Blyth Hill Chapel-street Alyth -- Perthshire
PULLAR of Glenfarg House Abernethy -- Perthshire
RAE of Douglas Field Murthly -- Perthshire
RAE of The Manse Redgorton Luncarty -- Perthshire
RAITT of Redcroft Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
RAMSAY of Clievden Station-road Invergowrie -- Perthshire
RAMSAY of Clievden Station-road Invergowrie -- Perthshire
RAMSAY of Farleyer by Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
RAMSAY of Langlands Woodside Coupar Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
REA of East Leys Errol -- Perthshire
READ of Dochart House Killin -- Perthshire
REID of 3 Kinnaird Bank Craigie -- Perthshire
REID of Culmore Glenfarg -- Perthshire
REID of Duncrieve Glenfarg -- Perthshire
REID of Forebank New Rattray Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
REID of Moulineam Ballinluig -- Perthshire
REID of Mouliream Ballinluig -- Perthshire
REID of Tighnault Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
RENNIE of Batlisliesk Muckpart -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RENNIE of The Manse Forteviot -- Perthshire
RITCHIE of Dalnaglar Crieff -- Perthshire
RIVERA of Muirton Auchterarder -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of 1 Alba-place Pitlochry -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of 1 Broich-terrace Crieff -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of 2 Wilson-street Craigie -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of 21 Strathmore-street Bridgend -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Abeicaviney -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Bailaness Grand- tully -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Craglee Callander -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Craigielea St Mar-garets-drive Dunblane -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Crossgates Inchture -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Crossgates Inchture -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Crossgates Inchture -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Edradynate Strathtay -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Fothergill Balhousie -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Glengaur House Bankfoot -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Hawthomden Perth-road Crieff -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Hillhead Ballinluig -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Kirkhill Cottage Caputh -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Maybank Scone -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Muirhead Farm House Dunning -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Oakbank Muthill -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Percy-street Stanley -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Strathord Inn Stanley -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of The Comer House Bridge of Tilt Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of The Knowes Dunning -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Trinafour -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Waterside Cottage Mill Row Dunblane -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Waterside Cottage Mill Row Dunblane -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of West End Cottage Inchture -- Perthshire
ROBERTSON of Yew Cottage Cairneyhill Bankfoot -- Perthshire
ROBINSON of Rosemount Pitlochry -- Perthshire
ROBSON of Glenmane Cottage Callander -- Perthshire
RODGER of 1 Laurel Bank Bridgend Perthshire
RODGER of Burnside Methven -- Perthshire
ROE of Ardess Bridgend Callander -- Perthshire
ROGERSON of Rokeby Dunblane -- Perthshire
ROGERSON of Rokeby Dunblane -- Perthshire
ROSE of Ballechin Ballinluig -- Perthshire
ROSS of Craigend Cottage Methven -- Perthshire
ROUGVIE of St Kessogs Manse Comrie -- Perthshire
ROWLAND of Ashwood Ferntower-road Crieff -- Perthshire
ROY of Ochtergaen Prieston-road Bankfoot -- Perthshire
ROY of St Ives Perth-road Crieff -- Perthshire
RUSSELL of Ard Choille Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
RUSSELL of Glencarne Kinnoull -- Perthshire
RUSSELL of Laverockbank Logiealmond -- Perthshire
RUSSELL of The Inn Main-street Invergowrie -- Perthshire
RUSSELL of The Rectory Ardmay Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
RUTHERFORD of Perth District Asylum Murthly -- Perthshire
RYCROFT of Dalveagh Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
SALMOND of Arngash Glenfarg -- Perthshire
SCOTT of 2 Abbot-street Craigie -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Altamont Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Balgowan House Methven -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Broomfield Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Dryburgh House Lochee Angus and of Northlands Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Duriros Strathtay -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Eastwood Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCOTT of Glenmane Callender -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Portend Port of Menteith -- Perthshire
SCOTT of Scotrea Strathbay -- Perthshire
SCRIMGEOUR of Belford Lynedoch-road Scone -- Perthshire
SCRIMGEOUR of Doune Lodge Doune -- Perthshire
SCRIMGEOUR of Drumfork by Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SCROGGIE of Abbotsford Lodge Callander -- Perthshire
SCULLARD of Murrayfield Crieff -- Perthshire
SEATON of 7 Hill-terrace Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SEAWELL of Balgowan -- Perthshire
SEWELL of Wellbank Caimeyhill Bankfoot -- Perthshire
SHAND of Pitkeathly Villa Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
SHANKS of Hallyards Meigle -- Perthshire
SHARP of 8 Brougham-street Edinburgh and of I ennoch Comrie -- Perthshire
SHARP of Mull of Ogilvie Blackford -- Perthshire
SHARP of Woodend Madderty -- Perthshire
SHAW of Duneam Perth-road Auchterarder -- Perthshire
SHAW of The Knowe Rosemount Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SIBBALD of Stanley -- Perthshire
SIM of The Manse Cargill Meikleour -- Perthshire
SIME of Auld House Crieff -- Perthshire
SINCLAIR of Balerno Auchterarder -- Perthshire
SINCLAIR of Drummonds Fold Auchterarder -- Perthshire
SINCLAIR of Greenyetts Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
SINCLAIR of Morenish Lodge Killin -- Perthshire
SLESSER of Littlebridge Callander -- Perthshire
SLOAN of Kinkell House by Auchterarder -- Perthshire
SMART of Guthrie Peels estate Woy-Woy near Sydney New South Wales and Murray House Gartmore -- Perthshire
SMITH of 14 Queen s-avenue Craigie -- Perthshire
SMITH of Allt-an-Fhionn St Fillans -- Perthshire
SMITH of Blairhullichan Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
SMITH of F ortingall Hotel Fortingall Perthshire
SMITH of Hazelbank Auchterarder -- Perthshire
SMITH of Hillcrest 21 Kincarrathie-crescent -- Perthshire
SMITH of Lanercost Callander -- Perthshire
SMITH of Mount Tabor Kinnoull -- Perthshire
SMITH of Rosedale Cambridge-street Alyth -- Perthshire
SMITH of South Inchmichael Errol -- Perthshire
SMITH of Strathearn Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
SMITH of Taighsgoil Weem Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
SMITH of The James Murrays Royal Asylum Perth -- Perthshire
SMITH of the Old Schoolhouse Glenlednock Comrie -- Perthshire
SMITH of Woodville Abbey-road Scone -- Perthshire
SMYTHE of Moulin Almond Almondbank -- Perthshire
SOMERVILLE of Benula Rosemount Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SOWERBY of Murrayshall Scone -- Perthshire
SPALDING of Gleann Maine Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
SPARKS of Kinnaird Bank Craigie -- Perthshire
SPEID of Forneth Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
SPEIR of Culdees Castle -- Perthshire
SPEIRS of Whitehill Greenloaning Braco -- Perthshire
SPENCE of Tullybelton Bankfoot -- Perthshire
SPRUNT of Hall-place Bankfoot -- Perthshire
STALKER of Bella Vista Scone -- Perthshire
STALKER of Muirton Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
STAPYLTON of Pitcairns Dunning -- Perthshire
STARK of Drumcrea Stanley -- Perthshire
STEELE of 32 Abbot-street Craigie -- Perthshire
STEELE of Inverearn Comrie -- Perthshire
STENHOUSE of Wester Keltie Dunning -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STEVEN of Holmvale Airlie-place Alyth -- Perthshire
STEWART of Auchindoune St Fillans -- Perthshire
STEWART of Bridgend Dunkeld -- Perthshire
STEWART of Bruaich Bhar Boltachan Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
STEWART of Craig Appen Comrie -- Perthshire
STEWART of Crianlarich-and-Tyndrum -- Perthshire
STEWART of Druimchuim Strathtay -- Perthshire
STEWART of Glenfernate-by-Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
STEWART of Laggan Strathyre -- Perthshire
STEWART of Loonbrae Rathay Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
STEWART of Post Office Meikleour -- Perthshire
STEWART of Strathlyn Callander -- Perthshire
STEWART of Tighvallich Bankfoot -- Perthshire
STEWART of Tirinie Lodge Blair Atholl -- Perthshire
STIRLING of Keir Dunblane -- Perthshire
STITT of Cardean Meigle -- Perthshire
STOCKLEY of Viewbank Dunning -- Perthshire
STRACHAN of Eamview Glenfoot Abernethy -- Perthshire
STRACHAN of The Elms Longforgan -- Perthshire
STRANG of Rossbank Thornhill -- Perthshire
STUART of Acarsaid Pitlochry Perthshire
STUART of The Rectory Comrie -- Perthshire
SUTHERLAND of Knowehead Crieff -- Perthshire
SUTHERLAND of Seamab-villa Muckhart -- Perthshire
SWAN of Altamont Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
SWAN of The Birches Comrie-road Crieff -- Perthshire
SWANN of Hillcrest Connaught-terrace Crieff -- Perthshire
SWINTON of Pitlochry Hydro Hotel Pitlochry -- Perthshire
TAINSH of Benhalton Dundas-street Comrie -- Perthshire
TASKER of Regentville Meigle -- Perthshire
TAYLOR of 11 Muirhail-road Perth -- Perthshire
TAYLOR of 140 High-street and of 70 Glasgow-road both in Perth -- Perthshire
TAYLOR of Glencairn Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
TAYLOR of Kildrummie Methven -- Perthshire
TAYLOR of Mylnefield Invergowrie -- Perthshire
TAYLOR of St. Margarets Ferntower Place Crieff -- Perthshire
TAYLOR of The Bridge Methven -- Perthshire
THOM of 6 Brook-street Bath and of Crieff -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Ainslie Poultry Farm Callander -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Craignuisg Ballinluig -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Culdees Castle Muthill -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Kippen House Dunning -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Medical Hall The Cross Doune -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Moncreiffe Arms Hotel Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Rathlin Comrie -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Redhills Methven -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Rossearn Comrie -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Schoolhouse Foss Pitlochry -- Perthshire
THOMSON of The Barracks Rannoch -- Perthshire
THOMSON of The Hermitage Huntingtower -- Perthshire
THOMSON of The Lilacs Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
THOMSON of Ventnor High-street Auchterarder -- Perthshire
TODD of Craigower Victoria-terrace Crieff -- Perthshire
TODD of Isle of Gorthy by Crieff -- Perthshire
TODD of Isle of Gorthy by Crieff -- Perthshire
TRAIL of Kinloch Rannoch -- Perthshire
TREASURER of 151 High-street Auchterarder -- Perthshire
TREVOR of East Haugh. Pitlochry -- Perthshire
TROUNCE of The Cinema Flat Crieff -- Perthshire
TUDHOPE of Glencairn Doune-road Dunblane -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TURNBULL of Balformo House Scone -- Perthshire
TURNBULL of The Bield Perth-road Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
TURNBULL of Tremont James-street Stanley -- Perthshire
TWIST of Parkneuk Innerpeffray near Crieff -- Perthshire
URQUHART of Laburnum Cottage Burghmuir -- Perthshire
VASS of 23 Wilson-street Craigie -- Perthshire
VENTERS of Wester Ballinloan Trochiy Strathyre -- Perthshire
WALDRON of East Haugh Pitlochry -- Perthshire
WALKER of Ferwaldon Dunkeld -- Perthshire
WALKER of Loch Leven Cottage Stanley -- Perthshire
WALKER of Meckphin Methven -- Perthshire
WALKER of Perth-road Dunning -- Perthshire
WALKER of West End Dairy Pitlochry -- Perthshire
WALLACE of Balgarvie Villa Scone -- Perthshire
WALLACE of Gowanfield Dalginross Comrie -- Perthshire
WALLACE of Laurel Villa Perth-road Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
WALLACE of Strathlyn Callander -- Perthshire
WALLS of Alderburn Lochearnhead -- Perthshire
WALTERS of Waterloo Bankfoot -- Perthshire
WANKLYN of Ellangowan Meigle -- Perthshire
WARNOCK of Gateside Meikleour -- Perthshire
WARRICK of Fernbank Comrie -- Perthshire
WATERSON of Craig House Stanley -- Perthshire
WATSON of Inchyra House Glenfarg -- Perthshire
WATSON of Maryfield Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
WATSON of Pinewood Hotel Callander -- Perthshire
WATT of The Howff Banff-road Alyth -- Perthshire
WEBSTER of Norwood Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
WEDDERBURN of Invermay Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
WEDDERBURN of Silvie Alyth -- Perthshire
WEDDERSPOON of Birchbank Balbeggie -- Perthshire
WEDDERSPOON of Birchbank Balbeggie -- Perthshire
WELCH of Sunnyside Cottage Errol -- Perthshire
WESTWOOD of Dalreoch Dunning -- Perthshire
WESTWOOD of Dalreoch Dunning -- Perthshire
WHITE of Craigmore Strathyre -- Perthshire
WHITTON of Ard Choille St Fillans -- Perthshire
WHITWORTH of Tirinie House by Aberfeldy -- Perthshire
WHYTE of Cairnie House Blackford -- Perthshire
WHYTE of Thigh-Bhain 5 Hunter-street Auchterarder -- Perthshire
WILKIE of Kingoodie House Invergowrie -- Perthshire
WILKIE of Maryfield Meigle -- Perthshire
WILLIAMSON of Clunie Abernethy -- Perthshire
WILLIAMSON of The Cottage Braco -- Perthshire
WILLIS of Kiltane Dunblane -- Perthshire
WILSON of Allt-an-Fhionn StJFillans -- Perthshire
WILSON of Ardgaith Glencarse -- Perthshire
WILSON of Belmont Castle Meigle -- Perthshire
WILSON of Cross Cottage Scone -- Perthshire
WILSON of Deanston Doune -- Perthshire
WILSON of Innernytie Stanley -- Perthshire
WILSON of Mafeking Villa Bridge of Earn -- Perthshire
WILSON of The Birnam Hotel Birnam Dunkeld -- Perthshire
WOOD of Inveream Comrie -- Perthshire
WOOD of Keithick Coupar Angus -- Perthshire
WOOD of Tyreloan Cottage Gartmore -- Perthshire
WOTHERSPOON of 1 Dupplin-road Pitcullen -- Perthshire
WRIGHT of Ardnahane Crieff -- Perthshire
WRIGHT of East Manse Rattray Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
WRIGHT of Methven -- Perthshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WRIGHT of Pittachar Crieff -- Perthshire
WRIGHT of The Cottage Llanwern Monmouthshire and of CreayMhor Lodge Aberfoyle -- Perthshire
WYBRANTS of The Cottage Rosemount Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
WYLIE of Meikle Obney Bankfoot -- Perthshire
WYLLIE of Manse of Auchtergaven Bankfoot -- Perthshire
YOUNG of !Auchnaguie Tullymet Ballinluig -- Perthshire
YOUNG of 21 Allan-street Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
YOUNG of 66 Townhead Auchterarder -- Perthshire
YOUNG of Belvidere Auchterarder -- Perthshire
YOUNG of Hill House Blairgowrie -- Perthshire
YOUNG of West Tempar Kinloch Rannoch -- Perthshire

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