Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Bodmin is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of 31 Pool-street -- Bodmin
ABBOTT of Costislost Cottage Washaway -- Bodmin
ABBOTT of Pencarrow Lower Lodge Washaway -- Bodmin
ADAMS of 31 Castle-street -- Bodmin
ALFORD of Windsor -- Bodmin
ALLEN of 18 Corporation-terrace -- Bodmin
ALLEN of 27 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
ALLEN of 3 Stanleyrterrace -- Bodmin
ALLEN of 39 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
ANDERSON of North Hill Port Isaac -- Bodmin
ANGELL of Chapel House St. Tudy -- Bodmin
ANGILLEY of the Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
ARTHUR of Oke Woon Lanivet -- Bodmin
ATCHLEY of Chy-an-bron St Tudy -- Bodmin
AUGAR of The Cottage Lanivet -- Bodmin
AUSTIN of 86 Fore-street -- Bodmin
AUSTIN of The Chaplaincy -- Bodmin
AVENT of Redmoor -- Bodmin
BAKER of Dunstone Westheath-avenue -- Bodmin
BALDEY of St Margarets Beacon-road -- Bodmin
BALDEY of St. Margarets Beacon-road -- Bodmin
BALDOCK of The Hillyers -- Bodmin
BARON of Hazeldene -- Bodmin
BARON of Hazeldene 59 Saint Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
BARON of Pendower -- Bodmin
BARRIBLE of Crinnicks-lane -- Bodmin
BARTLETT of Lamorrick Lanivet -- Bodmin
BATE of Crinnicks-terrace -- Bodmin
BATTEN of Tresmere Launceston-road -- Bodmin
BAWDEN of 1 Westheath Villas -- Bodmin
BENNETT of 1 Flora-terrace -- Bodmin
BENNETT of 7 Agar-terrace -- Bodmin
BENNY of Berry Tower House -- Bodmin
BEST of Tor Temple -- Bodmin
BESWETHERICK of 7 Corporation-terrace St. Marys-road -- Bodmin
BICKLE of Penforda St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
BICKNELL of The Beeches Turfdown -- Bodmin
BIDDICK of Elm-grove -- Bodmin
BINDON of 4 Whitestone-cottages -- Bodmin
BLAKE of Lancorla St Wenn -- Bodmin
BLAND of Helland Rectory -- Bodmin
BLIGHT of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
BOND of 46 Fore-street -- Bodmin
BOND of Mill-street -- Bodmin
BOND of Woodside Hoopers Bridge -- Bodmin
BOUNDEY of 57 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
BOWDEN of -- Bodmin
BRAY of 7 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
BRAY of Middle Bbscame Farm Nanstallon -- Bodmin
BRAY of Mill-street -- Bodmin
BRAY of St Leonards -- Bodmin
BRAYWilliam of 7 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
BRENTON of 20 Downing-street -- Bodmin
BREWER of 14 Beacon-road -- Bodmin
BREWER of 56 Fore-street -- Bodmin
BREWER of 56 Fore-street -- Bodmin
BRICKNELL of St Hilary -- Bodmin
BRICKNELL of St. Hilary St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
BROAD of 3 Agar-terrace -- Bodmin
BROOM of St Cyros Luxulyan -- Bodmin
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROWN of 3 Bore-street -- Bodmin
BROWN of 86 Fore-street -- Bodmin
BROWN of 86 Fore-street -- Bodmin
BURDEN of 38 Pool-street -- Bodmin
BURGE of 6 Clifden-terrace -- Bodmin
BURROW of 44 Pool-street -- Bodmin
BURT of St. Anthonys Chapel-lane -- Bodmin
BUTLER of Colewell Lanivet -- Bodmin
BUTTON of Town Farm St. Tudy -- Bodmin
CADDY of Struland Tresarrett Blisland -- Bodmin
CARBINES of 16 Bumards-lane -- Bodmin
CARDELL of The Friaries -- Bodmin
CARLYON of Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
CARLYON of Somerville -- Bodmin
CARPENTER of Prospect Cottage -- Bodmin
CARTER of 22 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
CARTER of Bodwen Helland -- Bodmin
CATFORD of The Retreat St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
CHADDER of 6 Coronation-terrace St Marys-road -- Bodmin
CHAMPION of Holland Bridge Helland -- Bodmin
CHAPMAN of 24 Downing-street -- Bodmin
CHAPMAN of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
CHAPMAN of Ivydene -- Bodmin
CHAPMAN of Tremoore Lanivet -- Bodmin
CHARLES of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
CHILLINGWORTH of 41 St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
CLARKE of Windsor House Castle Hill -- Bodmin
CLEAVE of 2 Berricombe-road -- Bodmin
CLEAVE of Tremore Valley -- Bodmin
COAD of Colgear Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
COAD of Cutmadoc Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
COAD of Pengale Westheath-avenue -- Bodmin
COAD of Trebayn Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
COCKS of 4 Pool-street -- Bodmin
COLLINS of Church-square -- Bodmin
COLLINS of Saint Gurons -- Bodmin
COLLINS of St. Margarets 2 Flora-terrace Beacon-road -- Bodmin
COLLINS of Trewardale -- Bodmin
COLLINS of Trewardale -- Bodmin
COLVELL of Sunnybanks -- Bodmin
COLWILL of 38 Bore-street -- Bodmin
CONNOR of St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
COOPER of 15 Beacon-road -- Bodmin
COPPIN of Holmwood -- Bodmin
CORY of The County Hospital Town End -- Bodmin
COUCH of 10 Honey-street -- Bodmin
COX of Elderbush St. Mabyn -- Bodmin
CROCKER of -- Bodmin
CROWLE of 4 Cribbage-terrace -- Bodmin
CRUDDAS of St. Annes -- Bodmin
CURTIS of 8 Harleigh-terrace -- Bodmin
DABB of 7 St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
DANGERFIELD of 1 Flaxmoor-terrace Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
DANIELL of The Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
DARTON of 4 St Marys -road -- Bodmin
DAVEY of Ferriby Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
DAVEY of St. Leonards -- Bodmin
DAVEY of The County Hospital -- Bodmin
DAVIES of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
DAVIES of Morton Villa Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DAW of the Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
DAWE of 37 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
DENMAN of 3 Turf-street -- Bodmin
DEVONSHIRE of -- Bodmin
DINSMORE of Yewberry House Yewberry-tcrrace -- Bodmin
DOWRICK of Honey-street -- Bodmin
DRAYDON of Castle Villa Castle Hill -- Bodmin
DRAYDON of Castle Villa Castle Hill -- Bodmin
DRAYDON of Castle Villa Castle-street -- Bodmin
DRAYDON of Dunromin Nanstallon -- Bodmin
DRAYDON of Dunromin Nanstallon -- Bodmin
DREW of 3 Prospect-terrace Crinnicks Hill -- Bodmin
DUMBLE of Rhind-street -- Bodmin
DUNSTAN of West Villa St. Mabyn -- Bodmin
DYMOND of Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
EAD of Brighton Water Cardinham -- Bodmin
EASTERBROOK of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
EDMONDS of Chelston Cottage -- Bodmin
EDYVEAN of Westberry -- Bodmin
EDYVEAN of Westberry -- Bodmin
EDYVEAN of Westberry -- Bodmin
EDYVEAN of Westberry -- Bodmin
ELEY of The County Hospital -- Bodmin
ELFORD of 29 Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
ELLERY of 5 Cribbage-terrace Burnards-lane -- Bodmin
ESDAILE of Tregustick Withiel -- Bodmin
EVERETT of 58 Fore-street -- Bodmin
EVERETT of 58 Fore-street -- Bodmin
FINN of Community of The Sacred Heart Convent of Our Lady of Mercy -- Bodmin
FINUCANE of The Cornwall Hospital -- Bodmin
FORD of 3 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
FORD of 3 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
FORD of Rosedale Lostwithiel-road -- Bodmin
FOSTER of Coombe Mill St Breward -- Bodmin
FOSTER of Polgwin -- Bodmin
FOX of Stephengelly -- Bodmin
FURMINGER of -- Bodmin
GAHAN of Trebawn St Tudy -- Bodmin
GARLAND of Bodmin
GARTER of Bodmin
GEORGE of Green-lane -- Bodmin
GEORGE of Locarno St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
GEORGE of Locarno St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
GEORGE of Lynwood -- Bodmin
GIBBONS of Whitewell St. Treath -- Bodmin
GILBERT of Penlee Harleigh-road -- Bodmin
GILL of 26 Halgavor View -- Bodmin
GILLON of The Garland Ox Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
GODDARD of Highclere Blisland -- Bodmin
GOODFELLOW of Golden Bank Nanstallon -- Bodmin
GOSS of -- Bodmin
GOSS of 23 Honey-street -- Bodmin
GOSS of 49 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
GOUDGE of Rosedale -- Bodmin
GOVETT of St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
GREEN of Rectory Cottage Withiel -- Bodmin
GREEN of The Cornwall County Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
GREEN of Towerhill 6 Castle-street -- Bodmin
GREENAWAY of Lease Blisland -- Bodmin
GREENAWAY of Pendrift Farm Blisland -- Bodmin
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GREENAWAY of Penrhita -- Bodmin
GREGORY of Springfield St. Breward -- Bodmin
GRIFFIN of 4 Plas Nevvydd -- Bodmin
GRIGG of Castle Hill -- Bodmin
GROSE of Fernleigh 24 Town End -- Bodmin
GULLAND of the Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
HALL of the Cornwall County Asylum -- Bodmin
HAM of 31 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
HAM of 31 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
HANCOCK of -- Bodmin
HANCOCK of 22 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
HANCOCK of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
HARDING of 23 St Leonards-terrace -- Bodmin
HARPER of Bodwen Helland -- Bodmin
HARPER of Riverside Blisland -- Bodmin
HARPER of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
HARPER of Yewberry Berry-lane -- Bodmin
HARRIS of 19 Halgavor View -- Bodmin
HARRIS of Priors Bam Farm -- Bodmin
HARRIS of Priors Bam Farm -- Bodmin
HARRIS of School House St. Teath -- Bodmin
HARRIS of Trelill -- Bodmin
HARVEY of 93 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
HAWKE of Fore-street -- Bodmin
HAWKE of Town Wall -- Bodmin
HAWKEN of 2 Castle-street -- Bodmin
HAWKEN of Glynn-view -- Bodmin
HAWKEN of Jhe Gardens Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
HAWKEN of Lanhydrock Gardens Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
HAWKEY of 4 Pleasant View Saint Tudy -- Bodmin
HAWKEY of Trewithen St Wenn -- Bodmin
HAWKINS of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
HEARN of 14 Clifden-terrace -- Bodmin
HEARN of 3 Salisbury-terrace -- Bodmin
HEARN of Crockwell-street -- Bodmin
HELLER of Green View Churchtown Lanivet -- Bodmin
HELSTON of Town Wall -- Bodmin
HEMBEROW of The East Cornwall Hospital -- Bodmin
HENDERSON of 2 St Leonards-terrace -- Bodmin
HENDERSON of 2 St. Leonards-terrace -- Bodmin
HENWOOD of 9 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
HENWOOD of Chy-an-Gwel Westheath-avenue -- Bodmin
HENWOOD of The Smithy Lanlivery -- Bodmin
HICKS of 72 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
HICKS of Berry House -- Bodmin
HICKS of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
HICKS of Riverside St. Wenn -- Bodmin
HICKS of The Mental Institution -- Bodmin
HICMAN of Robartes-road -- Bodmin
HIGGS of Redmoor -- Bodmin
HILL of Tregonna Little Petherick St Issey -- Bodmin
HISCOCKS of Bodmin Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
HOAR of 3 Council Houses Sweetshouse Lanlivery -- Bodmin
HOCKEN of Trenarth Harleigh-road -- Bodmin
HOCKING of 27 St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
HOCKING of St Nieholas-street -- Bodmin
HODGE of Ringford St Tudy -- Bodmin
HODGE of The Cornwall Institution -- Bodmin
HOLE of 1 Elm-grove Cardell-road -- Bodmin
HOLE of 8 St. Leonaxds-terrace -- Bodmin
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HOLMAN of 22 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
HOLMAN of Pendrift Blisland -- Bodmin
HONY of Yewberry -- Bodmin
HOOPER of 10 Clifden-terrace -- Bodmin
HOOPER of 10 Clifton-terrace -- Bodmin
HOOPER of Trethome -- Bodmin
HORE of Ruthern -- Bodmin
HORE of Ruthern -- Bodmin
HORE of Trehere -- Bodmin
HORE of Trehere St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
HOSKIN of 15 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
HOSKIN of Mount Charles Cottage Washaway -- Bodmin
HOSKIN of Trehghts -- Bodmin
HUGHES of The Post Office St. Mabyn -- Bodmin
HUGO of Gold Bank Nanstallon -- Bodmin
HUGO of Goldbank Farm Nanstallon -- Bodmin
HUGO of Pool-street -- Bodmin
HUSBAND of Bridges Lusculyan -- Bodmin
HUTCHIESON of Helland Rectory -- Bodmin
IRONS of Tregenna Blisland -- Bodmin
JACKSON of Royal-Hotel Fore-street -- Bodmin
JAGO of 25 Honey-street -- Bodmin
JAMES of Kirland Farm -- Bodmin
JAMES of Little Kirland -- Bodmin
JAMES of Trevillion Westheath-avenue -- Bodmin
JAMIESON of 38 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
JANE of 16 Crockwell-street -- Bodmin
JANE of Crinnicks House Crinnicks Hill -- Bodmin
JEFFERY of 61 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
JOHNS of Castle Hill Lanivet -- Bodmin
JOHNS of Cornwall Hospital -- Bodmin
JOHNSON of 3 Ivy-cottages Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
JOLL of 14 Jubllee-terrace -- Bodmin
JONES of The County Hospital -- Bodmin
JONES of Tregellist St. Kew -- Bodmin
JOYCE of Fairmount Harleigh-road -- Bodmin
JULIAN of Churchtown Withiel -- Bodmin
JULIAN of Tolverne -- Bodmin
JULYAN of 1 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
KEAT of Green-lane -- Bodmin
KEENE of Pendoggett -- Bodmin
KELLOW of 3 Plas Newyd -- Bodmin
KELLY of 3 Westheath Villas -- Bodmin
KELSEY of 5 Westheath Villas St Marys-road -- Bodmin
KEMP of 1 St Leonards Cottages -- Bodmin
KENDALL of 7 Fore-street -- Bodmin
KENDALL of 8 Clifden-terrace -- Bodmin
KENNEY of 10 Crockwell-street -- Bodmin
KERBY of The Cornwall Hospital -- Bodmin
KESTEL of 6 Western-terrace -- Bodmin
KINSMAN of 58 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
KNIGHT of 21 St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
KNIGHT of 35 St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
KNIGHT of Cork Ruthem Bridge -- Bodmin
KNIGHT of Cork Ruthern Bridge -- Bodmin
KNIGHT of St Nicholas Gate -- Bodmin
KNIGHT of Tredinnick Valley Lanlivery -- Bodmin
LANDER of 50 Pool-street -- Bodmin
LANDER of Saint Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
LANG of Polpry Blisland -- Bodmin
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LAVERY of 1 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
LAWRANCE of Kilworth Flora-terrace -- Bodmin
LAWRY of 1 Trelawn Mount iWarleggan -- Bodmin
LEAN of Carminnow Cross -- Bodmin
LEAN of Dunkeld -- Bodmin
LEAN of Dunkeld -- Bodmin
LEAN of Mount Pleasant Lanlivery -- Bodmin
LIDDELL of Bodmin
LIDDELL of St Petrocs-villa -- Bodmin
LIDDELL of The Crossways 6 Church-square -- Bodmin
LILLINGTON of 13 Beacon Hill -- Bodmin
LITTLETON of South View Rhind-street -- Bodmin
LOAM of Coldscent Farm Blisland -- Bodmin
LOBB of 22 Berrycoombe-road -- Bodmin
LUCAS of Pen-heyst St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
LYNE of St Aidan?s -- Bodmin
LYNE of St. Aidans St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
MAGOR of NankivelL House 1 Beacon-road -- Bodmin
MAJOR of 17 Honey-street -- Bodmin
MALLETT of 4 Elm-grove -- Bodmin
MALLINSON of Kingberry Cottage Rhind-street -- Bodmin
MANATON of 15 Corporation-terrace -- Bodmin
MARSHALL of 20 St Leonards -- Bodmin
MARSHALL of Margate -- Bodmin
MARTIN of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
MASTERS of Bradford Farm St. Breward -- Bodmin
MASTERS of Delank Farm -- Bodmin
MASTERS of Lower Bradford Blisland -- Bodmin
MATHEWS of 2 Pool-street -- Bodmin
MATHEWS of 3 burnards-terrace -- Bodmin
MAY of 3 Turf-street -- Bodmin
MAY of Coombe Farm Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
McCOLL of 3 Flora-terrace -- Bodmin
MCCROSSAN of West Ruthem -- Bodmin
MENHINICK of Barn-lane -- Bodmin
MERRIFIELD of Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
METGE of Cottonwood -- Bodmin
MEWTON of 17 St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
MILLER of 6 Green-lanes-estate -- Bodmin
MITCHINSON of -- Bodmin
MOFFATT of 3 Brownlow-place -- Bodmin
MOFFATT of Pool-street -- Bodmin
MOFFATT of Pool-street -- Bodmin
MONO of Berry Cottage -- Bodmin
MORRISH of 18 Pool-street -- Bodmin
MORSE of Castle Hill House -- Bodmin
MUDGE of Trecot Pound-lane -- Bodmin
MUDGE of Trecot Pound-lane -- Bodmin
MULLINS of Higher Penquite St. Breward -- Bodmin
MURPHY of Hillside Lanivet -- Bodmin
NAISH of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
NANKIVELL of Higher Town St. Tudy -- Bodmin
NAPTON of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
NAPTON of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
NICHOLSON of St Faiths 45 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
NORRIS of The Elms -- Bodmin
OATEN of Belle Vue Bungalow St. Kew -- Bodmin
OLIVER of Creary Farm Lanlivery -- Bodmin
OLIVER of Dunstaple Launceston-road -- Bodmin
OLIVER of Norton Farm -- Bodmin
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
OLVER of Plasnewyd House -- Bodmin
OSBORNE of Rosenaimon St. Wenn -- Bodmin
OSBORNE of The Retreat Lanivet -- Bodmin
OWEN of 2 Stanley-terrace -- Bodmin
PAGE of Suffolk House -- Bodmin
PAGE of Suffolk House -- Bodmin
PARKIN of Pendewey -- Bodmin
PARNELL of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
PARR of 6 Halgavor-view -- Bodmin
PARTINGTON of 7 Normanby-street -- Bodmin
PAWLEY of 14b- Married Quarters Victoria Barracks -- Bodmin
PEARCE of 13 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
PEARCE of 2 Boscame View Nanstallon -- Bodmin
PEARCE of 36 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
PEARCE of 36 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
PEARCE of 87 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
PEARCE of Reperry Manor Farm Lanivet -- Bodmin
PEARCE of Rhind-street -- Bodmin
PEARCE of The Smithy Blisland -- Bodmin
PEARCE of Well Spring Cottage 10 Poundi-lane -- Bodmin
PEARCE of West End Stores 57 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
PEARCE of Wyelands Launceston-road -- Bodmin
PELLOW of Tregear -- Bodmin
PERKIN of Bodmin
PERRYMAN of 2 Pleasant-view Nanstallon -- Bodmin
PETERS of 1 Russell-place Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
PETERS of 9 Agar-terrace -- Bodmin
PETHYBRIDGE of Heather Ley -- Bodmin
PETHYBRIDGE of Heather-Ley -- Bodmin
PHILLIPS of 2 Clifden-terrace -- Bodmin
PHILLIPS of Hendra Withiel -- Bodmin
PHILLIPS of Ivy Cottage Plas Newydd-terrace -- Bodmin
PHILP of Inglecroft -- Bodmin
PILKINGTON of The Gables Saint Tudy -- Bodmin
PILTER of Riversmead Helland Bridge -- Bodmin
POLKINHORN of Higher Laveddon Cottage -- Bodmin
POMEROY of 6 Agar-terrace -- Bodmin
POPE of 13 Robartes-road -- Bodmin
POPE of 5 Pool-street -- Bodmin
POPE of Barrington Nanstallon -- Bodmin
PRATER of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
PRESTON of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
QUINTRELL of Blowing House -- Bodmin
RABY of Manor House St. Issey -- Bodmin
RADCLIFFE of Trewame Cottage Trehill -- Bodmin
RADY of 30 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
RAPSON of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
READING of -- Bodmin
REEVE of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
REEVE of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
RENALS of Fir Tree Fletchers Bridge -- Bodmin
RENALS of Fletcher s Bridge -- Bodmin
RENALS of the Poplars Fletchers Bridge -- Bodmin
REYNOLDS of Little Tregolls St. Weim -- Bodmin
RICH of St. Lawrences Hospital -- Bodmin
RICHARDS of 3 Fernleigh-terrace -- Bodmin
RICHARDS of 3 Hampstead-terrace -- Bodmin
RICHARDS of 6 Westheath Villas -- Bodmin
RICHARDS of Glynn Mill Lodge -- Bodmin
RICHARDS of Rouncevalls Priory-avenue -- Bodmin

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RICHARDS of Rouncevilles Priory-avenue -- Bodmin
RICHARDS of St. Lawrence -- Bodmin
RICHARDSON of the Cottage Luxulyan -- Bodmin
RICKARD of Pendrift Blisland -- Bodmin
RIDDLE of Castle Villa Carminnow Cross -- Bodmin
ROACH of 8 Cribbage-terrace -- Bodmin
ROBARTES of Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
ROBBINS of 26 Pool-street -- Bodmin
ROBERTS of Bodmin
ROBERTS of Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
ROBERTS of Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
ROBINS of 26 Halgavor-view -- Bodmin
ROGERS of Tredethy -- Bodmin
ROOSE of Copshorne -- Bodmin
ROSCORLA of 50 Fore-street -- Bodmin
ROWE of 15 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
ROWE of 15 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
ROWE of 23 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
ROWE of Becovan St Mabyn -- Bodmin
ROWE of Berry-lane -- Bodmin
ROWE of Rosevallon -- Bodmin
ROWE of Skiston St Kewe -- Bodmin
RUNDLE of Bodmin Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
RUNNALS of The Beeches Fletchers Bridge -- Bodmin
RUSK of Star Chambers Fore-street -- Bodmin
SALMON of The Chestnuts -- Bodmin
SALMON of The Chestnuts Fore-street -- Bodmin
SALT of 8 Beacon-hill -- Bodmin
SANDERS of Tremeer Manor Lanivet -- Bodmin
SANDOE of Castle-street -- Bodmin
SANDRY of Hoopers Bridge Nanstallon -- Bodmin
SARGEANT of 7 Honer-street -- Bodmin
SATORSKY of Rose Cottage Crockwell-street -- Bodmin
SCOTT of St Kew Highway -- Bodmin
SEARLE of 10 Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
SEARLE of Hoopers Bridge -- Bodmin
SHELLEY of Mount Folly -- Bodmin
SHILLABER of Middle Boscarne -- Bodmin
SIBLY of Town End -- Bodmin
SILVESTER of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
SIMMONS of Trevelmick Venton Pitts Lanivet -- Bodmin
SINCOCK of Helland Bridge -- Bodmin
SKINNER of 64 Fore-street -- Bodmin
SMALE of 3 Robartes-road -- Bodmin
SMALE of 3 Robartes-road -- Bodmin
SMITH of Carminnow Cross -- Bodmin
SMITH of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
SMITH of Little Kirland -- Bodmin
SMITH of Trebarwith St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
SNELL of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
SOLOMON of 2 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
SOLOMON of 2 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
SOLOMON of 55 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
SOLOMON of 63 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
SOLOMON of Barn-lane -- Bodmin
SOLOMON of Killarney 5 Agar-terrace -- Bodmin
SOUTHALL of Pendower House Hilland -- Bodmin
SOUTHERN of 24 St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
SOUTHERN of 53 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
SPEAR of -- Bodmin
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SPEAR of 96 Fore-street -- Bodmin
SPEAR of Beacon House -- Bodmin
STEAR of Turf-street -- Bodmin
STEPHENS of Harleigh 8 Harleigh-road -- Bodmin
STEPHENS of Harleigh 8 Harleigh-road -- Bodmin
STEVENS of 18 Lower Bore-street -- Bodmin
STRANGER of The Mayoralty -- Bodmin
STRIPP of Fore-street -- Bodmin
SWEET of 13 Plas Newydd-avenue -- Bodmin
SWEET of 2 Camel Valley Dunmere -- Bodmin
SWEET of Pool Cottage Mount Warleggan -- Bodmin
SYMONS of 14 Clifden-terrace -- Bodmin
SYMONS of 4 Chapel-lane -- Bodmin
SYMONS of 70 Fore-street -- Bodmin
SYMONS of Fernleigh Town End -- Bodmin
TAPER of 3 Barn-lane -- Bodmin
TAPER of 5 St Leonard?s-terrace -- Bodmin
TAPER of 5 St Leonard?s-terrace -- Bodmin
TELLAM of -- Bodmin
TELLAM of Berry House -- Bodmin
TERRILL of Menkee Saint Mabyn -- Bodmin
THOMAS of 2 Brownlow-place Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
THOMAS of 2 Westheath-avenue -- Bodmin
THOMAS of 25 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
THOMAS of 36 Rhind-street -- Bodmin
THOMAS of Deville Cottage Dunmere -- Bodmin
THOMAS of Hill House Temple -- Bodmin
THOMAS of The White Hart Hotel -- Bodmin
THURSTANS of Merrymeeting Farm Blisland -- Bodmin
TOMS of Fletchers Bridge -- Bodmin
TONG of Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
TREGEMBO of 13 Westheath Villas -- Bodmin
TREMEWAN of Ivy Cottage Churchtown Lanivet -- Bodmin
TREMEWAN of Ivy Cottage Churchtown Lanivet -- Bodmin
TRETHEWEY of 35 Castle Hill -- Bodmin
TRETHEWEY of 6 Halgavor-road -- Bodmin
TREVERTON of Fore-street -- Bodmin
TRIBLE of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
TRUDGIAN of 3 Beacon-terrace -- Bodmin
TRUSCOTT of 51 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
TRUSCOTT of Ingleside Mount -- Bodmin
TRYTHALL of Cornwall Mental Institution -- Bodmin
TURNER of Bridges Luxulyan -- Bodmin
TURNER of Lower Grogley Farm Washaway -- Bodmin
TYLER of Queens Head Hotel Fore-street -- Bodmin
TYRRELL of 1 Castle-street -- Bodmin
UDY of Emma-place -- Bodmin
VAFTCOE of 40 Castle-street -- Bodmin
VAGUE of 12 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
VAGUE of Victoria Cottage Halgavof -- Bodmin
VARCOE of Hendra Farm Withiel -- Bodmin
VEALL of Mount Folly -- Bodmin
VEREKER of Trewarne Manor Trelill -- Bodmin
VINCENT of 12 Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
WADGE of 2 Coomberry-place -- Bodmin
WALKER of Linden Flora-terrace -- Bodmin
WALL of 8 St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
WARE of The Police Station -- Bodmin
WARNE of 27 Halgovor View -- Bodmin
WARNE of Polindra Berrycoombe-road -- Bodmin

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WARREN of Bunnys Hill Cardinham -- Bodmin
WEARNE of Lanivet Inn Lanivet -- Bodmin
WEARY of 3 Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
WEARY of 3 Berrycombe-road -- Bodmin
WEARY of 37 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
WEBB of 5 Harleigh-terrace -- Bodmin
WEBBER of 2 Whitley Council Houses Blisland -- Bodmin
WEBSTER of 73 Fore-street -- Bodmin
WEBSTER of 94 Fore-street -- Bodmin
WEBSTER of Torville -- Bodmin
WEEKS of 6 St. Leonards-terrace -- Bodmin
WELCH of 60 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
WELCH of Honey-street -- Bodmin
WELCH of Torestin Westheath-avenue -- Bodmin
WELCH of Wingdale Cottage -- Bodmin
WERRY of 7 Coronation-terrace St Mary s-road -- Bodmin
WEST of -- Bodmin
WEST of Fore-street -- Bodmin
WEST of Onslow Cottage St. Breward -- Bodmin
WEST of Spamon Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
WESTLAKE of Hillside 43 Castle-street -- Bodmin
WHALE of Blisland -- Bodmin
WHERRY of South Bofindle Warleggan -- Bodmin
WHERRY of Trebell Lanivet -- Bodmin
WHITE of 4 Cribbage-terrace -- Bodmin
WHITE of 5 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
WHITE of 5 Quarry Park-terrace -- Bodmin
WHITE of Cat and Fiddle Hotel -- Bodmin
WHITWORTH of The Hospital -- Bodmin
WILCE of 16 Crinnicks Hill -- Bodmin
WILLIAMS of 45 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
WILLIAMS of Malaya St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
WILLIAMS of Roseville St. Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
WILLIAMS of St. Lawrences Hospital -- Bodmin
WILLIAMS of The Cornwall Mental Hospital -- Bodmin
WILLIAMSON of -- Bodmin
WILLS of Beacon Hill -- Bodmin
WILLS of Mennabroom Mount -- Bodmin
WILLS of Rowe St Breward -- Bodmin
WILLS of Trevelyan St Nicholas-street -- Bodmin
WINN of Limehead St Breward -- Bodmin
WINN of Pendrift BHsland -- Bodmin
WOOD of The Vicarage Lanhydrock -- Bodmin
WOOLCOCK of 59 Higher Bore-street -- Bodmin
WRIGHT of 66 Fore-street -- Bodmin
YATES of Trebell Green Lanivet -- Bodmin
YEO of 3 Russells-place -- Bodmin
YEO of St Leonards -- Bodmin
ZIMBER of Rhind-street -- Bodmin

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