Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Argyllshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAM of Newton Bank Innellan -- Argyllshire
ADAMS of Glenorchy Tarbert -- Argyllshire
ADAMSON of Ardbeg Kilmun -- Argyllshire
AGAR of 2 Nith Hill Dumfries and latterly temporarily of The Royal Hotel Innellan -- Argyllshire
AGAR of The Royal Hotel Innellan -- Argyllshire
AIRD of Bridgend Islay -- Argyllshire
ALLAN of Hafton -- Argyllshire
ALLAN of Mo Dhachald Dixon Avenue Kirn -- Argyllshire
ALLAN of Octavia Place Oban -- Argyllshire
ALLEN of Brackley House Brackley Northamptonshire and the Isle of Gigha -- Argyllshire
ALLISON of The Anchorage Gallanach Oban -- Argyllshire
ALSTON of Finnant Kilmun -- Argyllshire
ANCELL of Jane Villa Innellan -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of 4 Branksome Park Oban -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Allt Beag Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Ashlea Skipness by Tarbert -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Blairview Kirn -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Hawthorne Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Monzle Villa Blairmore -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Mount Stuart Innellan -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Post Office Buildings Strone -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Ruberslaw Innellan -- Argyllshire
ANDERSON of Sandbank Airds Bay Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
ANDREW of Drimvore Kilmichael Glassary -- Argyllshire
ANDREW of Ness Bank Tarbert -- Argyllshire
ANDREW of Tlghantruan Tarbert -- Argyllshire
ANDREWS of Rowallan North Connel -- Argyllshire
ANGUS of Holmscroft King-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
ANGUS of Springbank Tighnabruaich Kyles of Bute -- Argyllshire
ARBUTHNOT of Coulaghailtro Kilberry by Tarbert -- Argyllshire
ARBUTHNOT of Kilberry-by-Tarbert -- Argyllshire
ARMOUR of Hawthorne Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
ARMSTRONG of Gartur Connel -- Argyllshire
ARTHUR of Bengorra Lerags by Oban -- Argyllshire
ASCHERSON of Eileann da Mheinn Crinan Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
ASHTON of Esplanade House West Bay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
AULD of Auchinlea Eccles-road Hunters Quay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
AXWORTHY of Alexander Cottage King-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BABTIE of Glenview Dervaig by Tobermory Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
BAIN of Braeleckan Furnace -- Argyllshire
BAIRD of 59 John Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BAIRD of Polfearn House Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
BAKER of Main-street Bowmore Islay -- Argyllshire
BAM of Ards Connell -- Argyllshire
BANNATYNE of 1 Albany Street Oban -- Argyllshire
BANNATYNE of 1 Big Kiln Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
BARBOUR of 2 Broughallan Gardens Kirn -- Argyllshire
BARBOUR of Aucharua Southend-by-Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
BARBOUR of Keil Lodge Southend Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
BARCLAY of St Andrews Manse Sandbank -- Argyllshire
BARR of Eredine Kilmacolm Renfrewshire and of Toward Bank Toward -- Argyllshire
BARR of Fairfield Hunter-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
BARR of Fairfield Hunter-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
BARR of Isle of Eriska Benderloch by Connel -- Argyllshire
BAXTER of Mildura Hunter Street Kirn -- Argyllshire
BAXTER of Stronshira Inveraray -- Argyllshire
BAYNE of 11 Winton-drive Glasgow West and Donnie Dlink Kirn -- Argyllshire
BAYNE of Craigmhor Innenan -- Argyllshire
BEADIE of 85 Lochuil-street Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
BEALL of The Shelling Langsdale Road Oban -- Argyllshire
BEATON of Ardfenaug Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
BEATSON of Dunovan by Dalmally -- Argyllshire
BELL of Castleton Innellan -- Argyllshire
BELL of Hillview Dixon Avenue Kirn -- Argyllshire
BELL of Labrador Innellan -- Argyllshire
BELL of Seafield Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
BELL of Seafield Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
BELL of Seafield Hunters Quay Argyllshire
BENNIE of J H Harvey Strone House Strone -- Argyllshire
BEVERIDGE of Burnbrae Wellington-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BEVERIDGE of Undercliff Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
BINNING of Lainshaw House Stewarton -- Argyllshire
BIRD of Shuna Island Arduaine -- Argyllshire
BIRNIE of Invernahyle Duror -- Argyllshire
BISSET of Primrose Bank Innellan -- Argyllshire
BISSHOPP of Fernlea Corran-esplanade Oban -- Argyllshire
BLACK of 49 Corable Street Oban -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Alderbuni Kilmun-by-Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Alderwood Karnes Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Alderwood Karnes Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Ardvaar Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Bute Hospital Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Clachan Corrach Isle of Iona -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Clachan Corrach Isle of Iona -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Cruachan-house Oban -- Argyllshire
BLACK of North Muasdale Muasdale Tarbert -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Portlea Oban Torwood Oban -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Sunnycraig Tarbert -- Argyllshire
BLACK of Tigh-na-creighe Cottage Connel -- Argyllshire
BLAIR of Argyll-place Tarbert -- Argyllshire
BLAIR of Douglas Lodge Kilbride Inveraray -- Argyllshire
BLAIR of Leachd Post Off Ice Strathlachlan -- Argyllshire
BLAIR of The Croabh Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
BLAKE of Thorncliff Blairmore -- Argyllshire
BLAKENEY of An Gala Isle of Sell by Oban -- Argyllshire
BLUE of C. and D. Mactaggart solicitors Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
BLY of Canal House Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
BOAG of 4 Mentmore-gardens Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
BODDIE of Watergall Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
BONUS of Kilcheran House Isle of Lismore -- Argyllshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BOTTING of Crosshill Victoria-road Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BOYD of Crossbill Victoria-road Dunron -- Argyllshire
BOYLE of 34 Hillfoot-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BRADLEY of Loan Fern Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
BRADSHAW of Sandringham Villa Blairmore -- Argyllshire
BRAMWELL of 77 Onslow-square South Kensington Middlesex and of Laggan Lodge Bowmore Isle of Islay -- Argyllshire
BRAZENELL of Skirinish Oban -- Argyllshire
BREADALBANE of Ardmaddy Oban -- Argyllshire
BRECKNELL of Glenbarr Bullwood Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BROADBENT of Strathallan Oban -- Argyllshire
BROOKE of Corilach Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
BROOM of Karnes Cottage Karnes Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
BROOM of Killellan by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
BROWN of 2 Alexandria-terrace William-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BROWN of 2 Marine Terrace Hunters Quay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Airlie Innellan -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Cliff Cottage Oban -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Fairyknowe Blairmore -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Hazelbank Strachur -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Homelea Erichtbank-drive Kirn -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Lochanbrae Strone -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Mannal Isle of Tlree -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Stronsaule Tobermory -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Stronsaule Tobermory -- Argyllshire
BROWN of The Foray Crlnan-by-Lochgllphead -- Argyllshire
BROWN of Winthrop Park Road Kim -- Argyllshire
BRUCE of Arduaine -- Argyllshire
BRUNTON of Ashburn Strone -- Argyllshire
BRUNTON of Craiglora Connel -- Argyllshire
BUCHAN of Aldersyde Kilmun -- Argyllshire
BUCHANAN of Ards Connel -- Argyllshire
BUCHANAN of Duricraggan Oban -- Argyllshire
BUCHANAN of Melfort House Kimelfort -- Argyllshire
BUDGE of Shelligoe Oban -- Argyllshire
BULLOUGH of Inverawe Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
BULLOUGH of Rhouma Ganavan Road Oban -- Argyllshire
BURNETT of Dunmore Pulpit Hill Oban -- Argyllshire
BURNETT of Lagganbuie Dalmally -- Argyllshire
BUTLAR of 4a Argyll Square Oban -- Argyllshire
CAIRD of Rhu-na-Craig Dalling Avenue Kirn -- Argyllshire
CAIRD of Rhu-na-Craig Dhailling-avenue Kirn -- Argyllshire
CAIRNS of Bank House Bowmore Islay -- Argyllshire
CALDER of Elmwood Hunter-street Upper Kim -- Argyllshire
CALDER of The Manse Colintralve -- Argyllshire
CALDWELL of Pearlcliffe Hill-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
CALLANDER of Colaba Hunter-street Kim -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of 3 High-street Portnahaven -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of 6 Victoria-street Tobermory Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Assapool Bunessan Island of Mull -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Church Cottage Kilchoan -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Drimbuie Kilchrenan Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Glencairn Strone -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Glencorrie Strode -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Kenmore Inveraray -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Kingston Hunters Quay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Letterwalton Barcaldine Connel -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Mansefield Tobermory Mull -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Oban Times Buildings Flat One Oban -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Overcliff Mary Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Portsonachan Hotel Kilchrenan -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Salachan Ardgour -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of Smithy Cottage Arcs Mull -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of The Argyll Hotel Oban -- Argyllshire
CAMERON of The Kings Arms Hotel Oban -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of 1 Marine-terrace Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Ach-Adh-ard Ledaig -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Alltnacralg Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Alltnamara Ledaig-by-Connell -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Ardmore Campbeltovm -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Argyll of Inveraray Castle -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Arizona Toberonochy Luing -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Auchendarroch Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Avenue Cottage Strachur -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Brackley Dalmally -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Bralechan Furnace -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Braleckan Furnace -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Church-street Tarbert -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Crarae Lodge Inverary -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Drim-na-Vullin Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Dunira Manse Brae Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Dunvalanree Carradale by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Fairview Manual Tiree -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Glen Saddell Carradale -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Gowanbrae Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Greengarden Cottage Cullipool Island of Luing -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of High Cliff Oban -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of High Cottage Ardfern by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Innischo-noun Loch Awe -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Invereck Cottage by Dunoon -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Inverneill Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Kilbride Cottage Kilbride-avenue Dunoon -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Lalnshaw House Stewarton -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Oakfield Tarbert -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Ormidale -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Persabus Port Askaig Islay -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Rhu House Tarbert Loch Pyne -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Strachur Park Strachur -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Strachurmore Farm Strachur -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Stronachullin Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of The Stores Carradale by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CAMPBELL of Tigh-a-Chluavain St Catherines -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Tullich Dalmally -- Argyllshire
CAMPBELL of Willowbank Dunoon -- Argyllshire
CAPALDI of 12 Main-street Tobermory Mull -- Argyllshire
CAREY of Achan-aiseig Connel -- Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL of Erslclne Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL of Invershuna Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL of Kilmory Cottage Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
CARTY of Cralglussa Machrihanish -- Argyllshire
CHALMERS of Cuil-na-Sgoile Kilmelford -- Argyllshire
CHALMERS of Fairmont Clyde-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
CHARLES of Hawthorn Bank Oban -- Argyllshire
CHRISTIE of Bridgend Islay -- Argyllshire
CLARK of 29 St. James-street Piccadilly London W.1 and of Ardnamurchan -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Argyll Place Blalrmore -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Colllchlppen Glenluss -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Eriska Ledaig -- Argyllshire
CLARK of George Hotel Inveraray -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Glen Caladh Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Heston Connel -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Holyrood Innellan -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Lochview Bruichladdich Isle of Islay -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Mona Villa Innellan -- Argyllshire
CLARK of The George Hotel Inveraray -- Argyllshire
CLARK of The George Hotel Inveraray -- Argyllshire
CLARK of The Hollies Kirn -- Argyllshire
CLARK of Ulva Aros Mull -- Argyllshire
CLEARY of Quarry View 27 Ellenabelch Easdale -- Argyllshire
CLIFTON of Lytham Hall Lancashire and of Kil-dalton Castle Island of Islay -- Argyllshire
COATS of Cromalt Efichtbank-drive Kirn -- Argyllshire
COCHRAN of Sherbrooke Tighna-bruaich -- Argyllshire
COCKBURN of Portnahaven Islay -- Argyllshire
COLLINGRIDGE of The Grange Neasden Middlesex and of Tenga Aros Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
COLLINS of Aldersyde Toward -- Argyllshire
COLTHART of 1 Hamilton Park Terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
COMRIE of Achacorrach Dalmally -- Argyllshire
CONNELL of Strath Cottage Connel -- Argyllshire
COOK of Ardnacross Farm Peninver-by-Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
COOPER of Dicksons-lane Brae-road Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
COUPER of Tolland House Toward -- Argyllshire
COUPER of Tollard House Toward -- Argyllshire
COWAN of Fountain Villa Kilmun -- Argyllshire
CRABB of Airidh-Bhan Connel -- Argyllshire
CRAIG of Castlesween Achnamara -- Argyllshire
CRAIG of Rock Cottage Clacham Sell by Oban -- Argyllshire
CRAWFORD of 12 Soroba Road Oban -- Argyllshire
CRAWFORD of Achnacraig Tayvallich Argyllshire
CRAWFORD of Ashbourne Royal Crescent Dunoon -- Argyllshire
CRAWFORD of Seaford Cottages Innellan -- Argyllshire
CRAY of Forgorton Tayvallich -- Argyllshire
CREE of Ingleside Blairmore -- Argyllshire
CRERAR of Brackley Dalmally -- Argyllshire
CRERAR of Craigroyston Dalmally -- Argyllshire
CRERAR of Royal Hotel Innellan -- Argyllshire
CROCKER of Cro-lamo Strone -- Argyllshire
CROLY of Springhill Sandbank -- Argyllshire
CROLY of Springwell Sandbank -- Argyllshire
CROSBIE of Cathaya Dailling-road Kirn -- Argyllshire
CROSBY of Wellbank Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
CRUICKSHANKS of The Bungalow Kell Duror of Appin -- Argyllshire
CULLEN of Bank House Bridgend Islay -- Argyllshire
CUMING of McColls Hotel Dunoon Argyll -- Argyllshire
CURRIE of Bowmore Tslay -- Argyllshire
CURRIE of Fanans Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
CUTHBERTSON of 14 Poltalloch Street Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
DALE of Riversdale Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
DALGLIESH of Caolas Connel -- Argyllshire
DALGLIESH of Caolas Connel -- Argyllshire
DAVEY of Glenfeochan-by-Kilmore -- Argyllshire
DAVIDSON of Ach na Mara Connel -- Argyllshire
DAVIDSON of Ballachulish Hotel Ballachulish -- Argyllshire
DAVIE of Borland Park Kiln -- Argyllshire
DAVIES of Tigh-anTruain Port Ellen Isle of Islay -- Argyllshire
DAWSON of Gowan Brae West Bay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
DEANE of Dunivard Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
DEANS of Thistle Bank Kirn -- Argyllshire
DEKLEE of Auchnacralg Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
DEWAR of Ellenabelch 17 Easdale by Oban -- Argyllshire
DEWAR of Garfield George Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
DICK of Blarevhin Hotel Dunoon -- Argyllshire
DICK of Shirva Dixon Avenue Kirn -- Argyllshire
DICKIE of Marveista Tarbert -- Argyllshire
DICKSON of Beechcroft Stewarton -- Argyllshire
DICKSON of Rhunacam Airds Bay Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
DISSELDUFF of 40 Alexander Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
DODD of 17 Longrow Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
DONALD of Glenartney St. Andrews Square Dunoon -- Argyllshire
DONALD of Rockholm Karnes Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
DONALDSON of Fairyknowe Blairmore -- Argyllshire
DONNELLY of Ardanalselg Cottage Kilchrenan-by-Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
DORAN of Ballachuan House Cuan Ferry Isle of Sell by Oban -- Argyllshire
DORMER of Greenbank Innellan -- Argyllshire
DOUGALL of 1 Broughallan-gardens Kirn -- Argyllshire
DOUGLAS of Creagmhor Newton Strachur -- Argyllshire
DOWNIE of The Hollies Kirn -- Argyllshire
DRON of Rowantree Kilmun -- Argyllshire
DRUMMOND of Rowanbank Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
DUDGEON of Conbasdale Muasdale by Tarbert -- Argyllshire
DUDGEON of Kildalloig Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
DUDGEON of Penmore Dervaig Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DUNCAN of Brianlea Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
DUNLOP of Burnbank Innellan -- Argyllshire
DUNLOP of Glenreasdell Mains Skipness Tarbert -- Argyllshire
DUNN of Drimvargie House Oban -- Argyllshire
DUNN of Lauderdale Clachan Sell by Oban -- Argyllshire
DUNN of Vine Cottage Blairmore -- Argyllshire
DURRANT of Ashcliffe Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
ELLES of Corrlebeg Connel -- Argyllshire
ELLIS of Calderwood Nursing Home Cluniter Road Innellan -- Argyllshire
ELPHICK of Arranbank Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
FAIRRIE of Kinlochlaich House Appin -- Argyllshire
FARMER of Promenade House Alexandra-parade Kirn -- Argyllshire
FEARNSIDE of Ballachulish Hotel Ballachulish -- Argyllshire
FELLOWES of Inistrynich Dalmally -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of (Dunscore Hunter-street Kirn Dunoon -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of 68 High Street Stewarton -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Creagdhu Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Dallntart Hospital Oban -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Dunalaister Kilkerran-road Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Hermosa Park-road Kirn -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Morven Kilmun -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Royal Bank Buildings Oban -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Winthrop Park-road Kirn -- Argyllshire
FERGUSON of Woodburn Alexandra Parade Kim Dunoon -- Argyllshire
FERGUSSON of Ardgowan Strachur -- Argyllshire
FERGUSSON of Carnlia Salem Acharacle -- Argyllshire
FINDLAY of Glenorchy Lodge Dalmally -- Argyllshire
FINLAY of Castle Toward -- Argyllshire
FINLAY of Rosebank Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
FINLAYSON of Burnbank House Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
FISHER of Couston Colintraive -- Argyllshire
FLEMING of Burnmakunam Innellan -- Argyllshire
FLETCHER of Dunans Glendaruel -- Argyllshire
FLETCHER of Torosay Castle Craignure Isle of Mull Oban -- Argyllshire
FLOWER of Pennyghael Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
FORBES of Briar Brae Innellan -- Argyllshire
FORBES of Briar Brae Innellan -- Argyllshire
FORBES of Lilybank Innellan -- Argyllshire
FORBES of Starav Connel -- Argyllshire
FORMAH of Cluain Isle of Luing -- Argyllshire
FOTHERINGHAM of 1 Burnbank Terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
FOWLER of Falconcliffe Royal-crescent Dunoon -- Argyllshire
FRACKELTON of Bungalow Ardenslate Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
FRAME of Mopoon-terrace Askomil-road otherwise Askomel-road Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
FRASER of 73 West Laroch Ballachulish -- Argyllshire
FRASER of Ferncliffe Innellan -- Argyllshire
FRASER of Kilima Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
FRENCH of 8 Victoria Gardens Kirn -- Argyllshire
FREW of Cartsburn Cottage Kilmun -- Argyllshire
FRYER of 1 Cawdor-place Oban -- Argyllshire
FULTON of Hazel Cottage Toward Point Dunoon -- Argyllshire
FYFFE of Westbank Innellan -- Argyllshire
GALBRAITH of The Crofts Island of Gigha -- Argyllshire
GALLOWAY of 7 Glendoe Bullwood Dunoon -- Argyllshire
GAMMIDGE of Ardbrecknish House Hotel Ard-brecknish -- Argyllshire
GARDNER of 52 Soroba-roaft Oban -- Argyllshire
GARVEN of Druid House Kames -- Argyllshire
GAUNT of 30 Barochan-place Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
GEDDES of Ardtaraig -- Argyllshire
GERRAND of Pennymore Furnace -- Argyllshire
GIBB of Derreen Colintraive -- Argyllshire
GIBB of Lochard Dhailling-road Dunoon -- Argyllshire
GIBSON of Dell-road Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
GIBSON of Finnartmore Kilmun -- Argyllshire
GIBSON of Hanover House Victoria-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
GIBSON of Rowanbank Tighna-bruaich -- Argyllshire
GILLESPIE of Glenburn Bridgend Islay -- Argyllshire
GILLIBRAND of Torran Mhor Craighouse Isle of Jura -- Argyllshire
GILLIES of 2 Braeface Tayvallich by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
GILLIES of Braeside Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
GILLIES of Dargo Villa Connel -- Argyllshire
GILLIES of Drumfin Kilkivan-by-Campbel-town -- Argyllshire
GILLIES of Karnes Cottage Kames -- Argyllshire
GILMOUR of 2 Broughallan Gardens Kirn -- Argyllshire
GILMOUR of Torrisdaile Carradale -- Argyllshire
GILSTRAP of Wood Cottage Ballimore Otter Ferry -- Argyllshire
GIREENLEES of Craiglussa Machrihanish-by-Campbcltown -- Argyllshire
GLEN of Ardentinny Manse Ardentinny -- Argyllshire
GLEN of Duncarrach Tarbert -- Argyllshire
GLOVER of Arlnagour Isle of Coll -- Argyllshire
GOODBODY of Kilmaronaig Connel -- Argyllshire
GOODBRAND of 11 Combie-street Oban -- Argyllshire
GORDON of Drimnin -- Argyllshire
GORDON of Drimnin -- Argyllshire
GORDON of Kintore Innellan -- Argyllshire
GOURLAY of Meall Mhor Ballachulish -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of 3 Garford-road Oxford and of Shipness -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of 83 Fotheringay-road Glasgow and Strongarbh Tarbert -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of Balnacull Innellan Dunoon -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of Crichton Cottage King-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of Duntrune Kirn -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of Hazelbum Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of Strongarth Tarbert -- Argyllshire
GRAHAM of Sunnycraig Tarbert -- Argyllshire
GRANT of 22 Leven-road Kinlochleven -- Argyllshire
GRANT of Carnoch House Glencoe -- Argyllshire
GRANT of Cralgellachie Ballachulish -- Argyllshire
GRANT of Garnoch House Glencoe -- Argyllshire
GRAY of 49 Roehampton Close Roehampton Surrey and Cour Carradale -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Cannobie Kirn -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GRAY of Carsaig House Carsaig Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Castleton Innellan -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Clydesdale and North of Scotland Bank Limited Oban -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Elmbank Strone -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Elmbank Strone -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Greenlea Strachur -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Quiddiesmill Drumoak -- Argyllshire
GRAY of Rockbank Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
GREENFIELD of Fascadale Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
GREENFIELD of Fascadale Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
GREENHORNE of Hafton -- Argyllshire
GREENLEES of 234 Saracen-street Possilpark Glasgow and of Askomel-walk Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
GREENLEES of East Cliff Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
GREGSON of Meall Moor Tarbert Lochfyne -- Argyllshire
GREIG of Dunrod Innenan -- Argyllshire
GRUEBER of Carrington House Brisbane-road Largs -- Argyllshire
GUILFORD of Qlencaim Innellan -- Argyllshire
GUNN of Aird-an-daraich Sandbank -- Argyllshire
GUTHRIE of care of Mrs McLaren Front Street Inveraray -- Argyllshire
GUY of Eadar Glinn Oban -- Argyllshire
HALDANE of Dal Bhan Onich -- Argyllshire
HALE of Cralglebeag Clachan Seil by Oban -- Argyllshire
HALL of Glengoil Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
HALL of Netherfield Ardnadam -- Argyllshire
HALL of Torrisdale Castle and Crossaig Carra-dale Kintyre -- Argyllshire
HALL of Torrisdale Castle and Crossing Carra-dale Kintyre -- Argyllshire
HALLIDAY of Ellangowan Kirn -- Argyllshire
HAMILTON of Burnlea Strachur -- Argyllshire
HAMILTON of Dalaruan House Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
HAMILTON of Fairy Glen Blairmore -- Argyllshire
HAMILTON of Glenview Innellan -- Argyllshire
HARKNESS of Rhubaan Lodge Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
HARPER of Elmview Clyde Street Kim -- Argyllshire
HARPER of Glennan House Fort William -- Argyllshire
HARPER of Heathbank Blairmore -- Argyllshire
HARTLEY of Lochgoyne Mary Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
HARVEY of Dun Alasdair Tarbert -- Argyllshire
HARVEY of Kinloch Pennyghael Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
HARVEY of Lower Ardentallen House Oban -- Argyllshire
HELLIER of 2 Chalmers-street Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
HENDERSON of Arden Blairmore -- Argyllshire
HENDERSON of Dunmore Cottage Tarbert -- Argyllshire
HENDRIE of The Cottage Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
HENDRY of Appin Lodge Blairmore -- Argyllshire
HENDRY of Braemar Kirn -- Argyllshire
HENDRY of Firbank Innellan -- Argyllshire
HENNY of Lochview Brinchladdich Islay -- Argyllshire
HENNY of Lochview Bruichladdich Isle of Islay -- Argyllshire
HEYS of Renfield Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
HIGHGATE of Blairmore House Blairmore -- Argyllshire
HIGHMORE of Norwood Innellan -- Argyllshire
HILL of Avalon Oban -- Argyllshire
HILL of Craigend Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
HOGG of Hill House Kiln -- Argyllshire
HOGG of Hillhouse Kirn -- Argyllshire
HOLDEN of Bethania West Bay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
HOLLAND of The Cottage of Killiemore Aros Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
HOLLAND of The Cottage of Killiemore Aros Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
HOLLOWAY of RAF Station Port Ellen Islay -- Argyllshire
HOOD of Bark House Innellan -- Argyllshire
HOPKINS of Tulacbhelthe Connel -- Argyllshire
HORNBY of Thornbank Blairmore -- Argyllshire
HOSIE of Allt Beithe St. Catherines -- Argyllshire
HOUSTON of Braevallich by Dalmally Loch Aire -- Argyllshire
HOUSTON of Donnachaldh Hunter Street Kirn -- Argyllshire
HUNTER of Creagdhu Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
HUNTER of Hafton -- Argyllshire
HUNTER of The Pines Oban -- Argyllshire
HUTCHESON of The Manse Colintraive -- Argyllshire
HUTCHISON of Lindisfarne Strachur -- Argyllshire
HUTTON of Darroch Dhu Argyll-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
HUTTON of Netherfield Ardnadam by Sandbank -- Argyllshire
IMRIE of Elm View Clyde Street Kirn -- Argyllshire
INGLIS of Hill Cottage Southend -- Argyllshire
INGLIS of Inglemore Alexander-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
INGLIS of Tle-na-llnne Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
INVERCHAPEL of Inverchapel Lock Eck by Dunoon -- Argyllshire
IRVINE of Bute View Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
IRVING of Dalfruin Toward -- Argyllshire
IRWIN of Glenora Nelson-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
JACK of The Ridges Glenmore Road Oban -- Argyllshire
JAMESON of Medrox Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
JAMIESON of Kllberry Tlghnabruaich -- Argyllshire
JAMIESON of Underwood Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
JARVIE of Ferry Bank Dunoon -- Argyllshire
JENSEN of Ardroy Lochgoll -- Argyllshire
JOHNSON of 5 Union Terrace Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
JOHNSTON of Ardblair Oban -- Argyllshire
JOHNSTON of Bowmore Islay -- Argyllshire
JOHNSTON of Jamieson Street Bowmore Islay -- Argyllshire
JOHNSTON of the Athenaeum Club Pall Mall London and Eilean High Kilmartin -- Argyllshire
JONES of Dun-Na-Mara Ledalg Cormel -- Argyllshire
JONES of Dunara Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
JUBB of Auchengoil Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
JUSTICE of 2 Broughallan Gardens Kirn -- Argyllshire
KANE of Osborne House Clyde-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
KAY of Taobh an Loch Lochgalr by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
KEDDIE of Holly Tree Cottage Kilmun -- Argyllshire
KELLY of care of Hillrig Kilmun -- Argyllshire
KEMPT of Kilninver Lodge Kilninver by Oban -- Argyllshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KENNEDY of Alltavona Corran-esplanade Oban -- Argyllshire
KENNEDY of Eversley Innellan -- Argyllshire
KENNEDY of Glencreggan Glenbarr -- Argyllshire
KENNEDY of Kinlockleven -- Argyllshire
KENNEDY of Tigh-na-creige Furnace Crarae Inveraray -- Argyllshire
KENNEIL of Ardpatrick Tarbert -- Argyllshire
KENNETH of Oakfield Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
KERR of Ardfenaig Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
KERR of Devoncott Blairmore -- Argyllshire
KERR of Mid Halket Lugton -- Argyllshire
KERR of Robmar Ardnadam Sandbank -- Argyllshire
KERR of Rowantree Kilmeen -- Argyllshire
KING of Dunivard Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
KINGHORN of Jane Villa Innellan -- Argyllshire
KININMONT of Letters-place Kilmun -- Argyllshire
KIRK of Tintern Clyde Street Kim -- Argyllshire
KITSOH of Achadh Nan Sglath Duror of Appin -- Argyllshire
KITSON of Lower Farm Madehurst Arundel Sussex and Glencoe -- Argyllshire
KLOVBORG of Tlgh-t-Slomaln North Connel -- Argyllshire
KNOX of Dunselma Lodge Strone -- Argyllshire
KNOX of Kuthill Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
LAIRD of Rockcliffe Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
LAMONT of Maitland Inveraray -- Argyllshire
LANG of Craigard Strone -- Argyllshire
LANG of Glen Lodge Auchamore-road Dunoon -- Argyllshire
LANG of Millbank Drumore Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
LARGE of The Crag Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
LAW of Argyll Villa Oban -- Argyllshire
LAW of Bankhead Edward-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
LAW of Cobbler View Blalnaore by Dunoon -- Argyllshire
LAWSON of Kirn Bank Kirn -- Argyllshire
LEDGER of Craigenreoch Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
LEDINGHAM of Rockside Blairmore -- Argyllshire
LEISHMAN of Fairy Knowe Blairmore -- Argyllshire
LEITCH of Pembroke Hunter-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
LEITCK of Cullmulcti Garrick Castle Lochgoll -- Argyllshire
LESLIE of Fernhill Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
LESLIE of Torosay Castle Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
LEWIS of Dun a Bhullg Achnamara by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
LIDDELL of 22 Leonard-avenue Kirn (otherwise 22 Johnston-terrace Dunoon -- Argyllshire
LIDDELL of Altderg William Street Oban -- Argyllshire
LINDSAY of 2 High Cottages Strone -- Argyllshire
LINDSAY of 3 Cawdor Terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
LINDSAY of 7 Emperors Gate Kensington London and of Lunga Craignish -- Argyllshire
LINDSAY of An Gleannan Connel -- Argyllshire
LIVINGSTONE of The Cottage Port Appin -- Argyllshire
LLEWELYN of Kilkerran-road Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
LOCKHART of Experimental Wireless Station Oban Seil by Oban -- Argyllshire
LOUDON of Newton Linn Innellan -- Argyllshire
LUSHINGTON of The Square Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
LYNN of Cralgroyston Dalinally -- Argyllshire
LYONS of Inchkenneth -- Argyllshire
MACARTHUR of Dunfraoch Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
MACARTHUR of Sandaig Tiree -- Argyllshire
MACAULAY of Laurel Bank Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MACAULAY of Laurel Bank Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MacBRAYNE of Rockbank Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
MACCOLL of 9 Hill Street Oban -- Argyllshire
MACCOLL of Choc Aruian Connel -- Argyllshire
MACCOLL of Cnoc-a-Ruan Connel -- Argyllshire
MacCONNACHER of Hafton Cottage Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
MACCUTCHEON of Invereck Eventide Home Sandbank -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of 2 Glenshellach-terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of 2 Victoria Crescent Kirn -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of 29 High Street Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Annfield Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Ashtree Cottage Glencruitten Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Balinakill -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Ballure Tayinloan -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Ballure Tayinloan -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Balure of Shian Farm Ledaig by Connel -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Bay Villa Strachur -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Clovullin Ardgour -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Colgarth Dhallilng Road Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Drulmard Dervalg Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Dumcliffe and of Inverclyde both in Kirn -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Keppoch Esplanade Oban -- Argyllshire
MacDONALD of Our Lady and St Muris Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Salen Aros Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Sealasdalr Ardentallen near Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Westview Ganavan Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDONALD of Witsend Dalmally -- Argyllshire
MACDONNELL of Teigh Crion Black Crofts Connel -- Argyllshire
MACDOUGALL of 11 Charlotte-street Port Ellen Islay -- Argyllshire
MACDOUGALL of 3 Victoria Crescent Kirn Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MACDOUGALL of 5 Albany-street Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDOUGALL of care of MacLachlan Garden Flats Poltalloch Kilmartin -- Argyllshire
MACDOUGALL of Dunollie Castle by Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDOUGALL of Gallanach Oban -- Argyllshire
MACDOUGALL of Thorpe Dene Innellan -- Argyllshire
MACEACHRAN of The Glen Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MACEWAN of Seacliff Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
MACEWAN of Springbank Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MACEWEN of Gaitferry Innellan -- Argyllshire
MACFADYEN of Beach Hill Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MACFARLANE of 17 Woodside-crescent Glasgow and of Renfield Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
MACFARLANE of Baugh Manse Tiree -- Argyllshire
MACFARLANE of Glencarrick Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MACFARLANE of Toward Point Toward -- Argyllshire
MACGILLIVRAY of Easter Ellister Farm by Port Charlotte Islay -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MACGILLIVRAY of Ingles!de Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MACINNES of Manse of Colonsay Colonsay -- Argyllshire
MACINNES of the Rectory Glencoe -- Argyllshire
MACINTYRE of Ardchonnel by Dalmally -- Argyllshire
MACINTYRE of Bridgend Hotel Islay -- Argyllshire
MACINTYRE of Deirdre Connel -- Argyllshire
MACINTYRE of Lorne Villa Strone -- Argyllshire
MACINTYRE of Newton Cottage Inveraray -- Argyllshire
MACINTYRE of Orasalg Oban -- Argyllshire
MACINTYRE of Tlgh-na-Crelge Connel -- Argyllshire
MACKAY of Cladach Colintraive -- Argyllshire
MACKAY of Gladach Colintraive -- Argyllshire
MACKECHNIE of Ardlussa Oban -- Argyllshire
MACKELLAR of Castle Sweyne Cottage by Achnamara Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
MACKELLAR of Dunmar Lorne Terrace Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
MACKENZIE of 2 Kim-gardens Kim -- Argyllshire
MACKENZIE of Sands Cottage Calgary Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
MACKIE of Ardnagowan Strachur and Tigh-na-criche Strathlachlan -- Argyllshire
MACKINNON of Armaddy Castle-by-Oban -- Argyllshire
MACKINNON of Cleongart by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MACKINNON of Shalimar 7 BrichtbanK Drive Kirn -- Argyllshire
MACKINNON of Strathaird Connel -- Argyllshire
MACKINNON of Strathaird Connel -- Argyllshire
MACKINNON of The Manse Kilchrenan -- Argyllshire
MACLACHLAH of Cambqoya Furnace -- Argyllshire
MACLACHLAN of Drulmandaralch Ballachulish -- Argyllshire
MACLACHLAN of Ornumville Newton Inveraray -- Argyllshire
MACLAREN of Brackley Villa by Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
MACLAREN of Coire-Ealt Loch Eck -- Argyllshire
MACLAUCHLAN of The Cardlngmill Oban -- Argyllshire
MACLEAN of 1 Albany Street Oban -- Argyllshire
MACLEAN of Ardgour -- Argyllshire
MACLEAN of Benvula Pierhead Innellan -- Argyllshire
MACLEAN of Craigiebeag Clachan Sell-by-Oban -- Argyllshire
MACLEAN of Crieve Tobermory Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
MACLEAN of Duart Tower Blairmore -- Argyllshire
MACLEAN of Esslyn Tobermory Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
MacLEAN of Invemahyle Duror -- Argyllshire
MACLENNAN of Ardbeg Kilmun -- Argyllshire
MACLEOD of 3 Branksome Park Oban -- Argyllshire
MACLEOD of Sron-an-Tuirc Duror Appin -- Argyllshire
MACMILLAN of East Church Manse Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MACMILLAN of Penmore Cottage Albert Street Tobermory -- Argyllshire
MACMILLAN of Zalda Clyde Street Kirn -- Argyllshire
MACNAUGHTON of Cross Roads Millhouse Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MACNEAL of Lossit House Machrihanish Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MACNIVEN of The Reef Toward -- Argyllshire
MACPHABL of Northlea Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MACPHAIL of Achaleven Connel -- Argyllshire
MACPHAIL of Achasallich Clachan Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MACPHEL of The Hotel Port Sonachan near Dalmally -- Argyllshire
MACPHERSOH of 2 Ardconnel Villa Rockfield Road Oban -- Argyllshire
MACPHERSON of 6 Kirn-gardens Kirn -- Argyllshire
MACPHERSON of Bachelors Wing Flat Poltalloch Kilmartin Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
MACPHERSON of Drlmvore Bullwood Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MACPHERSON of Viewfield Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
MACQUARRIE of 5 Argyll Terrace Tobermory Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
MACQUEEN of Rosemount Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MACRAE of Ballimore otter Ferry -- Argyllshire
MACRAYNE of Weem House Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
MACTAGGART of McNair Leven View Ballachulish -- Argyllshire
MACTAGGART of Ulskentule Farm by Bridgend Islay -- Argyllshire
MADDERS of Brenfield House Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
MAIN of 2 Ardconnel villa Rockfield Road Oban -- Argyllshire
MAIN of Helenslee Carrick Castle -- Argyllshire
MAKEPEACE of Dunfraoch Connel -- Argyllshire
MALCOLM of The Square Inveraray -- Argyllshire
MALLOCH of Seafield Cottage Muasdale Kintyre -- Argyllshire
MARJORIBANKS of Sonachan Dalmally -- Argyllshire
MARSDEN of Springfield Innellan -- Argyllshire
MARSDEN of Springfield Innellan -- Argyllshire
MARSHALL of Auld House Marine Parade Kirn -- Argyllshire
MARSHALL of Stronchullin Cottage Blairmore -- Argyllshire
MARSHALL of Tigh-an-Daralch Bridge of Awe Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
MARTIN of Cedar Bank Hunters Quay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MARTIN of Port na Mairt Ganavan Oban -- Argyllshire
MASON of Ridgewood Argyll-road Kirn -- Argyllshire
MATHESON of 24 Barechan-place Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MAXTONE of Bayvoyach Machrihanish -- Argyllshire
MAXWELL of Bellevue Breadalhane Street Oban -- Argyllshire
McALISTER of Inveryne Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
MCARTHUR of Rosigal Caolis Ruaig Isle of Tiree -- Argyllshire
McBRIDE of Tigh Beag Broomfield-drive Dunoon -- Argyllshire
McCALLUM of 2 Feochan Cottage Kilmore Oban -- Argyllshire
McCALLUM of Craiginevar Strachur -- Argyllshire
McCALLUM of Dolshlan Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MCCALLUM of Elmwood Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
McCALLUM of Hazel Cottage Oban -- Argyllshire
McCALLUM of Invemeuk Cottage Penlnver by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
McCALLUM of Willowbank Manse Brae Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
McCLEMENT of Corriemar Private Hotel Oban -- Argyllshire
MCCLURE of Tlanavalg Carrick Castle Loch Go11 -- Argyllshire
McCLYMONT of Lochmell Lodge Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
McCOLL of Lyait Connel -- Argyllshire
McCORKINDALE of Eden Cottage Southend by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
McCORQUODALE of Alderwood Karnes Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MCCULLOCH of Talliers Bay Cottage Inverneill and care of Bank of Scotland both In Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
McCULLOCH of Tlghnatraigh Isle of Iona -- Argyllshire
MCDONALD of Rosebank Oban -- Argyllshire
MCDONALD of Rosebank Oban -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MCDOUGALL of Arkland Inverary -- Argyllshire
McDOUGALL of Duncarrach Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MCDOUGALL of Glasdrum Oban -- Argyllshire
MCDOUGALL of Thornhill Oban -- Argyllshire
McEACHERN of Ballinaby Grulnart Isle of Islay -- Argyllshire
MCEWAN of Dunadd Innellan -- Argyllshire
MCEWAN of Dunadd Innellan -- Argyllshire
McFADYEN of 17 Bailliemore Kilmichael Glassany Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
MCGREGOR of Drynan Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
McGREGOR of Gowanbank Bunessom Mull -- Argyllshire
McGUGAN of Ark Land Inveraray -- Argyllshire
MCINNES of Blackmill Bay Luing Oban -- Argyllshire
MCINNES of Cruachan Villa Road Oban -- Argyllshire
MCINNES of Duncruachan Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
MCINTOSH of Main-street East Inveraray -- Argyllshire
MCINTYRE of Dargo-villa Connel -- Argyllshire
MCKAY of Kampar Alexanders-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
McKECHNIE of Bealach Dearg Craighouse Isle of Jura -- Argyllshire
MCKECHNIE of Bealach Dearg Craighouse Isle-of-Jura -- Argyllshire
McKELLAR of Rockbank Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MCKELLAR of Seacroft Kirn -- Argyllshire
MCKENZIE of Nithsdale Cottage Brandon-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MCKERCHAR of Ardlussa Oban -- Argyllshire
McKERGHAR of Bellevue House Oban -- Argyllshire
MCKERSIE of East Cliff Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
McKINNON of Garden Cottage Maitland Inveraray -- Argyllshire
McKINNON of Lagnagortan Clachan -- Argyllshire
McLACHLAN of Ballygrant Islay -- Argyllshire
McLACHLAN of Mount Stuart Innellan -- Argyllshire
McLACHLAN of Sydney Villa Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MCLAREN of Corfu 3 Park Avenue Dunoon -- Argyllshire
McLEAN of Katherine Bank Bowmore Isle of Islay -- Argyllshire
McLELLAN of Tigh-an-Tobar Port Ellen Islay -- Argyllshire
MCLENNAN of Newton Linn innellan Dimoon -- Argyllshire
MclNTYRE of Bellevue Strone -- Argyllshire
MCMILLAN of Duncrnsay Cottage Achnamara by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
McMILLAN of Esknlsh Ballygrant Bridgend Islay -- Argyllshire
MCMILLAN of Kingsley Dhailling-road Kirn -- Argyllshire
McMlLLAN of Penmore Cottage Tobermory Mull -- Argyllshire
MCNEIL of Glencur Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MCNEILL of Dunedin Ardnadam -- Argyllshire
McNEILL of Glenmore Kilmelford -- Argyllshire
McNEILL of Glenview Dunamuck by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
McNICOL of Willowbank Strachur -- Argyllshire
MCNIE of Swordale Achatenny Acharacle -- Argyllshire
McPHAIL of Caladh Lower Ardentollen by Oban -- Argyllshire
McPHAIL of Hyne Cottage Isle of Coll -- Argyllshire
McPHAIL of Kandahar Ormidale -- Argyllshire
McPHAIL of Mo Dhachaldh Strone Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MCPHAIL of Sligrachan Argyll-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
McPHEE of 6 Howe-street Ednburgh and of Balnahard Farm Colon say -- Argyllshire
McPHERSON of Park Buildings Karnes Kyle of Bute -- Argyllshire
MCPHERSON of Schoolhouse Bowmore -- Argyllshire
MCQUADE of 6 Deirdree Connel -- Argyllshire
MCTAVISH of 2 Chalmers-street Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
McTAVISH of 20 Poltalloch Street Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
McTAVISH of Barfad Cottage Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MCVEAN of Craig-na-ha Connel -- Argyllshire
MCVICAR of Archnakellie Cottage Inverell-by-Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
MCWHINNEY of Lincluden Blairmore -- Argyllshire
MEIKLEJOHN of Craig-an-Rlgh Toward -- Argyllshire
MEIKLEM of Eversley Innellan -- Argyllshire
MELLES of Gruline Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
MELLOR of Knipoch by Oban -- Argyllshire
MELVILLE of Trayholm Hunter-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
MELVIN of Clifton Lodge Innellan -- Argyllshire
MENZIES of Arden Blairmore -- Argyllshire
MENZIES of Eilandonan Cromlech Road Ardnadam -- Argyllshire
MENZIES of Rllmartln Hotel Kilmartin -- Argyllshire
MENZIES of Salem Acharacle -- Argyllshire
MENZIES of Salen Fort William -- Argyllshire
MERCER of Crunachy Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
MERRELL of 12 Argyll Terrace Kim -- Argyllshire
MEWBURN of Achnacarron Kilchrenan -- Argyllshire
MIDDLETON of the East Manse Strachur -- Argyllshire
MILLAR of Craigmore Hunter s Quay -- Argyllshire
MILLAR of Drumfin Machrlhanlsh Road-by-Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MILLAR of Lorgbaw Port Charlotte Islay -- Argyllshire
MILLAR of Rosebank Marine Parade Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
MILLAR of Tighnabruaich House Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MILLER of Bonawe Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MILLER of Hazelwood Carrick Castle by Greenock -- Argyllshire
MILNE of 2 Craig-on-Righ Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
MILNE of Ardachy Connel -- Argyllshire
MILNE of Ben-y-gloe Oban -- Argyllshire
MILNE of Benmore Lodge Gruline Mull -- Argyllshire
MITCHELL of 3 Duncan Cottages Kilmun -- Argyllshire
MITCHELL of 79 George Street Oban -- Argyllshire
MITCHELL of Ardmhor Hunter Street Kirn -- Argyllshire
MITCHELL of Killochonoch Kilmichael Glacsary -- Argyllshire
MITCHELL of Strone House Strone -- Argyllshire
MOCHRIE of The Anchorage Minard Inveraray -- Argyllshire
MOLLISON of Colre Ealt Loch Eck -- Argyllshire
MONTEITH of Lewis House Oban -- Argyllshire
MORETON of Royal Hotel Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MORETON of Saddell-by-Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
MORISON of Strongarbh House Tobermory M ull -- Argyllshire
MORRISON of 12 McArthur Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MORRISON of Carmona Bank Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MORRISON of Carsaig House Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MORRISON of Clachan Kintyre -- Argyllshire
MORRISON of Holland Bank Edward-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MORRISON of Netherton Stewart-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
MORRISON of Oaklea Colintralve -- Argyllshire
MORTON of Canaglen Ardgau -- Argyllshire
MORTON of Conaglen Ardgaur -- Argyllshire
MORTON of Coraglen Ardgour -- Argyllshire
MORTON of Fearan Coille Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MOWAT of Stron Aline Colintralve -- Argyllshire
MUIL of Strachur -- Argyllshire
MUIR of Hamilton Park-terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
MULLEN of Osborne House Clyde-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
MUNDELL of Holmwood Sandbank -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of 1 Broomfield-drive Dunoon -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of Ach-adh-ard Ledaig -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of Ach-adh-ard Ledaig -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of Free Church Manse Kilberry Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of Rosebank Kilmun -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of The Kennels Auchhagoul Inveraray -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of The Pines Oban -- Argyllshire
MUNRO of Tighnabruaich Connel -- Argyllshire
MURCHISON of 38 Harvey-road Dunstaffnage Connel -- Argyllshire
MURPHY of 2 Burnbank-terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
MURRAY of Battery Cottage Tarbert -- Argyllshire
MURRAY of Oakfield Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
MURRAY of the Free High Manse Oban -- Argyllshire
MURRAY of Westwood Kirn -- Argyllshire
NAME of Gowanlea Innellan -- Argyllshire
NAME of Osborne Cottage Tarbert -- Argyllshire
NAME of Polmarlach Blairmore -- Argyllshire
NAME of Rhunahaorlne Schoolhouse Tayinloan Tarbert -- Argyllshire
NAME of Rosemount Garrick Castle Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
NAME of Seafield Strone -- Argyllshire
NAME of Wardhead Stewarton -- Argyllshire
NAYSMITH of Riverside Cottage Ormsary by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
NEILL of Riverlea 99 Octavia-terrace Greenock and of Keills -- Argyllshire
NEILSON of 6 Annick Crescent Robertland Stewarton -- Argyllshire
NEWTON of Rahoy Lodge Gallanach Road Oban -- Argyllshire
NEWTON of Rahoy Morvern -- Argyllshire
NICHOLSON of Kilchurn Connell Ferry -- Argyllshire
NICKERSON of Courby Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
NICOL of Bonavista Kirn -- Argyllshire
NICOL of Caimryan Sandbank -- Argyllshire
NICOLL of Caberfeidh Alexandra-parade Kirn -- Argyllshire
NIMMO of An Grlanan Easdale Oban -- Argyllshire
OGG of Glenheath Nelson-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
OLDFIELD of Wyndham Bank Innellan -- Argyllshire
OLDHAM of Birchwood Sunningdale Berkshire and of Craig Dalmally -- Argyllshire
OLLAR of Kllkennan Cottage Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
OMAN of Pier House Carradale by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
OSBORNE of Carradale Mary-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
OTTLEY of Creag Tarbert -- Argyllshire
PARK of 59 John-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
PARKER of Ardachuidh Colintraive -- Argyllshire
PARKER of Sannox Coulport Cove Helensburgh -- Argyllshire
PARSONS of Achnaba Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
PATERSON of Faollinn Colintralve -- Argyllshire
PATERSON of Finnartlea Kilmun-by-Dunoon -- Argyllshire
PATERSON of Flnnartlea Kilmun by Dunoon -- Argyllshire
PATERSON of RughHach Connel -- Argyllshire
PATERSON of The Ballies Carradale -- Argyllshire
PATERSON of The Rectory Duror of Appin -- Argyllshire
PATON of Auchinellan Marine-parade Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
PATON of Mountainside Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
PATON of Tlgh-na-Bualle Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
PATTEN of Soroba House Oban -- Argyllshire
PAWSON of Pennyel Isle-of-Mull -- Argyllshire
PEARCE of Faolln House Morven Oban -- Argyllshire
PEELING of Achnamara Connel -- Argyllshire
PENDREICH of Muasdale Manse Tarbert -- Argyllshire
PENTYCROSS of Modan North Connel -- Argyllshire
PERRITT of Hanover Cottage Hanover-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
PETTIGREW of Spa Hotel Tunbridge Wells and care of The Clydesdale and North of Scotland Bank Limited Oban -- Argyllshire
PHILP of Coilebheag Strone -- Argyllshire
PIERCY of Meall Mhor Tarbert Loch Fyne -- Argyllshire
POLAND of Lephenstrath House Southend -- Argyllshire
POLLOCK of Blair Athol Blairmore -- Argyllshire
POLLOCK of Blair Athol Blairmore -- Argyllshire
POLLOK of Rockholm Kames -- Argyllshire
PORTEOUS of 56 Digby Mansions Hammersmith London and of The Hotel Carradale East -- Argyllshire
PORTEOUS of Calderwood Nursing Home Cluniter Road Irmellan -- Argyllshire
PORTER of Cleigh Kilmore by Oban -- Argyllshire
PRIESTLEY of Ashville Ardnadam by Dunoon -- Argyllshire
PRIESTLEY of Bomlsh Sandbank -- Argyllshire
PROCTOR of Killard Innellan -- Argyllshire
PROVAN of Brookfield Tayinloan Tarbert -- Argyllshire
PROWSE of Flnnorle Dixon Avenue Kim -- Argyllshire
PRYCE of Ardbrecknish House Hotel Dalmally -- Argyllshire
PURDON of Braeside Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
PURVES of Benella Ardnadam Dunoon -- Argyllshire
PURVES of Hampton House Kirn -- Argyllshire
QUEREE of Adelphi Villa Nursery Lane Oban -- Argyllshire
RAINIER of Strone Achnamara North Knapdale by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
RALSTON of East Drumlemble Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
RAMSAY of Glenan Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
RANKIN of Annandale 12 Erichtbank-drive Kirn -- Argyllshire
RANKIN of Barcaldine House Ledalg Connel -- Argyllshire
RANKIN of House of Treshnish Calgary Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
RANKIN of The Anchorage Luss -- Argyllshire
REID of Am Brualch Tayvallich -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
REID of Auchinellan Ford -- Argyllshire
REID of Darnley Lodge Hunter-street Kim -- Argyllshire
REID of Kintraw Banbreck Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
REID of Oakcrest Victoria Road Dunoon -- Argyllshire
REID of Rhunacam Kirn -- Argyllshire
REID of Rhunacarn Alexandra-parade Kirn Dunoon -- Argyllshire
RENNIE of Beechwood Strone -- Argyllshire
RENNIE of Deepwold Clyde-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
RENNIE of Inverawe Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
RENNIE of Oakbank Blairmore -- Argyllshire
RENWICK of Free Church Manse Minard -- Argyllshire
REVIE of Heatherknowe Tarbert -- Argyllshire
RHODES of Blinkbonny Ardentinny -- Argyllshire
RICHARDSON of Ardentinny Farm Ardentinny -- Argyllshire
RICHARDSON of Hillside House Kilmun -- Argyllshire
RICHARDSON of Marine Hotel Oban -- Argyllshire
RIDDELL of 1 Hillington Park Circus Cardonold near Glasgow and Ardmore Toward -- Argyllshire
RIDDELL of Ardmore Toward -- Argyllshire
RIDDELL of Ardmore Toward Point Dunoon -- Argyllshire
RIDDELL of Ardmore Toward Point Dunoon -- Argyllshire
RIDLAND of Westhaven Wellington Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
RITCHIE of Gladswood Kirn -- Argyllshire
RITCHIE of Shuna Cottage Iona -- Argyllshire
RITCHIE of Shuna Cottage Iona -- Argyllshire
RIX of Reef Airport the Isle of Tiree -- Argyllshire
ROBB of Edgehill Manse Brae Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
ROBERTS of Skirinish Oban -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of 19 Carnoch Glencoe -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Cumlodden Furnace Loch Fyne -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Donnachaidh Kirn -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Elleric Fasnacloich Appin -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Glenellan Innellan -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Glenorchy Lodge Dalmally -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Killean-place Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Newton Linn Innellan -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Sunnyside Oban -- Argyllshire
ROBERTSON of Tarskavaig Sandbank -- Argyllshire
RODGER of Hong Kong and of Norwood Kirn Argyllshire
ROGERS of EUary Achahoish Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
ROSE of Strathspey Strone -- Argyllshire
ROSS of Acarsaid Barbreck by Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
ROSS of Rhlves Salen Aros Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
ROSS of The Lodge Asknlsh Lochgalr -- Argyllshire
ROTHNEY of Crimond Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Ballochyle Cottage by Sandbank -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Calderwood Innellan -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Craighead Argyll-road Kirn -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Etrle Cottage Connel -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Hillside Kirn -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Nagara Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Qortaln Colintralve -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of St Ola Broomfield-drive Dunoon -- Argyllshire
RUSSELL of Ti Niamara Colintralve -- Argyllshire
SANDERSON of Sunnycraig Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
SAUNDERS of Forresthank Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
SCHOFIELD of Bragleenberg Kilninver -- Argyllshire
SCOTT of 60 Gloucester-terrace Bayswater Middlesex and of Glenaros Island of Mull -- Argyllshire
SCOTT of Castleton Villa Innellan -- Argyllshire
SCOTT of Dunedin Ardnadam -- Argyllshire
SCOTT of The Chalet Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
SCOTT of Tigh-na-uilt Innellan -- Argyllshire
SCOTT of Woodlands Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
SHANKS of Shelton Lodge Hunter-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
SHARP of Ava Ballwood Dunoon -- Argyllshire
SHAW of Lussa Cottage Craighouse -- Argyllshire
SHAW of Mavisbank 29 Ashton-road Gourock -Renfrewshire and 2 Mentmore Gardens Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
SHAW of Mentmore Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
SHEARER of Battery Point Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
SHEARER of Tighnafaolini Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
SHEDDEN of 6 Victoria-place Oban -- Argyllshire
SHIELDS of Ellangowan Kirn -- Argyllshire
SHULDHAM of The Carmelite Con-vent Oban -- Argyllshire
SILLARS of Ardcarroch Carradale -- Argyllshire
SIM of Fairmount Clyde-street Kirn -- Argyllshire
SIMPSON of Hillside Auchenlochan Kyles of Bute -- Argyllshire
SIMPSON of Knocklearach Ballygrant Islay Argyllshire
SIMPSON of Pordavadle Millhouse Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
SIMPSON of Shelton Lodge Kirn -- Argyllshire
SIMPSON of Undercliff Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
SINCLAIR of Blacks Land Inverary -- Argyllshire
SINCLAIR of Inverleckan Furnace -- Argyllshire
SINCLAIR of Killard Invellan -- Argyllshire
SINCLAIR of Rhugarth Strachur -- Argyllshire
SINCLAIR of The Rowans Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
SKEDD of 47 Limecraigs Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
SKINNER of Cawdor House Oban -- Argyllshire
SLATER of Willowbank Kim Dunoon -- Argyllshire
SLOAN of 1 Broughallan-gardens Marine-parade Kirn -- Argyllshire
SLOAN of Calmryan Ardnadam Sandbank -- Argyllshire
SLOAN of Glenview Anchamore Road Dunoon -- Argyllshire
SMITH of 35 Lochnell-street Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
SMITH of Airdalulnn Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
SMITH of Arthur Ardvarre Dhallilng Avenue Kim -- Argyllshire
SMITH of care of Kilmeny Clyde Street Kirn -- Argyllshire
SMITH of Castle Cottage Tarbert -- Argyllshire
SMITH of Cruach Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
SMITH of Dunard-terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
SMITH of Dundonald Bowmore Islay Argyllshire
SMITH of Hampton House Kirn Argyllshire
SMITH of Hill-terrace Kinlochleven -- Argyllshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SMITH of Kerry View Tarbert -- Argyllshire
SMITH of Rockbank Hunters Quay Kirn -- Argyllshire
SMITH of The Anchorage Carrick Castle Lochgoilhead -- Argyllshire
SNADDEN of Tigh-t-Slomaln North Connel -- Argyllshire
SPALDING of Tighgorm Port Ellen Islay -- Argyllshire
SPEIR of Woodburn Kilmun -- Argyllshire
SPEIR of Woodburn Kilmun -- Argyllshire
SPEIRS of Rydal Mount Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
SPENCE of 6 Kimberley-terrace East Bay Dunoon -- Argyllshire
SPENCER of Argyll Villa Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
SPENCER of Langholm Toward -- Argyllshire
SPIERS of Lochgilphead Hospital Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
STALKER of Drumbeg Campeltown -- Argyllshire
STANHOPE of Invercreran by Appin -- Argyllshire
STARKEY of Dun-na-Mara Ledaig -- Argyllshire
STARKEY of Dun-na-mara Ledaig -- Argyllshire
STEEL of Dunira Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
STEPHENSON of Rosemount Tarbert -- Argyllshire
STEVENSON of Corrlevohr Garrick castle Lochgoll -- Argyllshire
STEVENSON of Renfield Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
STEWART of 2 Nursery Cottage Ford -- Argyllshire
STEWART of 3 Lorne Terrace Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Achara Duror -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Auchindoune St Fillans Perthshire and of Dunfirmary Connel -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Beit Zoriah Newlands Dunoon -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Braeside Kilmore by Oban -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Craiganrioch Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Gowanlea Innellan -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Hillrig Kilmun -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Ionian House Iona -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Ionian House Iona -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Lochview Marine Parade Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Milton Tower Dunoon -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Oakbank Carrick -- Argyllshire
STEWART of Seal Cove Shore Road Innellan -- Argyllshire
STEWART of The Army and Navy Club Pall Mall London and-of Breachacha Castle Isle-of Coll -- Argyllshire
STEWART of The Caravan Ganavan by Oban -- Argyllshire
STIRLING of the Cot House Hotel Kilmun -- Argyllshire
STIRRAT of Seton Lodge Kirn -- Argyllshire
STRACHAN of Broxwood Villa Sandbank -- Argyllshire
STRANG of Ardlul Dell Road Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
STUART of Royal Marine Hotel Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
SUTHERLAND of Ardsheal Kentallen -- Argyllshire
SUTHERLAND of Ellangowan Kirn -- Argyllshire
SWAN of Inveryne Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
SYME of The Hall Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
SYMINGTON of Holy rood Innellan -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Dunadd Innellan -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Dunmore Tarbert -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Dunrod Innellan -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Fascadale Lodge Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Glenorchy Lodge Dalmally -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of High Street Post Office Beith Place Campbeltown Argyll and 14 Ralston Road Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Ladybank Innellan -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Ri-Cruin Kilmartin Poltalloch Estate Office and-of Limbs Cottages Kilmartin -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Stoney-wood Toward -- Argyllshire
TAYLOR of Stoneywood Toward Point -- Argyllshire
TEMPLETON of 66 Kirk-street Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
TEMPLETON of Morvern Manse Brae Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
THOMAS of Brighton House Alexandra-parade Dunoon -- Argyllshire
THOMLINSON of Newton Linn Innellan -- Argyllshire
THOMPSON of Hazelwood Eccles Road Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of 56 Cecil Street Glasgow and Dlarmld Blairmore -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Ardbeg Alexander Street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Bridge House Muasdale by Tarbert -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Bridge House Muasdale Tarbert -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Drumore House Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Hotel Cottage Southend by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Hotel Cottage Southend by Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Ifferdale Kintyre -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Laurel Bank Sandbank -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Melfort House Bearsden Dumbartonshire and of Diarmid Blairmore -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Merkland Innellan -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Netherfield Lodge Ardnadam Dunoon -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of The Manor Inveraray -- Argyllshire
THOMSON of Ujina Glenramskill Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
THRELFALL of Devoncott Blairmore -- Argyllshire
TODD of Sidehead Stewarton -- Argyllshire
TOPPING of Seacliff Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
TOPPING of Seacliff Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
TOPPING of Smithy House Kilchoan -- Argyllshire
TRAIN of Hill Cottage Southend -- Argyllshire
TRENCH of McPhall Havelock House Kim Brae Klrh -- Argyllshire
TULLIS of Fairlinn Colintraive -- Argyllshire
TUNKS of Tighnamara Connel -- Argyllshire
TURNBULL of Braingorton House by Colintraive -- Argyllshire
TURNBULL of Camp Cottage Ardlamont -- Argyllshire
TURNBULL of The Chalet Hotel Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
TURNER of Clydesdale Bank House Innellan -- Argyllshire
TURNER of Fairview Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
TURNER of Grlanan Aros Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
TURNER of Kandahar Ormidale -- Argyllshire
TURNER of Stoneywood Toward -- Argyllshire
TURNER of Stoneywood Toward -- Argyllshire
TURNER of The Cottage Glenaros Aros Isle of Mull -- Argyllshire
TWADDLE of Rock Cottage Strone-by-Dunoon -- Argyllshire
TYRE of Gord Manse Brae Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
UNKLES of Heather Housed Port Asliaig Islay -- Argyllshire
URIE of Dunsdale Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
URIE of Dunsyre Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
VALLENTINE of Polmarloch Blairmore -- Argyllshire
VASS of Lewis House Oban -- Argyllshire
VEREL of The Laurels Hunter St. Kuln Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WADDELL of Crag Tower Kirn -- Argyllshire
WALKER of Noddfa Tighnabruaich -- Argyllshire
WALKER of Scotnish Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
WALKER of The Moorings Ardfillayne Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WALLACE of Bellgrove Cambeltown -- Argyllshire
WALTERS of The Mansion House Kilmun -- Argyllshire
WALTON of Argyll Mansions Oban -- Argyllshire
WARDEN of Davaar Alexandra Parade Kirn -- Argyllshire
WATSON of 10 High Sandbank-road Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WATSON of Dhunellan Innellan -- Argyllshire
WATSON of Dhunellan Innellan -- Argyllshire
WATSON of Ros-mhor Ardna-dam -- Argyllshire
WATSON of Royal Avenue Mansions Campbeltown -- Argyllshire
WATSON of Tavool Tiroran Oban -- Argyllshire
WATSON of Woodville Toward Point Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WATT of Slatefield Kirn -- Argyllshire
WEBSTER of Cliff Cottage Ard-nadom -- Argyllshire
WEIR of Belmont House Edward street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WEIR of Castlehill North Campbell Road Innellan -- Argyllshire
WEIR of Invernabryle Appin -- Argyllshire
WEIR of Viewfield 293 Fenwick-road Giffnock Renfrewshire and Dunderave Castle Inveraray -- Argyllshire
WELLS of The Cottage Tayvallich -- Argyllshire
WELSH of Winton Cottage Innellan -- Argyllshire
WETTON of 1 Battery-terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
WHELLENS of Park House Barcaldine Connel -- Argyllshire
WHITE of Calderbank Alexander-street Dunoon Argyllshire
WHITE of Mount Lebanon Hunters Quay -- Argyllshire
WHITEFIELD of Stanley-terrace Alfred-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WHITESMITH of London House Kirn Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WHYTE of 2 Battery-terrace Oban -- Argyllshire
WHYTE of The Bungalow Kinlochleven -- Argyllshire
WILKIE of Dixmude Kirn -- Argyllshire
WILKIE of Thomloe Oban Argyllshire and of Esplanade Hotel Oban -- Argyllshire
WILKIE of Wilkie Kiloran Sandbank Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WILKINSON of Glenlea Nelson-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WILKS of The School House Port Ellen Isle of Islay -- Argyllshire
WILLIAMS of Rosscalrn Hunter Street Kirn -- Argyllshire
WILLIAMSON of The Moorings Kinlochleven -- Argyllshire
WILSON of 183 Alexander-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WILSON of Broxwood Park Sandbank -- Argyllshire
WILSON of Burngill Kilmun -- Argyllshire
WILSON of Camas Innes Salen -- Argyllshire
WILSON of Lochnell-lodge Taynuilt -- Argyllshire
WILSON of Millarstoun Kintillo Terrace Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WILSON of The Millburn Hotel Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WILSON of Winnislea Alexander-street Dunoon -- Argyllshire
WOOD of Seaside House Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
WRIGHT of Ardeen Toward -- Argyllshire
WRIGHT of Auchinellon Ford -- Argyllshire
WYLIE of High Machriemore Southend Kintyre -- Argyllshire
WYLIE of Midton of Fulwood Stewarton -- Argyllshire
YOUNG of Arthurville Furnace -- Argyllshire
YOUNG of Dunara Ardrishaig -- Argyllshire
YOUNG of Tigh An Rudha Toward Point -- Argyllshire
YOUNG of Tighnuilt Lochgilphead -- Argyllshire
YUILLE of Craigend House Kilmun -- Argyllshire
ZIMMERMANN of Ardchatran Priory Connel -- Argyllshire

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SCOTLAND COUNTIES North Britain  Scotland  Scotland (pt 1)  Scotland (pt 2)  Aberdeenshire  Angus-shire  Argyllshire  Ayrshire  Banffshire  Berwickshire  Buteshire  Caithness  Clackmannanshire  Dumbartonshire  Dumfriesshire  Elginshire  Fifeshire  Forfarshire  Invernessshire  Kincardineshire  Kinrossshire  Kirkcudbrightshire  Lanarkshire  Lothian  Midlothian  Morayshire  Nairnshire  Peeblesshire  Perthshire  Renfrewshire  Ross-shire  Roxburghshire  Selkirkshire  Shetland  Stirlingshire  Sutherland  Wigtownshire 
SCOTLAND TOWNS small Scottish town  Aberdeen  Airdrie  Alloa  Angus  Arbroath  Arran  Ayr  Banff  Berwick  Berwick-on-Tweed  Blairgowrie  Brechin  Bridge of Allan  Broughty Ferry  Calston  Cambuslang  Campbeltown  Carnoustie  Coatbridge  Crieff  Dalbeattie  Douglas  Dumbarton  Dumfries  Dunblane  Dundee  Dunfermline  Dunoon  Edinburgh  Elgin  Falkirk  Forfar  Glasgow  Grangemouth  Greenock  Haddington  Hamilton  Hawick  Helensburgh  Inverness  Kelso  Kilbride  Kilmarnock  Kirkcaldy  Kirkcudbright  Lanark  Largs  Lockerbie  Montrose  Nairn  Orkney  Paisley  Peebles  Perth  Prestwick  Rothesay  Rutherglen  Saltcoats  Selkirk  St Andrews  Stevenston  Stirling  Stonehaven  Stranraer  Strathaven  Troon  Uddingston 
BRITAIN ELSEWHERE Britain elsewhere  Guernsey  Isle of Man  Jersey  Gibraltar  Falkland Islands  Channel Islands 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND COUNTIES County Antrim  County Armagh  County Carlow  County Cavan  County Clare  County Cork  County Derry  County Donegal  County Down  County Dublin  County Fermanagh  County Galway  County Kerry  County Kildare  County Kilkenny  County Kings county  County Leitrim  County Leix  County Limerick  County Longford  County Louth  County Mayo  County Meath  County Monaghan  County Offaly  County Queens county  County Roscommon  County Sligo  County Tipperary  County Tyrone  County Waterford  County Westmeath  County Wexford  County Wicklow 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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