Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Dumfries is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAMSON of Rosebank Cottage Collin -- Dumfries
AIRD of Donarth Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
AITCHISON of Wynyards St. Cuthberts Avenue -- Dumfries
AITKEN of Crichton Royal Institution -- Dumfries
AITKEN of Dunvegan Edinburg Road -- Dumfries
AITKEN of Filtdawn Corberry-avenue -- Dumfries
AITKEN of Springbank Cairnryan -- Dumfries
AITON of Ellaslea Castle Douglas Road -- Dumfries
ALEXANDER of Chrichton Royal -- Dumfries
ALLAN of 17 Lockerbie-road -- Dumfries
ALLAN of Crichton Royal Institution -- Dumfries
ALLAN of Dunard Cassalands -- Dumfries
ALLWORK of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
ANDERSON of 48 Cardoness Street -- Dumfries
ANDERSON of Crichton Royal Institute -- Dumfries
ANDERSON of Crichton Royal Institute -- Dumfries
ANDERSON of Newbie Annan -- Dumfries
ARMSTRONG of Cotswold Victoria Avenue -- Dumfries
ARMSTRONG of Craigbank Glencaple -- Dumfries
ARMSTRONG of Parkhurst Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
ATKINSON of Gribton Hospital Irongray -- Dumfries
AUSTIN of Criffel Mount Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
AUSTIN of Kinver Moffat Road -- Dumfries
AUSTIN of Springfield Hermitage Drive -- Dumfries
AUSTIN of Springfield Hermitage Drive -- Dumfries
BALLENY of Stannix Hermitage-drive -- Dumfries
BALLENY of Whitfield Hermitage Drive -- Dumfries
BANKS of Dunard Cassalands -- Dumfries
BARBOUR of 1 victoria Avenue -- Dumfries
BARBOUR of Dirleton Castle Douglas Road -- Dumfries
BARBOUR of Dirleton Castle Douglas-road -- Dumfries
BARBOUR of Eban Cottage Mouswald -- Dumfries
BARKER of Uplands Edinburgh-road -- Dumfries
BARR of Caprington Moffat-road -- Dumfries
BARR of Dalfibblee Kirkmichael -- Dumfries
BARR of Latus Manor Beeswing -- Dumfries
BARROWMAN of Town foot Parkgate by -- Dumfries
BARTLET of Ashbank Troqueer Road -- Dumfries
BECK of Cleveleys Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
BELL of 165 Lochside Road -- Dumfries
BELL of 9 Roseland-terrace Troqueer -- Dumfries
BELL of Ardglamis Dalbeattie-road -- Dumfries
BELL of Corsbie Cresswell Hill -- Dumfries
BELL of Linthorpe Noblehill -- Dumfries
BELL of St. Michael Street -- Dumfries
BENSON of Dudgeon House Crighton Royal -- Dumfries
BERTRAM of Cairnwood Loch Road -- Dumfries
BEVERIDGE of The Holm Laurieston Avenue -- Dumfries
BIGGART of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
BLACKLOCK of Sherbrooke Moffat Road -- Dumfries
BLAIR of Lynnbank Watling-street -- Dumfries
BOGIE of Rosedean Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
BORTHWICK of Castlehill Cottages Kirkmahoe -- Dumfries
BOWIE of Byrlaw Dalbeattie Road Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
BOWMAN of 4 Carnegie-street -- Dumfries
BOYLE of 35 George Street -- Dumfries
BRIDGES of 8 Roseland Terrace -- Dumfries
BROADFOOT of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
BROATCH of 2 Lovers Walk -- Dumfries
BROATCH of Thwaite Muthwell -- Dumfries
BROOKES of Torr House Hotel Torthorwald -- Dumfries
BROWN of 238 Fenwick Road Giffnock Renfrewshire and Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
BROWN of Con Is ton Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
BROWNE of Brocklehirst Collin -- Dumfries
BRUCE of 10 Murray Place -- Dumfries
BRYDSON of 20 Galloway Street -- Dumfries
BRYSON of Alexandria Villa Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
BRYSON of Emma Lea New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
BRYSON of Rhoscolyn Alexandra Drive -- Dumfries
BURGESS of Lyngarth New Abbey-road -- Dumfries
BUTLER of Riddingwood House by -- Dumfries
BUTTER of Aldworth Noblehill -- Dumfries
BUTTER of Atholl Bank 198 Annan Road -- Dumfries
BYERS of Oyama Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
CAIRNS of 28 Galloway Street -- Dumfries
CALLANDER of Stansfield Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
CAMERON of Glentrool The Crescent Annan Road -- Dumfries
CAMPBELL of 12 Wellwood Place -- Dumfries
CAMPBELL of Balnagask St. Brydes Terrace Lockerbie -- Dumfries
CAMPBELL of Bennan Albert Road -- Dumfries
CAMPBELL of Dalblair Saint Cuthberts Avenue -- Dumfries
CAMPBELL of Maxwell Hill 17 Laurieknowe -- Dumfries
CAMPBELL of The Laurels Victoria Road -- Dumfries
CARGILL of 5 Gordon Street -- Dumfries
CARSON of Norford Roberts Crescent Rotchell -- Dumfries
CARTER of 21 Annan Road -- Dumfries
CAVEH of 64 Glasgow Street -- Dumfries
CHARLESTON of Corberry Cottage New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
CHERRIE of Roseside Cottage Collin -- Dumfries
CHICKEN of Thirlmere Edinburg Road -- Dumfries
CHREE of 43 Castle-street -- Dumfries
CHRISTIE of Duntrune Castle Douglas Road -- Dumfries
CLARK of Ardath Lovers Walk -- Dumfries
CLARK of Ardath Lovers-walk -- Dumfries
CLENAQHAH of Terregles Lodge -- Dumfries
COCHRAN of 162 Lochside Road -- Dumfries
COCHRANE of Dudgeon House Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
COCKBURN of St. Michaels Manse -- Dumfries
COLDWELL of Gribton Hospital -- Dumfries
COLEMAN of Cobicran Annan Road -- Dumfries
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COLTART of 24 Cardoness Street -- Dumfries
COOKE of Ashbank Troqueer Road -- Dumfries
CORMACK of 7 Elizabeth Street Langholm -- Dumfries
CORNET of Northmost House Cardoness-street -- Dumfries
COULTHARD of Eden Bank Noblehill -- Dumfries
CRABBE of Duncow -- Dumfries
CRAIK of Rosedale Mavis Grove New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
CRAIK of Rosedale Mavis Grove New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
CRAWFORD of West Gallaberry Kirkmahoe -- Dumfries
CROSBIE of 44 Queen-street -- Dumfries
CROSTHWAITE of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
CUMMACK of South View Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
CURRIE of 30 Arnott-terrace -- Dumfries
CURRIE of 4 Catherine Street -- Dumfries
CURRIE of Redholme Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
DALGLIESH of Auldtree Cottage Collin -- Dumfries
DALGLIESH of Auldtree Cottage Collin -- Dumfries
DALRYMPLE of The Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
DALZIEL of Monessle New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
DANZ of 14 Laurieknowe -- Dumfries
DASHWOOD of The Clachan Newtonairds -- Dumfries
DAVIDSON of Janeville 109 Brooms Road -- Dumfries
DICKIE of 17 Palmerston Drive -- Dumfries
DICKIE of Hermitage Drive -- Dumfries
DICKIE of Keltpn House -- Dumfries
DICKSON of 2 Victoria Road -- Dumfries
DINWIDDLE of 39 Moffat Road -- Dumfries
DINWOODIE of The Ingle Hermitage Drive -- Dumfries
DIXON of Cremorne Ardwall Road -- Dumfries
DOUGLAS of 137 Lincluden Road -- Dumfries
DRUMMOND of 116 Queen Street -- Dumfries
DRUMMOND of 6 Victoria Terrace -- Dumfries
DRUMMOND of Glenalva Albert Road -- Dumfries
DUFF of Barrington Noblehill -- Dumfries
DUNBAR of 9 Langlands -- Dumfries
DUNLOP of 13 Catherine Street -- Dumfries
DUNN of Wan ford Wellington Street Glencaple -- Dumfries
DUNN of Wanford Wellington Street Glencaple -- Dumfries
DURIE of Kennels Cottage Kirkbean by -- Dumfries
DYKE of Dudgeon House -- Dumfries
EDMONDSON of Heston House -- Dumfries
ELDER of Brookfield Craigs-road -- Dumfries
ELLIOT of Dumfries
ELLISTON of Chrichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
ERSKINE of Strowan Park Road Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
ESSLEMONT of Oakhurst Georgetown Read -- Dumfries
EWART of Enrick Cassalands -- Dumfries
EWEN of Westbourne House Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
EWING of Bridgend Southwick by -- Dumfries
FAIRLIE of St. Marys Manse Moffat-road -- Dumfries
FARISH of St Teresa?s -- Dumfries
FARROW of Troy Moffat Road -- Dumfries
FAWCETT of Fawcett Corrachree Newall Terrace -- Dumfries
FAWCETT of Fawcett Corrachree Newall Terrace -- Dumfries
FFOLLIOTT of Allanbank -- Dumfries
FINLAYSON of Saughtree House An nan-road -- Dumfries
FOSSEY of Little Garth Castle Douglas Road -- Dumfries
FRASER of 31 Rosevale Street Cresswell -- Dumfries
FRASER of Cluden Bank near -- Dumfries
FULTON of 2 Dunbar Terrace -- Dumfries
FURNASS of The Khowe Bunscore -- Dumfries
FURNESS of Castlecary Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
FURNESS of Castlecary Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
FYFE of Gartshore 6 Hardthorn Road -- Dumfries
GALLAGHER of Rowanbank Moffat-road -- Dumfries
GALLOWAY of Stalre Solway Drive -- Dumfries
GARDHAM of Carrachun -- Dumfries
GARDINER of Castlecray Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
GARDINER of Craignethan New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
GARDNER of Greencleuch Torthorwald -- Dumfries
GASS of Glencree Terregles Road -- Dumfries
GEAUSSENT of Kynance Glencaple -- Dumfries
GEORGE of Craiglevar Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
GERRARD of 32 Buccleuch-street -- Dumfries
GIBSON of 10 Brewery Street -- Dumfries
GIBSON of 10 Brewery-street -- Dumfries
GIBSON of 14 Welldale Road -- Dumfries
GILLESPIE of Kirkowens-street -- Dumfries
GILMOUR of 20 McKie Avenue Cresswell -- Dumfries
GLENDINNING of 78 Brodie Avenue -- Dumfries
GLOVER of Middlefield -- Dumfries
GOODFELLOW of Governors House H.M. Institution -- Dumfries
GRAHAM of Alpin House Lovers-walk -- Dumfries
GRAHAM of Evening Hill Dalbeattie Road -- Dumfries
GRAHAM of Newfield Ruthwell -- Dumfries
GRANT of Lenaville Huntingdon Road -- Dumfries
GRANT of The Hall -- Dumfries
GRAY of 8 Glebe-terrace -- Dumfries
GREAVES of 101 college Road Llncluden -- Dumfries
GRIERSON of Broughton Villa Four Glebe-street -- Dumfries
GRIERSON of Ivy Bank Noblehill -- Dumfries
GRIERSON of Marford New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
GRIERSON of Ronald Bank Albert Road -- Dumfries
GRIERSON of Stewart Hall -- Dumfries
HALLIDAY of 40 Glasgow Street Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
HALLIDAY of Chalemar 47 Rotchell Road -- Dumfries
HALLIDAY of Welsh Chalemar Rotchell Road -- Dumfries
HAMILTON of Eden Hotel English Street -- Dumfries
HAMILTON of Greenhill Torthorwald -- Dumfries
HAMMOND of 9 Tinwald Downs Road -- Dumfries
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HARKNESS of Chapelhill Glencaple -- Dumfries
HARKNESS of Newfield Bum Carrutherstown Road -- Dumfries
HARKNESS of St. Oswalds New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
HARKNESS of Wigton House -- Dumfries
HARPER of Crichton Royal Institution -- Dumfries
HARRISON of Airdrie Kirkbean -- Dumfries
HASTIE of 7 Victoria-terrace -- Dumfries
HASTINGS of Annan-road -- Dumfries
HATTLE of Craigland Lovers Walk -- Dumfries
HAUGH of 23 Victoria Avenue -- Dumfries
HAWKINS of 13 Balmoral Avenue -- Dumfries
HEATH of 193 Annan Road -- Dumfries
HELON of Gilnockie Park Road -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of 31 Eastfield Road -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of Claremont -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of Crescendo New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of Emerald Park Noblehill -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of Mansefield Beeswing by -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of Mansfield Beeswing by -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of Rannoch Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
HENDERSON of Rannoch St. Cuth-berts-avenue -- Dumfries
HENDRIE of Cassalands Cottage -- Dumfries
HENDRIKS of The Hall -- Dumfries
HENDRY of Kildonan 27 Montague Street -- Dumfries
HENDRY of Kildonan Montague Street -- Dumfries
HENDRY of Kildonan Montague-street -- Dumfries
HENDRY of Lochanhead House Lochanhead by -- Dumfries
HERD of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
HETHERINGTON of Torwood Clarencefield By -- Dumfries
HEWART of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
HODGSON of The Hall Crichton Royal Institution -- Dumfries
HOLMES of Allendale Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
HOPE of Glennan Castle Douglas Road -- Dumfries
HOUSTON of Glenhurst Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
HOUSTON of Marchfield House -- Dumfries
HOWAT of 4 Burnett Avenue Lochside -- Dumfries
HOWATT of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
HUGHES of Overtown Kotchell Park -- Dumfries
HUNTER of 33 Castle-street Dumfries
HUNTER of Eastlands House Crocketford by -- Dumfries
HUNTER of Eskbank Dalbeattie Road -- Dumfries
HUNTER of Holmlea Victoria-road -- Dumfries
HUNTER of Nith View Glencaple -- Dumfries
HUNTER of Nith View Glencaple by -- Dumfries
HUTCHEON of Morag Corber Avenue -- Dumfries
HUTTON of Red Gables Pleasance-avenue -- Dumfries
HYSLOP of Milton Ardwall Road -- Dumfries
HYSLOP of The Knock Lockerbie-road -- Dumfries
IBBS of Ashton Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
IRVING of Pleasant View Kelton by -- Dumfries
IRWIN of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
JAMIESON of Shannas Hermitage Drive -- Dumfries
JOHNSTON of Ae Bridge By -- Dumfries
JOHNSTON of Hillcrest Crocksford Road -- Dumfries
JOHNSTON of Nunbank -- Dumfries
JOHNSTONE of 2 Wallaceton Auldgirth -- Dumfries
JOHNSTONE of Saughtree Villa Annan-road -- Dumfries
JONES of 17 Cairn Drive Lincluden -- Dumfries
JONES of 4 Albert Road -- Dumfries
JONES of Crichton Royal Institution -- Dumfries
JONES of Thornlea Rotchell-park -- Dumfries
KERR of 20 Castle Street -- Dumfries
KERR of 31 Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
KERR of 76 Cardoness Street -- Dumfries
KERR of The Thrushwood Mouswald -- Dumfries
KESWICK of Cowhill -- Dumfries
KIDD of Moat Brae Nursing Home -- Dumfries
KING of Larchfield Craigs Road -- Dumfries
KINGAN of Ashcroft New Abbey -- Dumfries
KINGAN of Myddleton Newabbey-road -- Dumfries
KIRKPATRICK of 13 Cresswell Avenue -- Dumfries
KIRKPATRICK of Beacon Hill Annan-road -- Dumfries
KIRKPATRICK of Pullman-terrace -- Dumfries
KIVLICHAN of St :Columba?s Rotcheli-road -- Dumfries
KLEIN of Netherlea Bankend Road -- Dumfries
KNIGHT of Moffat Road -- Dumfries
LACEY of Carmont House -- Dumfries
LAIDLAW of Linbum New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
LAING of Alpin Lovers Walk -- Dumfries
LAIRD of Ravelston Hermitage Crescent -- Dumfries
LANDALE of Dalswinton -- Dumfries
LANDALE of Maryfield Auldgirth -- Dumfries
LATHAM of 2 Stewartry Court Lincluden -- Dumfries
LAURIE of Ivy Lodge Edinburgh-road -- Dumfries
LAURIE of The Cottage Swawhead -- Dumfries
LEARMONT of Maybrae Corberry Avenue -- Dumfries
LEASK of Craigmuic Moffat-road -- Dumfries
LEEPER of Albion House Cardoness Street -- Dumfries
LINDSAY of Albany Bank Dumfries
LING of The Linns Collin -- Dumfries
LISTER of Wigtown House -- Dumfries
LITTLE of Cargenriggs Islesteps -- Dumfries
LIVINGSTON of 47 Castle-street -- Dumfries
LOCKHART of Melin Rhos Rotchell Road -- Dumfries
LODGE of 39 Castle-street -- Dumfries
LOGAN of 1 Charles Street Annan -- Dumfries
LORIMER of 15 Balmoral Road -- Dumfries
LOWES of Crichton Royal Institution -- Dumfries
LUSK of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
LYON of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MACDONALD of Rosevale Albany -- Dumfries
MACKENZIE of Carllngwark 11 Victoria Avenue -- Dumfries
MACKENZIE of Hilton Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
MACKENZIE of Ruthwell Village Ruthwell by -- Dumfries
MACKIE of 30 Cardoness Street -- Dumfries
MACLACHLAN of Nunholm -- Dumfries
MACLAINE of The School-house Bankend by -- Dumfries
MACMILLAN of Dumbriton Hermitage Drive -- Dumfries
MACROBERT of Auldmills Colin -- Dumfries
MADDAN of Denebank Castle Douglas-road -- Dumfries
MAIL of Dudgeon House -- Dumfries
MALAH of Penrose Glencaple -- Dumfries
MALLOCH of Langlee Georgetown Road -- Dumfries
MALLOCH of Langlee Georgetown-road -- Dumfries
MARCHBANK of 83 St. Michael Street -- Dumfries
MARCHBARK of 11 Wellwood Place Annan Road -- Dumfries
MARSHALL of 31 Goldie-avenue -- Dumfries
MARTIN of Snade Mill Cottage Auldgirth by -- Dumfries
MATHER of West Croft Albert Road -- Dumfries
MAXWELL of 12 Palmerston-drive -- Dumfries
MAXWELL of 260 Annan Road -- Dumfries
MAXWELL of 28 Castle Street -- Dumfries
MAXWELL of Albany House -- Dumfries
MAXWELL of Strathmore Terregles Street -- Dumfries
MAXWELL of Wilmar Westfield Road -- Dumfries
McCAlB of Bellevue Villa Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
McCLANACHAN of Glenside Collin -- Dumfries
MCCONNELL of 17 victoria Avenue -- Dumfries
McCONNELL of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
MCCORMICK of 16 Rae Street -- Dumfries
MCCULLOCH of 3 Langlands -- Dumfries
McGEORGE of Benridge Edinburgh-road -- Dumfries
McGOWAN of Alleyford Kirkgunzeon by -- Dumfries
McGOWAN of Ellangowan -- Dumfries
McGOWN of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
McIntosh of 5 Kenneth Bank Glencaple -- Dumfries
MCINTYRE of 16 Hill-avenue Troqueer -- Dumfries
McKAIG of Gracefield -- Dumfries
McKAY of The Ben -- Dumfries
McKAY of The Ben Newall-terrace -- Dumfries
MCKEACHIE of High Kelton -- Dumfries
MCKENDRICK of Windyridge Suffolkhill Avenue -- Dumfries
McKIE of 31 Galloway Street -- Dumfries
McKIE of 31 Galloway Street -- Dumfries
MCKINNEY of 13 Stewartry Court Lincluden -- Dumfries
McKINNON of 42 George-street -- Dumfries
McLEAN of 3 Murray Place -- Dumfries
MCLEAN of 91 Annan Road -- Dumfries
MCLEAN of Carlyon Averill Crescent -- Dumfries
McMILLAN of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
McMILLAN of Gilnockie Park-road Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
McMINN of 25c The Grove Heathhall -- Dumfries
McMINN of 3 Bankfoot Cottages Locharbriggs -- Dumfries
McMUNN of 7 Hardthorn Road -- Dumfries
McNALLY of 5 Woodside Terrace -- Dumfries
McQUADE of 12 Brooke-street -- Dumfries
McQUADE of 31 Sunderries-road -- Dumfries
McWILLIAM of 6 Briarbank Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
MELDRUM of 19 Moffat-road -- Dumfries
MELDRUM of 6 Corberry -avenue -- Dumfries
MENZIES of Caithness Pleasance-avenue -- Dumfries
METCALF of 7 Moss Dale Heathhall -- Dumfries
MIDDLETON of Cralglelea Cassalands -- Dumfries
MILLAR of The Bent Klrkgunzean -- Dumfries
MILLER of 24 Victoria-avenue -- Dumfries
MILLER of Langlands -- Dumfries
MILLIGAN of 20 Montague Street -- Dumfries
MILLIGAN of Rocklands Rotchell Road -- Dumfries
MILNE of 1 Huntingdon Square -- Dumfries
MILROY of 89 Queen-street -- Dumfries
MITCHELL of 2 Hermitage Crescent -- Dumfries
MITCHELL of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
MOFFAT of 101 Brooms Road -- Dumfries
MORGAN of Rockhall -- Dumfries
MORTON of 11 Irving Street -- Dumfries
MORTON of 11 Irving Street -- Dumfries
MUIR of Crichton Royal Infirmary -- Dumfries
MUIR of Eltham Villa Annan Road -- Dumfries
MUIRHEAD of 44 Rae Street -- Dumfries
MURDOCH of 8 Dunbar Terrace -- Dumfries
MURPHIE of 4 Upper Millbum Avenue -- Dumfries
MURRAY of 59 Asborne Crescent Lochside -- Dumfries
MURRAY of 64 Rosevale Street Cresswell -- Dumfries
MURRAY of Chamwood Hospital -- Dumfries
MURRAY of Myddleton Newabbey Road -- Dumfries
MURRAY of Nithsdale House Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
NAME of Abbotsford Hill Street Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
NAME of Holmbrae Castle Douglas Road -- Dumfries
NAME of Jardington -- Dumfries
NAME of Jardington -- Dumfries
NAME of Redhouse Gasstown -- Dumfries
NAME of Salisbury Cottage Kirkowens Street -- Dumfries
NAME of Simba Villa Annan Road -- Dumfries
NAME of The Gardens Dalswlnton -- Dumfries
NAME of The Shinhers New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
NAME of Wellington Street Glencaple By -- Dumfries
NAME of West Croft Albert Road -- Dumfries
NAPIER of Bankshill Carnegie Street -- Dumfries
NEILSON of The Shelling Kirkgunzeon by -- Dumfries
NEWBIGGING of Parkles Greystone Avenue -- Dumfries
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NEWTON of 16 Cargenbridge Troqueer -- Dumfries
NICHOLSON of 17 Westpark-cottages -- Dumfries
NICHOLSON of Lindisfarne Glasgow Road -- Dumfries
NICOL of Peannount House Dalbeattie Road -- Dumfries
NIMMO of 2 Kenmure Terrace -- Dumfries
NISBET of Parklea Greystone Avenue -- Dumfries
ONEILL of 48 Alloway Road Lochside -- Dumfries
OSBORNE of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
PAGAN of 6 Catherine Street -- Dumfries
PALMER of MaXholm Terregles -- Dumfries
PAPPLE of 19 Laurieknowe Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
PARK of Clenries Albert-road -- Dumfries
PARKER of Clovelly Moffat Road -- Dumfries
PARKER of Moza Moffat-road -- Dumfries
PARR of 8 Rosemount-street -- Dumfries
PATERSON of 100 Queen Street -- Dumfries
PATERSON of 17 Westpark Cottages Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
PATERSON of 90 Brooms Road -- Dumfries
PATERSON of Criffel Mount Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
PATERSON of Mount Sydney -- Dumfries
PATON of Dudgeon House -- Dumfries
PATON of Newton Albert Road -- Dumfries
PATTERSON of Stanley Villa Lockerbie-road -- Dumfries
PAYNE of 4 Gordon Street -- Dumfries
PAYNE of Cargenbridge -- Dumfries
PBOCJN of Dee Bank -- Dumfries
PEARSON of Afton 14 Victoria Avenue -- Dumfries
PETERS of 3 Loreburn Park Dumfries and care of The British Linen Bank -- Dumfries
PETERS of The Winston Hotel Rae Street -- Dumfries
PHILP of Rosemount House Laurieknowe -- Dumfries
PICKERING of The Hall -- Dumfries
PLEASAHTS of Glenelg Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
PORTEOUS of 96 Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
PORTER of Monreith Ward Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
PORTER of Rowallan Hardthorn Avenue -- Dumfries
POWELL of The Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
PRINCE of Wanford Wellington Street Glencaple -- Dumfries
PURDIE of Roseneath Inglestonford Southwick Road -- Dumfries
PURVIS of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
RAE of 15 Cresswell-avenue -- Dumfries
RAMSAY of Newark Auldgirth -- Dumfries
RANKIN of The Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
READ of Riddingwood House Kirkmahoe -- Dumfries
REED of Cooleen Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
REID of 3 Victoria Terrace -- Dumfries
REID of 7 Palmerston Avenue -- Dumfries
REID of Tarquah Glasgow Road Maxwell town -- Dumfries
RENWICK of Tyndall Albert Road -- Dumfries
RICHARDSON of Boundary Annan-road -- Dumfries
RICHARDSON of Castlefern Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
RILLEY of Gribton Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
ROBB of 13 Kingholm Drive Castledykes r -- Dumfries
ROBERTSON of Glenhowan Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
ROBISON of The Neuk Collin -- Dumfries
ROBSON of Westergate Troqueer Road -- Dumfries
RODDAN of 1 Marchbank Terrace Moffat Road -- Dumfries
RODDAN of Roslin Hardthorn Road -- Dumfries
RODDAN of St. Fillans Terregles Street -- Dumfries
RODDICK of Ardmae Moffat-road -- Dumfries
ROGERS of 12 Gordon Street -- Dumfries
ROGERSON of Crichton Royal Hospital -- Dumfries
ROGERSON of Parkhead Hospital -- Dumfries
ROGERSON of Sydney Place Amisfield -- Dumfries
RORRISON of St. Catherines -- Dumfries
ROSS of Ardmore Cassalands -- Dumfries
ROSS of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
ROSS of Oyama Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
ROWAN of 2 Catherinefield-crescent Heathhall -- Dumfries
RUSSELL of Moorheads Hospital St. Michael Street -- Dumfries
RUSSELL of Newfield Annan-road -- Dumfries
RUST of Healesville Terregles Road -- Dumfries
SADDLER of 10 Murray Place -- Dumfries
SADLER of Shuna Dalbeattie Road -- Dumfries
SANDERSON of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
SAYERS of 7 Victoria Terrace -- Dumfries
SCHMIDT of The King?s Arms Hotel -- Dumfries
SCOTT of 16 McLellan-street Dumfries
SCOTT of Arnmannoch Pleasance-avenue -- Dumfries
SCOTT of Glebe House -- Dumfries
SCOTT of Mona Bank Glebe Terrace -- Dumfries
SCOTT of Nithsdale House Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
SCOTT of the Crichton Royal Institution 20 Castle-street -- Dumfries
SEEAR of Royal Institution -- Dumfries
SEGGIE of Crimond Mavis Grove New Abbey Road -- Dumfries
SEMPLE of Haddow 32 Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
SHARLAND of Oakroyd Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
SHARLAND of Oakroyd Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
SHARLAND of Oakroyd Lockerbie-road -- Dumfries
SHAW of Erncrest Westfield Road -- Dumfries
SHERIDAN of 19 Primrose-street -- Dumfries
SHIELD of Lowcroft New Abbey by -- Dumfries
SIM of Chapel Mount -- Dumfries
SIMSON of 11 Irving Street -- Dumfries
SKILLING of 16 Brodie-avenue -- Dumfries
SKIPPER of 6 Loreburn Terrace Heathhall -- Dumfries
SLOAN of 7 Albany Place -- Dumfries
SMITH of 2 Woodvale Terrace -- Dumfries
SMITH of 3 Forsyth Street Klthside -- Dumfries
SMITH of 3 Robertvale Terrace -- Dumfries
SMITH of 69 English-street -- Dumfries
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SMITH of 77 Buccleuch-street Dumfries
SMITH of Ashgrove Amisfield -- Dumfries
SMITH of Bank of Scotland-buildings Irish-street -- Dumfries
SMITH of Bank of Scotland-buildings Irish-street Dumfries
SMITH of Calside Craigs-road -- Dumfries
SMITH of Carlincraig Moffat Road -- Dumfries
SMITH of Carlingcraig Moffat-road Dumfries
SMITH of Cathew 22 Newall Terrace -- Dumfries
SMITH of Fulton Parkgate -- Dumfries
SMITH of Norham New Abbey by -- Dumfries
SMITH of Struan Cottage Moffat Road -- Dumfries
SMITH of The Oaks Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
SNAHT of The Craigs -- Dumfries
SPROAT of Rosemount Cottage Maxwell-street -- Dumfries
STARK of Southdean road -- Dumfries
STEELE of White House Castle Douglas Road -- Dumfries
STEWART of Cassalands House -- Dumfries
STOBA of Cressington Edinburgh Road -- Dumfries
STOBA of Selber Pleasance Avenue -- Dumfries
STOBBS of The Oaks Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
STOBIE of 43 Castle Street -- Dumfries
STORY of Airlie 47 Terregles-street -- Dumfries
STOTT of Ardnacloich Moniaive -- Dumfries
STRAWHORN of Annefield Amisfield -- Dumfries
STROYAN of Toll House Crocketford -- Dumfries
STRUTHERS of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
STURGEON of The Scour Annan Road -- Dumfries
SUTHERLAND of Oaklea 63 Moffat Road -- Dumfries
SWAN of Druid Park 45 Moffat-road -- Dumfries
SWAN of The Red House Lochfoot -- Dumfries
SWANSTON of Lynwood Richmond Avenue -- Dumfries
TAIT of 2 Olive Bank Rosemount Street -- Dumfries
TALBOT of Crichton Royal Infirmary Galloway House -- Dumfries
TAYLOR of Dudgeon House -- Dumfries
TELFER of 5 Corberry Terrace -- Dumfries
THOMPSON of Hurstville Chamwood Road -- Dumfries
THOMPSON of Sibbaldbie Pleasance-avenue -- Dumfries
THOMPSON of Sibbaldbie Pleasance-avenue -- Dumfries
THOMPSON of Sibbaldbie Solway Drive -- Dumfries
THOMSON of 16 Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
THOMSON of 39 Terregles Street -- Dumfries
THOMSON of 7 Wellwood Place -- Dumfries
THOMSON of Balmalne Dalbeattie Road -- Dumfries
THOMSON of Hillcroft Edinburg Road -- Dumfries
THOMSON of Steilston House near Newbridge -- Dumfries
THORNE of Rosewood Dalbeattie Road -- Dumfries
THWIN6 of The Hall -- Dumfries
TIMMS of Netherwood Bank -- Dumfries
TINNING of Glentrune Ardwall Road -- Dumfries
TINNING of Glentrune Ardwall Road -- Dumfries
TODD of Dalgamock Greystone Avenue -- Dumfries
TOOGOOD of Torr House Torthorwald by -- Dumfries
TWEDDLE of 10 Brooke Street -- Dumfries
UNDERWOOD of Linden Ardwall Road -- Dumfries
URQUHART of Ardwall Road -- Dumfries
VEITCH of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
VICKERS of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
WADDELL of Dalblair -- Dumfries
WALAND of Harvleston Lockerbie Road -- Dumfries
WALES of Galloway House Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
WALLACE of Glenburn Rotchell Park Maxwelltown -- Dumfries
WALLACE of Kelton -- Dumfries
WALMSLEY of 4 Albany Place -- Dumfries
WARNE of Ashlar Welldale -- Dumfries
WATSON of Castlebank -- Dumfries
WATSON of Holmes Renwick Bank 15 Catherine-street -- Dumfries
WATSON of Mile House Moffat Road -- Dumfries
WEIR of Broomrigg NeWbridge -- Dumfries
WEIR of Oaklea Moffat Road -- Dumfries
WELLS of 39 Nith-place -- Dumfries
WELLS of Balvalg St. Cuthberts Avenue -- Dumfries
WHITE of Pleasance House Annam Road -- Dumfries
WHITE of Pleasance House Annan Road -- Dumfries
WIGHTMAN of Ashgrove-terrace Lockerbie -- Dumfries
WILL of Acrehead -- Dumfries
WILLIAMS of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
WILLIAMSON of 6 Ardwall Road -- Dumfries
WILLMAN of 4 Carnegie Street -- Dumfries
WILSON of 3 Lovers Walk -- Dumfries
WILSON of 62 Queen-street -- Dumfries
WILSON of Aldersyde Rotchell Park -- Dumfries
WILSON of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
WILSON of Darjeeling Edinburg Road -- Dumfries
WILSON of Oakhurst Georgetown road -- Dumfries
WILSON of Overleigh 174 Annan Road -- Dumfries
WILSON of The Crichton Royal Institution -- Dumfries
WILSON of Townfoot of Auchencairn Kirkton -- Dumfries
WRIGHT of 3 Victoria Terrace -- Dumfries
WYLLIE of Beaumont Victoria Road -- Dumfries
WYLLIE of Beaumont Victoria Road -- Dumfries
WYLLIE of Elmbank -- Dumfries
YATES of Kirkland Averill Crescent -- Dumfries
YELLAND of Rotchell House -- Dumfries
YOUNG of Crichton Royal -- Dumfries
YOUNG of Mouswald Grange -- Dumfries

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