Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Dumbartonshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAMS of Balernock House Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
ADDISON of 32 Janetta-street Radnor Park -- Dumbartonshire
AGNEW of The Manse Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
AIRD of 7 Strathview-gardens Garscadden-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
AITCHISON of Westfield Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
AITKEN of Aidenkyle Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
AITKEN of Iridholm Henry Bell-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
AITKEN of Torburn Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
ALEXANDER of Bennan Mhor Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
ALEXANDER of Glenlea Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
ALEXANDER of Rowanlea Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
ALISON of Strathernon 111 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
ALLAN of 5 West Argyle-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
ALLAN of 6 Northview Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
ALLAN of Rowanbrae-Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
ANDERSON of Verreville Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
ANGUS of Hillside Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
ARMSTRONG of Redland Ralston-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
AUSTIN of 138 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BAIRD of Derwent 4 Upper Sutherland-crescent Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
BALLANCE of Ardenvohr Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BALLANTINE of Dullatur House Dullatur -- Dumbartonshire
BALLS of Avondale Smollett-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
BALMANNO of Creagorry Kersland-drive Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
BAMBER of St Andrews Thorn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BANCROFT of Achnamara Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
BARBOUR of 249 Main-street Bonhill -- Dumbartonshire
BARBOUR of 7 Kessington-road Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BARCLAY of 8 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BARDELL of High Over Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
BARGE of Armadale Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BARiBOUR of 7 Kessington-road Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BARR of Bainfield Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
BARR of Canal Bank House Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
BARR of Inchanga Hillpot -- Dumbartonshire
BARR of St Cuithbert?s Manse-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BARRAS of Zetland Villa 74 West King-street Helensburg -- Dumbartonshire
BARRY of Neroma Buchanan-street Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
BATTISON of Endrickvale Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
BEALE of Polmood Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BEARCROFT of Torwood Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
BEATON of Beverley Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BEDELL of Oakshawe Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BEVERIDGE of Caldarvan by Balloch -- Dumbartonshire
BILLING of Stamford 18 Collylinn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BLACK of Artarman Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BLACK of Artarman Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BLACK of Lagarie Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BLACK of The Manor House Wallington Surrey and of Auchentoshan and Kilbowie -- Dumbartonshire
BLACK of Waikerville Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
BLACKCBELlD of Ramoyle Dowanhill- gardens Glasgow and of Ardmay Arrochar -- Dumbartonshire
BLACKWOOD of Clober House Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
BLACKWOOD of Clober House near Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
BLACKWOOD of Hollybank Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
BLACKWOOD of Ravenwood Cove -- Dumbartonshire
BLYTH of Ardenvohr Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BOOTH of West Seaside Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
BOWES of Myrton 31 Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BOYD of Dunara Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
BOYNE of Duncliffe Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROCK of Bannachra Luss -- Dumbartonshire
BROCK of Bannachra Luss -- Dumbartonshire
BROWN of 3 Viewfield-avenue Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
BROWN of Applegarth Balloch -- Dumbartonshire
BROWN of Ardchoille Clynder Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
BROWN of Ingleside Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
BROWN of Laggary Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BROWN of Underhill Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
BROWNE of Camphill House Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BROWNLIE of Auchenheglish Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
BRUCE of Arden Cottage Arden -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Elmbank Cove -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Gowanlea Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Gowanlea Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Kilellan Drumchapel -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Lendal Douglas Park-avenue Kilmardinny Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Rowmore Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Stronel Lodge Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
BUCHANAN of Strouel Lodge Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
BURDON of The Whins Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
BURTON of View Park Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
CALDWELL of Marthabank Cottage Gartochan -- Dumbartonshire
CAMERON of Elderberry Cottage Garelochhead -- Dumbartonshire
CAMPBELL of 1 Alexander-street Renton -- Dumbartonshire
CAMPBELL of 21 Hillfoot Renton -- Dumbartonshire
CAMPBELL of Broomley Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
CAMPBELL of Inchalloch Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
CAMPBELL of Romanno Peebles and Condorrat -- Dumbartonshire
CAMPBELL of The Lodge Mambeg Garelochhead -- Dumbartonshire
CARRICK of Ard-Darach Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CHAMBERS of 42 James-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
CHRISTIE of Morven Mugdock-road Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
CHRYSTAL of Auchendennan Farm Arden -- Dumbartonshire
CLARK of Mossgiel 9 Station-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CLARKE of 25 North View Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
CLYDE of Netherhall Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
COCHRANE of The Crumyards Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
COCKBURN of Dunglass Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
COLQUHOUN of Glenavon Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
COLQUHOUN of Marston Lea Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
COLSON of Innerhaven Mambeg Garelochhead -- Dumbartonshire
CONNORzzzF of Merlewood Thorn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
COOK of Ardenlee 304 Main-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
COOK of Clannish Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
COOPER of 5 Henderland-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CORMACK of 11 Park-terrace Glasgow and of Glenjan Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
CORMACK of Glengair Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
CORMACK of Melfort House Ledcar- meroch-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
COUTTS of 11 Westbourne-dfive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
COWAN of care of Miss Mial 28 John-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
COWANS of Woodmyre Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
COWIE of Eastfield Cumbernauld -- Dumbartonshire
COX of Winton 19 Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CRAIG of 5 Lochaber-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CRAIG of 75 Buchanan-street Glasgow and 2 Drumlin-drive Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
CRAIG of Craigard Millbrae-crescent Yoker -- Dumbartonshire
CRAIK of Enmore Roman-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CRAMB of 5 Glasgow-road Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
CRAWFORD of 61 Kessington-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CRAWFORD of Claddagh Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CRAWFORD of Claddagh Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
CRAWFORD of Claddagh Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
CRAWFORD of Inthington Kirtonhill -- Dumbartonshire
CRAWFORD of Oakbank Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
CRICHTON of Ruberslaw Drymen-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CROMBIE of 7 Baird-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CROWTHER of 3 Manse-road Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CUNNINGHAM of 8 Belmont-terrace Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
CURRIE of Eastwood Cove -- Dumbartonshire
CURRIE of Elmbank Cove -- Dumbartonshire
CURRIE of Elmbank Cove -- Dumbartonshire
CURRIE of Invergoyne Grange-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
CUTHILL of Inverallt Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
DARGE of 11 Afton-crescent Kensington Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
DAVIDSON of Caronella 8 Lochend-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
DAVIDSON of Dunira Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
DAVIE of Ashbank 258 Main-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
DEWAR of Estcourt Kersland-drive Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
DICKENSON of Bridgford 3 Kidston-drive Ardencaple Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
DICKSON of Armadale Elm Walk Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
DICKSON of Inverleckcn Greenfaulds Cumbernauld -- Dumbartonshire
DIXON of Treesbank 3 William-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
DOCHERTY of Helenslea Main-street Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
DOIG of 167 Dumbarton-road Clydebank -- Dumbartonshire
DONALDSON of Braehead 19 Boclair-road Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
DONALDSON of Dunavard House Garelochhcad -- Dumbartonshire
DOUGLAS of Graigielea 16 West Argyle-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
DRON of 33 Buchanan-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
DRYSDALE of Glenfenlan Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
DYSON of 18 Kessington-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
EARDLEY of care of Robertson Northwood Sinclair-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
EASTON of Lundavia 6 Edgehill-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
ELLIOTT of 5 Giffnock-gardens Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
ELLIS of -Aim ora h Tannoch-drive Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
ENGLAND of Marston Grange-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
EYNON of 3 Roman-road Old Kilpatrick -- Dumbartonshire
FAULDS of Earnbank Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
FERGUSON of 2 Manse-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
FERGUSON of Bellevue House 1 Campbell-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
FERGUSON of Mansefield Gartocharn -- Dumbartonshire
FERGUSON of Torran Mor Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
FERRIER of 58 Ardencaple-quadrant Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
FERRIS of 58 Henderland-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
FILSHILL of Carradale Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
FINDLAY of Fiona Wester ton-avenue Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
FISHER of 2 Grier Quadrant Kilbowie-road Clydebank -- Dumbartonshire
FISHER of Loch Long Hotel Arrochar -- Dumbartonshire
FOGO of 25 Govan-drive Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
FORBES of 46 Braehead-avenue Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
FORGIE of 2 Killermont-terrace Canniesburn Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
FORGIE of 2 Killermont-terrace Canniesburn Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
FORSYTH of 211 Maxwell-avenue Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
FOWLER of Oakdene Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
FRASER of Auchengare Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
FULTON of Alt na Craig Colquhoumdrive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
FULTON of St Edmunds Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
GAIRNS of Strathclyde Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
GALLAGHER of 36 Milngavie-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
GALLIE of Easterleigh Strathblane-road Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
GAMBLE of Ingleby 20 Greenwood-drive Kessington Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GERSTENBERG of Aldourie Collylin-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
GIBBONS of Della Strada Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
GILCHRIST of Mayfield Birdston Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
GILLESPIE of Bennochy Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
GILLESPIE of Kerrydale 35 Stirling-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
GILMOUR of Jesma 3 Edward-street Yoker -- Dumbartonshire
GIRVAN of Craigare Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
GLEN of Dungoyne Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
GOOD of Kilncroft Sutherland-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
GORDON of Craigard Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
GORDON of Fairthom 7 Havelock-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
GRAHAM of Ardoch Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
GRAHAM of Ardoch Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
GRAHAM of Brookend Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
GREEN of Oakbanch Balloch -- Dumbartonshire
GRIERSON of 1 Gairnburn-place Old Kilpatrick -- Dumbartonshire
GRIGOR of Auchlyne Mill-road Yoker -- Dumbartonshire
GUILLEMIN of Ten Manse-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
GUTHRIE of 1 Methven-street Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
GUTHRIE of Rowmore Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
GUTHRIE of Rowmore Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
GUTHRIE of Royston Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HADDIN of Stronchullin Cove -- Dumbartonshire
HALCRO of Skara Brae Briarwell-road Garwhitter Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
HALDANE of 13 Craigendoran-avenue Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HALKET of Loretto Mill-r Yoker -- Dumbartonshire
HALL of Kent Cottage Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HAMILTON of Auchentorlie Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
HAMILTON of Dunaivon Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
HAMILTON of Kilncroft Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HANNAY of Cove Castle Cove -- Dumbartonshire
HARPER of Harpeilea Campbell Drive Bears-den -- Dumbartonshire
HARRISON of 135 Buchanan-street Glasgow and Kildarroch Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
HARVEY of Ardmore Farm Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
HARVIE of 10 William-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HASSAY of 37 Westfield-drive Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
HAY of Hopewell Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
HEATH of 9 Carrickarden-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
HEDDERWICK of High Mayfield Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HENDERSON of Fernacoile Manse-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
HENDERSON of Glenfeulan Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
HENDERSON of Mayfield -- Dumbartonshire
HENDERSON of Park View Cumbernauld -- Dumbartonshire
HENDERSON of Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
HENDERSON of Woodend Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
HENDIN of 44 Pendicle-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
HISLOP of Riversdale Church-avenue Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
HODGE of Chapelburn Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
HOLDEN of 16 Craigendoran-avenue Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HOLLAND of Beechwood Balloch -- Dumbartonshire
HONEYMAN of Melville Lithgow-avenue Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
HOOD of 51 Douglas Park Crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
HOUSTON of Unica Cottage Drumchapel -- Dumbartonshire
HOWARD of 63 Bridge-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
HUDDLESTON of Auchengare Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
HUNTER of St Germains Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
HUNTER of Torbeg Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
HUTCHISON of Springfield Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
HUTCHISON of Teviot Bank Queen-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
INGLIS of 19 West King-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
IRVINE of 9 Hornbeam-drive Parkhall Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
JACK of Airybank Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
JACKSON of 43 Charlotte-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
JACKSON of St Anns 43 Charlotte-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
JAMIESON of 126 Burnbrae Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
JARVIE of Beechknoll Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
JEFFREY of 9 Braeside-avenue Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
JENKINS of Lynchalidor 34 South King-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
JOHNSON of 5 Cluny-avenue Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
JOHNSTON of Hawksdale Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
JOHNSTON of Kilspindy Whitehill-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
JOHNSTONE of Clyde View Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
JUBB of Bandry Manse Luss -- Dumbartonshire
JUBB of Bandry Manse Luss -- Dumbartonshire
KAY of Glenelg Croftamie Drymen Station -- Dumbartonshire
KELLY of Blythswood House Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
KENNEDY of Bendochie Cove -- Dumbartonshire
KERR of Garmoyle -- Dumbartonshire
KERR of Glen Eden Cove -- Dumbartonshire
KERR of Huntlyknowe Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
KEYWOOD of Villa Lodge Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
KIDD of Overton Park Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
KIDSTON of Redcliffe Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
KING of 3 Barloch-terrace Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
KING of 3 Barloch-terrace Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
KING of South Park Cove -- Dumbartonshire
KIRK of High Over Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
KIRKHOPE of 35 Upper Glenburn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
KIRKLAND of Clydebank House Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
KIRSOP of Fernacoile Manse-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
KNOX of Oakbank Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
LAMB of Ashmore Cottage Cove -- Dumbartonshire
LAMBERT of -Belvedere 40 Stirling-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
LAMONT of The Hotel Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
LE GALLASS of Northop Glenburn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
LEIPER of Somersdal Stevenson-street Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
LEISHMAN of 88 Middleton- street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
LEITCH of Rosneath -- Dumbartonshire
LIETKE of Woodside 18 Garscadden-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
LINDSAY of Beechdene 20 Lockend-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
LINDSAY of The Mount 3 West Chapelton-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
LITTLE of Benreoch Arrochar -- Dumbartonshire
LOVE of 7 Victoria-terrace Dullatur -- Dumbartonshire
LOVE of Stanley House Dullatur -- Dumbartonshire
LYLE of Clober Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
MacCONNELL of Caladb Lodge Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MACDONALD of 13 Glennan Gardens Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MACDONALD of 6 Greenhead-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MacDONALD of Ferndell Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
MACDONALD of Quiraing 20 Cardross-road Colgrain by Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MACFADYEN of Torwood Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MACFARLANE of Norwood Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MacGIBBON of Elmbank Luss -- Dumbartonshire
MACGREGOR of Ardleven Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MACGREGOR of Clynderview Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
MACKAY of 11 Auchentorlie-terrace Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
MACKAY of Ardvaar 9 Thorn-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MACKAY of Ardvaar Thorn-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MACKEITH of Lome Cottage East King-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MACKENZIE of Dunard Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MACKENZIE of Dunard Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
MACKENZIE of Dunard Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
MACKENZIE of Dunard Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
MACKENZIE of Willowburn Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
MACLAY of Brantwoode Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MACLAY of Elma Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
MACLEAN of Maranham Ledcamerock-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MacLELLAN of Ashmore Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MacLELLAN of Auchenault Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MACLENNAN of Coulmore 29 Colquhoun-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MACLEOD of Fuinary Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
MacNAMARA of Torwood Renton -- Dumbartonshire
MACPHERSON of Craigrownie Manse Cove -- Dumbartonshire
MACPHERSON of Lochbrae Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MANSON of Aitkenlea North Erskine Park Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MARSHALL of care of Misses Graham Gowanlea 22 Roman-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MARTIN of 66 Henderland-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MARTIN of The Linn Cove -- Dumbartonshire
MARTIN of Woodlands Ledcameroch-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MAUGHAN of Ardshealach Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MAXWELL of Panmure Boclair-avenue Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MAXWELL of The Mianse Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
McALISTER of Woodburn Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
McAUSLAN of 44 Rannoch-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
McCALL of The Anchorage Gare-lockhead -- Dumbartonshire
McCILVRAY of 3 Ardencaple Quadrant Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
McCLURE of Duntreath Thorn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
McCLURE of Kirklea Cove -- Dumbartonshire
McCOLL of 17 Henderland-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
McCORMACK of 5 Dalnottar-drive Old Kilpatrick -- Dumbartonshire
McDERMID of Place of Bonhill Cottage Renton -- Dumbartonshire
McDONALD of Laigh Barrs Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
McEWAN of Dunadd Glenburn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
McEWAN of Strathview Villa Dalmonach-roach Bonhill -- Dumbartonshire
McFARLANE of 1445 Maryhill-road Glasgow and of Lucerne Cove -- Dumbartonshire
McFARLANE of Tullochan Gartocharn by Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
McGOWN of Mansfield Drumchapel -- Dumbartonshire
McGREGOR of Langwell Croftamie Drymen Station -- Dumbartonshire
McKAY of Gleneden Duntocher-road Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
McKELLAR of Navrig Brora i drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
McKENZIE of 15 King Edward-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
McKENZIE of Ravensbourne 95 Milngavie-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
McKINLAY of Blarquhanan Kilmarnock -- Dumbartonshire
McLELLAN of Cordale House Renton -- Dumbartonshire
MclSAAC of The Mains 26 Langside-road Newlands Glasgow and of Blairlusk Gartocharn -- Dumbartonshire
McMILLAN of Moidart Thorn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MCMULDROCH of Rocklee Cove -- Dumbartonshire
McNAUGHT of Post Office Croftamie Drymen Station -- Dumbartonshire
McNICOL of 26 Hill-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
McQUEEN of Bruceholme Colquhoun-drive Bears-den -- Dumbartonshire
MEIKLEM of Drumry Cottage Drumchapel -- Dumbartonshire
MILL of Erskine Park North Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MILLAR of 34 Wilson-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
MILLAR of Belay Church-avenue Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
MILLAR of Hope Villa 1 Thorn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MILLAR of Li-Shan North Erskine Park Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MILLER of 16 Drumlin-drive Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
MILLER of 30 Church-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
MILLER of Edendarroch Tarbet -- Dumbartonshire
MILLER of Heathfield Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILNE of 14 Courthill Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MILNE of Summerlea Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
MITCHELL of High Duncryne Farm Gartocharn by Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
MITCHELL of Tighnloan 20 Sutherland-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
MITCHELL of Westmont Ledcameroch-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MITCHELL of Westmont Ledcameroch-crescent Crescent-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MOODY of 6 Braehead-avenue Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
MOORE of Elsinore Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
MORELAND of Gowanlea Roman-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MORGAN of Balgownie Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MORGAN of Glenelg Drymen Station -- Dumbartonshire
MORRIS of Tighnamara Rosneath -- Dumbartonshire
MORRIS of Tighnamara Rosneath -- Dumbartonshire
MORRISON of Brantwood Campbell-drive Bearden -- Dumbartonshire
MORTON of Lynwood Queen-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
MUIR of Aidenkyle Kilcreggan Dumbartonshire
MUNN of 73 Henderland-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MURDOCH of Burnbrae Farm Garto-charn -- Dumbartonshire
MURRAY of 3 Endrick-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
MURRAY of Pirniehall Drymen -- Dumbartonshire
NAPIER of Milton House Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
NEILL of 7 Burnbrae-avenue Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
NEILL of Netherby Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
NEILSON of 123 West Argyle-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
NEILSON of Bonaly Clynder -- Dumbartonshire
NEVILLE of 44 Killermont-road Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
NIMMO of The Craigs 79 Douglas Park-crescent Hill-foot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
NIXON of 21 Hammond-street Halifax and of Arden-connel Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
OASTLER of Millbrae House Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
OLIVER of Kelburn Summerston -- Dumbartonshire
OLIVER of Kelburn Summerston -- Dumbartonshire
ORR of Blaimile by Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
ORR of Glenartney Collylin-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
OWEN of Auchenteil Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
PACK of Garscube -- Dumbartonshire
PAISLEY of 82 Jamaica-street Glasgow C.1 and of South Park Cove -- Dumbartonshire
PALMER of Braefield Helensburgh Dumbartonshire
PARK of Ingleside Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
PARKES of 7 Ledcameroch-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
PATERSON of East Gable Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
PATERSON of Parkhall Walmuir -- Dumbartonshire
PATERSON of Rockvale Cove -- Dumbartonshire
PATTERSON of 66 Henderland-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
PEARSON of 60 Kessington-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
PETRIE of 8 Drumlin-drive Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
PETTIGREW of 6 Borland-road Kessington Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
PEYTON of Strathtullis 33 East Montrose-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
PEYTON of Strathtullis 33 East Montrose-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
PHILLIPS of The Hangers Kilmarnock Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
POLLOCK of Thornton House Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
POLLOCK of Thornton House Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
PROSSER of 123 Bothwell-street Glasgow and Whincroft Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
PROUDFOOT of Glen Rowan Cove -- Dumbartonshire
PROUDFOOT of Glen Rowan Cove -- Dumbartonshire
PROVAN of East Gate Lodge Glasgow-road Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
PROVAN of Stewarton Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
RAE of Craigard Dullatur -- Dumbartonshire
RAMSAY of Ballanlay 12 Maxwell-street Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
RANKIN of Mayfield Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
REID of Coendavon Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
REID of Ellrigg East Clyde-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
REID of Lochside Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
REID of Stroul (or Strone) House Rosneath -- Dumbartonshire
REID of the Clachan Canniesburn Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
REID of Tighmonadh Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
REID of Westfield Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
RENNIE of 2 Strathview Gardens Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
RENNIE of 97 Clober-road Milngave -- Dumbartonshire
RENTON of Denbridge Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
REVIE of Rosebank Clvnder -- Dumbartonshire
RIDDELL of Beech wood Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
RIPPIN of Hughendon Lenzic -- Dumbartonshire
RITCHIE of Croftfoot Cottage Caldarvan Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
RITCHIE of Dalhenna Boclair-road Hillfoot Bears-den -- Dumbartonshire
RITCHIE of Main-street Renton -- Dumbartonshire
RITCHIE of Willieslea Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
ROBERTSON of 1 Annandale-terrace Old Kilpatrick -- Dumbartonshire
ROBERTSON of 10 West Chapelton-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
ROBERTSON of 177 Middleton-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
ROBERTSON of Fisherwood Balloch -- Dumbartonshire
ROBERTSON of Gartnod Garelochhead -- Dumbartonshire
ROBERTSON of Struan Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
ROBERTSON of Struan Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
ROBSON of Homelands Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
RODGER of Rockvale Cove -- Dumbartonshire
ROSS of Cotfield Argyle Park Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
ROSS of Kilarden Rosneath -- Dumbartonshire
ROSS of Seaview East Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
ROWATT of Sunny side Tarbut -- Dumbartonshire
ROWLAND of Broomknorve Rhee -- Dumbartonshire
RUSSELL of 109 West Princes-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
RUSSELL of Belmont 1 South Erskine Park Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
RUSSELL of the Dhunan 32 Millig-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
RUSSELL of Thomson 113 Westerton-avenue Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
SALMOND of Gowrie Thorn-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
SAWERS of Park View Cumbernauld -- Dumbartonshire
SCLANDERS of 23 South King-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
SCOBIE of : Skara Brae Briarwell-road Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
SCOTT of Dunarbuck Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
SCOTT of Duniva Overtoun-road Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
SCOTT of Dunluce Dullatur -- Dumbartonshire
SCOTT of Inverleckan 61 Kessington-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
SCOTT of May Cottage Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
SERVICE of Rosslea Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
SEWELL of 105 Maxwell-avenue Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
SHARP of Nine Auchenleck Hardgate -- Dumbartonshire
SHAW of Rose Cottage Aldochlay Luss -- Dumbartonshire
SHERWOOD of 592 Glasgow-road Clydebank -- Dumbartonshire
SIMMONS of 23 West Chapelton-avenue Hillfoot -- Dumbartonshire
SIMPSON of 12 Kessington-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
SINCLAIR of The Haven Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
SLOAN of Torwoodhill Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
SMART of Gardyne Milngaire -- Dumbartonshire
SMITH of 18 Roberts-street Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
SMITH of 27 Hillfoot-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
SMITH of Bute Cottage 8 Lower Sutherland-crescent Helensburgh Dumbartonshire
SMITH of Netherby Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
SMYTH of Firtree Cottage Gartocharn -- Dumbartonshire
SOMERVILLE of -Rocklee Cove -- Dumbartonshire
SOMERVILLE of Inchgower Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SOMERVILLE of Rockier Cove -- Dumbartonshire
SPEIRS of Maxholme Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
STANGER of Orcadia Colquhoun-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
STEEL of Royston Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
STENHOUSE of Strathearn 5 Collylin-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
STEPHEN of Adela Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
STEPHEN of Invergare Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
STEUART of Tullycross Drymen Station -- Dumbartonshire
STEVENSON of Edendene Cove -- Dumbartonshire
STEWART of Ardleven Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
STEWART of Bonnie Brae 80 Sinclair-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
STEWART of Chapelburm Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
STEWART of Strahgarry Craigmillar-avenue Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
STRANG of Hardale 18 Balvie-road Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
STURROCK of Green Gate Glenburn-road West Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
SUMMERS of Fairview Lenzic -- Dumbartonshire
SUTHERLAND of 89Maxwell-avenue VVesterton-by-Drumchapel -- Dumbartonshire
SYMINGTON of Chapel Acre Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
SYMON of The Meadows Thorn-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
TARBET of Seymour Lodge Cove -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of 39 Clober-road Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of Achray 3 Ledcamefoch-crescerit Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of Achray Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of Braehead Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of Gilbrae Douglas-gardens Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of Heatherbank Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of Linnburn Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
TAYLOR of Mossend Craigendoran -- Dumbartonshire
TEACHER of 52 Kingsborough-gardens Glasgow and of Cragdarroch Cove -- Dumbartonshire
TEACHER of Edendene Cove -- Dumbartonshire
TEASDALE of Sussex-road Old Kilpatrick -- Dumbartonshire
THOM of Elmbank Clynder by Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of 14 Random-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of 14 Random-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of 52 West King-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of 52 West King-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of Beechdene 20 Lochend-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of Dunollie Dalmuir -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of Kingarth Thorn Drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
THOMSON of Melford House Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
THORBURN of care of Mrs J Clyde Lonsdale James-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
TODD of Balgowan Garngaber-avenue Lenzie -- Dumbartonshire
TULLIS of Huddersfield Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
TURNBULL of Aikenshaw Rahane Gareloch -- Dumbartonshire
TURNBULL of Chesters Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
TURNER of Kilmarnock House Drymen Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
TURNER of The Anchorage Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
TURNER of The Gables Shandon -- Dumbartonshire
TWEEDDALE of Nyem 11 Ledcameroch-crescent Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
URIE of Germiston Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WADSWORTH of Ardenconnel Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
WALKDEN of Oaklea Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
WALKER of 129 and 133 Main-street Renton -- Dumbartonshire
WALKER of Dranston 32 Queen-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
WALKER of South Park Cove -- Dumbartonshire
WALKER of Walton Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WALLACE of Emlyn Garelochhead -- Dumbartonshire
WALLACE of Solsgirth Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
WALLACE of St Ronans Mill-road Yoker -- Dumbartonshire
WALLACE of St Ronans Mill-road Yoker -- Dumbartonshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WATSON of 193 Middleton-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
WATSON of Park House Bowling -- Dumbartonshire
WATT of Belvoir 4 Garwhitter-drive Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
WATT of Breffny Iain-road Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WEIR of Brincliffe Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
WERE of Erracht Stirling Drive Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WESTON of Kerse Lodge Boclair-road Hillfoot Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WHITE of Balgair Kilcreggan -- Dumbartonshire
WHITELAW of 81 Maxwell-avenue Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
WHITELAW of Gartshore Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
WHYTLAW of Ashmore Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire
WILLIAMS of 8 Stirling-avenue Westerton -- Dumbartonshire
WILLIAMSON of 39 Main-street Alexandria -- Dumbartonshire
WILSON of Fernicarry House Garlochhead -- Dumbartonshire
WILSON of Glendoune Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WILSON of Rossarden Luss -- Dumbartonshire
WILSON of Torwood Cottage Rhu -- Dumbartonshire
WINTER of Winterdyne Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WISNOM of Auchenfroe Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
WOOD of 112 Kilbowie-road Clydebank -- Dumbartonshire
WOOD of Strathmore South Erskine Park Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
WORMALD of The Tower Lerzie -- Dumbartonshire
WRIGHT of Auchnacloich Rahane -- Dumbartonshire
WRIGHT of The Bungalow Admiralty Old Depot Old Kilpatrick -- Dumbartonshire
WYLLIE of Sunnyside Cardross -- Dumbartonshire
YOUNG of 1 Strathview-gardens Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
YOUNG of 1 Strathview-gardens Bearsden -- Dumbartonshire
YOUNG of 8 Craigton-road Milngavie -- Dumbartonshire
YOUNG of Chesterhill 66 James-street Helensburgh -- Dumbartonshire

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