Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Morayshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAM of Duncryne Forres -- Morayshire
ADAM of Highfield Fochabers -- Morayshire
ADAM of Mosstodloch Fochabers -- Morayshire
ADAM of Wester Covesea Fann-by-Elgin -- Morayshire
AINSLIE of Kirkhill near Elgin -- Morayshire
ALEXANDER of Berryhill Cummingston Burghead -- Morayshire
ALEXANDER of Cloverknowe James-crescent Lossie mouth -- Morayshire
ALEXANDER of Rockbank Findhorn -- Morayshire
ALLAN of 19 Rose-avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
ALLAN of Kirkhillhead Llanbryde -- Morayshire
ALLAN of West View 19 Rose-avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
ALLARDES of Glen Spey Villa High Street Rothes -- Morayshire
ALLARDES of Glen Spey Villa Rothes -- Morayshire
ALSTON of Easter Laurenceton Forres -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of 54 Grant-street Burghead -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of 66 High Street Forres -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Gwelo Cottage Crofts of Dipple Fochabers -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Naimsyde 4 Young-street Elgin -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Norham 22 Reidhaven Street Elgin -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Railway Cottage Orton -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Rosebank Forres -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Rosebank Forres -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Rosebank Forres -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of Roseville Kingston Garmouth -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of South Covesea Terrace Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of The Cottage Spey Bay -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of The Granary Kingston-on-Spey By Fochabers -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of The Manse of Pluscarden Elgin -- Morayshire
ANDERSON of The Schoolhouse Rothes -- Morayshire
ANNAND of Littlecross House Elgin -- Morayshire
ANTON of Oakbanie Elgin -- Morayshire
ARGO of Crownhill Wittet-drive Elgin -- Morayshire
ASDELL of Collie House Rothes -- Morayshire
ASHER of Bog O'Fearn Llanbryde -- Morayshire
ATTWOOD of Denvllle Conlardbank Road Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
AUCKLAND of Bruce Hollow Forres -- Morayshire
AULD of Braembray Victoria Road Forres -- Morayshire
AULD of Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
AVENT of Langcot House Kinloss -- Morayshire
BAKER of The Hillocks Moray-street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
BALFOUR of 55 Moray Street Elgin -- Morayshire
BALFOUR of Achilty Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
BALL of 44 Portal-road Kinloss -- Morayshire
BALLANTINE of Tor Avon Findhorn -- Morayshire
BALLANTINE of Upper Craggan Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
BALLARD of Cromdale 33 Petrie Crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
BEATON of The Beeches Forres -- Morayshire
BEATON of The Beeches Forres -- Morayshire
BEAUMONT of Berrmont Asquith-avenue -- Morayshire
BECKETT of Umaria Station-road Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
BEGG of Kininvle Albert Street Forres -- Morayshire
BELL of The Neuk Birkenhill Elgin -- Morayshire
BINNIE of Drumore Reldhaven Street Elgin -- Morayshire
BLACK of Hawthorns Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
BLACK of Leuchars House Urquhart-by-Elgin -- Morayshire
BLACK of Sheriffston Elgin -- Morayshire
BLACKIE of 7 Fairview Road Silver Sands Caravan Site Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
BLEACKLEY of Green Shadows Riverside Wraysbury Buckinghamshire and of Royal Naval Air Station Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
BOA of Benula Dyke Forres -- Morayshire
BONNYMAN of 47 South street Elgin -- Morayshire
BOWER of 15 Petrie Crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
BRANDER of Elderslie Garmouth -- Morayshire
BRANDER of Old Schoolhouse Garmouth -- Morayshire
BREMNER of The Old Manse Fochabers -- Morayshire
BRISTOWE of 36 South Covesea Terrace Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
BROWN of 1 Bogton Place Forres -- Morayshire
BROWN of 24 Maisondieu Road Elgin -- Morayshire
BROWN of 65 Redford Avenue Colinton Edinburgh and Claggersnlch Cromdale -- Morayshire
BROWN of Brandston Urquhart -- Morayshire
BROWN of Crofts of Bulnach Kellas-by-Elgln -- Morayshire
BROWN of Dipple Fochabers -- Morayshire
BROWN of Duneam James Crescent Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
BROWN of Heathfield Grantown-upon-Spey -- Morayshire
BROWN of St Marys Cottage Orton -- Morayshire
BROWN of Tam-CLRone Urquhart -- Morayshire
BROWN of Tam-o-Rone Urquhart -- Morayshire
BROWN of Tam-o-Rone Urquhart -- Morayshire
BROWN of Tam-O-Rone Urquhart -- Morayshire
BROWN of Wadesway Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
BRUCE of Glenernie Dunphail -- Morayshire
BUCHANAN of Bieldside Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
BUDGE of 1 Culbin Place Forres -- Morayshire
BURNETT of Ard-MhuIre Spey Bay -- Morayshire
BURTT of Kinross House Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CAIRD of West View Carron -- Morayshire
CALDER of Burnroad House Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CALDER of Presley Cottage Dunphail -- Morayshire
CALDER of Presley Cottage Dunphail -- Morayshire
CALDER of Presley Cottage Dunphail near-Forres -- Morayshire
CAMERON of 46e High Street Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CAMERON of Dunvia South Street Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CAMERON of Speybank Fochabers -- Morayshire
CAMPBELL of Garth Bruceland Road Elgin -- Morayshire
CAMPBELL of Seaforth Seafield Avenue Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CAMPBELL of The Cottage Blackhillock Rafford -- Morayshire
CAMPBELL of The Cottage Blackhillock Rafford -- Morayshire
CANT of Hillside Forres -- Morayshire
CANTLIE of East Neuk Fochabers -- Morayshire
CATTAHACH of Taranaki Longmorn near Elgin -- Morayshire
CATTANACH of Kirkton Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CATTARNS of 55 Thorn-street Hopeman -- Morayshire
CHADWICK of The Lodge Findhorn -- Morayshire
CHALMERS of Sealladh Fhrith Dulnain Bridge Grantown on Spey -- Morayshire
CHRISTIE of 35 King Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
CHRISTIE of Blackhills House Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
CHRISTIE of Blackhills House Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
CHRISTIE of I Duff Avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
CHRISTIE of Ley Lodge Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
CLARK of Braeview Thornshill Birnie By Elgin -- Morayshire
CLELAND of Woodview Llanbryde -- Morayshire
CLERK of 18 Fleurs Place Elgin -- Morayshire
COLLIE of Cowfords Farm Fochabers -- Morayshire
COLLIS of Invererne House Forres -- Morayshire
COOPER of Station House Aires -- Morayshire
COPLAND of 10 Seafield Square Rothes -- Morayshire
COPLAND of Shallmar Woodside Avenue Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CORMACK Avenue House Duff Avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
CORMACK of Cathkin Nelson-road Forres -- Morayshire
COULL of 22 New Street Rothes -- Morayshire
COUNCELL of Sunbank Farm House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
COUPLAND of Garthkeen Castle Grant Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
COUTTS of 19 Blantyre-place Bishopmill Elgin -- Morayshire
COWIE of Cluny Forres -- Morayshire
COX of 32 High-street Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CRAIGEN of Heatherbank Fochabers -- Morayshire
CRAIGEN of Heatherbank Fochabers -- Morayshire
CRAN of Crofts of Dipple Speymouth -- Morayshire
CRAWFORD of Mavisbank Longhill Elgin -- Morayshire
CRICHTON of Tigh-na-Hath Dulnain Bridge by Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CRIGHTON of Green Gables Hamilton Drive Elgin -- Morayshire
CROMBIE of Roseysle Station-road Garmouth -- Morayshire
CROMBIE of Roseysle Station-road Garmouth Fochabers -- Morayshire
CROWE of The Bungalow Sunnybank Forres -- Morayshire
CRUICKSHANK of 35 Victoria Avenue Droitwich Worcestershire and 51 Moray Street Elgin -- Morayshire
CRUICKSHANK of Achmagallen Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CRUICKSHANK of Ambleside St. Catherines Place Elgin -- Morayshire
CRUICKSHANK of Presley Cottage Dumphail -- Morayshire
CRUICKSHANK of Presley Cottages Dunphail -- Morayshire
CRUICKSHANK of Struan Cottage Moss Street Archlestown -- Morayshire
CUMING of Monlack Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CUMMING of Blairs House Forres -- Morayshire
CUMMING of Brooklyn Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CUMMING of Gordonstown Elgin -- Morayshire
CUMMING of Kinloss House Kinloss -- Morayshire
CUMMING of Mains of Curr Dulnain Bridge by Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
CUMMING of Marypark Bridge Blacksboat -- Morayshire
CUMMING of Sunnybank Archlestown Carron -- Morayshire
CUMMING of The Beeches Rothes -- Morayshire
CURRIE of 18 Reidhaven Street Elgin -- Morayshire
CUTHBERT of 36 Institution Road Fochabers -- Morayshire
DAVIDSON of 57 Mundole Caravan Site Forres -- Morayshire
DAWSON of 46 South-street Fochabers -- Morayshire
DAWSON of Boyne House Findhorn -- Morayshire
DAWSON of Falcon House Garmouth -- Morayshire
DEAN of Achvochkie Advie -- Morayshire
DEAN of Glengarry High Street Elgin -- Morayshire
DEAN of Newton Cottage Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
DEAN of North Darkland Lhanbryde near Elgin -- Morayshire
DEAS of Dull-na-Mara Alexandra Terrace Forres -- Morayshire
DEAS of Kellas House Kellas by Elgin -- Morayshire
DICKIE of John and H. W. Leask Forres -- Morayshire
DICKSON of Broombank Longmom -- Morayshire
DICKSON of The Brae Longmorn by Elgin -- Morayshire
DOIG of 3 Gordon-street Elgin -- Morayshire
DONALDSON of The Garth Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
DORRELL of 4 Logie Cottages Market Street Forres -- Morayshire
DOUGLAS of Ormidale Forres -- Morayshire
DOUGLAS of Ormidale Forres -- Morayshire
DOWNIE of Gowanlea Fochabers -- Morayshire
DUFF of Damethills Orton -- Morayshire
DUFF of Dunfairge Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
DUFF of Hopeman Lodge Hopeman -- Morayshire
DUFF of Orton House Orton Orton Station -- Morayshire
DUGUID of 14 King Street Elgin -- Morayshire
DUGUID of 9 Blantyre-street Bishopmill Elgin -- Morayshire
DUNBAR of The Quillet Findhorn -- Morayshire
DUNCAN of 4 West Back Street Bishopmill Elgin -- Morayshire
DUNCAN of Benaigen 54 Pluscarden-road Elgin -- Morayshire
DUNCAN of Innes House near Elgin -- Morayshire
DUNCAN of Lennox Cottage Mosstodloch Fochabers -- Morayshire
DUNCAN of Tannachy 74 Wittet-drive Elgin -- Morayshire
DUNLOP of Hillcrest Dunbar Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
DUTHIE of Harnewith Stot-field Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
DYKES of 28 Salmond Street Kinloss Forres -- Morayshire
EASTBORNE of Ramnee Forres -- Morayshire
ECKFORD of 18c High Street Forres -- Morayshire
ELLIS of Whitecraigs Marsondien Road Elgin -- Morayshire
ETTLES of The Cottage 154 Findhorn Forres -- Morayshire
EWING of Rosehall Forres -- Morayshire
EWING of Rosehall Orchard Road Forres -- Morayshire
FAIRBAIRN of Blucairn Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
FARQUHAR of Ashfield Cottage Garmouth -- Morayshire
FAWCETT of Maryfield Findhorn -- Morayshire
FAWCETT of Maryfield Findhorn-by-Forres -- Morayshire
FEAKS of St. Ronans Forres -- Morayshire
FERGUSON of San Remo 53 Findhorn near Forres -- Morayshire
FINLAYSON of 4 Grant-street Burghead -- Morayshire
FIRTH of Bonnie View Kingston Garmouth -- Morayshire
FLEMING of 76 High-street Fochabers -- Morayshire
FLEMING of Cluny Forres -- Morayshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FLEMINGTON of The Knoll Forres -- Morayshire
FORBES of 11 Green Street Rothes -- Morayshire
FORBES of Ardelle Findhorn Road Forres -- Morayshire
FORBES of Parkmount St. Leonards Road Forres -- Morayshire
FORBES of Woodhead Kinloss Forres -- Morayshire
FORMBY of 21 Commerce-street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
FORSYTH of Archiestown -- Morayshire
FORSYTH of Sweet Briar Cottage Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
FORSYTH of Sweet Briar Cottage Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
FORSYTH of Sweet Briar Cottage Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
FORSYTH of Tarbet Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
FRASER of 111 High-street Elgin -- Morayshire
FRASER of 19 Tolbooth Street Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of 3 Cicely-place Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of 3 St Leonards-road Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of 34 South Guildry-street Elgin -- Morayshire
FRASER of 83-85 High Street Oran town-on-Spey -- Morayshire
FRASER of 88 High-street and of Woodlea both in Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of Alvah Sanquhar Road Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of Knockomie Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of Knockomie Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of Ranmoor Findhorn -- Morayshire
FRASER of Sivie Lodge Dunphail -- Morayshire
FRASER of St. Albans Duff Avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
FRASER of Upper Hempriggs Alves by Forres -- Morayshire
FRASER of Wester Lettoch Advie -- Morayshire
GAIR of 49 Main Street New Elgin -- Morayshire
GAMMIE of Castle View Vastle Street Forres -- Morayshire
GARDINER of East Bank Garmouth -- Morayshire
GARDINER of Westerhill Park Bridge Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire and of Craiglynne Hotel Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
GARDNER of Culreach Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
GAULT of Dunfanaghy Argyll Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
GEDDIE of Speyside Garmouth -- Morayshire
GEDDIE of Stewart-place Garmouth -- Morayshire
GERRARD of Bon Accord Findhorn -- Morayshire
GERRIE of Rose Cottage Llanbryde -- Morayshire
GIBSON of Easton Maisondieu-road Elgin -- Morayshire
GIBSON of Tigarlbu Findhorn by Forres -- Morayshire
GILBERT of Viewfield West Pilmulr Forres -- Morayshire
GILL of Moraybank Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
GORDON of 48 Moss Street Elgin -- Morayshire
GORDON of 78-80 High Street Rothes -- Morayshire
GORDON of 84c High Street Forres -- Morayshire
GORDON of Brodie Cottage Brodie near Forres -- Morayshire
GORDON of Fenway Nether Dallachy Spey Bay -- Morayshire
GORDON of Gwelo Cottage Crofts of Dipple Fochabers -- Morayshire
GORDON of Struan 145 High-street Forres -- Morayshire
GORDON of The Sheiling Pilmuir Forres -- Morayshire
GORDON of Tighnemar 12 Young-street Elgin -- Morayshire
GRANT of 18 Land-street Rothes -- Morayshire
GRANT of 35 High-street Elgin -- Morayshire
GRANT of Achnahannet Cromdale Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
GRANT of Argyll Lodge Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
GRANT of Bridgend Canon -- Morayshire
GRANT of Kinloss Farm Forres -- Morayshire
GRANT of Kinnell Grant-street Elgin -- Morayshire
GRANT of Kylenastrone Alexandra Terrace Forres -- Morayshire
GRANT of lo Land Street Rothes-on-Spey -- Morayshire
GRANT of Lynemore Villa Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
GRANT of Ordlquish Fochabers -- Morayshire
GRANT of Rhuvalg Tyther Street Forres -- Morayshire
GRANT of Robecq Tolbooth Street Forres -- Morayshire
GRANT of Rose Villa Archiestown -- Morayshire
GRANT of Rowan Cottage Garmouth -- Morayshire
GRANT of Rowan Cottage Garmouth -- Morayshire
GRANT of South View Station Road Elgin -- Morayshire
GRANT of The Haugh Cromdale -- Morayshire
GRANT of The Hough Cromdale -- Morayshire
GRANT of Thornhill House Forres -- Morayshire
GRANT of Thunderton House (Gordons Temperance Hotel) Thunderton Place Elgin -- Morayshire
GRANT of Whinneyknowe Elgin -- Morayshire
GREEN of 17 Burnside Street Rothes -- Morayshire
GREEN of Milton Brodie Cottage Forres -- Morayshire
GREEN of Tulchan Lodge Advie -- Morayshire
GREENSHIELDS of Victoria Villas 19 Dunbar-street Burghead -- Morayshire
GREENWOOD of Brokintone Kellas by Elgin -- Morayshire
GREGSON of Braeriach Forres -- Morayshire
GRIGOR of Maybank St. Catherines-road Forres -- Morayshire
GUILD of Deansford Bishopshill Elgin -- Morayshire
GUTHRIE of Bank of Scotland House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
HADFIELD of 1 Kinneddar-street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
HALEWSKI of R.A.F. Station Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
HALL of The Hawthorns Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
HALLER of 23 Petrie Crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
HARDIE of The Bungalow Easter Coxton Elgin -- Morayshire
HARPER of Scotia Lhanbryd -- Morayshire
HARRIMAN of Cluny Bank Forres -- Morayshire
HARRISON of The Bield Elgin -- Morayshire
HARVEY of 21 Wilson Street Nairn -- Morayshire
HARVEY of Andersons Institution Elgin -- Morayshire
HAY of 18 Academy-street Elgin -- Morayshire
HAY of 99 High Street Fochabers -- Morayshire
HAY of Coleburn Distillery Cottages Long-morn Elgin -- Morayshire
HAY of Huntly Lodge Fochabers -- Morayshire
HAY of Speyside Fochabers -- Morayshire
HENDERSON of 135 Findhorn By Forres -- Morayshire
HENDERSON of Cralglul Wards Road Elgin -- Morayshire
HENDRY of 2 Sunnybank Forres -- Morayshire
HENDRY of Shalimar Woodside-avenue Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
HILL of Achnacollie Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HITCHCOCK of The Moorings Garmouth -- Morayshire
HITCHCOCK of The Polars Garmouth -- Morayshire
HOBART of 36 Ivry-street Ipswich and of 23 Greyfriars-street Elgin -- Morayshire
HOGAN of Eastwood Brodie -- Morayshire
HOHEHKERK of 10 Spey Street Fochabers -- Morayshire
HORNBY of Stonyhurst 23 West-street Fochabers -- Morayshire
HOULDSWORTH of Dallas and Finlarig House Forres -- Morayshire
HOULDSWORTH of Dallas Lodge Forres -- Morayshire
HOWISON of St. Althans 11 Wittet Drive Elgin -- Morayshire
HOWISON of St. Althans 11 Wittet Drive Elgin -- Morayshire
HUISH of 74 Findhorn near Forres -- Morayshire
HUMBLE of Laggan House Dulnain Bridge Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
HURLL of Ardross 7 Forteath Avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
HUTCHISON of 2 Tamdhu Cottages Knockando -- Morayshire
HUTCHISON of Morven Spey Bay -- Morayshire
INGLIS of Ingleholm Fochabers -- Morayshire
INGLIS of Rock House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
INGLIS of Rock House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
INNES of Braemoray Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
INNES of Culfeam Dunphail -- Morayshire
INNES of Rosehall Dyke -- Morayshire
IRONSIDE of Bencraig Fochabers -- Morayshire
JAMES of Park Villa Pllmuir Forres -- Morayshire
JAMIE of Ivybank Alexandra-terrace Forres -- Morayshire
JAMIESON of Elm Cottage East Back Street Bishopmill Elgin -- Morayshire
JAMIESON of The Elms Forres -- Morayshire
JENKINS of 29 Grant-street Burghead -- Morayshire
JENKINS of 29 Grant-street Burghead -- Morayshire
JENKINS of St. Leonards 28 Tolbooth Street Forres -- Morayshire
JOHNSON of The Mill Cottage Craggan Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
JONES of Hawthorne Birnie Elgin -- Morayshire
JONES of Sandpolnt Hotel Findhorn Forres -- Morayshire
KEIR of 17 Rose Avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
KEIRO of Crofts of Dipple Fochabers -- Morayshire
KELLAS of Coulardbank Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
KELLY of 31 Esmonds Gardens Bishopmill Elgin -- Morayshire
KEMP of Andersens Elgin -- Morayshire
KENNEDY of Dailnaine House Carron -- Morayshire
KERR of Firlands St. Leonards Road Forres -- Morayshire
KIRKWOOD of Moray Park Forres -- Morayshire
KNIGHT of St. Michaels 57 Dunbar Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
KNIGHT of St. Michaels 57 Dunbar Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
LAIN of The Dell Cumming-street Forres -- Morayshire
LAISTER of Flat 6 Innes House Elgin -- Morayshire
LATHAM of Gateside Farm Cottage Alves by Forres -- Morayshire
LAUDER of 7 Holding Whiteinch Kinloss -- Morayshire
LAWSON of Braeinulr Spey Bay -- Morayshire
LEA of Hawthorns Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
LEDINGHAM of South View Hopeman -- Morayshire
LEGGE of 1 Culbin Place Forres -- Morayshire
LEITCH of Klrkholm Forres -- Morayshire
LELY of Rose Cottage 10 Gordon Street Fochabers -- Morayshire
LESLIE of Ardmllne Cottage Archlestown -- Morayshire
LESLIE of Hossyards Hopeman -- Morayshire
LEWIS of Duart House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
LEYS of Culdearn Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
LINDSAY of Embro 20 Petrie-crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
LINTON of Bronte Victoria-road Forres -- Morayshire
LISTON of Tomdow Dunphail -- Morayshire
LOCHORE of Burgie House Forres -- Morayshire
LOCHORE of Burgle House Forres -- Morayshire
LOCKE of The Manse of Edinkillie Dunphail -- Morayshire
LORIMER of Tulloch Cottage Tynet -- Morayshire
LUCKAS of Elmlelgli 11 Reidhaven Street Elgin -- Morayshire
LYON of St. Aethans Fochabers -- Morayshire
LYON of Sunnylee 4 Lennox-crescent Fochabers -- Morayshire
MACBEY of Tarbet Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of 7 Petrie Crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Brettonby Elgin -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Dellachaple Garmouth -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Laurel Bank Forres -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Lyndhurst Forteath Avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Monessle Findhorn-by-Forres -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Orchard House Orchard Road Forres -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Qrlanan Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of Spey View Knockando -- Morayshire
MACDONALD of The Bungalow Grantown on Spey -- Morayshire
MacDOUGALL of Craggon Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MacGILLIVRAY of Post Office Dunphail -- Morayshire
MACGILVRAY of The Gables Forres -- Morayshire
MACGREGOR of Hopeman Lodge Hopeman -- Morayshire
MACINTYRE of 26 Blmie Place New Elgin -- Morayshire
MACKAY of Tannachie 20 Culbard Street Elgin -- Morayshire
MACKAY of Wlllowbank Grantown on Spey -- Morayshire
MACKEN of 39 Burnside Royal Air Force Kinloss -- Morayshire
MACKENZIE of 12 and 14 Grant Street Burghead -- Morayshire
MACKENZIE of 17 Granary Street Burghead -- Morayshire
MACKENZIE of 2 Leslie-place North-road Forres -- Morayshire
MACKENZIE of Kincorth Forres -- Morayshire
MACKENZIE of Spey View Fochabers -- Morayshire
MACKENZIE of The Deanery 62 Clifton Road Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MACKENZIE of The Glebe House Rothes -- Morayshire
MACKESSACK of Gowanlea Alexandra Terrace Forres -- Morayshire
MACKINNON of Drumduan Forres -- Morayshire
MACKINTOSH of 29 South Guildry-street Elgin -- Morayshire
MACKINTOSH of Dunachton Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MACKINTOSH of Dunachton Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MACKINTOSH of Friars Park Institution Road Elgin -- Morayshire
MACKINTOSH of Robecq Forres -- Morayshire
MACLEAN of Duart House Ikinbar Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MACLEAN of Hillhead Dunbar Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MacLEAN of St Lernans Forres -- Morayshire
MACLEAN of The Square Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MACLEAN of Westfield Elgin -- Morayshire
MACLENNAN of 59 Pluscarden-road Elgin -- Morayshire
MACLENNAN of The Clover Sherlffbrae Forres -- Morayshire
MACLENNAN of The Mill House Craggan Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MACLENNAN of The Mill House Craggan Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MACLEOD of 36 St. Gerardines Road Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MacLEOD of Dalvey -- Morayshire
MACLEOD of Dalvey Cottage Forres -- Morayshire
MACLEOD of Dalvey Forres -- Morayshire
MACLEOD of Hillcrest Dunbar-street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MACNAUGHTON of Moorend Hay-street Elgin -- Morayshire
MACPHERSON of Southwood Fochabers -- Morayshire
MACPHERSON of St. Margarets Urquhart -- Morayshire
MACRAE of Rose Cottage Dallas Forres -- Morayshire
MAIN of 170 Findhorn -- Morayshire
MAIN of 3 King Street Burghead -- Morayshire
MAIN of The Brae 56 Grant Street Burghead -- Morayshire
MALCOLMSON of 30 Kinneddar Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MANN of Stonyhurst 23 West-street Fochabers -- Morayshire
MARR of Sunnybank Kingston Garmouth -- Morayshire
MARSHALL of Darnley House Fochabers -- Morayshire
MARSHALL of Darnley House Fochabers -- Morayshire
MARTIN of 1 Lesmurdle Place Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MARTIN of St. Oswalds Orchard Road Forres -- Morayshire
MASSON of Woodside Elgin -- Morayshire
MAVOR of Killeaman Alexandra Terrace Forres -- Morayshire
MAVOR of Mlgdale Villa Little Crook St. Catherines Road Forres -- Morayshire
MAVOR of Sea View Findhorn -- Morayshire
McBEAN of Deanscrook Tesraurdle Road Elgin -- Morayshire
MCCONACHIE of Marlow Petrie-crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
McCONNACHIE of Muirside Farm Brodie Dyke -- Morayshire
McCONNACHIE of Muirside Farm Brodie Dyke -- Morayshire
MCDIARMID of Tighanalt Fochabers -- Morayshire
MCDONALD of 23 Moray-street and care of Dick Balmoral-terrace Bishopmill both in Elgin -- Morayshire
MCDONALD of 34 Seatown Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
McDONALD of Bahnellie Hopeman -- Morayshire
McDONALD of Blackholes Elchies -- Morayshire
MCDONALD of Briar Cottage Grant-road Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
McDonald of station House Advie -- Morayshire
MCDONALD of Tamdhu Cottage Knockands -- Morayshire
MCGILLIVRAY of 75 High Street Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MCGILLIVRAY of 75 High Street Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
McGREGOR of Arasheyama Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
McGREGOR of Corbiewells by Garmouth -- Morayshire
McHARDY of Eastbank Roseisle Burghead -- Morayshire
MCINTOSH of Braehouse Garmouth -- Morayshire
McINTOSH of Perryville 10 Land Street New Elgin -- Morayshire
MCKENZIE of 21 Dunbar Street Burghead -- Morayshire
MCLACHLAN of Inglesyde 51 South Street Fochabers -- Morayshire
McLAREN of Parkmount St. Leonards Road Forres -- Morayshire
McLAUCHLAN of Atholl Bank Duffus -- Morayshire
MCLEOD of Rosedene Tytler Street Forres -- Morayshire
MCLEOD of Rowan Cottage Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MCNIE of 54 South Street Fochabers -- Morayshire
MCPHERSON of 21 Cooper-street Hopeman -- Morayshire
McPHERSON of Station Hotel Hopeman -- Morayshire
MeLAREN of Kirkside Forres -- Morayshire
MENZIES of Springlands Institution Road Elgin -- Morayshire
MERCER of Troyville Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
MERRETT of R.A.F. Station Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MICHIE of 22 The Square Fochabers -- Morayshire
MICHIE of Craiglynne Hotel Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MIDDLEMISS of 115A High Street Forres -- Morayshire
MILLAR of Milton Brodie Forres -- Morayshire
MILLS of Inchbrayock Slotfield-road Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MILNE of Ben Algan 29 Institution Road Fochabers -- Morayshire
MILNE of Highfield Woodlands Terrace Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MILNE of Lennoxlea Llanbryde -- Morayshire
MILNE of Old Manse 145 High-street Forres -- Morayshire
MILNE of St. Leonards Hotel Elgin -- Morayshire
MITCHELL of Cuildeil Fochabers -- Morayshire
MITCHELL of Cuildell Fochabers -- Morayshire
MITCHELL of Culldell Fochabers -- Morayshire
MOIR of Craiglen Sanquhar-road Forres -- Morayshire
MOIR of Waterside Farm Forres -- Morayshire
MOORE of 36 Hamilton Drive Elgin -- Morayshire
MOORE of Auchinroath Rothes -- Morayshire
MORGAN of 34 Pluscarden Road Elgin -- Morayshire
MORRICE of 91 High-street Elgin -- Morayshire
MORRISON of Allaburn Elgin -- Morayshire
MORRISON of Craggan Bungalow Grantown on Spey -- Morayshire
MORRISON of Laleham Ordiquish-road Fochabers -- Morayshire
MORRISON of Sough Hollow Duffus -- Morayshire
MORRISON of The Manse Edinkillie -- Morayshire
MUIRY of Chiny Hill Hydropathic Forres -- Morayshire
MUNRO of 4 Market-street Forres -- Morayshire
MUNRO of 61 Seatown Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
MUNRO of Woodlands Hotel Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
MURDOCH of Maple Cottage West Pilmuir Forres -- Morayshire
MURDOCH of Prudhoe Kingston Qarmouth -- Morayshire
MURDOCH of Rose Cottage Urquhart-by-Elgin -- Morayshire
MURRAY of 1 Institution Road Fochabers -- Morayshire
MURRAY of 22 The Square Fochabers -- Morayshire
MURRAY of 24 High-street Fochabers -- Morayshire
MURRAY of Church Street Garmouth -- Morayshire
MURRAY of East Lynn Kingston Garmouth -- Morayshire
MURRAY of Southfield Cottage Alma-place Elgin -- Morayshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MUSTARD of Ardivot Drainie Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
NAME of Arnage Fochabers -- Morayshire
NAME of BRODIE Caroline Violet Mary of Brodle Castle Forres -- Morayshire
NAME of Drumchollie 12 Lennox Crescent Fochabers -- Morayshire
NAME of Marlow Petrie Crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
NAME of Middlefield Forres -- Morayshire
NAME of Rose Cottage Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
NASMITH of Littiehaugh Glen Rothes Rothes -- MorayshIre
NEAVES of Sunnybank Kingston Garmouth Fochabers -- Morayshire
NELSON of Craigie West-road Elgin -- Morayshire
NEWTON of Drumdunan Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
NICHOLSON of Garrick 58 Pluscarden-road Elgin -- Morayshire
NICOL of The Square Fochabers -- Morayshire
NICOLL of The Pines Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
NOBLE of The Manse Garmouth -- Morayshire
NOBLE of The Manse Garmouth -- Morayshire
NORRIE of Grlanan Fochabers -- Morayshire
PACEY of Ranmoor Findhorn -- Morayshire
PALMER of R.A.F. Station Kinloss -- Morayshire
PARR of Southfield Cottage 37 Moss-street Elgin -- Morayshire
PATERSON of Burnvale Burdshaugh Road Forres -- Morayshire
PATERSON of Golf Club House New Elgin Elgin -- Morayshire
PATRICK of Royal Air Force Station Kinloss -- Morayshire
PAUS of Umarla Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
PEASE of Flndrassle House Elgin -- Morayshire
PENMAN of Ghyllfoot Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
PERRY of 13 Muirton Place R.A.F. Kinloss Forres -- Morayshire
PETERKIN of Grange and Greeshop Forres -- Morayshire
PETRIE of Inchbroom Elgin -- Morayshire
PHILIP of Auchness Hamilton Drive Elgin -- Morayshire
PHILIP of The Manse Forres -- Morayshire
PHILIP of Tullich Dufftown Banffshire and Cooper-hill Darnaway Forres -- Morayshire
PHILP of The Courtyard Findhorn -- Morayshire
PIRIE of Roseville 18 Gordon-street Fochabers -- Morayshire
PLAYER of Tombreck House Carron -- Morayshire
PORTEOUS of Heatherlea Advie -- Morayshire
POZZI of Rosebank Main-street New Elgin Elgin -- Morayshire
PRESSLEY of Longmorn -- Morayshire
PROCTOR of Cherry Cottage Llanbryde -- Morayshire
RAFF of Sheriffbrae Forres -- Morayshire
RAFFAH of Southview 148 Findhorn -- Morayshire
RAFFAN of Dailuaine Carron -- Morayshire
RAITT of Dyke by Forres -- Morayshire
RALPH of 21 Sellar Street Burghead -- Morayshire
RALPH of 21 Sellar-street Burghead -- Morayshire
RALPH of 4 Brander-street Burghead -- Morayshire
RANNIE of Craigdhu 5 Grant Street Elgin -- Morayshire
READ of Ivybank High Street Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
REID of 170b High-street Forres -- Morayshire
REID of 2 Bronte-place Victoria-road Forres -- Morayshire
REID of 23 Grant Street Elgin -- Morayshire
REID of 39 Forsyth-street Hopeman -- Morayshire
REID of Carron -- Morayshire
REID of Crosshill Garmouth -- Morayshire
REID of Dipple Fochabers -- Morayshire
REID of Lochnabo Cottage St. Andrews Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
REID of Reidhaven Fochabers -- Morayshire
REID of Reidhaven Lochabers -- Morayshire
REID of Rowanbrae North Street Bishopmill Elgin -- Morayshire
REID of Viewbank St. Leonards-road Forres -- Morayshire
RELTON of Auchinroath Rothes -- Morayshire
RIACH of Broomhill Lochhill Urquhart -- Morayshire
RIACH of Broomhill Lochhill Urquhart -- Morayshire
RIACH of Russell House Forres -- Morayshire
RICHARDSON of Viewfield Inverugle Road Hopeman -- Morayshire
RIDDELL of Hill of Orbllston Fochakers -- Morayshire
RIMMINGTON of Garden Park Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
RIVERS of Crofts of Buinach Kellas -- Morayshire
ROACH of 16 Kinloss Park Kinloss -- Morayshire
ROBB of Craiglynne Hotel Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
ROBERTSON of Ardoyne St. Leonards Road Forres -- Morayshire
ROBERTSON of Crook of Alves by Forres -- Morayshire
ROBERTSON of Douglas House Southbrae-drive Glasgow and care of Caladh Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
ROBERTSON of Spey Bay Fochabers -- Morayshire
ROBERTSON of The Bungalow Balnageith Forres -- Morayshire
ROBINSON of 7 West-street Elgin -- Morayshire
ROCKETT of 11 St. Johns Court Hay Street Elgin -- Morayshire
RODGER of Tannachie Findhorn Forres -- Morayshire
ROGER of Scarffbanks Farm near Elgin -- Morayshire
ROGERSON of Dunfermline House Kingston Garmouth -- Morayshire
ROLES of Heath Cottage Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
ROSE of Mains of Kirdels Blacksboat -- Morayshire
ROSE of Pennick Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
ROSE of St. Winifrides Seafield Street Elgin -- Morayshire
ROSE of West End Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
ROSS of 16 High-street Forres -- Morayshire
ROSS of 21 Dunbar-street Burghead -- Morayshire
ROSS of 8t. Leonards Works 8t. Leonards Road Forres -- Morayshire
ROSS of Lyngarle 79 Commerce Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
ROSS of Pltcrocknle Lytler Street Forres -- Morayshire
ROSS of Seaview Russell Place Forres -- Morayshire
ROSS of The Manse Birnie -- Morayshire
RUSSELL of 38 High-street Rothes -- Morayshire
RUSSELL of 55 Moss-street Elgin -- Morayshire
RUSSELL of Viewfield Pilmuir Forres -- Morayshire
RUSSELL of Wester Bauds Fochabers -- Morayshire
RUTHERFORD of Jedworth Mayne-road Elgin -- Morayshire
SAMPSON of S Piuscarden-place Elgin -- Morayshire
SANDISON of Scotts Terrace Bank Lane Forres -- Morayshire
SCHLEPPY of Granite Villa Grantown-on-3pey -- Morayshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCHOOLING of Rocky Bank Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SCOTT of 28 Dunbar-street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SCOTT of Rochomie Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
SCOTT of Rochomle Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
SCOULAR of Viewmount Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SCRUTTON of 16 Dowding Terrace Kinloss -- Morayshire
SELLAR of Bruceland Elgin -- Morayshire
SHAND of Benrlhnes Cottage North Road Forres -- Morayshire
SHAND of Dunhinby Elgin -- Morayshire
SHARP of 2 Seafield Square Rothes -- Morayshire
SHARP of Bank House 2 Seafield Square Rothes -- Morayshire
SHAW of Wingate Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
SHEARER of 51 High-street Forres -- Morayshire
SHIACH of Ardgilzean Elgin -- Morayshire
SIM of Craigmhor 27 Church Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SIMPSON of 160b High-street Forres -- Morayshire
SIMPSON of Beriyleys Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
SIMPSON of Corrour Victoria Road Forres -- Morayshire
SINCLAIR of 1 Station Road Burghead -- Morayshire
SINCLAIR of 21 Grant Street Elgin -- Morayshire
SINCLAIR of The Bungalow Threapland Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
SLOCOCK of Huntly House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SLORACH of Florida Villa Urquhart -- Morayshire
SMART of Parkmount St. Leonards Road Forres -- Morayshire
SMIETON of Reres Drumduan Road Forres -- Morayshire
SMITH of 33 High Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SMITH of 78 High Street Elgin -- Morayshire
SMITH of Auchernack Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
SMITH of Barra Lodge Llanbryde -- Morayshire
SMITH of Barro Lodge Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
SMITH of Brylach Rothes -- Morayshire
SMITH of Cherry Cottage Green-street Rothes -- Morayshire
SMITH of Clachnastione Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
SMITH of Granite Villa Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
SMITH of Ivy Cottage Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SMITH of Lynemore Villa 2 Spey-avenue Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
SMITH of Marshall House Garmouth -- Morayshire
SMITH of Rose Cottage Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SMITH of Salterhill Drainie -- Morayshire
SMITH of Sllverhlll Farm Dralnle -- Morayshire
SMITH of The Villas Kingston Garmouth -- Morayshire
SMITHERINGALE of Beacon Hill James-street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SNOWBALL of Long View Hotel Forres -- Morayshire
SOUTER of 2 St Aethans-place Burghead -- Morayshire
SOUTER of 28 High Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
SPENCE of Lemanacre Garmouth -- Morayshire
SPENCE of Lemanacre Garmouth -- Morayshire
SPENCE of The Moorings Garmouth -- Morayshire
STEPHEN of Amage High Street Fochabers -- Morayshire
STEPHEN of East Manse Dyke -- Morayshire
STEPHEN of The Bungalow Dallas -- Morayshire
STEPHEN of Zealandla Woodside Avenue Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
STEPHENS of Cluny Bank St. Leonards-road Forres -- Morayshire
STEWART of 8 Robertson Place Forres -- Morayshire
STEWART of 8 Robertson Place Forres -- Morayshire
STEWART of Beaconhill Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
STEWART of Heatherbank Fochabers -- Morayshire
STEWART of Otmari Spey Bay -- Morayshire
STEWART of Post Office Fernbank Knockando -- Morayshire
STEWART of The Cottage Station-road Garmouth -- Morayshire
STOKES of 27 Hythehill Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
STRACHAN of Maybank 3 New Elgin Road Elgin -- Morayshire
STRATTON of Druimchoille 12 Lennox-crescent Fochabers -- Morayshire
STUART of 1 Spey-avenue Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
STUART of Bolton Cottage Pilmuir Forres Morayshire
STUART of Bruce Hollow Forres -- Morayshire
STUART of Friars House Elgin -- Morayshire
STUART of Huntley House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
STUART of Huntly House Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
STUART of Kia Ora Forres -- Morayshire
STUART of Rockdale Rothes -- Morayshire
STUART of Tigh-na-Collle Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
SUMMERS of Tower.ville Alexandra-terrace Forres -- Morayshire
SWAINE of Rosehall Hotel Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
SWINTON of Canmore Alexandra-terrace Forres -- Morayshire
SYER of 35 Flndhom Caravan Site Flndhoni Forres -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Achnacollie Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Bolton Cottage Forres -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Burnside Forres -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Dunfemillne House Elgin -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Dykeside Alves -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Royal Air Force Station Kinloss -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Siantar Lhanbryde -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of Speymohr Spey Bay -- Morayshire
TAYLOR of The Lodge Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
THOMPSON of Cedarwood Sheriffmill Elgin -- Morayshire
THOMSON of 10 Spey Street Fochabels -- Morayshire
THOMSON of Abbey-street and of Ellerslie Seafield-street both- in Elgin -- Morayshire
THOMSON of Burgis House Forres -- Morayshire
THOMSON of Burgle House By Forres -- Morayshire
THOMSON of Milnes Schoolhouse Fochabers -- Morayshire
THOMSON of Milton Brodie Forres -- Morayshire
THOMSON of Mosset Place Forres -- Morayshire
THOMSON of St. Winifrides Alexandra Terrace Forres -- Morayshire
THOMSON of The Neuk Garmouth -- Morayshire
THORNE of Longview Hotel Forres -- Morayshire
TILLOTSON of Achilty Stotfield Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
TIMMS of 6 Trenchard Crescent Kinloss -- Morayshire
TONGE of 34 King Street New Elgin -- Morayshire
TOVEY of Mossend Cottage Mayne near Elgin -- Morayshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TULLOCH of The Square and Dollar Brae both in Grantown-on-Spey and 26 Caroline-street Forres -- Morayshire
URQUHART of 46 Blantyre Street Bishopmill Elgin -- Morayshire
WADDELL of 11 High-street Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
WALKER of Covesea Cottage Covesea near Elgin -- Morayshire
WALLACE of Cairngorm Grantown-on-Spey -- Morayshire
WALLACE of Whinny Knowe Elgin -- Morayshire
WALTON of 2 Urquhart-street Forres -- Morayshire
WARD of Gordon Richmond Hotel Spey Bay -- Morayshire
WARNER of Drulmchollle Fachabers -- Morayshire
WATSON of 9 Whltelnch Kinloss-by-Forres -- Morayshire
WATSON of Moraybank Lhanbryde near Elgin -- Morayshire
WATSON of Redcllffe Prospect Terrace Lesslemouth -- Morayshire
WATT of 10 Burdshaugh Forres -- Morayshire
WATT of Lochinver Croft Mosstowie Elgin -- Morayshire
WATT of The Smithy House Dyke -- Morayshire
WEBSTER of Comomation Cottage Spey Bay -- Morayshire
WEBSTER of Crownhill Wittet-drive Elgin -- Morayshire
WEBSTER of Knockomle Forres -- Morayshire
WEBSTER of The Gardens Gordon Castle Fochabers -- Morayshire
WELCH of Sandbank Findhom -- Morayshire
WELCH of Sandbank Findhorn -- Morayshire
WEST of Letchworth Lodge Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
WHITE of Kylenastrone Forres -- Morayshire
WILL of Nagadoon Duff-avenue Elgin -- Morayshire
WILLIAMS of R.A.F Station Kinloss Forres -- Morayshire
WILLIAMSON of Chassam Fleurs Drive Elgin -- Morayshire
WILLIAMSON of Cranloch Llanbryde -- Morayshire
WILSON of 11 Moss-street Elgin -- Morayshire
WILSON of 16 Seafield-crescent Elgin -- Morayshire
WILSON of 19 Dowding-terrace R.A.F. Station Kinloss -- Morayshire
WILSON of Elm bank House 42 North-street Bishopmill -- Morayshire
WILSON of Mormond Prospect-terrace Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
WISEMAN of Station-road Garmouth -- Morayshire
WOOD of 28 Queen Street Lossiemouth -- Morayshire
WOOD of Boathlll Dalvey by Forres -- Morayshire
WRIGHT of Westerton House Pluscarden Elgin -- Morayshire
WRIGHT of Westerton House Pluscarden Elgin -- Morayshire
YEADON of Laurenceville 7 Queen-street Elgin -- Morayshire
YEADON of Millbum Garmouth Road Thanbryde -- Morayshire
YOUNG of 40 High-street Rothes -- Morayshire
YOUNIE of 15 High-street Rothes -- Morayshire
YULL of 3 Sheila-place Forres -- Morayshire

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IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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