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India is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of Mount Estate Mazgaon PO 10 Bombay -- India
ABBOTT of The Peake Mashobra Koti State Punjab -- India
ABDOOL of near Macca Musjid Sagrampura Surat -- India
ABDUL LATIF of Rampura Najibadad Bijnor -- India
ABIGAIL of Kotagirr Nilgiris Madras -- India
ABLITT of Agni Nagpore Central Provinces -- India
ACHARD of Upper Paralai Estate Valparai South -- India
ACKLAND of Combined Military Hospital Binga-law Mount Abu Rajputana -- India
ACRES of 82 Pilkington-road Perambur Madras -- India
ADAM of The Chartered Bank of India Australia and China Cawnpore -- India
ADAMI of 62 Lansdowne-road Calcutta -- India
ADAMS of Jalpaiguri North Bengal -- India
ADIE of 1 Hall-road Richards Town Civil and Military Station Bangalore South -- India
ADKINS of Westdowns Naduvatam P.O. Nilgiris South -- India
ADRIANWALLA of 580 Themi Mahal Jame Jamshed-road Matunga Bombay -- India
ADYE of 7a Javeri-mansions Little Gibbs-road Bombay -- India
AGAR of 7 Prem-court Churchgate Reclamation Bombay -- India
AGARWAL of Chhachhi Mohalla Rawalpindi -- India
AGARWALLA of Bishmile Mauza Pulonga PO Panitola District of Lakhimpur Assam -- India
AHLUWALIA of Kachery-road Sialkot -- India
AHMAD of Nawab House Lashkar Gwalior -- India
AHMAD of Nawab House Lashkar Gwalior Central -- India
AIYAR of Bombay House Fort Bombay -- India
ALCOCK of Leslie-buildings Chowringhee Calcutta -- India
ALDER of The European Hospital Kanke P.O. Ranchi Bibar -- India
ALEXANDER of Birmitrapur P.O. Gangpur Orissa -- India
ALEXANDER of Bombay -- India
ALEXANDER of Underwood Gardens Adyar Madras -- India
ALI of Rajapur P.O. Dullabpus Sylhet Assam -- India
ALIKHAN of Akbarpur Sitapur Oudh -- India
ALKER of 16 Alipore-road Calcutta -- India
ALLANSON of the View Hornby Vellard Bombay -- India
ALLANSON of The View Hornby Vellard Bombay -- India
ALLCARD of The Rocks Kurseong Bengal -- India
ALLEN of 1 Nashville-road Dehra Dun -- India
ALLEN of Manova Province of Sind -- India
ALLFREY of Oocamund Madras -- India
ALLINSON of 105 Ripon-road Quetta -- India
ALLISON of St Marys Home and Hospital 23 Marquis-street Calcutta -- India
ALLPORT of Royal Artillery Nowshera -- India
ALLY of Mayfair Cottage Laitumkhrah Shillong -- India
ALWAR of Alwar Jaipur Rajputana -- India
AMBLER of Quilon Travencore -- India
ANDERSON of Belgaum Bombay -- India
ANDERSON of Dessoie Tea Estate Mariani P O Assam -- India
ANDERSON of Directors Bungalow Pasteur Institute Shillong Assam -- India
ANDERSON of Imphal Manipur State Prov-ince of Assam -- India
ANDERSON of l15th Punjab Regiment and of care of Lloyds Bank Limited Calcutta -- India
ANDREWS of Bareilly -- India
ANDREWS of The House of the Epiphany Barisai East Bengal -- India
ANDREWS of Tocklai Cinnamara Assam -- India
ANGUS of 3 Parade Ground-road Poona -- India
ANSCOMBE of Parrys Hotel Ambala Cantonment -- India
ANSELL of Castleton Tea Estate Kurseong P O Darjeeling Bengal -- India
APLIN of 833 Married Quarters RAF Kohat -- India
APPLEBY of 150a Wallace-road Lahore -- India
AQUINO of Bombay -- India
ARBUCKLE of Kingsland Mergui Lower Burma -- India
ARBUTHNOT of Peshawar -- India
ARBUTHNOTT of Talup Post Office Assam -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ARBUTHNOTT of Talup Post Office Assam -- India
ARCHER of The Villarney Hotel Karachi -- India
ARDA of H&formaz Mansion Jaiphal Ward Tardeo Bombay -- India
ARDASHIR of Bombay -- India
ARDESIR of Bombay -- India
AREPUR CHAMAPPAJEE URS of Shankar Vilas Eastern Extension Mysore City -- India
ARKELL of care of 5th Gurkha Rifles R.T.C. Abbottabad North West Frontier Province -- India
ARMOUR of Overdene Kodaidanal Madura Madras -- India
ARMSTRONG of F3 Clive Buildings and Calcutta Club 241 Lower Circular-road Calcutta -- India
ARMSTRONG of The Dalhousle Brewery Dalhousie -- India
ASKARI of Ranikhet District Almora United Provinces Of -- India
ATHERTON of 2 Royd-lane Calcutta -- India
ATKINS of 10a Haudin-road Bangalore Presidency of Mysore -- India
ATKINS of 5 Queens-gardens Poona Bombay -- India
ATKINSON of Khoomtaj Tea Estate Moran PO Sibsager Assam -- India
ATTRIDE of The Manor House Hotel Naini Tal United Provinces -- India
AUZUECH of Mysore -- India
AVIS of Palton-road Police Station Bombay -- India
AYNSLEY of The Haven Kairbetta Kotagir Nilgiris -- India
AYSCOUCH of Udaipur Rajputana -- India
BADCOCK of Qasr-i-Sultana- Bhopal -- India
BADDELEY of Government House Madras Southern -- India
BADHURST of Vermont Mussoorie -- India
BAILEY of care of Forest Office Naini Tal United Provinces -- India
BAILEY of IS Hastings-road Allahabad United Province -- India
BAILLIE of the Reliance Jute Mills Company Limited Bhatpara PO 24 Pergunnas District Bengal -- India
BAIN of Bombay -- India
BAIN of Canmore New Victoria Mills Cawnpore United Provinces -- India
BAKE of Bakeleigh Coonoor Nilgiris South -- India
BAKER of 3 Sampangy Tank-road Bangalore -- India
BAKER of Cecil Hotel Delhi -- India
BAKER of Central Bank-building Esplanade-road Bombay -- India
BAKER of Kottayam Travancore South -- India
BAKER of Kumerakom Pakuthy Kottayum Taluk Travancore -- India
BAKER of Peshawar North West Frontier Provinces -- India
BAKER of the Bombay Yacht Club Bombay -- India
BALA of Karachi -- India
BALDHKSHIT of Ghazipur United Provinces -- India
BALDRY of Darjeeling Bengal -- India
BALL of 12 Russell-street Calcutta -- India
BALL of 33 Protheroe-road Bolarum Deccan -- India
BANERJEE of 19 Hazra-road Kalighat District 24 Parganas Calcutta -- India
BANERJEE of 8 Patuatola-lane Calcutta Bengal -- India
BANERJI of 12 Church-road Allahabad -- India
BANKES of care of Lloyds Bank Limited Calcutta -- India
BANRES of care of Lloyds Bank Limited Calcutta -- India
BARCLAY of Bangalore South -- India
BARLOW of The Barns Eastcote Middlesex and Nusserwanjee-buildings Machimiani-road Karachi -- India
BARNARD of Attikan Estate Caimbatore District South -- India
BARNES of Fort Sandeman Quetta -- India
BARNES of Madras Christian College Tanbaram Chingliput -- India
BARNES of The Lodge Kurscong Darjeeling -- India
BARNES of The Rema Tea Estate Chandpur Bagan Sylhet in -- India
BARRATT of Nurses Club 35 Langham-street London and of Indore Central -- India
BARRETT of 52 Wheeler-road Bangalore -- India
BARRINGTON of Roberts Barracks Quetta -- India
BARROW of Dacca Eastern Bengal -- India
BARTLETT of care of Grindlay and Company Limited Calcutta -- India
BARTON of Church of England Missionary Society Sindh -- India
BASU of 14 Balaram Ghose-street Calcutta -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BATES of 9 Prisoners of War Camp Bairagarh -- India
BATES of Sabaya Tea Estate Ranchi Bihar and Orissa -- India
BATESON of Gillanders House Calcutta -- India
BATRA of 23 Abbot-road Lahore -- India
BATTERSBY of 225 Lower Circular-road Calcutta -- India
BATTINE of Constantia Cottage Muree Punjab -- India
BATTYE of 6 Tollinton-road Lahore Punjab -- India
BAYZAND of Sheikalmudi Hardypot P.O. Coimbatore District South -- India
BAZALGETTE of Sambalpur Orissa -- India
BAZAZ of Pattoki Lahore Punjab -- India
BEADNELL of Kotagiri District of Nilgiris Ootaca- mund Madras Presidency -- India
BEALE of Lahore Cantonment -- India
BEAN of 33 Colvin-road Quetta -- India
BEAN of St John s School Krishnagar Bengal -- India
BEATSON of Jhansi -- India
BEATTY of 16 Windermere-road Rangoon Burma -- India
BEDE of 46 Ferozepore-road Lahore -- India
BEER of Ambala -- India
BEER of East Lancashire Regiment Ambala -- India
BEEVERS of 2 Temple-road Lahore Punjab -- India
BEGBIE of Bombay -- India
BEHRAM of Bombay -- India
BEHREND of 6 Chapel-road Hastings Calcutta -- India
BELBEN of 273 Assaye-road Rawal Pindi Punjab India and care of Messrs Grindlay and Company London and Delhi -- India
BELL of Quetta -- India
BELL of the headquarters of the Bengal Nagpur railway company limited Garden Beach Kidderpur Calcutta -- India
BENJAMIN of Simla -- India
BENNETT of The India Imperial Custom Service Rangoon -- India
BENSLEY of Nagpur Central Provinces -- India
BENT of The Lodge Tollygunge Calcutta Bengal -- India
BERKLEY of Byculla Club Bombay -- India
BERRY of Poona -- India
BERTRAM of Hilika Tea Estate Barahapjan PO Assam -- India
BESANT of Adyar Madras Chingleput District Southern -- India
BETREEN of 14 Lavelle-road Bangalore -- India
BETT of 29 Rajpur-road Dehra Dun UP -- India
BEVAN of Nortliernhay Kotagiri Nilgiris -- India
BEWES of Woodcock Lodge Cotacamund Nilgiris -- India
BHAGWATSINHJEE of Gondal State -- India
BHARATENDU of Farrukhabad United Provinces -- India
BIGSBY of Lakshmi Villas Kotagire Milojinis District -- India
BILIA of 580 Jame Jamshed-road Matunga Bombay -- India
BINLEY of Juhu Santa Cruz Bombay -- India
BINNING of Bombay -- India
BIRCH of Agra -- India
BIRD of 1 King Georges-avenue New Delhi -- India
BIRD of 31 Peddar-road Bombay -- India
BIRD of Byculla Bridge Bombay -- India
BIRKETT of 58 The Mall Mhow Central -- India
BIRNEY of Sandes Soldiers Home Meerut -- India
BLACK of Cawnpore -- India
BLACK of Christian Literature Society Madras -- India
BLACK of Cochin -- India
BLACKER of Lahore -- India
BLACKER of Rema Tea Estate Chandpur Bagan Assam -- India
BLACKMORE of Rookery Nook Matienga Bombay -- India
BLAIR of Kenilworth Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
BLAKER of Base Depot Medical Stores Colombo Ceylon -- India
BLAKER of Lloyds Bank Limited Calcutta -- India
BLOOR of Chauballia Ranikhel United Provinces -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BLUNT of 7 Cunningham-road Bangalore -- India
BLUNT of Strinagar Kashmir -- India
BOCA of Gulistan Rawalpindi Cantonment -- India
BODDAM of 8m Bickenhall-mansions Gloucester-place Middlesex and of Madras -- India
BOERMEL of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
BOGLE of 5 St John?s-road Bangalore South -- India
BOILEAU of The Selimbong Tea Estate Darjeeling -- India
BOISRAGON of Dera GhaziKhan Punjaub -- India
BOLIA of Indore City State of Indore Central -- India
BOLTON of Karachi -- India
BOLTON of Karachi -- India
BOLTON of Karachi -- India
BOLTON of Karachi -- India
BOMFORD of Abbottabad -- India
BOMFORD of Abbottabad -- India
BOMFORD of Lucknow UP -- India
BONARJEE of Rampore Grant 18 Po Golagokaranath Kheri United Provinces -- India
BONAS of 2 King-street Sparkbrook Birmingham 11 and The Park Itchapur-Nawabganj Post Office EB Railway -- India
BOND of Old Manor House Mount Abu Rajputana -- India
BOOTH of 72213 Bithur-road Civil Lines Cawnpore Agra and Oudh -- India
BOOTH of Buland Sugar Factory Rampur -- India
BOOTH of Imli House Cawnpore -- India
BOOTH of Lalimli Mansions Cawnpore -- India
BORDES of 134 I.B.G.H. B.T. Trimulgherry Deccan -- India
BOSCOLO of Sijua Bihar -- India
BOSE of 49-10 Mudiali-road Tollygunge Cal-cutta Bengal -- India
BOULDEN of cafe of Lloyds Bank Liihited Hornby-4 road Bombay -- India
BOULTON of The Malm Rickmansworth Hertfordshire and co Imperial Bank of India Mount-road Madras -- India
BOURNE of Betul Central Provinces -- India
BOVER of Woodhouse-road Fort Bombay -- India
BOWLING of Quilon District of Travancore South -- India
BOXALL of King Edward-road Hostel King Edward road New Delhi -- India
BOYACIS of Altamont Altamont-road Cumballa Hill Bombay -- India
BOYCE of Belgaum Bombay -- India
BOYD of Male Village Shwebo District IJpper Burma -- India
BOYDEN of 172 Lower Circular-road Calcutta -- India
BOYNE of 7 Church-street Bangalore Madras -- India
BRAIDWOOD of Digboi Assam -- India
BRANDON of 76 Cleveland-road Ealing Middlesex and of Dehra Dun United Provinces -- India
BRANFORD of Kat Branford Stud Lyallpur -- India
BREADMORE of 34 Bungalow Chaklala Punjab -- India
BREARLEY of Pachmari Central Provinces -- India
BREARLEY of The Mission House Sultanpur Allahabad -- India
BREDEE of 1 Loudon-court 13 Loudon-street Calcutta and of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
BREWIN of Ealdare Oootacamund Madras -- India
BRIANT of Geravia Mohal Cawnpore -- India
BRIDGE of St Pauls College 33-1 Amherst-street Calcutta -- India
BRIDGES of Silverham Garden-road Bombay -- India
BRIDSON of Oak Villa Simla -- India
BRIGHT of Chikalda Amraoti Berar -- India
BRINDLEY of Khyber House Dalhousie Punjab -- India
BRITTAIN of 5 Clive-street Calcutta -- India
BROCKWELL of Trimulgherry Deccan -- India
BRODRICK of Lahore Cantonment Punjab -- India
BROMFIELD of 4a Residency-road Bangalore Mysore -- India
BROMHAM of Bombay -- India
BRONSDON of Berkmyre Hostel Middleton Row Calcutta -- India
BROOKE of Glen View Civil Lines Cawnpore Agra and Oudh -- India
BROOKMAN of 42 Cavalry-road Risalpur North West Frontier Provinces -- India
BROOKS of Karachi Sind British -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROUGHTON of Messrs Ralli Brothers Limited 21 Ravelin-street Bombay -- India
BROWN of 5 Chowringhee Mansions Chow-ringhee-road Calcutta -- India
BROWN of Ambajipeta East Godavari District South -- India
BROWN of Government School of Art 28 Chowringher-road Calcutta -- India
BROWN of Hasauli Bihar -- India
BROWN of Meerut United Provinces of Agra and Oudh -- India
BROWN of Southbank Chirata Madras -- India
BROWN of The Oxford Mission 42 Cornwallis-street Calcutta -- India
BROWNE of Aligeshwara Estate Jayapura PO Kadur District Mysore -- India
BROWNE of Amritsar Northern -- India
BROWNE of Bolarum Deccan -- India
BRUNDLE of Risalpur North West Frontier Province -- India
BRYANT of 75 Park-street Calcutta -- India
BUCHANAN of Rawlipandi Hotel Nagpur -- India
BUCK of The Bungalow Hubli Bombay Presidency -- India
BUDD of Dharmgiri Pathiar Kangra -- India
BUDD of Race Course-road Coimbatrie Southern -- India
BUDGEN of care of Lloyds Bank Limited Simla -- India
BULLARD of Alwar Rajputana -- India
BULLEN of 8 Loudon-street Calcutta -- India
BULLOCKE of Sylverton Wodehouse-road Colaba Bombay -- India
BURBIDGE of 3 Russell-street Calcutta -- India
BURD of Pathalipan North Lakhinpur Assam -- India
BURDWAN of The Palace Burdwan and of 2 Judges Court-road Calcutta -- India
BURGESS of Ellen T Cowen Memorial Hospital Kolar -- India
BURKE of 15 Dhanray Rabal Apollo Bunder Bombay -- India
BURKE of The Manse 175 Wodehouse-rroad Colaba Bombay -- India
BURKINSHAW of Shortlands Nungambukam High-road Madras -- India
BURNAND of Barabhum P.O. District Manbhum B. N. Railway Bihar and Orissa -- India
BURNAND of Jhansi -- India
BURNESS of Rupai Tea Estate Dibrugarh Lak-himpur Assam -- India
BURNETT of Dehra Dun -- India
BURNETT of Dehra Dun -- India
BURNS of Bombay -- India
BURROWS of Nowshera North West Frontier Province -- India
BUSHNELL of 27 B Squadron Kohat North-West Frontier Province -- India
BUSS of 17 Aurangzeb-road New Delhi -- India
BUTLIN of Khodaung in Upper Burmah -- India
BYRNE of Deolali near Bombay -- India
CAIN of Dummagudem Godaveri -- India
CAIRNS of 5 Mayo-gardens Lahore -- India
CAIRNS of Meerut -- India
CALDERBANK of Cranford Oatacamund Nilgiris -- India
CALLENDER of Xowlahena Estate Lindula Ceylon -- India
CALTHROP of the 3rd Gurkha Regimental Centre -- India
CALVERT of Dhariwal Punjab -- India
CALVERT of Dhariwal Punjab -- India
CAMBAT of Ahmedabad Bombay Presidency -- India
CAMERON of Inkerman Coorioor Nilgiris South -- India
CAMPBELL of 8-1-1 Loudon-street Calcutta -- India
CAMPBELL of British Cochin -- India
CAMPBELL of Cleeve Cottage Rani Khet -- India
CAMPBELL of Dilkush-street Mary-road Mysore City Mysore State -- India
CAMPBELL of Fort William Calcutta -- India
CAMPBELL of Lohit Valely Saydia Assam -- India
CANDLIN of The Eastern Bank Limited Bombay -- India
CANHAM of 9 Chowringhee-road Calcutta -- India
CAPE of Strathmore Shillong -- India
CAPLE of the Jetinga ValleyTea Company Limited Jetinga Valley Division Damcherra Post Office of the district of Cachar Assam -- India
CARGILL of the Dahingeapar Tea Estate Mariani Post Office Assam -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CARLTON of Cairhdhu Kotogari Nilgiris British -- India
CARRICK of care of Messrs. Best and Company Limited of Post Box No. 63 Madras -- India
CARROLL of 141 Mount-road Mazagaon Bombay -- India
CARROLL of Deoli Rajputana -- India
CARSON of Governors Garden Bungalow British Cochin Malabar -- India
CARTER of 22 First Line Beach Madras -- India
CARTER of 406 Wynne-avenue Khargpur Bengal -- India
CARTLAND of Karachi -- India
CARTWRIGHT of 47 New Marine Lines Bombay -- India
CASPER of 428 Loco Quarters Khargpur Bengal -- India
CATCHICK of 13 Wopdburn-road Calcutta -- India
CATOWHEELER of Jubbulpore Central Provinces -- India
CHADWICK of Queens School Basingstoke Hampshire and of Bareilly United Provinces -- India
CHADWICK of Sri Aurobinds Ashram Pondicherry French -- India
CHAKRAVARTI of Jamshedpur Bihar and Orissa -- India
CHALK of the Broadwalk Hotel Devere Gardens Kensington Middlesex and Bombay -- India
CHALLEN of Lansdowne United Provinces -- India
CHAMNEY of Cromeen Shillong District of Khasi and Jaintia Hills Assam -- India
CHAN DUKCHEE of 93 PhearshamCalcutta -- India
CHANDRIKA of Ganderbal Kashmir and Ajmer -- India
CHAPMAN of 5 Dupleix-road New Delhi -- India
CHAPMAN of 74 Blenheim-place Aberdeen and care of Renwick and Company Limited Kushtia Bengal near Calcutta -- India
CHAPMAN of Oatocamund Nilgiris Madras -- India
CHAPPLE of Burnsall Mariners-drive Stoke Bishop Bristol 8 and Nowshad Lloyds-road Cathedral Post Madras -- India
CHASE of Lahore -- India
CHATUR BHUJ of Amritsar Punjab -- India
CHAUDHRI JIT RAM of Mauza Gheora Delhi Province -- India
CHAUDRI ABDUL AZIZ of Dhandhua District Jullundur -- India
CHAUDRI ABDUL AZIZ of Dhandhura District Jullander -- India
CHESNEY of Suinager Kashmir -- India
CHESNEY of Woodcot Kasauli Simla Hills Punjab -- India
CHESTER of The Moravian Mission Leh Ladakh Kashmir -- India
CHETTIAR of Kuala Lumpur Federated Malay States and of Kulipirai Thirumayam Taluk Pudukottah South -- India
CHETTYAR of Karai- kudi Madras -- India
CHEW of Kennys Own New-road Dehra Dun -- India
CHICHESTER of Mackinnon Mackenzie and Company Bombay Office Peninsular and Oriental Navigation Company Bombay -- India
CHIPPINDALL of Gondal Kathiawar -- India
CHRISTIAN of Sundargarh via Jhanuguda BN Railway -- India
CHRISTIAN of The Grove Monghyr Bhagalpur Behar and Orissa -- India
CHURCH of Seaside Hotel Cannanore Malabar Southern -- India
CLARIDGE of Ajmer Rajputana -- India
CLARIDGE of Bombay -- India
CLARK of Ambasamudram South -- India
CLARK of care of British India Steam Navigation Company Limited London and of care of Messrs. Mackinson Mackenzie and Company Calcutta -- India
CLARK of Frithwood House Northwood Middlesex and of Peshawar North West Frontier Province -- India
CLARK of the Bengal and Nagpur Railway Company and 12 Godfrey-mansions Kidderpore Calcutta -- India
CLARK of Training College University Rangoon -- India
CLARKE of 2d Mafatlal-park Warden-road Breach Candy Bombay -- India
CLARKE of Adra Bihao -- India
CLARKE of Bombay -- India
CLATWORTHY of Digboi Assam -- India
CLAUDIUS of 11 Alexandra-street Bangalore -- India
CLAUDIUS of 11 Alexandra-street Bangalore -- India
CLAY of Rochdale Hebbal Bangalore -- India
CLAYTON of Woodlands Pedder-road Bombay -- India
CLEGG of Mount Estate Mazgaon Bombay -- India
CLEMENTS of St Marthas Hospital Bangalore Madras -- India
CLEMENTS of Woodcock Cottage Ootacamund -- India
CLEMENTS of Woodcock Cottage Ootacamund -- India
CLIFFORD of Manipur Assam -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CLOETE of Ranchi Behar -- India
CLOTHIER of Lloyds and The National Provincial Foreign Bank Limited of Cannes France and of Darjeeling North -- India
CLOUGH of St. Marys-training-college Camp Poona -- India
CLOUVAS of 16 Hare-street Calcutta -- India
CLYNE of Atal Tea Estate Nucalbari Post Office Darjeeling -- India
COADY of 3 Curley-street Richmond Town Bangalore -- India
COATES of Dina Lodge Vankola-road Andheri Bombay -- India
COBB of Bangalore Club Bangalore -- India
COBBOLD of Calcutta -- India
COBBOLD of House Boat Dogstar Srinagar Kashmir -- India
COCHRANE of The University Rangoon Burma- -- India
COCKBURN of Gupkar-road Srinagar Kashmir -- India
COCKBURN of Srinigar Kashmir -- India
COGGINS of Perambur near Madras -- India
COHEN of 17 Park-mansions Park-street Calcutta -- India
COHEN of Elliot-road Calcutta -- India
COLDSTREAM of Peshawar -- India
COLE of Milntown Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
COLE of SP Bungalow Fatehgarh United Province -- India
COLE of Upper Mission Bungalow Ajmer Rajputana -- India
COLES of 84 Rajpur-road Dehra Dun United Prov-inces -- India
COLLIN of 6 Church-lane Calcutta -- India
COLLINS of 18 Queens-gardens Poona -- India
COLLINS of 2 Overseer-road Kirkee -- India
COLLINS of Titadimoro Tea Estate Disbrugarh Post Office Upper Assam -- India
COLRIDGE of 11 Hills View Braunton Devonshire and care of Messieurs Whiteaway Laidlaw and Company Limited of Chowringhee Calcutta -- India
COMPTON of Flat 8 36 Chowinghee Calcutta -- India
CONINGHAM of care-of Messrs C Hoare and Company (Bankers) 37 Fleet-street London and care-of The Imperial Bank-of India Delhi -- India
CONNELL of Dieu Donnce Mussoorie -- India
CONNELL of Princes Dock Bombay -- India
CONOLLY of S S Takliwa British India Steam Navigation Company Bombay -- India
COOK of Bhopal -- India
COOK of Bhopal -- India
COOK of The Punjab Irrigation Public Works at Lyalipur -- India
COOK of The University of Ceylon -- India
COOKE of Sunshine Queens-road Bombay -- India
COOMBES of 9 Ferozepore-road Lahore Punjab -- India
COOMBS of 4 Jubilee-road Poona -- India
COOPER of 18 Convent-road Entally Calcutta -- India
COOPER of 6 Russel-street Suite 4 Calcutta -- India
COOPER of 9 Park-crescent Oxford and Imperial Bank of India Calcutta -- India
COOPER of Bishops High School Poona -- India
COOPER of Coopers Retreat Cascade Providence Mahe Seychelles -- India
COOPER of Headquarters Cawnpore Auxiliary Force Cawnpore -- India
COOVARJI of D Souza-street Malabari House Bombay -- India
COPELAND of Chamba State Punjab -- India
COPELAND of Rungli Ting Estate Assam -- India
CORNFORD of The Arsenal Rawalpindi -- India
CORONEOS of Hotel Eden Lausanne Switzerland and Burra Khoti 15-16 Cossipore-road Cossipore -- India
CORRIE of Newland near Rangoon Burma -- India
COSBY of 6 Tlieel-road Peshawar -- India
COSTELLO of Bansjora Manbhum Bihar -- India
COTTAM of Bombay India
COTTON of Brodie Castle Adyar Madras -- India
COTTON of The Sholayer Estate Valparai Pollachy Madras -- India
COULCHER of The Parsonage Chittagong Bengal -- India
COUNSELL of 73 Lower Circular-road Calcutta -- India
COUNSELL of Hampton Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
COURTENAY of Royal Artillery Mess Muttra -- India
COURTNEY of Wana Fort Waziristan North West Frontier Province -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COUSENS of Kinnaird High School Lahore -- India
COUSINS of 11 Chalfont-road Oxford and of The Sanatorium Almora North -- India
COWARD of Eastwood Newby Bridge Ulverston Lancaster (temporarily residing at 24-1 Club-road Kirkee -- India
COWIE of 10 Ilaco House Victoria-road Karachi -- India
COWIE of Dalhousie Jute Mills Baidyabatie Post Office Hooghly District Bengal -- India
COX of Bipur Dehra Dun -- India
COX of Campbell Barracks Lockhart-road Quetta -- India
CRABTREE of St Pauls College Amherst Calcutta -- India
CRAIG of 227-2 Lower Circular-road Calcutta -- India
CRANE of Naraipur P.S. Bagaha District Champaran -- India
CRAWFORD of Mansfield Simla -- India
CRAWFORD of Mirzapur United Provinces -- India
CRAY of 15 Ballygunge Park Calcutta -- India
CRAY of Meiklila Cantonment in -- India
CREES of Lopchu tea estate Lopchu Post Office via Tista Bridge Post Office Darjeeling Himalayan railway Northern Bengal -- India
CRETE of 4 Russell-street Calcutta -- India
CRICHTON of Calcutta -- India
CRIPPS of Goya Gate Baroda -- India
CROCKER of Married Quarters 1st Battalion Devon-shire Regiment Gharial Murree Hills -- India
CROKER of Cawnpore -- India
CROMBIE of Narayen Dabkolkar-road Bombay -- India
CROSSFIELD of care of Lloyds Bank Limited Karachi -- India
CROSSLEY of Chaklala Rawalpindi -- India
CROSSLEY of Messrs Glyn Mills and Company Kirkland House Whitehall Westminster and of Race View Coonoor Nilgiri Hills South -- India
CROTCH of 15 Aga Khan-buildings Clare-road Byculla Bombay -- India
CROUCOTT of 2nd Armoured Car Company Royal Tank Corps Cawnpore -- India
CRUMP of Simla -- India
CUERDEN of 35 Phayre-road Quetta Baluchistan District -- India
CULLWICK of the Methodist Manse Kirkee -- India
CUMMING of Bracken Hill Shillong Assam -- India
CUMMING of Laurel Cottage Newmont Hill Forfar Angus and of 18 Barrage Township Sukkur Sind -- India
CUMPER of The Camp Karachi -- India
CURNOW of Namtu Burma -- India
CURRIE of Srinagar in Kashmir -- India
CURTAIN of Sanctoria Disergarh Post Office District Burdwan -- India
CURTIS of 8-12 Frontier Force Regiment Secunderabad -- India
CURTIS of Lahore Cantonments Punjab -- India
DAGA of Krishna Maha Marine-drive Bombay -- India
DAINTITH of 8 Rajpur-road Delhi -- India
DALALCI of 1 New Marine Lines Bombay -- India
DALRYMPLE of Wynne-court Kharagpur -- India
DALY of Darjeeling -- India
DAMRY of Rajpipla -- India
DANIELL of 53 The Mall Mhow Indore Central -- India
DANTER of Ruthna Tea Estate Juria Lylhet -- India
DANTRA of 5 Squadron Royal Indian Air Force Kanpur United Provinces -- India
DAS of 122 Nilmony Mitter-street Calcutta -- India
DASS of 8 Napier-road Lahore -- India
DASTUR of Bombay -- India
DAUNT of Bombay -- India
DAVEY of Rocky Ridge Kottayam Travancore South -- India
DAVEY of The Glen ? Jalapahar-road Darjeeiing -- India
DAVIDSON of Kohat North West Frontier Province -- India
DAVIES of Ballacadoo Suntikoppa Coorg South -- India
DAVIES of Kalka Punjab -- India
DAVIES of Signal Engineers Bungalow Ajmer Rajpu-tana -- India
DAVIS of 50 Jail-road Lahore Junjab and of Murree -- India
DAVIS of 50 Jail-road Lahore Punjab -- India
DAVIS of Poona Bombay -- India
DAVIS of The Cecil Hotel Delhi -- India

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DAWSON of Cote d Azur Warden-road Bombay -- India
DAWSON of Dawescroft Quail-hill Coonoor Madras -- India
DE BRETTON of 3 Madras Bank-road Bangalore Cantonment Madras -- India
DE LA HEY of Simla and of 5 North-avenue New Delhi -- India
DE WECK of Kadamane Estate Hassan District Mysore -- India
DEANE of 8 Bungalow Bakloh Punjab -- India
DEANE of Bombay care of Grindlay and Company Limited Bombay and of Costorphans Hotel Sunla -- India
DEANE of Grand Hotel Simla -- India
DEANE of Maidens Hotel Delhi -- India
DEEFHOLTS of 3 Prinsep-lane Calcutta -- India
DELRIEUX of care of Favre Leuba and Company Limited South Napier-road Karachi -- India
DEMETRIADI of Manley Knoll Manley Cheshire temporarily residing at 17 Store-road Ballygung Calcutta -- India
DENNISTOUN of Colgrain Ootacamund -- India
DESAI of Surat Bombay -- India
DESGRATOULET of 8 Spencer-road Cleveland Town Civil and Military Station Bangalore Mysore -- India
DEVERELL of Jamirah Tea Estate Dibrugarh Assam -- India
DEVINE of Simla British -- India
DEWBERRY of 218 Station-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
DEY of 70 Srigopal Mullick-lane Calcutta -- India
DEY of 79 Belgachia-road Twenty-Four Pergunnahs Bengal -- India
DHARMAVIR of 10 jHailey-road New Delhi -- India
DHARMAVIR of Padiham-grove Davis-road Lahore -- India
DIAS of 141 Main-street Cantonment Poona -- India
DIAS of Belgaum Bombay -- India
DINBAI of Bombay -- India
DINSHAW of Bombay -- India
DINSHAW of Bombay -- India
DINSHAW of Bombay -- India
DINSHAW of Chanpatty Bombay -- India
DINSHAW of Mathew-road without-the-Fort-of Bombay -- India
DINSHAW of Mathew-road without-the-Fort-of Bombay -- India
DOBBINGS of Colaba Bombay -- India
DOBLE of Marikuppam Kolar Gold Fields Bow-ringpet Taluk Kolar District Mysore -- India
DOCHERTY of KGO Sappers and Miners School Bungalow Roorkee N P -- India
DOCTOR of Petit Mansions Sleaiter-road Bombay -- India
DODGSON of Downsview Wisborough Green Sussex and of Dehra Dun -- India
DOMAKIN of Kakomi Juhi Cawnpore -- India
DONALD of Dobi (Kullu) District Kangra Punjab British -- India
DONALD of Khyber House Peshawar North West Frontier Province -- India
DONALD of Simla -- India
DONALDSON of Derra Ismail Khan Kohat Waziristan -- India
DONKIN of Hotel Cecil Delhi -- India
DOUETIL of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club Calcutta -- India
DOUGHERTY of 36 Diamond Harbour-road Alipore Calcutta 27 -- India
DOUGLAS of Hilla Tea Estate Nagrakata P O Dooars Jalpaigini Bengal India
DOWNES of Ferozepore -- India
DOYLE of Chartered Bank Buildings Clive-street Calcutta -- India
DRINNAN of Darsana Bengal -- India
DRUCQUER of 42 Gunterstone-road Barons Court London and Goverment of Bengal Calcutta -- India
DRUMMOND of 9 the Park Simla -- India
DUBASH of Palmlands Nepean Sea-road Bombay -- India
DUBASH of Palmlands Nepean Sea-road Bombay -- India
DUBE of Village Paharpm Partabgarh United Provinces of Agra and Oudh -- India
DUCHART of Malangi Tea Estate Hasimara P.O. Dooars Bengal -- India
DUDRENEC of Bay House Cadell-road Mahim Bombay -- India
DUFF of Bisra Birmitrapur -- India
DUNCAN of 7 Royal Exchange-place Calcutta and of Elza Ledge Kalimping Bengal -- India
DUNK of Aramby Ridge Oatacamund Nilgiris South -- India
DUNN of 159 Karnani-mansion Park-street Calcutta -- India
DUPEN of Trivandrum State of Travancore -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DURHAM of Angadi Estate Mudigere Kadur District Southern -- India
DURRANT of Colaba Barracks Bombay -- India
DURSTON of United Services Club Simla -- India
DUTT of 39-1 Baghbuza-street Calcutta -- India
DUTT of Batajore Station Gournadi Zilla iBackergunge Lower Bengal -- India
DUTT of Ordnance Factory T.P.2 Kalpi-road Cawnpore -- India
DUTTA of Chapra Mahalla Sahebgunj District Saran Behar and Orissa -- India
DYSON of Eskbank Stirling-road Nungunbankum Madras -- India
EARLE of Doonagiree Tea Plantation Ranikhet -- India
EASDON of Maldon House 29 New Marine Lines Fort Bombay -- India
EASTON of Suffolk Estate Ouchterlong Valley Nilgis British -- India
EATON of The Madras Club and of W H Brady & Company Limited both in Madras -- India
EATON of The Madras Club and of W. H Brady & Company Limited Madras -- India
EBDEN of 21 The Avenue Kew Garden Surrey and 33 Rajpur-road Delhi -- India
EDGE of 8 Infantry-road Bangalore Mysore -- India
EDULJEE of Deolali Bombay -- India
EDULJI of Surat Sodagarwada -- India
EDWARDES of Lansdowne -- India
EDWARDS of Axdvyn New Quay Cardiganshire and of Simla -- India
EDWARDS of Imph al Manipur State Assam -- India
EDWARDS of Langsmead Hall Blindley Heath Surrey and of 3 Rainey Park Calcutta -- India
EDWARDS of Saidpur Eastern Bengal Railway Bengal -- India
EGAN of The Homestead Kotagiri Nilgiris South -- India
ELLCOME of 103 St Johns-park Lahore Punjab -- India
ELLIOTT of 99 Constable-road Perambur in the presidency of Madras -- India
ELLIOTT of New Shorrock Mill Nadiad -- India
ELLIS of 14 Comiston-drive Edinburgh and of Sitarampur E I R -- India
ELSMIE of 39 Bomber Squadron RAF Risalpur -- India
ELTON of the Grand Hotel Calcutta -- India
EMERSON of Belle Orchard Sevenoaks Kent and Bungalow 51 Cantonment Belgaum Bombay -- India
EMPSALL of 4 Lyons Range Calcutta -- India
ENGINEER of 39 Marine Lines Fort Bombay -- India
ENGINEER of Naigum-road Dadar Bombay -- India
ESMAIL of Variav-Oli-street Rander Surat Bonabay -- India
ESPLEY of Mount Stuart Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
EVANS of 45 Punjab Regiment Razmak Waziristan -- India
EVANS of Adjutants Bungalow Perambur Madras -- India
EVANS of care of Lloyds Bank Limited Rawalpindi North West -- India
EVANS of Jealgora -- India
EVANS of the Church of England Zenana Mission Baranagore Bengal -- India
EVERITT of Champion Reefs Kolar Gold Fields -- India
EZRA of 9-3 Middleton-row Calcutta -- India
FAIRBANKS of Roshanara Banuri Palampur Punjab -- India
FAIRBROTHER of 1 Victory-court Chowringhee Calcutta -- India
FANTIS of Ralli Brothers Limited Agency Staff Bungalow Amroati Bombay -- India
FARR of Alleppy Travancore -- India
FARRAR of Bangalore Mysore -- India
FARRER of Cinnamara Tea Estate Cinnamara Post Office Assam -- India
FAWCITT of Deogiri State Sandur South -- India
FEARFIELD of Webbington Paddock Ashbridge Somersetshire and of Bikaner Rajputana -- India
FEELY of Intelligence Branch India (Imperial) Police Calcutta -- India
FEIL of Khattan Mansions The Cooperage Bombay -- India
FENDALL of Fir Cottage Simla -- India
FERNANDES of 1113 rua D Joas de Castro Nova Goa Islands of Goa -- India
FERNANDES of Sanquelim Portuguese -- India
FERRAO of Chinchinium Goa Portuguese -- India
FESTING of Burma -- India
FIELD of Sijua PO East Indian Railway District Manbhum in Bihar and Orissa -- India
FINLEY of Bombay -- India
FIRBANK of Bishop Heber College Trichinopoly Southern -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FIRTH of British Military Hospital Deolali -- India
FIRTH of Suite 6 7-4 Burd.wan-road Alipore Cal-cutta -- India
FISCHER of Madras -- India
FITZGERALD of Meerut United Provinces -- India
FITZHERBERT of North Western Railway Bhatin&a -- India
FITZMAURICE of Champion Reef Mysore -- India
FITZPATRICK of 1 Pretoria-street Calcutta -- India
FLACK of Roosevelt House Apollo Bunder Bombay -- India
FLEMING of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
FLETCHER of 58 Forbes-street Bombay -- India
FLETCHER of Cannamore Malabar Southern -- India
FLEWKER of Dhadka Asansol District Burdwan -- India
FLORENCE of 1 Lavelle-road Bangalore -- India
FLOWER of Hastings Jute Mill Rishra Calcutta -- India
FLOWER of Taxilla Punjab North -- India
FLOWERS of Jhansi -- India
FLYNN of 53 Gloucester-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
FLYNN of Dehra Dun United Provinces -- India
FLYNN of Parasia Chhindwara Central Provinces -- India
FOGGITT of Bombay -- India
FORBES of Dilkusha House Dilkusha Lucknow -- India
FORBES of Dilkusha House Dilkusha Lucknow -- India
FORBES of Lucknow and Mussoorie Oudh -- India
FORBES of Suvltanpore Factory Bihar and Ouissa -- India
FORBES of The Civil Station of Purneath Bihar and Oriesa -- India
FORBES of Tinsukia Upper Assam -- India
FORDHAM of Calcutta -- India
FORREST of Calcutta British -- India
FORSTER of Old Banni Mantap Mysore -- India
FORSYTH of 129 Karmani Mansions Park-street Calcutta -- India
FORSYTH of Akola Talug and District Akola -- India
FOSTER of 19 The Mall Lucknow United Provinces -- India
FOSTER of Ahmedabad House Ballard Estate Fort Bombay -- India
FOULKES of The Manor House Salem South -- India
FOWKE of St Margarets Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
FOWLER of Delhi -- India
FOX of Chesney Hall Madras -- India
FOX of Lucknow -- India
FRAMROAZ of Versova Bombay India
FRANCIS of 4 Gymkhana-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
FRANCIS of 4 Gymkhana-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
FRANCIS of Bhantu Settlement Andamans Islands Bay of Bengal -- India
FRASER of Poona Bombay -- India
FRASER of Pughs-gardens Madras South -- India
FRAYMOUTH of Ajmer Rajputana -- India
FREEMAN of Nasik -- India
FREMANTLE of Motihan Behar and Orissa -- India
FRENCH of Bombay and of 3 Moore-avenue Regents Park Tollygunge Calcutta -- India
FRENCHMAN of 5 Main-street Camp Poona -- India
FRETWELL of No 2 Fortress Company Wana Waziristan -- India
FRODSHAM of Mysore -- India
FRY of Bandra Bombay -- India
FRYER of The Indian (Imperial Police) Punjab -- India
FULFORD of The Afghan Medical Mission Hospital Bannu North West Frontier Province -- India
FULLER of care of Grindlay and Company Quetta -- India
FURZE of Cryptomarie Shillong Assam -- India
GADD of Matelli Tea Estate Dooars -- India
GAHAN of 43 Ekbalpore-road Kidderpool Calcutta -- India
GAI of Kitchner-road Peshawar Cantonment North West Frontier Province -- India
GAITSKEiLL of Lauriston Yercaud Shevaroy Hills Salem District Madras -- India

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GALBRAITH of the Thatched Cottage Mill-lane Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire and the 1819 Lancers Political Department -- India
GALL of Westlake Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
GARBIS of 83a Elliot-road Calcutta -- India
GARDINER of 4a Tank-road Civil and Military Station Bangalore -- India
GARDINER of Nellimarle Jute Mills Company Limited Madras -- India
GARDNER of Buena Vista Worli-parade Bombay -- India
GARDNER of Wendover Brittons Hill Saint Midiael Barbados British West -- India
GARE of Homby-road Bombay -- India
GARLICK of Calcutta Bengal -- India
GARLICK of Chargola Tea Association Limited Tea Estates Ratabari Post Office Sythet -- India
GARRETT of Stonelyn 6 Hayes-road Bangalore -- India
GARRON of 4 Bungalow Signal Training Centre Mhow Central -- India
GAUVAIN of Kohat North West Frontier -- India
GAVIN of Digboi PO JJpper Assam -- India
GHANDY of Jamshedpur Bombay -- India
GHOSE of 47 Pathuria Ghatta-street Calcutta -- India
GHOSH of 2 Simla-street Calcutta -- India
GIBB of 8 Clive-row Calcutta -- India
GIBB of Daijason Tea Estate Talup Post Office Laklimpur Assam -- India
GIBBONS of 2 Upper Wood-street Calcutta -- India
GIBBS of 1 Hastings-road New Delhi -- India
GIBLIN of Doctors Bungalow Kakajan Tea Estate P.O. Nakachari Assam -- India
GIBSON of 62 Hazra-road Ballygunge Bengal -- India
GIBSON of Hyderabad Sind in -- India
GILDEA of Carlton Hotel Karachi -- India
GILDER of Gazdar Mansion Princess-street Dhobi Talao Bombay -- India
GILES of 20 Grant-road Bangalore Southern -- India
GILES of Dejoo Tea Estate Lakhimpur North Upper Assam -- India
GILES of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
GILL of Carlton Hotel Lucknow -- India
GILLSON of The British Military Hospital Bangalore -- India
GILMOUR of Meenglas Tea Estate Police Station Mai District Jalpaiguri Bengal British -- India
GILPIN of The Equitation School Sangor Central Province -- India
GILROY of 10 Rocky Hill Flats Lands End-road Malabar Hill Bombay -- India
GLEED of Earls Court Marine-drive Bombay -- India
GLEN of Portland Estate Market South Coorg -- India
GLOAGJ of 16 Bank-street Bombay -- India
GLOVER of Palampur Punjab -- India
GODFREE of Pengkalan Bukit Estate Panchor Maur -- India
GODFREY of 103 Park-street and of Bengal Club both in Calcutta -- India
GODWIN of Peshawar British -- India
GOHEL ZINABHAI NARANBHAI of Three Kalyanwilla Devgad Baria -- India
GOLDNEY of Yatton Muree Punjab -- India
GOLDSMITH of Royapet House Royapettah Madras -- India
GOLDTHORP of Delhi -- India
GOMES of 421-100 Darley-road Ceylon -- India
GOMPERTZ of Kohat -- India
GOOD of Cossipore Bengal -- India
GOODBURN of Haven Newal Kishove-road Lucknow -- India
GOODMAN of Thomas Cook and Sons (Bankers) Limited Kashmere Gate Delhi -- India
GOODSIR of Oriental-buildings Armenia-street Georgetown Madras -- India
GOODSON of Bareilly -- India
GOODY of Rangamati T.E. Police Station Kalchini District Jalpaiguri Bengal Presidency British -- India
GOPAL CHANDRA GOOPTU of 5 Middleton-street Calcutta -- India
GORDON of Quetta Baluchistan -- India
GOTHORP of the Sonajuli Tea Estate Darning Assam -- India
GOUGH of 26-1 Sashtollah-road Kidderpore Calcutta -- India
GOUGH of Dehra Doon United Provinces -- India
GOULD of 22 Lytton-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
GOULDSBURY of Abbottabad North West Frontier -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GOVAN of Scindia House New Delhi -- India
GRACE of Inspection Bungalow Jorhap Assam -- India
GRAHAM of St Andrews Colonial Homes Kalimpong -- India
GRAHAM of the Equitation School Saugor -- India
GRANT of 50 Victoria-road Karachi -- India
GRANT of Dibrugarh Lakhimpur Assam -- India
GRANT of Madras -- India
GRANT of Madras -- India
GRANT of Madras South -- India
GRANTHAM of 19 Chowringhee Calcutta -- India
GRANVILLE of Thikata Hurdi P.O. Motipore Behar -- India
GRAVELL of Nahan Sirmoor Punjab -- India
GRAY of Nowshera North West Frontier Province -- India
GREAHY of 5 Walker-lane Langford Town Bangalore -- India
GREARSON of Mazagaon Docks Bombay -- India
GREATOREX of Nenagh Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
GREEN of 15 Park Mansions Park-street Calcutta -- India
GREEN of 22 Kidbrooke Park-road Blackheath London SE3 and-of care-of Messrs Lionel Edwards Limited Post Box No 1000 Bombay -- India
GREEN of Madras -- India
GREEN of Royal Army Medical Corps Depdt Deolati -- India
GREEN of Sukkier Sind -- India
GREENWAY of Glenbrook P O Barlowganj Mussoorie District Dehra Doon Upper Provinces -- India
GREGORY of Bhandara Central Provinces -- India
GREIG of 13-1 Old Court House-street Calcutta -- India
GREIG of The Lawn Peradeniya-road Pera- deniya Ceylon -- India
GRELLIER of Poona -- India
GREY of 5 R A Line Karachi Bombay -- India
GRIFFITH of Parcallia Colliery Dishirgarh Burdwan Bengal -- India
GRIGGS of Biddulph Summer Home Massoorie -- India
GRIMSHAW of 3 Banswadi-road Bangalore -- India
GRIMSHAW of 3 Cambridge-road Bangalore -- India
GROGAN of Richardson and Cruddas Quarters Byculla Bombay -- India
GROVE of 2-3 Married Quarters Ordnance Line Rawalpindi -- India
GUIDERA of Turner Sanatorium Bhorwada Hill Parel Bombay -- India
GUISE of Arah Shahabad Bengal -- India
GUMMER of K Supply Depot Company 3 Dominion-buildings Peshawar -- India
GUPTA of 1 Kabir-road Calcutta 26 -- India
GUTHRIE of Lovedale Ootacamund Madras -- India
GWYNNE of La Martiniere College Lucknow -- India
HADOW of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
HADOW of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
HADOW of Srinagar Kashmir Northern -- India
HADOW of Srinagar Kashmir Northern -- India
HAIDER of Saharanpur Mohalla Meerkot -- India
HAIR of Tukvar Darjeeling -- India
HAKIM of Village Halishahar P.O. Double Moorings Chitta-gong -- India
HAKMAN of Hakmans Grand Hotel Mussoorie Debra Dun -- India
HALL of 29 Infantry-road Bangalore South -- India
HALL of 3 Windermere Park Rangoon Burma -- India
HALL of Buckingham Gardens Perambur Barracks Madras -- India
HALL of Parvithi Estate Munner Travancore South -- India
HALLETT of care of R.A. Mess Trimulg-herry Deccan -- India
HALLIFAX of Lloyds Bank Limited Coxs Kings Branch 6 Pall Mall London and of 9 Kutchery-road Karachi -- India
HALLOWES of Dehra Dun United Provinces -- India
HALLY of Jaboka Tea Estate Sonari Post Office Assam -- India
HALTER of G.I. King Edward-road New Delhi -- India
HAMBER of Dharmsala Punjab -- India
HAMILTON of 13e The Park Ishapore Nawabganj E B Railway Bengal -- India
HAMILTON of 614th Frontier Force Rifles Hangu North West Frontier Province -- India
HAMILTON of Mangalore Southern -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HAMMOND of 6 Staveley-road Poona -- India
HAMMOND of The Residency Indore Central -- India
HANDCOCK of Wellington Nilgiris Madras -- India
HANKIN of Wellington Hall Wellington Nilgirie -- India
HANKIN of Wellington Hall Wellington Nilgiris South -- India
HANNAH of 2 Auckland-square Calcutta -- India
HANNAY of 14-20th Hussars Risalpur North West Frontier -- India
HANNAY of Sind Club Karachi -- India
HARDCASTLE of Alice Buildings Homby-road Bombay -- India
HARDING of Mankar Bengal -- India
HARKNESS of New Delhi -- India
HARLEY of 121 First Avenue West Molesey Surrey and the YMCA Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
HARLEY of 7-2 Short-street Calcutta -- India
HARMAN of Moorla Concern Champaran Bihor -- India
HAROON of Napier-road Karachi -- India
HARPER of The Military Finance Department New Delhi -- India
HARRIS of Cawnpore -- India
HARRIS of Jhansi United Provinces -- India
HARRISON of Dacca Calcutta -- India
HARRISON of Lohit Lodge Sackwa Assam -- India
HARRISON of Masulipatam -- India
HARRISON of Meerut -- India
HARRISON of Rungamuttee Tea Estate Bengal Dooars -- India
HART of 1st Battalion 14th Punjab Regiment Aurangabad -- India
HART of Mis Kin Bagh Srinagar Kashmir -- India
HART of Mis Kin Bagh Srinigar Kashmir -- India
HART of The Antlers Mussourie -- India
HARTLEY of Methodist Mission Woriur Trichinopoly South -- India
HARTLEY of Peshawar -- India
HARVEY of 18 Palace Court Kyd-street Calcutta -- India
HARVEY of Kedgaon Mission Poona -- India
HARVEY of St Nicholas Church Parsonage Naini Tal United Provinces -- India
HASAN of 91 La Touche-road Lucknow Oudh United Provinces -- India
HASLETT of the Third Cavalry Jubbulpore -- India
HASTIE of The Bridge Department Great Indian Peninsular Railway Mammad -- India
HAVERFIELD of Calcutta -- India
HAVLICKOVA of Hyderbad -- India
HAWARD of 23 Theatre-street Calcutta -- India
HAWKINS of care of Messrs MacKinnon MacKenzie and Company Bombay -- India
HAWKINS of Wellington Barracks Nigiris -- India
HAWORTH of Railway Bungalow 2 Jhansi United Provinces -- India
HAYDON of The Church of England Zenana Missionary Society Bangalore -- India
HAYHOE of Bangalore and 29 Lytton-road Dehra Dun United Provinces both -- India
HAYNE of Bhatkawa Tea Estate Garapara P.O. Jal-paiguri District West Bengal -- India
HAYNES of Bishop Cotton Boys High School Civil and Military Station Bangalore -- India
HAYWARD of Lavendens Hotel Civil and Military Station Bangalore -- India
HAYWARD of The 32nd Sikh Pioneers Nowshera North West Frontier -- India
HEAD of Mazagon Dock Bombay -- India
HEADLAM of 39 Regal-buildings Parliament-street New Delhi -- India
HEMMINGS of Littleholme 16 Horsenden-avenue Greenford Middlesex and of Bombay -- India
HENDERSON of 70 Grove End Gardens St Johns Wood London and of Bareilly -- India
HENDERSON of Changmari Tea Estate Dooars -- India
HENDERSON of Manor House Naina Tal United Provinces -- India
HENDERSON of Tara Devi Simla -- India
HERBERT of Llanover Abergavenny Monmouthshire temporarily of Calcutta Bengal -- India
HERRIGK of Royal Deccan Horse Poona -- India
HESELTINE of Umaria Central -- India
HESKETH of 6 Bungalow Chaklala Punjab -- India
HEWETT of Richhon Coonoor Nilgiris South -- India
HEWISON of 2 Middleton-row Calcutta -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HEWITT of 8 Cavalry-lines Delhi -- India
HEYWOOD of Fernhill Nilgiris -- India
HEYWOOD of Oval View Churchgate Reclamation Bombay -- India
HICK of 19 Grant-road Bangalore -- India
HICKEY of Fort Gloucester Howrak Calcutta -- India
HICKIE of Quetta -- India
HICKOX of Houseboat Queen Mary Srinagar Kashmir -- India
HIGHAM of Willingdon Sports Club Bombay -- India
HILDITCH of Connaught-place New Delhi -- India
HILL of Barborooah Assam -- India
HILL of Cawnpore Club Cawnpore -- India
HILL of Hillstow Tatisilwai Ranchi Behar -- India
HILLIARD of The Royal Calcutta Turf Club Calcutta -- India
HINDE of Baring High School Batala Punjab -- India
HINDE of Wana -- India
HINDLE of 5 Russell-street Calcutta -- India
HINDMARCH of 3 Bungalow Waterworks-road Jaipur Rajputana -- India
HINGSTON of RE Mess Rawal Pindi -- India
HISLOP of 1 Holmes Quarters Peshawar -- India
HOBBS of 6 Royal Court Russel-street Calcutta 16 -- India
HOBLYN of Jubblepore Central Provinces -- India
HODDER of Cornilla India
HODGE of care of W.H. Brady and Company Limited Churchgate-street Bombay -- India
HODGSON of Sterling Towers Sterling-road Madras -- India
HOGAN of 1 Council-road Fort Bombay -- India
HOGARTH of Amla Betul District Central Province -- India
HOGG of the Mure Memorial Hospital Nagpur Central Provinces -- India
HOGGE of 15 Aurungzeb-road New Delhi -- India
HOLLIS of Howrah -- India
HOLMES of 10 Hardwar-road Dehra Dun -- India
HOMJI of 11 Bonus-road Karachi -- India
HONEY of Barn-street Liskeard Cornwall and of Kolar Gold Fields -- India
HOOD of Royal Court Russell-street Calcutta -- India
HOOK of the Lall Bazar Baptist Chapel 31 Bow Bazar-street Calcutta -- India
HOOKER of Royal Army Chaplains Department -- India
HOOPER of The Settlement Aftvaye South -- India
HOPKINSON of Bartchinhulla Hanbal Hassan District Mysore -- India
HOPWOOD of Farley Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
HORNE of Aligarth -- India
HORSHAM of Risalpur North West Frontier -- India
HORSMAN of Cawnpore -- India
HORSMAN of The Elms Third-avenue Frinton-on-Sea Essex and Santa Lucia Cawnpore United Provinces -- India
HORT of The Cambridge Brotherhood House 7 Court-lane Delhi -- India
HORTON of Colombo Ceylon -- India
HORWITZ of la Museum-road Bangalore -- India
HOTZ of Dalziel Annexe Simla -- India
HOUSE of Ken Khot Khot-road Vile Parlie Bombay -- India
HOUSE of Valparai Estate Valparai Coimbatore Southern -- India
HOUSTON of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
HOWARD of Calcutta -- India
HOWARD of Sarah Tucker College Palamcottah Madras Presidency -- India
HOWARD of St Nicholas Parsonage Naini Tal United Provinces -- India
HOWATSON of 50b Cantonments Cawnpore -- India
HOWELL of 14 Alipore House Delhi -- India
HOWELL of Monghye -- India
HUDDY of Jullundhur Cantonment Punjab -- India
HUDSON of 4 Norris-road Langford Town Bangalore Cantonment Mysore -- India
HUGHES of 18 Prince of Wales-terrace Kensington London W8 and Srinagar Kashmir -- India
HUGHES of 18 Strand-road Calcutta -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HUGHES of Kharjan Tea Estate Panitola PO Assam -- India
HULL of Bungalow No A4 Cordite Factory Aruvankadu Nilgiris -- India
HUME of 10 Cantonments Dehra Dun United Provinces -- India
HUME of 4 Bankshall-street Calcutta -- India
HUMPHRYS of care of Imperial Bank of India Nasik Bombay Presidency -- India
HUNT of Bombay India
HUNT of Garrison Engineers House Drosh Chitral North West Frontier Province -- India
HUNT of Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited Madras -- India
HUNT of Kumergode Estate Mudigere Kaduir District Lupsone India
HUNT of The Lawrence Royal Military School Sana war Simla Hills -- India
HUNTER of 11 Lansdowne-road Calcutta -- India
HUNTER of 9 Cocanada District of Godavery Bengal Madras British India and of Ripley and Company Pimlipatam -- India
HUNTER of Angrapathra Bungalow Sijua Post Office EIR -- India
HUNTER of Messaki Lodge Saikhowa Saikwaghat Post Office Sadiya North Eastern Frontier Tract Assam -- India
HUNTER of Nazir House Cumballa Hill Bombay -- India
HURST of Public Relations Section Defence Department Army Headquarters Simla -- India
HUTCHINSON of Cawbari Dhekiajuli Assam -- India
HUTCHISON of The Alexandra Jute Mills Limited Shamnagar Bengal British -- India
HYBART of the Chartered Bank of India Australia and China 38 Bishopsgate London and Palitana House Bombay -- India
HYDE of Homby-road Bombay -- India
HYDE of The Zenana Bible and Medical Mission Saltanpun Oudh -- India
HYDER of Nihton District Bijor United Provinces -- India
HYLAND of 8 Hare-street Calcutta -- India
INGLIS of The Church Missionary Society 20 Queens-road Lahore Punjab -- India
IRELAND of Commissioners House Agra -- India
IRONSIDE of Chesney Hall Commander-in-Chief-road Egmore -- India
IRVINE of Flagstaff House Wellington Southern -- India
IRWIN of 61 Garden Reach-road Calcutta -- India
ISAACSON of 99 Depot Lines Karachi -- India
ISSOTT of care of Grindlay and Company Limited of sir Pherozeshah Melita-road Bombay -- India
IVES of Dehra Dun and of Mussoorie -- India
IYER of 8 Rajaratnam street Kilpank Madras -- India
JACKS of Talup Lakhimpur Assam -- India
JACKSON of 8 Hastings-street Calcutta -- India
JACKSON of Dasna Estate Dasna Railway Station Meerut District -- India
JACKSON of Mormugao Harbour Portuguese -- India
JACKSON of Peshawar -- India
JACOB of 11 Sudder-street Calcutta -- India
JACOBS of Burnpur Bengal-Nagpur Rail-way Burdwan Bengal -- India
JADEJA of Jamnagar Kathiavar -- India
JADO of Madamahapadyadane P.O. Bhatpara Dt. 24 Parganas -- India
JAMES of 12 Lavelle-road Bangalore -- India
JAMES of 2 Racquet Court-road Delhi -- India
JAMES of 5 Rawdon-street Calcutta -- India
JAMES of Atherstone Coonoor Nilgiri Hills ?Madras -- India
JAMES of Bishop Heber College Teppakulam Trichinopoly -- India
JAMES of Nagajanka Newquay Cornwall and of the Dhoolic Tea Estate Jorhat Assam -- India
JAMES of Shillong Assam -- India
JAMESON of care of Grindlay and Company Limited 6 Church-lane Calcutta -- India
JANAU of Mehta Lodge Victoria- road Karachi -- India
JARDINE of 2 Clive Row Calcutta Bengal -- India
JARDINE of Beach Bungalow Cadell-road Mahin Bombay -- India
JARDINE of Holland Hall Allahabad -- India
JARVIS of The Veterinary Hospital Ambala -- India
JEHANGIR of Bombay -- India
JENKINS of Missions to Seamen Calcutta -- India
JENKYNS of New Century Club Hay Hill Berkeley-square Middlesex and 5 Staveley-road Poona -- India
JENNINGS of World Point Hornby Vellard in the Province of Bombay -- India
JERVIS of Langrur Jind State Punjab -- India
JEWAJEE of Bombay -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JOHN of 49 Cantonments Agra United Provinces of Agra and Oudh British -- India
JOHN of Polgahaweld Ceylon -- India
JOHNS of 7 Ulsoor-road Bangalore -- India
JOHNSON of 85 Survey-road Quetta -- India
JOHNSON of The British Military Hospital Dal- houise -- India
JOHNSON of The Lawrence Royal Military School Sanawar Simla Hills -- India
JOHNSON of The Residency Srinagar Kashmir -- India
JOHNSTON of 2311 Lower Circular-road Calcutta -- India
JOHNSTONE of care of Grindley and Company Limited 54 Parlianent-street London S.W.1 and of The Island Srinagar Kashmir -- India
JOHNSTONE of New Delhi -- India
JOLLIFFE of The Royal Hotel Lucknow -- India
JONES of 23 Staff-road Ambala Cantonment Punjab -- India
JONES of 25 Lytton-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
JONES of 25 Lytton-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
JONES of 292 Queens-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
JONES of 3 Balmuir-gardens Putney Surrey and of Lahore Punjab -- India
JONES of 56 Bungalow No 27 Squadron R A F Risalpur near-Nowshera North West Frontier Province -- India
JONES of Allepey -- India
JONES of Bombay -- India
JONES of Chandighat Tea Estate Cachar Assam -- India
JONES of Coromandel Kolar Gold Fields South -- India
JONES of G.H.Q. Southern Command Bolaram Secunderabad -- India
JONES of Giridih Police Station Giridih Hazaribagh Bihar and of 3 Bungalow East India Railway Aligarh -- India
JONES of Grand Turks Islands Bristish West -- India
JONES of Jodhpur Rajputana -- India
JONES of Northbrook House H.M. Indian Dock-yard Bombay -- India
JONES of Richmond-road Civil and Military Station Bangalore -- India
JORDAN of Lahore -- India
JORDON of Allahabad -- India
JOSCELYNE of Ambala Punjab -- India
JOSCELYNE of No. 6 Base P.O. (Advance) India and care of Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited 103 Clive-street Calcutta -- India
JOSEPHS of 66 The Mall Meerut -- India
JOYCE of 7 North Circular-road Peshawar -- India
JOYCE of Orderley Room Second Battalion First Punjab Regiment Torwan Camp Waziristan -- India
JUDAH of Calcutta -- India
JUDAH of Chowringhee Calcutta -- India
KAJIJI of Dil Khoosh Grant-road Bombay -- India
KAK of Jasnagar Marwar Rajputana -- India
KAKA of Versowa-road Andherri Bombay -- India
KAMINI KANTA DASS of Telipara PO Sherajdigha District Dacca Bengal -- India
KANGA of Albert Building Hornby-road Fort Bombay -- India
KANNAN of Murckol House Tellicherry North Malabar -- India
KANNY of Middle Colaba Bombay -- India
KANUGA of Sind -- India
KAPADIA of Hirji Mansion Gowalia Tank-road Without the Fort of Bombay -- India
KAPADIA of Karachi -- India
KATHOKE of Bombay -- India
KAY of Madras British -- India
KAYE of 22 Ashbumham-road Bedford and of 6 Underhill-road Delhi -- India
KAYE of 22 Ashbumham-road Bedford and of 6 Underhill-road Delhi -- India
KEARNS of 117 Dogras Jubbulpore -- India
KEARNS of 54 Free School-street Calcutta Bengal -- India
KEARNS of The Vicarage Almeley Herefordshire and The Royal Indian Army Service Corps Headquarters Peshawar -- India
KEENAN of 32nd Punjab Regiment Mari Indus -- India
KEENE of Oorgaum Mysore South -- India
KEEP of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
KEIGHTLEY of The Junior Carlton Club London and of Villa Italiaha 15 City-road 15 Allahabad -- India
KELLY of 204a Semple-road Moghalpura Punjab -- India
KELLY of Ootacamund Madras -- India
KENCH of Minto Mansions Hotel Rangoon Burma -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KENDALL of 7 Hastings-road Allahabad United Provinces -- India
KENNEDY of 8 Ali Asker-road Bangalore -- India
KENT of 10 Victoria-road Bangalore South -- India
KENT of Cap Ternay Mahe Seychelles -- India
KENT of Doddangooda Estate Mudigere Kadur Mysore South -- India
KERNOHAN of Tynedale Lallaquda Hyderabad Deccan -- India
KERR of Bukit Munchong Estate Sunzei Choh Rawang Selangor -- India
KERR of Simla -- India
KEVAN of Simla -- India
KEVENTER of Dairy Farm PO Aligarh United Provinces -- India
KHAN of Peshawar North West Frontier Province -- India
KHARAS of Karachi Sind -- India
KICHLU of Allahabad United Provinces -- India
KIDD of 11 Ali Asker-road Bangalore South -- India
KIDWAI of Gadia Barabank Oudh -- India
KILGOUR of Khawang Tea Estate Khawang Assam -- India
KING of Cambridge Mission House Delhi -- India
KING of Intelligence Bureau New Delhi -- India
KING of Maidstone Harrington-road Madras -- India
KINLOCH of The Chartered Bank of India Australia and China Calcutta -- India
KIRBY of Naini Tal United Province -- India
KIRKE of 41 Infantry-road Bangalore -- India
KIRKE of Woodrow House Nagpur -- India
KIRKPATRICK of Clopton Ootacamund Madras -- India
KIRKWOOD of Ranbir Hall Dehra Dun -- India
KIRNER of 4 Palace-court 1 Kyd-street Calcutta -- India
KIRWAN of The Combined Indian Militaty Hospital Pulgagn Central Provinces -- India
KISHEN LAL MALHOTRA of Government College Lahore Punjab -- India
KISHEN of Amritsar -- India
KNIGHT of 88 Jhoke-road Ferozepore Cantonment Punjab -- India
KNIGHT of RA Mess Razmak North-West Frontier Province -- India
KNOWLES of Purulia Man Chum District B.N. Railway -- India
KNOWLES of the School of Tropical Medicine Calcutta -- India
KNOWLTON of The Royal Air Force Station Quetta -- India
KOCHHAR of Gujrat Punjab -- India
KONG of 275 Bow Bazar-street Block 18a Calcutta -- India
KURESHI of 1 Bames-street Karachi -- India
KYLE of Kohat North West Frontier -- India
L'ESTRANGE of Bandikui Rajputana -- India
L'ESTRANGE of Bandikui Rajputana -- India
L'ESTRANGE of Civil Lines Lucknow United Provinces -- India
L'ESTRANGE of Rampur Haut East Indian Railway -- India
LAHORE of The Church Imperial Club Victoria-street Westminster Middlesex and of Lahore -- India
LAKIN of Flat No 21 Ballygunde Park Calcutta -- India
LAMB of The British Advisory Military Mission Ministry of Defence Bagdad Iraq and of care of Lloyds Bank Limited 6 Pall-mall London S.W.1 and care of Lloyds Bank Limited Clive-street Calcutta -- India
LAMPARD of Quilon State of Travancore South -- India
LAMPING of The Great Eastern Hotel Calcutta -- India
LAMS of the Willows Gurdwara-road Simla New Delhi -- India
LANCASTER of 22 Park-mansions Calcutta Bengal -- India
LANDON of Coonoot Nilgiris Madras -- India
LANDRAY of Burmah Shell House Ballard Estate Bombay -- India
LANE of East India United Service Club Madras -- India
LANG of Glenfield Brentor near Tavistock Devonshire and of Amritsar -- India
LANG of Sitarampur Burdwan Bengal -- India
LANG of Thomas Cook and Son Berkeley-street London W1 and Police Training School Nasik -- India
LANGLEY of Bandra Bombay British -- India
LARSON of Messrs Grindlay & Company Limited Quetta -- India
LATHAM of 2 Anderson-road Madras -- India
LATHAM of Taharabad Nasik Bombay -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LAURENCE of Church Missionary Society North Western Railway United Province -- India
LAVENDER of Lavenders Hotel Cubbon-road Bangalore South -- India
LAW of 96 Amherst-street Calcutta -- India
LAW of Gaston Bastion-road Delhi -- India
LAWFORD of Bombay -- India
LAWIE of Singalla Tea Estate PO Lala Cachar Assam -- India
LAWIE of the Chartered Bank of India Australia and China Post Box 40 Calcutta -- India
LAWRENCE of 55 Lawrence-road Lahore -- India
LAWTON of Bhowia Jealgora District Maubhoom -- India
LAYARD of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
LE MESURIER of Karachi -- India
LE MESURIER of Lloyds Bank Limited 6 Pall Mall Middlesex and of Bankipore -- India
LEAKE of 14 Garden Reach Calcutta -- India
LEGH of Salem Madras -- India
LEGRAND of 2 Mission-row Calcutta -- India
LEICESTER of Karachi -- India
LENFESTEY of 8 Clive-row Calcutta -- India
LEONARD of Bareilly in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh -- India
LESLIE of 19 Chowringhee-road Calcutta -- India
LEVEROY of 19 Park-lane Calcutta -- India
LEWIS of 12 Mission-row Calcutta -- India
LEWIS of 186-Hamlet Court-road Westcliff-on-Sea Essex and care of Messrs. Grindlay and Company Quetta -- India
LEWIS of Benson Town Bangalore Mysore -- India
LEWIS of The Mall Amritsar Punjab -- India
LEYDE of Dumchipara Tea Estate Madarihat Jalpaiguri Bengal -- India
LICHMORE of Poona -- India
LICHMORE of Victoria Mansion South Petty Staff Line Poona Bombay -- India
LIDDELL of 6 Church-lane Calcutta -- India
LILLICO of Loongsoong Tea Estate Chapanala P O Assam -- India
LINCOLN of Chininhali Estate Chickmagalar Mysore -- India
LINDSAY of 26 Dalhousie-square Calcutta -- India
LINDSAY of Chauk Upper Burma -- India
LINDSAY of Lahore Cantonment -- India
LINDSAY of Rhoni Tea Estate Kuhseong P O D H Railway near Darjeeling -- India
LINDSELL of United Breweries Limited Madras Presidency of Madras -- India
LISTER of The Pashok Tea Estate Darjeeling Bengal -- India
LITTLEWOOD of 421 Beawar-road Ajmer Rajputana -- India
LIVESAY of Rosary Bhowali Naini Tal -- India
LIVESEY of 6 Waterloo-street Calcutta -- India
LIVINGSTONE of Harrington Simla -- India
LLOYD of Bhatkawa Tea Estate Police Station Nalchini District Jalparguri Bengal -- India
LLOYD of The Jangpana Tea Estate Kurseong Bengal -- India
LOBO of Goa Portuguese -- India
LOCK of Royapettah Madras -- India
LOCOCK of Bangalore -- India
LOMAX of 2 Elementary Flying Training School Jodhpur -- India
LONGLEY of Malabar Hotel Willingdon Island British Cochin -- India
LONGSHAW of The Commonwealth Trust Limited Calicut Malabar South -- India
LORD of Golabary Jute Press Bagh Bazaar Calcutta -- India
LOUZADO of Homestead Balamiya-lane Mahim Bombay -- India
LOVELL of Werekellie Namunukula Ceylon -- India
LOW of Training Battalion Bareilly -- India
LOWMAN of 4 Elysium-row Calcutta -- India
LUKIS of Torrentum Simla -- India
LULLA of Bombay -- India
LUNAN of 19 Old Court House-street Calcutta -- India
LUNAN of The Allahabad Bank Limited Calcutta -- India
LUNT of 5 Squadron Royal Air Force Quetta -- India
LYNCH of 2 Rainey-Park Calcutta -- India
LYNCH of St. Marthas Hospital Bangalore -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LYONS of 263 Lyons-road Moghalpura -- India
MACDONALD of Gatonga Jorhat Sibsagar Assam -- India
MacFARLANE of 1-1 Clive-street Calcutta -- India
MACFARLANE of 3 Victoria-terrace Calcutta -- India
MACFARLANE of Borham Tea Estate Sonari Assam -- India
MACIVER of care of The Imperial Bank of India Park-street Branch Calcutta Bengal -- India
MACKENZIE of Motley Bank Camberley Surrey and Cossipore Tea Estate Cachar Assam -- India
MACKIE of Dooteriah Tea Estate Darjeeling -- India
MACKINNON of Babnoulie Gorakhpur United Provinces of -- India
MACKINNON of Bubnowlie District Gorakhpur United Provinces -- India
MACLAINE of Feltham House Ballard Estate Bombay -- India
MACLAREN of care-of Glyn Mills and Company Holts Branch Kirkland House Whitehall London SWA and-of Havelock Barracks Lucknow -- India
MACLEAN of 1 Nandydroog-road Bangalore -- India
MACLEOD of Imphal Manipur State -- India
MACLEOD of Miraj -- India
MACLEOD of Washabari Tea Estate Pillans Hat P.0 Jalpaiguri Denars Bengal -- India
MACNABB of The Residency Indore -- India
MACPHAIL of Madras -- India
MACPHERSON of Mercara Coorg -- India
MACWILLLAM of Strand-road Colabra Bombay -- India
MAGENTY of 46 Queensway New Delhi -- India
MAGGS of Kalhatti Ootacamund Nilgiris South -- India
MAGQUEEN of 100c Wazir Ali-road Upper Mall and careof National Bank of India both in Lahore -- India
MAHONEY of Lloyds Bank Rawalpindi Northern -- India
MAINPRICE of Sladens-gardens Poonamalli High-road Madras South -- India
MAINWARING of Bihar Ranchi -- India
MAIR of The East Indian Railway Company Calcutta -- India
MAISH of 1 Residency-road Bangalore Mysore South -- India
MAJOR of Nedons Hotel Srinazar Kashmir -- India
MALCOLM of 6 Royal Exchange-place Calcutta -- India
MALCOLMSON of Allahabad -- India
MALLAM of 2 Civil-flats Peshawar -- India
MALLANNAH of Hygeia Hyderabad Deccan -- India
MALLICK of Kunigal Stud Farm Mysore -- India
MALLIK of Gopiwala Mohalla Multan City Punjab -- India
MALTBY of 9 Michin-road Peshawar -- India
MANCE of Karachi -- India
MANN of Coimbatore South -- India
MANNERS of Messina Concern Pergana Kasma Samastipur District Darbhanga Bihar and Orissa -- India
MANNING of Barielly -- India
MANNULAL of 817 Sultan Bazaars (Residency Bazaars) Hyderabad Deccan -- India
MANSON of Narayananj Eastern Bengal -- India
MANSON of Narayangunge Bengal -- India
MANTOSH of 302-1 Upper Circular-road Calcutta -- India
MANUEL of 118 Ripon-street Calcutta -- India
MANUEL of the Grand Hotel Calcutta -- India
MANUK of Bankipore Patna Bihar -- India
MANUK of Bankipore Patna Bihar -- India
MARDELL of Lyndthorpe Pachpedi Jubbulpore Central Provinces -- India
MARINDINCBEDSO of The Headquarters ?Staff Lahore -- India
MARJORIBANKS of Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
MARKWICK of MV Yenangyaung Burmah Oil Company Limited Post Box 829 Rangoon Lower Burma -- India
MARLER of Mission-road Bangialore Mysore -- India
MARSH of Woodcock Lodge Ootacamund Madras -- India
MARSHALL of 11 Ellenborough-road Rawalpindi -- India
MARSHALL of 8 Esplanade East Calcutta -- India
MARSHALL of Hill Lodge Murree Punjab -- India
MARSHALL of Holly Oak Simla -- India
MARTIN of 1 Auckland-square Calcutta -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MARTIN of 3 Main Guard Cross-road Bangalore South -- India
MARTIN of Dehra Dun United Provinces -- India
MARTIN of Itki Ranchi District Chota Nagpur -- India
MARTIN of The Bettiah Estate Champaran Bchar -- India
MARTIN of Vanier-street Madras -- India
MASON of Burnpur Burdwan Calcutta -- India
MASOOD of Riaz Manzil Bhopal Central -- India
MASSIE of 12a Koregaon-road1 Poona -- India
MASSY of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
MATHEWS of 21 Cawnpore-road Allahabad United Provinces of Agra and Oudh -- India
MATHEWS of Ranchi European Mental Hospital Kanke Ranchi Bihar -- India
MATHEWSON of Ranchi Chota Nagpore -- India
MATHIAS of 7 Colaba Chambers Middle Colaba Bombay -- India
MATHIESON of 6 Lyons Range Calcutta -- India
MATHIESON of Norwood Happy Valley Mussoorie -- India
MATSON of The Club of Western India Poona -- India
MATTHEWS of Elphinstone Building Churchgate-street Bombay -- India
MAUNSELL of Gough Barracks Ferozepore -- India
MAXWELL of Gulzarburgh Patna City -- India
MAY of Coimbatore South -- India
MAYER of 11 Cantonments Abbottabad NW Frontier Province -- India
MAYES of 5a Magrath-road Bangalore -- India
MAYES of 5a Magrath-road Bangalore -- India
MAYNE of Roslyn Kodaikanal -- India
MAYO of Phooltullah Tea Estate Sagamal PO Sylhet -- India
McCALL of Secunderabad -- India
McCALLUM of Burma -- India
MCCAUSLAND of SibiBaluchistan -- India
McCLENACHAN of Lahore -- India
MCCOMBIE of Chabua Assam -- India
McCORMICK of West Dell Little Hampden Great Missenden Buckinghamshire and of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
MCDONALD of Jaboka Tea Estate Sonari Post Office Assam -- India
MCDONALD of Richmond Hill Girls Boarding School Galle Ceylon -- India
McGANN of High-view Mysore -- India
MCGOWAN of 5 Lytton-road Dehra Dun -- India
McGREGOR of 9 Beaumont-road Karachi -- India
MCGREGOR of Married Quarters Ghorpuri Lines Poona Bombay -- India
MCKENZIE of 8 Johnson House Bradys Flats Colaba Bombay -- India
MCLEAN of 2-6 Lansdowne-road Calcutta -- India
MCLEAN of St. Elizabeths Nursing Home Bombay -- India
McLEOD of Deradun Agra and Oudh -- India
MclNTOSH of Vergomont Jeoliviot Kumaon United Province of Agra and Oudh -- India
McNAIR of 1 Hastings-street and of 5 Harington- street both in Calcutta -- India
McNALLY of 8 Cantonment Cuttack Orissa -- India
McVAIL of 7 Temple-chambers Calcutta -- India
MEADE of 13 Wood-street Calcutta -- India
MEADE of 40 Ballygunge Circular-road Calcutta -- India
MEADE of 6 Middleton-row Calcutta -- India
MEADE of 9 Short-street Calcutta -- India
MEADE of Fort Salop Pershawar -- India
MEATON of 4 Kemp-road Cleveland Town Bangalore -- India
MEATON of care of Thomas Cook and Son Limited Bombay -- India
MEDCALF of The District Engineers Bungalow Bilaspur Bengal Nagpur Railway -- India
MEDWORTH of Sialkot Cantonment Punjaub -- India
MEHTA of Bonus-road Camp Karachi -- India
MEHTA of Warden-road Bombay -- India
MELANY of St Joseph s Home Kidderpore Calcutta -- India
MELVILLE of co Messrs Grindlay and Company Limited Bank of Bombay -- India
MENDELL of The Retreat Club Selchar Cochar Assam -- India
MENLOVE of Raton-terrace Wodehouse-road Bombay -- India

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MERCIER of the Convent of St Mary Panch Hawd Poona -- India
MEREDITH of 12 Assaye Buildings Colaba Bombay -- India
MERRITT of Topuldodi -- India
METCALFE of Quetta -- India
MICHIE of 3 Boundary-road Rangoon j Burma -- India
MIDDLETON of The Calcutta Tramway Company Limited 7 Church-lane Calcutta -- India
MILES of 21 Old Court House-street Calcutta -- India
MILLAR of Churchgate-street Bombay -- India
MILLER of care of Lloyds Bank (Cox and Kings Branch) McLeod-road Karachi -- India
MILLER of Glen Morgan Estate Nilgiris South -- India
MILLER of Good Shepherd Hospital Quetta -- India
MILLER of Manora House Tuticorin Southern -- India
MILLER of Service Hotel Peshawar -- India
MILLER of Services Hotel Peshawar -- India
MILLS of Clifton West Yercand Shevaroy Hills Salem District -- India
MILLS of St Kitts Wych Hill Woking Surrey and of Razmak North-West Frontier Province -- India
MILNE of 13 Golf-road Lahore Punjab -- India
MILROY of Forest Lodge Shillong Assam -- India
MILWARD of Clyffe Estate Kotagiri Nilgiris -- India
MINCHIN of Ibex Lodge Pykara Nilgiris -- India
MINCHIN of Ibex Lodge Pykara Nilgiris -- India
MISQUITH of Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
MITCHELL of 14 West Seven Tanks Estate Cossipore Calcutta -- India
MITCHELL of 93 Railway-quarters Great Indian Peninsula Railway Lonavla -- India
MITCHELL of House Boat Bendemeer Srinagar Kashmir -- India
MITCHELL of Indian Mildura Fruit Farm Renala Khurd District Montgomery Punjab -- India
MITCHELL of Park House Ballygunge Park Calcutta -- India
MITTER of 19 Haralal Das-lane Calcutta -- India
MITTER of Cawnpore -- India
MOBERLY of Dulverton Ootacamund South -- India
MODGET of Namburnadi Tea Estate Assam -- India
MODY of Beach House Nepean Sea-road Bombay -- India
MODY of Bombay -- India
MODY of Jamnagar otherwise Nagar Kathiawar States -- India
MOFFAT of 9 Millers-road Bangalore South -- India
MOHAMMAD of Hazara Abbotabad -- India
MOHAMMAD of the Village Tandaura Tehsil Nakodar Jullun-dur Punjab -- India
MOHAMMED of Magasi House Jhal -- India
MOLONY of Kalimpong Bengal -- India
MOLOOBHAI of Harkness-road Malabar Hill Bombay -- India
MONOSTOSH of Sam Sing Tea Estate Matelli PO Dooars -- India
MONRO of 16 Gurkha Rifles Abbottabad -- India
MOONEY of Ranchi Bihar and Orissa -- India
MOORE of 3 Nandydroog-road Bangalore -- India
MOORE of 53 Bungalow Baiun Dalhousie Lahore -- India
MOORE of Erin Villa Coonoor Nelgiris South -- India
MOORE of Ghansi -- India
MOORHEAD of 9 Bayly-road Staff College Quetta -- India
MOOSAJEE of 37 Merchant-street Rangoon -- India
MORARJEE of Bombay -- India
MORGAN of 21 Old Madras-road Bangalore Mysore -- India
MORGAN of 44 Theatre-road Calcutta -- India
MORGAN of Bannu North-West Frontier -- India
MORGAN of Cinchona Estate Mercara Coorg South -- India
MORGAN of Oorgaum Kolar Gold Field Mysore State South -- India
MORLEY of Sladens-gardens Kilpauk Madras -- India
MORLING of Koilpatti Tinnwelly District -- India
MORRELL of Machurst Club-road Octacamund Nilgiris -- India
MORRIS of Chandkhira Tea Estate Chandkhira P.O. District Sylhet -- India
MORRIS of Dera Ismail Khan North- West Frontier Province -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MORRIS of Glenwood Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
MORRISON of 1lst Punjab Regiment HM Indian Army -- India
MORRISON of The Assam Company Limited Nazira Upper Assam -- India
MORRISON of Zenana Mission House Narowal Sialcote District Punjab -- India
MORSE of 52 Canal-road Moghalpura Lahore -- India
MORTEN of Bowyer House Denham Buckinghamshire and-of care-of Barclays Bank LimitedCotton ExchangeBranch Liverpool and-of care-of Imperial Chemical Industries (India) Limited New Delhi -- India
MORTIMER of 19 Cunningham-road Bangalore -- India
MORTON of Uplands Vizagapatam Madras -- India
MOTABHOY of Temple-view Hughes-road Bombay -- India
MOULDEN of Eastern Assam Tea Company Limited Balijan North Estate Upper Assam -- India
MUHABBET RAI of Shady Side Kapurthala Punjab British -- India
MUHAMMAD of 708 Merchant-street Rangoon Burma -- India
MULLICK of 53 Dharamtolla-street Calcutta -- India
MULLICK of Mullick Villa Ishapore Barrackpore Bengal -- India
MULLOCK of 27-6 Ram Kanto Mistry-lane Calcutta -- India
MUNDY of Viceroys House Delhi -- India
MUNN of Lingsugur Raichur District Hyderabad Deccan -- India
MUNN of Trimulgherry Deccan -- India
MUNRO of The Dufflaghur Tea Estate Darrang Assam -- India
MUNRO of The Muir Mills Cawnpore United Provinces -- India
MUNSIFF of Karachi Sind -- India
MUNTZ of Delhi Cottage Simla -- India
MURGATROYD of 4 Watkins-Iane Howrah -- India
MURPHY of 22 Lower Lines Chunar Mirzapur -- India
MURPHY of Secunderabad -- India
MURPHY of Solheim Kodaikanal -- India
MURRAY of 123 Civil Lines Cawnpore -- India
MURRAY of Church-road Hyderabad Deccan -- India
MURRAY of Culford Coonoor Nilgiris South -- India
MURRAY of Madras -- India
MURRAY of Pendle Littlewick Green Hurley Berkshire and of Kotagiri Nilgiris South -- India
MURRAY of Wengers Residential Hotel Delhi -- India
MUTER of Hillingdon Kodaikanal Madras -- India
MUTHIA of Bedford House Vepery Madras -- India
NAGINDAS of Chark Lana Chakla Surat City Bombay Presidency British -- India
NARAIN of Khaggewala Tatepur Tehsil District Multan Punjab British -- India
NARIMAN of 109 Queens-road Bombay -- India
NARIMAN of Bombay -- India
NASH of Brooklands Peranbur Madras -- India
NASH of Razmak North West Frontier Police -- India
NASH of St Marys Home Kensington-road Bangalore -- India
NATHAN of Curzon House Apollo Bunder Bombay -- India
NATHAN of Viceregal Estate Simla -- India
NAZAR of Bombay -- India
NAZIR of Bombay -- India
NEAVE of Cauvery Erode Salem District South -- India
NEELY of 16 Garden Reach Calcutta Bengal -- India
NEEVE of 4 Flight 5 AC Squadron Royal Air Force Quetta -- India
NEILL of HomeleighCoonoor Nilgiris South -- India
NEILSON of North End Carmichael-road Cumballa Hill Bombay -- India
NELSON of 12 Milton-street Bangalore South -- India
NELSON of 12 Milton-street Cooke Town Bangalore -- India
NEVE of Suiragar Kashmir -- India
NEWING of Calcutta Bengal -- India
NEWMAN of 17 Chowring Lee Mansions Calcutta -- India
NEWMAN of Conaenmara Hotel Madras -- India
NEWMAN of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
NEWMARCH of Ootacamund Club Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
NEWSQME of Campbellpur Punjab -- India
NEWTON of B ? Corps Signals Rawalpindi -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NEWTON of Barkuhi Pench PiO District Chind-wara Central Provinces -- India
NICHOLETTS of Brontrees Kings-mead Worcester Park Surrey and Cinnamara Assam -- India
NICHOLL of Dehra Dun -- India
NICHOLSON of Chakrata Punjab -- India
NICHOLSON of Corstorphon s Hotel Simla -- India
NICHOLSON of Dock Masters House Victoria Docks Bombay -- India
NIELSEN of Sarayo Sugar Factory Sardamagar District Gorakhpur United Provinces -- India
NITIMARGI of Bombay -- India
NIXON of Mamdote State Salahabad Punjab -- India
NIXON of Sinde Horse I.A.C. Delhi Cantt and care of Grindlay and Company Limited Bombay -- India
NOBLE of 2 Theatre-road Calcutta -- India
NOGI PHIROJ CLUBWALA of Locksley House Rogapuram Madras -- India
NORFOLK of Bishop Cotton School Simla -- India
NORFOR of Kotah Hall Kotagiri Nilgiris -- India
NORMAN of 13 Wood-street Calcutta -- India
NORRIS of 2a Wellesley House Cooperage Colaba Bombay -- India
NORTH of Mussorie Behra Dun -- India
NORTHEY of Chetenhalli Estate Mudigere Taluk Kadur District Mysore State -- India
NORTHEY of Chetenhalli Estate Mudigere Taluk Kadur Mysore -- India
NORTHWAY of Deviturai Estate Elpitiya Ceylon -- India
NORTON of 38 Cavalry-road Rissalpur North West Frontier Provinces -- India
NOTLEY of Officers Training School Belaum -- India
NUNES of Karachi -- India
NUTTALL of Salvation Army Headquarters Ritherdon-road Vpery Madras -- India
NUTTALL of the Imperial Bank of India Calcutta -- India
NUTVfRSINHJEE of Gondal Kathiawar -- India
O'BRIEN of Kasauli -- India
O'DONEL of 35 The Mall Ambala Punjab -- India
O'HARA of Spring Hill Kotagiri Nilgeris South -- India
O'LEARY of Jaboka Sonari Assam -- India
O'NEILL of Cawnpore -- India
O'REILLY of St Catherine Hospital Cawnpore -- India
OAKDEN of Fort Attock Punjaub -- India
OATES of Kangra Valley Lea Estate Punjab -- India
OBBARD of Simla -- India
OCONNOR of Jakai Tea Company Panitola Assam -- India
OERTEL of 19 Lawrence-road Lahore Punjab British -- India
OGDEN of 24 Garden-road Karachi -- India
OLD of Bijee House Secunderabad Cantonment Hyderabad Deccan -- India
OLDFIELD of 247 Staff Lines Karachi Sindh -- India
OLIVER of Hill House Makrana Rajputana -- India
OLIVER of Kartikerri Estate Attikan P.O. Mysore State South -- India
OONVALA of Razmak British -- India
ORMAN of Delhi Cantonment -- India
ORMSBY of Glenburnie Coonoor Nilgiris South -- India
OSBORNE of Chuzenji Kodaikanal Madura South -- India
OWEN of Batako Anthonys-avenue Parkstone Dor-setshire and of 5th Royal Gurka Rifles Frontier Force North West Frontier Provinces -- India
OWEN of Cawnpore -- India
PADFIELD of 12a Belvedere-park Alipore Calcutta -- India
PAINDERLI of Kamani Mansions Park-street Calcutta Bengal -- India
PAKENHAM of St. Stephens House Octacamund Madras -- India
PALMER of 1 Upper Wood-street Calcutta -- India
PALMER of Brookview Coonoor District Nilgiris -- India
PANALAL of Bombay -- India
PANDE of Pakaur District Santal Para-ganas Bihar -- India
PANDE of Sri Swamanarayan Temple Ahmedabad -- India
PANDYA of Bhavragar British -- India
PANTIN of Trimulgherry Deccan -- India
PANTON of McLeod House Calcutta -- India
PARISH of 75 Walkeshwar-road Malabar Hill Bombay -- India

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PARK of BartchinhuUa Hanbal Hassan District Mysore State -- India
PARKER of HM 3-6 Rajputana Rifles IA stationed at Neemish -- India
PARKER of Karachi -- India
PARKS of Kashmir House Warden-road Bombay -- India
PARMER of Tisri Tisri Post -Office Giridih East India Railway Behar -- India
PARRY of Bikaner Rajputana -- India
PARRY of Esoof Mansions Altamont-road Cumbalen Hill Bombay -- India
PARSONS of La Chaumiere Shillong Assam -- India
PARSONS of The European Mental Hospital Ranchi Bengal -- India
PARVION of Elgin Hotel Darjeeling -- India
PASSADORO of The Firs West Mersea Essex and 33 Jessore-road Dum Dum Bengal -- India
PATEL of Bombay -- India
PATEL of Bombay -- India
PATHAN of Shahjahanpur Mohalla Ahmedpura -- India
PATTANI of Bhavnagar Kathiawar Peninsular -- India
PATTON of Beau-champ House Shillong Assam -- India
PAUL of Lahore -- India
PAXTON of 2-4 Lansdowne-road Calcutta -- India
PEACHEY of Failey Ootacamund South -- India
PEACHEY of The Parsonage Ko-daikanal -- India
PEACOCK of 29 Minto-road Ramna Dacca -- India
PEACOCK of King Edward VIl?s European Industrial Home Bombay -- India
PEACOCK of Lansdowne Upper Province -- India
PEARCE of 26 Khandari-road Lucknow -- India
PEARCE of Ahmednagar -- India
PEARS of Government House Nathia Gali N W Frontier Province -- India
PEARSON of 6 West Seven Tanks Estate Cossi-pore Bengal -- India
PEARSON of Jamalpur Bihar -- India
PEART of Bangalore Madras -- India
PECK of Patma Bihar -- India
PEDDIE of Midnapore Bengal -- India
PEIRCE of Jokai Tea Company Assam -- India
PELLY of 9 Staveley-road Poona -- India
PENNEY of Mehroo Mansions Walton-road Bombay -- India
PEPLOE of Dohnavur Tinnevelly District Madras -- India
PEPPE of Tretherm Main-road Ranchi -- India
PEPPER of 2 Rogers-road Richards Town Bangalore -- India
PERKINS of B.N.R. House Kiddapore Calcutta -- India
PERRY of 6 Nundiding-road Bangalore Cant -- India
PERUNGAVUR of Lakshmi Villa Victoria-crescent Egmore Madras -- India
PESTONJEE BYRAMJI PRESS of Frere-road Mody Bay Port Trust Estate Fort of Bombay -- India
PETERS of The Premier Hotel Russell-square Hqlborn Middlesex and of Bhaga Colliery Jedgora Manbhomm District -- India
PETIT of Petit Hall Nepean Sea- road Bombay -- India
PETIT of Petit Hall Nepean Sea- road Bombay -- India
PETRE of The Residency Lahore -- India
PETRIE of 21 Ravelin-street Fort Bombay -- India
PETZOLD of 8 Rainey Park Ballyguny Calcutta -- India
PHILLIPS of care of Tata Aircraft-limited Bombay -- India
PHILLIPS of Sadpur Bengal -- India
PHILON of care of Royal Hellenic Consulate Bombay -- India
PICKETT of 62 Kimberley-road Quetta Baluchistan -- India
PIGGOTT of Market-street Calcutta -- India
PIGOT of Rawalpindi Punjaub -- India
PILLAI PADMANABHA KRISHNA of Palakkunnathu Veedu in Vatakkum Yuri in Vatakkum Pakuthy in Cherthalai Pravarthi and Malaya Cottage Pujappurai Aramada Pakuthy Vattij oorkavu Adhikaram in Trivandrum -- India
PILLAI Y TIRUMALAI of Richmond House Pantheon-road Egmore Madras -- India
PILLING of Shri Ambica Bungalow Kankaria Loco Siding Railwaypura Post Ahmedabad -- India
PINHORN of 13 Aurangzeb-road New Delhi -- India
PITCAIRN of Ord Terai Tea Estate PO Painghatta Darjeeling Bengal -- India
PITT of Madras -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PITTOCK of New Hope Post Office Nilgiris South -- India
PLATTS of 23 Wodehouse-road Bombay -- India
POCHKHANAWALA of Buena Vista Worli Bombay -- India
PODDARof 231 Tarachand Dutt-strcet Calcutta -- India
POGSON of 106 Pretoria-road Quetta -- India
POLLARD of 3 Wellesley-place Calcutta Bengal -- India
POLWHELE of Domohani Bengal -- India
PORTER of Mostyn Coonoor Nilgiris South -- India
PORTER of Racquet Court House Racquet Court-drive Delhi -- India
POWELL of 2 Rundalls-road Vapery Madras -- India
POWELL of Saharaipur and Mussoorie United Provinces -- India
POWER of 1 Aukland Cottage Darjeeling Bengal -- India
POWER of Lucknow United Provinces -- India
PRATT of Cachar Bengal -- India
PRATT of Cachar Bengal -- India
PREMCHAND of Love-lane Byculla without the Fort of Bombay -- India
PRENTICEKCIE of The United Service Club Calcutta -- India
PRESSLIE of the Jokai (Assam) Suther Tea Company Limited Jamirah Tea Estate Dibrugarh Assam -- India
PRICE of 1 Dent Mission-road Kidderpore Calcutta -- India
PRICE of 4 Spences Hotel Calcutta -- India
PRICE of Bhagardath Jharia P O Manbhum District -- India
PRICE of Ootacamund Village Ootacamund Talule The Nilgoris District -- India
PRIDDIN of Lahore Cantonment -- India
PRINGLE of Hurstlea Haflong Assam -- India
PRITCHARD of Kanke Ranchi Bihar -- India
PROPHIT of 59 Cadogan-square Chelsea Middlesex and of 17 Paulmansions Calcutta -- India
PROUDFOOT of 500 Wynne-avenue Khargpur Bengal Nagpur Railway Bengal -- India
PROUDFOOT of Cluny Hall Ootacamund -- India
PROVAN of Nyaunghla Magwe Burma -- India
PRYKE of The Burmah Oil Company (India Trading) Victoria House Chowringee-square Calcutta -- India
PUECH of 249 Puech-road Merrut -- India
PULFORD of Mussoorie United Provinces -- India
PULLEN of Diocesan Boys School Naini Tal United Provinces -- India
PURVES of Allahabad United Provinces -- India
QUANTRILL of 103 Hardinge-road Cawnpore -- India
QUARTLY of 61 Leonard-road Hastings Calcutta -- India
QUEEN of Lohaghat Almora United Provinces -- India
QUINLAN of Dardoui North West Frontier -- India
QUIRKE of Lahore -- India
RADCLIFFE of Bandra Hill Bombay -- India
RADCLIFFE of Regimental Centre 9th Gurkhas Dehra Dun Northern Provinces -- India
RAE of 5 Wellesley-place Calcutta -- India
RAHM of Rocklands Yercaud Salem South -- India
RAI of Rawalpindi -- India
RAJAJEE of Mangrol Vadhri District of Naysari Baroda -- India
RALPHS of Wernside Nant-drive Prestatyn Flintshire and Mormugas Harbour Portuguese -- India
RAM of Gujranwala Punjab India
RAMANATHAN of NARAYANAN of 1/80 Sengakovilar- street Devakottai Post Office Southern -- India
RAMSAY of Kalimpong Darjeeling District -- India
RAMSAY of Pentlands 19 Sterling-road Madras -- India
RANGER of The General Electrical Company (India) Limited Sohrab House 235 Hornby-road Bombay -- India
RANGNEKAR of Bombay -- India
RANJITSKNHJIGCSI of the State of Nawanagar -- India
RANKING of Woodbriar Estate Devershola PO Nilgiris South -- India
RATCLIFFE of 11 Stiephen-court Park-street Calcutta -- India
RAWLES of The London Mission Madras -- India
RAWLINS of HM Indian Army stationed in -- India
RAWSON of Serampore College Serampore Bengal -- India
RAY of Champion Reef Mysore Southern -- India
RAY of Goyesnagar South Sylhet -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RAYMOND of Agra and Oudh -- India
REA of Wallai Camp Nowsbera North West Frontier -- India
REBEIRO of 11 Spencer-road Cleveland Town Bangalore British -- India
REDDY of Glendale King Koti-road Hyderabad Deccan -- India
REDMOND of Shringara Kotagiri Nilgiris Madras -- India
REED of Rue General Mantin-in-Chandernagore Bengal -- India
REES of Bahipookri Mazbat Post Office Assam and of Calcutta Bengal -- India
REEVE of Etawah United Provinces -- India
REEVE of Etwah United Provinces -- India
REID of 15 Phayre Quetta -- India
REID of Rydak Tea Estate Police Station Rumer-gram Jalparguri Bengal -- India
REMFREY of Kisamat Nagal Village Rajpore Dehra Dun United Provinces -- India
REMFRY of Hafod-y-Graig Morfa Bychan near Portmadoc Carnarvonshire and of Stephen House Dalhousie Square Calcutta -- India
RENDELL of Simond House Cotacamund District Nilgiris South -- India
RENNIE of 4 Middleton Rowe Calcutta -- India
RENNIE of Rossie Wellington Nilgiris -- India
RESTARICK of Colpetty Colombo Ceylon -- India
REYNOLDS of Kohat North West Frontier Province -- India
REYNOLDS of New Delhi -- India
RIBEIRO of Bombay -- India
RICE of 63 Great Western Build-ing off Ramport Row Fort Bombay -- India
RICHARDS of Central M T Store Dep6t Chaklala -- India
RICHARDS of Headquarters 5th Field Brigade Royal Artillery Rawalpindi -- India
RICHARDSON of Auchineck Killearh Stirlingshire and-of Anderson Wright and Company 22 Strand-road Calcutta -- India
RICHARDSON of Bhaga Colliery Bhaga Manbhum -- India
RICHARDSON of Lahore -- India
RICHMOND of 9 Grant-road Civil and Military Station Bangalore -- India
RIDSDALE of Tonnochy House Naini Tal United Provinces -- India
RIGG of Lambert Hatherleigh Devonshire and of Central India State Forces Gwalior -- India
RIVETT of Garden House Kasauli Punjab -- India
ROACH of 66 Beechwood-road Newport Mon- mouthshire and-of The Compound care-of The Assam Oil Company Limited Digboi Assam -- India
ROBERTS of 3 Wood-street Calcutta -- India
ROBERTS of 4 Sargents House Appolo Bunder Bombay -- India
ROBERTS of Dewas State (Senior Branch) Central -- India
ROBERTS of Mayston Coonoor Nilgiris British -- India
ROBERTS of Talukdari Girassia School Wadhwan Camp Kathiawar -- India
ROBERTS of The Stewart School Cuttack Orissa -- India
ROBERTSON of 3 Fairlie-place Calcutta -- India
ROBERTSON of 80 Strand-road Rangoon Burma -- India
ROBERTSON of Echt Aberdeenshire and late of Grindlay and Company Limited Bombay -- India
ROBERTSON of Futtchghur -- India
ROBERTSON of Willingdon House Aotaca-mund -- India
ROBERTSON of Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade Mission Farm Haripur-Hazara North West Frontier Province -- India
ROBIN of Donegal 82 University-avenue and of 83 Phayre-street both in Rangoon Burma -- India
ROBINSON of 16 Wanowrie Lines Poona -- India
ROBINSON of 3 Race Course-gardens Peshawar North West Frontier Province -- India
ROBINSON of 7 Burdwan-road Alipore Calcutta Bengal -- India
ROBINSON of Dharmsala -- India
ROBINSON of II Thomhill-road Allahabad -- India
ROBINSON of Mount-road Madras -- India
ROBINSON of Rawalpindi -- India
ROBINSON of The Alexandra Hotel Quetta -- India
ROBINSON of the Alexandra Hotel Quetta -- India
ROBINSON of Yeatton Lodge Ootacamund Bombay -- India
ROBINSON of Yercaud Shevaroy Hills Salem District -- India
ROBSON of 24 Royal-cpurt Russell-street Calcutta -- India
ROBSON of 26 Dalhousie-square Calcutta -- India
RODDEN of Cashmere Gate Delhi -- India
RODGERS of Chunar Mirzapore -- India
RODGERSON of 8 Staunton-road Poona -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RODWELL of 32 Stephens Court Park-street Calcutta -- India
ROFFEY of Shillong Assam -- India
ROGER of 10 Aliport-road Delhi -- India
ROGERS of Baughpara Tea Estate Rehabari Dibrugarh Assam -- India
ROGERS of Hotel Cecil Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
ROGERS of Saharanpur -- India
ROLL of Rock View Bungalow G 10 Golden Rock South -- India
ROSE of Hampton Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
ROSEMAYER of Rose Cottage Kalimpong Calcutta -- India
ROSS of 101 Clive-street Calcutta -- India
ROSS of Hahaipatha Tea Estate Police Station Mai District Jalpaiguri Bengal Presidency -- India
ROSS of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
ROSSETTI of 12a Eagles-street Langford Town Bangalore Province of Mysore -- India
ROSSITER of care of Messrs Grindlays and Company Limited Church-lane Calcutta -- India
ROUSE of care of Mrs Watson Locony Bungalow Royapuram of Madras -- India
ROUSE of London Mission Berhampore Mur-shidabad Bengal -- India
ROW of Restharrow Shillong Assam -- India
ROWBOTHAM of Gray Coonoor Nilgiris South -- India
ROWBOTHAM of The Birdwood Ootacamund Nilgiris South -- India
ROWE of Lentin Court Strand-road Bombay British -- India
ROWLAND of Bombay India
ROWLAND of Shahibagh Ahmedabad -- India
ROWLANDSON of Wakliri Vizingapatran -- India
ROWLLINGS of Calcutta -- India
ROWSON of Arnold Cottage Copnoor Nilgiris South -- India
ROWSON of KaJiekanam Estate Fairfield Post Office Peermade Travancore -- India
ROY of Dacca Bengal -- India
ROY of The Imperial Bank of India Nagpur -- India
ROYDS of Aruvankadu Nilgiris Hill Madras -- India
RUCK of Argyle House Simla -- India
RUCK of Argyle House Simla -- India
RUNDLE of the 27th Mechanical Transport Company Royal Army India Service Corps Lahore -- India
RUSSELL of 5 Golmuri-road Golmuri Singhbhum P.O -- India
RUSSELL of Ayrdale Ootacamund -- India
RUSSELL of Cochin Southern -- India
RUSSELL of Darjeeling -- India
RUSSELL of Dotacamund Kilgiris -- India
RUSTOMJEE of Bombay -- India
RYSAN of 4 Hastings-road New Delhi -- India
SACKETT of Methodist Mission House Old Lancer Lines Secunderabad -- India
SAGGERS of 35 Queens-road Lahore -- India
SAHEBA of Mahal Vizagapatam Madras Presidency -- India
SAHEBA of Mahal Vizagapatam Madras Presidency -- India
SAHNI of Residency-road Jaipur Rajpu-tana -- India
SAHNI of Residency-road Jaipur Rajputana -- India
SAISE of The Public Works Department Meerut -- India
SAISE of The Public Works Department Meerut United Provinces -- India
SAKLATVALA of 72 Warden-road Bombay -- India
SALDANHA of B Block Readymoney Building Sankli-street Byculla Bombay -- India
SALTER of Rupai T E Doom Dooma Assam -- India
SAMPSON of Valemudi Munner Travancore State South -- India
SANDHAM of 3rd Battalion 8th Punjab Regiment Kehat -- India
SANGAM of Saraffa Bazar Ambala Cantonment Punjab India
SARAN of 8 Napier-road Lahore -- India
SATTAR of Reay-road Karachi -- India
SAUNDERS of Chepank Madras Presidency Southern -- India
SAVI of Longmead Dehra Dun Agra and Oudh -- India
SAW of Toungoo Burma -- India
SAWANT of Mirya-Ratnagiri -- India
SCHAFFTER of Bourne End Kodaikanal Madras Presidency -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCHOFIELD of 7 Canning-road Lucknow United Provinces -- India
SCHWAIGER of 8 Ahpore-road Delhi -- India
SCHWARZ of Alcott-gardens Adyar Madras -- India
SCOTT of 2-5th Royal Gurka Rifles Frontier Force Abbottabad NWFP -- India
SCOTT of 23 Albert-road Regents Park Middlesex and of The Salt Revenue Department India
SCOTT of 8 Bradley House Colaba Bombay India
SCOTT of Arcotia Kodaikanal South India
SCOTT of H.B. Corfu Srinagar Kashmir -- India
SCOTT of The Midnapore Zemindary Company Limited Calcutta -- India
SECCOMBE of The 6th Royal Battalion (Scinde) 13th Frontier Rifles Razmak -- India
SELBY of 20 (AC) Squadron RAF Married Quarters Peshawar -- India
SELBY of Toungoo Burma -- India
SELFE of Thistleboon Parkside-drive Watford Hertfordshire and of Sakina Mansions Carmichael-road Cumballa Hill Bombay -- India
SELFE of ThistleSoon Parkside-drive Watford Hertfordshire and of Sakina-mansions Carmichael-road Cumballa Hill Bombay Presidency -- India
SEN of P237 Lake-road Calcutta 29 -- India
SETHNA of Bombay -- India
SETHNA of Bombay -- India
SETHNA of Bombay -- India
SETHNA of Traju Mansion Malcolm Bang Jogeshwari Bombay -- India
SETHUPATHI of Ramnad South -- India
SEVADJIAM of 234-3 Lower Circular-road Calcutta -- India
SEVENOAKS of Ambala -- India
SEVENOAKS of House- Boat Arethusa Srinager Kashmir -- India
SEWELL of Minzu Kyaukse District Burma -- India
SHAH of Barbhai Mohalla Bhanu Bhuvan Bombay -- India
SHAPUR of Mount View Altamont-road Bombay -- India
SHAPURJI of Bombay India
SHARP of Rusi Mansion Wodehouse-road Bombay -- India
SHARPE of care of Bombay Port Trust of Bombay -- India
SHARPE of Purulia Bihar -- India
SHARPE of Rawalpindi -- India
SHARPLES of Queen?s Mansions Prescott-road Bombay -- India
SHAW of 8 Portland Park Alipore Calcutta -- India
SHAW of Bombay -- India
SHAW of Cecil Hotel Simla -- India
SHAW of Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun U.P -- India
SHEEPSHANKS of Afiibala -- India
SHELDON of Bogabach Tea Estate Sepahati PO Assam Bengal -- India
SHELDON of Dalmore Tea Estate Birpara P.O. Dooars Assam -- India
SHELTON of Murree Punjab -- India
SHILLINGFORD of Pumea Bihar -- India
SHILLINGFORD of Purneah Behar and Crissa -- India
SHIRCONE of 8 Rawdon-street Calcutta -- India
SHORT of Jha Jha Behar -- India
SHORT of Queens Mansions Hotel Bombay -- India
SHORTHALL of 5 Mottee-lane Calcutta -- India
SHOVE of 2 Cassels-road Lucknow Oudh -- India
SHOVE of Dhardaam T E, Barahapian P O Upper Assam -- India
SHRIPAT of Parekh-street Gordhan Building Girgaon Bombay -- India
SHROFF of Bombay -- India
SHROFF of Bombay -- India
SHROSBREE of the Dower House Longwood near Winchester and of Calcutta -- India
SHUTE of 4 Redcliffe-gardens Clarendon-road Southsea Hampshireand of Wana Waziristan -- India
SHUTTLEWORTH of Udaipur Rajputana -- India
SICE of 29 New Marine Lines Fort Bombay -- India
SIL of 13a Bancharam Akkur-lane Calcutta -- India
SIMPSON of Bara Fort near-Peshawar North West Frontier -- India
SIMPSON of Brantingham House Chhind-wara Central Provinces -- India
SIMPSON of Brantingham House Chhindwara Central Provinces -- India
SIMPSON of Coonoor -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SIMS of care-of Lloyds Bank Limited Coxs and Kings Branch 6 Pall Mall London andof Rangoon Burma -- India
SINCLAIR of Bareilly United Provinces -- India
SINGH of 28 Race Course-road Lahore -- India
SINGH of Borehat Burdwan Bengal -- India
SINGH of Simla and Jollundur Punjab -- India
SINGH of the State of Nabha -- India
SINGHI BAHADUR of Bikaner State -- India
SINHA of 108a Upper Circular-road Calcutta -- India
SINHA of 29 Lansdown-road Thana Bally- gunge Sub District Alipore District 24 Parganas -- India
SKEEN of Redbank (Dooars) Tea Estate Western Duars Jalpaigurie -- India
SKINNER of Akbar-road New Delhi -- India
SKIPP of 12 Grant-road Bangalore -- India
SKRINE of Naval and Military Club 94 Piccadilly Westminster and-of Jandola Waziristah North-West Frontier Province -- India
SLOOT of 3 Sankey-road Bangalore Mysore -- India
SMETHURST of Camatic-gardenS Perambur Barracks Madras -- India
SMITH of 4 Alexandra-road Poona -- India
SMITH of 47 Park-street Calcutta -- India
SMITH of Bhuj Kutch -- India
SMITH of Bombay and with the Government of India Delhi -- India
SMITH of care of Gill and Company Brokers Calcutta -- India
SMITH of care of Royal Engineers Mess Rorkee -- India
SMITH of Dar Changa Bihar -- India
SMITH of Forest Bungalow Dhubri Assam -- India
SMITH of Glenston Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
SMITH of Jamalpore Bihar -- India
SMITH of Lucknow -- India
SMITH of Mackays Gardens Graenes-road Madras -- India
SMITH of Madras -- India
SMITH of Meenglas Tea Estate Police Station Mai Jalpaiguri Bengal British -- India
SMITH of Melrose Museum-road Banglore Mysore -- India
SMITH of Palampur Kangra Valley -- India
SMITH of Riversdale Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
SMITH of Rupai Tea Estate Doom Dooma Assam -- India
SMITH of The Retreat Kalimpong Bengal -- India
SMITH of Tudor House lCenner-road Burgess Sussex and of care of Northern Assurance Company Limited Allen House 7 Hare-street Calcutta -- India
SMITH of Yong Tong Tea Estate Police Station Matelli District Jalpaiguri British -- India
SMITHERS of Oriental-buildings Ootaca-mund Southern -- India
SMYTH of care of Grindlay & Company Limited Calcutta -- India
SMYTH of CMS House Jubbulpore Central Provinces -- India
SMYTHE of Coolum Shillong Assam British -- India
SOLOMON of 27 Theatre-road Calcutta -- India
SOPHER of 11 Camac-street Calcutta -- India
SOUTHWORTH of Kaleeswarar Villa Trichy-road Coimbatore South -- India
SPARK of Wellington Jute Mills Bishra Serampore Bengal -- India
SPARKE of Daisy Bank Kasauli -- India
SPIERS of 13-14 BSukh Emma Nivas 3rd Posta-lane Colaba Bombay -- India
SPITTAL of Delta Jute Mill Honrah Calcutta -- India
SPOKES of Barnes High School Deolali Bombay -- India
SREEMATI BHUBAN MOHINI DASSI of 67a Ahiritola-street Calcutta -- India
SRILALL of Kurseong District Darjeeling Bengal -- India
ST MAUR of The Grand Hotel Naina Tal United Provinces -- India
STACEY of 6 Kings-road Quetta -- India
STACEY of 71 Loco Quarters Asansol East India Railway Calcutta -- India
STALEY of Nagpur Central Provinces -- India
STANGER of The Imperial Bank of India Calcutta and Chittagong -- India
STANTON of Giridih -- India
STANYON of Dehra Dun United Province of Agra and Oudh -- India
STANYONKCIE of Dehra Dun United Provinces of Agra and Oudh -- India
STEDMAN of care of Grindlays Bank Lahore Cantt -- India
STENNING of The Hotel Spencer Madras -- India

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STEPHENS of Drumgowan Claygate Surrey and of Almira United Provinces India
STEPHENS of Highfield Overton-road Sutton Surrey and of Jodhpur Rajputana -- India
STEWART of Nedons Hotel Lahore -- India
STIRLING of Nagpur Central Provinces -- India
STITT of Mure Hospital Nagpur Central Provinces -- India
STOCK of The East Indian Railway Moghul Sarai -- India
STOCKBRIOGE of Dahlia Bank Landour District Dehra Dun United Province -- India
STOCKTON of Rajkumar College Raipur -- India
STOGDON of Bungan and Ovaca Estates Maskeliya Ceylon -- India
STONE of 1 The Ridge Jubbulpore Central Province -- India
STONE of Ravenswood Coonoor Nilgiris -- India
STONEY of Jhelum Punjab -- India
STOVOLD of The Grand Hotel Calcutta -- India
STRACEY of Dehra Dun -- India
STRACHAN of Munnar Southern -- India
STRANGWAYS of Jhelum -- India
STREETER of 299 Gadag-road Hubli Bengal -- India
STRIP of Cathedral Close Lahore Pubjab -- India
STUART of care of Messrs. Blimy and Company (Madras) Limited Madras -- India
STUART of Inchbreck Fordoun Kincardineshire and of Cannanore Madras -- India
STUART of Pachamalai Estate Valparai PO -- India
STUART of Pachamalai Estate Valparal P.O. South -- India
STUART of Srinagar Kashmir India and care-of Messrs Glyn Mills and Company of Kirkland House Whitehall London SW1 and care-of Thomas Cook and Son of Cooks Buildings Fort Bombay -- India
STUBBS of 1 Residency-road Bangalore Madras -- India
STUDDY of Poona Bombay -- India
SUNTOKE of Bombay India
SURVEYOR of Bombay -- India
SWALES of Patiala Punjab -- India
SWAN of RE Mess Roorkee United Provinces -- India
SWAN of RE Mess Roorkee United Provinces -- India
SWANN of Mirzapur -- India
SWAYNE of Nettimaed Mattupatti Travancore Southern -- India
SWAYNE of Nettimeed Mattupatti P.O. Travancore -- India
SYKES of 10 Middleton-row Calcutta -- India
SYLVESTER of Central Hotel Karachi -- India
SZARKOWSKI of Royal Corps of Signals -- India
TAIT of 24th Mountain Brigade Royal Artillery Quetta -- India
TAIT of care of Grindlay and Company Limited Bombay -- India
TALBOT of Ramabai MuktiMission Kedgaon Poona District -- India
TARLETON of Jodhpur Rajputana -- India
TARR of The Gables Kotagiri Nilgiris Southern -- India
TATA of Bombay -- India
TATA of Esplanade House Wandby- road Fort Bombay -- India
TAUBMAN of Koleikanam Estate Peermade Travan-core South -- India
TAYLERDSO of The Royal Garhwal Rifles The Depot Lansdowne United Provinces -- India
TAYLOR of Marrikuppan South -- India
TAYLOR of Ootacamund -- India
TAYLOR of The Hatch Thornbury Gloucestershire and the Maijan Tea Estate Dibrugarh Assam -- India
TAYLOR of The Madras Mail Associated Publishers Madras -- India
TAYLOR of The Times of India Building Hornby-road Bombay -- India
TENNANT of Srinagar Kashmir Northern -- India
TERRELL of Chhaju Bagh Patna -- India
TERRY of Simla -- India
THANMULL of Residency Bazaars Hyderabad Deccan -- India
THOM of 31 Thornhill-road Allahabad -- India
THOM of Lahore Punjab -- India
THOMAS of 3 Dougal House Dunmayne road Colaba Bombay -- India
THOMAS of 40 Ballygunge-road Calcutta -- India
THOMAS of Hyderabad Deccan -- India
THOMAS of Trichinopoly -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
THOMPSON of 15 Millers-road Benson Town Bangalore -- India
THOMPSON of 2 Rustom Gee Parsee-road Cossi-pore Calcutta -- India
THOMPSON of Bengal Club Calcutta -- India
THOMPSON of Rawalpindi -- India
THOMSON of care of Grindlay and Company Limited Bombay -- India
THOMSON of Oudh and Tirhut Railway Gorakpur United Provinces -- India
THOMSON of The Blue Mountain Hotel Kotagiri -- India
THORBURN of Peshawar North -west Frontier Province -- India
THORNELY of The Thoms Brooklyn-crescent Cheadle Cheshire and-of Wadhwan Camp (Wadhwan Civil Station) Kathiawar Western -- India
THORNHILL of Niton Kotagiri Nilgiris South -- India
THRELFALL of Bhilad European Bombay -- India
THURMAN of 8 Phayre-road Poona -- India
TIETKENS of the Tukdah Tea Estate Darjeeling -- India
TILLARD of Darulshafa Lucknow United Provinces -- India
TILLEY of The Lawrence Military Asylum Sanawar Simla Hills -- India
TILLY of St Johns College Rangoon -- India
TINKER of 54 Garden-road Risalpur North West Frontier -- India
TINKLER of Digbahar Assam -- India
TIPLER of Adra Manbhumbihar -- India
TIPPING of Pollibetta Coorg -- India
TODD of Silverton Egmore Madras South -- India
TOLLIT of Ahmednagar -- India
TOMAZOS of Cossipore Agency 15 and 16 Gossipore-road Cossipore Bengal -- India
TOOGOOD of Roseneath Shillong Province of Assam -- India
TOTTENHAM of Admin-istrators Bungalow Pudukottai South -- India
TOWNSEND of 5 Shirley-road Leicester and of The Imperial Airways Limited Karachi -- India
TRAYNOR of 7 Residency-road Bangalore Southern -- India
TRAYNOR of St. Marks-road Bangalore South -- India
TREGIDGA of Ghataila Chota Nagpur -- India
TRENCH of Pellinge Karachi -- India
TREVENEN of Nerbudda Club Jubbulpore Central Provinces -- India
TROLLOPE of Mysore Mine Kolar Goldfields Champion Reef South -- India
TROTMAN of Silchar Cachar Assam -- India
TRUSLER of 3 St Georges Gate-road Hastings Calcutta -- India
TULSIRAM of 32 Kalbadevi-road Bombay -- India
TUMMON of Rawalpindi -- India
TURNBULL of 10 Post Office-road Dum Dum Calcutta -- India
TURNBULL of 2 Anderson-road Nungambakkam Madras -- India
TURNBULL of 43 Thorburn-road Colinton Edinburgh and care-of McLeod and Company Limited PO Box 78 28 Dal-housie-square Calcutta -- India
TURNBULL of Gudur Nellore District Madras -- India
TURNBULL of Mayfair Little Gibbs-road Bombay -- India
TURNBULL of Nowshera -- India
TURNER of Matunga Bombay -- India
TWEEDIE of Glen Lorna Hudikeri Coorg -- India
TYDD of Khar-road Bombay -- India
TYRRjELL of Hubli Dharwar District -- India
ULLA of 41 Nazir-lane Calcutta -- India
ULLAH of Hameed Manzil pelhigate Delhi -- India
UMRIGAR of Bazar Gate-street-within-the-Fort Bombay -- India
UMRIGAR of Bombay -- India
UPHILL of Royal Air Force Station Kohat North West Federal Provinces -- India
UPPERTON of Poona Bombay -- India
URMSON of Tezpur Assam -- India
VAKHARIA of Palm Lands Broach and of Samudra-villa Nepean Sea-road Bombay both in -- India
VAKIL of Bombay -- India
VAKIL of Bombay -- India
VANDERTAELEN of Bombay -- India
VANRENEN of Renala Estate Montgomery Punjab -- India
VARUGHESE of Thadicheril Kidanannoor Travencore -- India
VAUGHANICIE of Risheehat Tea Estate Darjeeling Bengal -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
VECQUERAY of 11 West Kensington Mansions London W14 and of Shangri-La Carmichael-road Bombay -- India
VENTERS of Chittagong -- India
VEREY of Borohai Tea Estate Sonari Post Office Upper Assam -- India
VERNON of Imperial Bank of India Branch Bhopal -- India
VESSEY of 12 Hare-street Calcutta -- India
VIGORS of Saugor Central Provinces -- India
VINCENT of Ahmedabad -- India
VINCENT of Downton Estate Mapara Pakuth Peermade Taluk Travancore 8 -- India
VINEY of Hebron Coonoor South -- India
VINTCENT of Lyndewode House Bomanji Petit-road Bombay -- India
VIPAN of Chaupara Tea Estate Chaupara P.O. Dooars Bengal -- India
WADE of Bairagarh Bhopal -- India
WADESON of Royal Yacht Club Chambers Bombay -- India
WADIA of Bella Visto Peddar-road Bombay -- India
WADYA of 37 New Marine Lines Bombay -- India
WAGENMAKER of care of Spencer and Company Limited Cigar Factory Dindigul Madura District -- India
WAITE of Silchar Assam -- India
WALDOCK of Collingwood Nuwara Eluja Ceylon -- India
WALKER of 4 Sonehari Bagh-road New Delhi -- India
WALKER of 8 Royd-street Calcutta -- India
WALKER of Castle House Torrington Devonshire and-of care-of Grindlay and Company Limited Bombay -- India
WALKER of Ootacamund Nilgiris South -- India
WALKER of The Oxford Mission Behela near Calcutta -- India
WALLER of 29 Dalhousie-squaxe Calcutta -- India
WALLER of Groombridge Kasauli -- India
WALLER of Lahore Contonments Punjab -- India
WALLER of The Cloisters Teyriampet Madras -- India
WALMSLEY of Hampton Coonoor Nilgiris South -- India
WALMSLEY of Kan Karria-road Ahmedabad -- India
WALSH of Brunton-road Bangalore -- India
WALTON of Roorkee United Provinces of -- India
WAPSHARE of Rosemount- Ootacamund Nilgiris -- India
WARD of care of Grindlay and Company Limited Calcutta -- India
WARD of Ferozepore Cantonments Punjab -- India
WARD of lb Judges Court-ioad Alipore Calcutta -- India
WARD of Mission House Hyderabad Sind -- India
WARD of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
WARD of The Kelvin Jute Company Limited Titaghur District of 24 Pergannahs in West Bengal -- India
WARDEN of Bhesania House Fort Bombay -- India
WARDEN of The Royal Artillery Mess Agra United Provinces -- India
WARE of Kodaikanal Southern -- India
WATERS of Toorsa Tea Estate Dalsingpara P O Eastern Dooars -- India
WATSON of 54 Lessar-avenue Clapham Common Surrey and of Bombay -- India
WATSON of 9 Rawdon-street Calcutta -- India
WATSON of The College of Engineering Guindy Madras -- India
WATSON of The Hut Ellagiri Hills Jalarpet South -- India
WATTS of Jharipani United Provinces -- India
WATTS of Pambar House Kodai Kanal South -- India
WAY of Denham Kotagiri The Nilgiris -- India
WAY of Hilltop Fryern Court-road Fordingbridge Hampshire and-of Imperial Mansions Cuffe-parade Bombay -- India
WEATHERDON of Hapjan Purbot Tea Estate Namrup Assam -- India
WEATHERILT of 6 Arsenal-road Poona Bombay -- India
WEATHERLEY of The Deodars Mussoorie United Provinces -- India
WEBB of 1 Caxton House Karachi -- India
WEBB of Northern Command Headquarters Rawalpindi -- India
WEBB of Singbulli Tea Estate Darjeeling -- India
WEBSTER of Kidderpore Calcutta -- India
WEIR of Lahore Punjab and of care of Lloyds Bank Limited Lahore -- India

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WELLS of 4 Katwa Khotia-road Bhowanipore Calcutta -- India
WEST of Avenel Lodge Ootacamund Nilgiris Madras -- India
WEST of Mark Haven 4th Floor Strand-road Bombay -- India
WESTERN of The Christian Asbram Morhabadi Panchi -- India
WESTON of Hazaribagh British -- India
WHALLEY of Plot 26 Janki Kutir Juhu and 3rd Floor Jaiji Mansion Bombay -- India
WHEELER of Gorakhpur United Provinces Agra and Oudh -- India
WHEELER of the Aircraft Depot Drigh-road Karachi -- India
WHILE of Giridih Bengal -- India
WHIPHAM of Ranchi Bihar and Orissa -- India
WHITCOMBE of Poona -- India
WHITE of Lorelai -- India
WHITE of Ruttledge-road 6 Lucknow Calcutta -- India
WHITEHEAD of Pincents Hill Calcot Reading bishop of Madras -- India
WHITEHOUSE of Mark Haven Strand-road Apolla Bunder Bombay -- India
WHITESIDE of Carmichael House Pedder-road Bombay -- India
WHITHAM of 24 Theatre-road Calcutta -- India
WHITING of State House 2 Residency Area Indore Central -- India
WHITTAKER of Elgin Mills Cawnpore United Provinces -- India
WHITWORTH of care of Port Commission Rangoon Burma -- India
WHURR of Amrasti Central Province -- India
WHYTE of Craig Dhu Simla -- India
WICKHAM of Thana Bombay -- India
WICKHAM of The Cantonments Peshawar -- India
WIGGETT of 4 Paul-mansions Bishop Lefroy-road Calcutta -- India
WIGHTWICK of Srinagar Kashmir -- India
WILCOX of Breach Candy-road Bombay -- India
WILKINSON of 6 Carmichael-house Cumballa Hill Bombay -- India
WILLCOCKS of 21 Tuglak-road New Delhi -- India
WILLCOCKS of 21 Tuglak-road New Delhi -- India
WILLIAMS of 22 Punjab Regiment Jullundur -- India
WILLIAMS of 6 Lavelle-road Bangalore Mysore -- India
WILLIAMS of 8 Commissioner-road Peshawar -- India
WILLIAMS of Grindlay and Company Limited Bambay -- India
WILLIAMS of Hillside Wellington South -- India
WILLIAMS of Madras -- India
WILLIAMS of Marikuppan Mysore State Southern -- India
WILLIAMS of Nizamo State Railways Secunderabad -- India
WILLIAMS of Quetta -- India
WILLIAMS of Standard Colliery Tharia Post Office Manbhun -- India
WILLIAMS of Tuticorin -- India
WILLIAMS of Wolverhampton Works Company Limited Bank of Baroda Building Apollo-street Bombay -- India
WILLIAMSON of 103 Clive-street Calcutta -- India
WILLIAMSON of Gangtok Sikkim -- India
WILLMOTT of 4 Outram-road Allahabad -- India
WILSON of 42 Civil Lines Roorkee United Provinces -- India
WILSON of 60 The Mall Mhow CI -- India
WILSON of Barmondia Colliery PO Sitarampore Asansol Bengal -- India
WILSON of Rangoon Waterworks Kambe Post Office Burma -- India
WILSON of St Hildas Deaconess House Lahore Panjab -- India
WINGATE of Simla -- India
WINGROVE of Taj Mahal Hotel Bombay -- India
WINICKER of Thomas Cottage Kodaikanal South -- India
WINTER of Soona Mahal Marine-drive Bombay -- India
WINTERBOTHAM of Curzan Estate Kotagiri Nilgiris -- India
WINTERTON of 20 Park-street Calcutta -- India
WITHERS of Duklingia Tea Estate Moriana PO Assam -- India
WOLFE of Headquarters Independent Brigade Area Poona -- India
WOOD of 1 Kohinoor Houseroad Dadar Bombay -- India
WOOD of Benville Shillong Assam -- India
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WOOD of Bishop s Lodge Nagpur Central Provinces -- India
WOOD of Royal Indian Military College Dehra Dun -- India
WOODBRIDGE of Bettadamane Estate Mudigere Taluk Kadur Mysore -- India
WOODS of Falellis Hotel Lahore -- India
WOODS of The Biscoe Sheikh Bagh School Srinagar Kashmir -- India
WOODTHORPE of Huldibari Tea Estate Bengal -- India
WOOLLER of 2 Mayo-road Lahore Punjab -- India
WOOLLEY of 12 Buckingham-gardens Perambur Barracks P.O. Madras -- India
WOOLNER of The University of the Punjab Lahore -- India
WOOLVEN of Pahartali Chittagong -- India
WORMALD of Hut 208 Gulmarg Kashmir -- India
WORTHAM of Oakgrove School Jharipani United Provinces -- India
WREN of Risalpur -- India
WRIGHT of 12Masson-road Lahore -- India
WRIGHT of 2 Jairaz House Middle Colaba -- India
WRIGHT of 8 Glen View Mount Abu Rajputana -- India
WRIGHT of Jacksons Hotel Jubbiilpore Central Provinces -- India
WRIGHT of Royal Artillery Mess Nowshera North-West Frontier -- India
WYNDHAM of Longview Tea Estate Parkhabari Post Office Darjeeling District -- India
YANDLE of Choonabhutti Tea Estate Banarhat P.O. Dooars -- India
YEOMAN of Fairview Kasauli Simla-hills -- India
YOUNG of 92 Harrowdene-road Wembley Middlesex and of 2 Hare-street Calcutta Bengal -- India
YOUNG of Delawari Farm Bhopal Central -- India
YOUNG of Invergordon Seafield-road Karachi -- India
YOUNG of Invergordon Seafield-road Karachi Sind -- India
YOUNG of Moradabad United Provinces -- India
YOUNG of The Race Club New Delhi Punjab -- India
YOUNG of the Sind Club Karachi -- India
ZORAB of Calcutta Bengal -- India

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