Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Wirral (Cheshire) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAMS of 70 Grace-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
AGNEW of Craighall Wilkinson-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
AGNEW of Moorfields Barker-lane Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
AINSWORTH of 24 Linkside Higher Bebington Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ALDRIDGE of care-of Glyn Mills and Company Kirkland House Whitehall London SW1 and-of Devon Doorway Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ALLARD of The Railway Inn Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ALLES of Hill Top Liverpool-road Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ANDERSON of Murlingden Croft-drive East Caldy -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ARMITAGE of 18 Meadway Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ARROWSMITH of 3a Oakfield-terrace Childer Thornton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ASHTON of 1 High-street Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ASHTON of The Lodge Willaston Grange Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ASTON of Neston-road Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ATKIN of 9 Orchard-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ATKINSON of Thorlands Mill Hill-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
AULT of 20 Westminster-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BAIRDS of Pengwern Blackeys-lane Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BALL of Benty Hey Hooton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BARKER of 46 Ridgemere-road Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BARLOW of The Bungalow Chester High-road Burton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BARTON of Oroville Chester-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BASNETT of 10 Duncan-drive Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BEECH of 1 Orchard Grange Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BEGNETT of 3 Arrowe-view Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BENDELL of 94 Station-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BENDELL of Kent Lodge Queens-avenue Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BIRCH of 7 Gills-lane Barnston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BIRKS of 8 Rossmore-road-east Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BLEACH of 18 Alwyn-gardens Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BOLAND of 79 Westminster-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BOND of The Sportsmans Arms Hotel Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BOWDLEY of 18 Wolverham-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BOZOLI of Karino Mill Hill-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BRADFORD of 41 Trinity-road Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BRENTNALL of Field House 33 Irby Mill Hill-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BRITT of 24 Wilkinson-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BROADEY of 3 Berwick-gardens Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BROOME of 18 Mornington-avenue Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BROWN of 24 Arnot Way Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BROWN of 4 North-view Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BROWN of 4 North-view Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BROWN of Altree Smithy-fane Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BULL of Jairena Thurstaston-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BURROWS of 35 Cambridge-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
BURROWS of 8 Ribblesdale Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CALDWELL of 62 Park-road Great Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CALDWELL of 8 Thingwall-road Bamston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CANNELL of Ellaby 13 Deneshey-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CANTRELL of 55 Devonshire-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CARROLL of 9 School-lane Childer Thornton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CARTER of Kenley Pooltown-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CASEMENT of 60 Heather-dene Brom-borough -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CASH of 2 Whitby-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CHALMERS of 1 Wood-lane Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CHAPLIN of 5 Sevemvale Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CHESTERS of 8 Mostyn-avenue Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CLARK of The Bungalow Belgrave-drive Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CLEGG of 33 Whitby-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CLEGG of Rusholme Silverne-drive Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COATES of Greenmount 26 Thamesdale Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COATHUP of 3 Oakleigh-grove Lower Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COLE of 12 Park-road Great Meols Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COLENSO of Arrochar 126 Eastham Rake Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COLLIN of 76 Church-road JBebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COLLINS of 64 South-road West Kirby Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CONDE of Sunny View School-avenue Little Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CONNAH of 31 Mansfield-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COOKE of Post Office Caldy -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COOPER of 24 Aldgate Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COOPER of 24 Aldgate Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CORDINER of 17 Hilbre-road West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CORPS of 12 Thamesdale Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COULSON of 22 The Woodlands Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COWIE of Lochiel 11 Pinetree-grove Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COX of Grange Nursing Home Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
COX of Heathercroft Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CRAIG of 72 Wilkinson-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CRAIG of St Martins Hooton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CRAMB of Balholm 5 Hillcrest-drive Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CRAWFORD of West View Pensby-road Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CRAWLEY of Damley 114 Borrowdale-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CROMWELL of The Croft Woodfall-lane Little Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CROSS of The College Burton Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
CURRAN of Greenways 10 Ashcroft-drive Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DANIEL of 166 Brookdale-avenue Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DAVIES of 6 Fulwood-gardens Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DAVIES of 68 Kings-lane Higher Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DAVIES of Clatterbridge (County) General Hospital Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DAVIES of Cotsmore Station-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DAVIES of Gildabrook Brimstage-road Heswall Hills -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DAVIES of Heathlea Heath-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DICKINSON of 28 Grafton-drive Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DINSMORE of 26 Ashlea-road Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DOD of Forest Dene 18 Forest-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DODD of 1 Stanley-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DODD of 77 Grace-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DRAPER of 14 Roland-avenue Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DUNCAN of Wendover Overdale-road Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
DUTTON of 2 Ribblesdale Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ECCLES of 40 Ridgemere-road Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
EDWARDS of 14 Oaklands-drive Bamston Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
EDWARDS of 9 Briardale-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
EDWARDS of 9 Hillview-avenue West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ELLIOTT of 52 Hawthorn-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ELLIS of 53 Grace-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ELVIDGE of 4 James-terrace Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
EVANS of 2 Eastway Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
EVANS of 54 Church-road West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
EVANS of 6 Eleanor-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
EVERALL of Woodhey Thingwall-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FAIRCLOUGH of Heathfield Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FAIRHAM of 21 Cambridge-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FARRIES of 26 Woodhey-road Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FEAR of Ragleth Highfield-lane Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FELL of Oakwood South-drive Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FELLOWS of Darcy Cottages Thornton Hough -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FERGIE of Hill Hay Croft-drive-east Caldy -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FINLAY of 96 Church-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FITZSIMMONS of 43 Digg-lane Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FLEMING of Oaklea Woodlands-drive Barnston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FLETCHER of 6 Stanley-road Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FLETCHER of Fosna Welsh-road Ledsham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FONE of School House Burton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FORSHAW of 1 Forge Villas Whitby-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FOSTER of 2a Regent-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
FULLER of 9 Heath-drive Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GALLOWAY of Barncroft Irby-road Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GIBSON of 37 Pennon-drive Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GLEIG of 27 Ffrancon-drive Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GORDON of Minden Lodge Overchurch-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GOUGH of 9 Menlo-avenue Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GRAINGER of 41 Upland-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GREENHALGH of Mona Cottage Carnsdale-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GREGSON of 2 Norwood-road Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GRIFFIN of 115 Station-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GRIFFITH of Ventura Birkenhead-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GRIFFITHS of 26Aldgate Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GRIFFITHS of 71 Village-road Higher Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GRIMES of 53 Wellington-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GRIMES of Enderley Bennetts-lane Great Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
GROGAN of 22 Bracken-lane Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HALL of 10 Dunmore-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HALL of Coverdale Plymyard-avenue Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HALLETT of 24 Meadowbrook-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HAMILTON of 3 Rolleston-drive Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HARDING of 2 Bailey-avenue Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HARDING of Olinda Red Lion-lane Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HARPER of 9 Allport-road Bromborough -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HARRIS of 91 Ferry-road Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HARRISON of 54 Broadway Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HASTINGS of Grasse Thurstaston-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HEAGUE of 6 South-road West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HELSBY of Sonning Southfield-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HENDERSON of Oak Trees Benty Heath-lane Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HENSHALL of 41 Lloyd-drive Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HICKMAN of Neston-road Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HILL of 2 Hope Cottages Childer Thornton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HILL of 40 Westbrook-road Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HINDE of 10 Elm-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HOLBROOK of Harn Hill Pensby-road Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HOLMES of Gas Works Bungalow Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HOPE of 10 Wolverham Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HOSKER of 8 Manor-place Bromborough Pool -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HOUGH of Irby Farm Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUDSON of Clifton John-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUGHES of 2 Bethany-crescent Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUGHES of 20 Orchard Grange Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Appledore Thingwall-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Ashfield Cottage Chester-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Edyville 55 Flatt-lane Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Santoine Upton-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HUNTER of 57 Heygafth-road Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HURST of Crestfield 2 Hillview-road Irby Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
HURST of White House Little Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ISAACS of 18 Kingsley-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JARDINE of 115 Cortsway Greasby Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 2 Virginia-terrace Childer Thornton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 7 Dale Gardens Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JOHNSTON of Brandel How Greasby-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JOHNSTONE of Nessacre Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JOLLEY of 228 New Chester-road Port Sunlight -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 10 Grafton-drive Uptoii -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 10 Graftondrive Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 199 Saughall Massie-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 2 Waterworks Cottages Hooton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 23 Gladstone-road Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 29 Antons-road Bamston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 3 School-lane Childer Thornton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 43 Queen-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 67 Church-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 8 Coniston-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of 9 Oakfields-terrace Hooton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of Abukadra Burton-road Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of Bryntirion Fisher-lane Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of Coedelen Park-road Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of Deva Chester-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of Linden Mount-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JONES of Newlands Wilkinson-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
JUDD of Westward Ho Promenade West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
KAY of The Wicketgate Manor-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
KELLER of 16 Brookdale-avenue Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
KELLY of 11 Mansfield-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
KEMP of Woodside Burton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
KENDALL of Chester-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
KIRKLAND of Hilbre 12 Hawthorn-road Parkgate -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LAMB of Rosemount Belgrave-drive Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LAWRENCE of Hilary 25 Westway Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LE MAISTRE of Kennington Mount-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LEWIS of Chailey Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LINDOP of 14 Larchwood-drive Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LINFORD of Railway Inn Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LLOYD of 128 Church-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LOCKE of Westgarth Upton-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LUNT of 10 Oakfield-terrace Hooton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
LYTHGOE of 20 The Rake Bromborough -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MACGILLYCUDDY of Ellsemere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MADDEN of 22 Dudleston-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MADDOX of 10 Parkgate-road Parkgate -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MANDERS of 19 Westbourne-grove West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MANTON of 64 Acres-road Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MARSH of 12 Heygarth-road Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MARSHALL of Longlands 53 South-drive Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MARTIN of 56 Rossmore-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MASSEY of Rotherwood Chester-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MATHISON of 92 Church-road Lower Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MATTHEWS of 1 The Close Rigby-drive Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MATTHEWS of 39 Stanley-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MAXEY of 34 Claremont Way Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
McCANN of Malvern Arrowe Park-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
McKEE of 3 Coppice Grange Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
McKEOWN of 4 Surrey-drive West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
McNALLY of 100 Church-street Ellesmere Part -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MEADOWS of 29 Walker-street Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MEADOWS of 48 Park-road Great Meols Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MEADOWS of Rose Cottage 4 Netherton-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MEALOR of Bracken Lees-lane Little Neston Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MERCER of The Black Lion Hotel Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MILLINGTON of The Smithy Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MILLS of 35 Hillfield-drive Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MILNE of 6 Mostyn-avenue West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILNER of 96 Pensby-road Thingwall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MOONAN of 25 Ferguson-avenue Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MORGAN of Westwood Hillview-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MORRIS of 9 Fleet-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MORRIS of Westridge Highfield-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MORT of 71 Westminster-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MORT of 72 Egerton-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MORT of 8 Alexandra-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MOULTON of Englesea Rossmore-road West Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MOUNTFORD of 12 The Gfeen Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MULLIGAN of 2 Stanley Mount Chester-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
MUNRO of 14 Stanlow Villas Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
NEWBY of 39 Stuart-avenue Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
NICHOLAS of 54 Park-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
NICHOLAS of 7 Stanley-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
NIELD of The Oaks Hooton-road Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
NOLAN of Burton 13 Francis-avenue Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
O'LEARY of 26 Francis-averiue Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
OMEROD of 10 Seafield-road Ditton-lane Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ORMANDY of 38 Stuart-avenue Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
OSTERFIELD of 75 Ferry-road Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
OVERTON of Caponell Wittering-lane Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
OWEN of Hazel-grove Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
OWENS of Cheddleton 14 Thamesdale Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PAGE of 11 Penn-gardens Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PARKER of Sylvalee Greasby-road Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PARKINSON of 19 Coppice Grange Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PARKINSON of 7 Devonshire-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PARR of 2 Hydro-avenue West Kirby Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PATTINSON of Kelburne Menlo-avenue Elm-road Bams-ton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PEARSON of 24 Bromborough-road Lower Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PEARSON of Winterholme Cross-lane Newton Crossroads Newton Grange near West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PEEL of Parkside Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PENNINGTON of The Elms Hooton Cross-roads Hooton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PERCIVAL of 4 Hawthorn-road Parkgate -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PERRIN of 3 Edge Hill-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PETERS of Brookside Chester-road Whitby Heath Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PHILLIPS of The Newlands 8 Moreton-road Upton 1 -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PIPE of 18 The Woodlands Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PLAISTER of 2 Vale-villas Vale-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
POLLARD of Corner House Farm Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
POLLOCK of 3 Thorncroft-drive Barnston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PORTER of The Hawthorns Caldy-road West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
POSTANCE of Byways Hiilcrest-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
POWELL of 27 Coniston-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PRICE of 1 Beech-road Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PRICE of 17 School-lane ChilderThornton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PRICE of 7 Parkway Thingwall-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PRICE of Alyndene Capenhurst-lane Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PRICE of Thornaby Ford-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PRICE of Wayside Whitehouse-lane Barnston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
PURCELL of 63 Saughall-road Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RAMSDALE of 5 Deeside Bungalows Broad-lane Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
REDFERN of Delamere Neston-road Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RENNOLDSON of 59 Heathfield-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RHEAD of 4 Cromwell-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RICHARDSON of 31 Withert-avenue Higher Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RIGBY of Parkside Cottage Parkside-road Parkgate - -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RILEY of 10 Fieldway Great Meols Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RILEY of 10 Queens-avenue Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ROBERTS of 4 Brook-street Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of 4 Chestnut-grove Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of 42 Whetstone Hey Great Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of 5 Pulford-road Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of 88 Grace-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of Holywell Hotel Parkgate -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of T Ryecroft-road Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of The Elms Neston-road Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of 2 One Ash Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROE of 18 Lyndhurst-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
ROPER of Glenmore 105 Mill Hill-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RUDKIN of Brentwood 27 Acreville-road Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RUSSELL of 2 Gorse-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RUSSELL of Oaklands Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RUTHERFORD of 26 Whitby-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
RYAN of 31 Westdale-road Rock Ferry -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SAILES of The Shop Chester-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SAMBIDGE of Karkara Mill-lane Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SANDBACH of Woodland Villa Westminster-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SANDS of Garthlyn The Village Barnston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SAUL of Mayfield Oliver-lane Great Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SCONCE of Sandhey Burton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SCOTT of Lynville Town-lane Little Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SCOTT of Maplewood Bushell-road Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SCOTT of Rose Bank Chester-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SHAW of 18 Burrell-drive Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SHAW of The Dingle Thurstaston-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SHELTON of Oakbank Lime-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SHERLOCK of Broughton Heath Rylands Hey Greasby Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SIMCOE of 110 Saughall Massie-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SINTON of Swanmere 250 Birkenhead-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SLOAN of 2 Lyndhurst-avenue Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SMITH of 14 Parkgate-road Parkgate -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SMITH of 26 Westbrook-road Saughall Massie Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SMITH of 348 Ferry-road Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SMITH of Pine Wood Brimstage-road Heswall Hills -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SNAPE of 99 Arrowe-road Greasby Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SOUTHALL of 22 Higher Bebington-road Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SPARK of 4 Green-lane Great Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
STEARS of 3 Lyndhurst-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
STEELE of Trentham Kingsway Gayton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
STEPHENSON of 7 Frankby-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
STEWART of 17 Ashton-drive West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
STOTT of 21 Southridge-road Pensby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
STRONG of Rosslyn Reeds-lane Leasowe -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SWAIN of 15 Hydro-avenue West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SWARBRICK of 35 Wellington-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SWIFT of School-lane Parkgate -- Wirral (Cheshire)
SWINDELLS of The Langans Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TAPLEY of YWCA Hostel Westbourne-road WeSt Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TASSELL of 36 Westbourne-road West Kirby Hoylake -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TAYLOR of 3 Hope Cottages New-road Childer Thornton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TAYLOR of Alma Villa Wilkinson-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TAYLOR of Riverslea Ness near Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
THOMAS of 14 Wolverham Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
THOMAS of 15 Orchard-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
THOMAS of 79 Lloyd-drive Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
THOMAS of North View Birkenhead-road Meols -- Wirral (Cheshire)
THOMPSON of 113 Church-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
THOMPSON of 15 Westbourne-road Wallasey -- Wirral (Cheshire)
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THOMSON of 29 Saughall-road Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TOMLINSON of Lyndhurst 9 Reedville-grove -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TOWNEND of 7 Dunmore-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TRUMAN of 3 Dial-terrace Barnston-lane Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TULLY of 26 Rocklands-avenue Lower Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TULLY of Rock House Dee View-road Heswall -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TURNBULL of 34 Doreen-avenue Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
TURNER of Basildon Greenfields Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
VARTY of 108 Dingwall-drive Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
VAUGHAN of 3 Liverpool-road Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
VENNER of 21 Whitehouse-lane Bamston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WALKER of 12 Houghton-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WALLIS of Halestead Fern-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WALSHE of 47 Warwick-road Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WALTON of 47 The Rake Eastham -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WARBURTON of 9 Hoscote Park West Kirby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WARD of 17 Loomsway Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WARD of 83 Wellington-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WARRINGTON of Thornleigh Woodland-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WEAVER of 290 Heath-road Higher Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WEBSTER of Lyndale Uplands-road Spital Park -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WESTON of 22 Thingwall-road Irby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WHEELER of 12 Grosvenor-street Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WHITE of 19 Harley-avenue Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WHITE of 29 Highcroft-avenue Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WHITEHOUSE of Lyndale Chester-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WHITHAM of 1 Grafton-drive Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WHITMORE of 31 Rosslyn-drive Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WHITTLE of 31 Saughall-road Saughall Massie -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILDE of Aynhoe Earl-drive Neston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILDING of 4 Loxdale-drive Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILKINSON of 5 Eastway Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILKINSON of Old Hall Farm Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILKINSON of The Vicarage Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLCOCK of Oakhurst Chester-road Great Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLIAMS of Chester-road Little Sutton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLIAMS of Greeba House Pooltown-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLIAMS of White House Rake-lane Upton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLIAMS of Woodbine Cottage Woodland-road Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLIAMSON of 254 Princes-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLIAMSON of Bank Cottage Raby Mere -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILLS of 12 Antons-road Bamston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILSON of 276 Heath-road Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILSON of Greasby Post Office Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILSON of Heathfield Mill-lane Greasby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILSON of St George 45 Borrowdale-road Moreton -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WILSON of The Poplars Whitby -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WOOD of 27 Flatt-lane Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WOODFIN of 74 Princess-road Ellesmere Port -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WOQDSEND of Heathworthy Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WORRALL of 17 Beechway Bebington -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WORTHINGTON of The Nags Head Hotel Willaston -- Wirral (Cheshire)
WRIGHT of Woodlands Barnston-road Barnston -- Wirral (Cheshire)

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