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Westcliff-on-sea (Essex) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABLEWHITE of Lawrence Nursing Home Crowstone-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ABRAHAM of 3 Electric-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ABRAHAMS of 2 The Leas -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ADAMS of 105 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ADAMS of 23 Campbell-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ALDER of 256 Hamlet Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ALLARDYCE of 42a Pembury-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ALLISON of 124 Northview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ALLMAN of 493 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
AMSTELL of 35 Pembury-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANDERSON of 24 Leasway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANDERSON of 28 Southview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANDREWS of Swerdna Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANGEL of 104 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANGUS of 44 Holland-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANGUS of 44 Holland-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANGUS of 60 Clatterfield-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ANSELL of 21 Ramuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
APPLEBY of 13 Rayleigh-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
APPLEBY of 35 Glenwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ARROWSMITH of 2 Genesta-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ATKINSON of Clieveden The Cliffs -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BAILEY of 48 Argyll-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BAILEY of Westcliff Hotel -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BAINBRIDGE of Hillcrest Carlingforddrive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BAKER of 3 Grosvenor Court The Leas -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BAKER of 40 Glenwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BAKER of St Austins 23 Mannering-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BALDWIN of 68 Avenue-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BALEN of 18 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BALLS of 29 Invemess-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BANGS of 133 Crowstone-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BANGS of 52 Cavendish-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BARDWELL of 56 Winsford-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BARKER of 47 West-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BARNARD of 26 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BARNES of 28 Cossington-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BARON of 127 Westcliff Park-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BARTLEY of Palmeira Tavern Western Esplanade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BASSETT of Ellenor Somerset-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BEARD of 81 Ditton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BEAUCHAMP of Glenareff Hotel Second-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BEAUCHAMP of Glenareff Hotel Second-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BELCHAM of 13 Canewdon-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BELCHER of 24 Kenilworth Gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BELCHER of 24 Kenilworth-gardens Prittlewell Chase -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BERKOVSKY of 5 Argyll-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BERRY of 88 Westcliff Park-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BERRY of Royston 17 Seymour-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BEST of Oxford Lodge 52 Crosby-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BETTS of 34 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BILLING of 208 Hamlet-court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BISHOP of 126 Hildaville-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BLACKMAN of 272 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BLOOMFIELD of Maple Villa 65 Fairfax-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BOND of 27 Crowstone-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BOOSEY of Crowstone-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BOSSERT of 4 Cobham-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BOULTER of 76 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BOWEN of 56 Southview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BOWLING of 647 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BOYCE of 99 Brightwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BRADFORD of 25 Highfield-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BRADFORD of 25 Highfield-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BRADSHAW of 120 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BRANSON of 164 West-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BRIDGLAND of 51 Elderton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BRIGGS of 38 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BROTHERTON of 12 Crosby-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BROWN of 33 Ronald Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BROWN of 91 Glenwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BROWNE of 188 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BROWNE of 32 Elderton-ioad -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BUDD of 11 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BURLES of 44 Ramuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BURLEY of 34 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BURN of 126 Inverness-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BURNES of 31 Grosvenor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BURROWS of 78 Chalkwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BUSHBY of 24 The Ridgeway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BUSTIN of 22 Anerley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
BUTLER of 33 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CABLE of 73 Salisbury-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CABUCHE of Rose Tor Chalkwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CAIRD of Brooklands 14 Chadwick-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CARNEY of 8a Palmerston-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CARTER of 27 Satanita-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CARTER of 40 Wellstead-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CARTER of 58 South view-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CASE of Mihholme Springfield-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CASSE of 46 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CASSE of 46 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CHAMBERLAIN of 16a Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CHANDLER of 61 Silverdale-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CHAPMAN of 17 Hermitage-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CHILD of 46 Brightwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CHILD of The Westcliff Nursing Home -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CICLITIRA of 109 Chalkwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CLARK of 44 Second-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CLARK of 49Elderton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CLARK of Copthorne Hobleythick-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CLARK of Rosebank The Drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CLARKE of 24 St Johns-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CLARKSON of 9 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COHEN of 4 Palmira-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COHEN of 643a London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COLE of 61 St Georges Park-avenue - -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COLEMAN of 106 Ramuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COLLETT of 8 Marine-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COLLINS of 60 Cranley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COLLIS of 33 Ceylon-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COOKE of 39 Preston-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COOMBES of 125 Westminster-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COOMER of The Warwick Private Hotel -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COOPER of 54 Clatterfield-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COPELAND of 15 Lord Roberts-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COSTER of 6 Grosvenor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COSTIN of 237 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COTGROVE of 6 St Vincents-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COWDEROY of 173 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COWLEY of 154 Silverdale-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COWPER of 103 Hildaville-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
COX of 263 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CRANE of 1 Beech Court Whitefriars-crescent -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CRESSALL of 124 Fairmead-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CROFTS of 6 The Ridgeway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CROPP of Firenze Ridgeway Gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CROSS of 2 Ratnuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CULLEN of 115 Chalkwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CUMING of 160 Hildaville-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CUNNINGHAM of The Thistle 30 Silversea-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
CURNOW of 127 Chalkwell Park-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DALTON of 15 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DAMPIER of 43 Tintem-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DARBY of 16a Ronald Park Avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DAVIS of 214 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DAY of 23 Hall Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DAY of 43 Westminster-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DE LARA of 117 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DICKS of 126 Kenilworth-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DIXON of 14 Kmgs-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DOBBIN of 16 St Vincents-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DONALD of 91 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DOO of 62 Genesta-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DOREE of 100 Ronald Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DOUGAL of Blythswood 8 Seymour-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DRISCOLL of 100 Station-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DUPREE of 33 North View-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
DURELL of Cavendish House 39 Crowstone-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EARLE of Galton House Galton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EDRIDGE of 64 Genesta-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EGG of 55 North view-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ELLETT of Engleburg 16 Esplanade Gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ELLIS of 35 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ELLIS of 81 Wellington-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ELLSON of Dovedale Carlirigford-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ELSON of 24 Lympstone Close -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EVANS of 16 Chalkwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EVANS of 36 First-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EVANS of 60 The Ridgeway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EVENS of Broadfields 63 Crowstone-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
EVERITT of 45 Invemess-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FANE of 9 Retreat-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FAULKNER of 133 Inverness-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FINCH of 50 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FINCH of 54 Claremont-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FLETCHER of 22 Station-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FORBES of 2a St Vincents-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FORSS of 89 St Johns-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FORTH of Lathkie 31 Esplanade-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FOULSER of Corfield Hotel Westcliff Parade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FOX of The Ramblers Shorefield-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FRANCIS of 12 Kenilworth-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FROST of 8 Electric-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FUDGE of 2 Wenham-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
FULLER of 214 Hamlet Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GAMMON of 98 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GARNER of 17 Rayleigh-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GARNER of 17 Rayleigh-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GAUNT of 5 Clifton-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GAY of Medina 27 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GIDDINGS of Peira Cava 126 Chalkwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GILBERT of 163 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GILBERT of 26 Westcliff Parade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GILES of 26 Merilees-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GILMAN of 118 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GIMBRETT of 70 Silverdale-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GINHAM of Verna 226 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GLEDHILL of 19 Claremont-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GODDARD of 17 Southborough-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GODDEN of 655 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GODDEN of 655 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GOLDEN of 106 Hildaville-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GOOD of 13 Shanklin-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GORDON of 55 Imperial-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GRANT of 16 St Vincents-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GREEN of 44 Th? Drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GREEN of Kingswood 148 North view-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GREENWOOD of 61 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GREGORY of 2 Carlton Villas Carlton-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GRIEVES of 13 San Remo-parade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GRIGGS of 132 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GROOM of 55 Ronald Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
GROUNDWATER of 16 The Drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HACKET of 4 Cavendish Gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HALES of 30 St Johns-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HALL of 146 Salisbury-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HAMMOND of 63 Elderton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HANCOCK of 15 Shanklin-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HANWELL of Strathmore 35 Mannering Gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HARMAN of 68 Silverdale-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HARPER of 32 Anerley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HARRIES of 17 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HARRIS of 21 Albany-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HARRISON of 30 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HARTE of Broombank 73 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HARVEY of 30 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HAWKES of 125 Inverness-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HAYES of Seyah 79 St Georges Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HAYES of Seyah 79 St Georges Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HEAD of Surilla The Ridgeway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HEATH of 142 Hildaville-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HEDGER of 160 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HELSBY of Kia Ora Hotel Palmeira-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HEYMANN of First Avenue Hotel -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HILL of 13 Cranley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HILL of 7IDitton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HILLEARD of Wanborough 262 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOBBS of 83 Inverness-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HODGKINSON of 99 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOLLAND of Arcady 10 Southborough-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOLLAND of Arcady 10 Southborough-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOLLIDAY of 25 Fairmead-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOLLOWAY of 26 Holyrood-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOOK of 1 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOOK of Langport Southbourne-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HORDER of 18 Manor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOUCHIN of 36 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOULDING of 14 Cranley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOWE of 87 Wellington-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HOWES of 7 Lydford-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HOWSE of 10 Cliff Town-parade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HUDSON of 108 Vere-road Peterborough and of 128 Hainault-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HUGHESDON of 28 Claremont-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HUNT of 404 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HURDON of 15 Anerley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HURST of 137 Silverdale-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HUTHWAITE of 240 Hamlet Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
HYRONS of Montieth 10-12 Trinity-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
INDER of 31 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
IVES of 22 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
IVES of St Kilda 22 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JEFFERSON of Canonsleigh 8 Westcliff-parade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JENNINGS of 3 Station-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JESSOP of 3 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JEWELL of 58 Silversea-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JOHNS of 264 Hamlet Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JOHNSON of 114 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JONES of 25 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JONES of 48 Ditton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JONES of 50 Cranley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
JONES of Ullswater Mannering Gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KEENE of 877 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KENT of 4 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KENT of Villa Marie 38 The Drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KEYS of 12 Highfield-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KIMBLE of 35 Rochford-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KINDELL of The Tors Littlemead-lane Courtlands Cross Devonshire and-of 32 Leasway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KING of 63 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KINGSTON of Wensum Cottage 28 Imperial avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
KNIGHT of 69 Invemess-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LAIRD of 45 Glenwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LAMB of Carisbrooke 31 Mount-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LAND of 23 Retreat-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LATHAM of 25 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LAWRENCE of 69 Chadwick-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LEFEVER of 873 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LEMAIRE of 51 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LEVY of Greenshutters 17a Ditton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LEWIS of 107 Ronald Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LEWIS of 31 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LEWIS of 44 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LINDSEY of 16 Southview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LING of 31 Galton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
LLEWELLYN of 5 Fleetwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MADDOCKS of 23 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MANDERS of 299 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MANLEY of 3 Chadwick-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MARDORF of 126 Inverness-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MARGETTS of 95 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MARRIOTT of 15 Hainault-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MARSH of 127 Invemess-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MARSHALL of 68 Crowstone-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MASTERS of 6 Ceylon-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MAY of 99 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MAYCOCK of The Crowstone Home for the Blind -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
McALPINE of 108 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
McGUIRE of 87 Salisbury-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
McMAHON of 47 St Georges Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MEDCALF of 7 North-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MERGLER of 93 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MIDDLETON of 88 Wellington-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MILLER of 113a Southview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MILLER of 24 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MILLINGTON of Holmhurst Meteor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MILLS of 23 St Georges Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MILLS of Fernleigh 5 Seaforth-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MONK of 41 Electric-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MONKHOUSE of 45 Southborough-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MORGAN of 420 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MORGAN of 9 Lydford-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MORLEY of 283 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MORTLOCK of 40 Cavendish-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MOXON of 20 Electric-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MUHAMMAD of 26 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MULLETT of 81 Westcliff Park-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
MURRAY of 35 Manor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NEEDLESTICHER of 11 Ditton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NEWELL of 77 Hildaville-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NEWMAN of 114 St Helens-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NEWMAN of 28 St Vincent-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NICHOLLS of 42 Satanita-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NICHOLS of 231 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NICHOLSON of 121 Glenwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NOBLE of 36 South view-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NORMAN of Hotel Kia Ora Palmeira-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NORTHCROFT of 98 Tintem-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NORTHWOOD of 68 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
NUTT of 64 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ODDY of 154 Tintern-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
OLIVER of 138 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
OLIVER of 138 Beedell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
OLIVER of 230 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PACKER of 49 Bridgwater-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PARKIN of 37 Canewdon-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PARROTT of 79 Fleetwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PARSONS of 42 Genesta-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PATIENT of 38 Hainault-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PATRICK of Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PEARSON of 24 Holland-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PEARSON of 26 Holland-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PERHAM of 9 Argyll-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PERKINS of 90 Eastbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PERRY of 24 Ceylon-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PHELPS of 42 Westminster-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PHILLIPS of 15 Wintow-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PITT of 136 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PITT of 25 Claremont-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PLATT of 166 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
POOL of 89 Glenwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PORT of 5 Denham-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
POWELL of White Lodge 30 Westcliff Park-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PRESTON of 27 Rochford-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
PRIME of 2 Windsor-roacl -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
QUELCH of 22 Burdett-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RAIKES of 19a Silverdale-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RAWLINSON of 55 Fleetwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RAYBOULD of 23 Hainault-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
REES of Estoril Chalkwell Esplanade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RICHARDS of 29a Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RICHARDS of 813 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RICHARDSON of 11 Cossington-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RICHARDSON of 7 Runnemede The Leas -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RIDD of 16 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RINGROSE of The Westcliff Hotel -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROBBINS of 30 Ailsa-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROBERTS of 16 Rockleigh-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROBERTS of 7 Shakespeare-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROBERTSON of 3 Grosvenor Mansions Grosvenor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROBINSON of 20 Macdonald-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROBINSON of The Grosvenor Hotel The Leas -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROGERS of 14a Crowstone-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROSE of Rostherne Winsford-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROSEN of 24 Manor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROSENBLOOM of 65 Silversea-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROWE of 277 Fairfax-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ROWE of Porthcressa Hillway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RUBIN of 28 Manor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RUSHBROOK of 21 Westminster-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
RUSSELL of Chetwynd 23 Shanklin-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SADLER of 296 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SALE of 1 Southborough-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SALMON of 11 Fleetwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SAMPSON of 52 Ditton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SAMSON of 48 Fairmead-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SANDERS of Thames Works Hertford-road Barking and-of Norwood 63 Kings-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SANDERSON of Kirkmichael 11 Galton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SANDS of 105 Hainault-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SAPEY of 34 St Vincents-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SAVILLE of 2 Ramuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SCHLOSSBERG of 17 Seaforth-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SELBY of 21 Palmerston-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SEMMENCE of 15 Westcliff Park-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SERGIADI of 181 West-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SEWELL of 27 Albion-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SHAGKELL of 43 Hermitage-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SHALLIS of 228 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SHANAHAN of Llanberis Chalkwell Esplanade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SHAVE of 19 Hainault-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SIGG of 4 Palmeira Mansions Palmeira avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SILVER of 89 St Johns-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SIMCO of 87 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SIMMONS of 13 Elderton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SIMMONS of 298 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SIMPSON of 87 Ramuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SKILTON of 34 Fairmead-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMART of 17 Hermitage-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMITH of 35 Elderton-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMITH of 41 Ramuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMITH of 68 Chadwick-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMITH of 7 Brightwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMITH of 93 Ramsey-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMITH of York House Grosvenor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SMITH of Zaria 44 Finchley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SPARROW of 21 Rayleigh-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SPICER of 23 Silversea-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SPICER of 23 Silversea-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SPICER of Lichfield Silversea-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
ST GEORGE of 44 Valkyrie-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
STARKEY of 28 Ditton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STEER of 18 The Drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
STEPHENS of 18 Kenilworth-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
STEUART of 7 Imperial-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
STEVENS of 4 Cobham-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
STIMSON of 8 Grosvenor-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
STOCKDALE of 69 St Helens-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SULLIVAN of 410 Westborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SUMNER of 130 Ronald Park-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
SUTTON of Domus 38 Cavendish-gardens -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TATE of 40 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TAYLOR of 159 Fairmead-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TAYLOR of 25 Mount-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TAYLOR of care of Westminster Bank Limited Hamlet Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
THOMAS of Fairview Hillborough-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
THOMPSON of 82 Wenham-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
THORN of 130 Hildaville-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
THORNE of 74 Vankyre-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TICKETT of 46 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TOBIAS of 119 Hainault-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TRAILER of 8a Clifton-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TUCKWELL of 26 Argyle-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TURNER of 48 Canewdon-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TUSKA of 230 Westbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TUTT of 29 Ceylon-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
TWEED of Boughton Springfield-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
VALANTINE of 137 Brightwell-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
VANDERPUMP of 2 Chadwick-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
VICK of 5 Westcliff Parade -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WACOGNE of 29 Northview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WADDINGTON of 87 St Johns-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WADE of Tivoli Palmerston-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WALKER of 13 Northview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WALKER of 13 Northview-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WALTON of 18 Albany-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WARD of 73 Eastwood-lane -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WEBBER of Brent Lodge Taunton-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WEIGHTMAN of 84 Fleetwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WELLS of 10 Pembury-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WELLS of 17 Sandown-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WENHAM of 464 Fairfax-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WEST of 315 Hamlet Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WHITE of 143 Ramuz-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WHITING of 141 Fairmead-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WHITNALL of 24 Highfield-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WHITTLE of 7 Marine-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WICKS of 428 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILES of 16 Highfield-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLAN of 3 Cobham-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLIAMS of 27 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLIAMS of 27 Glenwood-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLIAMS of 292 Southbourne-grove -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLIAMS of 48 Romford-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLIAMS of 50 Cossington-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLIAMS of 52 Cotswold-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILLIAMS of Red Gables 18 Second-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WILSON of 19 Hermitage-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WOLSKB of 49 Cranley-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WOOD of 13 Ditton Court-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WOOD of 65 Electric-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WOODALL of 9 Silversea-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WOODROFFE of 28 Wenham-drive -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WORMALD of 70 Hamlet-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WRIGHT of 51 Ridgeway -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WRIGHT of 56 Genesta-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WRIGHT of 633 London-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
WRIGHT of 9 Holland-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
YOUENS of Strathmore 49 Crowstone-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
YOUNG of 29 Retreat-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
YOUNG of 42 Cossington-road -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)
YOUNG of Glenroyd 17 Palmeira-avenue -- Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)

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