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Stroud (Gloucestershire) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABRAHAMS of Iona Cainscross-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ADAMS of Hawthorn Villa 109 Stratford-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ALDER of 2 Clarendon-villas Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ALDRIDGE of 13 Belle Vue-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ALEXANDER of Sheepscombe House Sheepscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ALLAWAY of The Nook Parkend Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ALLEN of 2 Court-cottages Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ALLEN of The Bungalow Lightpill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ARCHIBALD of Brick House -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ARMITAGE of Berrimans -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ARMSTRONG of Groves-close The Edge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ASHMEAD of 5 Acre-place Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ASHMEAD of Eastleigh Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
AUSTIN of Kingley Cottage Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
AVELINE of Sunnyside Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BAILEY of 1 Glenview-villas Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BAILEY of Nethercroft Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BALL of Prince of Wales Inn Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARCHARD of The Vicarage Bussage -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARNES of 55 Parliament-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARNES of Lewiston Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARNES of More Hall -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARRELL of Homeleigh 148 Locking-hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARRETT of Glenside Rodborough-avenue -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARROWCLOUGH of The Slad -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARTER of Bowl Hill Kingscourt -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARTLETT of 11 Summer-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARTLETT of Elcombe The Slad -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BARTLETT of Spring Field Cottage Elcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BASSETT of 5 School-terrace Chapel-lane Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BATEMAN of 46 Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BAXTER of Acme Hill House Acre-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BAXTER of The Malakoff Inn Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BEARD of Highfield Villa Whiteshill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BEARD of London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BEAVIS of The Quarry Bussage -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BENDALL of 1 Cooperative-buildings Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BENDALL of 3 Lower Lypiatt-terrace Horns-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BENNETT of Brick House London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BENNETT of Rostrevor Upper Church-road Cain-cross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BEVIS of The Nodes Shortwood Nails-worth -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BINGHAM of 62 Middle-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BINGLE of Roseberry-terrace Chalford Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BIRCH of The Vatch House -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BISHOP of 58 Parliament-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BISHOP of Chapel-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BLACKBURN of 4 Middle Leazes -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BLAKE of 3 Hamilton Villas Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BLANCH of Fair View Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BLICK of 1 Far Leazes -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BLICK of The Butchers Arms Parliament-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BOSANQUET of 2 Rockfield Cottages Bowbridge-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BOULTON of Middle Lypiatt -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BOWLEY of Pilgrim Cottage Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BOWNS of 11 Bowbridge-crest Spider-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BOWNS of 7 Parliament-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BOYD of Quietways Radborough Common -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BRAIN of Etheldene-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BRAMICH of The Fernery Pitchcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BRAMLEY of Orchard Leigh Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BRENNAN of Slade-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BREWER of Paganhill Lodge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BROWN of Cyfartha Britannia-square Nailsworth -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BROWN of Mill Yard Ebney -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BROWN of The Laurels The Slad -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BROWN of The Skippets Shepscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BROWN of The Skippets Shepscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BROWNING of Highfield Whiteshill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BRYAN of Ye Cottage Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BURFORD of Fern Villa The Bourne -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BURFORD of Fern Villa The Bourne -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BURTON of Grafton House Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BUSHELL of Selsley West -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BUTCHER of Bowbridge-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BUTT of Bilbury Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
BUTT of Star Farm Pitchcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CAMBRIDGE of 1 Field View Kitesnest-lane Lightpill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CANNELL of 3 Albert-terrace Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CARDIS of Fairmount Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CARTER of Severn View Spilmans-road Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHAMBERLAIN of 3 Winchcombe-cottages Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHANDLER of 22 Spillmans-road Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHANDLER of 4 South View Foxmoor Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHANDLER of Garden Cottage Tabernacle Walk Rod-borough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHAPMAN of 21 Nelson-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHAPMAN of 8 Council Houses Avening -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHAPMAN of Trilgate The Slad -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CHESTERMAN of 30 Central-road Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CLARKE of 2 Hillside Villas Butterrow -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CLARKE of St Francis Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CLAYFIELD of 7 Kingley-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CLAYFIELD of Ludlow Green Ruscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CLEVELAND of Eastcot Box -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CLIFT of 3 Rowcroft -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CLUTTERBUCK of Chaland Springfield-road Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COALE of 18 Lansdown -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COBB of the Post Office Edgeworth -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COCKELL of Bisley Old-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COCKERILL of Lynton Great Western-road Stonehouse -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COLBOURNE of Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COLE of 4 Chapel-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COLEMAN of 6 Woodland-terrace Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COLLIER of 8 Great Orchard London-road Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COLLINS of Eton Villa Slad-road and of 5 George-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COLLINS of The Sheltons Farmhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COLLINS of The Sheltons Farmhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOK of 3 Gordon-terrace Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOK of Ivy Cottage Church Hill Bourne Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOK of StalcOt Tabernacle Walk Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOK of The Post Office Inn George-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOK of Vale View Selsley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOKE of 18 Lower-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOKE of Fairview Cottage Bismore Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOKE of Glenburnie Darrenfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOKE of Old Hill Casheis Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
COOPER of South Lighthill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CORDAY of Riflemans The Vatch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CRATCHLEY of Burleigh Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CRIPPS of 2 Malvern-villas Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CRITCHLEY of Karacassel Woodchester -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CROCKER of Whiteshill North -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CROOK of Broadbury London-road Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CROOK of Penrith House Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CROOK of The Homestead France Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CROOME of Highfield Lodge Belle Vue-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CUFF of 1 Seymour Steps Bisley Old-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CULLEY of 26 Lansdown-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CURTIS of 2 Beards-lane Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
CUTLER of Winchcombe House Nelson-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DANGERFIELD of 1 The Limes Frome-avenue Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DANIELS of Holly Bank Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAVIES of 118 Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAVIES of 2 Springfield-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAVIES of Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAVIES of Rock Villa Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAVIS of Gladstone Cottage Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAVIS of The Ferns Lower-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAVOLL of Hilbrae Oakridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DAY of 52 Chapel-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DEMMERY of Kantara Bridge-street Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
DUDBRIDGE of Lynton Villa Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ECCLES of 4 Churchfield-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EDDELS of Lamb Cottage Little-worth Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EDGECUMBE of Parkstone Burleigh rear -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EDMONDS of Wayside Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EDWARDS of Marling House Selsley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ELTRINGHAM of Woodhouse -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EVANS of 1 Victoria-terrace Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EVANS of 96 Stratford-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EVANS of Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
EVANS of Rose Villa Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FAULKNER of Rosare Cottage South Woodchester -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FERN of Rose Cottage Sladnear -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FERRABEE of Edgecombe House The Bourne Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FIRMINGER of Oaklands Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FISHER of 11 Springfield-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FLACKE of 1 Floral Villas Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FLIGHT of Springfield-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FLIGHT of Springfield-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FOSTER of St Marys Cottage Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FRANKLIN of Dulce Domum Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FRANKLIN of Park-view Farm Hill-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FREEMAN of 20 Russell-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FREEMAN of 32 Middle-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FREEMAN of Highfield Villa Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FREEMAN of Hillside View Longridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FREEMAN of Tankards Spring House Chalford -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FREESTONE of Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FRENCH of The Mount Bisley Old-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FROWDE of Lower Green House Greenhouse-lane Painswick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FRUSHER of Vale House Dudbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
FRY of Steep Drift Londori-road Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GABB of 1 Bridgeside Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GABRIEL of Cotswold House Pitchcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GALE of Braemar Downfield-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GAMBLE of Penn Oakridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARDINER of Chalford Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARDINER of Elmsleigh Stansfield Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARDINER of Greendale Bourne Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARDINER of Hillside Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GARDINER of Woodbine Cottage Oakridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARDNER of Brick House London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARDNER of Castle Bank -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARDNER of The Edge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GARNER of Half Way House Pitchcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GASKINS of 1 York Villa Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GAY of 1 Southleigh Whiteshill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GAY of 4 Goose-cottages Painswick-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GAY of Fir Tree-place Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GAY of Hendy Buttemow -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GAY of Woodbine Cottage Windsor-place -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GIBSON of The Glebe House Bussage -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GILES of Heathfield Rodborough-avenue -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GILLIES of Torryburn Thrupp-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GILLMAN of Fieldside Rodborough-avenue -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GODBERT of 6 Thompson-road Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GODFREY of 16 London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GODSELL of West Grange -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GORTON of The Tynings Woodchester -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GOULD of Brinkworth Thrupp-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GRACE of 77 Gill-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GRAFTON of 10 Springfield-terrace Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GRANT of Field Dale Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GRAY of Thornlea Park-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GREEN of Woodside Slad -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GRIFFITHS of 36 Selsley West -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GROVE of New Inn Camp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GUY of 2 Abbey-cottages The Vatch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
GYDE of Pitchcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HAIGH of The Vicarage Oakridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HALE of 11 Mount Pleasant Bisley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HALE of 13 Parliament-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HALE of 5 Bath-road-terrace -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HALLIDAY of Hill Farm Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HALLIDAY of The Butchers Arms Inn Sheepscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HALLIDAY of Yew Tree Cottage Oakbridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HAM of Aldergate-terrace Stonehouse -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HAMMOND of 51 Lansdown -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HANDCOCK of Cartref Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HANSON of Brooklands Sheepscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HARMER of 1 Wyclift-villas Uplands-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HARMER of 25 Nelson-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HARPER of 1 Fort View-terrace Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HARRIS of 18 Wallbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HARRIS of The Fernery Pitchcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HARRISON of 1 Delph-terrace Horns-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HARRISON of Selsley East -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HATHAWAY of 14 Summer-crescent -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HAWKINS of 89 Stratford-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HEAVEN of 4 Lypiatt Villas Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HEENAN of Oaklands Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HEEPS of Myrtle Villa Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HELPS of Kingsbury Painswick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HILL of Abbey Farm The Natch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HILL of Burleigh-court Cottage Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HILL of The Old Water Works Chalford -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HILLIER of Hillside-cottages Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HILLIER of Westrip Turning Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HINCHCLIFFE of Brooklyn London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HINCHCLIFFE of Brooklyn London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HOAD of Denewood Upper Church-road Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOBBS of The Laurels Woodchester -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOGG of White Lodge Bisley Old-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOLLANDS of 6 Osborne-terrace Shrubb -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOLLYWELL of 2 Lower-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOLMAN of Ambleside Pitchcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOOPER of Hillside Chalford Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOOPER of Overcourt Nursing Home -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HOPE of 37 Highfield-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HORDING of Yew Tree Cottage Randwick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HORNE of Stroud Slad Farm -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HUGGINS of 31 Stratford-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HUNT of 2 Union-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HUNT of Blandfords Oakridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HUNT of Ladder Cottage Minchinhampton -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HUNT of Redlynch Minchinhampton -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
HURDLE of 1 Highland-terrace Whiteshill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
INGRAM of Robinswood Frome Park-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
IRELAND of 20 Hill-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
IRELAND of 32 Upper Summer-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JACKSON of Nags Head Inn Avening -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JEFFERIES of 2 Hawthorn Villas Lightpiil -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JEFFERIES of Homeleigh Cashes Green-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JEFFES of Hyde Farm Chalford -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JEFFES of Hyde Farm Chalford -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JENKINS of 16 Hyett-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JONES of 10 Lypiatt Villas Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JONES of Bourne House Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JONES of Ludlow Green Ruscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JONES of Rose Cottage Ruscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JONES of St Helens Bath-road Stonehouse -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JONES of Steanbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JORDAN of Hill House Lodge Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
JOSEPH of Coombe House Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KEARSE of 1 Fort View Bowbridge-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KEAY of The Orchard House Park-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KEENE of Walesby Rodborough Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KENT of 2 Fairview Villas Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KILBY of Rose Hill Bisley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KIMBER of Church-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KNEE of Elm House Bisley Old-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
KNIGHT of Swan-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LAMB of 13 Kingsley-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LARGE of 2 Midland-avenue Wallbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LARNER of Stratford Cottages Bisley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LAWRENCE of 2 Richmond Villas Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LAWRENCE of Gravel Hill Slad -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LE BAILLY of Oakridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LEET of 81 Hill-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LEWIS of 12 Severn View Spillmans-road Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LISTER of The Mount Inchbrook -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
LOCK of 27 Acre-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MACKINNON of More Hall Convent Randwick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MALLETT of 89 Stratford-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MANN of The Lodge Dudbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARCHANT of 1 Hillside-villas Selsley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARCHANT of 3 Gladfield Gardens Dudbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARLING of Stanley Park -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARLING of Stanley Park -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARMONT of 3 Lower Lypiatt-terrace Homs-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MARSH of 9 High-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARSH of Bowbridge-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARSH of Fieldways Coronation-road Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARTIN of 2 Springside Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MARTIN of The Croft Westrip -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MASON of Moor Hall -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MATTHEWS of Rose Cottage Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MAULER of 8 The Circle Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
McNABB of St Roses Convent -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MERRICK of Old Brewery Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILES of Hill View Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILES of Pear Tree Cottage Stamages-lane Pains-wick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILLS of 17 Lower Dorington-terrace -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILLS of 2 Cutler-road Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILLS of 4 Vale-view Whiteshill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILLS of Applcgarth Pinfarthings Minchinhampton -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILLS of Chapel Cottage The Edge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MILLS of Woodbine Cottage Ruscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MOODY of Holmdale Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MOORE of Park End House Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MORLEY of 2 Ashton Villas Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MORLEY of The Knapp Elcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MORLEY of The Knapp Elcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MORSE of Glenroy Windmill-road Minchinhampton -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MOULDING of 3 Grove Park-road Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
MURRAY of Old Church Farm House Selsley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NASH of Rookdale House Longridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NAYLOR of Barton End House Nailsworth -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NEALE of 2 Stroud Valley Estate Lightpill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NEALE of Woodhouse Cottage Butterrow-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NEATE of 2 Glenroy Cottages Uplands-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NEED of 2 Weston Cottages Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NELSON of Castle Bungalow Painswick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NICHOL of The Elms Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NICHOLLS of 3 Wellcroft-terrace Lighthill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NICHOLLS of The Bungalow Carlton Gardens -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NICHOLLS of Wallow Green Horsley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
NORTH of Ruscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
O'KEEFE of 18 Watling-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ORGAN of Chestnut House Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ORGAN of The Moorings Chalford Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
OSBORNE of The Linstock Nursing Home -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PADDISON of Bownham -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PARKER of Bibury Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PARKER of The Rockery Whiteshill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PARSONS of Whiteway Miserden -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PAYNE of 9 Upper Lypiatt-terrace Horns-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PAYTON of The Mount Inchbrook -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEACEY of Greycote Oakridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEACHEY of The Edge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEARCE of 2 Havelock Cottages Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEARCE of 5 Park End Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEARCE of 9 Russell-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEARCE of Belvedere Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEARCE of Blenheim Villa Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PEARCE of Fern Villa-road WhiteshiD -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PERRIN of Upper Corshes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PERRY of 2 South View Foxmore-lane Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PHELPS of Rose Cottage Chalford Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PHELPS of The Anchorage Horns-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PICKARD of 9 Chapel-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PICKARD of 9 Chapel-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PIKE of Glen View Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PITT of Etheldene-road Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POLLARD of 6 Erin-park Estate Lightpill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PONTING of Beech Knapp Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POOLE of 15 The Circle Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POTTER of 1 Bridge-villas Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POWELL of 13 Bridge Side Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POWELL of Fort View Bowbridge-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POWELL of Hillcot Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POWELL of The Pike Butterrow -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POWELL of The White Horse Inn Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
POWIS of Sunnyside Church-road Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PRITCHARD of 1 Church-cottages Rodborongh -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PROCTOR of Overcourt Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PROSSER of Lewesmoor Avening -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PULLIN of Woodfield Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
PULLIN of WoodfieldSlad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
READ of St Roses Convent -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
REYNOLDS of Ambleside Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
RICHARDSON of Castle-street King Stanley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ROBERTS of The Gables Walls Quarry Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ROBERTSON of Stafford House London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
RODWAY of Daniels Farm Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ROGERS of 3 Fair-view Horns-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ROGERS of la Whitehall -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ROSEBLADE of 1 Bridge-villas Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ROSIER of 2 Rodborough-terrace Butterrow West Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
ROWLANDS of la Belmont-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
RUCK of 22 Hill-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
RUSSELL of Grey Roofs Box -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
RUTHERS of Yew Tree Villa Old Hill Post Office Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SANDLING of Dudbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SELWOOD of 1 Bath Road-terrace -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SHAYLOR of Cleeve Cottage Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SHEEN of Cyprus Villa Bisley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SHORE of 1 Middle-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SIMMONDS of 97 Stratford-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SIMMONDS of Crail Villa Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SLADE of 4 New-square Lincolns Inn London and of St Michaels Painswick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of 1 Rowcroft -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of 1 Winchcombe Cottages Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of 2 Carlton-gardens London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of 3 Winchcombe Villas Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of 30 London-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of 39 Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of 6 Elm-terrace Lightpill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Bowl-hill Kingscourt -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Edge House The Edge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Enderley Whiteshill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Laburnum Cottage Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Nupend Horsley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Rawden Villa Beards-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Rawden Villa Beards-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Rose Inn Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of Salutation Sheepscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of The Deyne Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SMITH of The Homestead Eastcombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SPENCER of Locksley Homs-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SPICER of 112 Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STANLEY of The Little House Rodborough Common -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STANSFIELD of Lynton Villa Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STANTON of Brownshill Court -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STARES of The Laurels Chalford Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STEPHENS of Hawthorne Belmont-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STEPHENS of Hawthorne Belmont-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STEPHENS of The Cleeves Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STEVENS of 22 Lansdown -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STEWART of 3 Upperfield-terrace Horns-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STEWART of Whiteway -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STONE of Carleton Bungalow Farrs-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
STONE of The Cleeves Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
SYMONS of The Ryelands Randwick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TANNER of 13 Upper Dorington-terrace Fieldroad -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TANNER of 2 Selsley Hill View Villas Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TAPPER of Highnam Rodborough-avenue and of 18 King-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TAYLOR of Jubilee Cottages Brownshill Chalford -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TEMPERLEY of Ampney Villa Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
THOMAS of The Inglenook Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TIPPLE of 50 Stratford-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TOWNSEND of 4 Field-road Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TOWNSEND of Linstock Lodge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TRIGG of 2 Primrose Cottages Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TRIPP of 21 Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TRUSCOTT of 49 Lansdown -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TURNER of 2 Bay Tree-cottages Dudbridge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TURNER of 20 Springfield-terrace Cashes Green -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TURQUAND of Linstock Lodge -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TWINNING of 1 Woodland Villas Slad-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
TYLER of The Bungalow Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
UNDERWOOD of Linstock Nursing Home Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
VANSTONE of 2 Frome-terrace Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
VICK of Glenworth Farmhill-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
VICK of Lower-street Ruscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WAGER of 2 Lilac-cottages Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WAGER of 6 Merry Pebble-terrace Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WALKLEY of 35 Bislcy Okl-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WALL of Middle-street Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WALLER of Phoenix House -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARDER of Gladston House Painswick -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARE of Highbury Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARNER of 25 Middle Hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARNER of 25 Middle-hill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARNER of 48 Hill-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARNER of Hill Farm Harescombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARNER of Spread Eagle Inn Bisley Old-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WARNER of Valrosa Lower Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WATHEN of West View House Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WATKINS of 2 Daisy Bank Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WATSON of Churchfields House Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WATTS of Rooksgrove Kingscourt Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WATTS of Upper Manor Farm Frampton Mansell -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WEBB of 2 Belmont-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WEMYSS of Atcombe Court Woodchester -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WEST of 6 Sevem-view Spillmans-road Rodborough -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHEATLEY of 22 The Circle Uplands -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHEATLEY of Parkside Thrupp-lane -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHEATLEY of School House Church-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WHITE of 1 Moore-terrace Butterrow -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITE of 4 Rosebank-villas Churchfield-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITE of Glenfield Parkend Paganhill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITE of Redcot Avening -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITE of Rockleigh Bath-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITFIELD of Burleigh House Burleigh -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITING of 2 Chaceley Villas Frome Park-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITING of Atcombe-court Farm Woodchester -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITING of The Layes Woodstock Avening -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WHITLEY of Willox Cottage Box Minchinhampton -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WILKINSON of 1 Grove-villas Belle Vue-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WILKINSON of 26 Lansdown -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WILLIAMS of 2 Glenroy-cottages Uplands-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WILLIAMS of 2 West-view Ebley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WILLIAMS of 3 Rose-place Lightpill -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WILLIAMS of Hillside View Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WINN of 4 Lower Lypiatt-terrace Homs-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WINTERBOTHAM of 5 Rowcroft -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WISE of The Laurels Butterrow -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WITHEY of Prospect House Cainscross-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WITTS of 5 Central-road Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WITTS of 5 Central-road Downfield -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WORKMAN of France Lynch Chalford -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WORKMAN of Laurence Land Brimscombe -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WORKMAN of Selsley-road Woodchester -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WORTERS of Greystones Shortwood -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WREN of Moor Court Amberley -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WYATT of Sunrae Thrupp -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WYNN of 1 Cotswold Villas Bisley-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
WYNN of 30 Hill-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
YOUNG of 37 Parliament-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
YOUNG of 42 Middle-street -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
YOUNG of Brightside Cainscross -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
YOUNG of Rock House Churchfield-road -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)
YOUNG of Rodborough Cottage Oakridge Lynch -- Stroud (Gloucestershire)

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