Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Somerset (towns) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of 32 Reckleford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ABBOTT of 6 Ilchester-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ADAMS of 53 St Andrews-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ADAMS of Capstan House Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ADAMS of Fairfield Long-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ALLEN of Babbington Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ALLEN of Hillbourn The Avenue Walton Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ALLUTT of Harcot Lea Grove-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ANDERSON of 1 Sea View-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ANDERSON of Oakfield Pyles Thorne-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
ANDERSON of The Nursing Home Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ANDREW of Laira House Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
ANDREWS of 54 Wellington-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ANDREWS of 69 South-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ANDREWS of 7 Lower Wraxhill-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ANSTEY of 14 Bristol-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
ANSTEY of 3 Sherwood-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
ANSTIE of Greystones Cambridge-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ARBERRY of 83 Springfield-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
ARMSTRONG of The Lawn Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
ARNOLD of Homebush Manor-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ARTHUR of AvondaleMarson-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ASH of 5 Longforth-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
ASHFORD of 19 The Grove Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ATKINS of 104 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ATKINSON of Trinity Villa South-street and of 82 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ATTWELL of Brighton House 64 Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
AUSTEN of 92 Stiby-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
AUSTIN of 21 Summerleaze Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
AXE of 83 West Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BACKHOUSE of 28 Lower Foxmoor-road Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BACKHOUSE of Glencot Bath-road Saltford Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BAGG of 2 Spring-gardens Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BAILEY of 3 High-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BAILY of 28 Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of 3 Sunny Lawn High-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of 4 Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of 5 Halletts-gardens Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of 58 Church-street Highbridge Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of 67 Charlton-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of Broadway House Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of Broadway House Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BAKER of Bryngwyn Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BALDWIN of Ash Hayes Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
BALL of The Hall Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BANFORD of Clovermeade Pizey-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BARBER of 143 Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARNES of 98 Westfield-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARNES of Hollow Cottage East Chinnock Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARNETT of St Margarets Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BARNWELL of 95 West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARRETT of 39 Crofton-park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARRON of St Johns-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BARROW of 2 Sea View-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BARTLETT of 113 Westfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARTLETT of 155 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARTLETT of 56 Queen-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BARTLETT of Alderley Robin-lane Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BASS of 28 High-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BATSTONE of 9a Fore-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BATT of 63 Southville Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BATTEN of 1 Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BEAK of 37 Lynton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BEAKES of 7 Sunny Lawn Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BEARDER of Garth Edward-road Walton Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BEASANT of 220 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BECK of La Retraite Convent Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BECRLEY of 2 Salisbury-terrace Reckleford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BEDFORD of Berkeley Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BEECROFT of Denstone Nore-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
BEEDELL of 2 Ellerslie 38 The Esplanade Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BEILBY of 14 Gardens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BELBEN of 93 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BELBEN of New Ways Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BELFIELD of Oaklands Hotel Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BELL of 136 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BELL of 4 Roping-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BELTON of 2 Springfield Love-lane Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BENDALL of 20 Wraxhall-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BENNETT of 18 Crosslands-terrace Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BENNETT of 31 Crofton Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BENNETT of the Infirmary Institution Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BERKELEY of Bruton Manor Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
BERNARD of 3 Allandale-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BEST of 42 Bovet-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BETTS of Learn Dial Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BEVAN of Lytchfield 9 Jesmond-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BICK of Doiran Down-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
BICKNELL of 12 Crofton-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BICKNELL of 7 Glenville-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BICKNELL of 82 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BIDDLE of Manchester House Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
BIDE of The Hollies Park-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BILLETT of 16 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BINNEY of Rest Haven Gardens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BINNS of Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BIRD of 24 Manor-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BIRD of Westford Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BIRKBECK of Homeleigh Station-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BISDEE of Valley View Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BISHOP of 12 Summerhouse-terrace Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BISHOP of 24 Hudson-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BISHOP of 7 North-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BISHOP of Fairholme Oldville-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BISHOP of West View 62 West Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BLACK of 1 Chilton-grove Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BLACKER of Bickley House Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BLACKMORE of 2 Wayside Pyles Thorne Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BLACKMORE of 23 Holyoake-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BLACKMORE of 27 Bovet-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BLAKE of 47 Percy-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BOARD of 15 Vincent-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BOARD of Bickley House Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BOARD of Dol-y-Gaer Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BOGGS of Basnett House Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BONAR of Copper Beech Station-road Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
BOND of 34 Beer-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BOND of Highland-place High-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BONHAM of 30 Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BOOL of Buhlville Ilchester-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BORGNIS of Lyndhurst-esplanade Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BOUCHER of 71 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BOWDEN of Fairfield Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
BOWERMAN of 42 High-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BOWERMAN of Grangemount Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BOWGHIER of 18 High-path Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BRACKENBURY of Old Dairy House Mudford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BRADDICK of 14 Bowerman's-lane Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BRADDICK of 19 Burgage Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BRADFORD of 13 Ashley-avenue Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BRAND of 23 Queens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BRICE of 37 George-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BRICE of 37 George-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BRIMBLE of North-lane Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
BRINKWORTH of 30 Bath-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BROAD of 9 College-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BROOKES of Winash Albert-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BROOKLAND of 43 Camborne-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BROOMFIELD of 15 Victoria-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BROOMFIELD of 36 George-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BROWN of 11 Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BROWN of 21 Allingham-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BROWN of 5 Valley-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BROWN of Cameron House Elton-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BROWN of Lady Cross Ilchester-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BROWN of Newlyn Station-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BRYANT of Stockwood Vale Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
BUBB of Cambrian House Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BUBEAR of Furzelands Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BUDD of 6 WeUington-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BUDDEN of The Gables Gardner-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
BULL of The Cot Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BULLER of 8 Courtland-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BUNGAY of 38 Highfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BUNGAY of 38 Highfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BURBAGE of 18 Higher Kingston Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BURDEN of Clevedon Hall Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BURGE of 13 Stroke-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BURGESS of 90 Rosebery-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BURLAND of 10 Lynton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BURNELL of Hazelmere Beach-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BURNETT of Parkeston 104a Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BURROWS of 43 Tone Hill Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
BURROWS of Walton-park Dairy Kings-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BURT of 44 High-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
BUSHELL of Bannister House High-street Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
BUTLER of Birklands Seavale-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BUTT of 42 West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
BUTTERWORTH of Pendyne St Johns-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
BUXBAUM of The Cliff Marine-parade Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CALVEY of 5 Slade-terrace Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
CAMM of Rookhill House Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
CAMPBELL of Stafford House Woodland-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CANEVER of 13 Farthings Pitts Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
CANNARD of Camp View Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
CANTER of Beaumont Tickenham-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CAPE of Five Elms Fort-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
CAPEL of Love-lane Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CAPEL of Rose Bank Station-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
CAPERN of 70 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CAREY of 11 Earle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CAREY of 20 Westland-terrace Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CARLIN of 34 Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CARPENTER of Caerleon Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CARRINGTON of Clear View 15 Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CARTER of Balidon Cottage West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CARTWRIGHT of Stratton House Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CHALLICE of Lapford House 29 King-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CHAMBERLAIN of 2 Marine Hill Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CHAMBERLAIN of 2 Marine Hill Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CHANT of Yelverton 196 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CHAPPEL of 26 Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CHESTER of 6 St Andrews-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CHILLCOTT of 52 Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
CLAPPERTON of Moyvanine Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CLARIDGE of 96 Rosebery-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CLARK of 2 Battery Cottage West End Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CLARK of 20 Adelaide-terrace Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
CLARK of Penshurst Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CLARKE of 10 Hudson-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CLARKE of 82 Kenn-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CLARKE of Restholme Beach-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
CLARKE of Rose Mount West Hill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
CLARKE of St Marys Lodge Argyle-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CLARKE of The Beeches Handford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CLEMENT of Forbra Brent-road Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CLIFFE of Hill View Tonedale Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
CLIFFORD of 15 Jesmond-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CLOSE of Walden 11 Victoria-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COATE of The Holywell Inn Holywell Lake Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
COCKER of High-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
COLE of 26 Hallam-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COLE of Cades Farm Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
COLES of 18 Kenn-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COLES of 8 Popes-lane Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
COLES of Box Tree House High-street Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
COLES of Fairbank Woodhill-avenue Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
COLES of Orchard Croft Longforth-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
COLLARD of The Rosary Brambles-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COLLINGS of 38 College-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COLLINS of Stockton Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COMER of 2 Jubilee-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COMER of Castleton Channel-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COOK of 1 Eton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COOK of 13 South View South-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
COOK of 153 Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
COOK of 26 All Saints-lane Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COOK of 4a Walton-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COOK of 88 Park-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
COOK of The Post Office Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COOLE of Southview Linden-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COOMBES of 14 Owen-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
COOMBES of 42 Bath-hill Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
COOMBES of Sandy Pen Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COOMBS of Baytree House Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
COOPER of The Bungalow Highfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
COOPER of The Highcliffe Hotel Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COTTLE of St Kilda South-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
COUNSELL of 4 Chapel-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COUNSELL of 94 Temple-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COURT of Calways Farm Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
COURT of Tynecott Edward-road Walton Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COURTENAY of Selmans Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
COURTNEY of 55 Percy-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
COVERLEY of Rockmount Wellsway Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
COWE of Amside Belle Vue-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
COWLE of Wayside 3 The Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
COWLIN of The Elms Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
COX of 109 Westfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
COX of 63 Alexandra-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
COX of Alfriston 1 Manor-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CRABB of 35 Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CRAMOND of 13 Lynton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CRANE of Valencia 6 New-buildings Strode-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CRAWFORD of Brightstowe Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CRAWFORD of Stonborough House Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CRIDLAND of Marsh Farm Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CROAL of Lennoxlove The Grove Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CROCKETT of 27 Summerleaze-park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CROFT of 52 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
CROFT of Exonia Old Church-road West End Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CROSS of Overdale Coleridge Vale-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
CURRY of Summerfield Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CURRY of Summerfield Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
CURTIS of 73 Earle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
D'ANGIBAN of Sutton Montis House Sparkford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DADD of 39 Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DALEY of Beaulieu 1 Hendford-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DALEYMOUNT of 10 Seaton-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DALLYN of Westford-court Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
DARK of 24 West-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DARLING of Roma House Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DAUBENY of Katoomba Walton-by-Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DAVENPORT of Lindum Hendford Hill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DAVEY of 41 Wellington-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DAVEY of Brynderwen 9 Manor-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIES of 17 Victoria-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIES of 28 Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIES of 53 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIES of Ettric Lodge Cambridge-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIES of Sevemcliffe Bay-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIES of Tyneholme Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIS of 11 Water-combe-lane Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIS of 2 Coity-place Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIS of 67 Preston-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIS of 80 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIS of Broadleaze Longreach Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
DAVIS of Burnett Point Wellsway Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
DAW of 57 Alexandra-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DAWE of Allingham Cottage Brickyard-lane Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DAWKINS of Pentewan Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
DAWSON of Windyridge near Berrow Church Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DAY of Preston-close Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DE COLLEVILLE of 19 Limes-avenue Finchley London N12 and of 8 Woodhill-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
DIBSDALE of 23 Crofton-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DICKEN of St Leonards Sea View-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DICKS of Thurlestone 5 Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DINHAM of 37 South-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
DODGE of 41 South-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DODGE of Green Gables 181 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DOWDESWELL of 21 Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DOWNIE of 4 Woodhill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
DREDGE of Nelson Villa Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DREWETT of White Oak House Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
DRIVER of 28 Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DRURY of Rest Harrow Wraxhill-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DRURY of The Lodge 2 Preston-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DUDDEN of Woodway Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DULY of 17 Swallowcliffe-gardens Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
DUMVILLE of The Maples Madeira-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DUNTHORN of St Crispins Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
DURBIN of North-lane West End Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
DURBIN of Pink Cottage Old Church Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
DYER of Bristol House Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
DYER of Regnal Down-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
DYKE of Ansforde The Grove Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
EDBROOKE of 11 School-terrace Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
EDWARDS of 2 Pinehurst Belle Vue-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
EDWARDS of Aldwick Lodge Sunnyside-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
EDWARDS of Rosecot South-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
EDWARDS of West Holme Robin-lane Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ELLINGHAM of The Old Vicarage Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ELLIS of 78 Springfield-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
ELLIS of Erigmore Down-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
ELLISON of The Old Vicarage Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ENFIELD of Lyncombe House Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ENGELENBURG of 32 Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ENGLAND of 10 Peter-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ENGLAND of 15 Orchard-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ERKS of Stowell Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
EVANS of 1 Earle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
EVANS of 9 Sea View-terrace Strode-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
EVANS of Fylde House 23 Worston-lane Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
EVANS of Gorselands The Avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
EVANS of Nailsea Court Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
FANSHAWE of 13 Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FARLER of Heath Cottage Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
FARLER of Heath Cottage Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
FAULKNER of 58 West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FEAR of Cheriton Lodge Allandale-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FIELD of Stratton House The Esplanade Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FINCKEN of Look Out 3 Marine Hill Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
FINDLAY of 15 Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FISHER of 19 Rock-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
FISHER of Glen Avon Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
FITKIN of 101 Preston-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FLACK of 73 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
FLAY of 92 Springfield Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
FLOOK of Normanhurst Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FORD of 30 West-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FORD of Hamleaze Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
FOREMAN of 1 Elm-avenue Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FORSEY of 204 Sherbome-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FORSEY of 3 Lyde-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FOWLER of Glebelands Rectory-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FOX of 32 Highdale-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
FOX of 47 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FOX of 52 Middle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FOX of 82 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FOX of The Grange Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FOX of Winash Albert-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
FRAMPTON of 47 Eastland-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FREEMAN of Blencathara Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FREKE of 38 The Avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FRICKER of 24 Westfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FRIPP of Thurlstone Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
FRY of 11 Springfield-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
FRY of 36 Albert-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
FRY of 36 Champford-lane Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
FRY of Clements House Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
FUGILL of 86 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
FULLER of 18 Swallowcliffe-gardens Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
FULLER of Clodgy Nore-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
GAGE of Charleville Albert-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GALE of Burlington House West Hill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
GALE of Yew Tree House Down-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
GAMMON of 31 Rockwell-green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GANDELL of Holmwood Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GANGE of 43 College-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GARD of 11 Ashley-avenue Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GARDENER of 19 Orchard-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GARDINER of Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GARRAD of Channel Nursery South-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
GARRETT of 15 Mitchelmore-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GATEHOUSE of 5 Silver-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GAY of Yew Tree Cottage Chewton Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
GAY of Yew Tree Cottage Chewton Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
GEAR of 4 Westland-terrace Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GEE of 1 Combe-terrace Combe-avenue Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
GERRARD of Southview Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GETSOM of Hawkeswell Villa Bristol-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
GIBBS of Essex House Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GIBBS of Eveleigh Jesmond-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GIGG of 64 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of 10 Lower Foxmoor Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of 100 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of 25 Mount Pleasant Newtown Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of 47 The Avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of 7 Owen-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of Laira House Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of Rose Cottage Oldway Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GILES of Upper Gidlands Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GILL of St Dennis Channel View-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
GILLARD of 28 Griffin road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GILLARD of Capstone 95 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GILLER of Little Garth 37 Dial Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GILLETT of The Haven The Beach Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GILLMOR of Eversea The Beach Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GLOYNE of 7 Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GODDING of Ferncliff Sunnyside Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GOODALL of Camelot 22 Hallam-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GOODE of 1 Linden-road Grove-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GORDON of Basnett House Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GOUGH of 39 Earle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GOULD of 1 South Western-terrace Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GOULD of Exmoor Hallam-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GOVIER of Claverton Durbin Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GRANGER of Firs View West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
GRATTON of Sunset House The Esplanade Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GRAY of 2 High-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GRAY of The Chalet Walton Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GREEN of Knoll Cottage Brent Knoll Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GREEN of Oakleigh Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GREENLEAVES of Pine Grange 1 Grove-road Burnham-on Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GREGAR of Severn Cliff Bay-road Walton Saint Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GREGORY of Oakleigh Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GRIFFIN of Mendips View West End Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
GRIFFIN of The Laurels Wellesley Park Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GRIFFITH of 25 High-path Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
GRIFFITH of Avalon Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GROSSEY of Ivydene 22 Oxford-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GROSSEY of Ivydene 22 Oxford-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
GULL of 2 Pinehurst Belle Vue-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HADDON of Ivy Bank Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAINES of 132 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAKE of Westminster Bank House Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HALE of Hillthorpe High Dale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HALE of I Wonder Pizey-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HALE of Maroon 8 Kelston-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HALL of 2 Princess-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HALL of 25 West View-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HALL of Ashton Sea View-road Redcliffe Bay Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HALL of Kings Hill Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
HALLIDAY of The Myrtles High-street Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HAMER of Springfield Green Beach Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HAMMOND of 37 Lynton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HANCOCK of Beaufoy 2 St Johns-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HANCOCK of Jessamine Cottage West Hill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HANCOCK of Woodfield Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HANKINS of 33 Cromwell-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HANN of 4 Cambome-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HANN of 59 Southville Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARBIDGE of Brookend Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HARBOR of 6 Pizey-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HARBOUR of 51 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARDEN of Elmcroft Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HARDEN of Pandora Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HARDING of 14 North-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HARDING of 22 Grove-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARDING of San Bias Westbourne-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HARDING of Windsor House Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HARDINGE of The Lawn Albert-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HARDWELL of Coleridge-street St Marys-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HARDWICK of Embleton Sunnyside Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HARDY of 1 Tennyson-close Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HARDY of 24 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARRIES of Stonycroft Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HARRIS of 49 St Ladoc-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HARRIS of Endboro Picketty Wych Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARRIS of Glendower Hillside-road Redcliffe Bay Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HARRIS of White Cot Daily High-street Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HARRISON of 51 Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARRISON of 99 Preston-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARRISON of Nettlefield Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HART of Greenhill Westbourne-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HARTNELL of 1 Popes-lane Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HARVEY of 4 Richmond-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARVEY of 49 Crofton-park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HARVEY of Hawkeswell Villa49a Bristol-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HARWOOD of 31 Hillcrest-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HASLAM of Silverdale 21 High Path Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAWKER of Osterley 28 Sandhurst-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAWKINS of 171 Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAWKINS of 18 Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAWKINS of 19 High-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HAWKINS of 65 Springfield Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAWKINS of Innisfree 30 Ardwyn Estate Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAWKINS of Innisfree Ardwyn Estate Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAYDON of 53 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAYES of 39 West Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAYES of Bath House 93 Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HAYES of The Oxford Stores North Weston Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HAYMAN of Oakleigh Cottage Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAYMAN of The Infirmary Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HAYNES of Springfield 91 Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAYWARD of 16 Beaconsfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAYWARD of 47 Middle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HAYWARD of Rockville Chandag-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HEARD of 163 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HEARD of 64 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HEATH of Folly Farm Wrangway Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HEDGES of 14 West View-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HELLIAR of 167 Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HEMBERY of Fairview Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HEMBRY of Minerva St Johns-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HEMMENS of Fairhaven High-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
HENDERSON of Jessamine Cottage West Hill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HENLEY of 32 Stiby-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HENLY of Whitburne Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HERON of Delamara Down-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HERRIN of 137 Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HERSANT of 45 St Francis-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HEWETT of Indleside Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HEWETT of Marina Tennyson-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HEWETT of Westford House Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HICKLING of 40 High-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HIGGINS of 5 New Estate Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
HIGGINS of Brabourne Roping-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HILL of 10 Jesmond-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HILL of 2 Whites-place Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HILL of 56 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HILL of 6 Jubilee-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HILL of 83 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HILLS of Charmais Fernville Estate Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HISCOTT of 25 Eastland-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HITCHCOCK of 45 Albert-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HOBBS of Poplar Farm Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
HOCKLIFFE of Martindale Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HODGES of Glenview 28 Crofton-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HODGES of The Cabin Chewton Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HOLLAND of 30 Reckleford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HOLLAND of Albion Inn Bristol-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HOLLEY of 9 Mitchell-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HOLLEY of Perak Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HOLLYMAN of 33 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HOME of Glencoe Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HONEY of 41 Hendford-hill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HONNIBALL of 15 Foxdown-terrace Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HORWOOD of 18 Wraxhill-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HOSKIN of Briscoe Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HOUNSELL of 55 Grass Royal Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HOUSE of 11 High-street Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HOUSE of 21 College-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HOWELL of Tennyson House Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HUFF of The Royal Oak West Hill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
HUGHES of 26 Roch-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
HUGHES of 4 Jaycroft-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HUNT of Heskett The Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
HUNT of High-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
HUTCHINGS of 4 North-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
HUTCHINS of Cheltonhurst Dial Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
HYATT of 61 Oxford-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HYLTON of Solis Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
HYSSETT of Memories Silver-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
INGRAM of West Camel -- Somerset (towns)
ISAAC of Bute House Gardens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
IVERSON of 5 Sherwood-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
JAMES of 12 Dunstan-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JAMES of Elm Farm West End Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
JAMES of Norfolk House Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
JAMES of Polzeath Dial Hill Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
JARVIS of Rozel Linden-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
JEFFERIES of 28 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
JEFFERIES of 52 Park-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
JENKINS of 11 Churchill-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
JENKINS of 6 St Andrews-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JENKINS of 82 North-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
JENNINGS of Holywell Lake Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
JENNINGS of Holywell Lake Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
JOHNSON of 18 Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
JOHNSON of 51 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
JOHNSON of Ferndale-grove-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
JOHNSON of St Briac Allandale-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JOHNSTON of Garden House Castle-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
JONES of 43 Strode-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
JONES of 43 Worston-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JONES of Barclays Bank House Victoria-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JONES of Castle View Walton Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
JONES of Glen Usk Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
JONES of Lower Lock Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
JONES of Lulworth Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JOSEPH of 21 Adam-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JOYCE of 33 Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
JUKES of Edington Bristol-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
KALLEND of Old Bank House High-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
KEAYS of 4 The Avenue Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
KEEN of Glen View Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
KEEN of Westbourne Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
KEMBLE of 67 Seer-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
KENDRICK of Dunkerry Gardner-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
KENNAN of 10 Swallowcliffe-gardens Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
KERRY of 3 Adelaide-terrace Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
KERSHAW of 33 Holyoake-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
KIBBY of 68 St Michaels-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
KING of 203 Kenn-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
KING of 203 Kenn-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
KING of 53 Westfield-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
KING of 7 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
KING of Hazeldale Albert-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
KING of Pennard Lodge The Grove Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KINNERSLEY of St Ruan Wellsway Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
KIRBY of 198 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
KNIGHT of 13 Hill View-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
KNIGHT of 4 Chapel-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
KNIGHT of High-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
KNOX of Middleton House Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LANE of 29 High-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
LANE of 65 Temple-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
LANE of Journeys End Quarry-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
LANG of Kimberley Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
LANGDALE of Gorselands Nursing Home The Avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LANGHAM of 26 Martins Buildings Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
LAW of Christon Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
LAWNER of 68 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
LE CORNU of The Grey House Nore-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
LE MARCHANT of Woodspring Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LE MARCHANT of Woodspring Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LE MARCHANT of Woodspring Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LEACH of Little Close Sunnyside Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LEACH of The Green Gables Dial Hill Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LEADBETTER of Elmwood Cottage Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LEAKEY of The Lodge Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
LEWES of 13 North-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
LEWES of Courtland-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
LEWIS of 7 Compton-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
LEWIS of Alderley Long-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LEWIS of Porthkerry 11 Manor-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
LEWIS of Winton Worston-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
LIGHT of 53 Eastland-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
LINDSAY of 110 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
LINDSEY of Severn Bank Nore-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
LINNETT of 63 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
LITTLE of Clapton Court Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
LLOYD of 49 High-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
LOCK of 55 Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
LOCKWOOD of Shalimar Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
LOCKYER of 22 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
LONG of 10 Matthews-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
LONG of 19 St Francis-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
LONG of 8 Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
LONG of Overton StJohns-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
LONGBOTTOM of Sunnyside Edward-road Walton Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LOVEGROVE of Lavina Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
LUCAS of 35 Eastland-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MACAULAY of 15 Longforth-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MACEY of 6 Station Yard Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MACEY of Stoddens Farm Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MACHIN of 16 Coleridge Vale-road North Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MAHRENHOLY of 46 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MAJOR of 23 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MAKER of Westminster Bank House Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MALE of Hendford Garage Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MANLEY of Broomfield Wellesley Park Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MANLEY of Glen Usk 75 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MANSFIELD of 34 High-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MARCHANT of 129 Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MARCHANT of 35 Victoria-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MARCHANT of Drayton Villa 19 Queens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MARCHENT of College-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MARCHENT of Durham Lodge College-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MARKAY of Wayside Ash Hayes-road Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
MARKE of The Gables Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MARKS of 67 Lyde-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MARKS of Holmwood Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MARSH of Hillcrest The Grove Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
MARSH of Hillcrest The Grove Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
MARSH of Penn Hill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MARSH of The Fernery 133 Sherbourne-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MARSHALL of 6 Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MARTIN of 1 Oxford-terrace North Weston Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MARTIN of 25 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MARTIN of 4 Jubilee-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MARTIN of Ballsbury 12 Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MARTIN of Glenthorp Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MARTIN of Redcliffe 33 West View-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
MASTERS of 1 Rosebeiy-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MATHER of 4 Hallam-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MATHLIN of 5 Hillside-road Redcliffe Bay Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MATTHEWS of 8 Ellen-cottages Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MAUNDER of 247 Victoria-terrace Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MAY of 1 Highbury-villas Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MAY of 18 Springfield Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MAY of Broxholme Manor-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MAY of Severncliff Bay-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MAYES of Cornwallis House Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MAYO of Ballyhooly Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
McALPINE of 25 Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
McMAHON of 18 Bath-hill Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
McMILLAN of The Den The Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MIDDLE of Tyningfield Linden-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MIDDLETON of Carlton House Leagrove-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MILES of Preston Close Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MILFORD of 5 Farthings-pitts Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MILLER of 45 West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MILLER of Audrey Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MILLER of The Cabin Chewton-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
MILLS of Mendip View West End Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MILTON of 10 Adam-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MITCHAM of 39 Champford-lane Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MITCHELL of 23 Market-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MITCHELL of 8 Grass Royal Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MITCHELL of Cypress Cottage High-street Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MITCHELL of Restholme Down-road Redcliffe Bay Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MOIR of Candace Villa Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MONEY of Post Office Stores Brean Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MONKLAND of Pen Orchard Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MOON of 15 Crofton Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MOORE of 98 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MOORE of Bristol House Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
MOORE of Far End Higher Kingston Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MOORE of Seabreeze Down-spad Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MOOYAART of Woodlands Cottage Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
MORGAN of 7 Albert-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MORGAN of 9 Adelaide-terrace Woodhill-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MORGAN of Dormers Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
MORGAN of Station-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
MORRIS of Christ Church School House Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
MORRIS of Penryn Marson-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MORRIS of St Katherines Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
MORRISSEY of 3 Herbert-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MOSS of 73 Rock-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
MOULTON of 43 Beer-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MURRAY of Storiths Ilchester-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
MUSGRAVE of 2 Seavale-villas Seavale-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NASH of Glen Dene Jesmond-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NAUGHTON of 107 Westbourne-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
NEADS of 30 Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NEEDHAM of 6 College-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
NEEVES of Lamberhurst Linden-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NEWALL of Alton Villa Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NEWBIGGING of 2 Alistair-drive Ilchester-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
NEWBOLT of Terra Vista St Pauls-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
NEWBY of 57 Hillcrest-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
NEWELL of 71 Highfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
NEWEY of Seacroft Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NEWMAN of Highbridge Durbin-park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NEWTON of Castle Hill Walton-by-Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
NICHOLAS of Silver-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
NICHOLSON of Belfield Poplar-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
NORMAN of Battery-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
NORRIS of 19 Kingston Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
NORTH of 18 Voctoria-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
NORTH of Stanley House West Hill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
NORTHCOTT of 97 Albert-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
O'LEARY of 40 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
OATES of The Gables Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
OLD of The Bakery Preston Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
OLIVE of 62 Julia-terrace Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ORDISH of 36 Adam-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
OSBORNE of 9 Lipgate-place Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
OSMOND of 11 Hallswell Estate Kenn-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
OSTLER of Mid-Burnham House Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
OVENS of 2 Beaconsfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PAGE of Birklands Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PAGE of Uphill Queens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PAINTER of 142 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PALMER of 20 George-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PALMER of 33 Sherwood-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
PALMER of Arosa Roping Path Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PALMER of Drummuir Nore-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
PALMER of Far End Lower Wraxhill-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PARISH of 50 Esplanade Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
PARKER of 90 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PARKER of Ardlui Gardner-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
PARKHURST of Arbreta Edward-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PARKHURST of Ardlui Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PARKYN of Westaway Dial Hill Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PARR of Bampfylde Cottage Sparkford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PARROTT of 2 Rackfield-cottages Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PARSONS of 12 Rookery-terrace Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PARSONS of 8 Glenville-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PARSONS of Chapel Hill Odcombe Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PARSONS of Stranded Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PATCH of Cleeve View Church-lane Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
PATTEN of Denehurst 73 Sherbome-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PATTRICK of 7 Woodbury Elton-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PAUL of Green Lawns St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PAYNE of Eversea House The Beach Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PEARSON of 17 Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
PEARSON of 35 Burnham-road Highbridge Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PEEK of 2 Brookes-place High-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PENNY of Argyle House Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PENWILL of 151 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PERKINS of Elmcroft Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
PERKINS of Fairhaven Beach-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
PERRY of 11 Ashford-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PERRY of 16 Westland-terrace Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PERRY of 24 Mitchell-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PERRY of Papplewick Larkhill-lane Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PETRIE of Valley View Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PETTY of Wellington School Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PHILBRICK of Tower Cliffe Hotel West Cliff Bournemouth and-of care-of Westminster Bank Limited Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PHILLIPS of 44 Mitchell-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PHILLIPS of Leycroft Jaycroft-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
PHILLIPS of Lyde-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PHILLIPS of Merevale St Johns-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PHILP of Priorsmead Rectory-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
PHIPPEN of 4 Higher Larkhill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PICKERING of 24 Crofton-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PILE of 10 St Johns-averiue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PILE of Fernbank Woodlands-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PIPE of 3 Hill-view Sherborne-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PIPPARD of 126 Preston Road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PIPPARD of Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PIPPETT of Rajputana Ashhayes-lane Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
PIPPETT of Sunnyside Goss-lane Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
PLATT of 14 Reckleford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PLOMMER of Avon House Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
PLOWMAN of Harborne 85 West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
POARCH of 3 Dunstan-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
POCOCK of Rocky Knapp Penn Hill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
POLLARD of Old Vicarage Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
POLLARD of The Nursing Home Higher Kingston Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
POLLETT of Coleridge Cottage St Mary-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
POLLINGER of Fircroft Dial Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
POLLOCK of Mount Pleasant Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
POOL of Sea Walls Marine Parade Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
POOL of The Bryn Sea View-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
POPE of 18 High-street Burnham-on Sea -- Somerset (towns)
POPE of 2 Westfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
POPE of Firwood House Thackeray-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PORTER of 62 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
POTTS of 90 Charlton-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
POWELL of 1 Royal-terrace Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
POWELL of 3 The Grove Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
POWELL of Clarence Villa 14 Eton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
PREEDY of St Agnes All Saints-lane Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PRESS of 104 Marl Close Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PRICE of 2 Park Cottages Old Park-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PRICE of 4 Beach Cliff Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
PRICE of Lytchfield 9 Jesmond-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PRIDDLE of 56 Eastland-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PRIDDLE of 6 Market-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
PRIGG of 9 Oldville-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PUGSLEY of 14 Oxford-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
PULHAM of Lawnside Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
PULLING of Isca Wellesley Park Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
PUMPHREY of Eulo Nightingale Valley-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
QUICK of 32 Hendford Hill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
RADFORD of Sherwood Nursing Home Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RAISEN of 94 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
RANDOLPH of Corbys Castle-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
RATCLIFFE of Inverary Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
RAWLINGS of 5 West View-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
REDDAWAY of 98 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
REDDING of Gulgar Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
REDWOOD of 2 Mantle-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
REECE of Rugby House Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
REED of 20 Poundfield-road Minehead -- Somerset (towns)
REID of Llanmiloe Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
REID of Woodland Southfield-road Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
RENDALL of 33 Earle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
RENDALL of 33 Earle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
REX of 116 Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
REYNOLDS of 5 Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
REYNOLDS of Highbury Dial Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
RICE of Westford Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
RICH of Shangrila Down-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
RICH of Troy House Gardens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
RICH of Westcliff Dial Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
RICHARD of Little Halt Redcliffe Bay Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
RICHARDS of Dunkerry Gardner-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
RICHARDS of Newcott 72 Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
RICHARDS of Oxenford Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
RICHARDSON of Cate Royal Alexandra-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
RIDER of 57 West View-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
RIDGE of Beaufort House Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
RIGBYE of Selsley Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
RING of 28 The Avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
RISLEY of The White House Poplar-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ROBBINS of 42 Seaton-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ROBERTS of 12 St Johns-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ROBERTS of 28 Ashley-avenue Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ROBERTS of The Mount Dial Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ROBERTSON of 12 Cross-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ROBERTSON of 70 Albert-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
ROBINSON of 217 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ROBINSON of The Grange Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ROBINSON of West Hill House Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
ROCHE of 3The Colony Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
ROCK of 4 Sparrow-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ROCKE of 1 Woodhill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
ROGERS of Rockleaze Rock-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
ROSE of 121 Saint Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
ROWAN of Mirrow Haven Walton-St-Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
ROWE of Ryelands Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
ROWLAND of 5 Holyoake-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
ROWLANDS of Brighton Villa Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
RUNDLE of 5 Herbert-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
RUNYARD of 8 Alister-drive Ilchester-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
RUSS of 34 Victoria-square Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
RUSSELL of 8 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
RUSSELL of 8 Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
RUSSELL of Easton House 8 Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
RYDER of 29 Lynton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SALMON of Southbourne House 8 Kenn-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SAMS of Elmside 26 Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SANDERS of 5 Cornhill Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
SANDERS of Glen-moor 4 Leagrove-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SANDERS of Highcliffe Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SANDERS of Rollo House 153 Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SANDFORD of Mount Pleasant Nursing Home Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SANGAR of 32 Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SARAH of Lloyds Bank House Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SAVAGE of The Chestnuts Cambridge-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SAVORY of 12 Oxford-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SAY of Eversea The Beach Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SCHOFIELD of 4 Priory-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SCOTT of 2 Sea-view-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SCOTT of Kellock St Johns-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SCUTT of South Myrtles The Esplanade Burnham-on-sea -- Somerset (towns)
SEABROOK of West Glynne West Hill Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SEAGER of 62 Westfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SEAGER of 7 Beer-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SEYMOUR of Carisbrooke 92 Crofton-park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SHADDICK of The Laurels Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SHAPLAND of Shute House Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
SHARP of 7 Beach-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SHAW of 8 Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SHEPHERD of Edgefield The Avenue Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SHEPHERD of Oakleigh 113 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SHEPHERD of Saos Woodhill-avenue Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SHEPPARD of 1 Priory-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SHEPPARD of 51 High-street Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SHEPPERSON of Mount Pleasant Nursing Home Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SHORT of Losberg House Beach-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SINGLETON of 28 Lyde-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SKARDON of Shalimar Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SKEGGS of 151 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SKIDMORE of High-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
SKIDMORE of High-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
SKIDMORE of Rock View Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SLADE of 38 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SMALLWOOD of 27 Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SMART of Myles Wellsway Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of 10 Ashley-avenue Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of 21 Seymour-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of 29 Church Fields Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of 31 Glenville-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of 95 West Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of Ashanti Belton-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of Bute House Gardens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of Mayfield Bristol-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of Mount Pleasant Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of Romsdal Bay-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of the Central Garage Nore-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of The Chestnuts Cambridge-road Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of The Grange Nursing Home Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SMITH of Westbourne Hendford Hill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SOLLY of Sandecotes Beach-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SOUTHCLIFFE of 3 Crown-buildings Huish Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SOUTHERTON of 18 Oxford-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SPILLER of The Lodge North-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
SPILSBURY of Wood Cottage Down-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
SPREADBOROUGH of 11 Jubilee-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
SPRIGG of 1 Lipgate-place Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
ST JOHN of The Dunes Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STACEY of 43 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STADDON of 81 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
STANDEN of 28 Cedar-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STANGER of 6 Stiby-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
STANNARD of Glencroft Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
STAPLES of La Retraite Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STEVENS of 14 Lynton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STEVENS of 56 Abingdon-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STEVENS of Rodmoor Rodmoor-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
STIDSON of 52 Charlton-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
STOCKHAM of 49 The Esplanade Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STOGDON of Hatherleigh 5 Worston-reSxl Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STOKES of Orford Villa Queens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
STOKES of Wodehouse Grove-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STONE of 22 Jubilee-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
STREAT of The Manse Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
STRINGER of Fascadale 30 Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
STUART of 1 Coitv-place Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
STUCKEY of 3 Seavale-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
STUCKEY of 30 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SUMMERELL of 14 Lower Queens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SUMMERELL of Kings Hill Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
SUMMERFIELD of 1 The Avenue Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SUMMERS of East End Cottages Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
SWAFFIELD of West View 114 Preston-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SWAIN of 43 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SWANN of 31 Queens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
SWEET of The Lays Charlton-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SWEETLAND of 7 Orlands-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
SWETMAN of 114 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SYMES of 7 Hill View Sherborne-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
SYMES of Solo Cottage Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
SYMONS of 5 Tone Wharf Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
TALBOT of Wellsonia Charlton Park Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
TANNER of Hillrise Highdale-avenue Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
TASKER of 7 Oxford-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
TAVENER of 16 Wyndham-strcct Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TAVENER of 73 West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TAYLOR of 3 Abbey Park Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
TAYLOR of 55 Earle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TAYLOR of 55 Saint Michaels-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TAYLOR of 61 Charlton-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
TAYLOR of Hendford Lodge Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TAYLOR of Stoddens Cottage Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
TAYLOR of The Close Preston Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TEMLETT of 1 Chapel-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
THATCHER of Osborne Cottage Micklemore-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
THAYERS of The Shieling South-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
THOMAS of 12 Lower Queens-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
THOMAS of 2 Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
THOMAS of 63 Adam-street Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
THOMAS of Verandah Flat Walton Cliff Villa Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
THOMAS of Woodcroft Gardner-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
THOMAS of Worcester Lodge Walton Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
THOMPSON of The Firs Bath Hill Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
THOMSON of The Priory Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
THORN of 1 Elm Villas Roath-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
THORNE of 109 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
THORNE of 4 Larkhill-terrace Larkhill-lane Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
THORNE of 45 Lyde-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
THORNE of 69 West Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
THORNE of The Eight Bells Inn High-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
TIDBALL of Pear-Tree Bungalow Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TOTTERDILL of Cavendish House Beach-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
TOTTERDILL of Cavendish House Beach-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
TOWNSEND of Brooklands Rockwell Green Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
TOWNSEND of London House Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
TOWNSEND of London House Hill-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
TREDWIN of Champford-lane Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
TRENAM of The Queens Hotel Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
TRENCHARD of 6 Hill View Sherbome-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TROTT of St Lucia Beaconfield-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TUCKER of Estcourt Sea Vale-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
TUCKER of Marsh Hill Farm Marsh-lane Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TURBITT of 13 Springfield-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
TURING of Gorselands The Avenue Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
TURNER of 19 Kew Villas Bristol-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
TURNER of 2 The Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TURNER of 2 The Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TURNER of 92 Middle-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TURNER of Rydalmount Grove-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
TURNER of Woodfield 4 Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
TYLER of 16 Kingsway Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
TYPE of Belmont Twickenham-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
TYSON of 14 Handel-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
VALE of Rockwell House 4 Wellsway Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
VAUX of 106 St Michaels-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
VICKERY of 35 Bovet-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
VINCENT of 41 Crofton Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
VINER of Amberwood Golf Links-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
VINEY of 23 Tone-hill Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
WADE of 20 Albert-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WAKE of Barows Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WALKER of 2 Springfield-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WALKER of 5 Rock-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
WALKER of St Benets Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WALL of 2 Hillgrove avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WALL of Brampton Ilchester-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WALL of Inglenook Robin-lane Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WALSHAW of Edelyn Hillside-road Redcliffe Bay Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WALTERS of The Cliffe Hotel Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WARBIS of The Dak West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WARD of 118 Marlclose Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WARD of 44 Kingsway-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WARD of Ebenezer Nore-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WARE of 29 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WARE of 63 Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
WARNER of 111 Westbourne-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WARNER of 111 Westbourne-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WARREN of Meadow View Yeovil Marsh Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WARREN of St Bridget Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WARREN of The Gables Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WASON of Braeside Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WATERS of Hawkwood 22 High Path Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
WATERS of Mole End 37 Preston-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WATERS of The Cliffe Hotel Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WATERWORTH of Ravenswood Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WATSON of Northcote Stoddens-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WATSON of Ramar Jaycroft-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WATT of Avalon Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WATTS of 21 Handel-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
WATTS of 242 Preston-road Preston Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WATTS of 79 Cedar-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WEARE of Berrow-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WEAVER of Newhobne Coleridge Vale-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WEBB of 1 Adelaide-terrace Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WEBB of 1 Nailsea Court Cottages Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
WEBB of 26 Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WEBB of Arrigadeen Walton St Mary Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WEBB of Chapel-road Stoford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WEBB of Hawkeswell House Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
WEBB of Silver-street Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
WEBBER of Crossways Bristol-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WEBBER of St Just Jaycroft-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WELCH of 13 Salisbury-terrace Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WEST of Pentreve West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WESTELL of 3 Hillgrove-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHALE of 74 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHALE of 76 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHALE of 76 Victoria-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHEELER of 11 Hillgrove-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHEELER of The Highlands West Coker-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHITBY of Rosemount Albert-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WHITBY of The Manor Hotel Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHITE of 44 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHITE of 44 Goldcroft Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHITE of Beverley Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WHITE of Canberra Durbin Park Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WHITE of Orchard House Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
WHITEHOUSE of Church Hill Villa Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WHITTAKER of 38 Hendford Hill Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WHITTINGTON of 41 Rock-road Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
WHITTLEY of Cledra Edward-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WHITTOCK of Angle House Slade-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WICKHAM of 5 Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WIDGERY of Broadway House Jaycroft-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WILLCOX of Clenchwarton 45 Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILLCOX of Riverdale Old Church-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILLEY of The Corporation Almshouse 6 Preston-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of 155 Mudford-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of 2 Melbourne-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of Garthowen Bucklands Batch Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of Mount Cottage Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of Rings Hill Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of Savernake 8 Hillgrove-avenue Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of The Vicarage Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIAMS of Ways Pen Berrow Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WILLICOMBE of 17 Moor-lane Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIS of Westington Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILLIS of Westington Princes-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILLMOTT of 25 Vincent-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WILLS of 29 Saint Pauls-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WILLS of 73 Hillcrest-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WILLS of Highcliffe Copse-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILMOT of Osborne House Elton-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WILMOTT of Lome House Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WILMOTT of Lyndhurst Gardner-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WILSON of 119 Preston-grove Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WILSON of Lindley Madeira-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WINSBORROW of Kenora Seymour-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
WINSLADE of 5 Hillside-terrace Sherborne-road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WINSOR of 23 Crofton Park Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WINTER of 54 Springfield Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WINTER of 54 Springfield-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
WINTER of Glenlee Waterloo-road Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
WITCOMBE of Danum Highbridge-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WITHERS of 23 Jaycroft-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WITHEY of Chaubuttia Ash Hayes-road Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
WOOD of 3 John-street Highbridge Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WOODHOUSE of Thorp Cloud Hillcrest-road Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WOOL of 5 Sea View-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WOOL of Lochaber 5 Sea View-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WOOLLEY of 11 Westmead Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WORGAN of Love-lane Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WORNER of The Manor Hotel Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WORT of 12 West Hendford Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
WRAY of 10 Dunstan-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
WRIGHT of 14 Adelaide-terrace Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WRIGHT of 14 Adelaide-terrace Portishead -- Somerset (towns)
WRIGHT of 17 Jesmond-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WRIGHT of 26 Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WRIGHT of Penshurst 17 Victoria-road Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)
WYATT of 10 North-street Wellington -- Somerset (towns)
WYATT of 10 Stoneleigh Villas Wellsway Keynsham -- Somerset (towns)
WYATT of Clevedon-road Nailsea -- Somerset (towns)
WYNN of 14 Cross-street Burnham-by-the-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
YOUNG of 20 Eton-road Burnham-on-Sea -- Somerset (towns)
YOUNG of 31 Wellington-street Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
YOUNG of Oxen Close 186 Ilchester- road Yeovil -- Somerset (towns)
YOUNG of Stancliffe Wellington-terrace Clevedon -- Somerset (towns)

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