Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Sevenoaks (Kent) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ALDERSON of Darenta bundridge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ALLAN of Shepherds Green Badgers Mount -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ALLEN of 18 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ALLEN of Penola 21 Hitchen Hatch-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ALLEN of Woodcot Brasted Chart Brasted -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
AMSDEN of Warberry Pembroke-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ANDERSON of Stamford Lodge Bradbourne Vale-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ANDREWS of Brownleaves Ashgrove-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ANNIS of 18 Gordon-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ARNOLD of Mohawk Hever-avenue Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ASHBEE of Godden Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
AYRES of Chandos St Botophs-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAGSTER of St Fillans St Botolphs-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAILEY of 4 The Cottage Fort Halstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAKER of 25 Bosville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAKER of Fowey Cottage Bradbourne Vale-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAKER of Pentref Eardley-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAKER of The Dell Bungalow London-road Kings-down -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAKER of The Lodge Weald-place -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BALLARD of Alanbay Lime Tree-walk -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BALLARD of Shirley 23 Bullfinch-lane Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BALME of Water House Shoreham -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BANKS of Arboretum London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARBER of Redlynch Mount Harry-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARHAM of High-street Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARHAM of High-street Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARKER of 77 Sidney-gardens Otford -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARLOW of Sunnyview Lodge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARNSLEY of 74 Chipstead-lane Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARNSLEY of 74Chipstead-lane Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARROW of Goathurst Common Farm Sundridge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARTHOLOMEW of 20 Greenhill-road Otford -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BARTHOLOMEW of Hermosa 21 Bayham road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BASSAM of Badgers Mount -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BASSETT of 14 Lambarde-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BATEMAN of Silverdale Grassy-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BAULK of Lawton The Grove Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BEALL of Hawthorn Weald-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BEANEY of 1 Taylors Cottages Buckhurst-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BEASLEY of Foxbury Stone-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BEATTIE of The Bend Vine-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BELLENIE of Wee Castle London-road Kings-down -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BENNETT of 28 Betenson-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BERRY of Slamat Packhorse-road Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BETTS of The Vestry House Otford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BIRLEY of The Vine House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BLACKBURN of Hurstdale 31 Granville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BLOMFIELD of Suffolk Lodge Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BLOWFIELD of Stacklands Cottage Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOARDMAN of 5 Knole-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOLDING of Sundridge Institution -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOSANQUET of Apple T lree Cottage Seal Chart -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOWLES of 2 Bosville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOX of Oak Cottage-street Botolphs-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOYES of Park Lodge Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOYS of Hitchen Hatch -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BOYS of Hitchen Hatch -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BRANSON of Garden Flat Mount Harry House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BRASHIER of 37 Hillingdon-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BRAY of Ridgeway Badgers-mount -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BRETON of 3 London-road Halstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BROCKLEHURST of 48 South-park -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BROWN of 38 London-road Dunton Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BROWN of 44 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BROWN of Frankfield Seal Chart -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BROWNE of Ightham Rectory -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BULL of Cheverton Weald-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BULLEN of 73 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BURCHATT of 11 Mill-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BURDEN of The Brambles Shoreharmroad Otford -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BURDON of Red House Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BURGESS of 45 Hillingdon-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BURGESS of The Forge Weald -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BURNARD of 2 New-court 20 St Botolphs-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BURROWS of 9 Lyndhurst-drive Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BUTCHER of 3 The Hollies 46 South Park -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BUTCHER of 3 The Hollies 46 South Park-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
BYRON of The Lodge 36 Eardley Road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CAIRNS of Chevening -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CAMPBELL of Everlands -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CAMPBELL of Great Hollanden -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CHAMPNESS of 21 Knole-rway -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CHEESEMAN of 30 Bowers-road Shoreham -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CLARK of 120a High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CLARK of Hurstdene Amherst-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CLARK of The Grey House Bayham-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CLEMENTS of 17 Bullfinch-lane Chevening -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COLEBROOKE of 14 Greatness-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COLEMAN of Greenstead St Georges-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COLES of 1 Ivy-cottage Dunton Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COLLENS of Highfield Seal Chart -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COLLIER of Dormer Cottage Weald-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COLLINS of 101 St Johns Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CONDY of 3 Redlands-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COOKSON of The Wendy House Woodland Rise -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COOPER of Northcott Pembroke-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COTTAM of Langley Mount Harry-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
COTTHAM of Homestead Pine Wood-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CRESSWELL of 23 Eardley-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CRICHTON of 72 Bradbourne-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CRONK of 20 St Botolphs-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CROSS of 15 High-street Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CROUCH of The Hill St Botolphs-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CROWHURST of 14 Bloomfield Cottages Mill-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
CURREY of Afton House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DALDY of 9 Avenue-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DALTON of 6 Park-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DAVIE of Dormer Cottage Weald-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DAVIS of 62 Bethel-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DAVIS of 71 St Johns Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DAVIS of Wynsford Hitchin Hatch-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DAWS of 7 Avenue-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DAY of Comp Shoot Cottages St Mary Platt -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DICK of 43 St Botolphs-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DICK of Morven Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DIXON of Little Cacketts Brasted -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DONNELLY of 27 High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
DONOVAN of Avoca Billet-hill Ash -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
EADE of White Rock Underriver -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
EDWARDES of High House Underriver -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EDWARDS of Three Elms Kippington -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ELDRED of 1 Cobden-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ELLIS of Romney Lea The Weald -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
EWBANK of East Dene Holly Bush-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
EYRE of 51 Portland-place London W1 and of The New House Ivy Hatch -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FAGG of 28 High-street Chipstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FANCETT of Lansdowne Ighthorn -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FARNELL of The Billet Cottages Ash -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FARRELL of The Bullfinch Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FIELD of 5 Park-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FIELDER of 22 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FILLERY of 9 Hillingdon-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FISHER of 1 New Court-street Botolphs-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FLEETWOOD of Ashleigh Hollybush-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FLETCHER of Hazel Cottage Badgers-mount -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FLYNN of OtforcT -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FORD of 23 Brittains-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FORSHAW of Dalegarth Station-road Halstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FOSTER of Hall-place Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FOX of Hildercrest 65 Bayham-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FRASER of Speldhurst-close -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FREEMAN of Cricketts Farm Ightham -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FRENCH of 52 Granville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FUGGLE of 1 Lennard-road Dunton Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FUGGLE of 8 Park-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FULLEGAR of Lilley Cottage 4 Heathfield-road Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
FULLER of 44 Bradbourne-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GADSBY of 27 Serpentine-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GALE of The Glebe -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GASSON of Elmfield Weald -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GEER of 5 Argyle-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GILLINGS of Orchards Halstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GLAYSHER of 57a London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GOLDSACK of Hollandhurst Underriver -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GOUT of Ritherden Toys-hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GREEN of Pine Tree Cottage 53 Chipstead-lane Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GROUND of Top-of-the-Hill 48 High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GUNN of 13 Cavendish-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GUNN of The Post Office Chevening -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
GURR of Oak Lodge Farm Idle Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HALL of 4 London-road Halstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HALL of Hillside Bradbourne Park-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HAMMERTON of 97 St Johns Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HAMMERTON of 97 St Johns-hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HAMMOND of Croft Villa 41 High-street Chipstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HAMPTON of Ashwood The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HANN of 1 Meopham-cottages Weald -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARDING of Norlands The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARDS of Roseville 48 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARDS of Roseville 48 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARRISON of 51 London-road Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARRISON of 79 London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARRISON of 81 Hitchen Hatch-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARROLD of Birchfield House Sundridge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HARTNUP of Devon-villas Otford -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HATTON of Harvard Badgers Mount -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HAWKINS of Sunbury Villas Dunton Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HEARSON of -Bankside Oakhill-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HEATH of 3 London-road Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HEATH of 35 London-road Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HENLEY of Sandown 3 Hillside-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HENNEL of The Rectory Ash -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HERON of 205 London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HERRIES of St Julians -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HEWER of 4 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HEWER of 4 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HICKS of Seal Hollow House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HICKS of The Cottage Leigh -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HIGGS of Oakwood Bayleys Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HILDER of Ashbrook Vine Court-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HILLS of 40 Lion-street Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOAD of Crown Fields -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HODGKIN of 5 Cedar-terrace -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HODGSON of Wrotham -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOLLAND of 9 Greenwood Way -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOLMAN of 127 Bradbourne Vale-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOOKHAM of 124 London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HORE of Cradlebush Otford -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOROBIN of 5 Lyle-court Linden Chase -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOUGH of 101 St Johns Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOWIESON of High-street House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HOWISON of Crossways Halstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HUGHES of The Hill House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HUGHES of The Hill House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
HUMPHREY of 11 Greatness-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
INGE of 40 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JACK of 7 Quakers Hall-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JACKSON of 10 Oaks Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JACKSON of 3 Knole-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JACKSON of 52 Cramptons-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JACKSON of 52 Cramptons-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JACKSON of Greystones Chipstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JAMES of Manns Farm House West Yoke Ash -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JAMESON of 10 Knole-way -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JARDINE of Rama The Grove Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JARVIS of 48 London-road Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JARVIS of Bente Carters Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JEFFERY of The Orangery Knole -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JESSUP of Winkhurst Green Farm Ide Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JOHNSON of Wickham Creaux 45 Camden-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JONES of 20 Cavendish-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
JOSEFSSON of Windover Burntwood-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
KEMP of Greycot 49 Hillingdon-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
KERSLAKE of 3 Hillcrest -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
KESTEVEN of Hemewood -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
KETTERINGHAM of 90 Chipstead-lane Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
KNELL of The Anchor 32 London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
KNOWLES of The Surgery Plaxtol -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LAING of Castle Bank Kemsing -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LAMB of The Chalet Grassy-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LAMBERT of 46 Granville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LAMBERT of Brown Knoll Tubs-hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LANE of West Lodge Chipstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LANG of The Royal Oak Hotel -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LARNER of 18 Quaker Hall-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LAW of 58 Victoria-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LAWRENCE of 54 Wichenden-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LEWIN of Gladwyn Hospital-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LEWIS of Wood Dene Oak Hill-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
LOFTS of 53 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LOVELAND of 72 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MACFARLANE of Normans Cottage Ide Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MACNAGHTEN of The Box House Kemsing -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MAIN of Windmill Inn Weald -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MAJOR of 24 Greatness-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MARKER of Parkwood -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MARSH of Starhill Dunton Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MARSHALL of 27 Buckhurst-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MARTIN of Bank House Chipstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MARTIN of Greenways 38 Pinewood-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MAULE of Beaconsmount Ivy Hatch -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MAY of Lydbrook Seal Hollow-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MAYO of Dale Cottage Grassy-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
McGONIGLE of Daisy Meadow Brasted Chart -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MEAD of 18 Buckhurst-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MEDDEMMEN of 166 Otford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MEDDEMMEN of 166 Otford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MEDEN of Melrose Brittains-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MELLOR of Mountford Pinewood-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MEREDITH of 60 Granville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MILAM of 1 St Botolphs-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MILES of 117 Bradbourne Vale-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MILES of 35 Wickenden-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MILES of The Glen Linden Chase -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MILLER of The Chequers High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MITCHELL of Glenna Ightham -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MITCHELL of Restharrow Greenhill-road Otford -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MORGAN of 14 Beech-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MORGAN of The Mana House Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MORRIS of 25 Uplands Way Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MORRIS of Elmora 111 Hillingdon-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MORSON of Faircrouch Oak Hill-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
MUGLESTON of Spring Cottage Sundridge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NAPIER of 21 Holyoake-terrace -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NASH of 29 Gordon-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NEVE of 27 Sandy-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NEWBY of Witnam Woodlands Rise Seat-near -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NEWINGTON of Beaumons 70 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NEWINGTON of Beaumons 70 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NEWNHAM of The Dorset Arms Hotel -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
NORFOLK of Ridge Cote Vinecourt-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
OSBOURN of Eastdown Cottage Shoreham -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PAIN of Hollybank Avenue-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PALFREYMAN of Church Cottage Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PARKE of 56 The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PARRY of Clarendon -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PATTENDEN of Seafield St James-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PAYNE of Brill Bradbourne Park-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PEACOCK of -The Homestead Burntwood-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PEACOCK of 25 The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PEARS of Bayham Lodge 15 Bayham-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PEARSON of 42 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PEARSON of Felicity Cottages Weald -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PEMBRIDGE of The Nest School-lane Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PERCIVAL of 5 Argyle-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PERCIVAL of 51 The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PERHAM of Lower Fawke Farm -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PETT of Burns Cottage Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PETT of Langs Cottage Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PETTETT of Bay Cottage Ide Hill Sundridge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PHILLIPS of 10 Hitchen Hatch-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PINSON of 2 Red House Cottages -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
PLUNKETT of 3 Marlborough-crescent -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
POLAND of 10 Knole Way The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
QUINNELL of Ingleside 5 Pound-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
QUINNELL of Salisbury House Bosville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
RECORD of Rose Cottage Sundridge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
REID of Bishops Cottage Sundridgenear -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
REID of Dormers Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
RICHTER of 5 Cedar-terrace -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROBINSON of 39 Wichenden-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROBSON of Wood End Underriver -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROGER of Deepdene Seal Hollow-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROSE of Dene Cottage Oak-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROSE of Milnthorpe -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROSE of Redcroft -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROUSE of Pendennis Mount Harry-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
ROWELL of The Durrarit -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
RUSSELL of 13 High-street Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SALES of Godden Wood Cottage Godden Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SALES of Pond Cottage Godden Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SALMON of 38 High-street Chipstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SAUNDERS of 65 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SEABRIDGE of Wood Lodge 9 St Johns Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SEARS of 11 Holyoake-terrace -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SEARS of 15 Chatham Hill-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SHAMBROOK of 12 Orchard-road Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SHAW of The Old Cottage Bayleys Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SHEPPARD of -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SHINGLER of 54 Quakers Hall-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SKINNER of Bridgwater 4 London-road Dunton Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SKINNER of Bridgwater 4 London-road Dunton Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SMIETON of Ardsheal Kippington-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SMITH of 4 Upland Way -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SMITH of 49 Beechy Lees-road Otford -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SMITH of 9 The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SMITH of Glenthorne Seal Hollow-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SMITH of Oak Beams Montreal Park -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SOUNDY of Medlars Oak Hill-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SPURR of Buckhurst Lodge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STACY of The Garden House -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STAFFORD of 73 London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STANDING of West Point Goathurst Common Ide Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STEELE of Broomsleigh Seal Chart -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STEER of Pine View Whitley Ide Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STEMP of Westmont Sandy-lane Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STEPHEN of 95 Hillingdon-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STEPHENS of South Leas Weald-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STEWART of 55 Oakdene-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STOKES of 7 Buckhurst-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
STURGESS of 10 The Drive -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SULLIVAN of Braeide 9 Bradbourne Vale-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SUMMERFIELD of Ye Olde George Inn Shoreham -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SWIFT of 6 Holmesdale-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
SWINBURNE of Dilston Cottage 26 Uplands Way Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TALBOT of Cranford A Granville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TAYLOR of 44 Wickendon-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TAYLOR of 50 London-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TAYLOR of High Trees Woodland Rise -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TAYLOR of The Post Office Stores Ivy Hatch -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TERRY of 20 Hitchin Hatch-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THEW of 11 St Johns-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THOMAS of Mohawk Hever-avenue Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THOMPSON of 52 Bayham-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THOMPSON of Chequertree -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THOMPSON of Farnaby -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THOMPSON of Farnaby Kippington -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THOMPSON of Park Hill Britains-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THOMPSON of Stone-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THORNEYCROFT of Norfolk Bungalow Ightham Common -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
THORNTON of 61 High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TOMLYN of Buckhurst Lodge 154 High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TREMEL of Tree Tops Ivy Hatch -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TRESS of Woodend Witches-lane Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TRICE of 4 Quarry Cottages Tubs Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TURNER of 123 High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TURNER of 5 Childsbridge Way Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TURNER of 65 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TURNER of Oakfield Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
TWEEDIE of Guyhirne Seal Hollow-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
VALENTE of The Gamecock Inn Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
VALENTE of The Gamecock Inn Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
VANE of Alma Cottages Station-road Halstead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WADDINGHAM of Rhododendrons Kippington-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WALKING of 52 Golding-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WALKLING of 41 Cobden-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WALLER of 2 Clarendon-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WALTER of 46 Greatness-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WAREHAM of Crawley Cottage Ide Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WARNER of Little Bowshott LJnderriver -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WARREN of 2 Sandy-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WARREN of 7 Lambarde-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WASTELL of Brookhurst Packhorse-road Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WATSON of 2 Park-cottages Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WATSON of Westwood The Grove Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WEBSTER of Comerways Bessels Green -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WEBSTER of Madeley House Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WELLS of The Inglenook Avenue-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WELLS of White Cottage Greenlands-road Kemsing -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WETHERED of 2 The Hollies South Park -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WHITE of Chapel View Kemsing -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WHITE of Hillbrow Uplands Way Riverhead -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WHITEHEAD of Nurses Hostel Sevenoaks and Holmesdale Hospital -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILES of Apps Bottom Chevening -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILKINSON of The Grange Bayleys Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILLIAMS of Crown Inn Seal -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILLIAMS of Hestalea Main-road Sundridge -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILLIS of 41 Bradbourne Park-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILMOT of Balconia 6 Granville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILMOT of Fryern Lodge South Park -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILSON of 78 Granville-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WILSON of The Timber Yard London-road River-head -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WINDSOR of 12 Oakdene-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WISE of 4 Lyndhurst-drive Montreal Park -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WOOD of 44 Dartford-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WOOD of 9 Bayham-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WOOD of 9 Bayham-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WOOD of Coopers Corner Ide Hill -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WOOD of Fairbourne The Rise -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WOODHAMS of 19 Eardley-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
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WOODROOFFE of 144a High-street -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WRIGHT of 2 Victoria Cottages Kingsdown -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
WRIGHT of The Grey House Bayham-road -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
YOUNG of 3 Buckhurst-avenue -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
YOUNG of Flints Knatts Valley -- Sevenoaks (Kent)
YOUNG of Zermatt 35 Hitchen Hatch-lane -- Sevenoaks (Kent)

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