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Rotherham (Yorks) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of The Sportsman Inn 542 Upper Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ABSON of 1 Peter-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ADAMS of Ormesville Clough-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ADDY of Holmes Villa Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ADEY of Adwick-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AINLEY of 15 Lister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AINLEY of Malvern House Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AIZLEWOOD of 19 Morthen-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AIZLEWOOD of Springfield Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AIZLEWOOD of Woodbank Doncaster-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLAN of 29 Ramsden-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLAN of 47 Burns-drive -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLEN of 12 Reneville-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLEN of 76 Black Carr-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLEN of 8 Grange-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLEN of 80 Lister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLEN of 80 Tickhill-street Denaby Main -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALLEN of Carlton Villa Goose-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALVEY of 18 Deepdale-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ALVEY of Springvale 18 Deepdale-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ANDERSON of 12 Railway-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ANDERTON of 11 Frederick-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ANDERTON of 40 Durham-place Herringthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ANTCLIFFE of 82 Grange-lane Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
APPLEBY of Charnwood Hollowgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ARDRON of 35 Cliffe Field-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ARMES of 7 Fitzwilliam-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ARMITAGE of Howarth Grange Cottage Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ARNOLD of 231 Bole-hill Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ARNOLD of Hooton-road Ravenfield -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ASHFORTH of 17 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ASHMORE of 199 Greasbro-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ASHTON of 17 Hollybush-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ASQUITH of 41 Durham-place Herringthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ATKIN of 130 Melcis-road Listerdale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ATKIN of 42 France-street Parkgate Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ATKIN of Prospect House Rawmarsh Hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ATKINSON of Gas Works Cottages Wath-on-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AUTY of Ivanhoe Meadow Hall-road Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AVILL of 17 Shepherd-lane Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AVILL of 4 Mansboro-lane Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AVILL of 47 The Lings Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
AYRES of 95 Middle-lane-south -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BAILEY of 10 Silverwood-cottages Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BAILEY of 27 Rawmarsh Hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BAILEY of 34 Hollowgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BAKER of Paulton Villa James-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BALL of 143 Church-street Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BALL of 22 Broom-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BALL of 22 Broom-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BALL of The Fullerton Arms Hotel Ickles -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BANKS of 62 Ramsden-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARBER of 23 Mansfield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARKER of 25 Church-street Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARKER of llLLister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARKER of Moorgate Hall -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARLOW of The Belvedere Hotel Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARNES of 65 Lancaster-street Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARNETT of 158 Sheffield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARRACLOUGH of Windyridge 716 Upper Wortley-road Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BARRON of 30 Main-street Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BARTLETT of 62 Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BASKERVILLE of Brooklyn Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BATEMAN of 23 Sidney-street Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BATES of 34 St Stephens-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BATES of 7 Winifred-street Masboro -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BATES of Cloverlea Buckleigh-road Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BATTERSBY of 19 Clara-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BAYLIS of Southfield Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BEARD of 85 Scholes -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BEARD of The Red Lion Hotel Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BEAUMONT of Thorn Bank Bungalow Whitehill Bririsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BECKETT of 250 Psalters-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BECKETT of 32 Albany-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BEEVERS of 37 Coronation-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BEEVERS of 9 Goose-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BEIGHTON of 57 Henley-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BEMROSE of 28 Nelson-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BENNETT of 10 Beechwood-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BENNETT of 64 Barnsley-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BENNETT of 79 Hill Top-lane Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BENNETT of Kimberworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BENNETT of The Farm Old Denaby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BENSON of 6 Clifton-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BENSON of 6 Clifton-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BETTS of 69 Salisbury-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BILLINGTON of 43 Clough-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BINKS of 18 Trehefne-foad -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BIRAM of 48 Firth-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BIRKS of 5 Boston Castle-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BIRLEY of 34 Upper Haugh Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BISBY of 33 Highthorne Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLACKBOURN of Plemont Bolton-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLACKBOURN of West Heyes Bolton-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of 31 St Johns-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of 6 Highfield-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Dunster 510 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Westleigh Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLENKINSOP of 126 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BLOW of No 1 Court 1 Kimberworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BONE of 64 Ramsden-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BONNETT of 34 Carlisle-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOOTH of 39 York-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOOTH of 40 Goose-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOOTHROYD of Greycote Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOSTOCK of Montpelier Herringthorpe Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOTT of 61 Craven-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOTT of 62 Blackcarr-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOULTON of 12 Scrooby-place Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOULTON of 81 Scrooby-street Greasbro -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOWNAS of 39 Sandygate Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BOYCE of 22 Chestnut-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRADBURY of 2 Woodfield Villas Boston Castle-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRADBURY of North View Church-lane Braithwell -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRADLEY of 60 Bentley-road Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRADLEY of Travellers Inn Broad-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAIDLEY of 87 St Anns-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAILSFORD of 354 South-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAISBY of 315 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAITHWAITE of 52 Winterwell-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BRAMALL of 206 Upper Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAMALL of Winfield Cranworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAMELD of 142 Green-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAMHAM of 232 Wellgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAMHAM of 28 High-street Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAMHAM of 43 Meadow Hall-road Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRAND of 7 Clifton Mount -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRASHER of 68 Lister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRIDGES of 24 Crescent End Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRIGGS of 35 Bentley-road Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRIGGS of Thumham Oakwood-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRIGGS of Well-lane Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRIGHTMORE of Howarth Grange Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRISTOW of 21 Hooton Roberts -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRITNELL of 27 Scholes-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BRITNELL of 27 Scholes-lane Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROADHEAD of 106 St Johns-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROGAN of 172a Ferham-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROOKES of 101 Claremont-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROOKES of 42 Finlay-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROOKES of 61 Sough Hall-road Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROOKS of 10 Keppel-drive Keppel Estate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROOKS of 112 Nottingham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROOKS of 29 Douglas-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROOKS of The Bungalow 2 Herringthorpe-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROTHWELL of 42 Herringthorpe Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROUGHTON of 59 Wheatcroft-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROWN of 11 Newton-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROWN of 18 Worry Goose-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROWN of 5 Eastwood-mount -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROWN of 52 Beech-road Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROWN of 7 Falding-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROWN of Eborville Oxford-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROWNE of Terrace Inn Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BROXHOLME of Trentholme Ravenfield Common -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BUCK of 8 Lyme-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BURDEN of 9 Grange-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BURGUNDY of 6 Alma-villas Alma-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BURNS of East Lodge Greasbrough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BURTON of 27 High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BUTLER of 30 Doncaster-road Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BUTLER of Newton Villa 29 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BUTTERFIELD of 48 Warden-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BUTTERFIELD of 519 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
BYRNE of The Grapes Hotel Dalton Brook -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CADWELL of 28 Monksbridge-road Dinnington -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CALLAGHAN of 25 Tooker-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CAMM of 42 Camley-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CAMM of 71 Bear Tree-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARMICHAEL of 53 Black Carr-road Wickerley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARNELL of 73 Bennett-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARNELLEY of Hellaby Hall Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARNEY of 360 Herringthorpe Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARNLEY of 31 Probert-avenue Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARR of 19 Street Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARR of 2 Hill-crest Doncaster-road Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARR of 26 Albany-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARR of 90 Middle-avenue Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARR of Low Stubbin Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARRINGTON of 27 Chapel-street Bolton-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CARROLL of 4 Fisher-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CARTWRIGHT of 27 Browning-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CASS of North Lens North Field Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHADWICK of 24 Cambridge-crescent -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHAFER of 32 Greasborough-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHAMBERS of 18 Oakwood-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHAMBERS of 4 Burtons-row Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHAMBERS of 8 Poplar-grove Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHARLESWORTH of 85 Psalters-lane Holmes -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHATTERTON of 113a Houghton-road Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHRISTIAN of 10 Byron-drive Badsley Moordane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CHRISTIAN of 136 Effirigham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLAPHAM of Highfield Villas Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLARK of High-street Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLARKE of 119 Middle-lane South -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLARKE of 166 Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLARKE of 27 Central-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLARKE of 33 Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLARKE of Holmwood 26 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLARKSON of 16 Brewery-terrace Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLAYTON of Chequers Inn Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLAYTON of The House at the Corner of Mappins-road and Main-street Catcliffe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLAYTON of The Reservoir House Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLEGG of 102 Brampton-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLEGG of East Farm Dalton Parva -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLIFFE of 6 Aldred-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLIFFE of 6 Aldred-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLIFFORD of 70 Claypit-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLINTON of Ellaline Cottages Ravenfield Common -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLIXBY of 38 Eastwood-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CLOKE of 6 Sawnmoor-villas Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COBB of 1 Leslie-avenue Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COBB of 24 Tusmore-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COCKBURN of Daneshill Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COCKING of 4 Brinsworth-lane Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COCKING of 7 Ashton-lane Braithwell -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COGGAN of 123 Station-street Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COLDWELL of 124 Thorpe-street Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CONYARD of 17 Scarborough-crescent Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOK of 2 Bradgate-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOK of 22 John-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOK of 26 Garden-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOKE of 106 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOKE of 36 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOPER of -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOPER of 5 Park-place -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOPER of 6 The Grove Green-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOPER of Lea Brook Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOPER of Norland 91 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COOPER of Walden Buckleigh-road Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CORBETT of 31 Deepdale-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CORBITT of 2 Medhomes Ridge-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CORBITT of 27 Car lisle-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CORKER of Canton Villa Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CORLEY of 112 Furlong-road Bolton-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COTTAM of Rotherstoke Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COTTAM of Rotherstoke Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COTTERILL of 53 Victoria-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COUSENS of Oaklea Bradgate-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COWARD of 10 Victoria-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COWLES of 49 Highwoods-road Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COX of 114 Katherine-street Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COX of 9 Barron Cottages Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
COY of 57 Schofield-street Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CRABTREE of 86 Ferham-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CRAISE of 13 Middleton-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CRAPPER of Hall Farm Bungalow Aughton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CROOKES of 41 Holly bush-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CROOKSON of 24 St Stephens-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CROSS of 169 Wickersley-road and 55 Drummond-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CROSSLEY of Wood Lea Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CRUISE of 22 Cross-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CULL of Fairfield 4 Hollings-lane Ravenhill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CUNDELL of 130 Gilberthorpe-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CURRAN of 203 Green-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CURRIER of 164 Doncaster-road Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CURTIS of 103 East Bawtree-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
CURTIS of 30 Greasbrough-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DALE of 11 Greasborough-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DALE of 13 Carnley-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DALE of 8 Far-place East Dene -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAMMS of 27 Lockwood-road Golathorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DANIEL of 125 Well-lane Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVIES of 17 Kilnhurst-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVIES of 34 Brinsworth Hall-crescent Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVIES of 356 Bawtry-rpad Hellaby Estate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVIES of 8 Chatham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVIS of 14 Woodland-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVIS of 210 Rotherham-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVIS of 53 Rowans-lane Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAVISON of 38 Lancaster-street Thurnscoe East -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAWES of 12 Lynton-avenue Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DAWSON of 42 Chapel-street Bolton-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DELF of 20 Swinburne-place -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DENBY of 29 Cranworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DICKINSON of Westholme Bolton-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DILKS of 1 Florence-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DIX of Alberta Villa Old Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DIXON of 88 Clough-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOBB of Church Farm Braithwell -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOBSON of 33 Shepherds-lane Thumscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOUGLAS of 11 Clifton-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOUGLAS of Lyme Villa Gerardroad -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOULT of 246 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOWNING of 1 Herringthorpe-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOWNING of 1 Sitwell Vale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DOWNS of 4 Fraser-road Broom -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DRABBLE of Poplar House Doncaster-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DRABY of 67 Grange-lane Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DRAPER of Hiawatha The MoorlandsRavenfield -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DUCE of Clough Hill House Mount-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DUDLEY of 18 Sumner-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DUDLEY of 3 Ashmount Doncaster Gate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DURBAN of 22 Bateman-road Hellaby Estate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DURDY of 50 Clifton-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DURRANS of 72 Ashwood-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DURRANS of Fairmead Doncaster-road Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DYER of 29 Russell-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DYSON of 23 Common-lane Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DYSON of Field Side Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DYSON of Hazeldene Bolton-road Wath-upon-Deanje -- Rotherham (Yorks)
DYSON of The Manor House Hooton Roberts -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EASTON of Tregenna Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EASTWOOD of Rydal 45 Watson-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ECCLES of Wood Lea Hollins-lane Ravenfield -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EDMONDSON of 25 Herringthorpe Grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EDWARDS of 80 Mount-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EDWARDS of Asgard Piccadilly-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EDWARDS of Eborville Oxford-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ELDRIDGE of 14 Wet Moor-lane Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ELKINGTON of 53 Fox-street Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ELLIOTT of Wickersley House Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ELLIS of 76 Ellis-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ELLIS of High-street Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ELLIS of Mount Pleasant Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ENGLAND of 13 Cottenham-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ESPLEY of 53 Park-road Wath-on-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EVANS of 60 Meadowhall-road Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EVANS of Ivy Cottage Moorgate-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
EYRE of 62 Whinney Hill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FAIRBURN of Hillcrest Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FAIRBURN of Nine Trees Northern-road Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FALLON of 24 Station-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FANSHAW of 47 Romwood-avenue Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FAWCETT of Cartref Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FELLOWS of Manor Farm Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FEREDAY of 17 Rother-road Canklow -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FIELD of 11 Broom Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FINN of 29 Tennyson-avenue Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FLEMING of 42 Brinsworth Hall-drive Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FLETCHER of 30 North-street Thornhill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FLETCHER of 36 Finlay-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FLINT of Castle House Psalters-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FORD of 1 Limesway Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FORSTER of 46 Sheffield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of 1 Grove-terrace Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of 115 Middle-lane South -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of 12 Pembroke-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of 161 Psalters-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of 40 Spalton-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of 74 Church-street Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of 80 James-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of Dene View Whinney Hill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of Linford 220 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOSTER of Rotherfield Oakwood-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FOX of 28 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FRANCE of 19 Haugh-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FRANCE of 65 Selbourne-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FRENCH of 60 Claremont-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FRETWELL of 8 Jubilee-cottages Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FRITH of Tankersley House Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FROST of 29 South-street Ryecroft Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
FURY of Edenville Kimberworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GABB of The Grange Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GABBITAS of 21 Ingshead-avenue Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GALE of 107 Chaucer-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GARDNER of School House Sandygate Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GARFITT of 3 Wharncliffe-crescent Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GARNETT of Westgarth Tickhill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GARRITT of Orchard House Braithwell -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GASCOIGNE of 21 Green-street Greasboro -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GASCOIGNE of 3 Church-street Greasbrough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GAY of 11 Brinsworth-avenue Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GEORGE of 45 Foljambe-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GEORGE of 45 Foljambe-road Eastwood -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GIBSON of 72 College-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GIBSON of Low Grange Farm Thumscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILBERT of 14 Bethel-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILBERT of 34 Grosvenor-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILBERT of Garden House Harley Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILBODY of Dales Brow 126 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILL of 36 SUvermoor-estate Ravenfield -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILL of 39 Lister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILL of Dale Hurst Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILLAM of 4 Byron-drive off Badsley Moor-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GILLESPIE of 18 Reresby-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GLOVER of 4 Shepherd-lane Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GLOYNE of Osborne Villas 94 Clough-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOACHER of Netherholm 13 Alpha-place Far-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GODBER of 294 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GODDARD of 106 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GODLEY of Eilansie Bawtry-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOLDIE of 4 Chatham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOODACRE of 12 Beaconsfield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOODENOUGH of Sandbeck Gardens Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOODLAD of 49 Clifton-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOODMAN of 177 Doncaster-road Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOODWIN of Conway Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOSLING of 35 Grange-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GOULDSBOROUGH of 34 Town-street Canklow -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRACE of Norland Doncaster-road Thryburgh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRATTON of 99 Chaucer-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREATOREX of 8 Craven-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREAVES of 61 Haugh-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREEN of 161 Kilnhurst-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREEN of 201 Doncaster-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREEN of 23 Oversley-street Templeborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREEN of 27 Glasshouse-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREEN of 33 Alma-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREEN of 49 Watson-road off Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GREGORY of 156 Badsley Moor-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRICE of Low Farm High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRIFFIN of 30 Castlegate Tickhill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRIFFIN of 9 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRIFFITHS of 38 Ferham-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRIFFITHS of 42 Greasborough-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRIFFITHS of 53 Broad-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRIMOLDBY of 122 Gilberthorpe-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GROUTAGE of 44 Clifton-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GROVE of 23 Toll Bar-road Listerdale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GRUNDY of 19 York-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GUEST of 107 Eldon-road Eastwood Vale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GUEST of 31 Whinney-hill Dalton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
GUMMER of High Bank Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HABERSHON of Holmsfield Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAGUE of Manor Farm House Clifton Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAIGH of 130 St Anns-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAIGH of 15 Foljambe-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAIGH of 20 Charles-street Sandhill Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAIGH of 20 Charles-street Sandhill Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HAIGH of 45 Adwick-road Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAINSWORTH of 201 Middle-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HALL of 3 Warren Vale-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HALL of 41 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HALL of 47 Low-field-avenue Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HALLAM of 1 West Leigh Well-lane Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HALLAM of Robin Hood Inn Aughton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HALLATT of Linden Villa West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAMMERTON of 69 Albert-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAMSTEAD of 9 Park-terrace Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HANDLEY of 86 Probert-avenue Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARDWICK of Beech House Guiltwaite Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARDWICK of Riselea Old Wortley-road Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARKESS of 7 Highfield-grove West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARKNESS of British Oxygen House Armer-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARLOW of 7 Garfield Mount -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARRIS of 26 Aldwarke-road Pashgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARRISON of 54 Carlisle-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARRISON of 9 Sandal-road Conisborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARRISON of 90 William-street Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARRISON of 98 Rawmarsh Hill Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARRISON of Moor Cottage Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARRISON of The Green Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARROP of care of Williams Deacons Bank Limited -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HART of 20 South-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HART of 29 Victoria-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HART of 3 Clay Pit-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HARTLEY of 33 Highgate Hill Top-lane Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HASLAM of 53 Wood-lane Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HASTINGS of Carholme Doncaster-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HATTERSLEY of 34 Hesley-lane Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAWKINS of I Kilnhurst-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAWLEY of 158 Main-street Lyecroft Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAWLEY of 21 Victoria-road Ryecroft Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAYES of 14 Oakwood-drive -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAYES of 85 Wilton-lane Holmes -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAYES of Broomcroft 54 Broom-crescent -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAYSELDEN of 21 Firth-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HAYWARD of 8 New-street Bolton-on-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HEADWORTH of 87 Eldon-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HEALD of 65 Wheatcroft-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HEARNSHAW of 15 Kelly-street Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HEATH of 3 Broom Villas Broom-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HEATHCOTE of 77 South-street Ryecroft Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HEATON of Moorhouse Farm Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HENSHAW of 14 High-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HEPTINSTALL of 6 Vesey-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HERBERT of Grange Farm Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HERITAGE of 85 West Avenue Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HETHERINGTON of 70 Dovercourt-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HICKLIN of 6 Regent-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HICKLING of 52 Kilnhurst-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HICKMAN of 65 St Marys-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HIGGINSON of 9 Hollymount-avenue Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HIGGINSON of 9 Hollymount-avenue Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HILL of 109 Beech-road Wath-on-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HILL of 52 Lister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HILL of Maltby-lane Braithwell -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HILL of Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HIND of 29 Evelyn-street Sandhill Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HIND of 71 Duncan-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HISCOCK of 9 New-street Catcliffe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HIZZETT of 41 Harley Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOBSON of Essendene Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOCKOLD of Leavy Greave Bungalow Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HODGE of 6 Broomfield-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HODGSON of 33 Springfield-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HODSON of 44 St Stephens-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOLLEY of 155 Houghton-rbad Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOLMES of 111 Meadow Hall-road Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOLMES of 48 High-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOLMES of Hollin Hall Greasbrough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOLMES of Morcote Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOOLE of The Bungalow Whitehill Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOPKINSON of 54 Spalton-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOPKINSON of Houghton-road Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HORNER of 76 Hatherley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HORSFALL of 11 Victoria-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HORSPOOL of 14 High Greave-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HORTON of 5 Holland-place -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOUGH of 46 West-street Wath-on-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOUGHTON of 314 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOULDSWORTH of Jesmonda Villa Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOULDSWORTH of Wood Lea Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOULT of 119 Queen-street Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOULT of 39 Albany-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOWARTH of 10 Clifton Mount -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOYLAND of 16 Albert-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOYLAND of 17 Treheme-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HOYLAND of 200 Wellgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUDSON of 6 Car House Cottages Gin-lane Greasborough-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUDSON of 63 Netherfield-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUGHES of 4 Ellis-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUMPHREYS of 18 Eastwood Mount -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUMPHRIES of 2 Rockland VillasThryberg -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUNT of 19 Lindum-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUNT of 37 Sumner-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUNT of 7 Halsbury-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUNT of Wickersley House Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUTCHINSON of 12 Recreation-avenue Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUTCHINSON of The Cutlers Arms Hotel Westgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
HUTT of Commercial Hotel Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
INETT of 11 Park-terrace Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JACKSON of 231 South-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JACKSON of 25 St Stephens-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JACKSON of 27 Stone Row Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JACKSON of 4 Gillott-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JACKSON of Skiers Farm High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JAMES of 17 The Green Bolton-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JAMES of 36 Ferham-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JAMES of 4 Eastwood Mount -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JANE of 88 Brunswick-street Thumscoe East -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of 162 East Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of 19 High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of 6 Manor-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of 85 Beech-road Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of Havelock Bungalow Shenstone-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of Havelock Bungalow Shenstone-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of Rylstone 47 Godstone-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JARVIS of Rylstone 47 Godstone-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JELFS of 3 Horace-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JENKINS of 244 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JENKINS of The Rectory Braithwell -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JESSOP of 1 Wentworth-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JESSOP of 140 Sheffield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JESSOP of 258 Effingham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JESSOP of 31 High Greave-road Herringthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 4 Allendale-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 4 Don View Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 47 Ellis-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 89 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 9 Sarah-street Masborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JONAS of 60 Brecks-crescent Listerdale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JONES of 18 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JONES of 5 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JONES of 62 Kimberworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JONES of 9 Coley-lane Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JONES of Miners Arms Psalters-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JUBB of Linden House Bonet-lane Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
JUBB of Lynwood 47 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KAY of 121 James-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KAY of 25 Boswell-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KAYE of 81 Nottingham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KAYE of The Royal George Hotel Pitt-street Holmes -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KEAR of 29 Kelly-street Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KELHAM of The Bulls Head Hotel Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KELLY of 17 Clifton Bank -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KELLY of Kimberworth Maternity Home Kimber-worth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KENDAL of II Davis-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KEW of 1 Arbour-drive Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KEY of Northfield House Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KIND of 128 Badsley Moor-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KIRK of 7 Brecks-crescent -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KITCHEN of 158 Ferham-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KITCHEN of Hillside 79 Bradgate-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KITCHING of Glen View Micklebring -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KITSON of Wild Fell Listerdale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KITTER of 22 Oakwood-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KNOWLES of 151 Bawtry-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KNOWLES of 56 Houghton-road Thumscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KNOWLES of 71 Henley-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
KNOWLES of Summerfield Clough-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LABAN of 9 Summerfield Chatham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAISTER of 67 Rawmarsh Hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAISTER of 69 Rawmarsh-hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAKE of Chevet Thumscoe-road Bolton-on-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAMBERT of 48 High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LANCASHIRE of 15 Vesey-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LANDER of 19 Griffith-road Swindon -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LANGFORD of 12 Rosehill-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LANGFORD of 31 Park-grove Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LANGFORD of 34 Green Arbour-road Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LANGHORNE of 49 Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LANGLEY of 24 Aldwarke-road Parkgate Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAW of 112 Scholes -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAW of 31 High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAW of 34 Toll Bar-road Listerdale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAW of 9 Nelson-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAWRENCE of 4 Chatham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAWRENCE of 7 Godstone-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LAWSON of 2426 Bolton-road Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LAX of 41 Shepherd-lane Thumscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LEADBEATER of 54 Broom-crescent -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LEADBEATER of 6 Tusmore-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LEE of Elm Tree Farm Kiinhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LENG of 77 Dovercourt-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LEVERINGTON of 14 Victoria-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LEVERS of 44 Chaucer-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LEWIS of Clyro Warren Vale-road Wath-on-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LINLEY of Carlton 56 Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LISSAMAN of 87 Wilton-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LISTER of 22 Durham-place -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LIVERSIDGE of 12 Spring-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LIVERSIDGE of 154 Main-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LIVERSIDGE of 47 Deepdale-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LIVERSIDGE of 50 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LIVERSIDGE of Ennerdale Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LIVERSIDGE of Newton House Midland-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LODGE of Newlands 34 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LOFAS of High-street Farm Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LONG of 41 Stag-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LONGDEN of 7 Mansfield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LONGDON of 17 Bertha-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LONGFORD of 154 Meadow Bank-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LOUND of 90 Pitt-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LOWCOCK of Dale-view Main-street Ryecroft Rawmarch -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LOWCOCK of Wilmir Racecourse-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LOWE of 1 Rectory-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LOWE of 1 Rectory-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LUNN of 2 Ashwood-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
LYNAM of 63 Albany-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MacDOUGALL of Ivybank Fitzwilliam-street Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MACHIN of 11 Doncaster-road Hooton Roberts -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MACHIN of 5 Rosebery-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MACKENZIE of 104 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MACKWOOD of 67 Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MADAN of The Grange Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MAJOR of 155 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MAKIN of 101 East Bawtrey-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MALEHAM of 38 Nether Haugh Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MALLINDER of 157 Main-street Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MALLINSON of 44 Oates-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MANN of Haroden 416 Worsley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MANSHIP of 1 Four Lane Ends Orgreave -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MANTON of 174 East Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARKHAM of 19 Clifton-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARREN of 19 York-street Thuruscoe East -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARRIOTT of 34 North-street Ryecroft Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSH of 123 Doncaster-road Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSH of 19 Oakwood-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSH of 3 Grendon Villas Oxford-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSHALL of 18 Clifton-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSHALL of 185 Rotherham-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSHALL of 21 Limetree-avenue Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSHALL of 4 Summerfield Chatham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MARSLAND of Fernlea Brunswick-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MASON of 117 Midland-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MASON of 27 Alma-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MASON of 27 Alma-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MASON of 32 Beaconsfield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MASON of 32 Beaconsfield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MASON of Leafy Greave Bungalow 73 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MATTHEWS of 47 Holmcroft-road Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MATTHEWS of 79 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MATTHEWS of Rockside 66 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MAWSON of 106 Victoria-road Mexboro -- Rotherham (Yorks)
McKEARS of 1 Newton-drive -- Rotherham (Yorks)
McKENNING of Ivy Cottage Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
McNAMARA of The Grange Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MEAKIN of 6 Pitt-street Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MEEDS of Trevone Wignall-avenue Listerdale Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MEESE of 25 Maurice-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MELLOR of 42 Warwick-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
METCALFE of 127 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MICKLETHWAIT of Broadway Sitwell-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MIDDLETON of 21 Drummond-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MILES of Penkridge Villa 42 Ramsden-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MILLWARD of 51 Regent-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MILNER of 15 Highfield-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MILNES of 13 Broom Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MIRFIELD of 77 Far-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MITCHELL of 12 Firth-street Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MITCHELL of 74 Meadow-street Masborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MONTGOMERY of 43 Durham-place -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOODY of Holme Farm Brampton-en-le-Morthen -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOON of Rockleigh Thumscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOORE of 37 Duncan-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOORE of Hill Crest Blythe-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MORGAN of 163 Rotherham-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MORGAN of 41 Rock Cliff Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MORRIS of 105 Lodge-lane Aston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MORRIS of 43 Bradgate-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MORRIS of Helenslea 3 Broom-crescent -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MORTON of 122 Rawmarsh Hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOSELEY of Crossways Racecourse-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOSS of Wickersley Hall -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOUNTAIN of 108 High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOUNTAIN of 32 Sandringham-avenue Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MOZLEY of 12 Waverley-view Sheffield-lane-Catcliffenear -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MULLANEY of 16 William-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MULLIGAN of 12 Avondale-road Masborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MULLINS of Park View Micklebring -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MUNDY of Bramcote Bonet-lane Brimsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MURPHY of 66 Toll Bar-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MUSCROFT of 6 Badsley-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MUSSON of 45 Clifton-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
MYCOCK of 17 Herringthorpe-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NASH of Park Nook Clifton-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NAYLOR of 5 Lockwood-road Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NEAL of 1 Moorgate-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NEAL of 30 Queen-street Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NELLAR of 44 Kimberworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NELLIGAN of 141 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NEWBY of 126 Victoria-street Kelnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NEWBY of 20 Flanderweli-avenue Bromley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NEWELL of 50 Clifton-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NICHOLS of 30 William-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NOBLE of 204 Rotherham-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
NORTH of 29 Frederick-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OATES of 16 North-street Ryecroft Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
OATES of Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OLDFIELD of 26 Oates-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OSBORN of Church-lane Ravenfield -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OSWALD of Holly Farm Harley Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OTLEY of School House Rowns-lane Swinton Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OTTAWAY of 9 Brunswick-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OWEN of 44 Brown-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
OWEN of Holme Lodge Lord-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PALFREYMAN of 115 Victoria-street Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARKER of 107Green-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARKER of 7 Holland-place Brown-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARKIN of 2 Coley-lane Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARKIN of Levendale Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARKIN of Montpelier 453 Herringthorpe Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARKINSON of 29 St Stephens-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARKINSON of 85 Harlington-road Mexborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARLETT of 21 Brecks-Iane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARNHAM of 39 Ellis-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PARTINGTON of Byways Sledgate-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PASHLEY of 5 Kings-terrace Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PATTISON of 7 Carney-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PAYNE of 229 Bole-hill Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PAYNE of 46 Arundel-avenue Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEACH of 58 Flanderwell-avenue Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEARCE of 5 Cavendish-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEARCE of Beech Villa 24 James-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEARSON of 25 Highfield-road Greasbrough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEARSON of 52 Grange-road Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEARSON of Branton Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEART of 3 Dudley-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEART of 8 Bear Tree-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PENISTON of 4 Sitwell-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PENMAN of Milburn House Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PENNINGTON of Laughton-road Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PEPLOW of 9 Albany-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PERRY of 82 Midland-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PHILLIPS of 66 Brinsworth-road Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PHILLIPS of Glencoe Wellgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PHILLIPSON of 104 Main-street Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PICKLES of Moorfield Sledgate-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PITCHFORK of Myrtle Villas 13 Lings-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PITMAN of 98 North-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PORTER of 200 Effingham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PORTER of 39 Tusmore-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
POULTER of 22 Carnley-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
POWELL of 60 Wilton-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PRATT of 11 New-street Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PRATT of 23 Cross-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PRESTON of 71 Wood-lane Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PRICE of 31 Mansfield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PRINCE of Newton House Midland-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PROBERT of 53 Barnsley-road Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PROCTOR of 26 Nelson-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PROE of 14 Herringthorpe-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PUDDICOMBE of St Paul's Vicarage Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
PURDON of Vale Farm Morthen Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
QUINTON of 143 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RADFORD of 59 Sheffield-lane Catcliffe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RAMSAY of Sitwell Arms Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RAMSDEN of 213 Middle-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RANDELL of St Winifreds Warren Vale-road Wath on Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RAWLINGS of 1 SchooFstreet -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RAWSON of 11 Derwent-gardens Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
READ of 42 Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
READER of 85 Beech-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
READING of 7 Ewers-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
REDHEAD of Thornhill Tavern Hope-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
REEDER of 3 Station-road Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
REID of 407 Upper Wrotley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
REVILL of 63 Barnborough-lane Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RHODES of 424 Bawtry-road Hellaby Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RICHARDS of 535 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RICHARDSON of 5 Ingshead-avenue Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RICHARDSON of 9 Norfolk-place Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RICHMOND of 16 Bear Tree-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RIDSDALE of 248 Psalters-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RIDSDEL of 355 East Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RIGBY of 1 Chatham Villas Chatham-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RIX of 66 Charles-street Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROACHE of 29 Doncaster-road Denaby Main -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 108 Furlong-road Bolton-on-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 108 Furlong-road Bolton-onsDearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 20 Green Piece-cottages Upper Haugh Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 29 Spring-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 39 Warren Vale-road Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 495 Fitzwiliiam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBERTS of Rock House Braxnley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 153 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 26 Broom-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 41 Whinney-hill Dalton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 44 Frederick-street Catcliffe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RODDIS of Reville Villa Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RODGER of 559 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RODGERS of 15 Bertha-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RODWAY of 80 Brampton-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROGERSON of 157 Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RORRIE of 3 Horace-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROSE of 52 Rawmarsh Hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROSS of Glencaim Tickhill-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROTHERHAM of 58 York-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROUGHTON of 38 Talbot-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROUSE of Church-lane Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
ROUTLEDGE of 20 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RUDDLESTONE of 22 Beechwood-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RUSBY of Nether Haugh Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RUSHFORTH of Moorfield Badsley-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RUSSELL of 59 Devonshire-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RUSSELL of 71 Stuart-street Thurnscoe East -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RUSSELL of 9a Eastwood Mount -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RUSSELL of Glencairn 32 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RYALLS of 29 Renishaw-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
RYDING of 24 East-vale-drive Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SALES of Oak Dene Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SANDERSON of 46 Deepdale-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SANDERSON of 91 South-street Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SAWFORD of 53 Bawtry-road Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SAXTON of 109 Bawtry-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SAXTON of 647 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SCALES of 2 Dale-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SCHLAFF of 64 Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCHONHUT of 3 Herringthorpe-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SCOTNEY of 70 Bradgate-lane Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SCOTT of The Gables Clifton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SCOTT of Wentworth Home Farm Dairy Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SCUFFAM of 6 Hollowgate-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SELLARS of Cartref Ravenfield Common -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SENIOR of 19 Mowbray-place -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SENIOR of Woodland View Wentworth-road Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SEWTER of 80 Carlisle-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of Malvern House High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of Malvern House High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHARP of 8 The Brow Listerdale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHARPE of 38 Lister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHARPLES of Brookland Rotherham-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHAW of 134 Houghton-road Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHAW of 17 Barnsley-road Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHAW of 28 Abell-street Whinney Hill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHAW of 38 St Johns-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHAW of Asgard Piccadilly-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHAW of Delavelle Wath Wood-road Wath-upon-Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHAW of Rockingham House Farm Upper Haugh Raw-marsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHERRATT of 131 Gibbing Greaves Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHIELDS of 42 Midland-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHILLITTO of 23 Barrowby-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHORE of Heather Edge Morthew-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SHORT of 33 East Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SIDWICK of 325 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SIMMS of 7 Fernlea-cottages West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SIMPSON of 29 Mimsborough-lane Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SINCLAIR of 11 Jackson-street Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SINGLETON of 150 Broad-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SKEET of 105 Melciss-road Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SKELTON of 15 Green-street Greasbrough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SKIDMORE of 77 Middle-avenue Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SKINNER of Throapham Manor -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SLACK of 300 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SLAYDON of 210 Kimberworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SLAYDON of Uplands Old Wortley-road Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 13 Beechwood-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 13 Salisbury-road Malby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 17 Lynton-avenue Broom-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 2 Hardwick-street Dalton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 20 Narrow-lane Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 238 East Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 24 Sprotborough-street Denaby Main -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 28 West End-road West Malton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 4 Charles-street Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 4 Highthorne-road Kilnhurst Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 42 Albany-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 44 Station-street Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 5 Sherwood-crescent -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of 532 Wortley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of Manor Farm Morthen -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of St Bedes Presbytery -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of The Prince of Wales Feathers Hotel Westgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of Thomley James-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SMITH of Yr Avon Ravenfield Common -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SNART of 1 Brampton-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SNEYD of 44 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SPACEY of 50 Rawmarsh Hill Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SPARROW of Brentwood 183 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SPEED of 80 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SPENCER of 23 Albany-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SPENCER of 62 Wordsworth-drive -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SPILLETT of 251 South-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STABLES of 19 Brookfield-avenue Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STABLES of 19 Shepherd-lane Thumscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STABLES of 32 Queen-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STACEY of 5 Garden-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STACEY of 55 Fitzwilliam-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STALEY of 32 School-road Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STANDING of Fawleys Farm Carr Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STANLEY of 2 West Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STANNARD of 48 Meadow-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STARLING of 145 High-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEEL of 92 Ellis-street Canklow -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEELE of The Eastwood Hotel -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEER of 89 Burman-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEPHENSON of 19 Davis-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEPHENSON of 66 Deightonby-street Thurnscoe East -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEVENS of Arundale 45 Bawtry-road Lister-dale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEWART of 12 Broomfield-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STEWART of 125 Frederick-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STOCKS of 79 South-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STONES of 27 Wath-road Bolton-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STONES of 36 Market-street Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STOTON of 4a Doncaster-road Goldthorne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STOTT of 18 Gough-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STOWER of 1 Main-streeet Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STRAY of New Orchard Farm Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STREET of 51 White Lee-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STREET of 52 Albion-road Wellgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STREET of 68 Whitehill-drive Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STRINGER of 52 Browning-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
STURGESS of 24 Braithwell-street Denaby Main -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SUTTLE of The George and Dragon Inn Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SWANN of Fair View 51 Hough-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SWIFT of 10 James-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SYDDALL of 122 Doncaster-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SYKES of Edenhurst 3 Whiston-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
SYKES of The Bungalow Wentworth-road Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TATE of 31 Chapel-street Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TAYLOR of 7 Meadow View Bole Hill Treeton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TELLING of Hillcrest 33 Percy-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TEMPERTON of 2 Wannop-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
THICKETT of Manor Farm Brampton-en-le-Morthen -- Rotherham (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 20 Warren Vale-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 420 Bawtry-road Hellaby Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 49 Westfield-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 6 Thornton-terrace -- Rotherham (Yorks)
THOMPSON of Manor House Ravenfield -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TILDESLEY of 110 Broad-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TILDESLEY of 110 Broad-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TINGLE of 116 Claypit-lane Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TINGLE of 129 Meadow View Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TOMLINSON of 7 Dryden-road Hemngthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TOTTY of 11 Dene-crescent -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TOTTY of Nether Haugh Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TOWNEND of 60 Eastwood-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TOWNEND of 61 Fox-street Richmond Park Kimberrworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TRICKETT of 11 College-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TUCKER of 197 Queen-street Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TUCKETT of 381 Doncaster-road Eastwood -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TULLEY of 65 Frederick-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TURNER of 14 Shaftesbury-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TURNER of 17 Stevenson-drive Herringthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TURNER of 393 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TURNER of 9 Selbourne-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TURNER of West View Greasborough-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TWIGG of Birkby The Crescent Doncaster-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TYLER of 50 Osbert-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
TYRRELL of The Foljambe Arms Hotel Eastwood -- Rotherham (Yorks)
UMPLEBY of 60 Chapel Walk -- Rotherham (Yorks)
UNDERWOOD of 21 Nelson-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
UNSTEAD of 43 Foljambe-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
UNWIN of 20 Leadley-street Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
VARDEY of 28 Aldred-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
VARTY of 493 Herringthorpe Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
VAUGHAN of 153 Swinstons Hill-road Dinnington -- Rotherham (Yorks)
VERNON of The Colliery Institute Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
VICKERS of 292 Herringthorpe Valley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
VICKERS of 80 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WADE of Avonfield Fitzwilliam-street Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WADSWORTH of Rockingham Arms Hotel Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WAINWRIGHT of 7 Western-road East Dene -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 13 Sawnmoor-road Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 14 Laughton-road Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 166 Doncaster-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 2 Cottage Farm Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 2 McLaren-crescent Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 25 Spring-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 27 Whamcliffe-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 30 High Street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 32 Joseph-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 39 Browming-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 68 Dale-road Listerdale Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALKER of 92 Wilton-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALLER of 28 Ellen-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALLER of 40 Brook Hill Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALLER of 64 Wentworth-road Thorpe Hesley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WALSH of 27 York-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WARBURTON of Warren House Farm Upper Haugh Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WARD of 17 Church-street Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WARD of 37 Deepdale-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WARD of 497 Badsley Moor-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WARD of 7 James-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WARING of The Grapes Hotel Dalton-near -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WARLOW of 2 Lister-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATKIN of 59 Ramsden-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATKINSON of 128 Sheffield-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of 12 The Brow Listerdale -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of 158 High-street Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of 6 Kilnhurst-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of 70 Ashwood-road Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of 80 Queen-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of 85 Whinney Hill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of Fairleigh Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATSON of Glenroyd 47 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WATTAM of Ingleby Doncaster-road Thrybergh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WAUGH of 21 Hoober-street West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WEAVER of 2 Gilberthorpe-drive -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WEBB of Hill Top Farm Dalton Magna -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WEBDALE of 17 Green Piece-cottages Upper Haugh Raw-marsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WELCH of 56 Gilberthorpe-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WELLS of 50 Brinsworth Hall-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WEST of 32 Bromfield-grove -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WEST of Barrow Cottages Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHARTON of 27 Oxford-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHEATCROFT of 11 Clifton-crescent North -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHEATER of 38 Gilberthorpe-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHEATLEY of 81 Lord-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of 13 Tickhill-square DenabyMain -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of 130 Rawmarsh Hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of 37 Avenue-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of 379 Ganklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of 40 Marrion-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of 59 Oxford-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of Skirworth Wentworth-road Kilnhurst -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITE of West Hall Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITEFOOT of Craigmore Racecourse-road Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of 23 Highfield Park Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of 27 Haigh-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of 36 Rawmarsh-hill Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITELEY of 11 Hollowgate-road West Melton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITELEY of 165 Highfield Park Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITFIELD of 25 Windermere-avenue Goldthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITMORE of 72 Greasbro-street Thornhill -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WHITTAKER of 15 Providence-street Greasborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILCOCK of 10 Ellis-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILCOX of 427 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILCOX of Meadow View Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILD of 240 Psalters-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILES of 11 Holland-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILKINSON of 145 Canklow-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILKINSON of 2 Cambridge-place -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILKINSON of Broom Ridge 136 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILKINSON of Broom Ridge 136 Broom-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILKINSON of The Grange Kimberworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLETTS of 24 Sydney-street Masboro -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLEY of 24 Stone-row Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of 2 Brookfield Swinton -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of 2 Vemon-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of 2 Vemon-roaid -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of 45 Ramsden-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of Strathcona Ramsden-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of Witton Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of Witton Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIS of 21 Oxford-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIS of 7 Lings-lane Wickersley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIS of Cedar House Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILLIS of Saint Leonards Grange -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILMOTT of 24a Ward-street -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILOCX of Meadow View Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of 10 Rockcliffe-road Rawmarsh -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of 15 Cranworth-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of 28 Lloyd-street Parkgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of 3 Mallory-road East Herringthorpe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of 4 Moorlands Ravenfield -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of 66 Clough-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of Elton House Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WILSON of Jesmond Gerard-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WILSON of Thorpe Edge 107 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WINCH of East View 30 Wath Wood-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WINFINDALE of 18 Woodway Sunnyside Bramley -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WINGFIELD of 17 Broom Riddings Greasboro -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WITHINGTON of 3 Coronation-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOLSTENHOLME of 8 Brampton-road Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOOD of 218 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOOD of 3 Medhomes Ridge-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOOD of 3 Sitwell Vale Moorgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOOD of 6 Aldred-terrace Aldred-street Wellgate -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOOD of Home Farm Cottage Wentworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOODCOCK of 71 Atlas-street Brinsworth -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOODLAND of The Brecks Hotel Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WOODS of Clough House Clough-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WORRALL of 7 Harehillsoad -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRAITH of Crantock Boswell-road Wath-upon-Dearne -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRAY of Byland East Bawtry-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRIGHT of 286 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRIGHT of 55 Eastwood-lane -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRIGHT of 72 Thornley-crescent Thurnscoe -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRIGHT of 8 Gentral-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRIGHT of 98 College-road Masborough -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRIGHT of Silverton 286 Wickersley-road -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WRIGHT of South Dene Morthen-lane Thurcroft -- Rotherham (Yorks)
WROOT of 26 Vicar-road Wath-upon- Deame -- Rotherham (Yorks)
YEARDLEY of 56 The Crags Blythe-road Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)
YOULE of 2 Cowrakes-lane Whiston -- Rotherham (Yorks)
YOUNG of 40 Broom-avenue -- Rotherham (Yorks)
YOUNG of Woodside Maltby -- Rotherham (Yorks)

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ENGLAND TOWNS Accrington  Aylesbury  Bath  Bedford  Birkenhead  Birmingham  Blackburn  Blackpool  Blandford  Bodmin  Bournemouth  Bradford  Brighton  Bristol  Buckingham  Burnley  Burton-on-Trent  Bury St Edmunds  Buxton  Cambridge  Canterbury  Carlisle  Chatham  Chelmsford  Cheltenham  Chester  Chichester  Colchester  Coventry  Crewe  Darlington  Deal  Derby  Devonport  Doncaster  Dover  Durham (town)  Eastbourne  Ely  Exeter  Folkestone  Gateshead  Gloucester  Great Yarmouth  Greenpool  Guildford  Halifax  Harrogate  Hartlepool  Hastings  Haverfordwest  Hereford  Holland  Huddersfield  Huntingdon  Ipswich  Kidderminster  Kingston-on-Thames  Kingston-upon-Hull  Lancaster  Leamington Spa  Leeds  Leicester  Lewes  Lichfield  Lincoln  Liverpool  Lowestoft  Macclesfield  Maidstone  Manchester  Margate  Middlesbrough  Monmouth  Newcastle-upon-Tyne  North Shields  Northampton  Norwich  Nottingham  Oldham  Oxford  Penzance  Peterborough  Plymouth  Poole  Portsmouth  Ramsgate  Reading  Ripon  Rochdale  Rochester  Salford  Salisbury  Scarborough  Sheffield  Shrewsbury  South Shields  Southampton  Southsea  St Leonards on sea  Stockton-on-Tees  Stoke-on-Trent  Stratford-on-avon  Sunderland  Taunton  Tonbridge  Torquay  Truro  Tunbridge Wells  Wakefield  Warrington  Warwick  Wells (Somerset)  West Worthing  Weston-super-Mare  Whitby  Wigan  Winchester  Windsor  Wolverhampton  Worcester  Worthing  York 
ENGLAND TOWNS (MORE) Ashton-under-Lyne  Birmingham  Birmingham (pt 1)  Birmingham (pt 2)  Birmingham (pt 3)  Durham  Liverpool  Liverpool (pt 1)  Liverpool (pt 2)  Manchester  Manchester (pt 1)  Manchester (pt 2)  Altrincham (Cheshire)  Hyde (Cheshire)  Northwich (Cheshire)  Runcorn (Cheshire)  Sale (Cheshire)  Stockport (Cheshire)  Wallasey (Cheshire)  Wirral (Cheshire)  Exmouth (Devonshire)  Paignton (Devonshire)  Barking (Essex)  Ilford (Essex)  Leigh-on-sea (Essex)  Romford (Essex)  Southend-on-Sea (Essex)  Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)  Stroud (Gloucestershire)  Hertford (Hertfordshire)  Ashford (Kent)  Beckenham (Kent)  Bromley (Kent)  Dartford (Kent)  Gillingham (Kent)  Gravesend (Kent)  Herne Bay (Kent)  Orpington (Kent)  Plumstead (Kent)  Sevenoaks (Kent)  Sidcup (Kent)  Welling (Kent)  Whitstable (Kent)  Barrow-in-Furness (Lancashire)  Bolton (Lancashire)  Bury (Lancashire)  Chorley (Lancashire)  Darwen (Lancashire)  Morecambe (Lancashire)  Nelson (Lancashire)  Preston (Lancashire)  Prestwich (Lancashire)  Southport (Lancashire)  St Helens (Lancashire)  Grimsby (Lincs)  Gosforth (Northumberland)  Whitley Bay (Northumberland)  Mansfield (Notts)  Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffs)  Stafford (Staffs)  Bexhill-on-Sea (Sussex)  Bognor Regis (Sussex)  Horsham (Sussex)  Hove (Sussex)  Rugby (Warwickshire)  Halesowen (West Midlands)  Smethwick (West Midlands)  Stourbridge (West Midlands)  Walsall (West Midlands)  West Bromwich (West Midlands)  Bromsgrove (Worcestershire)  Barnsley (Yorks)  Batley (Yorks)  Bingley (Yorks)  Bridlington (Yorks)  Brighouse (Yorks)  Dewsbury (Yorks)  Goole (Yorks)  Keighley (Yorks)  Pontefract (Yorks)  Redcar (Yorks)  Rotherham (Yorks)  Shipley (Yorks)  Skipton (Yorks)  Sowerby Bridge (Yorks)  Todmorden (Yorks) 
LONDON Croydon  London  London (E - pt 2)  London (E- pt 1)  London (EC)  London (N - pt 1)  London (N - pt 2)  London (NW - pt 1)  London (NW - pt 2)  London (other)  London (SE-inner)  London (SE-outer)  London (SW-inner)  London (SW-outer - pt 1)  London (SW-outer - pt 2)  London (SW-outer - pt 3)  London (W - pt 1)  London (W - pt 2)  London (WC) 
WALES COUNTIES Anglesey  Brecknockshire  Cardiganshire  Carmarthenshire  Carnarvonshire  Denbighshire  Flintshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire (pt 1)  Glamorganshire (pt 2)  Merionethshire  Monmouthshire  Montgomeryshire  Pembrokeshire  Radnorshire 
WALES TOWNS Aberdare  Bangor  Barry  Bridgend  Builth Wells  Cardiff  Carmarthen  Carnarvon  Llandaff  Merthyr Tydfil  Neath  Penarth  Pontypridd  Port Talbot  Rhondda  St Asaph  Swansea 
SCOTLAND COUNTIES North Britain  Scotland  Scotland (pt 1)  Scotland (pt 2)  Aberdeenshire  Angus-shire  Argyllshire  Ayrshire  Banffshire  Berwickshire  Buteshire  Caithness  Clackmannanshire  Dumbartonshire  Dumfriesshire  Elginshire  Fifeshire  Forfarshire  Invernessshire  Kincardineshire  Kinrossshire  Kirkcudbrightshire  Lanarkshire  Lothian  Midlothian  Morayshire  Nairnshire  Peeblesshire  Perthshire  Renfrewshire  Ross-shire  Roxburghshire  Selkirkshire  Shetland  Stirlingshire  Sutherland  Wigtownshire 
SCOTLAND TOWNS small Scottish town  Aberdeen  Airdrie  Alloa  Angus  Arbroath  Arran  Ayr  Banff  Berwick  Berwick-on-Tweed  Blairgowrie  Brechin  Bridge of Allan  Broughty Ferry  Calston  Cambuslang  Campbeltown  Carnoustie  Coatbridge  Crieff  Dalbeattie  Douglas  Dumbarton  Dumfries  Dunblane  Dundee  Dunfermline  Dunoon  Edinburgh  Elgin  Falkirk  Forfar  Glasgow  Grangemouth  Greenock  Haddington  Hamilton  Hawick  Helensburgh  Inverness  Kelso  Kilbride  Kilmarnock  Kirkcaldy  Kirkcudbright  Lanark  Largs  Lockerbie  Montrose  Nairn  Orkney  Paisley  Peebles  Perth  Prestwick  Rothesay  Rutherglen  Saltcoats  Selkirk  St Andrews  Stevenston  Stirling  Stonehaven  Stranraer  Strathaven  Troon  Uddingston 
BRITAIN ELSEWHERE Britain elsewhere  Guernsey  Isle of Man  Jersey  Gibraltar  Falkland Islands  Channel Islands 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND COUNTIES County Antrim  County Armagh  County Carlow  County Cavan  County Clare  County Cork  County Derry  County Donegal  County Down  County Dublin  County Fermanagh  County Galway  County Kerry  County Kildare  County Kilkenny  County Kings county  County Leitrim  County Leix  County Limerick  County Longford  County Louth  County Mayo  County Meath  County Monaghan  County Offaly  County Queens county  County Roscommon  County Sligo  County Tipperary  County Tyrone  County Waterford  County Westmeath  County Wexford  County Wicklow 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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