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Paignton (Devonshire) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of 348 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ABRAHAM of Tatham 4 Garfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ADAMS of 118 Blatchcombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ADAMS of 32 Hill Park-terrace off Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
AHLOBE of St Chad 8 Beach-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ALEXANDER of Upton St Mary's Hill -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ALFORD of 16 St Pauls-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of 112 Kings Aish-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of 22 Laura-grove -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of 40 Brixham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of Littlecote Higher Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of Sea Marge Horseshoe Bend Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDREW of Four Gables Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDREWS of 3 Clifton-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDREWS of 32 Langs-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANDREWS of Rosario Marine-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ANNIS of Yorke Sea View Crescent Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ARBUTHNOTT of Torbay Mount -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ATACK of 14 St Marys Park Collaton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
AUSTIN of Holly Bank -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BACKHOUSE of 32 Preston Down-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BACON of Belvedere Hotel Marine-drive Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAGGS of 4 Beach-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAGSHAW of 7 Barton-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAKER of 32a Curledge-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAKER of 63 Old Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAKER of Danefiled Osney-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BALLINGER of 8 Manor-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAMBER of Lengert 29 St Marys-park Collaton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BANE of 11 Osney-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARKER of 44 Pines-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARNETT of 7 Churchward-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARNETT of Gorse Bank Cockington-lane -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARR of 36 Berry-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARSTOW of 1 Cadwell-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARTLETT of 21 Dendy-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARTLETT of Glenarm 12 Grosvenor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARTLETT of Milverton Churchward-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BARTRUM of 8 Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BASCOMBE of 5 Great Headland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BATCH of 9 Preston Down-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BATT of 19 Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BATTERSBY of Martyne 27 Pines-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BATTERSHALL of St Bernards Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAUCHER of Southlands Hotel Alta Vista-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAWDON of 25 St Pauls-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAYLISS of 5 Grosvenor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAYLISS of 5 Grosvenor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAZLEY of Pakeha Duchy-drive Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BAZLEY of Pakeha Duchy-drive Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BEAVEN of La Casita -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BECKWITH of 6 St Andrews-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BEEBY of 14 Hilton-crescent Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BEESLEY of 26 Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BELL of Almora 14 Laura-grove -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BELSHAM of 29 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENBOW of Kempsford 1 Courtland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENBOW of Kempsford Courtland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENFORD of 6 Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENISON of Bramcote Esplanade-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BENNETT of 30 Lower Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENNETT of Chardonia 50 Bamfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENNETT of Hilltops 58 Broadlands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENNY of Denbury Batterways-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BENTLEY of 14 Elmsleigh Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BERRY of 27 Barton-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BICKELL of 61 Upper Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BILLING of 6 Ebenezer-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BLAKE of 161 Blatchcombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BLAKE of 4 Well-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BLONDE of 47 Barton-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BODY of 4 Logan-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BOLES of Hendersyde Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BOURNE of Hatherleigh Southfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BOWDEN of 1 Barton-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BOWDEN of 5 Hill-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BOWEN of Elgin 31 Berry-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BOYES of 9 St Michaels-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRACEWELL of 8 Dendy-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRAITHWAITE of Langdale Barcombe Heights -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRALSFORD of Curayl 4 Kingshurst-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRERETON of 36 Corsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRETT of Motcombe Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BREWER of 140 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRIMICOMBE of 38 Littlegate-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRINING of 26 Tarraway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BROAD of 23 Marldon-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BRODERICK of 18 Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BROOKSBANK of Rose Blanche Cliff Park-lane -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BROWN of 47 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BUCKLEY of Surrenden 26 Laura-grove Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BUDD of 10 Tor View-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BULL of 20 Seaway-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BULLER of 363a Torquay-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BUMSTEAD of Brookfield Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BURCH of 30 Cliff-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BURGE of 85 Maidenway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BURGESS of 80 Bamfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BURMAN of 152 Torquay-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BURNS of Loreto 9 Manor-gardens Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BURRIDGE of 11 Rodanthe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BUSTIN of 25 Hill Park-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
BUTCHER of 15 New-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CAME of 128 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CAMERON of 1 Cadwell-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CAMP of Brownston Palace-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CANE of La Casita Polsham Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CANE of Westerham Dartmouth-road Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CARSON of 19 Winner-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CARTER of 8 Midvale-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CARTER of 82 Blatchcombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CARTER of Belgrave House Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CASE of 56 Osney-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CASSIDY of Oberon Oldway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CAWLEY of Como 6 Oldway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHADWICK of Greenmount Preston Down Estate -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHAMPION of 13 Collingwood-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHANCE of 22 New-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHANNING of 8 Grosvenor-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHAPMAN of 36 Garfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CHAPPELL of 20d Lower Flat Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHARLES of 2 Fortescue-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHATTERTON of Channel View Marine Parade -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHENHALL of 66 Victoria-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHIDDICK of Bowdeys 1 All Hallows-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHILDS of 3 Graham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHILDS of Chalfont Lodge Grosvenor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHINNOCK of 52 Roundham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CHRISTIAN of 43 Palace-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLABON of 61 Upper Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLARK of 30 Elmsleigh-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLARK of 71 Shorton Valley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLARK of 9 Queens-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLARK of Haselmere Clifton Bank -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLARK of The Retreat Marine-drive Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLARKSON of 18 Kingshurst-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLEGG of Avalon Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLEMENS of Rosemary Cot Osney-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLEMENS of Steepholm Lower Penns-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLIFF of Bay View Lammas-lane Shorton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CLIFT of 12 Langdon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COAKER of Runnage -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COBB of Beulah Marldon Hill -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COCHRAN of Cliff House -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CODD of 17a Palace-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CODNER of 15 New-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CODNER of 15 New-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLE of 13 Seaway-gardens Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLE of Hylands Barcombe Heights -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLEMAN of 5 Hill-park-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLLIHOLE of Kynance 32 Barnfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLLINGS of 34 Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLLINS of 1 North Rocks-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLLINS of 27 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLLISTER of Jenesta 3 Dunstone Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COLTON of 42 Foxhole-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COMERY of Rydal 23 Hill Park-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COMPTON of Coromandel Southfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CONDRON of 73 New-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CONGREVE of Guys Cliffs Upper Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COOK of Valni 63 Laura-grove Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COOMBES of 3 Barton-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COOPER of 10 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COOPER of Park House -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COPE of Redcliffe Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CORNICK of The Cottage Manor-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COTTELL of 54 Southfield-avenue Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COULTON of 23 Kingshurst-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COUNCELL of 97 Manor-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COUPLAND of 125a Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COWLE of 150 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
COX of 5 Great Headland-crescent Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CROOT of 5 Conway-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CROSSING of 5 Tower-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CROSSING of Cleve Court 3 Cleveland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CRUSE of 13 Cadwell-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CRUSE of Rosslyn 13 Cadwell-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CUMING of Shaftesbury House Kemow-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
CURTIS of 5 Whitstone-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DALL of 43 Victoria-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DALLAS of Rocombe 11a Woodland-park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DALTON of 8 Orient-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DANIEL of 12 Manor-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DAVIDGE of 7 Courtland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DAVIES of 17 Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DAVIES of Allwin House Marldon-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DAVIES of Pakcha Duchy-drive Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DAVIES of Roselle Woodland Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DE MINCKWITZ of Heyford Lower Penns-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DINGLEY of 82 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DINHAM of Kensington 36 Morin-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DIXON of Alma Lodge -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DODDS of Holmlee Broadsands Bend -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DOUGLAS of San Remo Great Headland-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DOWN of 30 Littlegate-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DOWNES of 18 Shorton Valley-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DREW of 20 Gerston-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DREW of Cremorne Upper Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DURBIN of Kittery Elmsleigh-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
DYER of Denver House Keysfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EARWAKER of 24 Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EDEN of 20c Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EDWORTHY of 105 Blatchcomberoad -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EGERTON of Roseneath Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ELCOMBE of Bute Lodge Hyde-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ELLIOTT of 17 Redburn-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ELLIOTT of Fisher-street Stores Fisher-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ELLIS of 26 St Marys Park-road Collaton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ELLIS of Redroof Eugene-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EMMETT of 13 The Greebys -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ENDICOTT of Luscombe House Luscombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ENSOR of 48 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EVANS of 3 Quarry-terrace Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EVANS of 36 Corsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EVANS of 45 Higher Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EVANS of 5 Eaton-place Fisher-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EVANS of Elmtree 16 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
EVANS of Panteg 44 Barnfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FAIRCLOUGH of Hotel Bonair -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FAIRWEATHER of 6 Kingshurst-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FALLA of The Gables St Pauls-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FARMER of Croft Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FEARNSIDE of Moorhaven Hilton-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FERRIDAY of Glanusk Redburn-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FERRIER of Balholm Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FLEET of 3 Conway-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FLETCHER of Rosedale Collaton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FOALE of Bramley Collingwood-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FORSDYKE of Devonia Belle Vue-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FOSTER of 16 Grosvenor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FOWNES of 19 Collingwood-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FOX of Erinville Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FOXWORTHY of 21 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FOYSON of 9 Orient-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FRANCIS of Fisher-street Stores -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FREEBORN of 5 Queens-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FRENCH of Bramley Collingwood-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FRIEND of 9 Cliff-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FROST of 32 Great Headland-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
FROST of Newbold House Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FUDGE of Dingle Dell Goodrington -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GAISFORD of 19 Colley End-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GARD of 2 Tower-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GARDENER of Lynton Baymount -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GEORGE of 14 New-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GERMAN of 45 Palace-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GERMAN of Rosetta 45 Palace-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GIBBES of Highlands 25 Roundham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GIBBS of 37 Langs-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GIBBS of The Locarno Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GILLETT of Lexden 7 Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GIMBER of Innescote 53 Higher Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GLADWELL of 1 Polsham Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GLENWRIGHT of Denant Saltern-road Goodring-ton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GODDARD of Chase View Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GODFREY of The Balholm Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GOETZE of Nala Guest House Norman-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GOLDSWORTHY of Trefula 29 Hilton-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GOODWIN of 11 Broadway Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GORDON of Fifteen Waterside-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GORMAN of 72 Bamfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRANSMORE of Belle Vue Lodge -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRANSMORE of Belle Vue Lodge Belle Vue-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRANT of 38 Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRAY of Longbrooke Courtland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GREENHILL of 2 Marine-parade Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GREENSLADE of 7 Colin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GREET of 8 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRIFFIN of Newstead House Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRIFFIN of St Andries Shorton Valley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRIFFITHS of Clonmore Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRIME of Reston Goodrington-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GRUTE of 22 Butland-avenue Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
GUTTERIDGE of Alton House Manor-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HALL of 12 Barcombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HALL of 47 Manor-mansions -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HALL of Mosman 45 Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HALL of Sunnycroft 4 Malderek-avenue Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HALLADAY of Heanton Sachfield 1 Marldon Hill Marldon -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HALLAM of Brookside Compton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HAMERTON of 50 Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HAMERTON of Chy-Killis Ulowe 12a Laura-grove -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HANDFORD of 375a Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HANDFORD of 9 Cecil-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HANNAFORD of 2 Rowcroft-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HANNAM of Exmoor Youngs Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HARDING of 9 Queens-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HARRISON of Audley End Hilton-drive Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HARRY of 13 Elmsleigh-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HARVEY of 9 Colley-crescent The Greebys Colley End -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HARWOOD of 5 Dendy-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HARWOOD of Number One Bungalow 20 George-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HAWKE of Dunmore Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HAYNES of 22 Colley End Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HAYNES of Emerson Cockington-lane -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HAYWARD of Tregarth 8 Adelphi-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HEAD of 36 Church-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HEAD of 79 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HEANEY of Lugano Upper Headland Park-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HEARD of 70 Shorton Valley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HENDERSON of 11 Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HENDERSON of Cliff House -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HERING of Nethersea 13 Marine-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HEROYS of 10 Colin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HERRICK of White Wings Broadsands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HERVEY of Westridge Cedar-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HESKETH of 12 Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HIBBINS of 70 York-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HIBBS of Polsham Villa -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HILEY of Midland Bank Limited -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HILL of 1 Churchward-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HILL of 117 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HILL of Granridge Hyde-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HINCHLIFFE of Eas-ee Winsu-avenue Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HITCHCOCK of St Clements -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HITCHCOCK of St Clements -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOCKEN of 74 Shorton Valley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HODDER of Roselea 38 Old Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HODGE of Flat 56 Torbay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HODGES of Burton Garth Courtland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOLLOWAY of 13 St Pauls-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOLMAN of Downside House 7 Downleaze Bristol and Pomeroy Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOLMAN of Pomeroy Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOLMES of 96 Colley End-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HONEYWILL of 26 Menitt-flats -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOOPER of 28a St Pauls-foad Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOOPPELL of 49 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HORRELL of 7 Primley Park-east -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HORSPOOL of 29 Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HORSWELL of 23 Fortescue-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HOWELL of 5 Broadsands Bend Broadsands Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUDSON of 3 Trevarrick Southfield Rise -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUDSON of 71 Upper Morin-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUGHES of 24c Eugene-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUGHES of 24c Eugene-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HULLAND of 3 Cadwell-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUMMERSTON of 82 Barnfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUMPHREY of Springfield Tweenaway Cross Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUNT of 41 Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUNT of 61 Hyde-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUNT of 77 Short on Valley-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUNTLY of 1 Sunbury-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HURRELL of 47 Climsland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
HUSBAND of Strathmore Saltern-road Goodrington -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JACKMAN of Glenthorne 54 Oldway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JACKSON of Ibbottsville Kings-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JACKSON of The Homestead Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JACOBS of 1 Conway-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JAGO of Laitwood Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JAMES of 20 Oldway-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JARMAN of 6 Berry-square -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JEFFERY of 23 Winner-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JENKIN of 91 Upper Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JENKINS of 9 Woodland-park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JENKINS of Arrandale 34 Garfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JERMAN of Greenhays 45 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JESSON of 18a Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JEWELL of 36 Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JOHNS of 16 St Michaels-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JOHNS of 56 Climsland-toad -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JOHNSON of 1 Locamo-avenue Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JOHNSON of 20 Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JOHNSON of Poona Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JOHNSON of Rialto Garfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JONES of 23 Fortescue-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JONES of 3 D Flat Victoria-square -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JONES of Bronwyd Upper Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JONES of Bronwyd Upper Headland Park-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
JONES of Goodrington Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KELLAND of 14 Church-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KENNARD of 9 Dendy-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KENNY of Kilronan Upper Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KERNTHALER of 22 Hilton-crescent Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KERR of Cherdon Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KING of 108 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KING of 25 Elm-park South -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KING of Exonia 8 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KING of Greengates Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KIRBY of Heatherland 96 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KITCHENER of 4 Marldon-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KNIGHT of 15 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KNIGHT of Avoca Monastery-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KNIGHT of Tembani Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KNOWLES of Tantah Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
KNOX of Sonning 3 Oldway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LACEY of 120 Colley End-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAKE of Newbold House Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAMIN of 14 Morin-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAMIN of 14 Morin-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LANE of 41 Morin-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LANGFORD of 58 Colley End-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LARNDERCBE of Croy Lodge -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LATIMER of 1 New-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAW of Lawton 20b Manor-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAW of Lawton 20b Manor-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAWRENCE of 10 Cecil-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAWRENCE of 5 Dendy-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAWRENCE of Floriston Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LAWREY of Balholm Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LEMON of 23 Marldon-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LEWIN of 22 Tweenway-terrace Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LIGHT of 10 Winner-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LLOYD of Greengarth Five-lanes Marldon -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LLOYD of Little Clevelands 7 Cliff-park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LOCKYEAR of 2 Burshill-terrace Well-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LONGLEY of 15 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LUCE of 53 York-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LUKE of 7 Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LUSCOMBE of 40 Clifton-grove -- Paignton (Devonshire)
LYLE of The Old House Compton Marldon -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MACAULAY of The Shanty -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MACE of 17 Woodland-park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MACLARAN of 5 Beach-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MALCOLM of Blagdon Barton Farm -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAPPLEBECK of La Casita Polsham Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MARKS of 28 York-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MARMION of 89 Maidenway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MARRION of 11 Stansfeld-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MARSHALL of 16 Manor-gardens Coombe-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MARSHALL of 26 Youngs Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MATTHEWS of 22 Climsland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MATTHEWS of Edenhome Great Headland-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAUNDER of 73 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAUNDER of Tavistowe Farm -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAUNSELL of Strathmore 356 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAY of 19 Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAY of Polsham Villa 41 Lower Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAY of The Nutshell Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAYFIELD of The Belvedere Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MAYNELL of 7 Lower Manor-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
McKENZIE of 142 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
McKENZIE of 27 Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MELLETT of Ravencourt Dunstone Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MERCER of 3 Whitstone-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MERSON of Danesboro 24 Osney-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MICHELMORE of 21 Tweenaway-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MIDDLETON of 2a Pines-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILLER of Nestalli 5 Clifton-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILLER of Traden House Norman-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILLINGTON of Springfield Tweenaway Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILLIS of 5 Graham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILLS of The Glen Five-lanes Marldon -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILLS of Wakefield Adelphi-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILMAN of Templemore Roundham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILNE of 6 Lower Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MILNE of Seaford Stafford-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MINIFIE of 1 Primley-villas St Marye Hill -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MITCHELL of 1 Culverhay Church-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MITCHELL of Bay-view Duchy-drive Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MITCHELL of Cropston 21 Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MITCHELMORE of 15 St Pauls-road Pieston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MITCHELMORE of 5 Knapp Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MITCHELMORE of Chakrata Addison-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MONELLE of Woodlands 18 Southfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MOORE of 16a Victoria-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MOORE of 3 Elsdale-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MOORE of Wentworth 18 Youngs Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MORGAN of Ilorin Alta Vista-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MORGAN of Westcott 28 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MORRELL of 95 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MORRIS of Ingleneuk Primley Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MORSE of Dunreath Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MORTIMER of 8 Witls-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MOSLEY of La Casita Polsham Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MOUBRAY of 57 Roundham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MOUNTFORD of Rosveor 15 Elmsleigh Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MOUNTSTEVENS of 31a Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MUGFORD of Jesmond Cecil-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MUIR of Littlecot Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MULLETT of 1 Paris-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MURCH of 4 Jubilee-terrace Colleyend -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MURCH of Rivera 6 Manor road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MURGATROYD of 60 Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
MURRAY of 1 Hill-crescent Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NELDER of Omeath Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NEWALL of 6 Great Headland-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NEWCOMBE of St Kevin Littlegate-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NEWNHAM of 1 Primley Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NEWSOME of 71 Old Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NEWTON of 30 Oldway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NICHOLL of 4 Headland-grove Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NICHOLLS of Fawns Barcombe Heights -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NOBLE of Harwood 17 Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NORGATE of 8 Osney-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NORGATE of 8 Osney-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NORMINGTON of 41 Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NORRISH of 20f Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NORTHCOTT of 11 Elmsleigh Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NORTHCOTT of 22 Oldway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NORTHMORE of 46 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NOTTON of 22 Barton-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
NOWELL of 9 Hilton-drive Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
OLIVER of 33 Gerston-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
OUTFIN of 12 Three Beeches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
OUTFIN of 22 Preston Down-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
OVENDEN of Ras-Morbat 12 Esplanade -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PACK of 18 St Michaels-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PALMER of 11 Tower-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PALMER of Biemfels Kings Ash Hill -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PANNETT of Sunnydene 43 Darfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PAPWORTH of 29 Hartley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PARK of Erinville 18 Higher Polshan-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PARKER of Gresford 48 Youngs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PARNELL of Milverton Roundham-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PATERSON of 27 Higher Potsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PATTERSON of 45 Roundham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PATTERSON of 45 Roundharo-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PATTLE of 19 Church-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PATTON of 55 Cliff-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PAUL of Croslanes 1 Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PAYNE of 12 Barton-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEACHEY of 41 Marldon-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARCE of 103 Barton-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARSE of 11a Clenfion Rise -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARSE of 16 Elmbank-gardens Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARSE of 6 Fortescue-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARSE of Fiat A Anwyl Lower Penns-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARSE of Spion Kopje Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARSE of Spion Kopje Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEARSE of Wern 21 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PEEKE of Penlea 19 Church-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PENNEY of Albenga The Riviera -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PENNEY of Albenga The Riviera -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PENNY of 34 Occombe Valley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PENWILL of 14 Princes-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PENWILL of 183 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERCY of St Basil St Andrews-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRETT of 128 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRETT of 15 Courtland-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRETT of 16 Battersway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRETT of Fairhaven Cecil-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRETT of Walnut Tree Cottage Fisher-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRETT of Walnut Tree Cottage Fisher-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRING of 13 Primley Park East -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PERRING of 7 Sunbury-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PESTER of Devonia Bay Mount -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PETERS of 1 Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PETERS of 115 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PETHYBRIDGE of 16 Tweenway Terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PETHYBRIDGE of Rosenville 4 Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PHILLIPS of St Marys Lodge Grosvenor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PICKARD of 5 Queens Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PICKERING of Chequers Laura-grove -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PITMAN of Runnymede Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PITT of Tudor Lodge 31 Pines-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
POLLARD of 14 Hill Park-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
POLLARD of Shibden Hilton-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
POLLEY of Llanberis 18 Adelphi-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
POOK of St Chad Beach-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PORT of 58 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PORTER of 18 Morin-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PORTER of 81 Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
POTT of 10 Barton-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
POTTS of Rathmines Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
POWELL of 130 Kings Ash-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PRESTON of 125 Barton-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
PRISK of 11 Tower-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RANDLE of Whitehill Cottages Stoke-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RASCHEN of 54 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RAWLINGS of 12 Fortescue-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
REBURN of Guys Cliffe 52 Upper Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
REES of 2 Central-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
REES of Cartref 1 Kingshurst-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
REEVES of Woodford 5 Logan-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
REID of Loma Doone 54 Laura-grove-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RENDLE of 251 Torquay-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of 12 Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of 57a Berry-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of 6 Berry-square -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RICHARDSON of 21 Clifton-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RICHARDSON of Shirley High Field-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RICHARDSON of Thatcher Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RICKETTS of Comerways Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RIDER of 85 Barton-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RIDER of Applegarth Brixham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RINTOUL of Landevennec 36 Seaway-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RISELY of 52 Fisher-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RIXON of The Firs 19 Roundham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROBBINS of Hillrise Clennon Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROBBINS of Hillrise Clennon Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROBERTS of Craigieburn Clennon Heights -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROCK of Sunridge Dunstone Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROFE of 82 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROGERS of 26 Hillside-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROGERS of 9 Hill Park-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROGERS of Bath House Manor-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROGERS of Littlecote 65 Higher Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROLING of 113 Barton-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROLLINSON of 2 Ridge Orchard Collaton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROSE of Roseleigh Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROSS of Myrtle Holme Collaton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROUTH of Surdeval Headland-grove -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROWE of 65 All Hallows-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROWELL of Kingsley 63 Blatchcombe-lane -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROWLAND of 25 Gerston-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ROWLAND of 25 Gerston-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RUSHFORTH of HiUcrest Osney-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RUSHTON of 12 Wilbarn-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RUSHTON of Nordley Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RUSSELL of 18 Elmpark South -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RUSSELL of 4 Higher Hollacombe Cottages Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RUSSELL of 6 Colley End Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
RYALL of 23 Old Torquay-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SADLEIR of Mount Dalla Polsham Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SALMON of Tritchayne Southfield-avenue Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SALTER of Zurich 56 Upper Morin-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SANDERS of Robins Close Dartmouth-roadGood-rington -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SATTERLY of 15 St Pauls-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SCARBOROUGH of 4 Conway-toad -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SCORER of 9 Wilbarn-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SEARLE of 58 Bamfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SEARLE of Sarsden Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SHADWELL of 25 Hillside-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SHARP of The Laurels Gerston-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SHAW of St Edmunds Queens-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SHEPPARD of Brentwood Collingwood-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SHORNEY of 13 Princes-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SHORT of 28 Conway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SILK of Clevedon All-Hallows-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SIMPSON of 80 Winner-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SIMPSON of Almoia Laura-giove Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SING of St Marguerite The Riviera -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SKELTON of 14 Adelphi-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SKINNER of 29 Elmbank-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SLADE of 31 Rowcroft-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SLATER of The Oasis Sandringham-gardens Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SMALL of 3 Midvale-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SMALRIDGE of Genesta Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SMITH of 1 Great Headland-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SMITH of 46 Osney-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SMITH of 56 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SMITH of The Lawn Roundham -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SNELL of 256 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SNOW of 14 Seaway-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SOMERS of 22 Orient-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SOUL of Waterside Garage -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SOUTHGATE of 22 Borough Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SPARK of 2 Elmbank-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SPARROW of Madison Upper Morin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SQUANCE of Glen Iris 3 Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SQUARE of Kensing Southfield Rise -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STACEY of Orchard Dene Crabbs Park Brixham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STEER of 3 Collingwood-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STEPHENSON of 33 Bamfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STEVENS of 47 Colley End road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STEVENS of 5 St Andrews-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STEWART of 292 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STIDWORTHY of Abbeville 21 Sunbury-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STIDWORTHY of Rodwell Woodland Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STOCKMAN of 2 Corsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STOCKTON of Coombe Lodge Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STONE of Hatherleigh Osney-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STRICKLAND of 93 St Marys Park Collaton -- Paignton (Devonshire)
STRICKLAND of Meltherell Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SUKER of Brendoone Mortimer-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SUKER of Brendoone Mortimer-avenue Barcombe -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SULLY of 24 Elmsleigh-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SWAFFIN of Amity Lodge Stearfield -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SWALES of Lovat 36 Headland Park-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
SYMONS of Rounton Houses Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TAPLEY of Hazelwood Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of 32 Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of 42 Clifton-grove -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of 53 Langs-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of Buile Hill 51a Barnfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of Weston Dartmouth-road Broadway -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TEAGUE of 18 Bay View-terrace Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THATCHER of 10 Warefield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THEOBALD of Onslow 21 Manor-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THOMAS of Green Gables Shorton Valley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THOMAS of Heazille Marldon Cross -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THOMAS of Jenestia 3 Dunstone Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THOMPSON of 4a Hyde-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THOMPSON of 77 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THOMPSON of Sunny Croft Hyde-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THORNE of 16 Orient-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
THORRINGTON of Fern Dell Luscombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TOD of Brookway Bridham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TODD of 14 Adelphi-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TOLCHARD of 12 Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TOLLY of Normanhurst 102 Coombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TOSLAND of 105 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TOSSWILL of The Top House Sandringham-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TREBBLE of 1 Weston-terrace -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TREMEER of Dalwood Lodge Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TRESCOWTHICK of Sunnymead Sands-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TREVARTHEN of 12 Stansfeld-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TRUSCOTT of Oakdene Saltern-road Waterside -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TUTT of 3 Little Oldway Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TWILTON of Dodford Maidenway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
TYRRELL of 35 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
UNDERHAY of Dass-ee 45 Barnfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
VANSTONE of Bayside Hotel Torbay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
VEALE of 3 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
VEALE of St Gabriel Whitstone-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
VETCH of 4 Southfield-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
VIGARS of 364 Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
VINCENT of 15 Osney-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WALKER of 6 Bamfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WALLER of 68 Colley End-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WALLIS of Bowhill Fisher-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WALLIS of Rose Tree Bank Midvale-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WALTON of Merok Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WALTON of Mersk Upper Headland Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WARD of 38 Headland-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WARD of Hendersyde Tower Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WARDLAW of Thornbury Shorton-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WARN of Eastleigh 6 Leighon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WASH of Richmond Dendy-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WATKIN of Sunny Patch Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WATSON of 2 Collingwood-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WATT of 60d Fisher-street -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WEBB of 98 Colley End-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WEBBER of Leighcroft Leighton-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WEBBER of Sindola Torquay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WEBSTER of Glenmarlinn Marldon-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WEBSTER of Rialto 12 Garfield-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WELCH of 27 Three Beaches -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WELLS of 64 Shorton Valley-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WELLSTED of Windermere Nursing Home -- Paignton (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WEST of The Quillet 15 Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WEST of The Quillet Kings-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WESTLAKE of Roscrea Alta Vista-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WESTON of The Oasis Sandringham Gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WETMORE of 5 Osney-gardens -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHAITE of 190 Blatchcombe-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHEELER of 21 North Rockroad -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHITE of Wildwoods FarmMarldon -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHITEHEAD of Annandale 5 Fortescue-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHITEWAY of 6 Roundham-cottages Roundham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHITING of 3 Rowena-terrace Tweenaway -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHITMARSH of 20 North Rochs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHITTINGHAM of 3 Flat The Cedars Preston Download -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WHITTON of 1 Knapp Park-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WICKS of 7 Barton-drive -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WIDDICOMBE of Auckland Manor-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILCOX of Primley Mount -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILDE of Noctorum Colin-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILDISH of Flat B Willowbank Polsham-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILKINS of Chase View Upper Headland Park-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILKINS of TheGrove Kings Ash Hill -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILKINSON of 4 Hilton-drive Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILKS of Queens Hotel Queens-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of Rodbourne 23 Dartmouth-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of The Croft Hotel -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILLIAMSON of The Bower Foxhole-lane -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILLIS of Mareo Winner Hill-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILLS of Bayside Torbay-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILLS of Springfield Fivelanes Marldon -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILSON of 1 Oldway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILSON of 36 Butland-avenue Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WILSON of Maidenway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WINCKWORTH of 230 Torquay-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WINTER of 75 All Hallows-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WITHERS of 9 Langs-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WITHERS of 9 Langs-road Preston -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WOLLASTON of Torbay Park House -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WOOD of Torhaven 21 Gerston-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WOODCOCK of Margrace Cliff Park -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WOODWARD of 25 Marldon-avenue -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WORSLEY of 2 Langs-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WORTH of 2 Beach-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
WRIGHT of South Eden Nursing Home Adelphi-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
YATES of 9 Tarraway-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)
YOUNG of Wooton Park-crescent -- Paignton (Devonshire)
ZIMAN of Newbold House 43 Totnes-road -- Paignton (Devonshire)

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