Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Northwich (Cheshire) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of The Navigation Inn Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ACTON of 10 New-road Anderton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ACTON of 12 Owen-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ACTON of Mount Pleasant Pickmere lane Wine-ham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ALCOCK of 3 Water-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ALCOCK of 34 Huxley-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ALCOCK of 4 School-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ALLCOCK of 53 East-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ALLEN of 1 Earles-lane Wincham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ALLEN of 3 Gibsons-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ALLEN of 84 Station-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ANDERSON of 54 Barrymore-road Owley Wood Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ANDERSON of 95 Royal-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ARMSTRONG of 17 Wincham-lane Wincham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ASHBROOK of 70 Navigation-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ASHLEY of 7 Broadway Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BALL of 2 Northway Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BANKS of 28 Spencer-street Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARBER of Goosebrook Farm Sevenoaks -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARKER of 19 Kingsway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARKER of 261 Runcom-road Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARKER of Park View Comberbach -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARKER of Vine Cottage Warrington-road Cuddington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARLOW of 27 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARLOW of 34 Peter-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARNES of 6 John Brunner-Crescent -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARON of Bawsgate Cottage Cinder Hill Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BARROW of 36 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BATE of West-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BATES of 34 Station-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BATES of 69 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BATES of Kenmare London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BEBBINGTON of Oakfield Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BEELEY of 9 Moss-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BELL of 11 Nicholas-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BELL of 11 Nicholas-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BELL of Plumbs Fold Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BELLIS of 87 Solvay-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BENBOW of 23 Moss-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BENNION of 5 Orchard-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BENTLEY of 51 Nursery-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BERTRAM of 1 School-lane Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BESWICK of Smithy Farm Arley -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BETTELLEY of 55 School-lane Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BIRCHALL of Sherlowe Carlton-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BIRDSEY of 11 Oldhams Hill Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BIRKENHEAD of Manor Farm Cottage Acton Bridge -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BIRTWISLE of Beechcroft Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BIRTWISTLE of 6 School Way -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BLACKHURST of 11 Bond-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BLACKSHAW of Pinfold Cottage Ashton-by-Bud-worth -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BLAND of 28 Flower-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BLOWER of 16 Alderley-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BLOWER of 34 Beeston-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BODEN of 1 Gas-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BODEN of 19 Northway Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BODEN of 277 London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOOTH of 31 Robert-square -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOOTH of Tannery House Manchester-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOUCHER of 23 The Crescent -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BOWER of 11 Nursery-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOWER of 19 Crocus-street Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOWER of Rose Cottage Cliff-road Acton Bridge -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOWKER of Cookstool Farm Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOWYER of 72 East-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOYD of 219 London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOYER of 2 Orchard-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BOYER of Station House Delamere -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BRADBURY of 14 Orchard-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BRADBURY of The Elms Pickmere -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BRADLEY of 24 Water-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BRAMHALL of Magpie Lodge Vale Royal Winsford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BRITCH of The Grange Holehouse-lane Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BROADV of 87 Manchester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BROCKLEHURST of 131 Lydyett-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BROCKLEHURST of 26 Spencer-street Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BROOKES of 4 Whitley-avenue Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BROOKS of 388 London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BROOMFIELD of 39 Edward-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BROWN of 29 Kingsway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BUCHAN of 40 Runcorn-road Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BUCKLEY of 38 Ollershaw-lane Marston -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BUCKLEY of 43 Park-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BUCKLEY of 7 Carlton-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BULLOUGH of 50 Green-avenue Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BURGESS of 12 Romanes-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BURGESS of 92 Middlewich-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BURGESS of Canal Side Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
BURGESS of Woodrough Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CALDWELL of Selwyn Hodge-lane Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CARDEN of Oakdene Smithy-lane Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CARTER of 11 School-lane Lostock Graham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CARTER of 223 Runcorn-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CARTER of 39 School-lane Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CASSON of Holy Trinity Vicarage -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CAVANAGH of T Tower-place -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CAWLEY of 183 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CHEADLE of 33 Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CHEADLE of 94 Carlton-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CHESWORTH of 7 Robert-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CHESWORTH of Oak Tree Farm Oakmere -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CLARE of 99 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CLARE of 99 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CLARKE of 62 High-street Great Budworth -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CLARKE of Field Cottage Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CLARKE of Post Office Cottage Marbury-lane Comberbach -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CLAYTON of Penrhyn Arms New-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CLEMENTS of Willow Cottage Antrobus -- Northwich (Cheshire)
COMBS of 29 Moreton-street Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
COOPER of Fernleigh Station-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
COOPER of Greenfields Chester-road Old Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
COOPER of The Firs London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
COPELAND of 19 Oak-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CORKER of 3 Elm-street Manchester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
COTTERILL of 10 Winhington-lane -- Northwich (Cheshire)
COWAP of Rose Bank Farm Litte Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CRANK of 5 Chapel-lane Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CREED of 57 Runcorn-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CROFT of Danescroft Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CROSS of 1 Huxley-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CROSS of 185 London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CROSS of 21 Spencer-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CROSS of 29 Percy-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CROSS of 51 Lydyett-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CROSS of Anfre Parker-avenue Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
CULLEN of 3 Dock-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DAKIN of Grove Cottage Lostock Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DALE of 18 Romanes-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DALE of 60 Greenall-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DARBYSHIRE of Anerley Marbury-lane Comberbach -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DARLINGTON of Wallgrange 61 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DEAKIN of 38 Chapel-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DEWSNAP of Lyndale Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DICKENS of 84 Chapel-street Wincham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DOBIE of 36 Water-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DODD of 15 Wellington-strect Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DODD of 5 Sydney-terrace Greenbank -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DOUGHTY of 5 Manor-street Greenbank -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DOWNS of 33 Moss-road-north Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DRINKWATER of 119 Middlewich-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DRONSFIELD of Sandiway Lodge Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
DUTTON of 4 Hindley-crescent Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EARLAM of 71 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EARLE of Avondale Rudheath-road Lostock Graham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EATON of Peters Shelter 7a Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EDWARDS of Woodside Soot Hill Anderton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EGERTON of Mansfield Marbury-road Anderton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ELLIS of 22 Winnington-lane -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ELLIS of Rookery Cottage Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ELLISON of 26 Northwich-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ELSBY of 2 Weaver Houses Acton Bridge Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ENGLAND of Stoneyford Cuddington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ENGLISH of Plovers Moss Lodge Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EVANS of 12 Nofthway- Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EVANS of 23 James-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EVANSON of 11 Cromwell-road-south Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EYRES of 188 Witton-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
EYRES of 7 Regent-street Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FAHEY of 25 Jubilee-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FENNELL of Waverley Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FLAHERTY of 26 Romanes-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FLAVIN of Greenfield Farm Antrobus -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORD of 32 Victoria-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORD of Runnymede Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORSTER of 16 Pickmere-lane Wincham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORSTER of 23 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORSTER of 30 Northway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORSTER of 4 Townfield-lane Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORSTER of 6 Liverpool-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FORSTER of Alma 36 Cromwell-road-north -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FOULKES of 68 Owley-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FOWLES of 364 Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FOWLES of 68 Darwin-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FOWLES of 68 Darwin-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FOWLES of Roselea Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FOXLEY of 16 Weaver-road Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FRANKLIN of 3 Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FRYER of -6 -Victoria-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FRYER of 19 Dane Bank-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
FRYER of The Rookery London-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FULLER of 11 Church-street Wincham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GANDY of 53 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GANDY of The Grange Acton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GARNETT of 54 Whalley-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GATES of 67 Mond-street Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GATLIFFE of Martshill 25 Carlton-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GERRARD of 17 Crocus-street Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GERRARD of 33 Cronwell-road South Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GERRARD of The Nest Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GIBBONS of 235 Runcorn-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GIBBONS of Rose Cottage Runcorn-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GILLETT of 5 Woodford-lane Winsford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GOODIER of 15 Broadway Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GOODRIDGE of 42 Navigation-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GOUGH of 160a London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GOUGH of 160a London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GOUGH of Senna Green Farm Sevenoaks -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GRASSBY of 57 Royle-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GRAY of 151 London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GRAY of 78 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GREEN of 20 LSverpool-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GREEN of 22 Oak-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GREEN of 7 Hewitt-street Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GREENSMITH of 1 Dyar-terrace -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GRICE of Trewyn Manchester-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GRIFFITHS of 19 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GRIFFITHS of 89 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GRIFFITHS of Froijy-gog Runcom-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
GUY of 7 Queensgate Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HALE of Ivy Cottage Hodge-Iane Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HALL of 8 Waterloo-road Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HALLIDAY of 7 Princes-avenue -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HAMLETT of 155 Middlewich-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HANKEY of 10 Castle Bank -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HANN of 57 Church-street Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARDMAN of 32 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARPER of 20 Canal-side Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARPER of Ardeme House Hodge-lane Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARPER of Garth-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARRIS of 3 Bond-street Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARRISON of 27 London-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARRISON of The Village Crowton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARROP of 13 Penrhyn-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARTLEY of 171 Runcom-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARTLEY of 6 Church-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARVEY of Grange Cottage Delamere -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HARVEY of Willow Green Farm Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HASLEHURST of 85 Lydyett-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HASPELL of 8 Cogshall-lane Comberbach -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HAYBYRNE of 5 Gadbrook-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HAYES of 185 Chester-road Greenbank -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HAYTER of Vale Royal Abbey -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HEALD of The Locomotive Inn Manchester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HEATH of 2 Witton Bank Cottages -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HENSHALL of 4 Warrington-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HESFORD of Maypole Cottages Cliffe-road Acton Bridge -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HEWITT of 35 Shipbrook-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HEYS of Leftwich Heys Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HEYS of Leftwich Heys Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HICKLIN of 5 Lydyett-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HICKLING of The Maypole Inn Acton Bridge -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HICKSON of Avondale 66 Station-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HIGGINS of 16 Percy-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HILDITCH of Westholme Beach-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HILLEN of 97 Middlewich-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HIND of 20 Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HINDE of Cronk Beg Shadybrook-lane Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HINDLEY of High Bank Farm Townfield-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HITCHEN of 225 London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HITCHEN of 7 Winningtomhill -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HITCHINSON of 232 London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HODGKINS of 9 Beech-road Hartford and Greenbank -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HODGKINSON of 28 Moreton-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HODGKINSON of 47 Carlton-road Witton-park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HODGKINSON of Glengarth Jack-lane Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HODKINSON of 2a Broken Cross Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HODKINSON of 4 Regent-street Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOLDEN of 61 High-street Great Budworth -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOLLAND of 31 Bond-street Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HORTON of Cloverley London-road Leftwich -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOUGH of 55 Regent-street Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOUGH of Hillsview 107 Moss-road South Win-ningtori -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOUGH of Josmond 156 Wharton-road Winsford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOUGH of Rosedene 5 Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOUGHTON of 146 Greenall-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOULGRAVE of 67 Victoria-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HOULGRAVE of 74 Navigation-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUBBALL of 69 Huxley-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of 13 Bond-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of 15 High-street Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of 16 Northbury Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of 57 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Ewhurst Woodlands-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Highfield 229 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Smethcott Jack-lane Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUGHES of Smethcott Jack-lane Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HULSE of 31 Huxley-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUMBLES of 5 Huxley-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HUNT of 104 Witton-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
HYETT of Glenmavis Beach-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JACKSON of Castle Tavern 9 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JACKSON of Gwynfa 61a Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 104 Navigation-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 184 London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 23 Marston-lane Marston -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 3 Northwich-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 37 Victoria-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 55 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 60 West-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 7 Wallerscote-road Weaversham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 80 Leicester-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSON of 94 Westavenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JOHNSTON of Bluecap Cottage Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JONES of 11 Dales-square London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JONES of 21 Penrhyn-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JONES of 27 Church-street Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JONES of 49 Lydyett-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
JONES of Aston Villa Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
KAY of Mount Pleasant Crowton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
KENNERLEY of 2 Water-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KENNERLEY of Donkey-lane Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
KERFOOT of 27 Queen-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
KERSHAW of Onston Hall Crowton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
KIRK of 1 Park-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
KNIGHT of 69 Moss-road South -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMB of 15 Wilbraham-road Owley Wood Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMB of 16 Boundary-street Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMB of 27 Gladstone-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMB of 368 London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMB of 9 Hadfield-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMBERT of 1 Westfield-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMBERT of Lower Feldy Green Farm Feldy Green Aston-by-Budworth -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAMBERT of Nucot Gadbrook-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LATHAM of 25 Orchard-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LAWTON of 167 Runcorn-road Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LEATHER of 21 Paradise-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LEATHER of The Red House -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LEICESTER of Corra Linn Moss-road south -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LEWIS of AUerdale Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LIEVESLEY of 21 Faraday-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LITLER of 6 Moss-road South Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LITTLEMORE of 35 Park-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LITTLER of 54 Chapel-street Wincham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LITTLER of 67 and 69 Manchester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LITTLER of The Woodlands Holehouse-lane Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LOCKETT of 9 Hindley-crescent Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LOVATT of 35 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
LOWE of 7 Faraday-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MACDONALD of 4 Primrose Hill -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MACDONALD of 4 Primrose-hill -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MACKENZIE of 13 Solway-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MADDOCK of 2 Chapel-street Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MADDOCK of Forcing Station Marbury -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MATHESON of The Friars Northwich-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MATHEWS of 18 Alan-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MATHEWS of 75 Carlton-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MAYDEW of Amblesyde 63 Cromwell-road South -- Northwich (Cheshire)
McCONNEL of Rosebank -- Northwich (Cheshire)
McEWEN of 14 Wilbraham-road Owley Wood Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
McMYN of Brockhurst Hall -- Northwich (Cheshire)
McNAIR of 22 Townfield-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MEDDINGS of 386 London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MELLING of 111 Carlton-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MERSH of Smithy Farm Ulkington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MIDDLETON of 10 Victoria-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLER of 29 Church-walk -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLINGTON of 10 Parkfield-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLS of 106 West-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLS of 70 Huxley-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLS of 9 Nursery-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLS of Briarfield Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLS of Lynwood Beach-grove Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MILLS of Southlands 32 Moss-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 13 Romanes-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 14 Winnington-lane -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 23 West-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 3 Middlewich-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 3 Victoria-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 37 Castle-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 5 The Crescent -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MOORE of 8 Moss-terrace Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of 95 Runcorn-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of Cromford Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of Glen Dene Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of Greenfield Heysons-avenue -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of Kilverstone Queensgate Extension -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of Runcom-road Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOORE of Runcorn-road Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MORGAN of 13 Manor-street Greenbank -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MORGAN of Lynwood 24 Northway Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOSES of Sandon Manchester-road Lostock Graham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOSS of 109 Lydyett-lane Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MOSS of Nook Farm Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MURRAY of 9 Laburnum-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MURRAY of Oak Lea Hodge-lane Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
MUSGRAVE of 8 Birtwistle-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
NICHOLAS of 2 Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
NICHOLAS of Glen Garth Moss-road-south -- Northwich (Cheshire)
NIXON of Grove Cottage Stanley-grove Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
NORCROSS of 35 Water-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
OAKES of Highmead Wallerscote-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
OWEN of 3 King-street Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
OWEN of Marcroft 6a Gadbrook-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PACE of 225 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PALIN of 147 Runcorn-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PALIN of 19 Sydney-street Greenback -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PALIN of 27 Beswicks-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PALIN of 7 Northwich-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PALIN of Bedruthan Manchester-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PALIN of Hayhurst-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PEMBERTON of 8 James-street off Middlewich-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PENDLEBURY of Glenlee 217 London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PERRIN of 27 Church-street Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PERRIN of Eyton Cottages Onston-lane Crowton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PERRY of 7 Percy-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PETERS of 77 London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PHIPPS of Wall Hill Cottage Acton Bridge -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PICKERING of 114 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PIMLATT of 14 Graingers-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PIMLATT of 90 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PLANT of 25 Paradise-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PLANT of The Apiary Lower Whitley -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PLATT of 16 Romanes-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PLATT of Cherry Cottage -- Northwich (Cheshire)
POOLE of 49 Manchester-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
POSTLES of 5 Royle-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
POULTER of Heathdale Mouse-lane Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
POWELL of Water Farm Oakmere -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PRATT of 16 Moss-road (South) -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PREEN of 26 Richard-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PRESTON of 43 Weaver Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PRICE of Stanley Cottage Beech-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PRICE of West Cliff Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PYE of 5 Hollands-road Leftwich -- Northwich (Cheshire)
PYE of 6 Moss-terrace Winnington-lane -- Northwich (Cheshire)
RAMSDEN of Coal Yard Cottage Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
RANEY of 1 Whalley-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
REED of 69 Victoria-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
REES of 14 Wennington-lane -- Northwich (Cheshire)
RICHARDSON of 53 Moss-road South -- Northwich (Cheshire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RIGBY of Heath Farm Little Leigh -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of 26 Station-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBERTS of 33 Leicester-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBERTSON of The Maypole Inn Acton Bridge -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of 1 Moss-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of 12 Leighs Brow Runcorn-road Barntori -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of 5 Bartons-place -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of 7 Church-walk -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of 8 Princes Park Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of Canal Side Anderton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of Hill Crest Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of Leith-cottage King-street Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of Sandycroft Northwich-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROBINSON of Summerfield Earles-lane Marston -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROGERS of 1 Gibbon-drive Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROSE of 61 Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROUGHSEDGE of Glendore Rudheath-lane Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROWLAND of 14 Bond-street Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
ROYLANCE of Breare Lyme-avenue London-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
RUBOTTOM of 50 Moreton-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SAMBROOK of 46 Winnington-lane -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SCHOFIELD of Belvedere 8 Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SEAMAN of Hylderm School-lane Hartford near ? -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SENIOR of 31 The Crescent -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHALLCROSS of Shamrock Cottage Cliff-road Acton Bridge -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHARPS of 20 Queen-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHAW of 108 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHAW of 15 Oakwood-lane Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHAW of 28 The Crescent -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHAW of 4 Shurlach-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHAW of 8 Navigation-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHAW of Newlyn Lime-avenue Brockhurst -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SHERWIN of Bostock Grange -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SIDDALL of 18 Crocus-street Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SIMCOCK of 3 Birtwistle-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SIMPSON of 76 Navigation-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SINGLETON of Grange Cottages Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SLATER of 3 West-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SMITH of 10 Emmett-street Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SMITH of 11 Timber-lane -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SMITH of 16 William-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SMITH of 38 Station-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SMITH of 74 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SMITH of Ivy Dene Tabley-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SOUTHERN of 10 Kingsway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SOUTHERN of 13 Darwin-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SPANN of Beech Tree Farm Dalefords-lane Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SPEECHLEY of 35 Kingsway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
STAGG of 7 Magdala-place -- Northwich (Cheshire)
STELFOX of The Talbot Hotel -- Northwich (Cheshire)
STEPHENSON of 56 Cromwell-road-north -- Northwich (Cheshire)
STOCKTON of 20 Nursery-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
STRINGER of 25 Tabley-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
STUBBS of 82 Hartford-road Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
STUBBS of Woodside Beach-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SUMNER of 21 Council-houses Main-road Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
SWINDELLS of The Cottage Queensgate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TALLIS of Uplands Chester-road Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TAYLOR of 107 Lydyett-lane Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TAYLOR of 13 St James-road Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TAYLOR of 52 The Crescent -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TEMPEST of 36 Navigation-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
THACKWRAY of Moorlands Sandiway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
THOMPSON of 13 Runcom-road Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
THOMPSON of 15 Runcorn-road Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
THOMPSON of Gardena School-lane Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TOMKINSON of Woodside Beach-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TOMLINSON of Queens Cottage Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TRAYNOR of 22 Darwin-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TRIM of Wesley Cottage Firths Fields Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TURNER of Newholme Mayfield-grove Cuddington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TURNER of Pen Dinas Chester-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
TURNOCK of 9 Marston-lane Marston -- Northwich (Cheshire)
UNSWORTH of Briery Farm Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
VERNON of Vemly Lime-avenue Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WAINWRIGHT of 96 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WALKER of 81 Runcorn-road Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WALKER of 9 South-drive Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WALL of 44 Station-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WALTON of Fishpool Farm Delamere -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WARBURTON of Great Bud-worth -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WARD of 4 Water-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WARD of Glenavon London-road Leftwich -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WATERMAN of 2 Heath-road Owley Wood Weaver-ham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WATKIN of 14 George-street Barnton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WAY of 14 Dobells-lane Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WEBB of 37 James-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WEEDALL of 31 Church-street Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WESTALL of 38 Greenall-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHALLEY of Holford Hall Farm Plumbley -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHALLEY of Lostock Lodge Farm Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHALLEY of Trevethoe Warrington-road Cuddington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITE of 14 Crocus-street Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITE of 36 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITEHEAD of 285 London-road Leftwich Green -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITEHEAD of 86 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITEHEAD of 91 Chester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITEHEAD of Roselyn 49 Hartford-road Daven-ham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITLOW of 33 Shipbrook-road Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITLOW of 6 William-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITTAKER of 17 Kingsway -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITTAKER of 26 George-street Bamton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WHITTAKER of 5 Regent-street Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WICKHAM of 30 Greenall-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILCOCKSON of Almora Moss-road-south -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILDING of 92 Greenall-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILKINSON of 16 Church-street Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILKINSON of 36 Gladstone-street Castle -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILKINSON of Sunnyside Alderley-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLCOX of Tolcarne Beach-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLIAMS of 22 Moss-road North Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLIAMS of 22 Moss-road Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLIAMS of 82 Ollershaw-lane Marston -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLIAMSON of 16 Cromwell-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLIAMSON of 5 Romans-street Castle Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLIAMSON of The Cottage Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILLIAMSON of The Cottage Whitegate -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILSON of 10 The Crescent -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILSON of 129 Manchester-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILSON of 162 Wallerscote-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WILSON of 33 East-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WILSON of Noran Manchester-road Lostock Gralam -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WINGFIELD of 55 Church-road -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WINGFIELD of 68 West-avenue Rudheath -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WINN of Coplestone Woodlands-road East Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WINNINGTON of The Ring-o' Bells Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WOOD of 33 Robert-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WOOD of Glenfield Beech-road Hartford -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WOOLSTENCROFT of 7 Appleton-street Winnington -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WORRALL of The Hollies Onston -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WORRALL of The Limes Jack-lane Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WRIGHT of 4 Ollershaw-lane Marston -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WRIGHT of 71 Royle-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WRIGHT of Ashmount Lostock Gralaim -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WRIGHT of Greenfield Heysons-avenue -- Northwich (Cheshire)
WYLLIE of Windyridge Mere Heath Davenham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
YARWOOD of 1 Church-street Moulton -- Northwich (Cheshire)
YARWOOD of 15 Church-street Wincham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
YARWOOD of 19 Hooker-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
YOUD of 23 Station-road Weaverham -- Northwich (Cheshire)
YOULD of Fern Lea 12 Danebank-road Witton Park -- Northwich (Cheshire)
YOUNG of 13 Darwin-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)
YOUNG of 13 Darwin-street -- Northwich (Cheshire)

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