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New York (USA) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBEY of 67 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ABBEY of 67 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ABERCROMBIE of 429 East 64-street Manhatton -- New York (USA)
ABRAMS of 236 Clermont-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
ALLEN of -- New York (USA)
ALLEN of 159 Joralemon-street county-of Kings Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
ALLEN of Elmsford Town of Greenburgh Westchester -- New York (USA)
ANDERSON of -- New York (USA)
ANGELL of 3 Woodsidc-r-oad New Malden Surrey and of City County and -- New York (USA)
ANTHES of 213 North Barry-avenue Mamaroneck Westchester -- New York (USA)
ASCHER of Hotel Lombardy 111 East 56th-street -- New York (USA)
ASHBY of 48 Davis-road Port Washington Nassau County -- New York (USA)
ASHLEY of 609 Spring-street Jamestown Chautauqua -- New York (USA)
BACK of 5220 Caroline Houston Texas and 2 Beek-man-place -- New York (USA)
BAINBRIDGE of 180 Gates-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
BAINBRIDGE of 180 Gates-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
BALDWIN of Scarsdale Westchester -- New York (USA)
BALL of 1217 Ditmas-avenue Brooklyn county of Kings -- New York (USA)
BANE of 206 East 70th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BARBEAU of Silver Creek -- New York (USA)
BARKER of Morristown -- New York (USA)
BARLOW of 15 West 81st-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BARLOW of the New York Club -- New York (USA)
BARNARD of 42 Stephen son-boulevard New Rochelle Westchester -- New York (USA)
BARRON of 21 Cedar-avenue Rockville Centre county Nassau -- New York (USA)
BARTLEY of Amsterdam -- New York (USA)
BARTLEY of Utica -- New York (USA)
BARUGH of 1055 Fifth-avenue -- New York (USA)
BATES of 35 East 64th-street -- New York (USA)
BATTI of 55 West 52-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BEAL of 415 Pacific-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
BEARDSLEY of 1012 Park-avenue Utica Oneida -- New York (USA)
BEARDSLEY of 37 Madison-avenue -- New York (USA)
BEAUMONT of 112 Rhine-avenue Stapleton Richmond -- New York (USA)
BEEBE of New York (USA)
BEER of 111 Fifth-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BEIDENKOPF of 425 Riverside-drive Manhattan City -- New York (USA)
BEINECKE of the Plaza Fifth-avenue and 59th street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BEINECKE of The Plaza Hotel -- New York (USA)
BELL of Harbor Hill-road Roslyn Nassau New York (USA)
BELL of St Lukes Hospital -- New York (USA)
BENTLEY of Larchmont Manor Westchester -- New York (USA)
BIDDLE of 3764 Bronx Boulevard -- New York (USA)
BIGG of Rochester Monroe -- New York (USA)
BISHOP of 15 East 67th-street -- New York (USA)
BISLAND of Hotel Earle 103 Waverley-place -- New York (USA)
BLAGDEN of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BLAIN of 98 Bowery -- New York (USA)
BLEW of 4001 Washington-street Niagara Falls -- New York (USA)
BLOOMFIELD of 39 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
BLUNDELL of New York (USA)
BOAK of 291 Ryerson-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
BOOTH of Fairlawn Main-street Conn wall Orange County -- New York (USA)
BOREL of 347 Pelhamdale-avenue Pelham Heights -- New York (USA)
BORG of Tarry town Westchester -- New York (USA)
BOTELER of 1170 Fifth-avenue -- New York (USA)
BOYESEN of 140 Broadway -- New York (USA)
BOYLE of Niagara Falls Niagara -- New York (USA)
BOYNE of 434 Dunham-avenue Mount Vernon -- New York (USA)
BRADY of 440 East 140-street -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BRAZELL of 25 Chesterfield-drive Rochester -- New York (USA)
BRETON of Hotel Lafayette University Place and Ninth-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BRIGGS of 414 Eleventh-street Niagara Falls 1 Niagara -- New York (USA)
BROCKENBROUGH of 262 Piermont-avenue South Nyack Rockland County -- New York (USA)
BROOKS of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BROUZET of 130 East 40th-street -- New York (USA)
BROWN of 1 Bay Boulevard Atlantic Beach Long Island -- New York (USA)
BROWN of 190 Columbia Heights Brooklyn Kings -- New York (USA)
BROWN of 450 East 89-street New York City -- New York (USA)
BROWN of 9 Forest-place New Rochelle Westchester -- New York (USA)
BROWN of Locust Valley Nassau Long Island -- New York (USA)
BRUEN of 19 East 83rd-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BRUNDAGE of 10 Rutland-road Scarsdale Green-burgh county Westchester -- New York (USA)
BRUNT of Johnstown -- New York (USA)
BUCHANAN of St Johns County of Rockland -- New York (USA)
BULLOCK of Rochester -- New York (USA)
BURCH of Je League Hotel East 78th-street -- New York (USA)
BURKE of Hastings-oh-Hudso?n Westchester -- New York (USA)
BURMESTER of 25 Avenue des Pyrenees Biarritz France and of -- New York (USA)
BURNEY of 745 Classon-avenue Brooklyn City -- New York (USA)
BURNHAM of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
BURROUGHS of Irvington-on-Hudson Westchester -- New York (USA)
BURROWS of 112 Buena Vista-avenue Yonkers -- New York (USA)
BURROWS of 112 Buena Vista-avenue Yonkers -- New York (USA)
BURROWS of 112 Buena Vista-avenue Yonkers Westchester -- New York (USA)
BUTLER of 126 East 45th-street -- New York (USA)
BUTLER of 14 East 60th-street -- New York (USA)
CAHILL of 235 West 46th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
CAINE of Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
CALDWELL of 319 Laburnum crescent Rochester Monroe County -- New York (USA)
CALLAHAN of 285 Prospect-place Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
CAMPBELL of 112 East Seventieth-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
CAMPBELL of 30 Pine-street -- New York (USA)
CAMPBELL of 39 Claremont-avenue -- New York (USA)
CARL of co National City Bank -- New York (USA)
CARLE of 55 East 54th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
CARRINGTON of Ramapo Rockland -- New York (USA)
CARTER of 144 Chatfield-road Bronxville -- New York (USA)
CARY of 126 Nassau-street and of 842 Ocean-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
CARY of 856 Fifth-avenue -- New York (USA)
CARY of Boston county of Erie -- New York (USA)
CASE of The City County and -- New York (USA)
CAZELAR of 2140-84th-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
CERF of 35-24 166th Street Flushing Queens -- New York (USA)
CHARTER of 191 Clinton-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
CHASE of -- New York (USA)
CHASE of Slingerlands Bethlehem Albany -- New York (USA)
CHESEBROUGH of Millbrook Dutchess -- New York (USA)
CHRISTIE of Marbletown Ulster -- New York (USA)
CHUBB of Gorham county Ontario state of -- New York (USA)
CLACK of T16th-street and of Broadway Manhattan bothin -- New York (USA)
CLARK of Canastota Madison -- New York (USA)
CLARK of Great Neck Nassau -- New York (USA)
CLARKE of 233 West 83rd Street New York City -- New York (USA)
CLAYTON of 98 Rodney-avenue Buffalo Erie -- New York (USA)
CLEVERLEY of Van Buren Onondaga -- New York (USA)
COBHAM of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
COLBOURNE of 427 Bard-avenue West New Brighton Staten Island -- New York (USA)
COLE of 3 Canyon Circle Yonkers -- New York (USA)
COLLINS of The Bronx -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COMSTOCK of Ithaca -- New York (USA)
CONLAN of 63 Middagh-street Kings County -- New York (USA)
CONLEY of 11 East 93-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
CONSTABLE of 4 East 95th-street -- New York (USA)
CORNISH of Cold Spring Philipstown Putnam County -- New York (USA)
CORNWALL of 1474 Union-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
COVENTRY of 20 Clinton-place Utica Oneida -- New York (USA)
COVENTRY of 20 Clinton-place Utica Oneida -- New York (USA)
COWGILL of 777 Washington-street Ward 8 Buffalo -- New York (USA)
COX of Brookhaven Suffolk -- New York (USA)
CRAIG of 555 Park-avenue Manhatton -- New York (USA)
CRAVEN of 141 St Mark s-place Staten Island Richmond -- New York (USA)
CRAVES of 205 East 176th-street Bronx -- New York (USA)
CROSBY of Union Club -- New York (USA)
CUNNINGTON of 412 West-avenue Rochester Monroe -- New York (USA)
CURLETT of 75 Pintard-avenue New Rochelle county Westchester -- New York (USA)
CUTBILL of Holmwood Farm Hordle Hampshire and of 388 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
D'AUBICNE of 960 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
DALE of 43 Central-avenue Fredonia -- New York (USA)
DALTON of 45 Underhill-street Tuckahoe Westchester White Plains -- New York (USA)
DALTON of 96 East Second-street Corning -- New York (USA)
DAPSON of 108 James-street Canastola Lennox -- New York (USA)
DAVENPORT of 553 Aqueduct-avenue Yonkers -- New York (USA)
DAVIDOFF of 115 Broadway -- New York (USA)
DAVIDSON of 155 Centre-avenue New Rochelle Westchester County -- New York (USA)
DAVIES of 15 East 58th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
DAVIES of Queens Village Queens City -- New York (USA)
DAVIES of Richville St Lawrence -- New York (USA)
DAVIS of 912 5th-avenue -- New York (USA)
DAY of 321 Parkville-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
DE LAND of 1236 Union-street Schenectady -- New York (USA)
DE VRIES of 290 Park-avenue New York City -- New York (USA)
DEANE of 223 96th-street -- New York (USA)
DEBIDDER of Oscawana Cortlandt Westchester -- New York (USA)
DENISON of New York Richmond -- New York (USA)
DICKENS of Hotel Astoria -- New York (USA)
DIETERLEN of 35 West 89th-street -- New York (USA)
DIXON of 518 Fort Washington-avenue New York City -- New York (USA)
DOCHEZ of 446 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
DODGE of The City and -- New York (USA)
DOHERTY of Port Chester Rye County Westchester -- New York (USA)
DONOVAN of 41 Elton-street Rochester -- New York (USA)
DOWLING of 1270 Sixth-avenue -- New York (USA)
DOWLING of Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
DOWNE of City of Syracuse County of Onondago -- New York (USA)
DOWS of Rhinebeck Co of Dutchess and -- New York (USA)
DRIVER of 47 Sterling-place Huntington Suffolk County -- New York (USA)
DUFFIE of New Brighton Richmond Staten Island -- New York (USA)
DUKES of Trinity Hospital 50 Varrick-street -- New York (USA)
DUVAL of 300 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
DYER of Brookville Nassau -- New York (USA)
EADSON of The Hotel Empire Broadway 62-street -- New York (USA)
EGAN of 3369 162nd-street Flushing -- New York (USA)
EIDLITZ of 755 Park-avenue New York Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ELDREDGE of 48 Wall-street -- New York (USA)
ELLERY of 432 West 17th-street -- New York (USA)
ELLIS of 530 West 136th-street -- New York (USA)
ELSASSER of 395 Riverside-drive Manhattan -- New York (USA)
EMMET of 3 East 94th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
EMMOTT of Gaines Orleans -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EMMOTT of Gaines Orleans -- New York (USA)
ENTWISLE of The Manse Ashland -- New York (USA)
EUSTACE of New York (USA)
EVANS of -- New York (USA)
EVANS of 1416 Miller-street Utica -- New York (USA)
EVANS of 33rd Street Long Island -- New York (USA)
EVANS of 418 West 160-street -- New York (USA)
EVANS of 969 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
EVERETT of New York City -- New York (USA)
FAHEY of 18 Frenchwood-street Preston Lancashire and of 794 Westchester-avenue Bronx County -- New York (USA)
FANTL of 14 East 28th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
FARGUS of -200 Claremont-avenue -- New York (USA)
FELL of Buffalo City Erie -- New York (USA)
FELL of Buffalo City Erie -- New York (USA)
FENNELL of 112 Central Park South -- New York (USA)
FINN of Shoreham Brookhaven county Suffolk -- New York (USA)
FIRTH of 12 Fort John son-avenue Fort Johnson -- New York (USA)
FITCH of 150 East 35th-street -- New York (USA)
FITCH of Syracuse county Onondaga -- New York (USA)
FLEISHMAN of 39 West 55th St-Manhattan -- New York (USA)
FORD of 585 East 137-street Bronx -- New York (USA)
FORREST of 25 South-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
FOWLER of 535 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
FOWLES of Harperley Hall Central Park West 64th-street -- New York (USA)
FRANK of 111 East 56th-street -- New York (USA)
FRANK of 30 Scammel-street -- New York (USA)
FRASER of 246 Henry-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
FRASER of Port Washington Long Island -- New York (USA)
FRAZEE of 270 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
FRENCH of 235 West 116th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
FRIEDMAN of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
FRISCH of 11 West 81st Street -- New York (USA)
FRISSELL of 12 Wesit 44th-street -- New York (USA)
FUCHS of 1 West 67th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
GALE of Newbridge-road North Bellmore Long Island -- New York (USA)
GALE of Village of Amityville County of Suffolk -- New York (USA)
GARDNER of 237 East 18th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
GARRETT of 80 Amity-street Brooklyn County of Kings -- New York (USA)
GARROD of 109 Kenilworth-place Brooklyn Kings County -- New York (USA)
GENT of 54 Parsonage-street Cold Spring -- New York (USA)
GEORGE of Hidercroft Rectory-road Sutton Coldfield Warwickshire and of -- New York (USA)
GERLI of 907 Fifth-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
GILES of 28 Congress-street New Rochelle Westchester -- New York (USA)
GILLETTE of Manlius Onandaga -- New York (USA)
GLANVILLE of 109 North-street Auburn Cayuga -- New York (USA)
GLASSPOOL of 343 Columbus-avenue East White Plains -- New York (USA)
GOEPEL of 7 Chesterfield-road Scarsdale Westchester -- New York (USA)
GOETZ of 112 Humboldt Parkway West Buffalo -- New York (USA)
GOLDFRAP of 62 Harwood-avenue Rich- mond -- New York (USA)
GOLDFRAP of 62 Harwood-avenue Richmond -- New York (USA)
GOLDFRAP of 62 Harwood-avenue Richmond -- New York (USA)
GOLDING of 3902 Spuyten Duyvil Parkway Bronx -- New York (USA)
GOLDSMID of Bellrose Long Island -- New York (USA)
GOODWIN of 155 East Onondaga-street Syracuse -- New York (USA)
GOODWIN of 3 Acacia-terrace New Rochelle Westchester -- New York (USA)
GORDON of 156 Beechmont-drive New Rochelle -- New York (USA)
GORDON of city county and -- New York (USA)
GOULD of Oyster Bay Nassau -- New York (USA)
GRANT of 8 Arnold Park Rochester Monroe -- New York (USA)
GRAY of 352 West 58th-street -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GREEN of 6103 61st-street Queens -- New York (USA)
GREEN of 812 Lexington Gardens Manhattan -- New York (USA)
GREENFIELD of RR2 Dansville -- New York (USA)
GREENHILL of 3 Marshall-street Rochester -- New York (USA)
GREENWALD of Hotel Brotzell 5 Avenue 27 -- New York (USA)
GRIFFITHS of -- New York (USA)
GRISEWOOD of 57 Turner-place Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
GRISWOLD of 783 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
GUESS of 8 Markwood Forest Hills county of Queens -- New York (USA)
GUMMiNG of Bronxville Westchester -- New York (USA)
GUTMAN of 14 East 60th-street -- New York (USA)
HADDIKIN of 315 West 42nd-street -- New York (USA)
HAGGIN of 874 Fifth-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HALL of 105-26 131 street Richmond hill Queens -- New York (USA)
HALL of 11 East 40th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HALL of Huntington Long Island -- New York (USA)
HALLETT of Johnstown Fulton -- New York (USA)
HALLETT of Johnstown Fulton -- New York (USA)
HALLIDAY of Monroe County Home Rochester -- New York (USA)
HAM of 421 West 162nd Street -- New York (USA)
HAMILL of 1081 Lexington-avenue -- New York (USA)
HAMILTON of 137 East 18th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HAMMACHER of Hotel Wellington 871 Seventh- avenue -- New York (USA)
HANAN of Brooklyn County of Kings -- New York (USA)
HANAN of New York (USA)
HANCOCK of 515 West 45th Street -- New York (USA)
HANCOCK of 515 West 48th-street -- New York (USA)
HANNAN of 102 West 89-street -- New York (USA)
HARDING of 318 Read-avenue Crestwood -- New York (USA)
HARDING of Pawling Dutchess -- New York (USA)
HARDWICK of Buffalo -- New York (USA)
HARPER of 210 Madison-avenue -- New York (USA)
HARRIMAN of Bronxville Westchester -- New York (USA)
HARTFORD of 20l West 79th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HARVEY of 30 Le Count -place New Rochelle -- New York (USA)
HATMAKER of 19 Avenue Kleber Paris France and of 270 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
HAYDOCK of 57 Wellesley-avenue Yonkers -- New York (USA)
HEANEY of 155 West 94 Street New York City -- New York (USA)
HEINEMAN of 160 Central Park South Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HELME of -- New York (USA)
HENNESSY of 642 Crotona-road South Bronx -- New York (USA)
HENRY of 5 East 93-street -- New York (USA)
HENRY of The Carlton House 22 East Forty Seventh-street -- New York (USA)
HENSLOWE of 356 Bowery -- New York (USA)
HESSBERC of De Witt Clinton Hotel 142 State-street Albany -- New York (USA)
HESSLEIN of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HIGGINSON of Hotel McAlpin 34th-street and Broadway -- New York (USA)
HIND of Clark Hills Oneida -- New York (USA)
HODENPYL of Locust Valley Long Island -- New York (USA)
HODGSON of 153 Newell-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
HOOPS of 155 Riverside-drive -- New York (USA)
HOPKINSON of 1120 Fifth-avenue -- New York (USA)
HOPPE of 18-20 Grenfell-avenue Kew Gardens Long Island -- New York (USA)
HORTON of Bronx -- New York (USA)
HORTON of Hotel Plaza 768 Fifth-avenue -- New York (USA)
HOUGHTON of 285 Central Park West -- New York (USA)
HOUGHTON of Kings County -- New York (USA)
HOW of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HOWARD of 246 West End-avenue -- New York (USA)
HOWARD of 277 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HOWARD of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HOWELL of 255 Linden-street Rochester Monroe county -- New York (USA)
HUBBARD of 217 East Glst-sitreet Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HUBBELL of 277 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
HUCKERBY of Rochester -- New York (USA)
HUDSON of 187 Eightieth-street Brooklyn City -- New York (USA)
HUNTER of 1714 West Eleventh-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
HUTT of -- New York (USA)
HYNES of 27 East 72-street -- New York (USA)
IREMONGER of 157 Hancock-street Brooklyn Kings -- New York (USA)
JACKMAN of 748 Eighth-avenue Long Island City Queens -- New York (USA)
JACOBS of 283 Central-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
JARRETT of 9236 52nd-avenue Elmhurst Long Island -- New York (USA)
JARVIS of Whitestone -- New York (USA)
JENKINS of 414 East 52nd Street -- New York (USA)
JENNINGS of 180 Shelter-street Rochester -- New York (USA)
JOHNSON of 146-05 Hillside-avenue Jamaica Long Island -- New York (USA)
JONES of 12 Maple-street Granville -- New York (USA)
JONES of 173 Johnson-avenue Tattenville Staten Island -- New York (USA)
JONES of 2 Stellar-place Pelham Manor Westchester -- New York (USA)
JONES of 21 East 11th Street -- New York (USA)
JONES of 87 West Gansevoort-street Little Falls -- New York (USA)
JONES of 87 West Gansevoort-street Little Falls -- New York (USA)
JONES of 92 Elizabeth-street Sea Breeze -- New York (USA)
KAHN of 1100 5th -avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
KASANOF of 900 West End-avenue -- New York (USA)
KASTOR of 1239 Broadway -- New York (USA)
KAY of 176 West 89th Street -- New York (USA)
KEECH of 4 East 79th Street -- New York (USA)
KEIGHTLEY of 3 West 8th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
KELLY of Syracuse -- New York (USA)
KENNEDY of 17 The Boltons Kensington Middlesex and of -- New York (USA)
KENNEDY of 817 East 17th-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
KERBY of 1962 University-avenue County Bronx -- New York (USA)
KIERNAN of 8 Jackson-place Brooklyn Kings County -- New York (USA)
KIMBALL of 131 East 66-street -- New York (USA)
KING of Golders Bridge Westchester -- New York (USA)
KINGMAN of 444 Grand-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
KINGSTON of 212 East- 46th -street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
KINLEYSIDE of 138 Summit-avenue Mount Vernon -- New York (USA)
KLEIN of 197 Parkhill-avenue Yonkers Westchester -- New York (USA)
KNIGHT of 1697 Andrews-avenue -- New York (USA)
KYNASTON of 863 St Johns-place Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
LALLERSTEDT of the Warwick General Hospital -- New York (USA)
LANDMANN of 74 Harrison-avenue county of Westchester -- New York (USA)
LANGSLOW of 41 Girton-place Rochester Monroe -- New York (USA)
LATHAM of Manhattan New York City -- New York (USA)
LAUTENBERGER of 15 Clark-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
LAWFORD of 12 Selden-street Rochester -- New York (USA)
LAWTON of Brookhaven Suffolk -- New York (USA)
LEITH of the Hotel Beekman 575 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
LEVERICK of Throggs Neck Westchester county Bronx -- New York (USA)
LEWER of 39-14 47th-avenue Long Island -- New York (USA)
LINDSAY of 201 East 79th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
LINEHAM of 3165 Sedgwick-avenue -- New York (USA)
LISSBERGER of 270 Park-avenue Manhatten -- New York (USA)
LITTLE of 863 Lexington-avenue -- New York (USA)
LITTLEJOHN of 360 Henry-street Brooklyn King s County New -- New York (USA)
LOCKE of 94 Sprague-avenue Tottenville -- New York (USA)
LOEB of 101 West 57th-street -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LOESER of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
LOEWENTHAL of 25 East 77th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
LONG of Wright and Cobb Lighterage Company 17 Battery-place -- New York (USA)
LOWE of 116 East 68-street New York City -- New York (USA)
LOWN of 23 Vernon-avenue Batavia Genesee -- New York (USA)
LYNCH of 570 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
MACDONOUCH of 570 Park-avenue New York City -- New York (USA)
MACE of 70 West 40th-street -- New York (USA)
MACGREGOR of Niagara Falls Niagara -- New York (USA)
MACINTYRE of Staten Island Club 287 St Marks-place St George Staten Island -- New York (USA)
MACLEAN of Auburn Cayuga -- New York (USA)
MANASSE of 163 East 81st-street -- New York (USA)
MANSHIP of 153 East 85th-street -- New York (USA)
MAPLESON of 10 Park-terrace East -- New York (USA)
MARCHBANKS of 325 East 41st-street -- New York (USA)
MARCUSE of 555 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
MARCUSON of 539 East 171-street -- New York (USA)
MARIANS of 265 East 181st-street Bronx -- New York (USA)
MARKHAM of 807 Collingwood House Dolphin-square London and 225 West 52nd-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
MARREN of 130 West 123rd-street -- New York (USA)
MARSH of 46 West 62nd -street -- New York (USA)
MARSHALL of 760 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
MARSTON of 22 Van Reipen-place Jersey City -- New York (USA)
MARTIN of 120 West 58a Street -- New York (USA)
MARTIN of Hotel Nassau 56 East 59th-street -- New York (USA)
MARTIN of Old Westbury Long Island Nassau -- New York (USA)
MARX of 8 West 40th-street -- New York (USA)
MATTHEW of 170-09 116th-avenue Jamaica county of Queens -- New York (USA)
MATTSON of 358 41st-street Brooklyn Kings -- New York (USA)
MAXWELL of 272 West 90th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
McCLINTOCK of 301 West 108th-street -- New York (USA)
McKECHNIE of 216 North Church-street Kew Gardens -- New York (USA)
MDIVANI of 1020 Fifth-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
MDIVANI of 301 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
MeGARTHY of The Yukon Gold Company 120 Broadway -- New York (USA)
MELSON of 205 West 88th-street -- New York (USA)
MENDEL of 1120 Park-avenue New York City -- New York (USA)
MEREINE of 19 William-street Mount Vernon -- New York (USA)
MERZBACH of 115 East 82nd-street -- New York (USA)
MESTRES of -- New York (USA)
MILLER of 155 East 49th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
MILLER of 85 Louisa-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
MILLER of White Plains Westchester -- New York (USA)
MILNE of 49 Willow-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
MINASIAN of 100 West 58th-street Manhattan City -- New York (USA)
MISSIRIAN of the McAlpine Hotel -- New York (USA)
MITCHEL of Rochester Monroe -- New York (USA)
MNZESHEIMER of 91 Marlborough-road Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
MONAHAN of 5805 17th-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
MOORE of Greenburgh -- New York (USA)
MORGAN of 74 Willow-avenue Schenectady -- New York (USA)
MORGAN of Westbury Long Island -- New York (USA)
MORONI of Locust-valley Long Island -- New York (USA)
MORRIS of Buffalo -- New York (USA)
MORTIMER of 4 East 75th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
MORTON of 20 Beach-avenue New Dorp Staten Island -- New York (USA)
MOTLEY of 19 West 54th-street -- New York (USA)
MOUSLEY of Hotel Van Reusselear 11th Street 5th Avenue -- New York (USA)
MULLER of 119 West 81st-street -- New York (USA)
MUNDS of 4 East 72nd-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MURPHY of 4 Sutton-place and of 404 Fifth- avenue both in -- New York (USA)
MURRAY of 655 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
MURRAY of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
NELSON of 346 East 67th-street -- New York (USA)
NELSON of Rochester -- New York (USA)
NEWHOUSE of -- New York (USA)
NEWMAN of 713 Madison-avenue -- New York (USA)
NEWTON of 1070 Harvard-street Rochester county Monro -- New York (USA)
NEWTON of 1070 Harvard-street Rochester Monroe -- New York (USA)
NIXON of 1303 Roselle-avenue Niagara Falls county of Niagara -- New York (USA)
NOAKS of 475 Washington-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
NOAKS of 52 Argyle-road Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
NOLAN of 253 W 24th-street -- New York (USA)
NORDEN of 112 East 61st-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
NORDEN of Greenhaven Rye Westchester -- New York (USA)
NOWELL of Broad Hollow House Westbury Nassau -- New York (USA)
O'CONNOR of 103 Waverley-place -- New York (USA)
O'DONOHUE of Halesite Huntington Suifolk -- New York (USA)
OATLEY of 329 East 54th-street -- New York (USA)
OATLEY of 329 East 54th-street -- New York (USA)
OBERMAIER of 350 39th-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
ODONOGHUE of tBellevue Hospital -- New York (USA)
OGDEN of 43 Cedar-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
OGILVIE of Sparkhill Rockland -- New York (USA)
OLIVER of 220 Small Main-avenue Albany -- New York (USA)
OSBORN of 662 Quincy-street Brooklyn County Kings -- New York (USA)
OSBORNE of 117 Lefferts-place Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
OULMANN of 1239 Madison-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
PADDOCK of 456 Riverside-drive -- New York (USA)
PALLISTER of 222 Jefferson-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
PANZER of 1160 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
PARDEE of Buffalo Erie -- New York (USA)
PARK of 812 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
PARKER of 28 Bolrum-place Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
PAUL of 1063 North-avenue New Rochelle Westchester -- New York (USA)
PAULL of West Stockholm St Lawrence -- New York (USA)
PAULLN of 111 East lOth-street -- New York (USA)
PEARSON of Bethany Genesse -- New York (USA)
PELTON of Dewitt Town Onondaga -- New York (USA)
PENNELL of 449 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
PETERSEN of Wychwood Gardens Great Neck -- New York (USA)
PETTIGREW of 96 Hawthorne-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
PFINGlSTAC of Katonah Westchester County -- New York (USA)
PHELAN of 2466 Mari on-avenue -- New York (USA)
PIERCE of Buffalo Erie -- New York (USA)
PIERCE of Buffalo Erie -- New York (USA)
PIERCE of Evans Erie -- New York (USA)
PLESTED of 2824 29th-street Astoria Long Island -- New York (USA)
PLIMPTON of Manhattan City of -- New York (USA)
pOOPER of 444 East Fifty-Second-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
POPE of 4 East 81sr-street -- New York (USA)
POST of Chippewa Bay Hammond St Lawrence -- New York (USA)
POST of Stanford Dutchess -- New York (USA)
PRAY of 500 West lllth-street -- New York (USA)
PRENTICE of 125 Elmwood-avenue East Aurora -- New York (USA)
PRICE of 4 Hingham-road Utica county of Oneida -- New York (USA)
PROCTOR of 630 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
PROSSER of Preston Hollow Rensselaerville Albany county -- New York (USA)
PULSFORD of 457 West 123rd Street -- New York (USA)
PURVIS of 100 Morningside-drive -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PUTNAM of -- New York (USA)
PUTZEL of 350 Central Park West -- New York (USA)
QUIER of 125 East 63rd-street City County and -- New York (USA)
QUIGLEY of 35-29 61st-street Woodside -- New York (USA)
RATHBONE of 75 Central Park West -- New York (USA)
RATHBONE of the Hotel McAlpin -- New York (USA)
RAVENSCROFT of St Marks Parish House Mount Kisco -- New York (USA)
REA of Glen Cove Nassau -- New York (USA)
READE of 53 Vermelyea-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
REID of Purchase Westchester -- New York (USA)
REIMANN of Brookhaven Suffolk -- New York (USA)
REMSEN of Huntington County of Suffolk -- New York (USA)
REYNOLDS of Beechhurst Long Island Queens -- New York (USA)
RICE of 102 Lenox-road Schenectady -- New York (USA)
RICE of 102 Lenox-road Schenectady -- New York (USA)
RICE of 43 Lincklaen-street Cazenovia Madison County -- New York (USA)
RICE of 43 Lincklaen-street Cazenovia Madison County -- New York (USA)
RICE of Cazenovia Madison -- New York (USA)
RICH of 479 Bergen-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
RICHARDSON of 440 Riverside-drive -- New York (USA)
RIDLEY of 76 Willowdale-avenue Port Washington Long Island -- New York (USA)
RIEDER of Apartment No 2 525 West 238th-street City and -- New York (USA)
RIGGS of 114 East 52nd-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ROACH of Bronxville Westchester -- New York (USA)
ROBERTS of 788 Riverside-drive -- New York (USA)
ROBERTS of 8612 Ridge Boulevard Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
ROBERTS of 8818 8Gth-street Woodhaven Long Island New York (USA)
ROBERTSON of 3 Park-lane Mount Vernon -- New York (USA)
ROBINSON of 239 Central Park West Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ROBINSON of the Plainfield Country Club Plain- field New Jersey -- New York (USA)
ROBSON of 17 East 89th-street -- New York (USA)
ROGERS of 2704 East Tremont-avenue Bronx County -- New York (USA)
ROGERS of 80 Parkway-road Bronxville -- New York (USA)
ROGERS of Southampton Long Island Suffolk -- New York (USA)
ROMANOFF of Russia-of Hotel Waldorf Astoria Park-avenue and 49th-street -- New York (USA)
ROSCOVER of 308 West 121st-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ROSENBAUM of 30 West 54th-street -- New York (USA)
ROSENBAUM of 320 St Nicholas-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ROSENTHAL of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ROSSMASSLER of 81 Irving-place Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ROTHSCHILD of the Hotel Burleigh Ticonderaga Essex -- New York (USA)
ROWBOTHAM of 3 Sycamore-drive Great Neck -- New York (USA)
ROWE of 240 Pennsylvania-avenue Crestwood -- New York (USA)
ROWLAND of 1017 Putnam-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
ROWLAND of 15 West 81st-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
ROYCE of 194 West First-street North Fulton Oswego -- New York (USA)
RUDD of Lakewood Chautauqua -- New York (USA)
RUEZ of 170 Brook-avenue Deer Park Long Island -- New York (USA)
RUSSELL of 114 East 81st-street -- New York (USA)
RUSSELL of Hotel Chatham Manhattan -- New York (USA)
RUTHERFURD of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
SABIN of Bayberry Land Southampton Long Island Sufiolk -- New York (USA)
SACCOMANI of 101-12 46th Avenue Corona -- New York (USA)
SAGE of Menands Albany -- New York (USA)
SALISBURY of 163 Durham-avenue Buffalo -- New York (USA)
SANDERSON of 300 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
SANDERSON of Grand Island Eric County -- New York (USA)
SANDS of 60 East 67th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
SANXAY of 1921 East 18th-street Brooklyn Kings -- New York (USA)
SARGENT of Sailors Snug Harbour Staten Island -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SASSE of 47? Fourth-street Troy county of Rensselaer -- New York (USA)
SAUNDERS of 570 55th-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
SAWTELLE of 683 East 21st -street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
SAWYER of Garden City Long Island -- New York (USA)
SAYERS of 53 West 82nd-street -- New York (USA)
SCHEUER of 35 East 84th-street -- New York (USA)
SCHIFF of Oyster Bay Nassau -- New York (USA)
SCHINASI of 346 West 89th-street -- New York (USA)
SCHONFELD of 181 Front-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
SCHWEITZER of -- New York (USA)
SCUDDER of Glen Cove Oyster Bay Nassau -- New York (USA)
SCULLY of Washington-avenue Lake View county Nassau -- New York (USA)
SEAGRAM of 57 West 57th-street Borough of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
SEARBY of 28 East Tenth-street -- New York (USA)
SELLAR of Hewlett Bay Park Hewlett Long Island Nassau -- New York (USA)
SHARE of 179 Wesit 87th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
SHARE of 1918 avenue H Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
SHATTUCK of New York (USA)
SHEEHAN of 301 West 47th-street -- New York (USA)
SHOOTER of 439 Upper Front-street Binghamton -- New York (USA)
SIM of 491 Manor-avenue Brooklyn Manor Woodhaven Long Island -- New York (USA)
SINGLETON of 431 Clermont-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
SINSHEIMER of Lincoln-place Purchase Westchester -- New York (USA)
SKINNER of 147 Lark-street Albany -- New York (USA)
SLARK of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
SMITH of -- New York (USA)
SMITH of 100-14 Spruce-street Corona Long Island -- New York (USA)
SMITH of 136 East 36th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
SMITH of 36 Liberty-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
SMITH of 500 West 75th Street New York (USA)
SMITH of Plotel Astor Broadway and 44th Street -- New York (USA)
SMITH of the Hotel Lenox North-street Buffalo -- New York (USA)
SMITH of The Hotel Lincoln corner 44th-street 8th-avenue Borough of Manhattan City and County and -- New York (USA)
SNEAD of 77 Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
SOADY of Amsterdam Rural Delivery Number 3 Montgomery County -- New York (USA)
SOLOMON of 1203 Dinsmore-avenue Far Rockaway Queens -- New York (USA)
SOTHERN of Highmount Ulster -- New York (USA)
SPETH of 34 South Goodman-street Rochester Monroe -- New York (USA)
SPINGARN of Troutbeck Amenia Dutchess -- New York (USA)
SPURWAY of 323 Egmont-avenue Mount Vernon -- New York (USA)
STAFFORD of 7 Ridgeland Manor Town Rye county Westchester -- New York (USA)
STAFFORD of Port Chester Westchester -- New York (USA)
STALTER of Lyons Wayne -- New York (USA)
STANFORD of 71 State-street Saratoga Springs -- New York (USA)
STANWOOD of 285 Old Army-road Greenburgh Westchester -- New York (USA)
STAPLETON of Mulverne Long Island and of Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
STEELE of 2 Golf-view-road West Palm Beach Florida and of 120 Broadway New York -- New York (USA)
STEGE of The Town of Highland Sullivan County -- New York (USA)
STEINBRUGGE of 17 East 54th-street -- New York (USA)
STEPHANI of States Prisons Dannemore County Clinton -- New York (USA)
STEPHENS of Brooklyn Kings City -- New York (USA)
STEVENS of 1060 Forest-avenue -- New York (USA)
STOCKHAM of Highland Hall Westchester County Rye -- New York (USA)
STONE of 714 Amersterdam-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
STONER of New York -- New York (USA)
STONES of 313 Summer-street Buffalo county Erie -- New York (USA)
STORGAROS of 1923 Benson-avenue and of co Ashley Johnson 43rd -street both in Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
STORM of 21 East 66th Street -- New York (USA)
STRAFFORD of Ballston Spa Saratoga -- New York (USA)
STRAUS of 1144 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STRAUS of 145 Central Park West -- New York (USA)
STRAUS of 26 East 83rd-street -- New York (USA)
STRUGNELL of 42 Monroe-street Brooklyn Kings County -- New York (USA)
STRUNK of 118 West 63rd-street -- New York (USA)
STUYVESANT of 2 East 79th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
SUBTIRELU of 41-20 76th Street Jackson Heights Long Island -- New York (USA)
SULLIVAN of 451West 166th-street -- New York (USA)
SUSSDORFF of Port Kent -- New York (USA)
SUTCLIFFE of 329 Prince-street Jamestown -- New York (USA)
SWEENEY of 96-4th-place Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
SWEETMAN of Ballston Spa Saratoga -- New York (USA)
SWINBURNE of 136 West 104th-street -- New York (USA)
TAIT of 132 East 27th Street -- New York (USA)
TAMPLIN of Southampton Long Island -- New York (USA)
TAVENER of 149 Broadway -- New York (USA)
TAYLOR of 119-40 153rd-street Jamaica Long Island -- New York (USA)
TAYLOR of 25 Goeinble-avenue Buffalo -- New York (USA)
TAYLOR of 39 Sherwood-avenue Pelham Westchester -- New York (USA)
TAYLOR of 542 West 112th-street -- New York (USA)
TAYLOR of West-street -- New York (USA)
THOMAS of 190 Riverside-drive Manhattan -- New York (USA)
THOMAS of Senix-avenue Center Moriches Brookhaven Suffolk -- New York (USA)
THOMPSON of 10 East 78th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
THOMPSON of 265 E 181st-street Bronx -- New York (USA)
THOMPSON of 3901 Woolworth-buildings -- New York (USA)
THOMPSON of 459 West 144th Street -- New York (USA)
THOMSON of 615 East 18th-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
THOMSON of 78 Greenpoint-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
TOD of -- New York (USA)
TODD of 553 East 86th-street -- New York (USA)
TORREY of the Miriam Osborne Memorial Home Harrison -- New York (USA)
TURNBULL of 156 East 62nd-street -- New York (USA)
TURNER of 1011 Woadycrest-avenue Bronx New York (USA)
TYRER of 183 Drake-avenue West Brighton Richmond -- New York (USA)
TYTUS of -- New York (USA)
UNDERWOOD of 336 Washington-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
VALENTINE of Islip Long Island County of Suffolk -- New York (USA)
VAN DER HOOGT of 325 Bezvidenhout The Hague Holland and 35 Fifth-avenue -- New York (USA)
VAN HEUSEN of Drake-road Scarsdale Westchester -- New York (USA)
VAN PALLANDT VAN EERDE of 14 East 60th Street -- New York (USA)
VANDERBILT of Manhasset Nassau County -- New York (USA)
VERNON of 1720 Nostrand-avenue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
VINCENT of 6 Wayne-street Phelps -- New York (USA)
VIPAN of Jamestown Chautauqua -- New York (USA)
WAGENHALS of Montrose Westchester -- New York (USA)
WALKER of 120 East Post-road White Plains Westchester -- New York (USA)
WALKER of 153 East Main-street Norwich -- New York (USA)
WALKER of 8752 96th-street Woodhaven Queens -- New York (USA)
WALKER of 957 67th-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
WALKER of Ardsley-on-Hudson Westchester County -- New York (USA)
WALLACE of 21 East 52nd-street -- New York (USA)
WALLERSTEIN of Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WARD of 1034 Third-avenue -- New York (USA)
WARDMAN of New Rochelle Westchester -- New York (USA)
WARREN of -- New York (USA)
WARRIN of 56 West Pondfield-road Westchester -- New York (USA)
WATERMAN of 655 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WATERMAN of 655 Park-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WATKIN of co Vincent Post Office -- New York (USA)
WATSON of 16 Stugvesant-avenue Larchmont Westchester -- New York (USA)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WEBSTER of the New York Athletic (Residential)Club 57th-street -- New York (USA)
WEIL of 1467 78th-street Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
WEILER of 1165 Park-avenue New York Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WEILL of Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
WEINMAN of 315 East 88th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WEISS of 365 West End-avenue Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WESENDONCK of 5 Union-square Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WEST of Whitehall Washington -- New York (USA)
WHEELER of 18 Hawthome-avenue Floral Park Nassau -- New York (USA)
WHEELER of 21 Garrison-road Williams-ville -- New York (USA)
WHEELER of 305 Elmwood-avenue Buffalo -- New York (USA)
WHELAN of 165 Esplanade Mount Vernon Westchester -- New York (USA)
WHITCOMB of 3214 Kingswood-avenue -- New York (USA)
WHITE of 1006 Forest-avenue Bronx1 New York (USA)
WHITE of 112 North Broadway White Plains -- New York (USA)
WHITHAM of 111 Pine Crest Drive -- New York (USA)
WICHFELD of 1 Sutton-place -- New York (USA)
WiICKS of 6803 lOth-avemue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
WiICKS of 6803 lOth-avemue Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
WILES of Tonawanda Eric -- New York (USA)
WILKINSON of 146 29th-street Beechurst Long Island -- New York (USA)
WILLIAMS of 153 East 88th-street -- New York (USA)
WILLIAMS of 157 East 124th-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WILLIAMS of 2657 Dunham-road Utica -- New York (USA)
WILLIAMS of 746 8th Street Niagara Falls -- New York (USA)
WILLIAMS of Flushing -- New York (USA)
WILLIS of 215 Prospect-avenue New Brighton Richmond -- New York (USA)
WILSON of 6 East 68-street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WINSPEAR of 54 Morningside-drive Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WINTER of 860 East 221-street Bronx -- New York (USA)
WIRTH of 291a Monroe-street Brooklyn county of Kings -- New York (USA)
WISE of -- New York (USA)
WOLF of Hotel Plaza 5th Avenue and 59th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WOLFEW of 353 West 56th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WOLLMAN of Hotel Chatham 48th-street and of Vanderbilt-avenue Manhattan both in -- New York (USA)
WOLLMAN of Waldorf Astoria Towers Hotel 50th-street and Park-avenue -- New York (USA)
WOOD of Syracuse Onondaga -- New York (USA)
WOODIN of 2 East 67th Street Manhattan -- New York (USA)
WOODRUFF of 12 East 31st-street -- New York (USA)
WOOLNER of 1016 Fifth-avenue -- New York (USA)
WORMSER of Manhattan City -- New York (USA)
WORTHAM of Bronxville Westchester -- New York (USA)
WRIGHT of 1719 Undercliffe-avenue Bronx City and -- New York (USA)
WRIGHT of 51 Clarke-street Brooklyn City of -- New York (USA)
WRIGHT of Brooklyn -- New York (USA)
YOUNG of 13 Prospect-avenue Baldwin Long Island -- New York (USA)
YOUNG of 13 Prospect-avenue Baldwin Long Island -- New York (USA)
YOUNG of Rochester Monroe State of -- New York (USA)
ZABRISKIE of Villa Marchriza Belle Terre Port Jefferson -- New York (USA)
ZIMBALIST of The Rafters Town Hill New Hartford Connecticut and Fishers Island -- New York (USA)

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IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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