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London (other) is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
AARONS of 5 Woburn-mansions Torrington-place -- London (other)
AARONS of 5 Woburn-mansions Torrington-place -- London (other)
ABBOTT of 14 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
ABERCROMBY of 13 Drummond-road Boscombe Hampshire and-of care-of The National Bank-of Scotland Limited 37 Nicholas-lane -- London (other)
ABERNETHY of 234 Camberwell New-road -- London (other)
ABRAHAM of 26 Ashmount-road Hornsey-lane -- London (other)
ABRAHAMS of Thamesmouth Westcliff-on-Sea Essex and Audrey House Ely-place -- London (other)
ABRARDO of 201 Kings Cross-road -- London (other)
ABUDARHAM of 26 Addison-avenue -- London (other)
ADES of 2 Upper Berkeley-street -- London (other)
ADKINS of Flat 1 18 Great Crmond-street -- London (other)
AIKMAN of 16 Cranmer-court Sloane-avenue -- London (other)
AINLEY of 2 Polygon-mews South Porchester-place -- London (other)
AITCHISON of 49 Montpelier-rise Golders Green Middlesex and-of care-of Lloyds Bank Limited 39 Threadneedle-street -- London (other)
AITKEN of 118 Sutherland-avenue -- London (other)
AITKEN of 18 Mortlake-road Kew Gardens -- London (other)
AITKEN of cafe of The Sailors Home and Red Ensign Club Dock-street -- London (other)
AITKEN of the Westminster Bank Limited 1 Kensington High-street -- London (other)
AITKEN of Tudor Court Hotel Cromwell-road -- London (other)
ALDRIDGE of 6 St Thomas-road Southgate Middlesex and-of The Ice Wells Winchmore Hill-road Southgate -- London (other)
ALEXANDRE of 29 Wimpole-street -- London (other)
ALLAN of 31 Clerkenwell-green -- London (other)
ALLANSON of Grosvenor House Park-lane -- London (other)
ALLEGRANZA of 28 Mornington-crescent -- London (other)
ALLEGRI of 33 Highgate-hill -- London (other)
ALLEN of 22 Bemers-street -- London (other)
ALLIATA of 95 Forset-court Edgware-road -- London (other)
ALLISTON of 10 Drayton-court Drayton-gardens -- London (other)
AMERESEKERE of 391 Edgware-road -- London (other)
ANDERSON of 18 Craven Hill-gardens -- London (other)
ANDERSON of 255 St James-court Buckingham Gate and of Cereal House Mark-lane -- London (other)
ANDERSON of 3 Buckingham-gate -- London (other)
ANDERSON of Bailey's Hotel Gloucester-road South Ken-ington and-of 165 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
ANDREAE of 6 Winchester House Seymour-street -- London (other)
ANDREAE of Ayres End House Wheathampstead Hertfordshire and of 10 Throgmorton-avenue -- London (other)
ANDREW of 1 Willowcourt-avenue Kenton Harrow Middlesex and care-of Bank-of New Zealand 1 Queen Victoria-street -- London (other)
ANDREWS of 12 Boscombe-avenue Leyton -- London (other)
ANGELL of 94 Seymour-buildings Seymour-place Maryle-bone -- London (other)
ANSCOMBE of 59 Richbome-terrace Clapham-road -- London (other)
ANSTEY of 12 Fernwoodavenue Streat-ham -- London (other)
ANSTRUTHER of Rutland House Rutland-gardens -- London (other)
ARMOUR of 41 Lillington-street Victoria-street -- London (other)
ARMSTRONG of 19 Murray House Vandon-street -- London (other)
ARNOLD of 10 Fieldsway House Fieldway-crescent -- London (other)
ARTHUR of 1 Devonshire-terrace Marylebone-road -- London (other)
ASHER of 169 Navarino Mansions Dalston-lane -- London (other)
ASHMAN of 1 Appach-road Brixton -- London (other)
ASIOLI of 211 Newport-dwellings Shaftesbury-avenue -- London (other)
ASTLE of 22 Denmark-mansions Coldharbour-lane -- London (other)
ASTON of 84 Princess-court -- London (other)
ATKINS of 84 Old Bethnal Green-road -- London (other)
ATKINS of 9 Rawstome-street St John-street -- London (other)
ATKINSON of 2 Gerrard House Cranford-place Edgware-road -- London (other)
ATKINSON of 26 Cavendish-mansions Mill-lane -- London (other)
AYLWARD of care of Westminster Bank Limited Han-oVer-square -- London (other)
AYRTON of 52 Regents Park-road -- London (other)
BABER of 62 Brook-street -- London (other)
BACHER of 29 Portman-court Portman-square -- London (other)
BACON of 38 Seymour House Tavistock-place -- London (other)
BADNALL of Trenance 22 Wordsworth-road Worthing and care-of Westminster Bank Limited 133 Westbourne-grove -- London (other)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BAGATTA of 79 Sandringham-buildings Charing Cross-road -- London (other)
BAGOT of 154 Kensington Church-street -- London (other)
BAGSTER of Pembridge Gardens Hotel Pembridge Gardens -- London (other)
BAILEY of 186 Golders Green-road -- London (other)
BAILEY of 4 Lexham-gardens Earls-court -- London (other)
BAILEY of 42 Tower Bridge-road -- London (other)
BAILEY of 43 St Margarets-road Broddey -- London (other)
BAKER of 12 Broderick-road -- London (other)
BAKER of 261 Lewisham High-road -- London (other)
BAKER of 54 Cannon-street -- London (other)
BAKEWELL of 37 St Johns Wood-court -- London (other)
BALFOUR of Higham House Northiam Sussex and Chesham House Lyall-street -- London (other)
BALL of 3 and 5 Fenchurch-avenue -- London (other)
BALL of 3 and 5 Fenchurch-avenue -- London (other)
BALLARDIE of 19 Eyre-court Fincbley-road -- London (other)
BALLS of 199 Westbourne-grove -- London (other)
BALLS of 45 Maddox-street -- London (other)
BANCROFT of 37 Harts-gardens Guildford and 73 Cleve-land-street -- London (other)
BANFIELD of 101 Mallinson-road Battersea-rise -- London (other)
BANKS of 3a Tokenhouse-buildings -- London (other)
BARBIERI of 66 Exmouth-street Clerken-well and of 11 Gresham-street -- London (other)
BARCLAY of 12 Montpelier-place Knights-bridge -- London (other)
BARCLAY of 23 Portman-court Portman-square -- London (other)
BARCLAY of Barclays Bank Limited 1 Brompton-road -- London (other)
BAREHAM of 40 Jemingham-road -- London (other)
BARFORD of 15 Streatham-common-south -- London (other)
BARKER of 12 Bolan-street -- London (other)
BARKER of 68 Margery-street Kings Cross-road -- London (other)
BARLOW of 47 Ennismore-gardens -- London (other)
BARLOW of 6k Portman-mansions Chiltern-street -- London (other)
BARMETTLER of 20a Peabody-buildings Duchy-street Stamford-street -- London (other)
BARNARD of 256 Balham High-road -- London (other)
BARNES of 118 Faringdon-road -- London (other)
BARNES of 194 Hammersmith-road -- London (other)
BARNES of 29 Topsham-road -- London (other)
BARNET of 9 Lincoln House Basil-street Knights-bridge -- London (other)
BARNS of Flat 10 37 Westbourne-terrace -- London (other)
BARRETT of 15 Portman-square -- London (other)
BARRETT of 7 Brixton Water-lane -- London (other)
BARRON of Connaught Club Seymour-street -- London (other)
BARROW of Flat 49 56 Curzon-street -- London (other)
BARRY of 29 Burton-court Chelsea and care-of Lloyds Bank Limited 39 Threadneedle-street -- London (other)
BARSON of 13 Seymour Walk Fulham-road -- London (other)
BARTLE of 4 Middleton-buildings - Langham-street -- London (other)
BARTLETT of 2 Eldon-road -- London (other)
BARTLETT of 478 Harrow-road -- London (other)
BARTLEY of 11 Wilcott-road Acton -- London (other)
BARTON of Flat 23 Princes Gate-court -- London (other)
BASNETT of 14 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
BATES of 172 Wardour-street -- London (other)
BATESON of 17 St Georges-court Gloucester-road -- London (other)
BATT of 469 Oxford-street -- London (other)
BAXTER of 4 Cross Keys Mews Marylebone-lane -- London (other)
BAXTER of 76 Wenlock-street New North-road -- London (other)
BAYER of Les Ormes Le Basset Montreux Clarens Switzerland and-of Walmer House Regent-street -- London (other)
BAYLIFFE of 7 Kent-gardens Ealing Middlesex and of 9 John-street Bedford-row -- London (other)
BAZLEY of Leathes Head Grange-in-Borrowdale Keswick Cumberland and-of care-of Gladstone Lyall and Company 36 Lime-street -- London (other)
BEAL of 12Lowndes-street Belgrave-square -- London (other)
BEARDSWORTH of 305 Duncan House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
BEATSON of 75 Portland-court Great Portland-street -- London (other)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BEAUFOY of Caron-place 87 South Lambeth-road -- London (other)
BECK of 121 Abbey-road-mansions -- London (other)
BECKETT of 22 Hyde Park-gardens -- London (other)
BECKHAM of The Great Eastern Hotel Liverpool-street -- London (other)
BEDDINGTON of Heathside Bury-road Newmarket Suffolk and of 15 Hyde Park-square -- London (other)
BEDFORD of 9 Cecil-road Cheam Surrey and of 20 Berchin-lane -- London (other)
BEECROFT of 11 Lancaster-grove -- London (other)
BEER of 35 Leonard-court Kensington High-street -- London (other)
BELINFANTE of 9 St Charles-square Ladbroke-grove -- London (other)
BELL of 12 Ridgmount-gardens -- London (other)
BELL of 26a Canonbury-square -- London (other)
BELL of 43 Porchester-square -- London (other)
BELL of The Cottage Oakhill-road Beckenham Kent and of 8 King William-street -- London (other)
BELLMAN of 21 Great Percy-street -- London (other)
BENAIM of 11 Brondesbury-court 235 Willesden-lane -- London (other)
BENINI of 5 Karridale Mansions Tottenham court-road -- London (other)
BENJAMIN of 131 Walworth-road -- London (other)
BENJAMIN of 14 White Lion-street Bishops-gate -- London (other)
BENJAMIN of Palace Court Hotel Pembridge-square -- London (other)
BENNETT of 67 Farringdon-street -- London (other)
BENNETT of Kenwyn House Pampisford-road Croydon Surrey and-of 66 Richmond-court Sloane-street -- London (other)
BENSONCBE of The Guest House Lingfield Surrey and76 Redcliffe-gardens -- London (other)
BERG of 8 Fitzjohns-avenue -- London (other)
BERK of 66 Palace-court and of 52-54 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
BERKELEY of 54 Redcliffe-square -- London (other)
BERRILL of Windover Oakwood-avenue Purley Surrey and of 75-9 Farringdon-street -- London (other)
BERRY of 113-115 Homerton High-street -- London (other)
BERRY of 3 St James-street -- London (other)
BESTCB of 9 Richmond-court 200 Sloane-street -- London (other)
BESWICK of 10 Queen Alexandra-mansions Judd-street -- London (other)
BETHELL of 2 Holland Park Court Holland Park-gardens -- London (other)
BEWLEY of 46 Gilkes-crescent Dulwich Village -- London (other)
BEYFUS of Bourne Hall Hotel Poole-road Bournemouth and of 39 Hamilton-terrace -- London (other)
BILLING of 21 Richmond-crescent Bury-street Edmonton -- London (other)
BIRCH of 273 Newport-dwellings Shaftesbury-avenue -- London (other)
BIRCH of 535 Fulham-road -- London (other)
BIRD of 4 Bedford-house 393 Clapham-road -- London (other)
BIRD of 52 Peerless-buildings Peerless-street City-road -- London (other)
BIRD of 55 Rodenhurst-road Clapham Park and 59 Knights-rider-street -- London (other)
BIRD of Shepherds Green Chislehurst Kent and of 6 Bedford-row -- London (other)
BIRKBECK of 46 Lowndes-square -- London (other)
BISSILL of 43 West Cromwell-road Earls-court -- London (other)
BLACKETT of 76 Edgware-road -- London (other)
BLACKFORD of 41 Beaufort-gardens Sloane-square -- London (other)
BLACKMORE of 105 Herne-hill -- London (other)
BLAIBERG of 153 Maida-vale -- London (other)
BLAKE of 221 Holloway-road -- London (other)
BLAKE of 27 Lancaster-gate -- London (other)
BLOCK of 54 Hillsborough-court -- London (other)
BLOMFIELDDSO of Alfriston Alexandra-road Farnborough Hampshire and-of 7 Hays-mews Berkeley-square -- London (other)
BLOOM of 69 Cheshire-street -- London (other)
BLOXAM of 32 Stockwell Park-road -- London (other)
BLUETT of 8 Sutherland-avenue Orpington Kent and of 42 Moorgate-street -- London (other)
BLUM of Town Place Farm Horsted Keynes Sussex and of 5 St James-square -- London (other)
BOAG of 2 Montague-square -- London (other)
BODINGTON of 81 Onslow-square -- London (other)
BOLAM of 25 Moore-buildings Gilbert-street -- London (other)
BOLGER of -- London (other)
BOND of 133 East Dulwich-grove -- London (other)
BOND of 8 Ormond-road Hornsey-road -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BONE of 42 Princes Court Brompton-road -- London (other)
BOOTH of 30 Winscombe-crescent -- London (other)
BOOTH of 8 North Villas Camden-square -- London (other)
BORGO of 8 Coburgh Mansions Handel-street -- London (other)
BORTHWICK of Woodcote House Woodcote Oxfordshire and Audrey House Ely-place -- London (other)
BOTT of 3 Gilkes-crescent Dulwich Village -- London (other)
BOURNE of 2-3 Philpot-lane -- London (other)
BOWER of 55a Oxford-gardens -- London (other)
BOWIE of 71 Perry-hill Catford -- London (other)
BOWLES of 30 Vicars Hill Lewisham and 167 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
BOWLT of 423 East India Dock-road -- London (other)
BOWMAN of 361a Bethnal Green-road -- London (other)
BOWMAN of 4 College-hill -- London (other)
BOYD of 9 Wilbraham place Sloane-street -- London (other)
BOYLES of 46 Hilldrop-road Camden-road -- London (other)
BOYNTON of 12 West Halkin-street Belgrave-square -- London (other)
BRACHER of 25 Robert Adam-street -- London (other)
BRACKETT of 5 Earls-terrace -- London (other)
BRADLEY of 49 Holland-road -- London (other)
BRADY of 4 St Augustines-mansions Bloomsburv-strect -- London (other)
BRADY of 9-13 Fenchurch-buildings Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
BRAGG of The Royal Institution of Great Britain 21 Albemarle-street -- London (other)
BRAKE of 30 Elgin-crescent -- London (other)
BRANT of 3 Albert-Court Edgware-road -- London (other)
BRANWELL of 27 Princes-court Brompton-road -- London (other)
BREDON of Camberwell House Peckham-road -- London (other)
BREESE of 8 Hugo House 180 Sloane-street -- London (other)
BRERETON of 413 New Cross-road -- London (other)
BREWER of 18 Maplestead-road Brixton-hill -- London (other)
BRIDGE of 12 Wimpole-street -- London (other)
BRIDGES of 24 Seymour King-buildings Kenley-street Notting Hill -- London (other)
BRIDGES of 86 Redman-buildings Warner Estate -- London (other)
BRIDGES of Grindelwald Hermitage Walk South Woodford Essex and-of Grand Buildings Trafalgar-square -- London (other)
BRIGGS of 18 Hyde Park-place -- London (other)
BRIGGS of 4 Bedford-row -- London (other)
BRIGGS of 52 Gordon-square -- London (other)
BRIGHT of care of Midland Bank Limited 1 Sydney-place -- London (other)
BRIGHTWELL of 248Finsbury Pavement House Moorgateand-of The Lincoln Hall Hotel Upper Bedford-place RusseU-square -- London (other)
BROAD of 736 Fulham-road -- London (other)
BROADWOOD of 3c Montagu-mansions Baker-street -- London (other)
BROCK of 48 Wandsworth-road -- London (other)
BROCK of care of Westminster Bank Limited 21 Lombard-street -- London (other)
BROCK of Uplands Stoke Poges Buckinghamshire and of 17 Philpot-lane -- London (other)
BRODIE of 198 Tufnell Park-road -- London (other)
BRODSKY of 24 Albert-square Commercial-road -- London (other)
BROOKE of 3 Oxford-square Hyde Park-crescent -- London (other)
BROOKING of The Convent Chepstow-villas Bayswater -- London (other)
BROOME of 50 Sloane-street -- London (other)
BROUGHTON of 4 Bulstrode-street Welbeck-street -- London (other)
BROWN of 1 Effra-mansions Crowstone-road -- London (other)
BROWN of 12 and 13 South-place -- London (other)
BROWN of 122 Walm-lane -- London (other)
BROWN of 135 Narbonne-averiue -- London (other)
BROWN of 145 Camberwell-road -- London (other)
BROWN of 57 Spencer-street Goswell-road -- London (other)
BROWN of 7 Lower Grosvenor-place -- London (other)
BROWN of 8 Crookston-road -- London (other)
BROWN of Flat 4 33 Battersea Park-road -- London (other)
BROWN of Shakespeare Hotel Waterloo-road -- London (other)
BROWN of The Royal Societies Club 63 St James-street -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROWN of The Trees Lindfield near Haywards Heath Sussex and-of The East India Service Club St James-square -- London (other)
BROWNE of 62a Gloucester-place -- London (other)
BRUCE of 36 Kensington-mansions -- London (other)
BRUGNONI of 27a Rathbone-place Oxford-street -- London (other)
BRUZAUD of 8 Holland Park-avenue -- London (other)
BRYANT of 101 Seymour-place Bryanston-square -- London (other)
BUCKETT of 72 Coleman-road -- London (other)
BUCKLAND of 59 Doughty-street and of 6 Cleve-land-gardens -- London (other)
BUDDEN of 7a Grove-end House St Johns Wood-road -- London (other)
BUIST of 5 Graham-terrace -- London (other)
BUIST of 82 Eaton-terrace -- London (other)
BULLARD of 141 Cavendish-mansions Clerkenwell-road -- London (other)
BULLOCK of 10 Chalton House Chalton-street Euston-road -- London (other)
BUMSTEAD of 67 Sutheriaiid-aveniie -- London (other)
BUNCOMBE of 28 Gordon Mansions Huntley-streec -- London (other)
BUNKER of 4 Tierney-road Streatham Hill Streat-ham -- London (other)
BURD of 180 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
BURDETT of 16 Hanover-court Hanover-square -- London (other)
BURGESS of 27 Chesterfield House South Audley-street -- London (other)
BURGESS of 60 Burton-court -- London (other)
BURGESS of 60 Leinster-square Bayswater -- London (other)
BURGESS of Flat 2 563 Finchley-road -- London (other)
BURGGSS of 20 Sewdley-street Clapton -- London (other)
BURGOYNE of 227 Kentish Town-road -- London (other)
BURLETSON of Flat 11 322 Clapham-road -- London (other)
BURNETT of 24 Old Gloucester-street Queens-square -- London (other)
BURNETT of Victoria League Club Malet-street -- London (other)
BURNHAM of 13 Bryanston-square -- London (other)
BURNHAM of 314 Brixton-road -- London (other)
BURRELL of 3 Tavistock-chambers Bloomsbury-way -- London (other)
BURTON of 149 Burton-hill -- London (other)
BURTON of 238 Westbourne Park-road -- London (other)
BUSH of Marylebone Institute Northumberland-street -- London (other)
BUSWELL of 28 Melrose-gardens Shepherds Bush-road -- London (other)
BUTLER of 31 Gosfield-street Great Portland-street -- London (other)
BUTLER of 405 Beatty House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
BUTLER of The Norfolk Hotel Harrington-road South Kensington and care-of Midland Bank Limited 255 Kennington High-street -- London (other)
BUTTERICK of 3 Montrose-place Chapel-street Belgrave-square -- London (other)
BUTTERWORTH of 138 Bayswater-road -- London (other)
BYRON of Dumpford Farm Rogate Petersfield Hampshire and-of care-of Messrs C Hoare and Co 37 Fleet-street -- London (other)
CACCAMISI of 76 Lancaster-gate -- London (other)
CAIROLI of 18 Peckham High-street -- London (other)
CALDER of 10 Tairton-street -- London (other)
CALDWELL of The Cedars Windlesham Surrey and of 3 Audley-square -- London (other)
CALLAGHAN of Langham Hotel Portland-place -- London (other)
CALVERLEY of 27 Old Bond-street -- London (other)
CAMERON of Camberwell House 33 Peckham-road -- London (other)
CAMPBELL of 18 Phillimore-court -- London (other)
CAMPBELL of 2 Bentinck House 12 Bulstrode-street -- London (other)
CAMPBELL of 446 Wandsworth-road -- London (other)
CAMPBELL of 48 Springfield-road -- London (other)
CANNAN of 109 Cromwell-road -- London (other)
CARDARELLI of 25b Regents Park-road -- London (other)
CAROTHERS of 612 Rodney House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
CARPENTER of 10a Peabody Estate Herbrand-street -- London (other)
CARPENTER of 177 South Norwood-hill -- London (other)
CARPENTER of 247 Battersea Park-road -- London (other)
CARPMAEL of 97 Dulwich Village -- London (other)
CARR of 30 Bouverie-street Fleet-street -- London (other)
CARROLL of H P Milne Messrs Balfour Williamson and Company 7 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CARTER of 17 Frederick-street Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
CARTER of 25 Harley House Marylebone-road -- London (other)
CARTER of Felbrigg 1 The-drive Buckhurst Hill Essex and 1 Grays Inn-square -- London (other)
CARTON of 19 Throgmorton-avenue -- London (other)
CARTWRIGHT of 30 Bramham-gardens -- London (other)
CARTWRIGHT of 4 Grosvenor-court Edgware-road -- London (other)
CASSON of 16 Harrington-gardens -- London (other)
CASTELL of 45 Addison-gardens -- London (other)
CASTLE of 48 Grosvenor-square -- London (other)
CATLIN of 146 C&ndringham-buildings Charing Cross-road -- London (other)
CAWOOD of 1 Queen-court Queen-square -- London (other)
CAWTE of 4 Radbourne-avenue Ealing Middlesex also of 220 Fulham-road -- London (other)
CAWTE of 4 Radbourne-avenue Ealing Middlesex and of 220 Fulham-road -- London (other)
CHADWICK of 44 Palace-mansions -- London (other)
CHADWICK of 5H Montagu-mansions York-street -- London (other)
CHAMBERS of 67 Barkston-gardens -- London (other)
CHAMBERS of care of Barclays Bank Limited Portman-square -- London (other)
CHAMBERS of Pembridge-gardens Hotel Bayswater -- London (other)
CHANTREY of 8 Connaught-place -- London (other)
CHAPLIN of care of The Bank of Montreal 47 Threadneedle-street -- London (other)
CHAPMAN of 102 Dulwich Village -- London (other)
CHAPMAN of 65 Montague Mansions Port-man-square -- London (other)
CHAPMAN of Flat 62 Macready House Crawford-street Edgware-road -- London (other)
CHAPPIN of 2 Emily-mansions Landor-road Stock-well -- London (other)
CHAPPLE of 79 Gresham-street -- London (other)
CHARIG of Peckham House Peckham-road -- London (other)
CHARLES of 11 Portland-court Great Portland-street -- London (other)
CHARRINGTON of care of Messrs Capron and Company 7 Saville-place -- London (other)
CHARTERIS of 118 Eaton-square -- London (other)
CHAUNDY of 9 Bayley-street Bedford-square -- London (other)
CHEESEMAN of 69 Gower-street -- London (other)
CHENHALLS of 115 Chancery-lane -- London (other)
CHERRY of The Navigators and Engineer Officers Union 78 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
CHIETTI of 46 Breakspears-road Brockley and of 98 Westminster Bridge-road -- London (other)
CHILDS of 37 Bury Walk Chelsea -- London (other)
CHRISTIAN of 2e Victoria Dwellings Battersea Park-road -- London (other)
CIMELLI of 20 Wren-street Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
CIMELLI of 20 Wren-street Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
CLARK of 1 Grove-mews Hammersmith-grove -- London (other)
CLARK of 259 South Lambeth-road -- London (other)
CLARK of 34 Bishops Mansions Bishops Park-road Fulham and-of 39 Harrow-road Maida-hill -- London (other)
CLARK of 35 Normandy-avenue Barnet Hertfordshire and of 5 Laurence Pountney-lane -- London (other)
CLARK of 39 Hill-street Berkeley-square -- London (other)
CLARK of 42 Shadwell Gardens Deancross-street Shad-well -- London (other)
CLARK of 6 Balwyle-road Broughty Ferry Dundee and 26 Gilbert-street Grosvenor-square -- London (other)
CLARK of 65- Sefton-avenue Mill Hill -- London (other)
CLARK of 76 Eaton-square -- London (other)
CLARK of Burmester House Mickleham Surrey and-of The London Stock Exchange and-of 1 Royal Exchange-avenue -- London (other)
CLARKE of 37 Downton-avenue Streatham-hill -- London (other)
CLARKE of Stanhope Court Hotel Stanhope-gardens South Kensington and St Stephens-chambers Telegraph- street -- London (other)
CLAY of 17-19 Cromer-street Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
CLAY of 18 Kensington Park Gardens -- London (other)
CLAYTON of 231 Borough High-street -- London (other)
CLEMENTS of 44 Gresham-street -- London (other)
CLOVER of 35 New Cavendish-street St Maryle-bone -- London (other)
COADE of Hillside Pinner Hill Pinner Middlesex and of 107 Southampton Row Russell-square -- London (other)
COCHRANE of 13 Highgate High-street -- London (other)
COCKBURN of 108 Inverness-terrace Bayswater -- London (other)
COGHLIN of 34 Elizabeth-street Eaton-square -- London (other)
COHEN of 116 Maida-vale -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COHEN of 298 Edgware-road -- London (other)
COLE of 326 Camberwell New-road -- London (other)
COLE of 326 Camberwell New-road -- London (other)
COLEMAN of 43 Leamington-road Villas Paddington and-2 Bridle-lane Golden-square -- London (other)
COLEMAN of Grand Hotel Southampton-row -- London (other)
COLEMAN of Howick Natal South Africa and-of care-of Williams Deacons Bank Limited Hotel Great Central Marylebone-road -- London (other)
COLLARD of 40 Upper Grosvenor-street -- London (other)
COLLINGWOOD of 65a Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
COLLINS of 134 Gloucester-place -- London (other)
COLLINS of 25 Arundel Gardens Notting-hill -- London (other)
COLLINS of 55 Rodney Court Maida Vale f London W9 and of 16 Mark-lane -- London (other)
COLLINSON of The Cogers Public House 9 Salisbury-court Fleet-street -- London (other)
COLLIS of 8 York-street Chambers Bryanston-square -- London (other)
COLTON of Flat 469 Park West Edgware-road -- London (other)
CONNELL of The Old Manor House Sundridge Kent and of 380 Gresham House Old Broad-street -- London (other)
CONNERY of Lonsdale Hotel Montague-street -- London (other)
CONNOLLY of 26 Woburn-square -- London (other)
COODE of 7 Eaton Mansions Westminster and 22 Great Winchester-street -- London (other)
COOK of 8 Clifford-street Bond-street -- London (other)
COOKE of 3 Mount-street -- London (other)
COOKE of 3 Mount-street -- London (other)
COOKE of The Ladies Army and Navy Club St James-place -- London (other)
COOKE of The Port of London Authority East India-building Cutler-street -- London (other)
COOMBE of Byron Court Mecklenburgh-square -- London (other)
COOMBER of 342 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
COOMBER of The Inner Temple and of 113 Mount-street Grosvenor-square -- London (other)
COOPER of -107 Vaux Hill Bridge-road -- London (other)
COOPER of 24 Gilbert-street Grosvenor-square -- London (other)
COOPER of 48 Chester-square -- London (other)
COOPER of Rickarton Sevenoaks Kent and of 107 Old Broad-street -- London (other)
COPE of 14 Newton Mansions Queens Club Gardens -- London (other)
COPE of Canada House Trafalgar Square -- London (other)
COPLAND of 63 Hilldrop-crescent Camden-road -- London (other)
COPLESTONE of 608 Hood House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
CORBETT of 5 Broad-street Hernel Hempstead Hertfordshire and of care of Cox and Kings -- London (other)
CORCORAN of 232 Old Brompton-road -- London (other)
CORCOS of S Montague-square -- London (other)
COREY of 18 Albion-buildings Bartholomew-close -- London (other)
CORNELIUS of Mappin House Oxford-street -- London (other)
CORNELL of Pond House Village Way Dulwich Village -- London (other)
COTTON of Ryedale RD Te Kowhai Frankton Junction North Island Now Zealand and-of care-of Mercantile Bank-of India Limited 15 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
COURTNEY of Ladron Porthpean St Austell Cornwall and Finsbury House Blomfield-street -- London (other)
COUTTS of 7 Rutland-court Denmark-street -- London (other)
COWAN of 38 Princes-square -- London (other)
COWAN of The Bolt The Common Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire and of 138 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
COWBURN of 31 Barkston-gardens -- London (other)
COX of 139 Kennington Park-road -- London (other)
COX of 95 Chiswick Village -- London (other)
COX of Roche Old Court Winterslow Wiltshire and of 155 Charing Cross-road -- London (other)
CRAIB of The West India Club Whitehall-court -- London (other)
CRAMPTON of 45 Hanover House St Maryle-bone -- London (other)
CRANSTON of 147 Alderney-street -- London (other)
CRASK of 6 Princedale-road Holland Park-avenue -- London (other)
CRAWFORD of 21 Avenue-road -- London (other)
CRAWLEY of Coventry House 3 South-place -- London (other)
CREPIN of Woodcroft The Drive Snaresbrook -- London (other)
CRISP of care of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited 10 Clements-lane -- London (other)
CRITCHLEY of 70 Pall-mall -- London (other)
CROCKFORD of WestwifidFitzroy Park Highgate Village -- London (other)
CROGHAN of 22 Coulson-street -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CROSBY of 19 Gordon-square London WC1 and 136 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
CROSS of 19 Oakwood-road Wimbledon 8urrey and-of care-of Westminster Bank 21 Hanover-square -- London (other)
CROSS of 39 Balcombe-street Dorset-square -- London (other)
CROSS of 39 Balcombe-street Dorset-square -- London (other)
CROSS of 4 Ebury-street -- London (other)
CROSS of 53 Highbury-park -- London (other)
CROSS of 6 Great St Thomas Apostle -- London (other)
CROSS of HMS Hardy and care of Barclays Bank Limited 127-129 Edgware-road -- London (other)
CROSSFIELD of 10 Endsleigh Gardens Ilford Essex and 153 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
CROSSINGHAM of 2 MancheSter-square St Maryle-bone -- London (other)
CROUCH of 123 Tufnell Park-road -- London (other)
CRUMP of 20 Devonshire-place -- London (other)
CRUSE of The Royal Automobile Club and of 10 Manchester-street -- London (other)
CURRAN of 263 Ballenden-road -- London (other)
CURRIE of Holylee Walkerburn Peebles and of 6 Phillimore-place -- London (other)
CURRIE of Norland Hotel 77 Gloucester Place Portman Square -- London (other)
CURTIS of 17 Brook House Park-lane -- London (other)
CURTIS of 34 Berkeley Square -- London (other)
CURTIS of 52 Pont-street -- London (other)
CUTHELL of Pinehurst Heights Hotel Witley Surrey and-of care-of Westminster Bank Limited Sloane-square -- London (other)
D'AURIA of 122 Victoria-Dwellings Farringdon-road -- London (other)
DAKING of Flat 12 39 Hyde Park Gate and 30 Argyle-square -- London (other)
DALTON of Ivy Rock Tidenham Gloucestershire and-of care-of Maclaine Watson and Company Limited 14 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
DAMS of The White House Weybridge Surrey and of 121 Newgate-street -- London (other)
DANCKWERTS of 1 Campden House-court -- London (other)
DANIELL of 9 Kidbrooke Park-road Blackheath and of 20 Bloomsbury-square -- London (other)
DANIELS of 190 Shaftesbury-avenue -- London (other)
DANZIG of 66a Berwick-street -- London (other)
DARKE of Oak Lodge The Avenue Hatch End Middlesex and of 143 and 149 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
DARLEY of care of Messrs Glyn Mills & Company 67 Lombard-street -- London (other)
DARWIN of 10 Montagu Mews North Montagu-place -- London (other)
DARWIN of 10 Montagu Mews North Montagu-place -- London (other)
DAVID of 8 Kenyon-street Fulham Palace-road -- London (other)
DAVIDSON of 21 Aubrey House Maida-avenue -- London (other)
DAVIDSON of 23 Portland Court Great Portland-street -- London (other)
DAVIE of Oaklea Oakwood-avenue Purley Surrey and of 13 Fenchurch-avenue -- London (other)
DAVIES of 112 West-side Clapham-common -- London (other)
DAVIES of 24 Collingham-place Earls-court -- London (other)
DAVIES of Flat 7 50 Sloane-street -- London (other)
DAVIS of 10 Langham Mansions Earls Court-square -- London (other)
DAVIS of 21 Milner-street -- London (other)
DAVIS of Monmouth House Monmouth-road Bayswater and-of care-of Chartered Bank-of India Australia and China -- London (other)
DAVIS of The Redbourne Hotel Great Portland-street -- London (other)
DAVISON of 126 Tulse-hill -- London (other)
DAVISON of 14 Macduff-road-Battersea -- London (other)
DAVISON of International Sportsmen's Club Upper Grosvenor- street Park-lane and-of care-of Midland Bank Limited 72 Park-lane -- London (other)
DAWES of The Bird in Hand 38 Hampstead High-street -- London (other)
DAY of 19 Hove-place Sloane-street -- London (other)
DAY of 209 Dollis Hill-lane Edgware-road -- London (other)
DAY of The Retreat Sydenham Park-road -- London (other)
DE LA RUE of 78 Eaton-place -- London (other)
DE PINNA of Mount Royal Bryanston-street -- London (other)
DE ZARO of Kensington House Bayswater-road -- London (other)
DEACON of 16 Upper Belgrave-street -- London (other)
DEFRIES of 3 Oakley-road Caversham Reading and-of 9 Dorset House Gloucester-place -- London (other)
DELANEY of Belmont 20 Brondesbury-park -- London (other)
DELAY of care of Westminster Bank Limited 94 Kensington High-street -- London (other)
DELCOURT of 223 Randolph-avenue -- London (other)
DICKINS of Glendevon 35 Percy-road Leigh-on-Sea Essex and 10 Copthall-avenue -- London (other)
DICKINSON of 85 Dulwich Village -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DIGBY of Buckshaw House Sherborne Dorsetshire and 18 Bryanston Square -- London (other)
DIGBY of Buckshaw House Sherborne Dorsetshire and 18 Bryanston Square -- London (other)
DIXON of 5 Great New-street -- London (other)
DODD of 3 Garvan-road Fulham -- London (other)
DODD of Flat Number 8 Wellesley House Sloane Square Middlesex and 5 St Helens Place -- London (other)
DOELBERG of 12 Clockhouse-mead Oxshott Surrey and-of care-of Lloyds Bank Limited (Coxs and Kings Branch) 6 Pall-mall -- London (other)
DONALD of 6 Fenchurch-avenue -- London (other)
DONALD of Stanhope Court Hotel Stanhope Gardens -- London (other)
DOOLEY of Empire Seamans Hostel Commercial-road -- London (other)
DOUDNEY of 31 Courtfield-gardens -- London (other)
DOUGHTY of 71 Pearson-street Shoreditch -- London (other)
DOVETON of 249 Cromwell-road -- London (other)
DOWDALL of South Kensington Hotel Queens Gate-terrace -- London (other)
DOWDING of 172 Holland Park-avenue -- London (other)
DOWN of 38 Craven Hill Gardens -- London (other)
DOWNING of The Royal Mews Buckingham Palace-road -- London (other)
DRAKE of 67 Basinghall-street -- London (other)
DRAKE of The Gatehouse St Georges Hill Weybridge Surrey and of 14 and 16 Langham-place -- London (other)
DRAKOULES of 11 Trentishoe Mansions 90 Charing Cross-road -- London (other)
DRAPER of 45 Upper Tooting-road -- London (other)
DRUETT of 9 Brook Dale Arnos-grove New South-gate -- London (other)
DUCAT of 5 Aysgarth-road Dulwich Village -- London (other)
DUCKERS of 120 Chancery-lane -- London (other)
DUMMETT of Vincent House Pembridge-square -- London (other)
DUPIGNY of 11 Rugby-mansions Addison Bridge London and-of Royal Societies Club 63 St James-street -- London (other)
DUVEEN of Claridges Hotel Brook-street -- London (other)
DYER of 29 Guildford-road South Lambeth-road -- London (other)
DYER of 39 Hillsborough Court Mortimer-crescent -- London (other)
EASTON of 4 Lakeside-road Palmers Green Middlesex and of 112 Wood-street -- London (other)
EASUN of 74 Torriano-avenue Camden-road -- London (other)
EDWARDS of 109 Brownlow-road New South-gate -- London (other)
EDWARDS of 12 Ravensdon -street Kenning-ton -- London (other)
EDWARDS of 2 Kemplay-roadHampstead -- London (other)
EDWARDS of 220 Great Portland-street -- London (other)
EDWARDS of 48d Lewis Building Liverpool-road -- London (other)
EDWARDS of 68 Aspley House Finchley-road -- London (other)
EDWARDS of Brook House Upper Clapton-road -- London (other)
EDWARDS of Wigmore Hall Studios Wigmore-street -- London (other)
ELDERTON of 29 Budge Row Cannon-street -- London (other)
ELDRIDGE of 7c Peabody Estate Southwark-street -- London (other)
ELLEN of 12 Roseway Dulwich Village -- London (other)
ELLIOT of 7 Irvine-court Portchester-terrace -- London (other)
ELLIOTT of 10 Finden-road Shepherds Bush -- London (other)
ELLIS of 12 Graham-roadHackney -- London (other)
ELLIS of 126 Muirkirk-road Catford -- London (other)
ELLIS of 19 Hyde Park Gates Kensington -- London (other)
ELLIS of 237 Balham High-road -- London (other)
ELLIS of 67 Chatsworth-court Pembroke-road -- London (other)
ELLISON of 88-90 Chiswell-street -- London (other)
ELMASSIAN of 1 Chesham-close -- London (other)
ELPHICKE of 7 Princeton Mansions Red Lion-square -- London (other)
ELSON of 13 Court-lane Gardens Dulwich Village and of 89 Charterhouse-street -- London (other)
EMILY of 26 Bedford-place Russell-square -- London (other)
ETTLSNGER of 106 Dorset-house Gloucester-place -- London (other)
EUMORFOPOULOS of 7 Chelsea-embankment -- London (other)
EVANS of 240 Walworth-road -- London (other)
EVANS of 25 Lyon-street Caledonian-road -- London (other)
EVANS of 53 Queens-road Peckham -- London (other)
EVANS of 54 Cross-street Islington -- London (other)
EVANS of Lane Ende House Cookham Maidenhead Berkshire and-of Hendreclochydd Llanabar Barmouth Merionethshire and-of 5 and 6 Lime-street -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EVILL of 7 De Vere-gardens Kensington and of 237 Gresham House Old Broad-street -- London (other)
EWART of 38 Blakenham-roadTooting -- London (other)
EYRE of 28 Marlborough Hill St Johns Wood-road -- London (other)
EYRE of 30 Onslow-square -- London (other)
FACHE of 13 John-street Bedford-row -- London (other)
FAIRFAX Albert Kirby of 18 Stanhope-terrace -- London (other)
FAIRTLOUGH of The Sesame Club 49 Grosvenor-street and-of 20 Wetherby-mansions Earls Court Square -- London (other)
FALCK of 4 Chandos-street Cavendish-square -- London (other)
FARQUHARSON of Haughton Alford Aberdeenshire and Moore-street Cadogan-square -- London (other)
FARQUHARSON of Haughton Alford Aberdeenshire and of 17 Moore-street Cadogan-square -- London (other)
FARREN of Croft House The Croft Hastings and care-of Lloyds Bank Limited 171 Brompton-road -- London (other)
FARROW of 43 Acton-street Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
FEDDON of 24 Rood-lane -- London (other)
FEENEY of 5 Sussex-mansions 36 Maiden-lane -- London (other)
FEILDEN of Wilton Park Blackburn and of 12 Dorchester-court Sloane-street -- London (other)
FENNELL of 2 Bessborough-gardens Vaux-hall Bridge-road -- London (other)
FENNER of Rosberne Hartley Hill Purley Surrey and Bassishaw House Basinghall-street -- London (other)
FERRERO of il St Martins Court Charing Cross-road -- London (other)
FERRIER of 50 Oxgate Gardens Cricklewood and 125-7-9 Shaftesbury-avenue -- London (other)
FERRIS of 174 Battersea Park-road -- London (other)
FINAZZI of 49 Hillfield-court Belsize-avenue -- London (other)
FINLAY of 23 Bentinck-street -- London (other)
FINN of 88 Hardinge-street Commercial-road -- London (other)
FINSBERG of 2 St Johns Court Finchley-road -- London (other)
FITCH of 15 Court-lane-gardens Dulwich Village -- London (other)
FITZGERALD of 4 Leicester-street -- London (other)
FLANNERY of 9 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
FLEET of The Hayfield Tavern Mile End-road -- London (other)
FLEMING of 3 Crossfield-road -- London (other)
FLEMING of 8 Crosby-square -- London (other)
FLEMING of The Hotel Rembrandt Thurloe-place -- London (other)
FLEMING of The Hotel Rembrandt Thurloe-place -- London (other)
FLEMING of The Marist Convent Queen-road Peck-ham -- London (other)
FLESCH of 18 Kingswood-court West End-lane -- London (other)
FLETCHER of 16 Johnson Mansions Queens Club Gardens -- London (other)
FLETCHER of 217 and 218 Tottenham Court-road -- London (other)
FLETCHER of 50 Lupus-street -- London (other)
FLOOD of 10 Dryden-chambers Oxford-street -- London (other)
FLOOD of 30 Denys-buildings Bourne Estate -- London (other)
FOGEL of 36 Nathaniel-buildings Commercial-street -- London (other)
FORBES of 102 Holbein House4 Sloane-square -- London (other)
FORRESTER of 244 Sandringham-buildings Charing Cross-road -- London (other)
FORSTER of 71 Portnall-road Harrow-road -- London (other)
FORSYTH of Royal Naval Air Station Worthy Down Winchester and-of care-of Midland Bank Limited 6 Sloane-street -- London (other)
FORTESCUE of Elmsleigh Par Cornwall and of 36 Bryanston-square -- London (other)
FOSTER of 175 Compton-buildings Goswell-road -- London (other)
FOSTER of 3 Connaught-square -- London (other)
FOSTER of 47 Central-street -- London (other)
FOSTER of 7 Queen-street Place Cannon-street -- London (other)
FOSTER of Downhills Ashley Priors Torquay and of 22 Old Broad-street -- London (other)
FOSTER of Station-road Great Marlow Buckinghamshire and 17 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
FOWLER of 38 St Johns Wood-court -- London (other)
FOX of 90 Christian-street Commercial-road -- London (other)
FRAMDER of 3 Monmouth-street -- London (other)
FRANCIS of Glebe House Chiddingstone Kent and of 4 Wythburn-court Seymour-place -- London (other)
FRANCIS of Vernon House Sicilian-avenue Bloomsbury-square and-of Flat 3 20 Embankment-gardens -- London (other)
FRANKS of 10 Hanover-square -- London (other)
FRANKS of 6 Aberdeen-court Maida Vale and of 17 Gordon-square -- London (other)
FRASER of 25 Chalfont-court -- London (other)
FREDERICK of 46 Tottenham Court-road -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FREEDMAN of 44 Earlham-grove Forest-gate -- London (other)
FRENCH of 11 Lumley Buildings Pimlico-road -- London (other)
FREUNDLICH of 65 Ivor-court Gloucester-place -- London (other)
FRIEGHT of 27 Brixton Water-lane -- London (other)
FROST of 19 Richborne-terrace Clapham-road -- London (other)
FROST of 30 Lisle-street Leicester-square -- London (other)
FROST of 64 South Eaton-place -- London (other)
FULLER of 83 Gatliff Buildings Ebury Bridge-road -- London (other)
FURBERCBE of 25 Welbeck-street Cavendish-square -- London (other)
GALBRAITH of lib Sutton-dwellings City-road -- London (other)
GALE of 25a Nevern-square -- London (other)
GALLINAGH of 26 Redcliffe Gardens -- London (other)
GALLOWAY of Palace Houses Hotel Bayswater-road -- London (other)
GAMBLE of 25 Highbury-hill -- London (other)
GARLAND of Dock House Billiter-street -- London (other)
GARNER of 495 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
GARNER of Oaklands Llanrwst Denbighshire and of Rectory House 67 Queen-street -- London (other)
GARRETT of 32 Haliday Walk Balls Pond-road -- London (other)
GARSIDE of 402 Southwark Park-road -- London (other)
GARWOOD of 12 Vincent House Vince-street Old-street -- London (other)
GATTI of 25 Chetwode-road -- London (other)
GAYER of 26 Hans-crescent -- London (other)
GELLIBRAND of 2 Drayton-court Drayton-gardens -- London (other)
GEMMILL of 85 Eaton-place -- London (other)
GEOGHEGAN of 64 Parliament Hill Hampstead London and-of 79 Eastbury-road Northwood Middlesex and-of 67 Watling-street -- London (other)
GEORGE of The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
GIBBES of The Palace Court Hotel 12 Pem-bridge-square -- London (other)
GILBERT of 128 Stamford-hill -- London (other)
GILBERT of Windsor Hotel Lancaster-gatc -- London (other)
GILL of 4 Grosvenor-street Bond-street -- London (other)
GILLATT of Balfour House Finsbury Pavement London EC2 and of 51 Gloucester-place -- London (other)
GILMORE of 4 Woburn Walk Upper Woburn-place -- London (other)
GLADSTONE of The Pembridge Carlton Hotel Pembridge-square -- London (other)
GLADWELL of 14 Cropley-street New North-road -- London (other)
GLADWIN of 35 Hill-street Berkeley-square -- London (other)
GODBY of 55 Manchester-street Manchester-square -- London (other)
GODDARD of 43 Westminster-place-gardens -- London (other)
GODLEE of Lillies Draycot-road Wanstead Essex and of 21 Cannon-street -- London (other)
GOETZ of 5 Brook-house Park-lane -- London (other)
GOLDIE of Allenwood Henwood Green-road Pembury Kent and of 83 Cannon-street -- London (other)
GOLDING of Southern House Cannon-street -- London (other)
GOLDNEEDLE of 11 Marshall House Marshall-street -- London (other)
GOLDSTEIN of 40 Dunsmore-road -- London (other)
GOOD of 17 Earls Court-square -- London (other)
GOODCHILD of Sidney House Highgate-road -- London (other)
GOODE of 215 Brecknock-road -- London (other)
GORDEN of 6a Dennington Park-road -- London (other)
GORDON of 1 Hanover Court Uxbridge-road -- London (other)
GORDON of 14 Eldon-street -- London (other)
GORE of 2 Devonshire-street Portland-place -- London (other)
GORMLEY of 18p Peabody-square Blackfriars-road -- London (other)
GOSFORD of 5 Orchard Court Portman-square -- London (other)
GOULD of 6 Dorset-squaie -- London (other)
GRACE of Old Studley Ewell Surrey and of 3 Drapers Gardens -- London (other)
GRAHAM of 12 Ladbroke Gardens -- London (other)
GRAHAM of 189 Latymer CourtHammer-smith -- London (other)
GRAHAM of 5 Etterly-street Stanwick Carlisle and care-of the Bank-of Adelaide 11 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
GRAHAMEPCGCMGGCV of Lloyds Bank Limited 16 St James-street -- London (other)
GRANT of 3 Chalcot-square -- London (other)
GRAPES of 404 Keyes House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GRATTEN of The Arts Club Dover-street -- London (other)
GRAVATT of 5 The Beeches-avenue Carshalton Surrey and 28 Bartholomew-close -- London (other)
GRAY of 75 St Gabriels-road -- London (other)
GREEN of 20 Denbigh-road Ealing Middlesex and of Brewers-lane Upper Thames-street -- London (other)
GREENE of Grove Wistanstow near Craven Arms Salop and 16 Gloucester-place -- London (other)
GREENWELL of Marden Park Wokliug-ham Surrey and 2 Finch-lane -- London (other)
GREENWELL of Marden-park Wolding-ham Surrey and 2 Finch-lane -- London (other)
GREENWELL of MardenPark Woldingham Surrey and 2 Finch-lane -- London (other)
GREENWOOD of 185 Tulse-hill -- London (other)
GREER of 28 Carnegie-street Caledonian-road -- London (other)
GREGG of 159 Westbourne-grove -- London (other)
GREGORY of 10 Foxgrove-road Beckenham Kent and of 21 Redcross-street -- London (other)
GRIFFIN of 9 Hamston House Kensington Court-place -- London (other)
GRIFFITHS of 15 Lady Somerset-road -- London (other)
GRIFFITHS of 7 Evelyn Mansions Carlisle-place Victoria-street -- London (other)
GRIGG of 146-150 Park-lane and of 12 Charles-street -- London (other)
GROOM of 72 Courtfield-gardens Gloucester-road and 22 Fenchurch Street -- London (other)
GUBBINS of 28 Glenhurst-avenue Highgate-road -- London (other)
GUNN of la Middle Temple-lane Fleet-street -- London (other)
GURDON of 6m Hyde Park-mansions Maryle-bone-road -- London (other)
GUSSIN of 15 Greyswood-street Mitcham-lane Strea-tham -- London (other)
GUTMANN of 15 St Peters-square -- London (other)
GUTTRIDGE of 170 Stoke Newington Church-street -- London (other)
HACKNEY of 60 Radcliff Buildings Clerkenwell-road -- London (other)
HAKIM of 68 Hillfield-avenue Hornsey and 33 Cranboum-street -- London (other)
HAKIM of Winchester House Old Broad-street -- London (other)
HALE of The Chalet West View-road Warling-ham Surrey and 70 Drury-lane -- London (other)
HALL of 21 College-hill -- London (other)
HALL of 24 Bedfordbury St Martins-lane -- London (other)
HALL of 317 Lordship-lane -- London (other)
HALL of 77 Chatsworth Court Earls Court-road -- London (other)
HALLER of 325 BoroughHigh-street and-of Mildmay Chambers 69 Bishopsgate and-of 7 Union Court Old Broad-street -- London (other)
HALLIDAY of 101 St Georges-square -- London (other)
HAMMOND of Whyteleafe House Whyteleafe Surrey and 50 Baker-street Portman-square -- London (other)
HANBURY of 44 Clargers-street -- London (other)
HANBURY of Tudor Court Hotel Cromwell-road Kensington and care-of The Bank-of NS Wales 28-29 Thread-needle-street -- London (other)
HANCOCK of 17 Craven Hill-gardens Lancaster Gate and care-of Westminster Bank Limited Paddington Branch Edgware-road -- London (other)
HANLEY of 97 Cadogan-gardens -- London (other)
HARDMAN of 7 Kensington-mansions Trebovir-road -- London (other)
HARDY of 104 Haverstock-hill -- London (other)
HARDY of 129 Elgin-road Seven Kings Essex and of 5 and 127 Lower Thames-street -- London (other)
HARDY of 87 Cliffords Inn Fetter-lane and-of 8 Breams Buildings Chancery-lane -- London (other)
HARE of 2 Clifton-place Sussex-square -- London (other)
HARGREAVES of 25 Cadogan Court Draycott-avenue -- London (other)
HARGREAVES of The National Liberal Club White-hall-place -- London (other)
HARLOW of 18 Orchard-terrace Cambridge-read Edmonton -- London (other)
HARPER of 11 Porchester-terrace -- London (other)
HARRIES of 15 Rosscourt Mansions Buckingham Palace-road -- London (other)
HARRIS of 13 Brook-street Hanover-square -- London (other)
HARRIS of 315-316 St James Court Buckingham Gate Westminster and 138 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
HARRIS of 34 St Mary Abbots Court Kensington and 216 and 218 Mile End-road -- London (other)
HARRISON of 65 Hampstead Way and 11 Waterloo-place -- London (other)
HART of Anglo-Swiss Hotel Gervis-road East Cliff Bournemouth and care-of Midland Bank Limited 100-101 Fore-street -- London (other)
HARTSILVER of 147 Brondesbury-park -- London (other)
HARVEY of Deanscroft South Darenth Kent and of 3-4 Lime Street-square -- London (other)
HATFIELD of 88 Charlotte-street Fitzroy-square -- London (other)
HATSCHEK of 25 Priory-court Mazenod-avenue -- London (other)
HATTON of 78 Maury-road Stoke Newington -- London (other)
HAWES of 108a Cannon-street -- London (other)
HAWKEN of 42 Russell-square -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HAWKINS of 25 Leonard Court Kensington High street -- London (other)
HAWKINS of 42 Portland-place -- London (other)
HAY of 42 Egerton-gardens -- London (other)
HAYCOX of The Windsor Castle 23 Coopers-road Old Kent-road -- London (other)
HAYMAN of 50 Charterhouse Chambers Charterhouse-square -- London (other)
HAZLEWOOD of 18 Colville-place Charlotte-street -- London (other)
HEAD of 28 Maybury-mansions Marylebone-street -- London (other)
HEARN of 39 Croftdown-road Highgate-road -- London (other)
HEASMAN of 15 Balham Park-road -- London (other)
HEATH of 74 Star-street Edgware-road -- London (other)
HEATH of Fburways Cavendish-road Weybridge Surrey arid of 15 New Bridge-street -- London (other)
HECHT of 10 St Stephens Close Avenue-road Hampstead and 4 Carey-lane -- London (other)
HELPS of 311 Wandsworth-road -- London (other)
HENDERSON of 13 Currie House Clapham-park -- London (other)
HENDERSON of 6 Elms-crescent Clapham Common- -- London (other)
HENRY of 100 North End House Fitzjames-avenue -- London (other)
HENRY of Flat 9 84-94 Hallam-street -- London (other)
HEPBURN of Triginta Watford-road King's Langley Hertfordshire and-of 111 Harley-street Cavendish-square -- London (other)
HEROLD of 53 Canham-road South Norwood Surrey and of4 Drapers-gardens -- London (other)
HEWSON of 91 Parliament Hill Mansions Highgate-road -- London (other)
HEYLAND of 40 Parkview-court Fulham High-street -- London (other)
HICKS of 26 Linton House Holland Park-avenue -- London (other)
HICKS of The Hamlet Little Coggeshall Essex and of 27 Throgmorton-street -- London (other)
HICKTON of 289 High-road Streatham Surrey and-of care-of Barclays Bank Limited 170 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
HILL of 33 Collingham-road -- London (other)
HILL of Brescia St Stephens Hill St Albans Hertfordshire and 140 New Bond-street -- London (other)
HILLERSDON of 20 Regents-court Park-road -- London (other)
HILLIER of 119 Finchley-road -- London (other)
HOARE of 15 Portman-street -- London (other)
HOBROW of 18 Hans-road Brompton-road -- London (other)
HOCHBERG of 33 Charles-street Berkeley-square -- London (other)
HODGSON of 22 Bristowe-place Westbourne-grove -- London (other)
HOLDEN of The Sun Court Hotel 59 Lexham-gardens -- London (other)
HOLE of Bennils Stocking Pelham Hertfordshire and-of 65 Cbleman-street -- London (other)
HOLLAND of -- London (other)
HOLLAND of 12 Redington-road Hampstead and 2 3 and 4 Billiter-avenue -- London (other)
HOLLINGSWORTH of 3 Annington-road Fortis Green-avenue -- London (other)
HOLMES of 146 Barlby-road Ladbroke-grove -- London (other)
HOLMES of Paddington Hospital Harrow-road -- London (other)
HOLROYD of 72 St Andrews-road Exmouth Devonshire and-of care-of National Provincial Bank Limited 95 Chanceiy-lane -- London (other)
HOLT of 43 Grove Park-road -- London (other)
HOPKINS of 157 Clapham Park-road -- London (other)
HOPKINS of 26 Bowersway Harpenden Hertfordshire and-of care-of Lloyds Bank Limited 39 Threadneedle-street -- London (other)
HOPKINS of 40 Wadham-road Putney -- London (other)
HORNER of The Manor House Mells Frome Somersetshire and 16 Fitzhardinge-street -- London (other)
HOWARD of 3 Coram-mansions Millman-street -- London (other)
HOWE of 4 Breakspears-road Brockley London and-of The Garth Chestnut-hill Keswick Cumberland and-of 125 Old Broad-street -- London (other)
HUDSON of 118 Crouch-hill -- London (other)
HUDSON of 171 Camden-road -- London (other)
HUGHES of 3 Bell-street Edgware-road -- London (other)
HUGHES of Beechurst Maybury Woking Surrey and of 5 Philpot-lane -- London (other)
HUGHES of The Embassy Hotel Bayswater-road -- London (other)
HULKES of 72 Eaton-torrace -- London (other)
HUMM of The Anchor and Hope 36 The Cut Black-friars -- London (other)
HUMPHREY of 57 Gloucester-road -- London (other)
HUNT of 33 Grove Park Denmark-hill -- London (other)
HUNT of South Lodge Campden Hill-road -- London (other)
HURWOOD of 275 Cricklewood-lane -- London (other)
HUTCHEON of Harley House Marylebone-road -- London (other)
HUTCHEON of Harley House Marylebone-road -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HUTCHEON of Harley House Marylebone-road -- London (other)
HUTCHISON of 219 Rodney House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
HUTTENBAGH of 45 Montagu Mansions Portman-square -- London (other)
HVISTENDAHL of 20 Warwick-square -- London (other)
HYDE of Garden Flat 183b Adelaide-road -- London (other)
HYMNS of 9 Thornton-street Brixton-road -- London (other)
INDERWICK of The Irving Hotel Bath-road Cheltenham and-of care-of National Provincial Bank 69 Baker-street -- London (other)
INDUNI of 4 Fulham Park-gardens Fulham -- London (other)
INGRAM of 93 Ashley-gardens Westminster -- London (other)
IRWELL of 10 Bickenhall Mansions Gloucester-place -- London (other)
IRWIN of 25 Jessel-house Judd-street -- London (other)
ISAAC of 802 Howard House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
JACKS of 43 Leonard-court Kensington and 5 Copthall-court -- London (other)
JACKSON of 3 Keystone-crescent Caledonian-road -- London (other)
JACKSON of 8 St Pauls-crescent Camden-square -- London (other)
JACKSON of 88 Hayter-roadLambeth -- London (other)
JACOBS of 4c Hyde Park-mansions Marylebone-road -- London (other)
JACOBS of 54 Parliament-hill-mansions Lissenden-gardens -- London (other)
JAMIESON of 32 Lennox Gardens -- London (other)
JARRATT of 1 Spencer Court Marlborough-place -- London (other)
JARVIS of 5 Scarborough-road Upper Tollington-park -- London (other)
JARVISKCMGMV of 1 Hobart-place -- London (other)
JEFFERIES of 35 Hilldrop-crescent Camden-road -- London (other)
JEFFREYS of Potters Cross Bangors-road Iver Heath Buckinghamshire and of 22 Billiter-street -- London (other)
JENKINS of 4 Church-crescent Church End Finchley Middlesex and 3 Pancras-lane Queen-street -- London (other)
JENKINS of 52 Lewin-road Streatham and of 224 Brixton-road -- London (other)
JEPSON of 15 Dawgate Hill -- London (other)
JERVIS of 420 Fulham-road -- London (other)
JESSEL of Whites Goudhurst Kent and of 4 Balfour-place -- London (other)
JOCKEL of 11 Garden-road Bromley Kent and of 96-98 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
JOHNSON of 12 Avenue Lodge Avenue-road Regents Park Hampstead Middlesex and Regis House King William-street -- London (other)
JOHNSON of 21 South Norwood-hill -- London (other)
JOHNSON of 44 NewKent-road and 63 Old Compton street -- London (other)
JOHNSON of Camberwell House Peckham-road -- London (other)
JOHNSON of The Masons Arms Titchbome-street -- London (other)
JOLLDFFE of 111 Wimbledon Park-road South-fields -- London (other)
JONES of 20 Stanhope Gardens -- London (other)
JONES of 22 Lloyd-square -- London (other)
JONES of 43 Clarges-street Westminster and of 4a Bloomsbury-square -- London (other)
JONES of 59 Long-lane -- London (other)
JONES of 7 Crooked-lane -- London (other)
JONES of 768 Chelsea-cloisters Sloane-square -- London (other)
JONES of 8 Princes-streeet -- London (other)
JONES of Devonshire Arms 7 Hallam-street -- London (other)
JOSEPH of 64 Compayne-gardens Hampstead and 7-8 Princes-street -- London (other)
JOSEPH of 78 Herne-hill -- London (other)
JOYCE of 13 Clydesdale-road Notting Hill -- London (other)
KANAAR of The Moorings 37 Grove Park-gardens Chiswick and-of 54 Great Tower-street -- London (other)
KEANE of 8 Cadogan-court Draycott-avenue -- London (other)
KEANE of 90 Elfin-crescent Ladbroke-grove -- London (other)
KEARLEY of 31 Davies-street Berkeley-square and 61 Fairacres Roehampton-lane -- London (other)
KELIHER of 134 Upper Thames-street -- London (other)
KELL of 67 Evelyn Gardens -- London (other)
KELLIE of 27 Queens Gate-gardens -- London (other)
KELLY of 134 Brixton-hill -- London (other)
KELLY of 21 Churston Mansions Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
KELLY of 41 Chesham-street -- London (other)
KELLY of 99 New Cavendish-street -- London (other)
KEMP of Mackerye End Harpenden Hertfordshire and of 1 Throgmorton-street -- London (other)
KENCH of 10 Aldridge-road Villas Westbourne-grove -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KENNEDY of The Glendower Hotel and of 49 Queen Victoria-street -- London (other)
KENT of 143 Hamilton-terrace -- London (other)
KENT of 70 Bedford-court-mansions -- London (other)
KENWORTHY of Knightsbridge House 60 Brompton-road -- London (other)
KENYON of 23 Abbey-road Mansions Abbey-road -- London (other)
KERIN of The National Bank Limited 15 Whitehall and-of The Welbeck Palace Hotel Welbeck-street -- London (other)
KERR of Martlets Knebworth Hertfordshire and-of The College of Arms Queen Victoria-street -- London (other)
KERRIGAN of 193 Carlton-vale -- London (other)
KERRISON of Flat 2 147 Victoria-street -- London (other)
KING of 163 Streatham High-road -- London (other)
KING of 3 Princes-gardens -- London (other)
KING of 32 Henderson-road -- London (other)
KINGDON of 35 Portchester-square -- London (other)
KINGSMILL of 87 King Henrys-road Hampstead and of 47 Tottenham Court-road -- London (other)
KIRBY of 12 Chandos Court Caxton-street -- London (other)
KIRBY of Armoury House City-road -- London (other)
KIRCHHOF of 46 Limerston-street Chelsea -- London (other)
KIRKLAND of 7b Oxford and Cambridge Mansions Marylebone-road -- London (other)
KNEE of 88a Lower Kennington-lane -- London (other)
KNIGHT of 12 Burton-street Carthwright-gardens -- London (other)
KNIGHT of 19 Leonard-court Kensington High- street -- London (other)
KNIGHT of 21 Ladbroke-crescent -- London (other)
KNIGHT of 46 Jasper-road Upper Norwood and of 3 and 4 Lincoln Inn-fields -- London (other)
KNIGHT of 51 Falkirk-street -- London (other)
KNILL of Kia-Ora Hotel Palmeira-aveniie Westcliff-on-Sea Essex iand-of care-of Midland Bank Limited Poultry and Princes-street -- London (other)
KNOX of 11 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
KNOX of 11 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
LAING of 22 Edenhurst-avenue Hurl-ingham -- London (other)
LAING of 25 Shirehall Gardens Hendon -- London (other)
LAKE of 80 Lexham-gardens -- London (other)
LAMBE of 484a Seven Sisters-road -- London (other)
LAMBERT of 28 Milner-street -- London (other)
LANDALE of 19 Harcourt House Cavendish-square -- London (other)
LANDSBERG of 2 Kingscroft-road Shoot-up-Hill and of 84 Hatton-garden -- London (other)
LANG of 39 Morgan Mansions Holloway-road -- London (other)
LANG of 80 Park-street -- London (other)
LANG of Lisburne Lower Warberry-road Torquay and-of care-of Midland Bank Limited 209 Earls Court-road -- London (other)
LANGDALE of 1 Balderton-street Oxford-street -- London (other)
LANGFORD of 108 Villas-road Plum-stead -- London (other)
LANGLEY of 59 Hanover Buildings Binnly-street -- London (other)
LANGTON of 61 Draycott-place -- London (other)
LARGE of The Empress Club Dover-street -- London (other)
LAWLESS of 3 Langside-avenue Roehampton-lane -- London (other)
LAWRANCE of Flat 5 30 Queens Gate-gardens -- London (other)
LAWRENCE of Queens Gate Nursing Home 31 Queens-gate -- London (other)
LAWS of 24 Gloucester-place -- London (other)
LAWSON of 12 Harley-street St Marylebone -- London (other)
LAZARUS of 37 St Johns Court Finchley-road -- London (other)
LAZENBY of 10 Lowndes-square -- London (other)
LEACH of 326 Rodney House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
LEACH of 5 Chester House Eccleston-place -- London (other)
LEE of 6 Parton-street Red Lion-square -- London (other)
LENEY of 21 Upper Wimpole-street -- London (other)
LENTAIGNE of 51 Gloucester-terrace -- London (other)
LESSWARE of 21 Mincing-lane -- London (other)
LETHABY of Tyne House 197 Croydon-road Caterham Surrey and-of Leda House 124-132 Clerkenwell-road -- London (other)
LEVENAND of 5 Bryanston-square -- London (other)
LEVERSON of 122 Cranmer-court Sloane-avenue -- London (other)
LEVINE of 32 Britannia Walk City-road -- London (other)
LEVY of 88 Great Titchfield-street -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LEWIS of 32 Carter-street Walworth-road -- London (other)
LEWIS of 45 Wargrave-avenue Auckland Park Johannesburg South Africa and-of care-of Barclays Bank (Dominion Colonial and Overseas) Oceanic House Cockspur-street -- London (other)
LEWIS of 610 Park West Edgware-road -- London (other)
LEWIS of 99 Dorset House Baker-street -- London (other)
LEWIS of Beresford Hotel 21 Bedford-way -- London (other)
LIBERMAN of 41 Broadwick-street Golden-square -- London (other)
LILLEY of 767 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
LINDEMERE of 34 Beaufort-gardens -- London (other)
LINDLEY of Pilgrims Holt Lower Kingswood Surrey and of 85 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
LINDO of 39 Invemess-terrace -- London (other)
LINDSAY of 15 Morpeth-mansions -- London (other)
LINDSAY of care of The GPO -- London (other)
LINNELL of 1 Stockwell Park-road -- London (other)
LINS of Threkeld Hawthorn-road Sutton -- London (other)
LLOYD of 229 Devonshire-road Forest-hill -- London (other)
LLOYD of 4 Blandford-road Bedford-park -- London (other)
LLOYD of 448 Kingsland-road -- London (other)
LLOYD of 46 Lowndes-square -- London (other)
LOCK of 33 Tring-avenue Ealing Middlesex and of 36 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
LOMBART of 21 Gerrard-street -- London (other)
LOVEGROVE of 58 Byron-court Mecklenburgh-square -- London (other)
LOW of 93 Parliament Hill-mansions Lissenden Gardens Highgate-road -- London (other)
LOWE of Camden Lodge Peckham-road -- London (other)
LOWENSTEIN of 33 Ennismore-gardens -- London (other)
LUDGATE of 31 Alexandra-road Hendon -- London (other)
LUTZ of 6 Lambs Conduit-street -- London (other)
LYLE of 206 Hammersmith-grove -- London (other)
LYONS of The Duke of Norfolk Public-house Westbourne-grove -- London (other)
LYTE of 61 Warwick-square -- London (other)
LYTHGOE of 38 Woburn-square -- London (other)
MABEY of 5a Anerley-street Battersea Park-road -- London (other)
MacCAW of 14 Chester-row Eaton-square -- London (other)
MACDONALD of 5 Carlyle Mansions Kensington Mall Kensington Middlesex and of 83 Cannon-street -- London (other)
MACGREGOR of Leinster Court Hotel Leinster-gardens -- London (other)
MACKAY of 148 St Johns-road -- London (other)
MACKIE of 20 Chepstow-villas Shrewsbury-road -- London (other)
MACKIE of 48 George-street by Baker-street -- London (other)
MACLACHLAN of 2 Broad-Street-place -- London (other)
MACLEOD of Eynesbury Merrow near Guildford and of 117-118 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
MACLURCAN of 9 Penton-street -- London (other)
MacMILLAN of 41 Glenhouse-road Eltham -- London (other)
MACTAVISH of Stanhope Court Hotel Stanhope-gardens -- London (other)
MAJOR of 164 East Dulwich-grove -- London (other)
MALDOON of 23 Hopefield-avenue Queens-park -- London (other)
MALLET of 23 Cadogan-gardens Chelsea -- London (other)
MALLISON of 2 Westbourne Park-road -- London (other)
MALTHOUSE of 54 Charlotte-street -- London (other)
MALTHOUSE of Blue Posts 54 Charlotte-street -- London (other)
MANGER of 57 Kingsland High-street -- London (other)
MANNING of 81 Holmewood-gardens Brixton Hill -- London (other)
MANSON of 21 Trinity Ground Mile End-road -- London (other)
MANUEL of 13 Grasdene-road Plum-stead -- London (other)
MARCHAND of 52 Egerton-crescent -- London (other)
MARCHANT of 30 Lower Sloane-street -- London (other)
MARIANI of 3 Park-mansions South Lambeth-road -- London (other)
MARKS of 2 Kensington-house Kensington-court -- London (other)
MARKS of 42 Drayton Court Drayton Gardens -- London (other)
MARKS of Wilford Overcliff-drive Boscombe Bournemouth and-of East India United Service Club St James-square -- London (other)
MARR of 39 Basildon Court Devonshire-street -- London (other)
MARSDEN of 49 Hallam-street -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MARSH of 18 South-side Streatham Common and of Lloyds-avenue -- London (other)
MARSHALL of 1 Prospect-place Childs Hill Crickle-wood -- London (other)
MARSHALL of 28 Netherhall-gardens -- London (other)
MARSHALL of 52 Holme-field-court Belsize-grove -- London (other)
MARSHALL of 6 Sloane-gardens -- London (other)
MARSHALL of 8 Hamilton-terrace St Johns Wood and of 44 Gordon-square -- London (other)
MARSHALL of Clifton Mansions Hotel 39 and 40 Bedford-place Bloomsbury-square -- London (other)
MARTIN of 249 Northampton-buildings -- London (other)
MARTIN of 42 Tavistock-place -- London (other)
MARTIN of 65 Seymour House Tavistock-place -- London (other)
MARTIN of 68 Lombard-street -- London (other)
MARTIN of Betchworth Broomfield Park Sunningdale Berkshire and of 17-18 Billiter-street -- London (other)
MARX of 5 Kenilworth House Kenton-street Brunswick-square -- London (other)
MASON of 10 Homeleigh-road Waverley Park -- London (other)
MASON of 33 Gordon-place Kensington -- London (other)
MASON of 47 Bryanston Court George-street -- London (other)
MASON of 47 Bryanstone Court George-street -- London (other)
MASON of Brompton Chest Hospital Fulham-tOad -- London (other)
MASSON of 69 Fellowes-road -- London (other)
MATHESON of 66 Southwold Mansions Elgin-avenue -- London (other)
MATHESON of Little Scatwell Strathpeffer Ross-shire and-of 46 Princes-gardens -- London (other)
MATHEW of 55 Park-lane -- London (other)
MATHEWS of Rippledene Chertsey-lane Egham Surrey and of 14 Hatton-garden -- London (other)
MATHEY of 3 Redcliffe-square -- London (other)
MATHIAS of 49 Cecil-road Acton Middlesex and 7 Finsbury-square -- London (other)
MATHIESON of 12 Lindfield-gardens Hampstead and of Copthall-avenue -- London (other)
MATTHEWMAN of 22 Alexander-street Bayswater -- London (other)
MATTHEWS of 58 Eaton-square and of 3 Salters Hall Court -- London (other)
MATTHEWS of Flat 4 29 Great Ormonde-street -- London (other)
MATTINGLEY of Hotel Victoria Northumberland-avenue -- London (other)
MAUDE of 65 George-street Portman-square -- London (other)
MAUDE of Nevem-square Hotel 42 Nevem-square -- London (other)
MAUGHAN of 79 Littleton-street Earlshill -- London (other)
MAURER of 9 Greek-street -- London (other)
MAY of 15 Red Lion-square -- London (other)
MAY of 31 Canonbie-road Forest-hill -- London (other)
MAYHEW of 37 Barrow-road Streat-ham -- London (other)
MAYNARD of 18 Dhonau Estate Bermondsey -- London (other)
MAYNE of Basil-street Hotel Knights-bridge -- London (other)
McCHEANE of St Nicholas Cole Abbey Rectory Lambeth Hill Queen Victoria-street -- London (other)
McCONKEY of 4 Camden-square -- London (other)
McCONNELL of 29 Queens Gate-terrace -- London (other)
McDONALD of 37 Harley-street -- London (other)
McDOUGALL of 97 Aldersgate-street -- London (other)
McDOWALL of Durrants Hotel Manchester-square -- London (other)
McGINNESS of 17 Challoner-mansions Challoner-street -- London (other)
McMAHON of 195 Clapham-road -- London (other)
McPHERSON of 28 Lancaster Gate-terrace -- London (other)
MEAD of 39 Craven Hill-gardens -- London (other)
MEADE of 6 Oaklands-grove Shepherds Bush -- London (other)
MEDCALF of Lynmouth 123 Ambleside-drive Southend-on-Sea Essex and of 125 Old Broad-street -- London (other)
MELLOR of 53 Victoria-road Kensington -- London (other)
MERCER of Downhayes Upper Carlisle-road Eastbourne and 34 Camomile-street -- London (other)
MERKIN of Flat 7-12 Hanson-street Great Portland-street -- London (other)
MEYER of The Welbeck Hotel Welbeck St Marylebone -- London (other)
MICHAELSON of 20 Heathway-court Finchley-road -- London (other)
MICKLEBURGH of 55 Bourne-street Sloane-square -- London (other)
MIDDLETON of 3 Dryden-mansions Queens Club Gardens -- London (other)
MILANI of 59 Old Compton-street -- London (other)
MILES of 32 Montague-road Westminster -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILES of Bloomsbury House Club 39 Cartwright-gardens Tavistock-square -- London (other)
MILLAR of 15 Portman-square -- London (other)
MILLEN of 85a Knatchbull-road Myatts Park -- London (other)
MILLEN of 85a Knatchbull-road Myatts Park -- London (other)
MILLER of 15 Grosvenor-square -- London (other)
MILLER of 33 Lessar-avenue -- London (other)
MILLER of 5 Rochester-road Gravesend -- London (other)
MILLIGAN of 11 Upper Brook-street -- London (other)
MILLS of 7 Cavendish-place -- London (other)
MILNE of 19 Bentinck-street -- London (other)
MINCHER of 122 Crouch-hill -- London (other)
MINNIECE of 3 The Garage Kidbrooke Park-road Black-heath -- London (other)
MINORGAN of 41 Princes House Kensington Park-road -- London (other)
MITCHELL of 164 Burbage-road Dulwich Village -- London (other)
MITCHELL of 2 Hunter House Hunter-street -- London (other)
MITCHELL of 32 Lansdowne-crescent Ladbroke-road -- London (other)
MITCHELL of 39 Sloane-street Knightsbridge 16 Beaufort-mansions Chelsea and-of care-of Lloyds Bank Limited 16 St James-street -- London (other)
MITCHELL of 71 Craven Park -- London (other)
MITCHELL of Palace Court Hotel Pembridge-square -- London (other)
MOIR of 10 Lowndes-square -- London (other)
MOLESWORTH of The Ladies Park Club Eaton-square -- London (other)
MONCRIEFF of Greenside Sunning-dale Berkshire and of 38 Thurlow-square -- London (other)
MONKHOUSE of Kirkdale Highland-road Bromley Kent and of 14 Old Queen-street -- London (other)
MONO of 22 Hyde Park-square -- London (other)
MONTAGU of 35 St Johns Wood-terrace -- London (other)
MONTEFIORE of Grantleigh Hotel 12 Invemess-terrace -- London (other)
MONYPENNY of Russell Hotel Russell-square -- London (other)
MOODY of 22 Brunswick-square -- London (other)
MOORE of 23i Sutton Dwellings City-road -- London (other)
MOORE of 52a Cromwell-road -- London (other)
MOORE of 68 St Mary Axe -- London (other)
MOORE of Barclays Bank Limited of 15 Great Portland-street -- London (other)
MOORHOUSE of 18 Mount-street -- London (other)
MORE of 22 Gilkes-crescent Dulwich Village -- London (other)
MORGAN of 147 Brick-lane -- London (other)
MORGAN of 56 Peckham-road -- London (other)
MORGAN of 80 Bridge-lane -- London (other)
MORGAN of Bangalore South India and care-of The National Bank-of India 26 Bishopsgate-street -- London (other)
MORGANKBOBEFR of 12 Cathcart-road -- London (other)
MORICE of 65 Gresham House Old Broad-street -- London (other)
MORRIS of 25 Montford House Victoria Park-square -- London (other)
MORRIS of 26 Finsbury Park-road -- London (other)
MORRIS of 26 Loudoun-road St Johns Wood -- London (other)
MORRIS of 3 Charlotte-place Goodge-street Tottenham Court-road -- London (other)
MORRIS of 4 Callum-street -- London (other)
MORRIS of 6 Stalbridge Flats Lumley-street -- London (other)
MORRIS of Tooting Bee Hospital Tooting Bec-road -- London (other)
MORRISH of Lawns Hotel Kingsway Hove Sussex and of 69 Brook-street -- London (other)
MORRISON of 18-19 Hanover-court Hanover-square -- London (other)
MORRISON of 9 Clarendon House Stratheam-place -- London (other)
MORTER of 89 Ashville-road -- London (other)
MOSELEY of 2 Campbell-road Bow-road -- London (other)
MOSELEY of The Sports Club St James-square -- London (other)
MOSER of 14 Duke-street Mansions Oxford-street -- London (other)
MOSS of 159 West End-lane -- London (other)
MOSS of 209 Lower Clapton-road -- London (other)
MOUNSEY of 89 Aldersgate-street -- London (other)
MOUNTAIN of Twyford Lodge Horsted Keynes Sussex and Lloyds Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
MUDD of 35 Kensington-gardens-square -- London (other)
MUIR of 52 Clarewood-court Seymour-place -- London (other)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MUIR of 556 Greencote-place Ashley Gardens -- London (other)
MULLER of 3 More-street Cadogan-street -- London (other)
MULLINER of 36 Clarence Gate-gardens Baker-street -- London (other)
MUMFORD of 1 Fen Court Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
MUMFORD of 63 Cromwell-road -- London (other)
MUNFORD of 5 Mallard-street -- London (other)
MUNSTER of 11 Thurloe-street South Kensington and of 1 Grays Inn Square -- London (other)
MURPHY of 58 Donald-street Bromley-by-Bow -- London (other)
MURPHY of 581 Donald-street Bromley-by-Bow -- London (other)
MURRAY of 107 St Christophers Buildings Wigmore-street -- London (other)
MURRAY of 19 Melcombe-court Dorset-square -- London (other)
MURRAY of 193 Westbourne-terrace -- London (other)
MURRAY of 5 Courtfield-gardens -- London (other)
MURRAY of 6 Egbert-street -- London (other)
NADLER of 710 Finchley-road -- London (other)
NAGEL of 8 Ogle-street St Maiyle-bone -- London (other)
NASH of 63 Grosvenor-street -- London (other)
NASH of 63 Marylebone-lane -- London (other)
NASH of Wyvenhoe 37-39 Park-road Ramsgate and of Flat 50 15 Portman-square -- London (other)
NEIL of 51-54 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
NEILSON of -- London (other)
NELSON of 40 Kennington-road -- London (other)
NEW of 33 Rahere-street Goswell-road -- London (other)
NEWBOROUGH of 8 Hill-street Berkeley-square -- London (other)
NEWCOMB of 24a Curzon-street -- London (other)
NEWLYN of 83 Coleherne-court -- London (other)
NEWMAN of 9 Bartholomews-buildings Seward-street -- London (other)
NEWMAN of care of Midland Bank Limited 92 Kensington High-street -- London (other)
NEWMARK of 131 Chiltern-court Baker-street -- London (other)
NEWSON of 90 Stanhope-street -- London (other)
NEWTON of 10 Beaufort Gardens -- London (other)
NEWTON of 26 Kingsgate-road Kilburn High-road -- London (other)
NICHOLL of 11 Sylvan Hill Upper Norwood -- London (other)
NICHOLSON of 88b Lexham-gardens -- London (other)
NICOLL of 43 Rusper-court Clapham-road -- London (other)
NISBETT of 7 Cambridge-square -- London (other)
NIXON of 18 Woodfield-gardens Leigh-on-Sea Essex and of 4 Stonecutter-street -- London (other)
NORTON of Flat 2 268 Earls Court-road -- London (other)
NOVIS of 193 Lancaster-road Notting-hill -- London (other)
NUGENT of 29 Great Cumberland-place -- London (other)
NUTT of Bridge House 534 Lordship-lane -- London (other)
NUTTALL of Lowesby Hall Leicester and of 5 Chesterfield-street -- London (other)
O'FLYNN of 45 George-street Baker-street -- London (other)
O'HARA of 88'Drayton Gardens -- London (other)
OATLEY of 153 Wardour-street -- London (other)
OBEY of 32 Leigham-hall Leigham-avenue -- London (other)
ODELL of Flat 14 Great Russell-mansions 60 Great Russell-street -- London (other)
OGILVIE of Mostyn Hotel Portman-square -- London (other)
OGLE of 13 Millman-mews -- London (other)
OGLE of 2 Ridgmount-gardens Holbom and care-of National Provincial Bank Limited 12 Mount-street -- London (other)
OHLE of 304 Queens-road New Cross Gate New Cross and-of Walmer House Regent-street -- London (other)
OKEY of V28 Maida-avenue -- London (other)
OLDROYD of 58 Witley-court Woburn-place -- London (other)
OLDSCHOOL of 22 Claremont Park Finchley -- London (other)
ORE of 175 East Dulwich-grove -- London (other)
ORROW of 71 Roding-road -- London (other)
OSBORNE of 29 Caroline-terrace Eaton-square -- London (other)
OSTRER of 80 Portland-place -- London (other)
OWEN of 249 Camberwell New-road -- London (other)
OWEN of 59 Holbein House Sloane-square -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
OWENS of 290 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
OWST of 23 Redcliffe-gardens -- London (other)
PALMER of 15 Sprimont-place Sloane-square -- London (other)
PALMER of 2 Harringay Gardens -- London (other)
PALMER of 3 Welbeck-mansions Welbeck-street -- London (other)
PALMER of 59 Harrow Manorway Plum-stead -- London (other)
PANKHURST of 16 Upper Brook-street -- London (other)
PARFITT of 39 Blockhouse-street Ilderton-road Old Kent-road -- London (other)
PARGITER of 16 Imperial House Grosvenor-road -- London (other)
PARK of 12 Leighton-buildings Millbank Estate -- London (other)
PARK of Camberwell House Peckham-road -- London (other)
PARK of The Royal Thames Yacht Club Knights-bridge -- London (other)
PARKER of 2 Mornington-crescent Hampstead-road -- London (other)
PARKER of 20 Harpur-street Theobalds-road -- London (other)
PARKER of Newton Court Hotel 32 Leinster-square -- London (other)
PARKYN of Penquite Par and Glenview St Austell both in Cornwall and 32 Queen Victoria-street -- London (other)
PARR of 18 Regents Park-road -- London (other)
PARSONS of Climcot Kingsdown near Deal and 190 Waterloo-road -- London (other)
PASHLEY of 23 Ida-street Poplar -- London (other)
PATMORE of 34 Parfrey-street Fulham Palace-road -- London (other)
PATTERSON of Earls Court Residential Hotel Tunbridge Wells and care-of National Provincial Bank Limited Lombard-street -- London (other)
PAUL of 30 Torriano-avenue Camden-road -- London (other)
PAYNE of 358 Ivydale-road Waverley Park -- London (other)
PAYNE of Flat 4 40 Redcliffe-square -- London (other)
PEAL of 487 Oxford-street -- London (other)
PEARCY of 43 Marlborough-mansions Cannon Hill Finchley-road -- London (other)
PEARMAN of 23 Chalcot-crescent Regents Park-road -- London (other)
PEARSALL of 3 May-terrace Chiswick-lane Chiswick -- London (other)
PEARSE of 34 Egerton-gardens -- London (other)
PEARSON of 194 Lewisham-way -- London (other)
PEDERSEN of 807 Duncan House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
PEERS of 489 Battersea Park-road -- London (other)
PENFOLD of 23 Mevem-place Earls Court Kensing--ton -- London (other)
PERFUMI of The Church Missionary Society Salisbury-square -- London (other)
PETERS of 154 Kings-road Chelsea -- London (other)
PHILCOX of Tunmore Farm West Horsley Surrey and 1 Copthall-chambers Angel-court -- London (other)
PHILLIPS of 16 Chandos-road -- London (other)
PHILLIPS of 28-29 St James-square -- London (other)
PHILLIPS of 44 Wilton-crescent and of 1 London Wall-buildings -- London (other)
PHILLIPS of 62 Lambs Conduit-street -- London (other)
PHILLIPS of Grosvenor House Park-lane -- London (other)
PHILO of 8 Chelmsford House Holloway-road -- London (other)
PIGOTT of Broadclyst 53 Brixton-hill -- London (other)
PILKINGTON of 71 Cromwell-road -- London (other)
PINCHBECK of Stoneleigh Eaton-road Sutton Surrey and of 35 Friday-street -- London (other)
PITCHER of 106 Iffley-road -- London (other)
PITMAN of 130 Sussex-gardens -- London (other)
PIXLEY of Maybury Knowle Woking Surrey and of Palmerston House Old Broad-street -- London (other)
PLEYDELL of 19 Moore-street Cadogan-square -- London (other)
POLE of 15 Grosvenor-court Slaone-street -- London (other)
POLITZER of 35 Queens-street and 48 Orchard Court Portman-square -- London (other)
POLLARD of 2 Pembroke Cottages Edwardes-square -- London (other)
POLLARD of 28 Ampton-street Grays Inn-road -- London (other)
POOLE of 5 Whittington-avenue -- London (other)
PORTMAN of 4 Princes-gate Kensington-road -- London (other)
POTTER of 16 Wilfred-street Westminster and of 138 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
POTTER of 31 Throgmorton-street -- London (other)
POTTER of 68 Holland-road -- London (other)
POU of 454 Romford-road -- London (other)
POWELL of 2 Onslow Court Drayton Gardens -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
POWELL of 35 Douglas Mansions Cromwell-road Kensington and Kinnaird House Pall Mall-east -- London (other)
PRACY of 32 Southwell-road Camberwell -- London (other)
PREECE of 10 Berkeley-j street -- London (other)
PRENTIS of 83 Kensington-gardens-square -- London (other)
PREST of Inwood West Byfleet Surrey and of 119-125 Finsbury-pavement -- London (other)
PRESTON of 19 Newport-buildings Shaftesbury-avenue -- London (other)
PREVIDI of 122 Borough High-street -- London (other)
PRICE of 33 Sloane-gardens -- London (other)
PRICE of 59a St Johns Wood High-street -- London (other)
PRISTER of 20 Belsize-road -- London (other)
PROST of 8 Listria Park Stoke Newington and of 5 6 and 7 Dysart-street -- London (other)
PROTTER of 54 Regents Park-road -- London (other)
PRYCE of The Cottage 4 Groom-place Belgrave-square -- London (other)
PULBROOK of Oak Lodge Western Esplanade Broadstairs Kent and 4 Drapers Gardens -- London (other)
RAE of 103 Grove Hall-court Hall-road -- London (other)
RALLI of Old Middleton Westmeston Hassocks Sussex and of 25 Finsbury-circus -- London (other)
RANDRUP of 81 Cadogan-square -- London (other)
RANSON of 49 Cambridge-street -- London (other)
RAPHAEL of Welbeck Palace Hotel Welbeck-street -- London (other)
RAWES of 9 Bloomsbury-square -- London (other)
RAWLINSON of The Brompton Hospital Fulham-road -- London (other)
READE of 34 Mereworth-drive Shrewsbury Park Plum-stjead -- London (other)
REDDIE of 4 Earls Court-square -- London (other)
REED of 77 Lambs Conduit-road -- London (other)
REED of Shepherdess Walk House City-road -- London (other)
REEKS of 17 St Thomas Mansions Stangate -- London (other)
REES of 35 Randolph-avenue Paddington -- London (other)
REES of Down Hall 122 Down Hall-road Rayleigh Essex and-of Westralia House Gresham-street -- London (other)
REEVE of 24 Twisden-road Highgate-road -- London (other)
REEVES of 221 Ebury-street Eaton Square -- London (other)
REGESTER of 72 Froissart-road Eltham -- London (other)
REID of 3 Wilton-court Eccleston-square -- London (other)
RENDEL of 120 Wigmore-street -- London (other)
RENDLE of 65 Bryanston-street -- London (other)
REYERSBACH of the Dorchester Hotel Park-lane -- London (other)
REYNOLDS of 1A Valliere-road College Park -- London (other)
RICHARDS of 76 Sloane-street Chelsea Middlesex and Baltic House 27 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
RICHARDSON of 149 Harley-street -- London (other)
RICHARDSON of 24 Speer-road Thames Ditton Surrey and-of care-of Barclays Bank Limited 36 St Mary-Axe -- London (other)
RICHARDSON of 26 St Peters-avenue Hackney-road -- London (other)
RICKINSON of 38 West Park-road Kew Gardens Surrey and of 3-4 Great Winchester-street -- London (other)
RIDOUT of 52 Clarewood Court Seymour-place Maryle-bone -- London (other)
RITCHIE of 45 Ladbroke-square -- London (other)
RIXON of 18 Aberdeen-road Dudden Hill Willesden -- London (other)
ROAST of 9 King Edward-street -- London (other)
ROBERTS of 181 St Leonards-street Bromley-by-Bow -- London (other)
ROBERTS of 189 South Lambeth-road -- London (other)
ROBERTS of Bamacre 5 Farm-lane Purley Surrey and of 8586 New Bond-street -- London (other)
ROBERTSON of 36 Dartmouth-row Black-heath -- London (other)
ROBINSON of 120 Wigmore-street -- London (other)
ROBINSON of 239 Russell-court Woburn-place -- London (other)
ROBINSON of 802 Holloway-road -- London (other)
ROBINSON of 88 Dean-street Oxford-street -- London (other)
ROBOTHAM of 7 Orlando-road Clapham -- London (other)
ROBSON of 26 Eaton-square -- London (other)
ROE of 7 Langbourne-avenue Holly Lodge Estate -- London (other)
ROGERS of 38 Oxford-gardens Ladbroke-grove -- London (other)
ROHNER of 18 Oakley-square Mornington-crescerit -- London (other)
ROLFE of 408 Euston-road -- London (other)
ROLLAND of 4e The Mansions Earls Court-road -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ROMILLY of 15 Pimlico-road -- London (other)
ROOKSBY of 382 Old Kent-road -- London (other)
ROOM of 19 Dulwich-village -- London (other)
ROSE of 11 Noel-street Oxford-street -- London (other)
ROSE of 24 Mile End-place Mile End-road -- London (other)
ROSE of 524 Fulham-road -- London (other)
ROSE of 8F Hyde Park-mansions Marylebone-road -- London (other)
ROSE of The Lodge St Briavels Sydney Gloucester and-of Bank-of Montreal Waterloo-place -- London (other)
ROWE of 483 Caledonian-road -- London (other)
ROWE of Red Thorn 5 Jews Walk Syden and of Winchester House Old Broad-street -- London (other)
ROYAL of 175 Wickham-road Shirley Surrey and of 107 Bermondsey-street -- London (other)
RUDDUCK of 12 Robert-street Hampstead-road -- London (other)
RUDKIN of Little Chiphouse The Chase Kingswood Surrey and of 95 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
RUSSELL of Mottisfont Abbey Romsey Hampshire and of 11 Throgmorton-avenue -- London (other)
RYCE of 414 Clapham-road -- London (other)
SADDLETON of 2 St Stephens-road West Ealing -- London (other)
SADO of 174 Camberwell-road -- London (other)
SAID of 2b Pell-street -- London (other)
SAINSBURY of The Thatched House Little Common Bexhill-on-Sea Sussex and-of 32 Upper Brook-street -- London (other)
SALMON of 10 Cranley-mews South Kensing-ton -- London (other)
SALMON of 130 Lower Richmond-road Putney -- London (other)
SALMOND of Manor Lodge Chesham Bois Buckinghamshire and of 35 Soho-square -- London (other)
SALTER of 81 Mile End-road -- London (other)
SAMPSON of 21 Calderwood-street -- London (other)
SAMUEL of 30 Moreland-court Finchley-road -- London (other)
SANDERS of Trowle Villa Trowle Common Trowbridge Wiltshire and-of care-of Messrs Glyn Mills and Company 67 Lombard-street -- London (other)
SANDFORD of 4 Sutherland-terrace Westminster -- London (other)
SANDFORD of 92 Dudley-court Upper Berkeley-street -- London (other)
SANDRET of Flat 3 116 Shaftesbury-avenue -- London (other)
SANFORD of 102 Eaton-square -- London (other)
SAPHIR of 4 Carlton-gardens -- London (other)
SARGENT of 3 St Marys-grove Canon-bury -- London (other)
SAUNDERS of 110 Kennington-road -- London (other)
SAUNDERS of The Hospital for Women Soho-square -- London (other)
SAVAGE of Carton 65 Monkhams-avenue Woodford Green Essex and-of Sackville House 143 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
SCHALL of Camberwell House Peckham-road -- London (other)
SCHEUER of 33 Park-mansions Prince of Wales-road Battersea and 31 Westminster Palace-gardens -- London (other)
SCHNEIDERMAN of 11 Royalty Mansions Meard-street -- London (other)
SCHWEER of 12 Elm Park-gardens Chelsea -- London (other)
SCOTT of 2r Peabody Estate East Hill Clapham-Junction -- London (other)
SCOTT of 30 Bouverie-street -- London (other)
SCOTT of The Hotel Woodmere 26-27 Courtfield-gardens Kensington -- London (other)
SCOTT of The Woodlands Beulah Hill -- London (other)
SCRIVENER of 33 Connaught Mansions Prince- of Wales-drive -- London (other)
SEDWELL of 677 Commercial-road -- London (other)
SELBY of 60a Portland-place -- London (other)
SHANKS of 8 Brookfield West Hill Highgate and of 89 Southwark-street -- London (other)
SHARP of 4 Margaret-street Greenwich -- London (other)
SHEA of 64 Northampton-buildings Rosoman-street Clerken-well -- London (other)
SHELFORD of 29 Hogarth-road Earls-court -- London (other)
SHERRIFF of 112 Bittacy Rise Mill-hill -- London (other)
SHORT of The Colonial Service Club Broad-street -- London (other)
SIBLEY of 242 Rotherhithe New-road Rother-hithe -- London (other)
SILK of 477 New Cross-road -- London (other)
SIMMONDS of 67 St Charles-square -- London (other)
SIMMONS of 2 Pier-court Marine-parade Brighton and 28-30 Hanway-street Oxford-street -- London (other)
SIMMONS of Hereford House Park-street London W1 and 1 Threadneedle-street -- London (other)
SIMON of 170 Dorset House Gloucester-place -- London (other)
SIMPSON of 20 and 31 Bell-street Edgware-road -- London (other)
SIMPSON of 38 Frome House Rye Hill Estate Peck-ham -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SIMPSON of Glynde Oaklands-avenue Watford Hertfordshire and of 59 Mark-lane -- London (other)
SIMPSON of Rushdown Upper Baseldon near Pangbourne Berkshire and of 17 Bowling Green-lane -- London (other)
SIMPSON of The Britannia Public-house Ironmonger-row Old-street -- London (other)
SINGER of 22 Kensington Park Gardens -- London (other)
SLAZENGER of 11 Princes-gardens South Kensington London SW7 of Sandown Sandwich Bay Kent and of Laurence Pountney Hill Cannon-street -- London (other)
SMITH of 14 Clareville-court Clareville Grove -- London (other)
SMITH of 14 Vicarage Court Kensington Church-street -- London (other)
SMITH of 173 Rosebery-avenue -- London (other)
SMITH of 220 Sandringham Buildings Charing Cross-road -- London (other)
SMITH of 33a Earls Court-gardens -- London (other)
SMITH of 40 West-squareSt George-road Kenning-ton -- London (other)
SMITH of 7 Gloucester Chambers 65 George-street Portman-square -- London (other)
SMITH of 82 Waleran Buildings Old Rent-road -- London (other)
SMITH of 98 Blandford-street Baker-street -- London (other)
SMYTH of The White House 21 Goodyers avenue Radlett Hertfordshire and Dominion House 110 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
SNAITH of 18 Bryanston Mansions York-street St Maryle-bone -- London (other)
SNEYD of Gloucester Cottage Colling-road -- London (other)
SNOOK of Three Castles St Andrews Hill -- London (other)
SOWERBY of 47 Tavistock Court Tavistock Square -- London (other)
SPAIN of White Hall Hotel Bloomsbury-square -- London (other)
SPARKES of 601 Endsleigh-court Upper Woburn-place -- London (other)
SPEED of 26 Motcomb-street Belgrave-square -- London (other)
SPENCE of Flat 24-48 Portchester-terrace London W2 and 17 Philpot-lane -- London (other)
SPERO of 97 Kennington-lane -- London (other)
SPICER of 16 Pelham-place -- London (other)
SPICER of 20 Old Queen-street Westminster and of 19 New Bridge-street -- London (other)
SPICER of Tudor-court Hotel 60 Cromwell-road -- London (other)
SPRATLEY of 20-21 St Dunstans-hill -- London (other)
SPRIGGS of 99 Wendover Buildings Chiltem-street -- London (other)
SPURWAY of 71 Elizabeth-street -- London (other)
STAINES of 134 Grosvenor-road Forest Gate -- London (other)
STANDFIELD of 64 Regents Park-road -- London (other)
STANDFIELD of 64 Regents Park-road -- London (other)
STANFORD of 253 Temple Chambers Temple-avenue -- London (other)
STANIGAR of White House Hotel Earles Court-square -- London (other)
STAPLETON of 40 Belgrave-road -- London (other)
STARLING of 6 Bruce-road Bromley-by-Bow -- London (other)
STEAD of 28 Queen-street -- London (other)
STEEL of 32 Wadham-road Putney -- London (other)
STEEL of Beches- Manor Hotel Wokingham Berkshire and-of care-of Lloyds Bank Limited66 West Smith-field -- London (other)
STEPHENSON of 10 and 12 Dorset-square -- London (other)
STEVENSON of Cardy House Boxmoor Hertfordshire and of Throgmorton House 15 Copthall-avenue -- London (other)
STEVENTON of 46 Credon-road Rother-hithe -- London (other)
STEWART of Devonshire House 7 Bedford-place -- London (other)
STIKEMAN of 71a Queen Victoria-street -- London (other)
STILEMAN of Corscombe Warboys-road Kingston Hill Surrey and-of Winchester House Old Broad-street -- London (other)
STOKES of 253South Lambeth-road -- London (other)
STONE of 3 Hamston House Kensington Court-place -- London (other)
STONEHAVEN of Ury House Stonehaven and-of 37 Bryanston-square and Flat 523 Grosvenor-square -- London (other)
STOTON of 15 Maybury Mansions Marylebone-street -- London (other)
STRATTON of 11 St Albans-grove Kensington and of 9 Esmond-court Kensington-square -- London (other)
STRICKLAND of Rowton House Hammersmith-road -- London (other)
STRONG of 22 New Cross-road -- London (other)
SULLIVAN of 45 Manor House Maiylebone-road -- London (other)
SUSANS of 9 Wynell-road Forest-hill -- London (other)
SWAINSTON of Rosebank South-street Epsom Surrey and 22 Billiter-street -- London (other)
SWEET of 45 Porchester-square -- London (other)
SYKES of 16 Linden-road -- London (other)
SYMONS of 158 Bishops-road -- London (other)
TANSLEY of Glyn Mills and Company 67 Lombard-street -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TAYLOR of 13 Copleston-road Peckham -- London (other)
TAYLOR of Earlye Farm Frant Sussex and of 4 Great Winchester-street -- London (other)
TEARLE of 70 Telford-avenue Streatham-hill -- London (other)
TENNANT of Orford House Ugley Essex and of 9 Mincing-lane -- London (other)
TERRERO of 62 Hillfield Court Belsize Park and-of care-of The Midland Bank Limited 122 Finchley-road -- London (other)
THACKER of 6 Bigwood-court Middle Way -- London (other)
THISTLE of 123 Rivermead Court Hurling-ham -- London (other)
THOMAS of 13 Northwick-terrace St Johns Wood-road -- London (other)
THOMAS of 24 Maidstone-road Bounds Green Middlesex and 13 and 15 Mill-street Regent-street -- London (other)
THOMPSON of Oakdene 25 Bridge-lane Hendon Middlesex and-of 7 Great St Thomas Apostle Queen-street -- London (other)
THOMS of Howard Hotel Norfolk-street Strand and-of care-of The Mercantile Bank-of India Limited 15 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
THOMSON of 139 Gloucester-terrace -- London (other)
THORNTON of 30 Bryanston-court Mayfair -- London (other)
TITLEY of The Northampton Arms 205 Goswell-road -- London (other)
TOD of 92 Sterndale-road -- London (other)
TODD of care of The Clydesdale Bank Limited 30 Lombard-street -- London (other)
TOMLINSON of 83 Cannon-street -- London (other)
TOWNHILL of 12 Ridgmount-street -- London (other)
TOWNSEND of The Charterhouse Charterhouse-square -- London (other)
TOZER of 19 Kensington Park Gardens -- London (other)
TOZER of 25 Brook-street -- London (other)
TRINDER of 13 Busby-place Camden-road -- London (other)
TRUSCOTT of Suffolk-lane Cannon-street -- London (other)
TUCKER of 84 Westbourne Park-road -- London (other)
TURMEAU of 86 Lyal-road Bow -- London (other)
TURNER of 13 Park Hill-road Croydon Surrey and of 84 Cannon-street -- London (other)
TURNER of 27 Clements-lane -- London (other)
TURNER of 508 Collingwood House Dolphin-square -- London (other)
TURNER of 84 Portsea Hall Edgware-road -- London (other)
TURNER of Red Lion Red Lion-court Fleet-street -- London (other)
TURNEY of 12 Esmond-court Kennington-square -- London (other)
TURPIN of 88 Redcliffe Gardens Kensington and-of care-of Grindley and Company Limited 54 Parliament-street -- London (other)
TYNDALE of 76 Kensington Church-strent -- London (other)
UNDERHILL of Broadway Landscape-road Warlingham Surrey and of 20 Copthall-avenue -- London (other)
UPTON of Cumberland House Hotel 51 Earls Court-square -- London (other)
VARLEY of Winterbrook House Wallingford Berkshfre and-of 22 Wilton-place London SWIand-of 13 Copthali-court -- London (other)
VENTURINI of 60 Edgware-road -- London (other)
VERCELLI of Savoy Court Hotel 23 Granville-place Portman-square -- London (other)
WAGNER of 52 Parliament Hill-mansions Lissenden-gardens -- London (other)
WAINWRIGHT of 6 Upper Marley-street -- London (other)
WALDRON of 9 Warwick-square -- London (other)
WALDRON of Bridgwater House Viscount-street -- London (other)
WALKER of Invermark 30 Alleyn-park -- London (other)
WALKER of Stanhope Court Hotel Stanhope Gardens Kensington and-of care-of Westminster Bank Limited Hanover-square -- London (other)
WALL of The Red Lion 39 Duke-road Manchester-square -- London (other)
WALLACE of 7 Green-terrace Rosebery-avenue -- London (other)
WALLAS of The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation 9 Gracechurch-street -- London (other)
WALLINGTON of 54 Fermor-road Forest-hill -- London (other)
WALSH of 6 Fitzroy-square -- London (other)
WALTERS of 5 Swan Walk Chelsea and of 33 Grace-church-stieet -- London (other)
WARD of 121 Coleman-court Kimber-road South-field -- London (other)
WARD of 14d Hyde Park-mansions Marylebone-road -- London (other)
WARD of 21 Stanley-gardens Kensington Park-road -- London (other)
WARD of 7 Rosedale-road Stoneleigh Epsom -- London (other)
WARDLAW of 77 Leadenhall-street -- London (other)
WARNE of 13b Earls Court-square -- London (other)
WARR of 21 Cottesmore-court Stanford-road Kensington and of 19 Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
WARREN of 17 St Helens-place -- London (other)
WATERS of 2 St Johns Estate Tower Bridge-road -- London (other)
WATERS of 43 Clarges-street London W1 and 216 Shaftesbury-avenue -- London (other)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WATTS of 11 Kersley-street -- London (other)
WATTS of 440 Northampton Buildings Roseberry-avenue -- London (other)
WEAL of 30 Love-walk Denmark-hill -- London (other)
WEBB of 47 Granville-buildings Luke-street -- London (other)
WEBB of Hutchins Bam Knotty Green Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire and-of Holland House Bury-street -- London (other)
WEBBER of 5 Cobden Mansions Stockwell-road -- London (other)
WELBY of care of GPO -- London (other)
WELCH of 16 Moor-lane -- London (other)
WELD of 28 Bramham-gardens Earls-court -- London (other)
WELLBROOK of 61 Richardson-street Long-lane -- London (other)
WELLSMAN of Dudley House Manor-road Chipping Barnet Hertfordshire and 143 and 144 Fleet-street -- London (other)
WEST of 20 Bramshill Gardens Dartmouth Park-avenue -- London (other)
WESTERN of Sunnybrook Farm Crawley Down Sussex and of Sackville House Fenchurch-street -- London (other)
WESTMINSTER of 16 Grosvenor-square -- London (other)
WHIGHAM of 22-23 Hanover-square -- London (other)
WHITE of 30 King Arthur-street Asylum-road Peck-ham -- London (other)
WHITE of 58 Devonshire-street Great Portland-street -- London (other)
WHITE of 92 Farringdon-road -- London (other)
WHITE of Derwent House Chislehurst Kent and 4 Bride-street -- London (other)
WICKHAM of 123 George-street Bryanston-square -- London (other)
WILD of The Royal Court Hotel Sloane-square -- London (other)
WILES of 53 Penfold-street Edgware-road -- London (other)
WILKINS of 195 Rosebery-avenue -- London (other)
WILKINSON of The Cromwell Hotel Cromwell-place -- London (other)
WILLCOX of 40 Welbeck-street Cavendish-square -- London (other)
WILLIAMS of 12 North Villas Camden-square -- London (other)
WILLIAMS of 19 Woodfield-avenue Streatham Surrey and-of care-of The Foreign Office Downing-street -- London (other)
WILLIAMS of 2 Oakleigh-court Edgware -- London (other)
WILLIAMS of 24 Crawford-place Bryanston-square1 -- London (other)
WILLIAMS of 3 Brunswick-gardens Kensington and of 20 Copthall-avenue -- London (other)
WILLIAMS of 61 Cadogan-square -- London (other)
WILLIS of 77 Holbein House Holbein-place Sloane-square -- London (other)
WILSON of 3 Manchester-square -- London (other)
WINCKLESS of 2 Lime-street Square -- London (other)
WINN of The Highgate Nursing Home 69 Homsey-lane -- London (other)
WINTON of St Marys Clergy House 385a Cable-street St George-in-the-East -- London (other)
WOOD of 24 Grosvenor-gardens -- London (other)
WOODHEAD of 100 Lumley Buildings Pimlico-road -- London (other)
WOODINGTON of 68 Westbourne Park-road Bayswater -- London (other)
WOODS of 42 St Georges-court Brompton-road -- London (other)
WOODS of St JohnsVicarage 63 Ladbroke-grove -- London (other)
WORTHINGTON of 289 Kennington-lane -- London (other)
WRIGHT of 32 Bramham-gardens Earls-court -- London (other)
WRIGHT of 64 Wiverton-road Sydenham -- London (other)
WULFF of -- London (other)
YEATES of 86 Lumley-buildings Pimlico-road -- London (other)
YOUNG of 10 Onslow-court Drayton-gardens -- London (other)
YOUNG of 27 Hunter-house Hunter-street Russell-square -- London (other)
YOUNG of 9 Cavendish-square -- London (other)
ZOLLNER of 34 Cumming-street Kings Cross- -- London (other)

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ENGLAND TOWNS Accrington  Aylesbury  Bath  Bedford  Birkenhead  Birmingham  Blackburn  Blackpool  Blandford  Bodmin  Bournemouth  Bradford  Brighton  Bristol  Buckingham  Burnley  Burton-on-Trent  Bury St Edmunds  Buxton  Cambridge  Canterbury  Carlisle  Chatham  Chelmsford  Cheltenham  Chester  Chichester  Colchester  Coventry  Crewe  Darlington  Deal  Derby  Devonport  Doncaster  Dover  Durham (town)  Eastbourne  Ely  Exeter  Folkestone  Gateshead  Gloucester  Great Yarmouth  Greenpool  Guildford  Halifax  Harrogate  Hartlepool  Hastings  Haverfordwest  Hereford  Holland  Huddersfield  Huntingdon  Ipswich  Kidderminster  Kingston-on-Thames  Kingston-upon-Hull  Lancaster  Leamington Spa  Leeds  Leicester  Lewes  Lichfield  Lincoln  Liverpool  Lowestoft  Macclesfield  Maidstone  Manchester  Margate  Middlesbrough  Monmouth  Newcastle-upon-Tyne  North Shields  Northampton  Norwich  Nottingham  Oldham  Oxford  Penzance  Peterborough  Plymouth  Poole  Portsmouth  Ramsgate  Reading  Ripon  Rochdale  Rochester  Salford  Salisbury  Scarborough  Sheffield  Shrewsbury  South Shields  Southampton  Southsea  St Leonards on sea  Stockton-on-Tees  Stoke-on-Trent  Stratford-on-avon  Sunderland  Taunton  Tonbridge  Torquay  Truro  Tunbridge Wells  Wakefield  Warrington  Warwick  Wells (Somerset)  West Worthing  Weston-super-Mare  Whitby  Wigan  Winchester  Windsor  Wolverhampton  Worcester  Worthing  York 
ENGLAND TOWNS (MORE) Ashton-under-Lyne  Birmingham  Birmingham (pt 1)  Birmingham (pt 2)  Birmingham (pt 3)  Durham  Liverpool  Liverpool (pt 1)  Liverpool (pt 2)  Manchester  Manchester (pt 1)  Manchester (pt 2)  Altrincham (Cheshire)  Hyde (Cheshire)  Northwich (Cheshire)  Runcorn (Cheshire)  Sale (Cheshire)  Stockport (Cheshire)  Wallasey (Cheshire)  Wirral (Cheshire)  Exmouth (Devonshire)  Paignton (Devonshire)  Barking (Essex)  Ilford (Essex)  Leigh-on-sea (Essex)  Romford (Essex)  Southend-on-Sea (Essex)  Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)  Stroud (Gloucestershire)  Hertford (Hertfordshire)  Ashford (Kent)  Beckenham (Kent)  Bromley (Kent)  Dartford (Kent)  Gillingham (Kent)  Gravesend (Kent)  Herne Bay (Kent)  Orpington (Kent)  Plumstead (Kent)  Sevenoaks (Kent)  Sidcup (Kent)  Welling (Kent)  Whitstable (Kent)  Barrow-in-Furness (Lancashire)  Bolton (Lancashire)  Bury (Lancashire)  Chorley (Lancashire)  Darwen (Lancashire)  Morecambe (Lancashire)  Nelson (Lancashire)  Preston (Lancashire)  Prestwich (Lancashire)  Southport (Lancashire)  St Helens (Lancashire)  Grimsby (Lincs)  Gosforth (Northumberland)  Whitley Bay (Northumberland)  Mansfield (Notts)  Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffs)  Stafford (Staffs)  Bexhill-on-Sea (Sussex)  Bognor Regis (Sussex)  Horsham (Sussex)  Hove (Sussex)  Rugby (Warwickshire)  Halesowen (West Midlands)  Smethwick (West Midlands)  Stourbridge (West Midlands)  Walsall (West Midlands)  West Bromwich (West Midlands)  Bromsgrove (Worcestershire)  Barnsley (Yorks)  Batley (Yorks)  Bingley (Yorks)  Bridlington (Yorks)  Brighouse (Yorks)  Dewsbury (Yorks)  Goole (Yorks)  Keighley (Yorks)  Pontefract (Yorks)  Redcar (Yorks)  Rotherham (Yorks)  Shipley (Yorks)  Skipton (Yorks)  Sowerby Bridge (Yorks)  Todmorden (Yorks) 
LONDON Croydon  London  London (E - pt 2)  London (E- pt 1)  London (EC)  London (N - pt 1)  London (N - pt 2)  London (NW - pt 1)  London (NW - pt 2)  London (other)  London (SE-inner)  London (SE-outer)  London (SW-inner)  London (SW-outer - pt 1)  London (SW-outer - pt 2)  London (SW-outer - pt 3)  London (W - pt 1)  London (W - pt 2)  London (WC) 
WALES COUNTIES Anglesey  Brecknockshire  Cardiganshire  Carmarthenshire  Carnarvonshire  Denbighshire  Flintshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire (pt 1)  Glamorganshire (pt 2)  Merionethshire  Monmouthshire  Montgomeryshire  Pembrokeshire  Radnorshire 
WALES TOWNS Aberdare  Bangor  Barry  Bridgend  Builth Wells  Cardiff  Carmarthen  Carnarvon  Llandaff  Merthyr Tydfil  Neath  Penarth  Pontypridd  Port Talbot  Rhondda  St Asaph  Swansea 
SCOTLAND COUNTIES North Britain  Scotland  Scotland (pt 1)  Scotland (pt 2)  Aberdeenshire  Angus-shire  Argyllshire  Ayrshire  Banffshire  Berwickshire  Buteshire  Caithness  Clackmannanshire  Dumbartonshire  Dumfriesshire  Elginshire  Fifeshire  Forfarshire  Invernessshire  Kincardineshire  Kinrossshire  Kirkcudbrightshire  Lanarkshire  Lothian  Midlothian  Morayshire  Nairnshire  Peeblesshire  Perthshire  Renfrewshire  Ross-shire  Roxburghshire  Selkirkshire  Shetland  Stirlingshire  Sutherland  Wigtownshire 
SCOTLAND TOWNS small Scottish town  Aberdeen  Airdrie  Alloa  Angus  Arbroath  Arran  Ayr  Banff  Berwick  Berwick-on-Tweed  Blairgowrie  Brechin  Bridge of Allan  Broughty Ferry  Calston  Cambuslang  Campbeltown  Carnoustie  Coatbridge  Crieff  Dalbeattie  Douglas  Dumbarton  Dumfries  Dunblane  Dundee  Dunfermline  Dunoon  Edinburgh  Elgin  Falkirk  Forfar  Glasgow  Grangemouth  Greenock  Haddington  Hamilton  Hawick  Helensburgh  Inverness  Kelso  Kilbride  Kilmarnock  Kirkcaldy  Kirkcudbright  Lanark  Largs  Lockerbie  Montrose  Nairn  Orkney  Paisley  Peebles  Perth  Prestwick  Rothesay  Rutherglen  Saltcoats  Selkirk  St Andrews  Stevenston  Stirling  Stonehaven  Stranraer  Strathaven  Troon  Uddingston 
BRITAIN ELSEWHERE Britain elsewhere  Guernsey  Isle of Man  Jersey  Gibraltar  Falkland Islands  Channel Islands 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND COUNTIES County Antrim  County Armagh  County Carlow  County Cavan  County Clare  County Cork  County Derry  County Donegal  County Down  County Dublin  County Fermanagh  County Galway  County Kerry  County Kildare  County Kilkenny  County Kings county  County Leitrim  County Leix  County Limerick  County Longford  County Louth  County Mayo  County Meath  County Monaghan  County Offaly  County Queens county  County Roscommon  County Sligo  County Tipperary  County Tyrone  County Waterford  County Westmeath  County Wexford  County Wicklow 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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