Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Horsham (Sussex) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBEY of Sedgwick-park -- Horsham (Sussex)
ADAM of Carylls Lea Faygate -- Horsham (Sussex)
ADAMES of Chirbury 23 Richmond-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ADAMES of Chirbury 23 Richmond-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ADAMS of Base Hospital -- Horsham (Sussex)
ADAMS of Cartmel Maplehurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
ADAMS of Coolham -- Horsham (Sussex)
ADDISON of The Cottage Hills-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
AGATE of Escote Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ALDERMAN of 26 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ALEXANDER of 2 Hazel Cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
ALLEN of 69 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ALLENBY of 6 Middle-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
ANSELL of 18 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
ANSELL of 18 Curzon-venue -- Horsham (Sussex)
ARUNDEL of Dunvegan Depdt-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ASH of Leighlands Parsonage-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ASTON of 63 Orchard-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
ATTFIELD of 10 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ATTFIELD of 161 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ATTREE of 136 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ATTREE of 71 Denne-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ATTWATER of 30 Denne Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
AUSTEN of Park View Oakhill -- Horsham (Sussex)
AYLING of 20 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
AYLING of 36 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BACKLOG of 19 Barttelot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAILEY of 248 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAILEY of Marldon Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAILEY of The Shop Faygate ne -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAILEY of Wood Cottage Faygate -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAINES of 3 Monks-cottages Monks Gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAKER of 13 Queen-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAKER of 22 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAKER of Oakview Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAKER of The Royal Naval Barracks Portsmouth and of 101 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAKER of West-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
BANISTER of 20 Shelley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BANNISTER of 3 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARBROOKE of Materland Farm Rowbrook -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARDEN of Leech Pond Farm Lower Beeding -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARKER of 10 Hurst-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARNES of 148 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARNES of St Swithins Gordon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARRACLOUGH of 100 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARRATT of Rockdale Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARRETT of 20 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARTLETT of 15 Bishopric Court -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARTLETT of Curtis Farm -- Horsham (Sussex)
BARTON of Oak Tree Chesworth Close -- Horsham (Sussex)
BASHFORD of 5 East-street Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
BATCHELOR of The Gardens Kingsfprd -- Horsham (Sussex)
BATESON of Elmhurst Home Farm House Toad Hill Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
BATTCOCK of Ashlyns Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BAXTER of Debden Forest-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BEAL of 60 Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BEAL of Oaktrees Comptons-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
BEALE of Depot View 40 Highlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BEAUJEUX of The Dun Horse Inn Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
BEECHER of 1 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BEECHING of Coombe Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BELCHER of 5 Morris-Cottages Holbrook -- Horsham (Sussex)
BENHAM of Cyder Cottage Lower Beeding -- Horsham (Sussex)
BENNETT of Broomers Spencers-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
BENNETT of Farleys Cottage Coolham -- Horsham (Sussex)
BENNETT of Merchiston Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
BENTLEY of 106 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BESLY of 17 London-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BESLY of Freshfields Ashleigh-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BEST of Cripplegate Farm Holbrook Route -- Horsham (Sussex)
BETTS of 3 Albion-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BETTS of Nurses Cottage Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
BILLS of Middle Gingers Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
BIRCHALL of 13 The Bishopric -- Horsham (Sussex)
BIRCHALL of Fryern House Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
BISHOP of Langhurst Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLACKBURN of 9 Vale-drive -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLACKISTON of 48 East-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLACKISTON of Ridley Lodge Gorings Mead Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLACKWELL of 19a Bishopric -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLACKWELL of Raylands Farm Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLAKE of 79 St Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLAND of 22 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BLATCHFORD of The Firs Kings-foad -- Horsham (Sussex)
BONE of 30 Arthut-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BONIFACE of 50 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOOKER of 39 Gqrings Mead -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOOTH of 3 The-avenue Christs Hospital -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOTTING of Ambleside Cricket Field-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOTTING of Binesfield Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOTTING of Binesfield Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOTTING of Bridgenor 29 Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOURNE of Bensons-cottage Fay gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOURNE of Maplehurst Stores Nuthurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOWLER of Arunway Cricket Field-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOXALL of 30 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOXALL of 30 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
BOYD of 27 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRACHER of Sunnyholme New-road Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRADBURY of 2 Church View Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRADLEY of Motts Cottage Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRANCH of Park Farm -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRETT of 14 Richmond-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BREWER of 39 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRIDGER of 40 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRISTOW of 63 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROCK of 20 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 101 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 17 Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 2 Victory-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 4 St. Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 45 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 46 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 85 Little Haven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of 95 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of Coombe Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of Kingsmead Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of Ruskin Blackbridge-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWN of The Old Home Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWNE of 1 Hazel Cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROWNING of Boscombe Highlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BROWNING of Chestnut Cottage Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
BRYANT of Ifaia 13West-parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUCK of 28 Denne Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUCK of 85 St Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUCKLAND of 3 Council Cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUCKLE of Abingdon Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUCKLER of 39 Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUCKMAN of 22 Victory-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUCKMAN of 73 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BULL of 16 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BULL of 4 Barttelot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BULLARD of 9 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BULLARD of 9 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BULLER of Netherwood Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUNDY of Glen Aron Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUNTING of Sunrise Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURBIDGE of Cisswood Lower Deeding -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURCH of Clemsfold House Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURCH of Tanat House Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURCHETT of 11 Millthorpe-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURDFIELD of 55 Vale-drive -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURGESS of 45 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURGESS of Andrews Farm Warnham -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURGESS of Dockers Cottages Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURRAGE of Chippings Colgate -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURTENSHAW of Westgate Billingshurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURTON of 21 St. Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURTON of 30 The Causeway -- Horsham (Sussex)
BURTON of 49 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUSH of Ferndale Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUSH of Ferndale Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUSS of Leighland Parsonage-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BUTLER of -- Horsham (Sussex)
BYE of South Lodge Lower Beeding -- Horsham (Sussex)
BYLES of Bemerton Salisbury-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BYLES of Beurzeville Salisbury-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
BYSOUTH of 11 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAFFETTO of The Bedford Hotel -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAFFETTO of The Bedford Hotel -- Horsham (Sussex)
CALDER of Chesworth Farm -- Horsham (Sussex)
CALLUND of 7 Milnwood-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAMERON of Coolham House Coolham -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAMPBELL of 18 Green Way -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAMPBELL of 2 Lancers Cottages Colgate -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAMPBELL of 39 St. Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CANNELL of 51 Carfax -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAPES of Purveyors Coolham -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAPON of 87 Little Haven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
CARPENTER of Bankside Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
CARPENTER of Wymarks Shermanbury -- Horsham (Sussex)
CARTER of 45 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CARTER of The Coppice Tower Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
CASSELS of The Poplars Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CASSIDY of Piets House -- Horsham (Sussex)
CATH of Fernside North Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAVAYE of Birchenbridge House -- Horsham (Sussex)
CAWTHRA of Briar Nook Spencers-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHAMBERS of 28 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHANDLER of 1 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CHANNON of Irene Highlands-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHAPLIN of 37 Park-terrace East -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHAPLIN of 56 Bermetts-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHARMAN of 13 St Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHARMAN of 13 St. Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHARMAN of 50 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHARMAN of Crooksbury Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHART of 30 North-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHART of 7 Norfolk-terrace Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHASEMORE of Ashleigh -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHENNELL of Homeroyd Hayes-lane Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHILD of 69 Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHILD of Saint Christophers 9 Richmond-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHILVERS of The Cedars Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHIPPS of Clearbury Friday-street Wamham -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHRISTIAN of 88 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHRISTIAN of Coniston Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHRISTIAN of Coniston Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHURCH of 51 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHURCH of 51 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CHURCHMAN of 42 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CLARKE of 6 Bedford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CLARKE of Glen View Maplehurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
CLOWES of 89 Little Howen-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
COBB of 37 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COHEN of 3 North-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
COLLINGS of Nuthurst House Maplehurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
COLLINS of 37 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COLLINS of Cootes Farm -- Horsham (Sussex)
COMBER of 2 Hampton-cottages Maplehurst Nutliurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOK of 24 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOK of 77 St Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOK of Fairways Springfield Park-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOLE of Green Acres Hotel -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOMBER of 1 Langley Cottages Colgate -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOMBS of Westmead Worthing-road Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOPER of 13 Warnham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COOPER of 21 Warnham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COPNALL of Abbotslee Farthings Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
CORSER of Millmeads -- Horsham (Sussex)
CORSER of New-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
COWAN of Fernside Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
COWLING of 45 North Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
COX of 23 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COX of 34 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COX of 36 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
COZENS of 36 Hillside -- Horsham (Sussex)
CRAGG of 10 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
CRAMP of 7 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CRAMP of Abbottsleigh Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
CRIPPS of 30 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CROWTER of 12 Park-terrace West -- Horsham (Sussex)
CURTIS of 246 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
CURTIS of Rathgar Springfield Park-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DALE of 12 Oakleigh-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DALE of Belle Vue Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
DALGLIESH of Bishopric Court -- Horsham (Sussex)
DANCY of 121 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DARK of Highlands Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
DAUBNEY of 10 The Ridgeway -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DAVIES of 13 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
DAVIES of 32 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DAVIES of Rookery Wood Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
DAVIS of Heath Villas Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
DAW of Devonia Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DAWTREY of High Trees Farthings Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
DEAN of 5 Bennetts-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DEARMAN of Sarcelles Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DEEDES of 16 The Causeway -- Horsham (Sussex)
DEEGAN of 8 Bishopric-court -- Horsham (Sussex)
DENNIS of 14 Green-way -- Horsham (Sussex)
DENVER of Sun Oak Lodge Coolhurst Lower Deeding -- Horsham (Sussex)
DENVER of Woldringfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
DINNAGE of 16 Victoria-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
DINNAGE of 32 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DINNAGE of 41 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DINNAGE of 95 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DIPLOCK of Brendon Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
DIPLOCK of Rogate Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
DOBIE of Howells Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
DOBSON of 22 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DODDS of Burford Lodge -- Horsham (Sussex)
DOREY of Wensleydale Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
DOWNER of 5 Forge-cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
DOXAT of Goringlee Coolham -- Horsham (Sussex)
DRAKE of 32 Burford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DRIFFIELD of 8 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DUFFIELD of 2 Clounce Cottages Broadbridge -- Horsham (Sussex)
DUFFIELD of 88 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DUFFIELD of 9 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
DUKE of Eames House Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
DUNNING of Beedinglee -- Horsham (Sussex)
DURRANT of Dovedale Denne-parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
DURRANT of Dovedale Derme Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
EARDLEY of 70 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
EDE of 145 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
EDE of 2 Lin wood Cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
EDE of Goosegreen Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
EDNEY of 36 Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
EDWARDS of 3 Linden-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
EDWARDS of 58 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
EDWIN of Thorley Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
EEDE of 33 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
ELCOME of 21 Millthrope-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ELDRIDGE of Sunnyside Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
ELLIOTT of 12 The Carfax -- Horsham (Sussex)
ELLIS of Colgate Lodge Colgate -- Horsham (Sussex)
ELMES of 8 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ELSEY of Rookery Wood Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
ELSTON of 6 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
EMERY of The Quarries Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
ESPEUT of Ythanside Comptonslane -- Horsham (Sussex)
ETHERIDGE of 15 Victory-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ETHERINGTON of 6 Friday-street Warnham -- Horsham (Sussex)
EVANS of 8 Oakshill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
EVERSFIELD of Denne Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
EVERSFIELD of Denne Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
FAGG of 240 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FALLON of Downsview Salisbury-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FAULL of 10 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FAULL of 10 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
FAUX of 27 Carfax -- Horsham (Sussex)
FEIST of Forge Cottage Maplehurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
FINCH of Hallands Cricket Field-approach -- Horsham (Sussex)
FISHER of 54 Kempton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FLAVELL of Downsview Salisbury-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FLETCHER of Rosebank 15 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FORBES of Durlston Salisbury-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FORTESCUE of Brookside Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FOSTER of Eltham Cottage Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
FOSTER of Leithbourne Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FOX of 270 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FOX of 34 Barttelot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FOX of 34 Barttelot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FOXWELL of Fryern House Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
FRANCIS of 2 Hayes-road Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
FRANCIS of The Home Farm Denne Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
FRASER of 100 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FREEMAN of 3 West Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
FREEMAN of GlenFarne Parsonage-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FRENCH of Tickfold Farm Kingsfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
FRITH of 10 Chesworth-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
FRY of Brendon Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
FRY of Selehurst Lodge Lower Beeding -- Horsham (Sussex)
FULLER of 125 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GADD of 15 Norfolk-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GADD of 75 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GALE of 36 Innes-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GAMBLEN of Fairview Forest-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GAMBLEN of Fairview Forest-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GANDER of 19 Barrington-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GANDER of 19 Barrington-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARDINER of 13 Albion-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARDINER of 13 Albion-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARDINER of Brooks Green House Brooks Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARDINER of Whynot Worthing-road Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARMAN of 22 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARMAN of 22 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARMAN of 95 St. Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARNER of 182 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GARTON of Hope Lea Gorings Mead -- Horsham (Sussex)
GATES of 26 New Town -- Horsham (Sussex)
GENT of Rangers Lodge -- Horsham (Sussex)
GIACOMELLI of 19 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GIBBINGS of St. Julians Bams-hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
GIBBONS of 11 Norfolk-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GIBBONS of Lynwood North-parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
GIBBS of 5King Edwards-road Christs Hospital -- Horsham (Sussex)
GIBSON of Ambleside Highlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GILBERT of Boxford Salisbury-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GLASBY of Three Oaks 65 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GLASSON of Green Acres Hotel -- Horsham (Sussex)
GLAYSHER of 11 Wellington-road and 11 and 12 Middle-street and 3a Carfax -- Horsham (Sussex)
GODDARD of Millmead Lower Broadbridge -- Horsham (Sussex)
GODLIMAN of 65 Vale-drive -- Horsham (Sussex)
GODMAN of Woldringfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
GOLDS of Bandula 58 Little Haven-lane Roffey -- Horsham (Sussex)
GOLDSMITH of 37 Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GOOD of 27 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GOOD of Dorset House Coolham -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GOODHUGH of 45 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GOODRICH of 34 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GOODRIDGE of 4 Horbrook Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
GOODRIDGE of Chalfont 34 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GRANT of 31 Park-terrace West -- Horsham (Sussex)
GRAY of Grays Kings-lane Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREEN of 16 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREEN of 16 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREEN of Holmleigh New-road Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREENFIELD of 133 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREENFIELD of 54 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREENFIELD of Brickfield Cottage Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREENSLADE of Woldringfold Farm Lower Beeding -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREENSTREET of 16 SheUey-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREENWOOD of Five Acres Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
GREGORY of Stanway 70 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GRICE of Hillside -- Horsham (Sussex)
GRIFFITHS of 26 Highlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GRIFFITHS of Leckwith Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
GRINSTED of 18 Gladstone-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GROOMBRIDGE of 47 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GROVES of 13 Park-terrace West -- Horsham (Sussex)
GROVES of 16 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GUMBRILL of 12 Nelson-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
GWYNN of The Warren Forest-road Roffey -- Horsham (Sussex)
HALL of Forge Cottage Bucks Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
HALLWARD of 9 Bishopric-court -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAMILTON of Sentry Hill Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAMMOND of 21 Barthelot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAMMOND of Charlton 34 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAMMOND of Crookhom Farm Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
HANLEY of 2 Albion-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
HANNAM of Kirkley Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARBORDT of Redfeathers Holbrook -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARDING of 35 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARDWICK of 48 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARFIELD of 5 Stanley-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARLEY of 20 West Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARLEY of Station Hotel -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARMS of 23 Richmond-terrace Carfax -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARNOTT of 154 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARRIS of Hesketh Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARRIS of Little Twynham Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARRIS of The Cottage Wildgoose -- Horsham (Sussex)
HART of Richmond Farm Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARTWELL of 2 Shelley-house Bishopric -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARVEY of 24 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HARVEY of 5 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAW of 14 Norfolk-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAWKER of 89 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAWKINS of 82 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAWKINS of Amiesmill Farm House Kerves-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAY of Evergreens Tismans Common Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAYNES of Oakleigh Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAYTER of Fircroft Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
HAYWARD of Cawthorne Cricketfield-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HEALEY of Peele A. Christs Hospital -- Horsham (Sussex)
HEATH of 1 Rose-villa Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
HEATH of 53 North-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
HEATH of 72 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HELBERT of 5 Market-square -- Horsham (Sussex)
HENLEY of Newells Cottage Manning Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
HENLY of Westway Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HEY of Cherry Tree Cottage Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
HIGGINS of 6 Wamham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HIGGINS of Limurn 15 Warnham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HIGGS of 30 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HIGHGATE of Holmbush Pottery Faygate -- Horsham (Sussex)
HILL of Base Hospital -- Horsham (Sussex)
HILL of Hazeldene Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
HILL of Hazeldene Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
HILLEARD of Park Farm -- Horsham (Sussex)
HINKLEY of 1 Forest-road Roffey -- Horsham (Sussex)
HINKLY of Densara Chesworth lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
HINKLY of Densara Chesworth-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOAD of 26 The Bishopric -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOARE of 2 Nelson-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOBBS of 37 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOBBS of Old House Farm Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOBDEN of Dunedin 41 Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOBSON of Correen Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOCKEN of Colgate -- Horsham (Sussex)
HODGES of 10 Rose-villas Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
HODGES of 36 Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HODGES of The Gables Guest House Dial Post -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLDER of 12 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLDERNESS of 23 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLDERNESS of 8 Albion-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLE of The Harbour Broadbridige Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLLAND of 40 Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLLAND of 7 Little Haven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLLAND of 71 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLLAND of 79 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLLAND of Highlands Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLLAND of Norfolk Cottage 79 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLMES of 12 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLMES of 49 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLMES of Grasmere 10 Newlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOLROYD of 33 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOMEWOOD of 23 Gorings Mead -- Horsham (Sussex)
HONE of 53 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOOPER of 28 Gladstone-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOPLEY of Fryern House Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
HORNUNG of West Grinstead-Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
HORSEY of Maybank Warnham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOW of 3 Queen-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
HOWARD of 99 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUBBARD of The Bear 7 Market-sqaure -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUGGETT of Lambs Green Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUGHES of 47 Guildford-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUMPHREY of Church Gate House Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUMPHREYS of Pathfield Cottages Cross-lane Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUNT of 14 Denne-parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUNT of 2 West-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUNT of 26 Spencer-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUNT of Sunrays Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
HUNT of the Retreat Spencers-plaee -- Horsham (Sussex)
HYDE of 19 Park-terrace East -- Horsham (Sussex)
HYDE of The Vicarage Shipley -- Horsham (Sussex)
INGERSON of Janarth Farthings Hill Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
INNES of 22 Little Haven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
IRELAND of 21 London-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
IRELAND of 48 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
IRELAND of 87 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
IRWIN of Le Bijou Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JACKMAN of 2 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JACKMAN of 90 Bishopric -- Horsham (Sussex)
JACKSON of 76 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JACKSON of The Copse Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JAMES of 7 Norfolk-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
JAMES of Hurlebeke New-road Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JAQUES of The Black Horse Hotel -- Horsham (Sussex)
JENDEN of 7 Linden-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JENKINS of 40 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
JENNINGS of 33 Highlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JESSE of 120 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JOHNSON of 20 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JOHNSON of 39 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JOHNSON of Glebe House West Grinstead -- Horsham (Sussex)
JOHNSON of Greenfields Farm Roffey -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of 18 Denne-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of 41 Vale-drive -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of Farthings Lodge -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of Invermay 5 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of Rosemont Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of The Haven Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of The Laurels Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of The Quest Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of The Quest Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
JONES of Wythe Cowfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
JORDAN of 78 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
JOSEPH of Haymans Ghyll Coolham -- Horsham (Sussex)
JUPP of East-street Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
KAY of Barrack Field Farm Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KEEN of 160 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
KEMP of 6 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KEMP of 90 Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KENNEDY of Boyne House Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
KENT of 5 Manor-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
KETCHEN of Dilkusha 29 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KIDNER of Heathfield HoteD Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KING of 43 North-parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
KING of 49 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KING of 8 Council Cottages Cowfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
KING of The Knoll Farthing-hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
KING of Woodchester Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KIRKHAM of Ryders Farm Holbrook -- Horsham (Sussex)
KIRKPATRICK of Mill Farm Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of 1 Burford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of 10 Nuthurst-road Monks Gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of 10 Nuthurst-road Monks Gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of 51 Vale-drive -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of Farthings Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of Little Stammerham Farm Two Mile Ash -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of Magpie Cottage Sedgwick-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNIGHT of Magpie Cottage Sedgwick-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNOWLES of The Public Assistance Institution j -- Horsham (Sussex)
KNOX of Leonardslee -- Horsham (Sussex)
LACEY of Foresters Arms 41 St. Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAKER of 60 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LAKER of Bentons Farm Shipley -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAMB of 90 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAMBERT of 70 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAMPARD of 36 Rusharas-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANAWAY of 14 Norfolk-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANE of 18 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANGDON of 71 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANGDON of 71 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANGFORD of 48 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANGLEY of 30 Burford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANGLEY of 34? Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANGLEY of 63 Hillside -- Horsham (Sussex)
LANGLEY of 63 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LARCOMBE of 23 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAWFORD of Garden Cottage Rivermead Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAWRENCE of 10 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAWRENCE of Fryern House Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAWSON of Orchard Cottage Lower Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
LAYTON of 26 Bedford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LEE of 59 Hillside -- Horsham (Sussex)
LEE of Glenava Andrews-road Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
LEFTWICH of Winterpick Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
LEWIS of Lonsdale 45 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LIDBETTER of Sunnyside Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LILEY of 129 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LILEY of The Norfolk Arms Roffey -- Horsham (Sussex)
LINDFIELD of 44a Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LINDFIELD of 5a Denne Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
LINTOTT of 27a North-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
LINTOTT of 8 Newlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LINTOTT of Fivens -- Horsham (Sussex)
LIPSCOMB of 27 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LIPSCOMB of 78 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
LIVERMORE of Fryern House Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
LLOYD of 31 Denne Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
LLOYD of The Gardens Denne Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
LOMER of 14 Wellington-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LOVE of Heathfields Brooks Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
LOVE of The Bungalow Christs Hospital West Horsham -- Horsham (Sussex)
LOWE of 10 Purloe-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LOWRY of 47 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
LUCAS of 12 Victoria-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
LUCAS of 6 Park-terrace East -- Horsham (Sussex)
LUCAS of Dial Post West Grinstead -- Horsham (Sussex)
LUCAS of Lodge Farm Shipley -- Horsham (Sussex)
LUFF of The Cross Wamham -- Horsham (Sussex)
LYNE of Slaters Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
MACDONA of 10 New Cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
MACDONALD of Hills-place 23 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MACKENZIE of Little Benhams -- Horsham (Sussex)
MacLEOD of Kentwyns -- Horsham (Sussex)
MACNUTT of Fircroft Tower Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
MAIDEN of 33 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
MAIDEN of Metcalfe Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MAISTER of Skeffling Warnham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANSBRIDGE of 32 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANSBRIDGE of 33 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANSBRIDGE of 33 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANSBRIDGE of 47 Warnham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANSEL of Ladymead 24 Ashleigh-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MANSEL of Ladymead Ashleigh-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANVELL of 123 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANVELL of 123 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
MANVELL of 38 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARCY of The Oaks Copsale -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARKWICK of 23a North-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARSDEN of Heathfield House -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARSH of 82 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARSHALL of 25 Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARSHALL of Durleston 31 Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARTIN of 18 Victory-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARTIN of 38 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARTIN of 50 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MARTIN of 50 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MASON of The Post Office Copsale -- Horsham (Sussex)
MATHEW of East Lodge 19 Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MATTHEWS of Lorna Doone Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MAYNE of Herabrook -- Horsham (Sussex)
MCBRIDE of 8 Newlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
McCANN of Oakview Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MCCARTEY of 41 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MEETEN of Merrion Lodge Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
MERCER of Holly Bank Rusper Road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MERRELL of 7 Wellington-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MERSON of 2 Victory-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MERTENS of Nuthurst Rectory Nuthurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLARD of Rosedene Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLHAM of Church Cottage Copsale -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLINGTON of Winthnft Maplehurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLS of 16 Denne-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLS of 16 Denne-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLS of 17 St Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLS of 71 Millthorpe-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MILLS of Silver Lea Richmond-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MITCHELL of 2 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MITCHELL of 22 Bethune-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MITCHELL of 33 Bedford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MITCHELL of 61 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MITCHELL of Broadbridge-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
MITCHELL of Field House Sedgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
MITCHELL of Manor Cottage Comptons-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
MOCKFORD of Coombe Dingle Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MOLD of White Cottage Roffey Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
MONK of 197 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MONK of Michell Arms Springfield-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MONTAGUE of Fair View Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
MOREY of 70 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MORGAN of Borderland Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MORGAN of Forest Brook Kerves-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
MORPHEW of 11 Gardeners-green Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
MOSES of 8 Madeira-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
MOULDING of 34 Park-terace East -- Horsham (Sussex)
MOUNSEY of 15 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MUGGERIDGE of 110 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MUGGERIDGE of 15 Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MUGGERIDGE of 72 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MUMFORD of 19 Arthur-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MUNNERY of 15 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
MUZZELL of 89 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
NAILARD of 5 Spring-gardens -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NAPPER of 5 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
NAPPER of 6 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
NAPPER of 97 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
NAPPER of 97 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
NASH of 46 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
NASH of Newbridge Nurseries Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
NEWBERY of Rutland Lodge Rusper -- Horsham (Sussex)
NEWMAN of 46 Dep6t-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
NEWMAN of Hillbrow Tower Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
NICHOLAS of The Beeches Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
NIGHTINGALE of 9 Piries-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
NORTH of Charmans Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
NORTHCOTE of Zaria Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
O'DOWD of 59 Eversfield-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
O'FFLAHERTIE of Ashdown Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
O'FFLAHERTIE of Ashdown Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
OLDERSHAW of 32 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
OLDERSHAW of 32 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
OTTER of Selehurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
OULTON of Stoneleigh Tower Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
PACEY of 78 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PACKHAM of The Post Office Stores Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
PAGE of 24 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PAINE of 1 Fairfield Bams Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
PALMER of 22 Park-terrace West -- Horsham (Sussex)
PANNETT of Glenelg 42 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PARKER of 76 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PARKER of Eton Villa Bams Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
PARSONS of 42 Barttelot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PEARCE of 93 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PEARCE of Nutwood Slimfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
PEARL of Hurst Arms 31 North-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
PEARMAN of Northlands Wamham -- Horsham (Sussex)
PEERLESS of Silver Ley Tower Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
PELHAM of Spring-gardens Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PEMBERTON of Highfields Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PENFOLD of 27 Percy-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PENFOLD of 42b Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PENFOLD of 98 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PENNEFATHIER of Kentwyns Kerves-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
PENNELLS of Little Fimnells Farm Maynards Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
PENSAM of 149 Rusham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PERCIVAL of 16 Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PERCIVAL of 16 Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PERCIVAL of Shandon Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PETERS of 32 Lime-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
PETERS of 82 Lime-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
PINDER of Sherwood Comptons-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
PINN of 88 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
POOL of Debden Forest-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
POTTER of 16 Shelley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
POTTER of 28 Denne Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
POTTER of 41 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
POTTER of 8 Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
POTTER of 8 Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
POTTER of Peurto Read Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
POWELL of 31 Queen-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
PRATT of 41 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PROCTER of 39 Vale-drive -- Horsham (Sussex)
PULLEN of Wickershams-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PURVIS of 2d Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PUTTOCK of 32 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PUTTOCK of 32 Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PUTTOCK of 7 Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
PYKE of Fair View Lyons Comer Slingford -- Horsham (Sussex)
QUESTED of 4 Chilwell-terrace Grandford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RADCLIFFE of Woodcote Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
RAE of Doone Bashurst Hill Itchingfield -- Horsham (Sussex)
RAGLESS of 2 Forge-cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
RALPH of 1 Highlands-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
RANDALL of 18 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RANDALL of Blacksmiths Cottage Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
RANDALL of Hillside Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
RANN of 11 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RAPLEY of 19 Burford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RAPSON of 81 St. Leonards-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RATHBORN of 13 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RAW of Wensley Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RAYSON of Warley Hammor Hill Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
READ of 26 Eversfield-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
READ of Carnhill 49 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
READ of Greta Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
REEVE of 15 Wamham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
REID of Merlin 36 Vale-drive -- Horsham (Sussex)
REMNANT of The Institution Roffey-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RENNY of Tymperleys 50 Kings-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
REYNOLDS of 145 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
RICE of 2 Norfolk-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RICHARDS of 12 Curzon-avenue -- Horsham (Sussex)
RICHARDS of 79 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
RICHARDSON of 131 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
RICHARDSON of Coolhurst Cottage -- Horsham (Sussex)
RIVAZ of Moated Farm House Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROBERTS of Whites Cottage Tower Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROBERTSON of 11 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROBERTSON of 2 Milnwood-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROBERTSON of 4 Worthing-road Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROBINSON of Closworth Springfield Park-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROBINSON of Devon Lodge Monks Gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROGERS of 70 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROGERS of Oak Meadow Billingshurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROGERSON of Old Forge Rusper-road Ifield Crawley -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROMER of Winterpick Church-lane Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROSE of 7 Linden-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROSER of 3 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROSKILLY of 29 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROUGIER of Greenacres Hotel -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROUSE of The Bungalow Fay gate-place Faygate -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWELL of 2 Stone Cottages Blackbridge-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWLAND of 16 West Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWLAND of 19 Bedford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWLAND of 23 North Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWLAND of Bisshopps Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWLAND of Milnwood North Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWLAND of Pilfolds Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
ROWLAND of Springfield Lodge 1 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
RUDKIN of 30 West-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
SANDHAM of The Cottage Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SARSON of Woodcott North Heath-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
SAUNDERS of 30 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCOTT of 106 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SEARLE of 85 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SEARLE of Pine End Parsonage-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SEASON of St Leonards Hotel Brighton-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SENDALL of The Bungalow Roffey Corner -- Horsham (Sussex)
SEXTON of 21 Denne-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SHARP of 7 Denne-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SHARP of 92 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SHARP of Frederick House Monks Gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
SHAW of 8 Norfolk-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SHELLEY of The Woodlands South-water -- Horsham (Sussex)
SHIELL of LAbri New-road Worth-ing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SHORT of 21 Swindon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SIMMONDS of 6 Chilwell-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
SIMMONDS of Winfrith Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SIMMONS of 13-15 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SIMMONS of 160 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SLADE of 27 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SLARKS of 34 East-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
SLAUGHTER of 117 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMALLMAN of The Paddocks Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMALLWOOD of 49 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of 111 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of 17 Barrington-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of 18 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of 2 Bonfire Hill Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of 24 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of 92 Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of Cooks Farm Nuthurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of Jacksons Farm Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of Kings Farm Denne Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of Le Bijou Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITH of Postlands Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMITHERS of 57 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SMYTH of 6 Morth-gardens -- Horsham (Sussex)
SNELLING of 1 Percy-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SNOOK of Kerves Lane-end Kerves Lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
SNOWDON of 9 Nuthurst-road Monksgate -- Horsham (Sussex)
SOONS of Northern Lights Rowhook -- Horsham (Sussex)
SOPER of Ivydene Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
SPARK of Glenhaugh Chesworth-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
SPENCE of 12 Hayes-lane Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
SPIRES of 16 Chesworth-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
SPROTT of The Little Homestead Shermanbury -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANBRIDGE of Rose Cottage Monks Gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANDEN of Oakendean Farm Cowfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANDING of 51 Park-terrace East -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANDING of Hampers Farm Station-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANFORD of 14 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANFORD of 49 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANFORD of 6 Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANFORD of 6 Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STANHOPE of The Glades Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
STEPHENS of 11 Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STEPHENSON of Green Acres -- Horsham (Sussex)
STEPNEY of 6 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
STEVENS of 30 West-parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
STEWARD of 28 Victoiy-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STEWART of 21 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STEWART of 55 Bishopric Court -- Horsham (Sussex)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STOCK of Virgina House Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
STONER of 44 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
STORR of Tedsmore 44 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STOVELL of 148 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
STRINGER of 27 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STRUDWICK of Ashcroft Bams Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
STUART of 28 The Crescent Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
STUBBS of Alscroft Holbrook -- Horsham (Sussex)
STUBBS of Alscroft Holbrook -- Horsham (Sussex)
SUMNER of 25 Burford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
SUTTON of 11 Chichester-terrace -- Horsham (Sussex)
SUTTON of Inverkip Blockbridge-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
SWANN of Old-place Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
TARGETT of Anns Cottage Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TARRATT of Merriemead Springfield-crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
TARRATT of Spring Dale Spencers-place -- Horsham (Sussex)
TARRY of 5 Kempshott-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TAYLOR of 2 Hurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TAYLOR of 3 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TAYLOR of Lingmell Parsonage-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TAYLOR of Stone Cottage Rowhook -- Horsham (Sussex)
TEAGUE of 96 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
THOMSON of 1 Newlands-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
THOMSON of 16 Shelley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
THORN of Thorlea Sedgwick-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
THORNE of Rock Blackbridge-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
THORNS of 7 New-cottages Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
THORNTON of 9 Little Haven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
THORNTON of 97 Littlehaven-lane -- Horsham (Sussex)
THOROLD of The Cedars North Parade -- Horsham (Sussex)
THORPE of 25 Bedford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
THORPE of 25 Bedford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TIBBLES of Marchwood Roffey -- Horsham (Sussex)
TOBITT of Khartoum Gordon-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TODD of Highcroft Shipley-road Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
TODMAN of 51 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
TOTTENHAM of Watlings Two Mile Ash -- Horsham (Sussex)
TOURLE of Little Homestead Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
TUBMAN of Holgarth Pondtail-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TULLEY of The Chestnuts 4 Wamham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TURNER of Nutley Denne-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
TURPIN of Esperance 17 Wamham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
UNDERWOOD of Windyridge Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
UNSTED of 3 Warnham-road Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
UPTON of Muntham -- Horsham (Sussex)
VAUGHAN of Deene Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
VAUGHAN of Kentwyns -- Horsham (Sussex)
VAUGHAN of Kentwyns -- Horsham (Sussex)
WADEY of Denville Mannings Heath-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WAIN of 20 Wamham-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WAKE of Cherry tree Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
WAKEFIELD of 84 Bishopric -- Horsham (Sussex)
WALDER of 2 Brockwell Cottages Faygate -- Horsham (Sussex)
WALKER of 57 East Park Crawley -- Horsham (Sussex)
WALTER of 13 The Crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
WARD of 1 Moss Rose Villas Broadbridge Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
WARD of 14 The Crescent -- Horsham (Sussex)
WARD of 147 Rushams-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WARD of 26 Devonshire-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WARD of Canbury 47 Hillside -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WARD of Hammer Pond Cottage Mannings Heath -- Horsham (Sussex)
WATERER of Baskoi Forest-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WATERMAN of 12 Hillside -- Horsham (Sussex)
WATERS of St Denys 47 London-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WATKINS of The Dragon Inn Colgate -- Horsham (Sussex)
WATSHAM of 5 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WATSON of Wymarks Shermanbury -- Horsham (Sussex)
WEAVERS of 58 Guildford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WEBB of Morleys Shermanbury -- Horsham (Sussex)
WEILER of 3 Sterling-buildings The Carfax -- Horsham (Sussex)
WELCH of Ramifies 32 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WELLER of 5 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WELLER of 80 Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WELLINGTON of 254 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WELLS of 6 Clarence-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WELLWOOD of Chennells House Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WEST of High Trees Farthings Hill -- Horsham (Sussex)
WESTON of Westwood Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHEELER of 45 Cambridge-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHIBLEY of Hill Cottage Denne Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHIELDON of Brooks Green House -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHITE of Holmleigh Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHITING of Boyne House Hayes-lane Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHITING of South Lodge Holbrook Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHITINGTON of Reefton 36 Depot-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WHITTINGTON of 159 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
WIELAND of Bachelors Farm Barns Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
WIGHTMAN of 6 Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WILLIAMS of 6 Burford-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WILLIAMS of 87 Orchard-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WILLIAMS of Little Croft Two Mile Ash -- Horsham (Sussex)
WILLIAMS of Maple House Roffey -- Horsham (Sussex)
WILLMER of 50 London-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WILLS of 5 Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WINBOLT of Aden Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WINCH of 16 Oakhill-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WINDER of 51-53 Park-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
WINDWOOD of Edgspenmar Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WINELL of 3 Chennells Brook Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WINELL of Mansson of 8 Chennells Brook Rusper-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WINSLOE of Red Roofs Partridge Green -- Horsham (Sussex)
WITHAM of 46 Spencers-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOLF of Barkway Cottage Trafalgar-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOOD of 171 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOOD of 34 Gladstone-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOOD of Arunlea 41 Worthing-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOODARD of Park House Farm Slinfold -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOODGER of The Home Farm Denne Park -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOODHOUSE of 180 New-street -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOODS of 227 Crawley-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOODS of 8 Percy-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOOLVEN of 13 Percy-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WOOLVEN of Cethwyn 43 Hillside -- Horsham (Sussex)
WORSFOLD of 8 Carylls Cattages Fay-Gate -- Horsham (Sussex)
WORTERS of 22 Wimblehurst-road -- Horsham (Sussex)
WREN of 3 Station-road Southwater -- Horsham (Sussex)
WRIGHT of 13 Gorings Mead -- Horsham (Sussex)
WRIGHT of The Plough Inn Plummers Plain -- Horsham (Sussex)
WYLIE of Somerville Maplehurst -- Horsham (Sussex)
WYNN of Rudgwick Vicarage Rudgwick -- Horsham (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
YOUNGE of 21 The Bishipric -- Horsham (Sussex)

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