Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Exmouth (Devonshire) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of 1 Albion-tenace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ABBOTT of Warwick Seymiour-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ABELL of Rolle-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ACKLAND of 19 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ACKLAND of 5 Marpool Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ACWORTH of Dolforgan Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ADAMS of Grange View Hullam-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ADAMS of Travancore Carlton Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ADDIS of New Inn Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ALDEN of Midi Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ALLEN of 29 Roseberry-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ALLEN of Jesmond Dene Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ALLEY of Alwyn 7 Madeira Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AMAN of Marley Glade Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AMBLER of Tetherdown Littleham Cross Withy-combe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AMES of Lime Cottage 10 Claremont-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of 64 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of Hartfield Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of Vennwood -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ANDERSON of Vennwood -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ARCHER of Hillcrest Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ARMSTRONG of Somers Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ARNOLD of 84 Woodville-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ARSCOTT of Lakelands Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ASHFOLD of 84 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ASHFORD of Rotherfield Featherstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ASPINALL of 16 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ASSER of The Cranford Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ATKINSON of Olinda Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ATTWOOD of 38 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AUSTIN of Hedgebank Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AUSTIN of Hillside Ashleigh-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AVERY of 14 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AVERY of 68 Fore-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AVINS of 39 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
AVONS of 7 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BABER of Deanfield Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BACK of 175 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAGSTER of Forton Cottage Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAILEY of 10 Montpellier-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAKER of 4 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAKER of 6 Albion-terrace Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BALDING of St. Heliers Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BALL of 16 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BALL of 28 The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BALL of Ridge Cottage Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BALL of Windover Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAMSEY of 17 North-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAMSEY of 60 Fore-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAMSEY of 60 Pore-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAMSEY of 8 North-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BANCROFT of The Morton Hotel Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BANFIELD of 4 Hamilton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BANKS of Avonlea Ashleigh-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARBER of Colintraive Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARCLAY of Inglewood Phillips-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARDENS of 15 High-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARKER of Mansfield Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARNARD of 7 Capel-lane Littleham Village -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARNES of 47 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BARNSLEY of 54 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARRY of Newberry Dene Sarlsdown-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARSON of Upway Littlemead-lane Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARTLETT of 64 Roseberry-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BARTRAM of 54 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BASIOLI of 17 High-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BASSETT of Yennadon Capel-lane Little-barn -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BASTIN of 35 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BATTISCOMBE of 29 Drakes-avcenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BAXTER of 19 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEAL of Greenway-cttage Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEATTY of Kincraig Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEAZLEY of 10 Staples Buildings The Parade -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BECKWITH of The Hedgerow Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BECKWITH of The Hedgerow Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEDWELL of 7 Meeting-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEER of 106 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEGG of Seacroft -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEIRNE of Kingcraig Cr an ford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BELFIELD of 49 Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BELL of The Manor Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BELLWORTHY of 69 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BEMAN of 5 Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENDALL of The Haven Bradham-Iane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENDALL of The Haven Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENNETT of 1 Excliffe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENNETT of 143 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENNETT of 15 Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENNETT of 15 Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENNETT of Rosemary 8 Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENNETTS of 9 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENNETTS of TO Rolle-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BENOY of 11 Raleigh-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BERLYN of Brookshayes Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BERLYN of Brookshayes Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BERRINGTON of 30 Danby-Terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BERRINGTON of 30 Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BERRY of 88 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BERRYMAN of Farrandale Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BETTINSON of 58 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BETTINSON of 58 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BICKEL of The Exmouth Inn Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BICKNELL of 2 Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BIRCH of 8 Manchester-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BIRCHALL of Green Hedges Long Causeway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BIRD of 3 Raleigh-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BIRMINGHAM of 24b Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BISS of 3 Moreton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BISSEKER of Laconia Seafield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLACKLER of 3 Lion House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLACKMORE of 39 Chapel-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLACKMORE of 40 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLACKMORE of 96 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLACKMORE of Netherexe 96 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLACKMORE of Raleigh Lodge -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLACKWELL of Raglan Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLAZEY of Knowle Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLES of Halsdown House Exeter-rbad -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLIGHT of Fairhaven Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BLIGHT of Fairhaven Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BODDINGTON of 6 Maristow-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BODDINGTON of 6 Maristow-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOONE of 10 Madeira-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BORROWMAN of Lothian Seymour-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOSANQUET of 22a Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOULT of 17 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOVILL of Mansfield House Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOWLES of 10 Bicton-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOWMER of Dorrick Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOX of 4 Madeira Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOYCE of 20 The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BOYLAND of the Dolphin Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADBURY of Merrion House Merrion-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADFORD of 12 Rosebery-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADFORD of 16 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADFORD of 21 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADFORD of 48 George-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADLEY of 18 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADLEY of Bon Hay Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRADSHAW of The Royal Beacon Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRAINE of 42 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRAMELD of Flat 4 2 Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRAMHAM of Westcote Sunwine-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRAMWELL of Nentsbury Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BREADING of 8 Madeirartenace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BREDIN of St. Laurence Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRIDLE of 28 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRIGG of 25 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRIGHT of Chippenham Cottage -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRISCOE of Dunlukyn Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRISCOE of Southgarth Elwyn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROCKBANK of Barrovia Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROOKER of Coleford Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROOKER of Coleford Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROOKS of 38b The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROOKS of 9 Chapel-steet -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROOKS of Cranford Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWN of 17 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWN of 62 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWN of Anerley Bradham-lane Withy-combe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWN of Highlands Morley -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWN of Presteigne 1 Iona-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWN of Presteigne 1 Iona-avenue Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWN of Stracey Cot 94 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWNE of 3 Marpool-hill Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWNING of 149 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWNING of Cranmere Salterton-road Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BROWNING of The Cranford Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BRYAN of Ellesmere. Bafnfield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BUCKLE of Milber Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BUDD of 102 The Village Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BULL of 4 Gertrude-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BULL of The Morton Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BULLED of Holmcroft Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BULLED of Holmcroft Hutham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BURCH of 6 Holland-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BURCH of 85 Egremont-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BURGESS of 18 Church-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BURKARD of 58 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BURRIDGE of 1 Lyne-terrace Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BURROW of 44 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BURTON of 10 Bicton-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BURWELL of Ardenny Douglas-avcnue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BUSHROD of Lynton Sunmine-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BUTCHER of 16 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BUTT of 9 Louisa-terrace Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BYNE of Maer Bay Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
BYNE of St. Trinians Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CALLAWAY of 5 Hamelton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CALLAWAY of 5 Hamilton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARBIS of 9 Victoria-road Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARBIS of 9 Victoria-road Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARDALL of 8 Raleigh Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARDER of 10. Carter-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARDER of 11 Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARDER of 11 Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CAREW of Beddington Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARNELL of 97 Egremont-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARROLL of Merrivale Claredale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARTER of 20 New North-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARTER of 49 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARTER of Bodcar Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARTER of Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARTER of Prospect Villa 120 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARTRICK of 92 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CARWITHEN of Merivale Courtlands-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CATER of 7 Hartopp-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CATER of 7 Hartopp-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CAWLEY of 10 Marpool-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CEARNS of 16 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHANDLER of 55 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHANNON of 16 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHANNON of 9 Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHAPMAN of 22a The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHAPMAN of 26 Salisbury-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHAPMAN of 26 Salisbury-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHESTNEY of 11 Brooklands-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHEVALLIER of Broadway Cottage Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHICK of Hillcrest Featherbed-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHILLERY of Marmere Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHOVEAUX of 26 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHOWN of 17 Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHOWN of 5 South-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHOWN of 5 South-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHOWN of 5 South-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHRISTOPHERSON of JIanor Cottage St. Andfews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CHUDLEY of 2 High-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLAPIN of 6 Gertrude-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLAPP of 14 Hartley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLAPP of 14 Rill-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLARK of 10 Bradham-lane Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLARK of Cartref Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLARK of Farway Avondale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLARK of Lyndhurst Featherbed-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLARKE of 3 Barnfield-avenue Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLARKE of 4 Alexander-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLATWORTHY of The Oaks St. Johns-road Withy-combe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLAY of 18 Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLAY of Trenant Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CLOSE of Clonbeg Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COATES of The Maer Bay Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COATES of the Maer Bay Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COCKER of 5 Grange-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COCKREM of 4 Bystock Villas Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COKE of Hughenden Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COLE of 65 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COLES of 14 Raleigh Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COLES of 61 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COLES of 9 Chapel-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COLLEDGE of Hill View Bradham-lane Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COLLIHOLE of 11 Hartopp-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COLLINS of 35 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COMPLIN of Kilwa Featherbed-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CONDON of The Nook Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CONDY of Strathclyde Featherstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CONSTABLE of Cobalnest Halsdon-a venue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COOK of 61 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COOMBS of lO.Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COOPER of The Victoria Inn New-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COOPER of Torridge Halsdomavenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COOPER of Wayside Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COPP of 56 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COPP of 8 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CORBY of The Meadow House Round House-lane Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COSSENS of 68 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COTTRELL of Kansas Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COWELL of The Devoncourt Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COWELL of The Devoncourt Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COWLES of Burnside Guest House Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COWLIN of 12 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COWLIN of 12 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COX of 1 Norfolk-terrace Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COX of 2 Elm Tree-cottage Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
COX of Ardenny Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CRAGO of Abbotsford Point-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CRANSTON of 23 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CRAVEN of 24a Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CRAWFORD of Highcliffe Louisa-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CREEDY of 6 Castle Park-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CREWS of Hilldown Nursing Home Halsdon Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROCKER of 15 North-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROFT of 59 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROFT of 69 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROFTS of 37 Campersdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROSS of 33 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROSS of 6 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROSS of Marley Hayes -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CROSS of Prima Vista Lovelace-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CRUMP of 11 Drakes-avenue Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CUDMORE of Trystworthy Littlemead-lane Court-lands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CUFF of 36 Albion-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CUMMINS of Longbeach 6 Marpool-hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CURTIS of 9 North-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CURTIS of Bella Vista Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
CURTIS of Holmlea Greenhill-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAGWORTHY of 67 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DALRYMPLE of Stagbury Littleham-road Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DARBYSHIRE of The Little House Carlton Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DART of 1 Beacon-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAUNEY of 11 Grange-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DAVEY of 30 Phear-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAVEY of 31 The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAVIE of 18 Teneriffe-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAVIES of Beaconstow Louisa-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAVIES of Fredonia Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAW of Midway 2 Fairfield-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DAWSON of 9 Bicton-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DEAVIN of 3 Holland-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DEEDES of Rosebank 9 Claremont-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DENNIS of 1 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DENSEM of 23 New North-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DENSEM of Bycott Beechway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DENZILOE of 3 Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DEWDNEY of 90 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DICKSON of Clydemore Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DICKSON of Clydemore Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DIMENT of Lower Lodge Bystock Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DINMORE of 1 Woodville-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DINMORE of 1 Woodville-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DITTMER of 1 Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DITTMER of Lisadel Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DIXON of 124 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOBBIE of Mayfield Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOBLE of Bella Vista 3 Stoke Lyne-vihas Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOBLE of Bella Vista 3 Stoke Lyne-villas Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOBSON of 6 Bicton-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DODD of 14 Clarence-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DODD of Brendon Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOMAN of The Exmouth Club Bath-road Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DONALDSON of 32 Saint Andrews Park -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DONE of 3 Hamilton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOOREY of Flat la 6 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOPPING of Redclift Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOWN of 50 St. Aridrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DOWN of Southlands Beech Way -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DREW of Stoneleigh Bicton Villas Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DUCHSCHERER of 33 Withygrove-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DUNCAN of 78 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DUNCAN of Knappe Cross Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DUNN of 43 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
DUNN of 43 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EDGECOMBE of 12 Belvedere-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EDWARDS of 2 Ryll-close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EDWARDS of 79 The Village Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EDWARDS of Manor Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EDWARDS of Stanage 31 Madeira-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ELLETT of Liverton Farm Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ELLETT of Rolle Chambers -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ELLIS of 4 Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ELLIS of 4 Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ELLWOOD of The Bungalow Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ELSTON of 103 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ELSTON of 6 Gertrude-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EMERY of 35 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EMERY of Valetta Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EMMERTON of Jessamine Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ENGELBACH of Kirton Radden Stile-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ENGLAND of The Morton Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ENGLEFIELD of 3 Featherstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ETHERIDGE of Somerton Littleham Village -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EWART of The Bow House Louisa-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
EWINGS of Kington Station-parade -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FALKNER of St. Peters -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FARLEIGH of Windsor House Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FARMER of The Royal Beacon Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FARRANT of 12 Rolle Cottages Church-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FARRANT of 18 Marpool-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FARRANT of 18 Marpool-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FARRANT of 97 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FARRELL of 43 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FEAR of Thornton Featherbed-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FELTHAM of 1 Rathcoole Carlton Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FENWICK of Penmere Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FERRIS of 29 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FIELD of 24 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FIELD of Bendigo Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FIELDING of Weston Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FISKE of Grange House Grange-avenue Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FLANAGAN of 11a The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FLEMING of 17 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FOGG of Laconia Seafield-avenue Withcombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FORD of 1 Point-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FORD of 7 Madeira-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FORD of 7 Madeira-terrace Madeira-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FORD of Beach House Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FORD of Meriel Henley-road Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FORSTER of Templeton Lodge The Esplanade -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FOSS of Douglas Cottage Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FOSTER of 60 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FOSTER of Gleneden -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FOX of Sarlsdown Home Sarlsdown-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FOX of Sarlsdown Hou Sarlsdown-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FRANCIS of Warley -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FRANKS of Carpe Diem Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FREEMAN of 102 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FREEMAN of Baring House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FRENCH of 3 Norfolk-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FRENCH of Falklands Claredale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FRETTINGHAM of 8 Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FRIEND of Firdene Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FROOM of 18 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FROW of Theta Radden Stile-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FRY of Flat lb Bicton Place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FULLER of 35 Lawn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FURBER of The Exmouth Nursing Home Mayfield-drive -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FUSSELL of 14 Marpool-terrace Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
FUSSELL of 32 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GARCIA of 19 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GARLAND of 118 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GARLAND of 118 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GARNER of 5 Avondale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GARTH of 16 High-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GARTSIDE of Fernside Guest House 1 Dagmar-road road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GASKELL of Anerley Bradham-leine -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GAUTROT of Hulham House Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GIBBINS of 2 Sunnyside Boarden Barn -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GIBBINS of 5 Albion-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GIBBINS of Market-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GIGG of 30 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GILES of 23 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GILES of Ellerton Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GILL of Moorfield -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GITSHAM of 16 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GLANVILL of Orchard Bungalow Bassetts Estate -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GLANVILLE of St. Marys Nursing Home Bell-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GLYN of 5 Stevenstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GODFREY of 29 Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOLDS of Red Gables Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOODALL of The Cross Little Hampton -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOODDEN of Station-House Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOODE of 7 Salisbury-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOODING of 7 Montpelier-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOODRICH of 2 Madeira-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOODWIN of Resthaven Gusseford-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GORFIN of 17 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOSLING of 17 Phear-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOULD of The Cabin Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GOURLAY of Uplands St. Johns-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRAHAMDSO of Saxrus Hulharh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRAINGER of Claremont Long Causeway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRANT of 11 Capel-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRATER of 32 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRAVESTOCK of Bluehayes Halsdown Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GREENWELL of The Haven Grange Avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GREENWOOD of 7 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GREENWOOD of 7 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GREENWOOD of Oaklands Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRENDON of 2 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRENDON of 4 Raleigh-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRIFFIN of Rosedene Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRIFFITH of Channel View Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRIFFITHS of 5 Rolle-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GRIGG of Hilbery Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GROVES of 17 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GUEST of 32 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GUEST of 32 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GUISE of Strathallan Hartley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GUIVER of 3 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GULLAN of Largo Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GULLIVER of Selwood 1 Bicton-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
GWYER of Alexandria House Alexandria-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HADDOCK of 11 Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALFACRE of Wayside Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALL of 1 Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALL of 17 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALL of 9 Maristow-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALL of Resthaven Convalescent Home Gussiford-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALL of St Denys Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALL of Stagbury Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALLARD of Halsdown House Exeter-road Withy-combe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALLETT of 145 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALLETT of 2 North Villas Windsor Square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HALLETT of 6 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAM of Fir Lodge Nursing Home Belvedere-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAMILTON of Littlecot Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAMMOND of 2 Fairfield Close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAMMOND of 3 Fairview-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HANCOCK of 43 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HANCOCK of Fairway Maer-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HANDFORD of 2 Norfolk-terrace Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HANNABUSS of Hillsboro 2 Marpooi Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARDESS of 3 Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARDESS of 3 Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARE of Whitbourne Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARMSWORTH of Carisbrooke Avondale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRIES of Vaynor Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRIS of Brambledown Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRIS of Mary lea Marley Way Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRISON of 11 Fair-view-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRISON of Holly Bank Sunwine-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRISON of Holly Bank Sunwine-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRISON of The Little House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HARRISON of Westwood Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HART of 67 The Village Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HATCH of Luvena Seymour-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HATFIELD of The White House Courtlands-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HATHERLEY of Kingston Sunwine-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAWKER of 27 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAWKINS of 12 Palace Cottages -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAWKINS of 15 Phillipps-avenue Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAWKINS of Elmina Cyprus-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYDON of Redhayes Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYES of Glen Muir Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYES of Myholme Phillips-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYMAN of 4 Maderia-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYMAN of 7 Fairview-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYMAN of Myrtle House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYNE of Comerways Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HAYWARD of The Bow House 6 Louisa-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HEATH of Tresillian Sunwine-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HEATHER of 12 Marpool-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HEBERDEN of Willow-lane Hartley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HEDGES of 89 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HEDGETHORN of 20 The Beacon Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HEDLEY of 47 Carter-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HELLIER of 151 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HENNIKER of Crofthurst Exeter-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HENSON of 3 Bicton-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HENSON of 42 Lawn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HERAPATH of Pencarnwick Louisa-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HERIOT of Quayside The Point -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HERNIMAN of 10 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HERRING of 3 Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HIBBERD of Elbury Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HIGGS of Glyn Hay Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HILL of 1 Mead Cottages Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HILL of 112 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HILL of 145 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HILLMAN of 34 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HINTON of The Moorings Courtlands-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HIPWELL of 8 Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HITCHCOCK of 10 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HITCHON of St. Winifreds Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOARE of Poncarwick -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOBDELL of 66 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOCKER of Flat 4 2 Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOCKINGS of 37 Salisbury-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOCKINGS of 44 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HODGES of Fennygate Foxholes Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOLMAN of 4 Tower-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HOLMAN of Ruston Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOLME of Windsor House Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOLMES of Exmouth Inn Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HONEYMAN of GlenawldynMarpool Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOOKWAY of 25 and 27 Chapel-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOOPER of 4 Meeting-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOOPER of Lascelles- Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOOPER of Weybury 197 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOPPING of 10 Hamilton-road Witney Combe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORE of 25 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORE of 27 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORE of 90 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORN of 21 Denmark-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORNE of Whytegates Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORSBURGH of Lyde Lodge -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORSBURGH of Lyde Lodge -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORSFORD of Blairleigh Stevenstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORSIWILL of 26 Albion-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORTON of 6 Fairfield-close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HORWILL of 19 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOWARD of Raleigh Cottage Raleigh Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HOWSE of 104 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUDDLESTONE of 10 Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUGILL of The Summers Hotel Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUMPHREYS of 6 Little Mead-terrace Withy-combe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUMPHRIES of 34 Woodville-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUMPHRIES of 73 Fore-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUMPHRIES of 73 Fore-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUNT of 21 Meurpool-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUNT of 4 Gipsy-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUNT of 45 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUNT of Almora 5 Bystock Villas Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUSSEY of 2 Madeira-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUTCHINSON of Edenfield Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUTCHINSON of Edenfield feelle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUTCHINSON of Flat 7 Lion -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
HUXHAM of 22 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
INNES of 8 Alexander-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
INNES of Marley Hayes -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
INNES of Marley Hayes -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
IRONS of 20 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
IRVING of 1 Fairfield-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ISAACSON of Highdene Elwyn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JACKSON of Bramblemoor Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JACKSON of Lympstone House Lynnpstolie -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JACKSON of Willowdene Hartley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JAMES of Bishopstone Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JAMES of Wyuna Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JAMES of Wyuna Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JENCKEN of Park Hotel Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JENKINS of 21 Green-close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JENKINS of Chelvey Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JENKINS of Escallonia Marpool-hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JENKINS of la Flat Bicton-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JERVIS of The Kimberley Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JESSOP of Hartland Exeter-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JEWELL of Sherwood Featherbed-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JOHNSON of 157 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JOHNSON of Mount Hermon Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JOHNSON of Sunny Centre Bicton Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JOHNSON of The Hut Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JOHNSON of Vellator Lovelace-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JOHNSTON of Konmore Cyprus-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JONES of 20 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JONES of Crossingfields Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JONES of Denstone Seymour-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JORDAN of 119 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JOSEPH of Devoncourt Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
JUPE of Hedgebank Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KALE of Walstone Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KAY of Phillida Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KAYE of Seaway Carlton Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KEARL of 27 Brooklands-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KEARNS of Woodlands Long Causeway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KEEBLE of 5 Mamhead View Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KELLAND of 24 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KELLY of 49 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KEMBLE of 38 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KEMP of 12 Louisa-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KEMP of 42 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KENNEDY of Ayrlea -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KENT of Trystworthy Littlemede-lane Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KERR of Maer Craig Foxholes Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KERSWELL of 152 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KESLAKE of 7 Raleigh-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KING of 11 Danby-terrace Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KING of Bradham House Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KINGSLEY of Biss Ipbtel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KNILL of 66 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KNOTT of Court Land -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
KNOWLES of 2 Palace Cottages -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAKE of Flat 10 Lion House The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANE of 6 Brooklands-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANG of 11 Bicton-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANG of 7 Rill-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANGDON of 36 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANGDON of 57 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANGMEAD of 35 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANGMEAD of Elmead Courtlands Cross Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANGWORTHY of 8 Teneriffe-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LANSDOWN of The Retreat Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LATREILLE of 11 Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAVIS of 9 Carter-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAWES of Fairway Bradham-lane Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAWFORD of Loventor Cottage Dagmar-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAWRENCE of 26 Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAWRENCE of 5 Bicton Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAWSON of Benbow Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LAWSON of Benbow Hulham-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEACH of 11 Bicton-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEACH of Halsdown House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEACH of Halsdown House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEAN of Kincraig Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEE of 85 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEES of Craigston -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEIGH of 3 Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEIGH of 84 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LETTEN of 5 King-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LETTER of 9 Bicton-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LEVICK of The Elms -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LEY of Halsdown House Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LIGHTFOOT of Loverings Farm Hulham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LIMMER of 98 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LIONHEART of 1 Alexandra-tcnacc -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LIPMAN of 15 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LISTON of Wendacott Marley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LITTEN of 10a Shelley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LITTEN of 6 Rosbery-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LITTLEJOHN of 7 Turner-avenue Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LOCK of Bonville Halsdon-cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LOCKYER of 48 St. Andrews-road Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LODGE of 19 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LOGAN of 14 Ryll-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LONG of 11 Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LONG of 16 Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LONG of 19 Salisbury-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LONG of Lebu Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LONG of Westcott Holland-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LOVEBAND of 3 Flat 2 Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LOVING of 146 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LUCKS of ttighmead Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LUKE of Moriglen Private Hotel Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LUNDIE of 16 Hartley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LYLE of West Hide Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
LYON of Lyndhurst Cyprus-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACANDREW of 12 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACDERMOTT of Knappe Cross Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACFARLANE of Lansdowne Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACKENZIE of 9 Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MacKENZIE of Kincraig -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACKIE of 7 Albion-hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACKINNON of 16 Bamfield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACPHERSON of 2 Execliff Trefusis-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACPHERSON of 2 Execliff Trefusis-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACPHERSON of 42 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MACPHERSON of Shangani Marley Way -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAEERS of 33 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAIR of Beaumont Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MALAN of The Thatched Cottage Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MALLET of Mansfield Hotel Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MANCELL of Murray Cottage Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MANN of 14 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MANN of 6 Fairview-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARIES of 5 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARKS of Mountain Farm Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARSH of Marlands Stevenstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARSH of Stoke Bishop Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARSHALL of Ardenny Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARSTON of Epworth Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARSTON of Epworth Phillips-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARTIN of 153 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARTIN of 26 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARTIN of 72 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MARTIN of The Mount Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MASSY of The Maer Bay Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MASTERSON of Glebeside Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MATON of 1 Ashleighroad -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MATTHEW of 12 Belvedere-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MATTHEW of 4 Manhead View -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MATTHEWS of Clunhampton -- Exmouth (Devonshire)

For help identifying unknown grandparents with DNA ask us at

Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MATTHEWS of Clunhampton Littlemead-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAUNDER of Green Farm Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAUNDER of Sunnyhaven Vale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAXWELL of 20 Lawn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAY of 12 Rsdeigh Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAY of Westcroft Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MAYNARD of Broadway Comer Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
McCONAGHY of 12 Fairfield-close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MCCULLAGH of 4 Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
McEWAN of Withycombe Barton Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MCGOWN of Pandora 13 Capel-lane Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
McMASTER of 22 Madeira Villa -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MCVEAGH of St. Annes Radden Stile-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MECREDY of Beverley Dagmar-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MECREDY of Holmleigh Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MEIN of 100 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MELDRAM of 37 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MELDRAM of 37 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MELSON of Oakcroft Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MEREDITH of Roseland Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MERRYWEATHER of 9 Carter-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
METTERS of Belstone Marpool-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MILES of Devoncourt Hotel Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MILFORD of 58 Fore-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MILLER of 54 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MILLER of 76 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MILLER of Hatton Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MILLES of 31 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MILLS of 70 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MITCHELL of 9 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MITCHELL of Manor Hotel The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MITCHELLME of Rickerscote Stevenstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MOGGRIDGE of The Park Hotel -Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MOLESWORTH of Torre Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MONEY of la The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MONTGOMERY of The Imperial Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MOODY of Lynwood The Broadway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MOORE of 112 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MOORE of 153 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MOORE of Portland Lodge Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORGAN of 2 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORICE of 106 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORICE of 106 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORRIS of 36 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORRIS of 45 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORRIS of Beacon Lodge -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORRIS of St Lawrence Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORTIMER of 7 Carter-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MORTIMER of Cartref Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MOXON of Whincroft Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MUDIE of -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MUIR of Thornycroft Salterton-road Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MURCH of 4 Hartopp-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MURGATROYD of 11 Fairfield Close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MURLESS of 61 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
MUSGRAVE of 9 Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NANKERVIS of 59 Withycombe-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NEELS of 5 Egremont-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NEELS of 5 Egrexnont-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NELSON of 7 Manchester-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NEWMAN of Bardon Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NEWSON of Ridgeway Trinfield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NICHOLLS of Athelstan Cottage Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NICKELS of 19 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NICKS of 10 Forton-road Withycombe Rayleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NICOLL of Verity 13 Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NIGHTINGALE of 39 Portm-road Kings Heath Birmingham and of Altissima Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NIGHTINGALE of 39 Portman-road Kings Heath Birmingham and of Altissima Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NIGHTINGALE of Altissima Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NIND of Beckington Cyprus-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NOBLE of 17 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMAN of 2 Ann-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMAN of Kingsdon Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMAN of Mowbray House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMAN of Mowbray House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMAN of Mowbray House Elwyn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMAN of Pandema Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMAN of Trebulick Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMANDY of 59 Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORMANDY of 59 Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORRIS of 13 Montpellier-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORRIS of 13 Montpellier-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORTHOVER of 21 Madeira Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORTHWAY of 34 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORTON of 6 Meeting-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
NORTON of Quay-lane Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
O'REILLY of The Convent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OCKENDEN of 108 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OGDEN of Avalon Trinfield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OLIVER of 112 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OLIVER of Cam Brea Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ORCHARD of 104 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ORR of 42 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OSBORNE of 111 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OSBORNE of Claremont Long Causeway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OWEN of Brooklea Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
OWEN of Hillcrest Sunwine-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PAGDEN of The Imperial Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PAGE of Trevelloe Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PAIN of Ryll Court -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PAIN of Ryll Court -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PALMER of 16 Forton-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PALMER of Gulliford Farm -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PANNELL of Mona Cottage Higher Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARE of 30 Halsdon-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARISH of Barlsands Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARKER of 10 South-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARKER of 45 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARKER of 76 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARKER of Sunnymead Lovelace-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARKHOUSE of Windyridge Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARKINSON of 25 Saint Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARRY of Merridene Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARRY of Merridene- Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PARSONS of Malu Marley -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PATON of Seven Acre Comer St. Johns-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PAUL of 76 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PAYNE of 2 Fairfield-close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PAYNE of Anahuac 3 Long Causeway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PEAKE of Dunlukyn Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PEARCE of 25 Waverley-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PEARCE of Westdown Grange-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PEARSE of 11 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PEARSE of 11 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PEARSE of 114 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PEARSE of 5 Rolie-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PEARSE of Kansas Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PENWARDEN of 31 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERCIVAL of 14 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERKIN of 8 Haldon View -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERKINS of 21a The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERKINS of Byways Denmark-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERKINS of Clovedale Iona-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERRIAM of 4 Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERROTT of 38 Lawn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERRY of 9 North-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PERRY of Hulham House -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PETERSON of 9 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PETHERICK of Bishopstone Cranford-avenue Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PETHERICK of Bishopstone Cranford-avenue Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PETTY of Buckingham Lodge -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PHEBEY of Rose Villa Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PHILP of Verity Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PICKETTS of 5 New North-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PICTOR of Barlsands -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PIDSLEY of Weedington House 142 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PIKE of 37 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PINDER of 3 Iona-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PINNIGER of Maerbrook -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PIPER of 28 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PIPER of Bradham House Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PITHERS of 124 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PLANCK of 6 Albion-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
POCOCK of 6 Claremont-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
POETT of 2 Norfolk-terrace Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
POPE of 66 Saint Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
POTTER of Crauford Hotel Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
POTTIER of 20 Brooklands-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRESLEY of Elsack Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRESLEY of Elsack Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRESTON of Dunham Cottage Kingston-road Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRICE of Roseland Broadway Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRICE of The Moorings Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRICE of Trenewydd Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRICE of Trenewydd Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRICHARD of 9 Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRITCHARD of Royal Beacon Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRITCHARD of The Royal Beacon Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PROWSE of 11 New North-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PRYNNE of Kirton Radden Stile-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PUGH of 12 Clarence-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PULFORD of 1 Louisa-cottage -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PUTMAN of Lawriston Phillipps-avenue Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PYLE of 49 George-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PYNE of 10 Broad Park-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PYNE of 31 Rosebery-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
PYNE of Petersden Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
QUENAULT of 30 Camperdown-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
QUICK of 1 Madeira-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
QUICK of Springfield64 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
QUICKE of 38 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RADFORD of Rotherfield Featherstone-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RALLING of 158 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RATTENBURY of 70 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RAWLING of Squabmoor -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
READ of 110 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
REAL of The Dingle Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
REDWAY of Lamorna Lovelace-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
REED of 46 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
REED of 46 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
REEVES of 40a Rolle-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RENFREE of 11 Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
REW of 36 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICE of 6 Clinton-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of 14 Montpelier-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of 2 Fairview-terrace Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of 36 New-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of 6 Stephenson House Station Parade -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHARDS of Yoting St. Johns-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHARDSON of 2 Bicton-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHARDSON of Rapallo Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RICHINGS of The Berkeley Hotel Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RIDGE of 3 New-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RIDGE of 3 New-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RIDLER of Potters Farm Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RILEY of 77 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RIMINGTON of Vasna Littleham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROBERTS of 2 Albion Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROBERTS of The Nutshell 19a Shelley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RODWELL of The Var Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROGERS of 1 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROGERS of 11 Halsdon-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROGERS of 3 Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROGERS of 66 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROGERS of The Haven Marpool Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROSING of Hafod Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROSS of Colbost Beadham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROSS of Colbost Bradham-lane Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROWAN of 108 Shelley-road The Point Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROWBOTHAM of Pennhome Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROWDEN of East Lea Broadway littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROWLAND of 1 Kingston-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROWLAND of 28 Salisburyrroad -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROWLANDSON of 27 Deakes-avenue Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
ROWSELL of Nutbrook Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RUNNALLS of 1 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RUSHFORTH of Elmhurst 1 Hartley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RUSHTON of Khara Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RUSSELL of 64 Lyndhurst-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RUSSELL of Brookside Holland-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
RUSSELL of The Glebe House Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SACRE of 24 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SADLER of Three Oaks Marley -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SALMON of Fuchsia Cottage Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SALTER of 11 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SALTER of 11 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SALTER of Primrose Cottage Vale-road Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SALTER of Primrose Cottage Vale-roadLittleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SANDRY of 11 Ryll Cottages -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SATOW of 22 Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SAUNDERS of 8 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SAYWELL of The Royal Beacon Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SAYWELL of The Royal Beacon Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SCANTLEBURY of 14 South-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SCATLIFF of Sednt Elmo Avondale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SCLATER of 31 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SCOTCHER of 74 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SCOTT of 15 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SEARLE of 3 Henrietta-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SEARLE of Ebenezer Vale-road Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SEAWARD of Farway Avondale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SEDGEMORE of 68 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SELLEY of 6 Bystock-villas Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SEMPLE of Sandown Merrion-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHARLAND of 85 The Village Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHARMAN of 6 Alston-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHARP of 5 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHARP of The Manor Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHELDON of The Devoncourt Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHELLEY of Knowle Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHEPHERD of Elmsleigh Cyprus-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHERARD of Cranford Lodge Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHEWELL of St. Neots 3 Springfield-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHORT of 21 The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SHORT of 87 Egremont-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SIBLEY of Trafalgar 8 Mamhead View -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SILVESTER of 115 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SIMEY of Gayholme Littlemead-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SIMON of Vectis Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SIMPSON of 7 Maristow-avenue Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SIMS of 12 Masey-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SKELTON of Sunny Cot Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SKINNER of 19 New North-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SKINNER of 48 Phear-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SKINNER of Halcyon Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SKINNER of Rose Cottage Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SLADE of 9 Marpool-grove -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SLATER of 3 Windsor-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SMITH of 147 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SMITH of 16 Pound-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SMITH of 18 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SMITH of Wolborough Cranford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SNELLING of 11 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SNELLING of Alberta Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SNOW of 4 Alexander-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SNOW of Kin-Terra Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SOUTHWELL of 12 Clarence-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SOUTHWOOD of 47 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SPARKS of 14 Belvedere-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SPEAR of 22 Danby-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SPENSLEY of 7 Fairfield-close -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SPICER of Windyridge Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SPIER of 9 Lyndhurst-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SPRAQUE of 18 Madeira-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SPRATT of The Crest Lovelace-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STAMP of Dewhurst Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STARK of Blair Atholl Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STARK of Meadow Way Springfield-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STAUNTON of 146 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STEEPLE of Westbury Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STEEPLE of Westbury Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STEER of Lee Kays 31 Ashleigh-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STEINTHAL of Floriston Lovelace-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STEVENS of 1 Church-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STEVENS of 14 Imperial-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STEVENSON of 1 Eastnor Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STEWART of Nidderdale -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STOCKER of 2 Belmont Cottages Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STOCKER of Radleigh Cottage Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STOKES of 16 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STOKES of Avalon Lovelace-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STONE of 16 Pound-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STONE of 7 Fairview-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STONE of Windcroft Hallsdown Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STONEMAN of Mchana Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STOPHER of The Park Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STOYLE of 5 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STRANG of Umtata Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STRATFORD of 14 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STRATFORD of 14 Raleigh-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STRAWBRIUGE of St. Johns Bungalow St. Johns-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
STREET of Tredegar Alexandra-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SUGDEN of Halsdon Cottage Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SULLIVAN of Escallonia Marpool Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SULLIVAN of Ivy Bank Bradham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SUMMERFIELD of 3 Springfield-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SUPPLE of Ballyennis Claremont-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SUPPLE of Ballyennis Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SYLVESTER of Blair Atholl Douglas-avenue Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SYMES of Woodlands Fulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
SYNDERCOMBE of Sevenleigh Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TALBOT of 142 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TALLAGK of Orcombe Leigh Douglas-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TANCRED of Wayside Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TAPSCOTT of Cloonadair Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TAVERNER of 17 Lawn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TAYLEUR of Halsdown House Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of 15 Clarence-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of 2 Greenhill-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TAYLOR of Beam Ends Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THACKWELL of Perrymead Claredale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THEW of Deepdene Barnfield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMAS of 15D Shelley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMAS of 27 The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMAS of 6 Trinfield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMAS of Ayrlea Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMAS of Ballyennis 4 ClaremontTteiTace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMAS of Bendigo Belle Vue-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMAS of Coity Elwyn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMPSON of 2 Holland-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMPSON of 52 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMPSON of 60 St. Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMPSON of Pier Head Stores -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THOMSON of 6 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THORN of Parrys Farm Hulliam -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THORNTON of 10 Albion-hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
THORNTON of 37 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TICKNER of 32a Exeter-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TIDBEROUGH of 8 Station-road Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TILKE of Kansas Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TIPPINGS of 139 Rosebery-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOBIN of The Dolforgan Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOLMAN of 4 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOMPKINS of Dulvers Harlsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOONE of 2 Bamfield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOOZE of 11 Littlemead-terrace Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOWNSEND of 2 Elm Cottages Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOWNSHEND of Meresyke Nursing Home Cran-ford-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOZER of 11 Moorfield-road Branksome Park Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TOZER of 27 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TREASURE of Atlasta Stepps-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TREEBY of 4 Belvedere-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TREMEARNE of 22 The Beacon -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TRENEER of 15 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TREWIN of Eight Bells Littlemead-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TRIM of 76 Egremont-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TRISCOTT of 10 Marpool-hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TROAKE of Primrose Cottage Vale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TRUMP of The Nore Sarlsdown-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TRUMP of The Nore Sarlsdown-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TUCK of St Anne Newlands-avenue Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TUCKER of 2 Park-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TUCKER of Norwinest Mayfield-drive Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TUPMAN of 11 Madeira-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TUPMAN of 13 Bicton-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TUPMAN of 55 Bicton-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TURNER of 1 Ryll-cottages -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TURNER of 29 The Strand -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TURNER of Greenway 17 Ashleigh-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TURNER of Greenway 17 Ashleigh-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TURNER of Moreton -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TYLECOTE of 30 Woodville-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TYNTE of Maer Vale -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TYNTE of The Manor Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
TYRRELL of Broadway Corner Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
UPHAM of Sunhaven 3 Manchester-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
URRY of Dunluce Shelley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VAVASOUR of Upcott Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VEALE of Tremont Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VENMAN of Wrestwood Grange-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VENN of Sandfords Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VENN of Sandfords Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VERNON of 6 Alston-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VICKERS of 14 Masey-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VINCENT of Lothian Seymour-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
VINES of Langstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WADDINGTON of Sine Ira Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WADEY of Templeton Lodge Gertrude-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WALKER of 26 Morden-road Blackheath London and of 10 Ashleigh-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WALKER of 48 Albion-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WALTERS of 1 Castle Park-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WALTERS of 7 Lower-parade -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WANNELL of Wroxham Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARD of 18 Clarence-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARD of 4 Denmark-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARD of 8 Knowle-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARD of Gillowheath Broadham-lane -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARD of Hartland Claredale-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARD of Hulham House Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARD of Irrawaddy Broadway Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WARD of Sunwine Seafield-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARE of 44 Albion-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARE of The Sandrock Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARRICK of Barlsands Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WARWICK of Risholt Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WATERMAN of 1 Greengates Cottage Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WATTS of Shelley Phillipps-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WAY of Littlefield Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEALLEANS of River Hill Courtlands Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBB of The Byron Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBBER of 10 Bystock-villas Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBBER of 2 Flat Doneraile Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBBER of Flat 2?Doneraile Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBBER of I'Faihiew-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBBER of The Nursing Home Pencarwick -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBER of St Laurence Featherbed-lane Halsdown Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEBSTER of 115 Rosebeiy-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEEKS of 60 Albion-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEIGHT of Ellesmere Bamfield-avenue Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEIPPERT of The Exmouth Nursing Home Portland-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WELLER of 3 Johnsons-place -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WERE of 125 Roseberry-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEST of 10 Rolle-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WEST of 8 Morton-crescent -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WESTCOTT of 50 Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WESTMARLAND of 131 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHALE of Colhay -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHEATCROFT of 5 Brooklands-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHEATLEY of 12 Masey-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHEATLEY of 12 Masey-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHEATON of 10 Fairview-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHIDBORNE of Orillia Halsdon-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHIDDON of 25 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITAKER of Halsdown House Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITAKER of High Bray Cottage Foxholes-hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITE of 36 Lawn-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITE of 67 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITE of Elmwood Richmond-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITE of Netherexe 96 Victoria-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITEFIELD of 5 Hamilton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITEMAN of 7 Hollandrroad Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITEWAY of Elford Rolle-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITMEY of 34 Morton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WHITTAM of The Ship Hotel High-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WIDDICOMBE of Ayrlea Exeter-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WIDDRINGTON of 7 Grange-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WIGGLESWORTH of The Moriglen Hotel Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WIGHTMAN of 5 Albion Hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WIGHTMAN of 5 Albion-hill -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILCOX of 8 Fore-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILKINS of 2d The Point -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILKINSON of 9 The Beacon Littleham -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILKINSON of The Royal Beacon Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLCOX of 19 Withycombe-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of 1 Brooklands-road Withycombe -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of 28 Albion-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of 3 Mamhead View -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of 35 Waverley-road Withycombe Raleigh -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of 6 Bamfield-avemie -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLIAMS of 9 High-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)

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WILLS of 11 Clinton-square -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILLS of 3 Alston-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILSON of 3 South-terrace Lympstone -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILSON of Hedge End Bassetts Estate -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WILTON of 27 Madeira-villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WIMBUSH of Little Court Halsdon Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WINDEATT of Alwyn 7 Madeira Villas -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WINTER of 14 Clarence-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WISE of 3 Louisa-terrace -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WISE of Beach Lodge Hulham-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WOOD of 21 Manchester-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WOOD of Greenstead Drakes-avenue -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WOODCOCK of 47 Rolle-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WOODS of Pine Hollow Higher Morley -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WORRINGHAM of 108 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WORRINGHAM of 108 St Andrews-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WRAYFORD of 76 Woodville-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WREFORD of Beech House Beechway -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WREFORD of Marley Lawn -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WRIGHT of Elmdene Salterton-road Littleham Cross -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WRIGHT of The Var Salterton-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WRIGHTSON of Hasledene Cottage Cyprus-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
WRIGHTSON of Hasledene Cyprus-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
YEATS of 19 Pound-street -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
YOUNG of 51 Waverley-road -- Exmouth (Devonshire)
YOUNG of Devoncourt Hotel -- Exmouth (Devonshire)

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