Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

County Wicklow is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of St Valerie Upper Dargle-road Bray -- Wicklow
ADAMS of Santos Blacklion Greystones county -- Wicklow
ADDISON of Oldcourt Vevay-road Bray -- County Wicklow
ALCORN of Abbey-street Wicklow -- Wicklow
ALEXANDER of St Agnes Greystones county -- Wicklow
ALLEN of Carrig Brae Bray -- County Wicklow
ALLEN of Carrig Brae Bray -- County Wicklow
ANDERSON of 1 Brighton-terrace Bray -- Wicklow
ANDERSON of Glenealy Lodge Glenealy county -- Wicklow
ANNESLEY of The Mount Coolgreany-road Arklow county -- Wicklow
ARMSTRONG of National Bank House Tinahely county -- Wicklow
AUSTIN of 5 Novara-terrace Bray -- Wicklow
BAGNALL of Baltyboys Blessington county -- Wicklow
BAGNALL of Killarney Hill Bray -- Wicklow
BAIRD of Tigroney Avoca county -- Wicklow
BAKER of Ravenna Novaro-road Bray -- Wicklow
BALFE of Croneyhom Camew county -- Wicklow
BAPTY of Coolbawn Grey stones -- Wicklow
BARKER of Coolroe House Coolbay Tinahely -- County Wicklow
BARKER of Uplands Annamoe -- Wicklow
BARLOW of Main-street Wicklow county -- Wicklow
BARNEWELL of Seapoint House Bray county -- Wicklow
BARNEY of Silverwell Kilmacanogue Bray -- County Wicklow
BARRETT of 28 O'Byrne-road Bray -- County Wicklow
BARRETT of Slievemore Greystones county -- Wicklow
BARRINGTON of Shamrock Greystones -- County Wicklow
BARRON of Ardmore Church Hill Wicklow -- County Wicklow
BATES of Borcette Putland-road Bray county -- Wicklow
BATTLEY of Belvedere Hall Bray -- Wicklow
BAYLY of Ballyarthur Woodenbridge county -- Wicklow
BELL of Floraville Novara-avenue Bray county -- Wicklow
BELLEW of Tennehinch Enniskerry -- County Wicklow
BIGGER of Ellersley Villas Bray county -- Wicklow
BIRCH of Killincarrick Delgany -- County Wicklow
BLACK of The Grand Hotel Greystones county -- Wicklow
BLOOD of Wilton Greystones -- County Wicklow
BLOOD of Wilton Greystones county -- Wicklow
BOLGER of 18 Main-street Bray county -- Wicklow
BOLTON of Belle Vue Killarney-road Bray county -- Wicklow
BOLTON of Glenhest La Touche-road Grey- stones -- Wicklow
BOLTON of Glenhest La Touche-road Greystone -- Wicklow
BOLTON of Rathlin Killarney-road Bray county -- Wicklow
BOLTON of The Rectory Avoca -- Wicklow
BOOTH of Ardkeen Putland-road Bray -- Wicklow
BOTHWELL of Craan Greysitones -- Wicklow
BOUKOURIS of Corcovada Ballyhad Rathdrum county -- Wicklow
BOURKE of Ballyshemane Rathdrum county -- Wicklow
BOWDEN of Leitrim Lodge Wicklow -- County Wicklow
BOWDEN of St Cronans Bray county -- Wicklow
BOYD of Ravenna Bray county -- Wicklow
BOYLE of Bushey Park Ennisberry county -- Wicklow
BOYLE of Bushey Park Enniskerry county -- Wicklow
BRADD of -- County Wicklow
BRADSHAW of Cullenmore Ashford -- Wicklow
BRAMBELL of Knockeader Herbert-road Bray county -- Wicklow
BRENNAN of Main-street Arklow -- Wicklow
BREOIN of Cloncallow Newcastle -- County Wicklow
BREW of 9 Prince of Wales-terrace Bray -- County Wicklow
BRITTON of Keelogue Arklow county -- Wicklow
BROWN of 2 Seapoint-road Bray -- County Wicklow
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROWNE of Rosslyn Bray -- County Wicklow
BRUCE of 1 Sutton-villas Bray County -- Wicklow
BUCKLEY of Pretoria House Greystones county -- Wicklow
BUCKLEY of Pretoria House Greystones county -- Wicklow
BULLEN of 1 Sutton Villas Dargle-road Bray county -- Wicklow
BURKE of Clara Vale Rathdrum -- Wicklow
BURKE of Epworth Greystones county -- Wicklow
BURKE of Glencot Lorets-avenue Bray county -- Wicklow
BURTON of Altidore Kilpedder -- County Wicklow
BUSBY of Summer Hill Wicklow county -- Wicklow
BYRN of Castle Kevin Annanmoe county -- Wicklow
BYRNE of 10 Quinsborough-road Bray -- Wicklow
BYRNE of 46 Main-street Arklow county -- Wicklow
BYRNE of 68 Main-street Arklow -- Wicklow
BYRNE of Ballykeane Redcross Wicklow -- County Wicklow
BYRNE of Coolbeg Rathnew county -- Wicklow
BYRNE of Harbour View Summerhill Wicklow -- County Wicklow
BYRNE of Kilmaconogue House Bray -- County Wicklow
BYRNE of Money Big Arklow -- Wicklow
BYRNE of Scurlogue Grangecon county -- Wicklow
BYRNE of Stylebawn Delgany county -- Wicklow
CAHILL of Hill View Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
CAMPBELL of Cuilin Bray county -- Wicklow
CAMPBELL of St Thomas Hospital Lambeth London and of Cuilin Bray -- County Wicklow
CARBERY of Bingley Sidmonton-road Bray -- County Wicklow
CARCIN of Homeleigh Greystones -- Wicklow
CARTON of Windgates Bray -- Wicklow
CASEMENT of Cloragh House Ashford -- County Wicklow
CASEY of Glen Lucan Bray -- Wicklow
CASEY of Glen Lucan Bray -- Wicklow
CASSIDY of Stratford-on-Slaney county -- Wicklow
CAULFIELD of Killacloran Aughrim -- Wicklow
CELLETLIE of Main-street Wicklow -- Wicklow
CHAMBERS of 7 Lei trim-place -- Wicklow
CHAMNEY of 15 Elgin-road Ballsbridge Dublin and of Schomberg Killamey-road Bray -- County Wicklow
CHASE of Carraig-Una Kilmacanogue Bray county -- Wicklow
CHERRY of St Helens Bray county -- Wicklow
CHILDS of 3 Milton-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
CLARKE of 1 Leitrim-place Wicklow -- Wicklow
CLEARY of 2 Main-street Bray county -- Wicklow
CLEARY of Station House Rathdrum -- County Wicklow
CLEMENTS of Tuiahely county -- Wicklow
COATES of Tankersley House Ballinglen -- County Wicklow
COCHRANE of 2 Cassendra-villas Adelaide-road Bray county -- Wicklow
COLLINGWOOD of Thornhill Bray county -- Wicklow
COLLINS of Glenthorne Ferrybank Arklow -- Wicklow
COLLUM of Ard Lorcan Putland-road Bray -- County Wicklow
COLOMB of Rossleigh Greystones county -- Wicklow
COLQUHOUN of 13 Galtfim-road Bray county -- Wicklow
CONDELL of Warblebank Newtown Mount Kennedy -- County Wicklow
CONNELL of Rathbran Grangecon -- County Wicklow
CONROY of Barndarring -- County Wicklow
CONRY of Meath House Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
CORMACK of 7 Wyndham Park Bray county -- Wicklow
COWARD of Kilcroney Bray county -- Wicklow
CRAY of 3 Dargle-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
CROFTON of Marlton House Wicklow -- Wicklow
CUFFE of Westbrook Rathnew county -- Wicklow
CULHANE of Hibernian Bank House Wicklow county -- Wicklow
CULLEN of 2 Prince of Wales-terrace Bray -- County Wicklow
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CULLEN of Aughrim county -- Wicklow
CULLEN of Rathmore Ashford county -- Wicklow
D'OLIER of 9 Eustace-street Dublin and of Wingfield Bray county -- Wicklow
DAGG of Quigginroe Coolkenno -- County Wicklow
DANN of Claremount Sidmonton-terrace Greystones county -- Wicklow
DANN of the Beach Greystones county -- Wicklow
DARLEY of The Orchard Bray county -- Wicklow
DAUNT of Killard Greystones county -- Wicklow
DAVIDSON of Duncairn Manse Antrim-road Belfast and of Kilcandra Rat?hnew -- Wicklow
DAVIS of Ballinameesda Kilbride -- Wicklow
DEERING of Killincarrick Lodge Delgan county -- Wicklow
DELAHUNT of Seafield Wicklow county -- Wicklow
DEMONTMORENCY of Goodbrooke Cottage Delgany -- Wicklow
DERHAM of Vava Cottage Wicklow county -- Wicklow
DEVERE of The Lodge Enniskerry -- Wicklow
DEVERELL of Ellesmere Greystones -- Wicklow
DINGLE of Larch Hill Portland-road Bray -- Wicklow
DIXON of Drummin Clonegal county -- Wicklow
DOUGHERTY of Benevenagh Killin-carrick-road Greystones county -- Wicklow
DOUGLAS of Keeloge Arklow county -- Wicklow
DOWLING of 8 Wentworth-place Wicklow county -- Wicklow
DOYLE of 1 Stanley Church-road Greystones -- Wicklow
DOYLE of Ballinacor Barndarrig Kilbride -- Wicklow
DOYLE of Parkmore Ashford -- Wicklow
DRIVER of Knockatomcoyle Tinahely county -- Wicklow
DRURY of Mount Faris Donard county -- Wicklow
DUDGEON of 4 Sydenham Villas Bray -- Wicklow
DUGAN of Avondale Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
EAGAR of Inniskeen Greystones county -- Wicklow
EAGER of Tourboy Kiltegan -- Wicklow
EDGAR of 3 Sugar Loaf-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
ELLISON of Cooldaniel Somerby-road Greystones -- County Wicklow
EVANS of Eureka Marine-place Grey stones county -- Wicklow
EVERARD of 6 Pearse-square Bray county -- Wicklow
FAIRLEY of Kiltegan Rectory county -- Wicklow
FARIS of Arranmore Greystones county -- Wicklow
FARIS of Vellore Greystones -- County Wicklow
FARMER of The Hotel Glenmalure Rathdrum -- Wicklow
FARRELLY of Castle House Castle-street Bray -- County Wicklow
FENTON of Castleruddery Donard county -- Wicklow
FIGGIS of Gorse Hill Greystones -- County Wicklow
FIGGIS of Inglefield Greystones county -- Wicklow
FINLAY of The Countess of Wicklow Memorial Hospital Arklow -- Wicklow
FISHER of Dunlavin county -- Wicklow
FISHER of the Parsonage Donard county -- Wicklow
FITZPATRICK of 55 Windgates Cottages Grey stones -- Wicklow
FLEMING of Arklow -- Wicklow
FLUDYER of Ryecroft Bray county -- Wicklow
FOGARTY of Aughrim -- Wicklow
FOLEY of 4 Castle-street Bray county -- Wicklow
FORBES of Violet Lodge Sidmonton-road Bray -- Wicklow
FORBES of Violet Lodge Sidmonton-road Bray county -- Wicklow
FOX of Windgates Bray -- Wicklow
FOX of Windgates House Windgates -- Wicklow
GARDE of 2 Sidmonton-square Bray county -- Wicklow
GARDNER of Dunloe Greystones -- County Wicklow
GIBSON of Malvern Delgany -- County Wicklow
GILBERT of 3 Milton Villas Wicklow county -- Wicklow
GILBERT of Bay view Bungalow Wicklow -- Wicklow
GILTRAP of 4 Newcourt Villas Bray county -- Wicklow
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GLENN of Mount Herbert Bray -- Wicklow
GOOD of Mayhora Greystones county -- Wicklow
GOODISON of Park House Clonegal county -- Wicklow
GORE of 5 Sidmonton-square Bray -- Wicklow
GRAHAM of Killitragh Greystones -- County Wicklow
GRATTAN of 11 Eaton-square Westminster and of Tinnehinch -- County Wicklow
GREATED of Wilton Meath-road Bray -- County Wicklow
GREENE of 8 Florence-terrace Bray -- County Wicklow
GREENE of Corella Greystones county -- Wicklow
GREENE of Corrella Greystones county -- Wicklow
GREENE of St Helens Bray -- County Wicklow
GREGORY of Kings Hill Arklow county -- Wicklow
GREHAN of 6 Albert Walk Bray -- County Wicklow
GROGAN of Plattenstown Arklow -- County Wicklow
GRONE of Knocklong Meath-road Bray -- County Wicklow
GWATKIN of Ballyteigne House Rathdrum county -- Wicklow
HALE of Kimberley Lodge Greystones county -- Wicklow
HALL of 1 Loretto-villas Bray county -- Wicklow
HALL of Ardna Griena King Edward-road Bray county -- Wicklow
HALL of Ballycurry Ashford county -- Wicklow
HALPIN of Church-street Wicklow county -- Wicklow
HAMILTON of Craigmore Summerly-road Greystones county -- Wicklow
HAMILTON of Fortview Bray -- Wicklow
HANBIDGE of Talbotstown Kiltegan -- Wicklow
HANDCOCK of Dunaree St Vincent-road Greystones -- Wicklow
HANLEY of Glenard Meath-road Bray -- County Wicklow
HANLEY of Glenard Meath-road Bray -- County Wicklow
HANLY of St Marys Meath-road Bray -- Wicklow
HANSTOCK of Palmero Bray -- County Wicklow
HARDING of Tripleton Greystones county -- Wicklow
HARVEY of Glen View Church Hill -- County Wicklow
HARVEY of Main-street Rathdrum -- County Wicklow
HASKINS of Main-street Wicklow -- County Wicklow
HAUGHTON of Killisk House Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
HAUGHTON of Woodside Newcourt-road Bray county -- Wicklow
HAWTHORNE of Altona Bray -- Wicklow
HAYDEN of Killaveney Tinahely -- County Wicklow
HAYES of Ballinrush Lodge Round-wood county -- Wicklow
HEALY of 2 Florence-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
HEALY of Hill View Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
HEALY of Hillview Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
HEARN of 4 Sidmonton-square Bray county -- Wicklow
HEATH of Killisk House Meath-road Bray -- County Wicklow
HEATLEY of Knocklinn Bray -- Wicklow
HEATLEY of Somerton Dargle-road Bray -- County Wicklow
HEATLEY of St Paul s Herbert-road Bray county -- Wicklow
HENDER of Newtownboswell Ashford county -- Wicklow
HENRY of Craglands Greystones county -- Wicklow
HEPENSTALL of Redcross county -- Wicklow
HICKEY of Oakland Meath-road Bray -- County Wicklow
HILL of 11 Beresford-terrace Arklow county -- Wicklow
HINDE of Selston Grey stones -- Wicklow
HINDE of The West Gate Delgany -- County Wicklow
HOBBS of Mount Offaly Greystones county -- Wicklow
HOBSON of Hazeldene Greystones county -- Wicklow
HODDER of Ryecroft Bray -- Wicklow
HOLDBROOK of Tranquilla Hillside-road Grey-stones -- Wicklow
HOPKINS of 3 Martello-terrace Bray -- Wicklow
HORNIDGE of Hillview Blessington -- County Wicklow
HORNIDGE of Ivy Lodge Blessington -- County Wicklow
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HORNIDGE of Ivy Lodge Blessington -- County Wicklow
HOWE of 19 Eustace-street Dublin and of 3 Sydenham-villas Bray -- Wicklow
HOWE of Newlands Sidmonton-square Bray -- County Wicklow
HUDSON of 2 Esplanade-terrace Bray Wicklow
HUDSON of Church-street Wicklow Wicklow
HUGHES of 4 Sidmonton-square Bray -- County Wicklow
HUGHES of High Park Killegan -- Wicklow
HUNT of Ardcairn Bray county -- Wicklow
HUNTER of Slieve na Mon House Boghall-road Bray county -- Wicklow
HUTCHINSON of Rossmore Sidmonton-road Bray -- County Wicklow
HYNDMAN of Glanmire Novara-avenue Bray county -- Wicklow
HYNDMAN of Glanmire Novara-avenue Bray county -- Wicklow
IRWIN of Prospect Newtonmount Kennedy -- County Wicklow
IRWIN of Prospect Newtown-Mountkennedy -- County Wicklow
IRWIN of Rathdown Upper Windgates Greystones -- County Wicklow
JACKSON of Tallyho Tomnaskela Tinahely -- County Wicklow
JACOB of 2 Alexandra-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
JAMES of Kiilabeg Coolkenno -- Wicklow
JAMESON of Clooneen Delgary county -- Wicklow
JAMESON of Glencormac Bray -- County Wicklow
JENNINGS of Wentworth Villa Wentworth-place Wicklow county -- Wicklow
JOHNSTON of 1 Ellerslie Villas Bray county -- Wicklow
JOHNSTON of Alderley Greystones -- Wicklow
JOLY of The Rectory Rathdrum county -- Wicklow
JONES of 6 Church-street Wicklow county -- Wicklow
JONES of Portland House Greystones -- County Wicklow
JOSEPH of Knocklayde Whiitshed-road Greystones -- Wicklow
JUDD of Riversdale Bray county -- Wicklow
KAVANAGH of 15 Harbour-road Arklow -- County Wicklow
KAVANAGH of Askintinny Arklow -- County Wicklow
KAVANAGH of Ballyhook House Grangecon -- County Wicklow
KAVANAGH of Railway Tavern Arklow -- Wicklow
KAVANAGH of Seasonpark Newtownmount Kennedy -- County Wicklow
KAVANAGH of Seasonpark Newtownmountkennedy -- Wicklow
KEARON of Arklow county -- Wicklow
KEARON of Beulah House Ferrybank Arklow -- County Wicklow
KEARON of Castle-road Wicklow -- Wicklow
KEARON of Hazeldene Arklow county -- Wicklow
KEARON of Kylemore Arklow -- County Wicklow
KEARON of Sugar Loaf Cottage Kilmacanogue Bray -- County Wicklow
KEENE of Castlegrange Ashford county -- Wicklow
KELLY of Mill-street Baltinglass county -- Wicklow
KENNA of Harbour Hotel Bray county -- Wicklow
KENNEDY of Castle-crescent Killincarrig county -- Wicklow
KENNEDY of Liskeard Delgany county -- Wicklow
KENNY of Donore Novara- road Bray -- Wicklow
KENNY of Donore Novara-road Bray -- County Wicklow
KERSHAW of Ardmore Bray -- County Wicklow
KINCH of Springfield Arklow -- Wicklow
KINLAY of Alpha-villa Newcourt-road Bray -- County Wicklow
KINLEN of 2 Killincarrick-road Greystones -- Wicklow
KINSELLA of Umrygar Camew -- County Wicklow
LACY of Minoria Florence-road Bray county -- Wicklow
LANCASTER of The Shanty Putland-road Bray -- Wicklow
LANGLEY of Comeragh Galtrim-road Bray county -- Wicklow
LAWLER of 9 Eglinton-road Bray county -- Wicklow
LAWLER of Railway Hotel Dunlavin -- Wicklow
LAWLESS of Hill View Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
LAWLESS of Hillview Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
LAWLOR of Braemar Killamey-road Bray county -- Wicklow
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LE FANU of Ballymorris Bray county -- Wicklow
LE FANU of Ballywaltrim Bray county -- Wicklow
LEE of Mayfield Vevay Bray county -- Wicklow
LEONARD of Baronstown Grange Con county -- Wicklow
LEPPER of Rathlahine Greystones -- Wicklow
LIGAN of The Rectory Dunlavin county -- Wicklow
LINDOP of Crewe House Loretto-avenue Bray -- County Wicklow
LLOYD of Fort View Bray county -- Wicklow
LLOYD of Fortview Bray county -- Wicklow
LOCHRANE of 13 Florence-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
LONEY of Blessington -- County Wicklow
LONEY of Sycamore Cottage Blessington county -- Wicklow
LUDLOW of Paulbeg Cottage Shillelagh -- Wicklow
LYNCH of Brennans Parade Bray -- County Wicklow
LYONS of Dunlavin county -- Wicklow
MACLEOD of Rathdown House Greystones county -- Wicklow
MacNEICE of Sidmonton Novara-avenue Bray -- County Wicklow
MACONCHY of Charleville Greystone -- County Wicklow
MAEDER of Knockrath Greystones county -- Wicklow
MAGUIRE of 10 Florence-road Bray county -- Wicklow
MAHER of Knockafrompa Roundwood county -- Wicklow
MALLEY of Chetwynd Herbert-road Bray county -- Wicklow
MANNING of Fort Granite Baltinglass county -- Wicklow
MANNING of Mount Corballis Rathdrum county -- Wicklow
MANNING of Mount Corballis Rathdrum county -- Wicklow
MANNIX of 8 Putland-road Bray county -- Wicklow
MARRABLE of St Valerie Bray -- County Wicklow
MARTIN of Tank House Kilcroney Bray -- Wicklow
MARTIN of Weymss Eden-road Greystones county -- Wicklow
MAY of Knockmore Enniskerry county -- Wicklow
McCANN of Ard-na-Greine Putland-road Bray county -- Wicklow
McCLOCHRY of Carbery Greystones -- Wicklow
McCORMICK of 2 Kinlen-road Greystones -- County Wicklow
McDERMOTT of Pierscourt Florence-road Bray -- Wicklow
McENNERY of Newcastle House Newcastle -- Wicklow
MCEWEN of co Wiggins Virgina Meath-road Bray -- Wicklow
McFARLAND of 4 Carlton-terrace Bray -- Wicklow
McFARLAND of Burnaby Stores Greystones county -- Wicklow
McGONNELL of The Estate Office Enniskerry -- County Wicklow
McPHAILL of Roseville Wicklow county -- Wicklow
MEEKE of Glencourt Killarney-road Bray county -- Wicklow
MEREDITH of Sea View Redcross county -- Wicklow
MITCHELL of Ballymere Grange Con -- County Wicklow
MOLYNEUX of The Decoy Dunlavin -- Wicklow
MONAHAN of The Presbytery Baltinglass -- County Wicklow
MOORE of 16 Dargan-street Bray -- Wicklow
MOORE of Dromin Delgany -- Wicklow
MORELL of Ard-na-Cree Wicklow -- Wicklow
MORGAN of Innismore Delgany -- Wicklow
MORRIN of Baltinglass county -- Wicklow
MORRIN of Mill House Baltinglass -- County Wicklow
MOSES of Braemar Bray county -- Wicklow
MULHALLEN of Sidmonton Lodge Bray county -- Wicklow
MURPHY of 6 Novara-terrace Bray -- County Wicklow
MURPHY of 9 Galtrim-road Bray county -- Wicklow
MURPHY of Ballinacarrig Rathdrum county -- Wicklow
MURPHY of Rasnastraw Tinahely county -- Wicklow
MURRAY of 5 Adelaide-road Bray -- County Wicklow
NASH of The Bungalow Newcastle -- County Wicklow
NELIGAN of Herbert Lodge Bray -- Wicklow
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NEVILLE of Weston Enniskerry -- Wicklow
NEWMAN of 4 Monkton-row Wicklow county -- Wicklow
NOLAN of Bay View Wicklow -- Wicklow
NOLAN of Brooklawn Strand-road Bray County -- Wicklow
NOLAN of Donard -- County Wicklow
O'LEARY of 6 King s Hill Arklow county -- Wicklow
O'MAHONEY of Kerry of Coolballintaggart county -- Wicklow
O'MEARA of Ard na Mara Greystones county -- Wicklow
O'NEILL of Bolarney Wicklow county -- Wicklow
O'NEILL of Edward-street Baltinglass county -- Wicklow
O'NEILL of Uplands Delgany -- County Wicklow
O'REILLY of 1 Duncaim-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
O'REILLY of 7 Florence-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
O'REILLY of The Rosary Florence-road Bray county -- Wicklow
O'RORKE of 6 Auburn-villas Bray -- County Wicklow
O'SULLIVAN of Manor Kilbride county -- Wicklow
O'SULLIVAN of Manor Kilbride via Dublin -- County Wicklow
O'TOOLE of 3 Fontenoy-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
O'TOOLE of 3 Fontenoy-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
ODLUM of Ardmore Bray -- Wicklow
OMEARA of The Ochra Bray -- Wicklow
OREILLY of 1 Duncairn-terrace Bray -- Wicklow
ORMSBY of Carrowbeg Delgany county -- Wicklow
ORMSBY of Lismweel Enniskerry county -- Wicklow
ORMSBY of Macreddin Aughrim -- County Wicklow
ORMSBY of Macreddin Augrhim -- County Wicklow
OTOOLE of 35 Main-street Bray -- Wicklow
OVEREND of Stanley House Greystones county -- Wicklow
OWEN of Crosscool Harbour Blessington county -- Wicklow
OWEN of Liscelta Greystones county -- Wicklow
PAGE of Ballymoneen Avoca county -- Wicklow
PALMER of Benmore Quarry-road Greystones Wicklow
PALMER of Holmsdale Church-road Greystones -- County Wicklow
PARKER of The Central Hotel Greystones -- County Wicklow
PATRICKSON of 5 Galtrim-road Bray -- Wicklow
PATTERSON of Trudder New-townmountkennedy -- Wicklow
PEACOCK of Killisk Meath-road Bray county -- Wicklow
PEARCE of Ballyclough Kilbride county -- Wicklow
PEET of Glenbrook Delgany county -- Wicklow
PELLY of 2 Florence-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
PENDERAL of Corke Lodge Bray -- County Wicklow
PEYTON of Beechwood House Delgany -- County Wicklow
PHILLIPSON of Knockrath Greystones -- Wicklow
PIM of Belmont Grey stones county -- Wicklow
PIM of Shandon Greystones -- Wicklow
POWER of 8 Fitzwilliam-terrace Bray -- County Wicklow
POWER of Two Mile Water Wicklow -- Wicklow
PRENTICE of Vellore Greystones -- County Wicklow
PRESTAGE of Tourist Hotel Main-street Arklow -- County Wicklow
PRICE of 8 Galtrim-road Bray county -- Wicklow
PURDON of Sidmonton House Novara-avenue Bray county -- Wicklow
QUIGLEY of WoodvilleEnniskerry county -- Wicklow
QUINN of Parknasilla Bray -- Wicklow
RAEBURN of Doone Galtrim-road Bray county -- Wicklow
READ of Lisheen Old Court-road Bray county -- Wicklow
REDMOND of Aughavanagh county -- Wicklow
REEVES of 11 Brennan-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
REID of Craignethan Greystones county -- Wicklow
REILLY of 3 Galtrim-road Bray county -- Wicklow
REILLY of 7 Galtrim-road Bray -- County Wicklow
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
REILLY of Knockananna Ballinglen county -- Wicklow
RESIDE of 6 Martello Tower Bray county -- Wicklow
RICHARDS of Rath Greystones county -- Wicklow
RICHARDS of Rath Greystones county -- Wicklow
ROBERTS of Coollattin Shillelagh -- County Wicklow
ROBERTS of Dargle Vale Dargle-road Bray -- County Wicklow
ROBERTSON of Bragleen Florence-road Bray county -- Wicklow
ROBERTSON of Knockrath Greystones -- Wicklow
ROBINSON of Coolattin Park Shillelagh county -- Wicklow
RONALDSON of Leitrim House Wicklow -- County Wicklow
RUSKELL of Ballyrichard Arklow -- County Wicklow
RUSKELL of Ballyrichard Arklow -- Wicklow
RUSKELL of Templeraing Arklow -- County Wicklow
SANDERSON of The Matchbox Tinode -- Wicklow
SAUNDERS of Derrybawn Rathdrum -- Wicklow
SCOTT of Ballygannon Kilcoole Wicklow
SCOTT of Westmount Wicklow -- County Wicklow
SCRAGGS of 6 Westbourne-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
SCULLY of Claremont Greystones -- County Wicklow
SEALY of 12 Lauderdale-terrace Bray -- Wicklow
SEALY of Slievemore Greystones -- Wicklow
SEMPLE of 6 Prince of Wales-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
SHANNON of Humphreystown Blessington -- Wicklow
SHANNON of Tomnaskela Ballinglen -- County Wicklow
SHARPE of 22 Florence-road Bray -- County Wicklow
SHAW of Thornton Sidmonton Bray county -- Wicklow
SHEANE of Coolnakilly Glenealy county -- Wicklow
SHEKLETON of 3 Milton Villas Wicklow county -- Wicklow
SHEPARD of Ballinacoola Glenealy -- Wicklow
SHEPARD of Ballinacoola Glenealy county -- Wicklow
SHEPARD of Oatlands -- County Wicklow
SHEPPARD of Shillelagh county -- Wicklow
SHERWOOD of 26 Fairgreen Arklow county -- Wicklow
SHORTEN of Mountjohn Newitownmount Kennedy county -- Wicklow
SHORTEN of Mountjohn Newtownmountkennedy county -- Wicklow
SMITH of Lislee Greystones -- County Wicklow
SMITH of Moosaphir Greystones -- County Wicklow
SMITH of Moosaphir Greystones -- Wicklow
SMITH of St Julien Sidmonton-road Bray -- County Wicklow
SMYTH of Violet Hill Kilbride -- Wicklow
SPRATT of Mullamore Greystones -- County Wicklow
STEPHENSON of 8 Fitzwilliam-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
STEVENS of Castlekevin Annamoe Greystones county -- Wicklow
STOREY of Sunbury Church-road Greystones -- County Wicklow
STUART of 7 Novara-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
STUART of 7 Novara-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
STYLES of Crossbridge Tinahely -- County Wicklow
SULLIVAN of Witton House Ferrybank Arklow county -- Wicklow
SYMES of Wingfield Tinahely -- Wicklow
SYMES of Wingfield Tinahely -- Wicklow
SYNGE of Glanmore Ashford county -- Wicklow
SYNGE of The Rectory Annamoe -- County Wicklow
SYNNOTT of Newtown Mount Kennedy county -- Wicklow
TALLON of Stranakelly Tirahely -- County Wicklow
TAYLOR of Ballinacor House Tinahely -- County Wicklow
TAYLOR of Golden Fort Baitinglass -- Wicklow
TAYLOR of Inchinappa Cottage Ashford county -- Wicklow
TEELE of Glen Lodge Greystones -- Wicklow
THOMPSON of Sunvilla Parade Ground Arklow -- County Wicklow
THORNTON of Beechmount Newcastle -- County Wicklow
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THORP of Laxton Bray county -- Wicklow
TIMMINS of Rosebank Avoca -- Wicklow
TOMBE of Broom Hall Rathnew County -- Wicklow
TOMBE of Cronroe Ashford -- Wicklow
TOTTENHAM of Plas Berwyn Llangollen Denbighshire and-of Woodstock Newtown Mount Kennedy -- County Wicklow
TOWNSEND of Wayside Delgany county -- Wicklow
TREACY of Bell Rock Cottage Avoca -- County Wicklow
TRUELL of Clonmannon House Rathnew -- County Wicklow
TRUEMAN of Summer Hill Wicklow county -- Wicklow
TURNER of Cronelea Shillelagh county -- Wicklow
TUTTY of Kilmurry Baltinglass county -- Wicklow
TWAMLEY of Ardoyne Lodge Ardoyne -- Wicklow
TYNTE of Tynte-park Dunlavin -- County Wicklow
TYRRELL of Ballinapark Rathnew -- Wicklow
TYRRELL of Marlborough-terrace Arklow -- County Wicklow
WALKER of Moorfield Portland-road Grey stones -- Wicklow
WALKER of Rockview Greystones county -- Wicklow
WALL of St Anns Vevay-road Bray county -- Wicklow
WALLER of Killincarrick Lodge Delgany -- Wicklow
WALLIS of 9 Eglinton-road Bray -- Wicklow
WARD of The Grand Hotel Greystones -- Wicklow
WARD of The Grove Portland-road Greystones county -- Wicklow
WARREN of Glendair King Edward-road Bray county -- Wicklow
WATERS of Killiskey Ashford -- Wicklow
WATERS of Killiskey Ashford county -- Wicklow
WATSON of 10 Duncairn-terrace Bray county -- Wicklow
WATSON of Fernside Greystones county -- Wicklow
WEIR of Holly Lodge Tinahely county -- Wicklow
WELLESLEY of Bromley Kilpedder county -- Wicklow
WHELAN of 4 Kilmantin-place Bray county -- Wicklow
WHITTY of Wayside Enniskerry county -- Wicklow
WILKINSON of Shelton Abbey Arklow -- County Wicklow
WILLIAMS of Hazelheath Meath- road Bray -- Wicklow
WILLIAMS of Ossory Lodge Sandy- mount Dublin and of Willow Bank Ballinagee Enniskerry -- Wicklow
WILSON of Ard-na-Greina King Edward-road Bray county -- Wicklow
WILSON of The Lodge Coollattin Shillelagh county -- Wicklow
WINCH of Rochfield Hotel Brittas Bay county -- Wicklow
WINDER of Ballymooney Donard -- Wicklow
WINGFIELD of Dunran Ashford county -- Wicklow
WOOD of Cool Na Vee Greystones county -- Wicklow
WOODCOCK of 2 Ocean Villas Bray county -- Wicklow
WRIGHT of The Bank of Ireland Arklow county -- Wicklow
WRIGHT of Tynte Park Dunlavin county -- Wicklow
WYLIE of Seizenpark Newtown- mount Kennedy -- Wicklow
WYNNE of Tigrony Avocacounty -- Wicklow
WYNNE of Winnipeg Delgany -- County Wicklow
YOUNG of Riversdale Ballyrogan Reccross county -- Wicklow

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