Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

County Limerick is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
AHERIN of Cooleen Kilmallock -- County Limerick
AHERNE of Dromcollogher -- Limerick
ALLAN of 3 Weston-gardens Rosbrien county -- Limerick
AMBROSE of Ballinena Newcastle West -- County Limerick
ARTHURE of 5 St Marys-terrace Ballinacurra -- County Limerick
ATKINSON of Glenwilliam Castle Ballin-garry county -- Limerick
ATKINSON of Llscoole Castletroy -- county Limerick
BAILEY of Gortboy Kilmallock -- county Limerick
BAKER of Curraheen House Ballinganane Aslceaton -- County Limerick
BAKER of Rockfield Patrickswell Crecora -- County Limerick
BALDWIN of 1 Ballinacurra-terrace -- Limerick
BARKMAN of Rose Cottage Adare -- county Limerick
BARRETT of Bama Newcastle West -- county Limerick
BARRY of Cappagh county -- Limerick
BARRY of Frlarstown Orange -- county Limerick
BARRY of Sandville Ballyneety -- county Limerick
BARRY of Sandville Ballyneoty county -- Limerick
BARRY of Toureendonnell Athea county -- Limerick
BARTLEY of 23 Mulgrave-street -- Limerick
BENNETT of Rathany House -- County Limerick
BENNETT of Summerville Kilmallock -- County Limerick
BENNETT of Tullybrackey Bruff county -- Limerick
BERKERY of Ballybeg Shearlns Cross Kllmallock -- county Limerick
BIGGANE of Bruree -- county Limerick
BINCHY of Fort George Rathkeale -- county Limerick
BLAKE of Martinstown Kilmallock -- county Limerick
BLOOD of Willowbank Limerick -- Limerick
BOURKE of 9 Broad-street -- Limerick
BOURKE of Duxtown Rathkeale -- County Limerick
BOURKE of Duxtown Rathkeale -- county Limerick
BOURKE of Goulg Castleconnell -- County Limerick
BOVENIZER of Killaheen Reens Ardagh -- Limerick
BOWEN of Caherhennessy Ballingarry county -- Limerick
BOWMAN of 17 Crescent Limerick county -- Limerick
BOYD of 11 Barrington-street Limerick county -- Limerick
BRADSHAW of Turagh Cappamore -- county Limerick
BREEN of 40 Cecil-street -- Limerick
BREEN of Main-street Glin -- County Limerick
BRENNAN of Emmett Street Kilmallock -- county Limerick
BRENNAN of Kilfinane -- County Limerick
BRENNAN of Kilfinane county -- Limerick
BRERETON of Mount Carmel Ballinacurra -- County Limerick
BRODERICK of 7 Glentworth-street and 130 O Connell-street -- Limerick
BRODERICK of Athea -- County Limerick
BRODERICK of Martinstown Kilmallock county -- Limerick
BROSNAN of Rallyegna Shanagolden county -- Limerick
BROWNE of Ballyea Fedamore -- Limerick
BROWNE of Crossagalla -- Limerick
BROWNE of Holy Cross Kllmallock -- county Limerick
BROWNING of Bruree House Bruree county -- Limerick
BROWNING of Clorane Kildimo Limerick
BROWNING of The Bungalow Ardshanbally Adare -- county Limerick
BUGLER of Rivers Anacotty -- County Limerick
BURKE of 11 Crescent Avenue Limerick -- county Limerick
BURKE of Ballingarry -- county Limerick
BURKE of The Square Abbeyfeale -- County Limerick
BYRNE of Grianan Foynes -- County Limerick
BYRNE of National Bank House Newcastle West -- county Limerick
CAGNEY of Dullas Croom -- Limerick
CAHILL of Rathkeale -- Limerick
CANTILLON of The Bungalow Ardshanbally Adare -- county Limerick
CANTY of Dromin Kilmallock county -- Limerick
CANTY of Knocklong -- County Limerick
CARMODY of Gerald Griffin-street -- Limerick
CARROLL of Jamestown Charleville -- County Limerick
CARROLL of Killacolla House Ballyagran -- county Limerick
CARROLL of Main Street Bruff -- County Limerick
CARROLL of Mulgrave-street -- Limerick
CASEY of Main-street Rathkeale county -- Limerick
CASEY of The Medical Hall Bruff county -- Limerick
CATER of Corcamore Clarina -- county Limerick
CAVANACH of 6 Crescent-avenue -- Limerick
CHILDE of 3 Mulgrave-street -- Limerick
CLEARY of Clonan House Kilmallock county -- Limerick
CLEEVE of Milford House Convalescent Home Castletroy -- county Limerick
CLEEVE of Shelbourne -- Limerick
CLERY of 1 Clare View-terrace South Circular-road -- Limerick
CLERY of 1 Clare-view-terrace South Circular-road -- Limerick
CLERY of Ballygrennan Kilmallock -- County Limerick
CLERY of Kilmallock county -- Limerick
CLERY of Templeathea Athea -- County Limerick
COCKBURN of 2 Emma-villas Thomondgate county -- Limerick
COFFEY of 3 Bridge-street -- Limerick
COGHLAN of William-street Limerick -- county Limerick
COLBERT of Killarney Road Abbeypeale -- county Limerick
COLL of Maidstown Castle Bruree -- county Limerick
COLLINS of Altamira House Thomondgate -- Limerick
COLLINS of Caherconlish -- County Limerick
CONDON of Ballylanders county -- Limerick
CONDON of Rathreagh Ardagh county -- Limerick
CONNELL of Protestant Aid Home Rykes Path -- Limerick
CONNOLLY of Ballycullane Holy Cross Kilmallock -- Limerick
CONSIDINE of Derk PalJasgrien county -- Limerick
COOPER of Bruree House Bruree -- county Limerick
CORBETT of Wilmount Ennis-road -- Limerick
CORBOY of The Crossways Ennis-road -- Limerick
COSGREAVE of Bank House Rathkeale -- county Limerick
COSGREAVE of Rathkeale county -- Limerick
COSTELLO of Morenane Croom county -- Limerick
COSTELLO of Tullerboy Athlacca -- Limerick
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COTTER of The Square Abbeyfeale county -- Limerick
COURAGE of Knocknagarry Castleconnell -- county Limerick
CRECAN of Shelbourne-a venue -- Limerick
CREED of 5 Glenview Terrace Farranshone -- county Limerick
CREGAN of Bridge-street Newcastle West county -- Limerick
CREGAN of Maryvale Shanagolden county -- Limerick
CREMIN of Ballineena Newcastle West -- county Limerick
CROKER of Ballinagarde Ballyneety -- Limerick
CROKER of Lansdowine Park -- Limerick
CROMER of 18 O Connell-street -- Limerick
CROSS of Evergreen Ballinacurra county -- Limerick
CROWE of Castle View Knocklong -- county Limerick
CROWLEY of Main Street Ballylanders -- county Limerick
CROWLEY of Oldfield South Circular-road -- Limerick
CROWLEY of The Square Newcastle West -- County Limerick
CUNNINGHAM of 9 James-street -- Limerick
CURLING of The Castle House Newcastle West -- County Limerick
CURTIN of 14 Lower Cecil-street county -- Limerick
CURTIN of Camas House Newcastlewest county -- Limerick
CURTIN of Main Street Patrickswell -- County Limerick
DALTON of Caherllne House Caherconllsh -- county Limerick
DALTON of Church Street Newcastle West -- county Limerick
DALY of 2 Rutland Villas South Circular-road -- Limerick
DEASY of Killeedy Ballagli county -- Limerick
DENNEHY of 43 O Connell-street -- Limerick
DEVERE of Curragh Chase Adare -- county Limerick
DEVITT of St. Endas Ballinacurra -- county Limerick
DOBBIN of Knockany Rectory Hospital Knocklong -- County Limerick
DODDS of Kyleglas county -- Limerick
DORAN of Caherdavln -- county Limerick
DORE of Ballykenny Newcastle West -- County Limerick
DORE of Ballykenny Strand -- County Limerick
DUNDON of Cloghatacka Ferry Bridge Clarina -- County Limerick
DUNWORTH of Effin Kilmallock -- county Limerick
DWANE of Hospital county -- Limerick
DWANE of Hospital county -- Limerick
DWANE of St Ita s Newcastle West county -- Limerick
EMLY of Tervoe Clarina -- Limerick
ENRIGHT of 9 Glentworth-street -- Limerick
ENRIGHT of 9 Glentworth-street -- Limerick
ENRIGHT of Castleconnell -- Limerick
ETTLES of 1 Ferndale Ballinacurra -- County Limerick
EVANS of Lower Main-street Rathkeale -- County Limerick
FAHEY of Ballybricken Kilmallock -- Limerick
FAHY of 6 Catherine-street -- Limerick
FERGUSON of Fort House Careys-road -- Limerick
FINCH of Maryville Croom -- County Limerick
FINNERTY of Anhld Croom -- County Limerick
FINNERTY of Croom -- Limerick
FITT of Maryville Corbally -- County Limerick
FITZGERALD of Cahara Glin county -- Limerick
FITZGERALD of Main-street Kilfinane -- Limerick
FITZGERALD of Mondellihy Adare county -- Limerick
FITZGERALD of Mount Earle Adare -- county Limerick
FITZGERALD of Old Pallas Pallasgreen -- County Limerick
FITZGERALD of Raymondstown Shearins Cross Kilmallock -- County Limerick
FITZGERALD of Rosbrien county -- Limerick
FITZGIBBON of Woodfield Drumcollogher -- Limerick
FITZMAURICE of Henry-street -- Limerick
FITZPATRICK of Ballyheight Charleville -- County Limerick
FLEMING of 38 Pembroke-road Dublin and of Garbally Bruff -- Limerick
FLETCHER of Gorteen Castleconnell -- Limerick
FOLEY of 6 Sydenham-terrace Ballinacurra -- Limerick
FOSBERY of Clorane Kildimo county -- Limerick
FURNELL of Ballyclough -- county Limerick
GAFFNEY of Lord Edward Street Kllmallocfc -- county Limerick
GALE of The Rectory Abington Murroe -- county Limerick
GELLATLY of Holly Park Kilcoman county -- Limerick
GELLATLY of Holly Park Kilcornan -- County Limerick
GELSTON of Lineham Ennis Road Limerick -- county Limerick
GERAGHTY of Belmont Ennis-road -- Limerick
GLEESON of Boherageela Bruff county -- Limerick
GLEESON of Boherygeela Meanus Kilmallock county -- Limerick
GLEESON of Bruff County -- Limerick
GLEESON of Bruff county -- Limerick
GLYNN of 5 Francis-street -- Limerick
GOODBODY of Woodsdown Lisnagry -- County Limerick
GOODBODY of Woodsdown Lisnagry -- Limerick
GOW of Glenstal Morroe -- County Limerick
GRAHAM of 13 Wolfe Tone-terrace -- Limerick
GRAHAM of 72 O Connell-street -- Limerick
GREEN of Greenmount Patrickswell -- county Limerick
GREEN of Greenmount Patrickswell -- Limerick
GREENE of Ballygran -- County Limerick
GRIFFIN of 24 Broad-street -- Limerick
GRIFFIN of Altavilla Estate Askeaton -- county Limerick
GRIFFIN of Kilgrogan Adare -- County Limerick
GUBBINS of Kilfrush Knocklong county -- Limerick
GUBBINS of Lar Erra Castleroy -- County Limerick
GUBBINS of Lismullane -- county Limerick
GUBBINS of Lismullane Caherconlish -- County Limerick
GUILLAMORE of Castle Garde Cappamore county -- Limerick
GUILLAMORE of Castle Garde Cappamore county -- Limerick
GUILLAMORE of Rath-bredagh Newcastle West -- County Limerick
HALPIN of 4 Crescent Villas Military-road -- Limerick
HAMILTON of 18 County View-terrace Ballinacurra -- Limerick
HAMILTON of Ballyrobin Newcastle West -- County Limerick
HANLY of 5 Sydenham-terrace Ballinacurra county -- Limerick
HANLY of Brier Villa Rathbane county -- Limerick
HANLY of Brier Ville Roxboro-road Rathbane county -- Limerick
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HANNIGAN of Gortnavee Drumcollogher county -- Limerick
HANNIGAN of Highmount -- county Limerick
HARDIMAN of 70 O Connell-street -- Limerick
HARDING of Yewfort Patrickswell county -- Limerick
HARNETT of 2 Munster-terrace -- Limerick
HARRISON of Bridge House Groom -- County Limerick
HARROLD of Grouse Lodge Ardagh county -- Limerick
HARTE of Cragmore Askeaton -- county Limerick
HARTIGAN of 2 Mount Vincent-place O Connell-avenue -- Limerick
HARTIGAN of Monaleen Castletroy -- county Limerick
HARTIGAN of St Kyrans Rathkeale county -- Limerick
HARTIGAN of The Royal George Hotel -- Limerick
HARTY of 42 Nicholas-street -- Limerick
HARTY of High Park Caherconlish county -- Limerick
HARTY of the City Home and Hospital county -- Limerick
HAYDEN of Milford House -- Limerick
HAYES of 11 Mount-park New-street Limerick -- county Limerick
HAYES of Ballinacahera Askeaton and of 8 Upper Mallow-street Limerick both in county -- Limerick
HAYES of Ballylanders -- County Limerick
HAYES of Knockane Newcastle West -- county Limerick
HAYES of Rathkeale county -- Limerick
HAYES of Sruth-lan-South Circular Road Limerick -- county Limerick
HEALY of Monlne Kilflnane -- county Limerick
HEAPHY of New Park Charleville county -- Limerick
HEAPHY of Newport Kilmallock -- County Limerick
HEDERMAN of 6 Glentworth Street Limerick -- county Limerick
HENDERSON of Lynhales Kington Herefordshire and of Woodlands Castle Connell county -- Limerick
HENNESSY of Galbally -- county Limerick
HERR of Ballylanders -- County Limerick
HERRIOTT of Wellington Villa O Connell-avenue -- Limerick
HEWSON of Attyflln Patrickswell -- County Limerick
HEWSON of Castle Hewson Askeaton -- county Limerick
HEWSON of Cooleen Castletroy -- county Limerick
HEWSON of Lough Cottage Askeaton -- County Limerick
HICKEY of 1 Mortell-villas O Connell-avenue -- Limerick
HIGGINS of Ballistena Shearins Cross Kilmallock -- County Limerick
HISTON of Churchtown Newcastle West -- County Limerick
HOGAN of Church Street Newcastle West -- county Limerick
HOGAN of Church-street Newcastle West -- county Limerick
HOGAN of Dooradoyle Mungret county -- Limerick
HOGAN of Dooradoyle Mungret county -- Limerick
HOLLIDAY of Rose Villa Corbally county -- Limerick
HOLLIDAY of Roseville Corbally county -- Limerick
HOLLY of The Mall Glln -- county Limerick
HOSFORD of Main Street Kilflnane -- county Limerick
HOUGH of 2 Mitchell-street off John-street Limerick -- county Limerick
HOUGH of Askeaton -- County Limerick
HOWARD of Ohomas Street Rothheale -- county Limerick
HUGHES of Kllpeacon House Creeora -- county Limerick
HUNT of Cooleen Kilmallock -- county Limerick
HUNT of Cooleen Kilmallock -- County Limerick
HURLEY of Knockaney Bruff county -- Limerick
HURLEY of the Kennels Rathbane Ballysimon county -- Limerick
IRWIN of Moig House Shanagolden -- Limerick
JENNINGS of Cappaniore county -- Limerick
JOHNSTON of 46 Cecil-street -- Limerick
JOHNSTON of Chapelrussel Pallaskerry -- County Limerick
JONES of Ballyclough Rosbrien -- County Limerick
KAVANAGH of 3 Adelaide-terrace -- Limerick
KEANE of Castleconnell -- county Limerick
KEANE of The Commercial Hotel Castleconnell -- Limerick
KEAYS of 3 Geraldine Villas -- Limerick
KEAYS of Mlllbank House Orange -- county Limerick
KEILLOR of the Rectory Kilfinane county -- Limerick
KELLY of Ardagh county -- Limerick
KELLY of Athlacca Askeaton -- county Limerick
KELLY of Cool West Athea -- county Limerick
KELLY of Cragfield North Circular-road county -- Limerick
KELLY of Main-street Castleconnell county -- Limerick
KELLY of Milford House Limerick county -- Limerick
KENNEDY of 1 Sarsfield-terrace South Circular-road -- Limerick
KENNEDY of Sprlngfort Patrickswell -- County Limerick
KEOGH of 1 Glosters-lane Themondgate -- Limerick
KEOGH of Bennie House Hospital Limerick -- County Limerick
KERRISS of Ballingarry -- Limerick
KIELY of Anglesborough -- County Limerick
KIELY of Clougbeatlng Patrickswell -- County Limerick
KIELY of Heathfield Kilmeedy -- county Limerick
KING of 2 O Connel-Terrace -- Limerick
KING of The Convent of the Order Marie Reparatrice -- Limerick
KIRBY of Tullybrackey Bruff -- county Limerick
KNIGHT of Church-street Newcastle West -- County Limerick
KNOX of Corgrig Foynes -- Limerick
LANE of Davlan Castletroy -- county Limerick
LANE of St. Itas Hospital Newcastle West -- county Limerick
LANGFORD of Glenville Ardagh -- county Limerick
LANGFORD of Kilcosgriff Shanagolden county -- Limerick
LAVAN of Newcastle West -- Limerick
LEGEAR of Newborougli -Adare -- county Limerick
LEONARD of 33 Windmill-street Limerick -- Limerick
LEONARD of Bridge House Newcastle West -- county Limerick
LEONARD of Bridge Street Newcastle West -- county Limerick
LEWIS of Courthouse Buildings Kilmallock county -- Limerick
LIDDANE of 3 Ballysimon-road -- Limerick
LILBURN of Flnvoy Castletroy county Limerick -- county Limerick
LILLIS of Coolfnne Heanus Kilmallock -- County Limerick
LINANE of Fairyfield Kilmalloch -- County Limerick
LISTON of Lislnlsky Castlemahon -- County Limerick
LITTLE of Coolnavee Foynes county -- Limerick
LITTLE of Coolnaves Foynes -- County Limerick
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LLOYD of Beechmount Rathkeale county -- Limerick
LONDON of Castleville Castletroy -- County Limerick
LONG of Ballinagarde -- county Limerick
LOWRY of 2 Saint Joseph s Villas -- Limerick
LUCAS of Prospect Corbally -- Limerick
LYNCH of Abbeyfeale -- county Limerick
LYONS of Croom House Croom county -- Limerick
LYONS of Croom House Croom county -- Limerick
LYSAGHT of Attyflin Patrickswell -- County Limerick
MACLAUGHLBN of Ballinamona Knocklong -- County Limerick
MACLAUGHLIN of Ballynamona House Hospital -- county Limerick
MacMAHON of 8 William-street -- Limerick
MACNAMAkA of Kilmallock county -- Limerick
MADIGAN of Foynes county -- Limerick
MAGMER of The Square Askeaton -- County Limerick
MANGAN of Shanagolden -- County Limerick
MANN of Ballyaglish Askeaton -- County Limerick
MARKBY of Scart Killonan county -- Limerick
MASSEY of Coolacocra Ardagh -- County Limerick
MASSY of Stonevllle Rathkeale -- county Limerick
MAUNSELL of Ballinvirick Askeaton -- County Limerick
MAUNSELL of Finnitterstowri Adare -- County Limerick
MAXWELL of Ardcanny Rectory Kildimo -- Limerick
MCCARTHY of Creevebeg Croom/ -- Limerick
MCCARTHY of Mortlestown Kilfinane county -- Limerick
McCarthy of Mount Mungret Mungret -- county Limerick
MCCARTHY of Mount Mungret Mungret -- county Limerick
MCCARTHY of Rathkeale county -- Limerick
MCCURDY of Main Street Foynes -- county Limerick
McENERY of Rathkeale -- county Limerick
McGRATH of 18 The Crescent -- Limerick
MCGRATH of Clounanna Patrickswell -- County Limerick
McGRATH of Clounanna Patrlckswell -- county Limerick
MCGRATH of Knock Long West -- county Limerick
McKENNA of Rosbrien -- County Limerick
McSWEENEY of Rathkeale Road Adare -- county Limerick
MEADE of Bulgadenhall Kilmallock county -- Limerick
MeCARTHY of Ballvodane -- Limerick
METCALFE of 1 Lansdowne-terrace -- Limerick
MILLS of Kilgobbin Adare county -- Limerick
MOLONEY of Oardenfield Dromcollogher -- County Limerick
MOLONY of Glenlara county -- Limerick
MOLONY of Glenlary Knocklong -- Limerick
MOLONY of Rathmoor Croom -- County Limerick
MONTEAGLE of Cappa Foynes county -- Limerick
MONTEAGLE of Cappa Foynes county -- Limerick
MOORE of Bridge Street Newcastle West -- County Limerick
MORAN of Prospect Ballysteen Askeaton -- county Limerick
MORAN of Weston Ballinacurra county -- Limerick
MORGAN of 12 Wickham-street -- Limerick
MORONEY of Mountjune Murroe -- Limerick
MORONY of O Dell Ville Ballingarry county -- Limerick
MORONY of O Dellville Ballingarry county -- Limerick
MORRISSEY of 1 Connolly-terrace Newcastle West -- county Limerick
MOYNIHAN of Shanbally Castletroy -- county Limerick
MULCAHY of 2 Hartstonge-street -- Limerick
MULCAHY of Caterdavin Limerick county -- Limerick
MULCAHY of Kilmallock -- County Limerick
MULCAIR of East Square Askeaton -- county Limerick
MURPHY of Broadford county -- Limerick
MURPHY of Coolrea Bruree -- County Limerick
MURPHY of Croagh -- County Limerick
MURPHY of Endaville Ballysimon-road -- Limerick
MURPHY of Kllgarrlff Ballylanders -- County Limerick
MURPHY of Ooolrus Drunacommer Bruree -- County Limerick
MURPHY of Pallaskenry county -- Limerick
MURPHY of The Parochial House Abbey-feale county -- Limerick
MURPHY of Wolfe Tone-street Kilmallock -- County Limerick
MURRAY of Castlefields Castletroy -- county Limerick
MURRAY of Castlefields Castletroy -- county Limerick
MURRIHY of 19 Mount Pleasant-avenue -- Limerick
MUSKERRY of Springfield Castle Drumcollogher -- county Limerick
NAME of 1 Sunville Terrace Thomondgate Limerick -- County Limerick
NAME of Adare -- county Limerick
NAME of Bridge Street Newcastle West -- county Limerick
NAME of Croom -- county Limerick
NAME of Curra House Loughill -- county Limerick
NAME of Glenfield Kilmallock -- county Limerick
NAME of Kilmallock Rectory -- county Limerick
NAME of Lough Our Orange Kilmallock -- county Limerick
NASH of The Square Newcastle West -- Limerick
NOLAN of Elm Ville Shanagolden -- Limerick
NOLAN of Shanagolden -- County Limerick
NOLAN of Waterpark Shanagolden -- county Limerick
NOONAN of Glebe Castle Rathneale -- Limerick
NOONAN of South Quay Newcastle West -- county Limerick
NORMAN of Rathkeale -- Limerick
NORMOYLE of Dungeela Newcastle West -- county Limerick
NUNAN of Ballysheedy -- County Limerick
NUNAN of Cappanahane Ballyagran Kilmallock -- County Limerick
O'BRIEN of 27 Henry-street -- Limerick
O'BRIEN of 74 O Connell-street -- Limerick
O'BRIEN of Ballingarry -- Limerick
O'BRIEN of Shannon Bar Castleconnell -- county Limerick
O'BRIEN of The Limerick Hotel Sarsfield-street -- Limerick
O'BRIEN of The Square Drumcallogher -- County Limerick
O'CALLAGHAN of Glenduff Broadford -- County Limerick
O'CARROLL of Code House Orange -- county Limerick
O'CIRADY of Thomas-street Rathkeale -- Limerick
O'CONNELL of Duckstown Rathkeale county -- Limerick
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
O'CONNELL of Kilmurry -- County Limerick
O'CONNELL of The Hotel Kilfinane -- County Limerick
O'DONNELL of Bridge Street Croom -- county Limerick
O'DONOGHUE of 8 Wickham-street -- Limerick
O'DONOGHUE of Dromtrasna South Abbeyfeale county -- Limerick
O'GRADY of Rathfredagh Newcastle West -- county Limerick
O'HALLORAN of Hospital -- county Limerick
O'HALLORAN of Rathbane county -- Limerick
O'KELLY of Shanid Shanagolden -- County Limerick
O'LEARY of Ahane Lisnagry county -- Limerick
O'REILLY of Knoc-toran Knocklong -- Limerick
O'ROURKE of 3 St Johns Villas -- Limerick
O'ROURKE of Main Street Pallaskenry -- county Limerick
O'SHAUGHNESSY of Bruff -- county Limerick
O'SULLIVAN of 1 Edenville Ballinacurra -- County Limerick
O'SULLIVAN of Manister Croom -- County Limerick
OBRIEN of Corgrig House Foynes -- county Limerick
OBRIEN of St. Itas Home Newcastle West -- County Limerick
OCALLAGHAN of Effln Kllmallock -- county Limerick
ODELL of Morgans House Borrigone -- Limerick
ODONNELL of the Oldtown Hospital -- Limerick
ODWYER of Ballyluskey Croom -- County Limerick
OGRADY of Lower Main Street Giln -- county Limerick
OMALLEY of River View Corbally -- Limerick
OSHAUGHNESSY of Round House Rathkeale -- county Limerick
OSULLIVAN of 1 Eden Ville Ballinacurra -- Limerick
OSULLIVAN of Main Street Abbeyfeale -- County Limerick
PEEL of Rockfield Rathkeale -- county Limerick
PETTY of 7 Crescent-villas -- Limerick
PICKERSGILL of The Kennels Adare county -- Limerick
PIGOTT of 5 St Alphon sus-avenue -- Limerick
POLLARD of Bally Bisteen Tipperary and of 8 Barrington-street -- Limerick
POWELL of Glendove Kilfinane -- County Limerick
POWER of 20 St Joseph s-street -- Limerick
POWER of Knocklong -- County Limerick
POWER of Rathmore Croom -- county Limerick
POWER of Rathnasare Rathkeale county -- Limerick
PURCELL of Ballygrennan Bruff -- County Limerick
PURCELL of Bank House Croom -- County Limerick
PURCELL of Parochial House Murroe -- County Limerick
PURTILL of Foynes -- County Limerick
PYM of Coolum Lodge Rathkeale -- county Limerick
QUILLIGAN of 2 Garryowen Villas Limerick -- County Limerick
QUILTY of Annacotty -- County Limerick
QUIN of Kleinberk South Circular-road -- Limerick
QUINLAN of Kilmallock -- County Limerick
QUINLAN of Rathina Newcastle West -- county Limerick
QUINN of Bostnetstown -- County Limerick
QUINN of Drumcollogher -- Limerick
QUISH of Darragh Kilfinare -- County Limerick
RAY of The Mental Hospital -- Limerick
REA of Ballinacourty Kilfinane -- Limerick
READY of Sunnyside Janesboro county -- Limerick
REEVES of Drumcollogher county -- Limerick
REYNOLDS of Ballygeale Patrickswell -- County Limerick
REYNOLDS of Kenmare Castle Hospital -- county Limerick
REYNOLDS of Kenmare Castle Hospital Knocklong -- county Limerick
RICE of 4 Violet Villas O Connell-avenue -- Limerick
RICHARDSON of Galbally county -- Limerick
RIORDAN of Glencore Laurel Hill-avenue and of 27 William-street -- Limerick
RIORDAN of Patrickswell county -- Limerick
ROSE of Ardhu Limerick county -- Limerick
ROULSTON of 27 Richmond-street -- Limerick
ROURKE of The National Bank Limited Abbeyfeale county -- Limerick
ROYCROFT of Quinsborough Limerick -- County Limerick
RUSSELL of 5 Mount Kennett-terrace -- Limerick
RUSSELL of Carass-court Croom county -- Limerick
RUSSELL of Hawthorn North Circular-road Limerick -- Limerick
RUSSELL of Pike Street Drumcollogher -- county Limerick
RUSSELL of Thomastown Kilmallock -- county Limerick
RUSSELL of Thomastown Kilmallock county -- Limerick
RUTTLE of New Cottages Adare county -- Limerick
RYAN of 59 Catherine-street Limerick county -- Limerick
RYAN of Ballycullen Croom county -- Limerick
RYAN of Ballygrenllan Bruff -- county Limerick
RYAN of India Villa Corbally -- County Limerick
RYAN of Lisnagry -- County Limerick
RYAN of Shamrockville -- Limerick
RYDER of 33 Nicholas-street -- Limerick
SCANLAN of Ballycannon Croagh county -- Limerick
SCANLAN of Ballyvelogue Patrickswell county -- Limerick
SCIASCIA of 12 Park View-terrace -- Limerick
SEATON of Mount Coote Kilmallock -- County Limerick
SHANAHAN of Main Street Croom -- County Limerick
SHARPE of Trebor Ennis-road Limerick county -- Limerick
SHEAHAN of 7 Mount Kennett-terrace -- Limerick
SHEAHAN of Camas Newcastle West county -- Limerick
SHEAHAN of Church Street Askerton -- county Limerick
SHEAHAN of Glencree Ballinacurra Limerick county -- Limerick
SHEAHAN of Glencree Ballinacurra Limerick county -- Limerick
SHEEDY of Mount Alverno Shanagolden -- Limerick
SHIER of Ballingrave Askeaton -- County Limerick
SHIER of Courtmatrix Rathkeale -- County Limerick
SHIER of Courtmatrix Rathveale county -- Limerick
SHINE of Tuogh Adare -- county Limerick
SHINNORS of The Hill Holycross Kilmallock -- county Limerick
SLATTERY of Bally campion Bruff -- County Limerick
SMITH of Curraghbridge Adare county -- Limerick
SMITH of Newborough Patrlckswell -- county Limerick
SMYTH of 1 Omega Avenue Balllnacurra -- county Limerick
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SMYTH of Bella Vista Adare -- county Limerick
STACPOOLE of Abbeyville Croom county -- Limerick
STANLEY of Ballyflnneen Ardnacrusha -- County Limerick
STEDMAN of Ballinakill House Kilfinney -- County Limerick
STEVENSON of The Glen Ballygrennan Ballingarry -- county Limerick
STEWART of 60 Catherine-street -- Limerick
STONEY of Stradbally House Castleconnell county -- Limerick
STUTLEY of Oak Deane Southville Gardens Ballinawood -- County Limerick
TARRANT of Lissard Galbally -- Limerick
TAYLOR of 6 Eden-terrace North Circular-road Kilrush county -- Limerick
TAYLOR of Hollypark Kilcorran county -- Limerick
THOMSON of The Bungalow Janesboro -- Limerick
TREACY of 53 Parnell-street -- Limerick
TUDOR of Mount Catherine Pallasgreen -- county Limerick
TUOHY of Elm Lodge Clarina -- Limerick
TURNER of Kilflnane -- county Limerick
VAUGHAN of 15 Lanahrone-avenue Corbally -- county Limerick
WALKER of Balllnamona House Hospital -- county Limerick
WALLER of Rathfredagh Newcastle West -- county Limerick
WALSH of Abbeville Sarsfield Street Kilmallock -- County Limerick
WALSH of Ballylanders -- County Limerick
WALSH of Lifford Lodge Ballinacurra Limerick county -- Limerick
WALSH of Lorna O Connell-avenue -- Limerick
WALSHE of 1 Lifford Lodge Ballinacurra -- County Limerick
WATERS of Thomond House Thomondgate -- Limerick
WATT of Riversfield Kilmallock -- county Limerick
WEIR of Lisaleen Patrickswell -- county Limerick
WELLS of Main Street Doon -- county Limerick
WELPLY of Rosendale Corbally -- Limerick
WHEATLEY of Lower Main-street Rathkeale -- county Limerick
WHITAKER of North Strand -- Limerick
WHITE of Nantenan Ballingrave Askeaton -- County Limerick
WILKINSON of St Oswald s Ballingarry county -- Limerick
WILLINGTON of Oldbridge Pallasgreen -- County Limerick
WILSON of Hollywood Rathkeale -- county Limerick
WOLFE of Main Street Rathkeale -- County Limerick
WOOD of Clancarthy House Newcastle West -- county Limerick
WOOD of Cloncarty Newcastle West -- County Limerick
WORLLEDGE of Glenwilliam Castle Ballingarry -- county Limerick
WORRALL of 3 Rutland Villas -- Limerick
WOULFE of Go rtnagross Athea -- Limerick
WRIGHT of Croom -- county Limerick
WRIGHT of Manister House Groom -- county Limerick

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