Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

County Fermanagh is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
AKIEN of Kesh -- County Fermanagh
ARCH of Riversdale Ballinamallard -- County Fermanagh
ARCHDALE of Cara Newtownbutler -- County Fermanagh
ARCHDALE of Castle Archdale Irvinestown county -- Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG of Ballyreagh Brookeborough -- Fermanagh
ARNOLD of Rose Isle Belleek -- County Fermanagh
ATTHILL of Ardvarney West -- Fermanagh
BARTLEY of Fairview Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
BEACOM of Heronshaw Belleek county -- Fermanagh
BEATTIE of Tempo county -- Fermanagh
BEATTY of Derrydoon Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
BEATTY of Lisnarick Drumshane -- County Fermanagh
BEAVIS of Clonshannagh Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
BEGGAN of Arnsgrove Corranny -- Fermanagh
BELFORD of 4 Willoughby-place Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
BELL of Orchard-terrace Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
BLAIR of Summerhill Drumkeen Ballinamal- lard -- Fermanagh
BLAKE of Derrylin -- County Fermanagh
BLEAKLEY of Coleshill Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
BOARDMAN of Kilronan Lisnaska -- County Fermanagh
BRACKEN of Brookmount Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
BRACKEN of Drumlaghey -- County Fermanagh
BRADSHAW of Lawnakilla Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
BREEN of Irvinestown county -- Fermanagh
BROOKS of The Cottage Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
BROWN of 2 Orchard-terrace Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
BROWNE of East Bridge-street Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
BROWNLEE of Lisbellaw county -- Fermanagh
BURROWS of Jones Memorial School Lisgoole county -- Fermanagh
CAMPBELL of Andrews-terrace Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
CARROTHERS of 1 Wellington-place Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
CARROTHERS of Brookeborough county -- Fermanagh
CARROTHERS of Farnagh -- Fermanagh
CARROTHERS of Farnaght Lisbellaw -- Fermanagh
CARTER of Giltagh Lisbellaw county -- Fermanagh
CASSIDY of Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
CHAPMAN of Trory -- County Fermanagh
CHARTRES of Aughnaloo Lisbellaw -- County Fermanagh
CHEERS of Ballinamallard county -- Fermanagh
CLARKE of Ballinamallard county -- Fermanagh
CLARKE of Brookeborough -- Fermanagh
CLARKE of Cortrasna Roslea -- Fermanagh
CLARKE of Drumsluice Ballinamallard county -- Fermanagh
COLGAN of Forfey Lesmaskea -- County Fermanagh
COLL of the Royal Hotel Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
CONNOLLY of Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
CORRIGAN of Townhall-street Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
COULSON of Belmount Magheravelly Newtownbutler -- County Fermanagh
COULTER of Brookboro county -- Fermanagh
COULTER of Tattymickle -- County Fermanagh
COURTENAY of 22 Darling-street Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
COYLE of Church-street Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
CRAWFORD of Gortnacally Florencecourt -- County Fermanagh
CROWE of Millmount Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
CROZIER of Drumbrick county -- Fermanagh
CULLEN of Ballindullagh Irvinestown -- County Fermanagh
CULLEN of Sessiaghs Irvinestown county -- Fermanagh
CUTLER of Tonyloman -- County Fermanagh
DANE of Mary-street Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
DIXON of Creevehill -- County Fermanagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DOHERTY of Drumcullion Edemey county -- Fermanagh
DOLAN of Fortlea Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
EADIE of The Limes Lisbellaw -- Fermanagh
EBBITT of Brookeborough county -- Fermanagh
ELLIOTT of 14 Willoughby-place Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
ELLIOTT of 16 Forthill-road Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
ELLIOTT of Corry Florence Court -- County Fermanagh
ELLIOTT of l4 Willoughby-place Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
FALCONER of Derryvullen county -- Fermanagh
FEARIS of Beechmount county -- Fermanagh
FITZGERALD of Newtownbutler -- County Fermanagh
FITZGERALD of Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
FITZSIMMONS of East Bridge-street Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
FLEMING of Annagrane county -- Fermanagh
FLEMING of Drumrainey -- County Fermanagh
FOODY of Irvinestown -- County Fermanagh
FOSTER of Kecnaghy Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
FOSTER of Keenaghy -- Fermanagh
GALLAGHER of Derry-churra -- Fermanagh
GALLAGHER of Derrychurra county -- Fermanagh
GALLAGHER of Derryvarymore county -- Fermanagh
GARDINER of Ulster Bank House Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
GOUGH of Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
GRAHAM of Forfey Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
HALL of Boyhill Maguiresbridge -- Fermanagh
HALL of Dressoge Maguiresbridge -- Fermanagh
HALL of Knockaraven Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
HALL of The Infirmary Lisnaskea -- Fermanagh
HAND of Main-street Roslea county -- Fermanagh
HARE of 15 High-street Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
HARTE of The Firs Florencecourt county -- Fermanagh
HENDERSON of Lisbellaw county -- Fermanagh
HENDRY of Kilrooskey Newtownbutler PO -- County Fermanagh
HOWE of Springfield county -- Fermanagh
HUDSON of Coolbeg Derryharney PO -- County Fermanagh
HUGGARD of Roseville Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
HUNTER of Maguiresbridge county -- Fermanagh
HURST of Tullyraine House Ballin-amallard -- County Fermanagh
INGRAM of 4 Anne-street Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
INGRAM of Ederney -- Fermanagh
INGRAM of Killadeas -- County Fermanagh
IRVINE of Carry Bridge Lisbellaw -- County Fermanagh
IRVINE of Killadeas Ballinamallard -- Fermanagh
IRVINE of Killadeas county -- Fermanagh
IRWIN of Greentown Florencecourt -- County Fermanagh
IRWIN of Greentown Florencecourt county -- Fermanagh
IRWIN of Shannock -- Fermanagh
IRWIN of Shannock Green Magheravelly county -- Fermanagh
JEFFERS of Albert-iterrace Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
JOHNSTON of Brookeborough -- Fermanagh
JOHNSTON of Craigboy Killymitton Ballinamallanor -- County Fermanagh
JOHNSTON of Dromard Kesh -- County Fermanagh
JOHNSTON of Drumreask -- County Fermanagh
JOHNSTON of Glenvannan Kesh -- Fermanagh
JOHNSTON of Hill House Drumhurn Kesh -- County Fermanagh
JOHNSTON of Letterbreen -- County Fermanagh
KEANE of Willoughby-place Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
KNOX of Belleek county -- Fermanagh
KNOX of Drumsownamore county -- Fermanagh
LATIMER of Drumhoy Brookeborough -- Fermanagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LAW of Cool nag rane Cornafannoge -- Fermanagh
LAW of Rose Cottage Lisbellaw county -- Fermanagh
LEONARD of Newtate county -- Fermanagh
LEWIS of Maguirefcbridge county -- Fermanagh
LINGARD of Cross-street Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
LITTLE of Cultiagh Tamlaght Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
LOANE of Gortnagullion county -- Fermanagh
LOWIS of Dromard county -- Fermanagh
LYONS of Carngreen Boho county -- Fermanagh
MAGUIRE of 41 Belmore-street Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
MAGUIRE of Braemount Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
MAGUIRE of Drummurl Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
MAGUIRE of Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
MAGUIRE of Munville House Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
MAHON of Irvinestown -- Fermanagh
MALARKEY of Bunlougher Roslea PO county -- Fermanagh
MARSHALL of Crock Naboghill Coranny Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
MATTHEWS of Holly Mount Maguires Bridge -- Fermanagh
MAUDE of Killadeas Rectory Ballinamallard -- County Fermanagh
MAUDE of Lenaghan Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
MAVITTY of Cultiagh Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
MAXWELL of Killinure Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
MAYE of Gorteen Garrison -- County Fermanagh
MAYNE of Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
McAFEE of Carran West -- County Fermanagh
McCLAUGHRY of Leaghan -- County Fermanagh
McCLAUGHRY of Leaghan -- County Fermanagh
McCLINTOCK of Main-street Kesh -- County Fermanagh
McCREA of Aghalaan county -- Fermanagh
McCREA of Holmleigh Clonelly -- County Fermanagh
McCREERY of Lisbellaw -- Fermanagh
McDERMOTT of Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
McDOWELL of Newtownbutier -- Fermanagh
McELROY of Lismalore House Brookeboro PO -- County Fermanagh
McHUGH of Moynaghan -- Fermanagh
McLAUGHLIN of 8 Willoughby-place Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
McSHEA of Tullymargy Springfield PO -- County Fermanagh
MeCLELLAND of Kingstown Lisnaskea -- Fermanagh
MILLER of Sunbeam Cottage Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
MILLS of Craghan Ballinamallard county -- Fermanagh
MOANE of Atnamollyboy county -- Fermanagh
MONTGOMERY of Castleview Bank-terrace Lisnaskea -- County Fermanagh
MONTGOMERY of Tully Kenneye county -- Fermanagh
MOOHAN of Belleek county -- Fermanagh
MOORE of Curraghanall Maguiresbridge -- County Fermanagh
MOORE of Lisnagole Lisnaskea -- County Fermanagh
MOORE of Maguiresbridge -- Fermanagh
MORRISON of Rossford -- County Fermanagh
MULLIGAN of Tisbellaw -- County Fermanagh
NIXON of Lurgandarragh county -- Fermanagh
NOBLE of Baragh House Baragh Ballinamallard -- County Fermanagh
NOBLE of Dromore Big -- County Fermanagh
NOBLE of Munville Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
O'DOHERTY of Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
O'KEEFFE of Belleek county -- Fermanagh
OWENS of Clonfad Newtownbutler -- Fermanagh
PARKE of Cashel Derrygonnelly county -- Fermanagh
PARKINSON of the Model School Residence Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
PATTERSON of Drumguiff Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
PATTON of Fairfield House Derrylin county -- Fermanagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PIERCE of Ben View Enniskelien -- County Fermanagh
PIERCE of Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
PLATTS of 17 East Bridge-street Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
POLLOCK of Teigh-na-mara Ward-avenue Bangor county Down and of Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
PORTER of Belleisle -- County Fermanagh
PORTER of Bellside -- County Fermanagh
PRIMROSE of Cleen (Fivemiletown PO) -- County Fermanagh
PRUNBY of Drumlone Newtownbutler county -- Fermanagh
QUINN of Drumarkey county -- Fermanagh
RATHBORNE of Blen-na-Lung Leggs -- County Fermanagh
RElHILL of Lisnaskea county -- Fermanagh
RICHARDSON of Lisbellan -- County Fermanagh
RICHARDSON of Lisnaskea -- County Fermanagh
RKE of Newtownbutler -- County Fermanagh
ROBERTS of Balleek -- County Fermanagh
ROBINSON of -Derryraghan county -- Fermanagh
ROBINSON of Highways Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
ROBINSON of Lisnaskea -- County Fermanagh
ROBINSON of Liverpool House Lisbellan county -- Fermanagh
ROGERS of 6 Wesley-street Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
ROGERS of Tulnagoan Churchillcounty -- Fermanagh
ROGERS of Wesley-street Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
ROGERS of Wheathill Derrygonnelly county -- Fermanagh
ROSS of 4 Sedan-terrace Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
RUSK of Brookeborough -- Fermanagh
RUSK of Cavanaleck county -- Fermanagh
RUTHERFORD of Racerieco Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
RUTHERFORD of Raceview Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
RUTLEDGE of Lisbellaw -- Fermanagh
SAVAGE of Drumcor -- County Fermanagh
SEY of Crom -- County Fermanagh
SLEVIN of Tattykeeran Tempo county -- Fermanagh
SMITH of 2 Victoria-terrace Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
SMITH of Drumawill Fermanagh
SMYTH of Lebally Maguiresbridge PO county -- Fermanagh
SPEER of Colaghty -- County Fermanagh
STACK of Muckross -- Fermanagh
STEVENSON of Townhall-street Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
STEWART of Courtview Newtownbutler -- Fermanagh
STINSON of Derryvarybeg Derrygonnelly county -- Fermanagh
SYMINGTON of Breandrum Castlecoole Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
TALBOT of Lurganboy county -- Fermanagh
TAYLOR of Brookeborough -- County Fermanagh
TAYLOR of Brookeborough county -- Fermanagh
TEELE of Dunbar House Enniskillan -- County Fermanagh
THOMPSON of Cooper-crescent Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
THOMPSON of Cornabrass Newtownbutler -- Fermanagh
THOMPSON of Irvinestown -- County Fermanagh
THORPE of Darling-street Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
TODD of Hollymount county -- Fermanagh
TOWNSEND of 1 Celtic Park Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
TRIMBLE of Greentown Florence Court -- Fermanagh
VERNER of Kimran Coranny Newtownbutler -- County Fermanagh
WALMSLEY of C-orlave Drumskinney county -- Fermanagh
WALMSLEY of Corlave Kesh -- County Fermanagh
WALMSLEY of Drumhack Macken county -- Fermanagh
WARNOCK of Crieve Lodge Crieve Hill Fivemiletown county -- Fermanagh
WARNOCK of Crievehill -- County Fermanagh
WEAVER of 20 Darling-street Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
WEAVER of Darling-sti eet Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WEAVER of Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
WEAVER of Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
WEST of Mullaghmeen Ballinamallard county -- Fermanagh
WHERRY of MMyknock -- Fermanagh
WHITE of Lisbellaw -- County Fermanagh
WHYTE of 5 Willoughby-place Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
WHYTE of Brookeborough county -- Fermanagh
WIGGINS of Annagolgan -- County Fermanagh
WIGGINS of Aughnahill Magheraveely PO county -- Fermanagh
WILSON of Coolcrannell Maguiresbridge county -- Fermanagh
WILSON of Drumclay Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh
WILSON of Highfield Tallenaheglish county -- Fermanagh
WINSLOW of Minnamurra Enniskillen -- Fermanagh
WOODS of Tullynevin Lisnakea -- Fermanagh
WYLIE of Castle Balfour Lisnaskea -- County Fermanagh
ZINGG of The Imperial Hotal Enniskillen county -- Fermanagh
ZINGG of The Imperial Hotel Enniskillen -- County Fermanagh

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