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County Armagh is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ACHESON of Roughan House Roughan Lislea Armagh county -- Armagh
ADAIR of Newry-street Markethill -- Armagh
ADAMS of 9 English-street Armagh -- Armagh
AGNEW of 33 High-street Lurgan -- Armagh
ALLEN of Fernagreevagh county -- Armagh
ANDERSON of 1 Armagh-terrace Portadown county -- Armagh
ANDERSON of 6 Russell-street Armagh -- County Armagh
ANDERSON of Main-street Keady -- County Armagh
ANDERSON of Main-street Ready county -- Armagh
ANDERSON of Market-street Tandragee county -- Armagh
ANDERSON of Mullurg county -- Armagh
ANDERSON of Newholland Ready county -- Armagh
ANDERSON of Novara Thomas-street Portadown -- County Armagh
ANNESLEY of West-street Portadown county -- Armagh
ARMSTRONG of Deans Hill Armagh -- County Armagh
ARMSTRONG of Deans Hill Armagh county -- Armagh
ASTON of Main-street Markethill -- Armagh
ATKINSON of Clarisford Portadown county -- Armagh
AULD of 5 Tower Hill Armagh county -- Armagh
AUSTIN of Derryloiste county -- Armagh
BABE of Drumintee -- County Armagh
BAILEY of Strathmore Eden-crescent Portadown -- County Armagh
BAILLIE of Bessbrook county -- Armagh
BATES of 92 Botanic-avenue Belfast and Tandragee county -- Armagh
BAXTER of 3 Hill-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
BAXTER of Derryvene Derryhubbert South county -- Armagh
BAXTER of Derryvene Derryhubbert South county -- Armagh
BAXTER of Divemagh Bessbrook county -- Armagh
BELL of 5 Melbourne-terrace Armagh Armagh
BELL of 5 Melbourne-terrace Armagh county -- Armagh
BELL of 5 Millicent-terrace Pordadown county -- Armagh
BELL of 5 Millicent-terrace Portadown county -- Armagh
BELL of Bell Vue Lurgan county -- Armagh
BELL of Belle Vue Lurgan Armagh
BELL of Solitude Lurgan county -- Armagh
BELL of Solitude Lurgan county -- Armagh
BENNETT of Terryhoogan county -- Armagh
BERRY of Derryletiff -- Armagh
BEST of Boscombra Portadown county -- Armagh
BEST of Cushenard House Richhill -- County Armagh
BINGHAM of Bryandrum county -- Armagh
BLACK of Ballynagarrick Portadown county -- Armagh
BLACK of Church-place Lurgan county -- Armagh
BLACK of Collone County -- Armagh
BLAKELY of Rockmacreaney county -- Armagh
BOWEN of 6 Vicars Hill Armagh county -- Armagh
BOYD of Drumcairne Armagh -- County Armagh
BOYLE of Corso Lodge Edward-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
BRADFORD of 4 Grantham Villas Armagh county -- Armagh
BRIGHT of Dunavon Portadown county -- Armagh
BRODIE of Gleneden Portadown -- Armagh
BRODIE of Gleneden Portadown -- County Armagh
BROWN of Derrylilleagh Portadown county -- Armagh
BUCHANAN of Lurgyross Mowhan county -- Armagh
BULLICK of 29 Queen-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
BURRELL of 34 Avenue-road Lurgan -- County Armagh
BURRELL of Annaloiste -- County Armagh
BURROWS of 109 Hampton-terrace Portadown -- County Armagh
CAHERTY of Tullyvallen county -- Armagh
CALLAGHAN of Carrickasticken Forkhill -- County Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CALVERT of 5 St Marks -place The Mall Armagh county -- Armagh
CALVERT of Darkley House Keady -- Armagh
CAMPBELL of Ballreagh -- Armagh
CAMPBELL of Ballyworkan Portadown -- County Armagh
CAMPBELL of Knock county -- Armagh
CAMPBELL of Knock Portadown -- County Armagh
CAMPBELL of Knockdonagh Bessbrook county -- Armagh
CARRICK of 48 High-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
CARRICK of 48 High-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
CARRICK of Windsor-avenue Lurgan county -- Armagh
CARTMILL of Darkley Keady -- Armagh
CHADWICK of 1 Tower Hill Armagh -- County Armagh
CHAMBERS of Cranford Eden-crescent Portadown -- County Armagh
CHAPMAN of Beechlawn Aghagallon Lurgan -- County Armagh
CHAPMAN of Erindale Portadown -- County Armagh
CHERRY of Aghorey Portadown -- Armagh
CHRISTIE of Main-street Markethill county -- Armagh
CINNAMON of Bessbrook -- County Armagh
CINNAMON of Bessbrook county -- Armagh
CLARKE of 66 High-street Lurgan -- Armagh
CLARKE of Eleven Lane-ends Tandragee county -- Armagh
CLELAND of Mall View-terrace Armagh -- County Armagh
COBURN of Tandragee county -- Armagh
COCHRANE of 92 William-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
COCHRANE of Market-street Armagh -- Armagh
CONNELL of 6 Aileen-terrace Ballinlare Newry -- Armagh
CONNOR of 11 Wilsons-row Drumcairn county -- Armagh
CONROY of 114 Edward-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
CONWAY of Ballyknick Loughgall county -- Armagh
CORCORAN of Keady -- Armagh
CORONER of Keady-street Markethill -- County Armagh
CORRIGAN of Annamoy Blackwatertown county -- Armagh
CORRIGAN of Annamoy-Blackwatertown county -- Armagh
COURTNEY of West-street Portadown -- Armagh
COWAN of 3840 Thomas-street Armagh county -- Armagh
COWDY of Summer Island Loughgall -- Armagh
COYNE of Clonmore -- Armagh
CRANSTON of Battlehill county -- Armagh
CRANSTON of Mulladry Portadown county -- Armagh
CRAY of 24 and 26 Thomas-street Armagh -- Armagh
CROTHERS of Lisraw House Scarva -- Armagh
CULBERT of Lurgan county -- Armagh
D'ARCY of the Palace Armagh -- Armagh
DARCY of The Palace Armagh -- Armagh
DAVISON of Moyallen Portadown -- County Armagh
DAWSON of Battlehill Portadown -- Armagh
DAWSON of Camly McCullagh -- County Armagh
DAWSON of Corcraine House Portadown -- Armagh
DAWSON of Newtownhamilton county -- Armagh
DAY of The Palace Armagh -- County Armagh
DERMOTT of Brackagh -- Armagh
DILLON of Maymacullen Eleven Lane Ends Tandragee -- Armagh
DILLON of Tullyhappy -- County Armagh
DOBBIN of Keady county -- Armagh
DOBBIN of Mayfield Darkley Keady county -- Armagh
DOBSON of Sunlea Knocknashane county -- Armagh
DODDS of 9 English-street Armagh county -- Armagh
DONAGHY of Tullygarden county -- Armagh
DONNELLY of Carnally Silverbridge county -- Armagh
DONNELLY of Church-place Lurgan -- Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DONNELLY of Kilmore -- Armagh
DORAN of 6 White-row Cregmore Bessbrook -- County Armagh
DOUGAN of 26 Victoria-street Armagh county -- Armagh
DOUGAN of 3 Carleton-street Portadown -- Armagh
DOUGAN of Cavanagrow Collone -- County Armagh
DOUGAN of Portadown county -- Armagh
DOUGLAS of 48 Bridge-street Portadown county -- Armagh
DOUGLAS of Ballyards Lislea county -- Armagh
DOWDALL of Clontygora county -- Armagh
DOYLE of Market Hill -- County Armagh
DOYLE of Market Hill county -- Armagh
DOYLE of Markethill -- County Armagh
DRUMMOND of 4 College-street Armagh county -- Armagh
DRUMMOND of 9 College-street Armagh -- County Armagh
DUFF of 5 College-street and of 2 Richmond-terrace both in Armagh county -- Armagh
DUNWOODY of Lurgan -- County Armagh
EAKIN of Bondville county -- Armagh
EAKINS of High-street Portadown -- Armagh
EDWARDS of Estate Office Markethill county -- Armagh
ELDON of Clonmacash Portadown -- County Armagh
ELDON of Clonmartin county -- Armagh
ELLIOTT of Garland-avenue Lurgan -- County Armagh
EMERSON of Tiev Tara Armagh county -- Armagh
EVANS of 47 William-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
FAIRLEY of Lisbann House Killylea county -- Armagh
FAIRLEY of Windsor-avenue Lurgan -- Armagh
FALOON of 23 High-street Portadown -- County Armagh
FITZGERALD of Clantilew Annagh-more Portadown county -- Armagh
FLACK of Maghnavery Markethill -- Armagh
FLIGHT of 15 Atkinsons-avenue Portadown county -- Armagh
FLYNN of 44 Ogle-street Armagh -- Armagh
FOGAN of Ashton Fathom -- Armagh
FORSTER of Victoria-terrace Barrack Hill Armagh county -- Armagh
FOX of Levaghey Portadown -- Armagh
FOX of Railway-street Armagh county -- Armagh
FRAZER of Edenaveys county -- Armagh
FRAZER of Edenaveys county -- Armagh
FRIZELLE of Portmore-street Portadown -- Armagh
GAFFNEY of Middletown county -- Armagh
GALLERY of 14 Shankill-street place Lurgan -- County Armagh
GALVIN of Bannisdale Edenderry Portadown county -- Armagh
GALWEY of 32 Craigwell-avenue Portadown -- County Armagh
GARDNER of Hartford-place Armagh county -- Armagh
GEORGE of Salters Grange Armagh -- County Armagh
GIBSON of Aughavilly House Aughavilly Milford -- County Armagh
GIBSON of Drumona Portadown county -- Armagh
GILBERT of 91 Thomas-street Portadown -- Armagh
GILLESPIE of 13 English-street Armagh -- County Armagh
GILLESPIE of Armagharap -- Armagh
GILLESPIE of Lisloony county -- Armagh
GILLESPIE of Pollnagh -- County Armagh
GILLESPIE of Richmond-terrace Armagh county -- Armagh
GILLESPIE of Station Villa Portadown -- County Armagh
GILPIN of Annaghmore -- Armagh
GIRVIN of Moneyquin county -- Armagh
GLASS of Brookvale Creenagh county -- Armagh
GLASS of Goraghwood -- Armagh
GORMAN of 39 High-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
GORMAN of Tallyglush Keady county -- Armagh
GRACEY of 84 Hill-street Lurgan -- County Armagh

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GRACEY of Mullentine Portadown county -- Armagh
GRAHAM of Derrywilligan -- County Armagh
GRAHAM of Greenfield Manse Corporation Armagh -- County Armagh
GRAHAM of Kingsmills Whitecross county -- Armagh
GRAHAM of Poyntypass -- Armagh
GRANT of Lattery -- County Armagh
GRANT of Rauglan Lurgan -- County Armagh
GRAY of 4 Charlemont-place Armagh -- County Armagh
GRAY of Mountnorris county -- Armagh
GRAY of Thomas-street Armagh -- County Armagh
GREAGEN of Breaghey county -- Armagh
GREEN of 5 Fairview-terrace Portadown county -- Armagh
GREEN of Church-street Portadown county -- Armagh
GREER of Drumatee -- Armagh
GREER of Oakley Surgan county -- Armagh
GREER of Tanderagee -- Armagh
GREEVES of Fairacre Portadown -- County Armagh
GRIFFITHS of Tynan -- County Armagh
GRIMASON of Fernville Hanover-street Portadown county -- Armagh
GRIMASON of Thomas-street Portadowri -- County Armagh
GRIMLEY of Tullymore Armagh county -- Armagh
HALE of Crossmaglen -- County Armagh
HALL of Clovenden Loughgall -- County Armagh
HALL of Cloveneden Loughall county -- Armagh
HALL of Derrycorey county -- Armagh
HALL of The Abbey House Abbey-street Armagh -- County Armagh
HALLIGAN of Drummondmore county -- Armagh
HALLIGAN of Richhill -- County Armagh
HAMILTON of Cloghoge Tanderagee -- Armagh
HAMILTON of Corlust Clare Tandragee -- Armagh
HAMILTON of Drumachee -- Armagh
HAMILTON of Tirnascobe county -- Armagh
HARDEN of Harrybrook Tandragee -- County Armagh
HARDY of Woodlawn Richhill county -- Armagh
HARRIS of Armagh county -- Armagh
HARRIS of The Mall Armagh Armagh
HARVEY of Tullyhugh Tandragee -- County Armagh
HAWTHORNE of Dundalk-street Newtownhamilton -- County Armagh
HAYES of Copney -- Armagh
HEAK of Cargans -- Armagh
HEANEN of Greenvale Keady -- County Armagh
HEATHER of Dromalane Newry county -- Armagh
HENDERSON of Main-street Tandragee county -- Armagh
HENDERSON of The Retreat Armagh -- County Armagh
HENRY of Crankey Jerrettspass -- Armagh
HERRON of 6 Victoria-street -- Armagh
HERRON of Ballynagoland county -- Armagh
HEWITT of Ballinteggart Portadown county -- Armagh
HEWITT of Kilnaharvey House Richhill -- County Armagh
HIGGINS of Queen-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
HIRSCH of Greenhurst Victoria-street Armagh -- County Armagh
HOBSON of Greenfield House Kilmore -- Armagh
HODGEN of 53 Church-street Portadown -- County Armagh
HOGAN of 9 Beresford-row Armagh county -- Armagh
HOLLAND of Ahorey Richhill county -- Armagh
HOLLYWOOD of Thomas-street Portadown -- Armagh
HOLMES of 5 Harford-street Portadown county -- Armagh
HOPPS of Hill-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
HORAN of Callam Lodge Loughall -- Armagh
HOY of 148 Bridge-street Portadown county -- Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HUGHES of Divis-street Ready county -- Armagh
HULL of Windsor-avenue Lurgan -- Armagh
HUNT of 145 Thomas-street Portadown county -- Armagh
HUSTON of Tynan -- Armagh
HUTCHESON of Keadymore -- Armagh
HUTCHINSON of Cloughan Richhill -- County Armagh
HUTCHINSON of Collone Armagh -- County Armagh
HYLANDS of 54 Lough-road Lurgan county -- Armagh
IRVINE of Cladymore Manse Mowhan county -- Armagh
IRVINE of Mountmorris -- County Armagh
IRWIN of 1 Abbey Villas Armagh county -- Armagh
IRWIN of Myrtledene Mullymure Armagh -- County Armagh
IRWIN of Tullybrick Tynan county -- Armagh
IRWIN of Winder-place Armagh -- Armagh
JACKSON of Derrycaw Portadown county -- Armagh
JACKSON of Loughgall -- Armagh
JACKSON of The Mental Hospital Armagh -- Armagh
JAMESON of Ballysheil Clare Tandragee -- County Armagh
JENKINS of Maghery Kilcrany -- Armagh
JOHNSTON of 78 West-street Portadown -- County Armagh
JOHNSTON of Adavoyle Newry -- County Armagh
JOHNSTON of Creggan Hill Derrinrow Portadown county -- Armagh
JOHNSTON of Greenoge Markethill county -- Armagh
JOHNSTON of Knockavannon county -- Armagh
JOHNSTON of Rokeby Lurgan county -- Armagh
JOHNSTON of Roughan Pontadown county -- Armagh
JOHNSTON of Thomas-street Porta-down -- County Armagh
JOHNSTONE of Derryhale -- Armagh
JONES of 40 Church-street Portadown county -- Armagh
JONES of Portadown -- Armagh
JONES of The Retreat Armagh county -- Armagh
JOWLE of Bessbrook -- Armagh
JOWLE of Bessbrook county -- Armagh
KANE of Richill -- County Armagh
KANE of Rickhill county -- Armagh
KEEGAN of Drumerd (Primate) Portadown county -- Armagh
KEENAN of Chapel-street Keady -- Armagh
KEENAN of Keady -- County Armagh
KELLY of 1 Barrack Hill Armagh county -- Armagh
KELLY of 4 Market-street Portadown -- County Armagh
KERNAHAN of Tullygally Portadown-road Lurgan -- County Armagh
KERR of 36 and 38 Thomas-street Portadown county -- Armagh
KERR of 42 Bridge-street Portadown -- County Armagh
KERR of 51 Upper English-street Armagh -- County Armagh
KILLEEN of Tynan -- Armagh
KILPATRICK of Ballylane county -- Armagh
KIMBERLEY of Ballyoran Hill Portadown -- County Armagh
KING of Lisbane Tandragee county -- Armagh
KING of Lurgana House Whitecross -- County Armagh
KINNEY of Drumna Luncheon Portadown -- Armagh
KIRK of 35 IHlBcomaine-xoad Portadown -- County Armagh
KIRKWOOD of 29 Carleton-street Portadown -- Armagh
KNIPE of Ballyrea Armagh -- County Armagh
KNIPE of Culkeeran county -- Armagh
KNIPE of Magherykilcranny Milford Armagh county -- Armagh
KNOX of Harwood Lough-road Lurgan county -- Armagh
KNOX of Ternagreevagh -- Armagh
KYLE of Lakebank Windsor-avenue Lurgan -- County Armagh
LAMBERT of Mullyloughran county -- Armagh
LAUGHLIN of Corhammock -- Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LAWLESS of The Armagh District Lunatic Asylum county -- Armagh
LEAKE of 17 Alexandra-gardens Portadown -- Armagh
LEANY of 1 Wentworth-place Church-street Portadown -- County Armagh
LEEMAN of Beechhill Ballyards Armagh county -- Armagh
LEEMAN of Rose Lodge Killylea county -- Armagh
LEITCH of 15 College-square Bessbrook county -- Armagh
LENNAN of Ballymore -- Armagh
LENNAN of Ballymore Tandragee -- Armagh
LEWIS of 41 Carleton-street Portadown -- Armagh
LEWIS of Lurgan county -- Armagh
LINDSAY of Grange Portadown -- Armagh
LITTLE of Breaghy PO Tynan -- County Armagh
LIVINGSTON of 78 Hill-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
LOCKE of 136 Thomas-street Portadown -- County Armagh
LONEY of Liskeyboro -- County Armagh
LONEY of Liskeyboro Richhill -- County Armagh
LUNDIE of The Hermitage Keady -- Armagh
LUNDY of Carrickbrack Poyntypass county -- Armagh
LYONS of Creeverow -- County Armagh
MACARTNEY of Killuney Armagh county -- Armagh
MacCALLUM of 3 Castle-street Portadown -- County Armagh
MACGEAGH of Lurgan county -- Armagh
MacKENNA of 6 Jennys-row Armagh -- County Armagh
MACKEY of Cladymilltown county -- Armagh
MACMURRAY of Drumanphy county -- Armagh
MAGEE of Union-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
MAGEE of Union-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
MAGINNIS of West-view Tandragee county -- Armagh
MAHAFFY of Church-place Lurgan -- Armagh
MALCOLM of 22 Victoria-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
MALCOMSON of Church-place Lurgan -- County Armagh
MALLAGH of Markethill -- County Armagh
MALLON of Adavoyle near Newry -- County Armagh
MALLON of Victoria-street Ready county -- Armagh
MANN of St Mark s-place Armagh county -- Armagh
MARSHALL of Bolton Loughgilly -- County Armagh
MARSHALL of Lisnafeedy -- Armagh
MARSHALL of Pembroke House Markethill -- Armagh
MARSHALL of Richhill -- County Armagh
MARTIN of Camegat Newry -- County Armagh
MARTIN of Carnagat Newry -- County Armagh
MASON of The Square Tandragee -- County Armagh
MATCHETT of Dungannon-road Portadown -- Armagh
MATHERS of Muckery Portadown county -- Armagh
MATTHEWS of 23 Tower Hill Armagh county -- Armagh
MAYES of Ballydonaghy Portadown county -- Armagh
McBIRNEY of Mullaghglass -- County Armagh
McBIRNEY of Mullaglass -- County Armagh
McBRIDE of Brackley -- County Armagh
McBRIDE of Upper English-street Armagh -- County Armagh
McBROOM of Derryhole Portadown county -- Armagh
McCANN of 95 Lower Irish-street Armagh -- County Armagh
McCARTEN of Mowillian Keady -- Armagh
McCLEERY of 77 Hill-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
MCCLELLAND of Drumgoose county -- Armagh
MCCLELLAND of Mullabrack county -- Armagh
MCCLELLAND of Statemills Mountmorris county -- Armagh
McCLINTACK of Fellows Hall Tynam -- Armagh
McCLURE of Ballymacawley Collone -- County Armagh
McCONVILLE of Crossmaglen -- County Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
McCONVILLE of Crossmaglen county -- Armagh
McCORMACK of 78 Hill-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
McCULLAGH of Rose Cottage Markethill -- Armagh
McCULLOUGH of Derrybeg Villas Newry -- County Armagh
McCUNE of Tandragee -- Armagh
McDOWELL of The Bungalow Knock Porthdown -- County Armagh
McENDOO of The Rectory Tandragee -- Armagh
McEWEN of Derlett -- County Armagh
McFARLAND of The Manse Loughgall -- Armagh
McFERRAN of Newtownhamilton -- County Armagh
McFERRAN of Newtownhamilton -- County Armagh
McGONNELL of Mile House Lurgan -- County Armagh
McGUONE of Keady -- County Armagh
McKEE of 46 Ogle-street Armagh -- County Armagh
McKENNA of Mullanstown or Drumarg or Downs county -- Armagh
McKINLEY of Railway-street Armagh -- County Armagh
McKINSTRY of 5 The Mall -- Armagh
MclLHATTON of Altnamackin county -- Armagh
MclNTOSH of 134 Park-road Portadown -- County Armagh
McMAHON of College-street Armagh -- County Armagh
McMASTER of Limnagore Tynan -- County Armagh
McMULLAN of 7 Castle-street Lurgan -- Armagh
McNALLY of Course Lodge Richhill county -- Armagh
McVEIGH of Silverwood Villa Lurgan -- County Armagh
MeCLELLAND of Drumgoose Portadown -- Armagh
MENARY of Hillcrest Lurgan county -- Armagh
MENARY of Knockaneagh Killylea -- County Armagh
MERCER of 47 Scotch-street Armagh county -- Armagh
METCALFE of Tarsan Portadown county -- Armagh
MILLAR of Lisacuran Lurgan -- Armagh
MILLIGAN of Beesbrook -- Armagh
MILLS of Brostally Milford Armagh county -- Armagh
MILLS of Newry-street Markeithill county -- Armagh
MILSOP of the County Mental Hospital -- Armagh
MITCHELL of Braemount Newry-road Armagh -- Armagh
MITCHELL of Braemount Newry-road county -- Armagh
MITCHELL of Sheetrim Madden Ready county -- Armagh
MOFFATT of Ballybrawley Tassagh -- County Armagh
MOFFET of 9 William-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
MOORE of Lisnadill county -- Armagh
MOORE of Loughall county -- Armagh
MOORE of Waringstown-road Lurgan -- County Armagh
MORGAN of Adanove Mullabawn county -- Armagh
MORGAN of Ballymacawley county -- Armagh
MORGAN of Ballymacully county -- Armagh
MORIARTY of The Retreat Armagh -- County Armagh
MORTIMER of West-street Portadown -- Armagh
MULHOLLAND of Leish county -- Armagh
MULLEN of Ballynagowan county -- Armagh
MURDOCK of Tullyrone Dungannon -- County Armagh
MURPHY of 10 Vicars Hill Armagh -- Armagh
MURPHY of Derrylaw Tynan -- County Armagh
MURPHY of Lislea -- County Armagh
MURPHY of The Cottage The Mall Armagh county -- Armagh
MURRAY of 15 Shankhill-street-place Lurgan -- Armagh
MUSSEN of Eric-crescent Portadown -- County Armagh
NEILL of 29 Queen-street Portadown county -- Armagh
NEILL of Killeen Kildarton -- Armagh
NEILL of Tandragee county -- Armagh
NESBITT of Ballygorman Loughgilly -- County Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
NEWELL of Avondale Armagh-road Portadown -- County Armagh
NICHOLL of Comair -- County Armagh
NICHOLS of 1 Gilford-road Lurgan -- County Armagh
NICHOLSON of Derrykerran Portadown county -- Armagh
NUGENT of Aughmagurgan -- Armagh
O'CONNOR of Crossmaglen -- County Armagh
O'CONNOR of Crossmaglen county -- Armagh
O'HAGAN of Dromalane Newry county -- Armagh
O'HANLON of Eagralougher -- Armagh
O'HANLON of Eagralougher -- County Armagh
O'HANLON of Unshinagh or Unchena -- County Armagh
O'HARA of Mullaglass -- Armagh
O'NEILL of Cavan Richill county -- Armagh
O'NEILL of The Wood Cornahinnegor county -- Armagh
OASTLES of Derryloughan county -- Armagh
OCONNOR of Bessbrook -- Armagh
OCONNOR of Bessbrook -- Armagh
ODGERS of Creenagh Loughgall county -- Armagh
OHARE of Bessbrook -- Armagh
OHARE of Bessbrook -- Armagh
ONEILL of Cavan -- Armagh
ONEILL of Forkhill Mills Newry -- Armagh
ORR of 4 Mark-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
ORR of Hartford Cottage The Mall Armagh county -- Armagh
ORR of Hartford Cottage The Mall Armagh county -- Armagh
PALMER of Infirmary House Armagh county -- Armagh
PARKS of Tamnifiglasson Portadown -- County Armagh
PATTERSON of Lisadian Whitecross -- County Armagh
PAUL of 116 Annaville-terrace Thomas-street Portadown -- Armagh
PEDLOW of Lisacurran -- Armagh
PEEL of Kennedies Hill Tynan county -- Armagh
PIERSON of Creenagh Loughgall county -- Armagh
PINKERTON of Lakeview Cottage Gilford-road Lurgan -- County Armagh
PLENDERLEITH of Beech Hill Lurgan county -- Armagh
PORTER of Lower Creggans county -- Armagh
POTTS of Millvale House Newry -- County Armagh
PRITCHARD of Tamnaghmore -- Armagh
PROCTOR of Liskeyboro -- Armagh
QUINN of Normanville 40 Railway-street Armagh county -- Armagh
REDPATH of Cargans Tandragel -- County Armagh
REID of Causnagh Loughgall -- Armagh
REID of Derryhaw county -- Armagh
REILLY of Shiels Institution Armagh county -- Armagh
RENNIE of 34 Church-street Portadown county -- Armagh
RENNIE of 44 Church-street Portadown -- Armagh
RENNIX of Seagoe Farm Portadowm -- Armagh
REVELS of Tullyhappy county -- Armagh
RICHARDSON of Annacramp county -- Armagh
RICHARDSON of North-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
ROBB of Lagan Ready county -- Armagh
ROBB of Woodside Portadown county -- Armagh
ROBERTS of Killeen county -- Armagh
ROBINSON of 107 Hampton-terrace Jervis-street Portadown county -- Armagh
ROBINSON of Breagh Tarbaraghan county -- Armagh
ROBINSON of Breagh Tartaraghan -- County Armagh
ROBINSON of Diviney county -- Armagh
ROBINSON of Markethill county -- Armagh
ROBINSON of Moneycree county -- Armagh
ROBINSON of Mowping Shantung China and Clownagh Portadown county -- Armagh
RODGERS of 5 Richmond-terrace Armagh county -- Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ROGERS of Tullywinney county -- Armagh
ROLSTON of 12 Barrack-street Armagh -- Armagh
ROSS of 31 High-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
ROSS of 31 High-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
ROSS of 31 High-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
ROUNTREE of Richhill county -- Armagh
ROWLETT of Portadowin -- Armagh
RUDDELL of 31 High-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
RUDDELL of Tirmacrannon county -- Armagh
RUDDOCK of Bally willy county -- Armagh
RUDDOCK of Drumard Primate -- County Armagh
RUDDOCK of Drumard Primate Portadown -- County Armagh
RUSSELL of Heath View Aughnagurgan Kcady -- County Armagh
RYAN of 19 Alexandra-gardens Portadown -- County Armagh
SANDFORD of 1 St Mark s-place Armagh county -- Armagh
SANDS of 17 Killycomain-road Portadown -- County Armagh
SAVAGE of Cullentragh county -- Armagh
SCALLAN of Naivette Cathedral-villas Armagh -- County Armagh
SCOTT of Grange Blundel -- Armagh
SEELEY of 47 Mary-street Lurgan -- Armagh
SHANKS of Hanover-street ?Portadown -- Armagh
SHANNON of 24 Edward-street Armagh -- County Armagh
SHANNON of Newry -- Armagh
SHANNON of Newry -- Armagh
SHANNON of Newry -- Armagh
SHAW of Bank of Ireland House Portadown county -- Armagh
SHAW of Tullyvallen Newtownhamilton -- County Armagh
SHEERAN of 6 Mall View-terrace Armagh -- Armagh
SHIELDS of Hillside Gilford-road Lurgan -- Armagh
SHIELDS of Killycarn Lower -- Armagh
SHILLINGTON of Altavilla Portadown county -- Armagh
SIMPSON of 6 Newry-road Armagh county -- Armagh
SIMPSON of Thorndene Railway-street Armagh county -- Armagh
SINNAMON of Drumena Portadown county -- Armagh
SINTON of Ashtrees Tamnamore Tandragee county -- Armagh
SINTON of Ballyards Armagh -- County Armagh
SINTON of Ballyards Armagh -- County Armagh
SINTON of Laurel Gate Tandragee -- County Armagh
SINTON of Laurel Vale Tandragee -- Armagh
SINTON of Markethill county -- Armagh
SKEATH of 20 Tower-hill -- Armagh
SLEATOR of Ballymackilmurry -- Armagh
SMALL of 1 Bayview Warrenpoint county Down and of Markethill county -- Armagh
SMITH of 75 Thomas-street Portadown Armagh
SMITH of High-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
SMITH of Renroc Lurgan -- County Armagh
SMITH of Tynan county -- Armagh
SMYTH of Ardmore Rectory Ardmore county -- Armagh
SMYTH of Auglish Scarva -- County Armagh
SMYTH of Corquary Jerrettspass county -- Armagh
SMYTH of Drumanphy Scotch-street Portadown -- County Armagh
SOWTER of The Manor House Longhgall -- County Armagh
SOYE of Queen-street Lurgan -- County Armagh
SOYE of Viewfield Lurgan county -- Armagh
SPEERS of Cavanagrove -- Armagh
SPEERS of Cavanagrove Collone Armagh -- County Armagh
SPEERS of Cavanagrow Collone Armagh county -- Armagh
SPROULE of The Manse Lurgan county -- Armagh
STANLEY of Annagh Portadown county -- Armagh
STANLEY of Ballinteggart Portadown -- Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STARR of Aughnafin Killylea Post Office county -- Armagh
STARR of Newtown Hamilton -- County Armagh
STEEN of Willowbank Ready -- County Armagh
STRAGHAN of Drummond county -- Armagh
STRAIN of Cremone county -- Armagh
STRAIN of Cremore -- Armagh
SULLIVAN of Cloncore Portadown -- Armagh
SULLIVAN of Derrylard county -- Armagh
SWANN of Crossmaglen county -- Armagh
TARLETON of Legarhill county -- Armagh
TAYLOR of Derranmore-terrace Bessbrook -- Armagh
TAYLOR of Derrymore -- Armagh
TEMPLETON of Terraskane -- Armagh
THOMPSON of 57 Market-street Lurgan -- Armagh
THOMPSON of Lurgan -- Armagh
THOMPSON of Market-street Lurgan -- Armagh
THOMPSON of Maydown -- Armagh
THORNTON of Lissoy Stewart-avenue Portadown county -- Armagh
TKfOMPSON of Market-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
TODD of Milford county -- Armagh
TODD of Milford county -- Armagh
TONER of Portadown county -- Armagh
TOWNSEND of Cathedral Close -- Armagh
TOWNSEND of Cathedral Close Armagh county -- Armagh
TRIMBLE of Lisdrumgullion -- Armagh
TROUGHTON of Ballintaggart House Portadown -- Armagh
TURTLE of Mullavilly Tandragee -- County Armagh
UPRICHARD of Fairview Tannaghmore West county -- Armagh
UPRICHARD of Fairview Tannaghmore West Lurgan county -- Armagh
VALLELY of Bridge-street Ready county -- Armagh
VALLELY of Cladymore county -- Armagh
VALLELY of Clay -- County Armagh
WALKER of Hanover-street Portadown county -- Armagh
WALKER of Kilvergan -- Armagh
WALKER of Prospect House Killicomaire-Portadown -- County Armagh
WALKER of Seagoe Farm Portadown -- County Armagh
WALKER of Tannaghmore -- Armagh
WALSH of Drumcree county -- Armagh
WARDELL of Laurelvale county -- Armagh
WARNOCK of 16 Wellesley-avenue Belfast and 7 Carrick-blacker-avenue Portsdown county -- Armagh
WATSON of Avenue-road Lurgan county -- Armagh
WATSON of Avon Lodge Armagh -- Armagh
WATSON of Avon Lodge Armagh -- Armagh
WATSON of Laurel Villa Deans Bridge Armagh -- County Armagh
WATSON of Pisgah Lodge Keady -- Armagh
WAUGH of Selshion Portadown county -- Armagh
WAUGH of Thomas-street Portsdown -- Armagh
WEIR of Grange Lower county -- Armagh
WELLS of Monbrief county -- Armagh
WELLS of Monbrief Lurgan county -- Armagh
WHITE of Chantry Lurgyvallen county -- Armagh
WHITE of Orange Hall Tandragee -- Armagh
WHITE of Orange Hill Tandragee county -- Armagh
WHITE of Orange Hill Tandragee county -- Armagh
WHITE of Tynan -- County Armagh
WHITESIDE of Church-street Tanderagee -- Armagh
WHITESIDE of Church-street Tandragee county -- Armagh
WHITTLES of Rockmount Richhill county -- Armagh
WHYTE of 108 Thomas-street Portadown county -- Armagh
WILLIAMSON of 29 Barrack-street Armagh county -- Armagh
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WILLIAMSON of 95 Victoria-street Lurgan county -- Armagh
WILLIAMSON of Drumsollen county -- Armagh
WILLIS of 34 Abbey-street Armagh county -- Armagh
WILLIS of Market Hill -- County Armagh
WILSON of 3 Russell-street Armagh county -- Armagh
WILSON of 34 Portmore-street Portadown -- County Armagh
WILSON of Ardress Annagbmore -- Armagh
WILSON of Ballyleney Richhill -- County Armagh
WILSON of Ballyleny county -- Armagh
WILSON of Ballyleny county -- Armagh
WILSON of Ballyleny county -- Armagh
WILSON of College Hall Tynan -- County Armagh
WILSON of Derryvane Portadown -- County Armagh
WILSON of Frederick-street Bessbrook -- County Armagh
WILSON of Killycam -- County Armagh
WILSON of Mullaghglass county -- Armagh
WILSON of Oakfield Ballyworkan -- Armagh
WILSON of Oakfield Ballyworkan Portadown -- County Armagh
WILSON of Rathcumber Derrynoose Keady county -- Armagh
WILSON of Tower Hill Armagh -- County Armagh
WITHERS of Lislea Avenue-road Lurgan -- Armagh
WOODHOUSE of Drummannon county -- Armagh
WOODS of Greenmount Richhill -- County Armagh
WOODS of Wheatfield Ballybreagh -- County Armagh
WRIGHT of 9 College-street Armagh county -- Armagh
WRIGHT of Ballylisk Portadown -- Armagh
WRIGHT of Ballylisk Portadown county -- Armagh
WRIGHT of Middletown county -- Armagh
WRIGHT of Newtownhamilton -- County Armagh
WYNNE of Ballier (or Bailer) Tassagh Armagh -- County Armagh

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