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Bognor Regis (Sussex) is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAMES of 41 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ADAMS of Red Cottage Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ADDISON of Fircroft Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
AKAM of Kenneswood 21 Aldwick-gardens East -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ALLEN of 10 Thorpewood-avenue Sydenham London SE26 and of 22 Havelock-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ALLEN of Ab Origine Nyetimber-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ALLEN of San Remo 20 Havelock-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ALLISON of Woodgate 71 Longford-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ALLMAN of South Glen West-way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
AMABILINO of 38 Hampshire-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ANDREW of 25 Cavendish-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ARMSDEN of 33 London-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ARNAUD of Whiteways Crescenta-walk -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ATTHILL of Seaholme Bereweeke-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
AVIS of Police Station -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAILEY of 2 Coastguard-parade Craigwell-on-Sea -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAILEY of Blackbirds Rookery Farm North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAILEY of Casa Mia Bereweeke-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAILEY of Glenwood Lyon-road Nyetimber -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAIRSTOW of Cranford Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAKER of 2 Buckingham-place The Steyne -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAKER of Melrose 15 Highland-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAKER of Westdene Nyetimber-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BALDWIN of 1 Shelley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARKER of Kenbar Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARNARD of 36 Central-avenue North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARNES of ConnordonBarrack-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARNETT of 26 Albion-road Westcliff-on-Sea Essex and Tipcot Bassett-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARNETT of Tipcot Bassett-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARNSTABLE of -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARRETT of Elmfield Links-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARRETT of Kingsley Ellasdale-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARTHOLOMEW of Harestock Den-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARTLETT of Elmcroft Elmwood-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARTLETT of Wilmin Felpham-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BARTON of Little Leas Church-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BATCHLOR of Ben Dhu 7 Beatty-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BATES of St Leonards Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BATHO of Saint Michaels School -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BAYLEY of Slemish Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BEALE of 2 Coastguard-cottages Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BEASLEY of Chilby Sea-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BEAVEN of Chepstow 40 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BENNETT of 1 Haven-cottages Shripney-road South Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BENNING of Merrivale Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BENTLEY of Vigomia Gordon-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BERRY of 33 Argyle-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BERRY of Valsana 21 Wychwood Close Craigwell-on-Sea -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BEVERLEY of The Bryn Lyon-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BIGNELL of Lutonee Clovelly-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BIRD of Merryvale Wessex-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BISHOP of 34 Longford-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BLACKMAN of 54 Linden-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BLANN of The Berkeley Hotel -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOALCH of 3 Station-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOBBY of 28 Silverston-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BONE of 3 Southover-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOOKER of Barton Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOSTOCK of 26 Westingway -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOTTING of 2 The Homestead Ivy-lane South Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BOTTRILL of Hillmorton Linden-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOWDEN of Willow Bank North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOWLER of 1 Orchard-way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOWMAN of 4 Felpham-gardens Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BOXER of 76 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BRADSHAW of 7 Greencourt-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BRENTON of Ashton House High-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BRIDGES of 50 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BRIDGES of Sarum 56 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BROWN of 83 Lincoln-avenue Rose Green -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BROWN of Highlands Elmwood-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BROWN of The Hawthorns Linden-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BROWN of The Moorings Limmer-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BROWN of The Priory North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BROWNE of Beverley Lionel-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BRYANT of 69 Collyers-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BULL of 2 Church-lane South Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BURCHFELL of 146 London-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BURGESS of St Andrews Canning-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BURGESS of Tower House Havelock Close Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BURROWS of Leacroft Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BUSHELL of 26 Bedford-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BUTT of Langley Cottage Tennyson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BUTTERWORTH of Grosvenor Shoppe 5 Rose Green-road Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
BYASS of Wanscroft Wansford Way Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CAIRNS of The Firs Waverley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CALDWELL of Greengates Nyetimber-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CAMPBELL of Lavens Aldwick-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CAMPBELL of The Glen Elmwood-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CAMPBELL of Winton Summerley-lane Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CARTER of 16 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CARTER of Whitehame Roundle-square Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHAMBERS of 7 Parklands-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHAPPLE of -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHARMAN of Downlands Downview-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHENEY of 94 Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHENEY of Crawford House Clarence-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHESTER of Lutonee Clovelly-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHICK of St Andrews Park-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CHUTER of 6 Wellington-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CLAPSHAW of Hereweare Main-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CLARK of 2 Jubilee-parade Elmer -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CLARK of The Barn Crescenta-walk -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CLARKE of 43 Aldwick-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CLEMENTS of Francesca Limmer-lane Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COCK of Stanley House Wick-lane Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COCKBURN of 4 The Byeway Aldwick Bay -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COLE of 4 Irene-cottages Chalcroft-road North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COLLINGS of 11 Grosvenor-gardens Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COLLINS of Windyridge Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COLLYNS of The Waterloo Inn Waterloo-square -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COOKES of Chudleigh Aldwick-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COOPER of Campbell Down Campbell-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COOPER of The Farm1 Shripney-roacL -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CORNFIELD of 38 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COSENS of Oakleigh Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COUPLAND of Cheriton Albert-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COX of 18 Merrion-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
COX of White Rock Pagham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CRACKNELL of Harcourt Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CRANMER of 88 Hillsborough-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CRIPPS of Cotswold Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CRIPPS of Kingsland Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CRONIN of Countryside Burnham-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CROOK of Exmouth 125 Longford-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CROSS of Lynton South-drive Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CUMING of 4 Victoria-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CUMING of Glenmore Glencathara-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CUNISON of Sundorne Firs-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CUNNINGHAM of Doveton Sea Way Middleton-on-Sea -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
CURME of 18 Mons-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DAVALL of Faircroft Aigburth-road Rose-green -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DAVIDSON of Laveno Aldwick-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DAVIES of The Bunker Temple Sheen-road Elmer Sands -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DAVISON of Callington Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DIRCKS of Holmwood Gordon-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DIXON of 1 Vicarage-lane Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DOWER of Inglewood Barrack-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
DUKE of 12 The Crescent Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
EASTLAND of 198 Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
EDWARDS of Quiet Ways Glenwood-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ENGLAND of Capilano Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
EVERETT of Canada Cottage Aldwick-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
EVERINGTON of Marigolds Sea-lane Middleton-on-Sea -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FAY of Fircroft Shripney -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FENN of 34 Wellington-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FIELD of The Den 26 Hilsboro-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FIELDER of Concord Links-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FINCH of Rosebank Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FINDLAY of Roanoke Manor Close Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FINDLAY of Roanoke Manor Close Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FLAHEY of 46 Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FLETCHER of Aldwick Manor -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FOREMAN of 20 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FOSBERY of Elmfield Crossbush-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FREEMAN of 48 Glarhis-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FREESTONE of Bentworth Barnham-road Eastergate -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FRY of Vinca Gossamer-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FRY of Wilsdon Goodman-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FULLER of 2 Queens-square Glamis-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FULLER of Elm Lea Nursery Barrack-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FULLER of Rosemere 71 Havelock-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FUNNELL of Polgarth Willowhale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
FUNNUCKE of 36 Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GALVIN of Ardmuir Croaghta Park Glasheen-road Cork and of 64 Ockley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GARDINER of Garlands Norfolk-square -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GARDNER of Sandringham Wessex-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GARRARD of Sanctum Normanton-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GIBBS of Normanscroft -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GIBBS of Normanscroft The Sylvan Way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GIFFORD of Barum 9 Ellesdale-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GILFILLAN of Woodlea Nelson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GILLIGAN of 4 Park-terrace -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GILLMAN of 26 Wellington-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GOOD of The Ascot 2 Clarence-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GOODER of Seacroft Private Hotel Albert-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRANT of The Nutshell Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRANT of Tower House Havelock-close Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRANTHAM of 21 Southdown-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRAY of Barklye House Sylvan Way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GREEN of 214 London-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GREEN of 3 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRIFFIN of Devonia Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRIGSBY of 53 Kyoto-court Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRIGSBY of Uppingham Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GRYLLS of Flat 2-34 Glamis-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
GYDE of Foley House Upper bognor-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HACKNEY of 9 Orchard Way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAILE of Landon House Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HALL of Coombe Cottage Parklands-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HALLERMAN of The Victoria Hotel -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAMILTON of Hamilton House 51 Bedford-avenue North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAMMOND of The Royal Oak North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HARMSWORTH of 70 Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HARRIS of Burma Nelson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HARRISON of 12 Linden-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HART of 9 Havelock-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HART of Dunelm Ivydale-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HART of Kendal Lodge 37 Linden-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HARTIGAN of 3 Albert-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAWTHORNE of Pagham Bungalow Pagham-road Pagham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAYES of 26 Southway -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAYES of Cross Gate 13 Bedford-avenue North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAYLER of 42-44-London-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAYLINGS of 11 Waverley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAYS of St Lawrence Nursing Home Norfolk-square -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HAYWARD of Wessex Lodge Wessex-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HELY of 1 London-road Fontwell Walberton -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HEMINGFIELD of Glenholme Hillsboro-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HENDERSON of 2 Cavendish-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HEWSON of Ealing Hook-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HIAM of Truro 99 Longford-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HICKLING of Oakhurst Upper bognor-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HICKSON of Cheniston Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HILL of 10 Aldwick-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HILL of 114 Hawthorne-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HILL of Cranbrook Pevensey-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HILL of Porthpean Limmer-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HILL of The Lodge Aldwick Manor -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HILLS of Sandy hills Willowhale-avenue Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HINDE of 28 Richmond-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HINLEY of Surreydale Cottage Tennyson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HIRD of The Bam Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HODGE of Ivercroft 6 Burnham-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HOLE of Haroldene Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HOLLOWAY of 34 Havelock-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HOLMES of Brookslegh Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HOLMES of Castille Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HONNOR of Belvedere Waterloo-square -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HOOK of Eldorado Barrack-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HORNBY of Denmead Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HORNER of 41 Aldwick-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HORROCKS of 11a Merrion-avenue Durlston Estate -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HOUGH of Twillingate Ancton Way West Elmer Sands -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HOWARD of Walton House Walton-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HUBAND of Redcliffe House Neville-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HUGHES of Bemerton Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HUGHES of Bemerton Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HUNT of Trevellas 12 Parklands-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
HYNES of 34 Gloucester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
INGLE of Selwood Lodge Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
INGRAM of St Martins 23 Cavendish-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
IRELAND of 19 Glamis-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JACKSON of Bridgford House Princess-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JARMAN of Bank House York-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JARMAN of Bank House York-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JARVIS of Asheme Upper bognor-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JAY of Primrose Cottage Elbridge -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JAY of The Chalet Beakes-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JENKINS of Ethandene Gordon-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JENNINGS of Robinsrest Somerset-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JOHNSON of Felpham Vinery Flansham-lane Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JONAS of Highground Limmer-lane Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JONES of Chatsworth Gossamer-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JONES of Hasiemere 44 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JONES of Hollerday 4 Gordon-terrace Sea-road Felp-ham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JONES of Melville Lodge Lyon-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
JORDAN of The Laurels Ivy-lane North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KELTON of 39 Longford-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KENT of Lyngford Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KENT of Murrayfield 55 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KENT of West Cottage Wood-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KERRIDGE of Tamarisk West-drive Aldwick Bay -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KERRY of 28 Grafton-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KIDMAN of 20 Central-drive North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KIDNER of Oakwood Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KIMBELL of Greengates Willington-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KINCH of Aloha Admiralty-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KINDER of Waterford Sylvan-way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KING of Eastbury Aldwick-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KINGSMAN of Old Barn Cottage Hewarts-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KITE of Kaderane Nelson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KNIGHT of 1 Myrtle-cottages Flansham-lane Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KNOTT of Whitmore 3a Shelley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KNOWLES of 26 Cavendish-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
KYNE of 2 Longford-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LANDON of 70 Central-avenue North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LANGMEAD of Southway Bassett-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LANGSTON of Mary Cot Ancton Way Elmer Sands -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LAURIE of St. Leonards Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LAW of 37 Lyon-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LAW of Charnwood Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LAWS of Bridgeford House Princess-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LAWSON of Cranborne Southdown-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LE SEELLEUR of 20 Orchard-way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LEMMON of San Toy Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LESLIE of The Sea Shanty Aldwick Bay -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LEWIS of Southsea Church-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LINCOLN of 10 Pagham Road Pagham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LINEHAN of 24 South-avenue Aldwick-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LITTLE of Derwent Fernhurst-gardens Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LITTLECHILD of 12 Steyne-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LONG of Tibcot Bassett-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LOWE of St Hilary Admiralty-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LOWENTHAL of The Forest Main-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
LYNCH of Avoca Rifeway Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MACKROW of 22 Wellington-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MACMILLAN of 25 Southdown-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MALIN of 8 St Fergus William-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MALIN of St Fergus 8 William-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MANNING of 39 Southway North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MARDELL of 25 Summerhill-drive Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MARGETSON of The Holdynge Aldwick-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MARKS of 3 Burnham-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MARTIN of 10 Belmont-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MARTIN of 5 Wellington-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MARTIN of 87 Collyer-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MASON of Brooklyn Neville-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MATTHEWS of Ancliffe Cottage Den-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MAY of Savamake South-avenue Aldwick Gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MAYELL of 65 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
McDONALD of Southlea Church-lane South Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
McGANN of Beams Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
McLAREN of 35 Bedford-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MEDHURST of Rogate Gordon-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MESSENGER of 25 Summerhill-drive Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MESSERVY of Elmfield Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MILLER of West-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MILLETT of Tower House Havelock Close Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MILLS of 8 Princess-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MILLS of Marysville Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MILLWARD of 27 Argyle-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MINCHIN of Verenez Hook-lane Pagham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MITCHELL of 27 Richmond-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MOIR of 53 Hillsboro-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MOORE of Homeside Glencathara-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MORGAN of Dozmary Southview Estate Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MORLEY of The Hollies North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MORRIS of 1 Marine-parade -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MORTIMORE of 14 Steyne-gardens West-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MOSS of Somerset Stocker-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
MUSTERS of Silverhurst Sea Way Middleton -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
NEW of 23 Bedford-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
NOLAN of 31 Orchard Way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
NORMAN of Danehurst Willowhale-avenue Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
O'GRADY of St Margarets Church-lane South Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
O'MALLEY of 46 Dudley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
OLDFIELD of Rooks Croft The Grove Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
OLIVER of 36 Murina-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
OLIVER of Ellasdale Lodge Ellasdale-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
OLIVER of Revilo Sturgess-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
OSBORN of 35 Lyon-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
OSBORN of Audley House Lennox-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
OSBORN of Audley House Lennox-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PAGE of Turret House Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PAGE of Windygap -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PAIGE of Milton Cottage Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PALMER of Courtney Lodge 6 Sylvan-way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PANTIN of 14 Havelock-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PARK of Chepstow 40 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PARKER of The Cottage Farm Ancton -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PARKIN of Domus Crescenta Walk -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PARSON of Holtbury 18 Sudley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PARSONS of Beechenhurst Barrack-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PATRICK of 14 Firs-avenue Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PAUL of Glenluce 10 Westingway -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PAYNE of Singleton Burnham-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PEACOCK of Grayling Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PEGUM of 29 Selsey-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PEMELL of Briar Cottage Nelson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PETERS of The Towans Gossamer-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PETITT of 12 Scott-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PHILLIPS of St Ivel 3 Glamis-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PHILLIPS of Walton Walls -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PIKE of 26 Murina-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PILKINGTON of Field End Silverston-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PILKINGTON of Field End Silverston-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PINK of Melrose Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PLEASANCE of Bon Accord Elmwood-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PLOWMAN of Culver End Culver-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
POLLARD of 13 Henry-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PREWETT of 88 The Fairway Bay Estate Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PRICE of 83 Kyoto-court -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PRINCE of Keldor Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PRIOR of 49 Highfield-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PRIOR of Rabern 31a Aldwick-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
PULLIN of Rock Gardens Hotel -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RAIN of Chosenholme Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RAY of 8 Aldwick-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
READE of 8 Tennyson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
REED of 9 Chalcroft-road North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
REED of T Talbay-cottages Essex-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
REED of The Den -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
REESE of Main-drive House Southdean -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RENWICK of The White House Nyetimber-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RICHARDS of 10 and 12 Waterloo-square -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RICHARDS of 38 Havelock-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RICHARDSON of 30 West-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RICHER of 15 Northcote-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ROBB of Tyrone House 29 Argyle-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ROBINSON of Kingswear 24 Marshall-averiue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ROBINSON of Riber Sturgess-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ROBINSON of Rookstone Shripney -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ROOT of Beachholme Clyde-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
ROSS of Iona 12 Sea-lane Pagham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
RUDD of 36 Gloucester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SACRE of 2 Ellasdale-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SADLER of The Other House Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SAINSBURY of 8 Shelley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SALTER of Homeside North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SANDEMAN of Bleak House Barrack-lane Aldwick -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SANDYS of Belmont Lodge -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SARGENT of Rosedene 34 Gloucester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SCHINAS of Beaconsfield Burnham-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SCOTCHER of 66 Hillsborough-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SEYMOUR of Studland Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SHANLY of 11a High-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SHARPE of 12 Essex-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SHARPE of 14 Essex-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SHARPE of The Pines Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SHEPHERD of Flat 23 Whytewyches Devonshire-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SIMES of 37 Canada-grove -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SIMPSON of Cheriton Albert-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SKINNER of 32 Nor-Bren-avenue North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SLADE of Enton 47 Southdown-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMITH of 170 Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMITH of 19 Pevensey-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMITH of 21a Devonshire-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMITH of Cranhurst Glenwood-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMITH of Oaklands 28 Normanton-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SMITH of The Boltons Myewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMITH of Tudor Cottage Mead-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMITH of Wild Hedges Elm-grove Barnham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SMYTH of Elm Lodge Sylvan-way -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SODEN of 44 Canada-grove -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SOMERVILLE of Sheen Lodge Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SOMERVILLE of St Leonards Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SOWDEN of 38 Southway North Bersted -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SPACEY of Mintaville Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SPARKES of Mayfield House Spencer-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SPIKIN of 43 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STAFFURTH of Kenworth Nelson-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STALEY of Ross House High-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STARR of Staunton Cottage Waterloo-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STEER of Kildare Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STEER of Moreland Spencer-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STEPHENS of 67 High-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STEVENS of 49 Longford-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STEVENSON of Sudley House Sudley-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STICKLEY of 13 Somerset-gardens -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STILL of Sunnyside Linden-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
STOKES of 14 Gainsborough-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SURRAGE of Limmer Cottage Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SURRIOGE of 4 A'Beckers-avenue Aldwick Bay Estate -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SUTER of Nevada 24 Hillsboro-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SUTER of Nevada 24 Hillsboro-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SWAIN of 70 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
SWAINE of The Crest Sturgess-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TARBIT of Dilkusha Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TATE of The Chase Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TAYLOR of 23 Parklands-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
THOMAS of Alma Main-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
THOMAS of Gwynsa Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
THOMAS of Howard House West-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
THOMPSON of The Bridgford Nursing Home Princess-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
THORN of 21 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
THURLOW of 61 Lincoln-avenue Rose Green -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TILEY of Wilmin Felpham-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TIPPER of Ashover Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TOMALIN of Sunny Nook Downview-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TOZER of Bell Rock Hotel -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TREDWELL of 78 Hillsboro-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TRENCH of Lyola Gordon-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TRIMMING of Avalon The Den -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
TWINE of Shirley Southdown-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
UNWIN of West View Aldwick-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
UPPERTON of 81 Collyer-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
VANDERPUMP of Wenvoe Aldwich-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
VENTHAM of Edenderry Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WALE of 80 London-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WALKER of Naplouse Downview-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WALLIS of la The Broadway Oldwick-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WALMSLEY of 28 Richmond-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WALTERS of White Tower Aldwick-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WARD of Shortlands Hawthorn-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WARE of 30 Parkslands-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WARNER of Douglas Hotel Aldwich-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WARNER of The Twyford Nursing Home -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WATERS of Belvedere Silverston-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WATERS of Mont Cenis Canada-grove -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WATKINS of St Hilary 40 Marina-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WATSON of 6 Richmond-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WEBER of Camerway Sefton-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WEBER of Sedlescombe 58 Marshall-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WEDGE of Wayside Victoria-drive -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WELLS of 10 Lyon-street -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WHITE of Ivano 14 Crescent-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WHITE of Morningside 32 Wellington-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WHITE of Pakoy Ellasdale-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WHITEHEAD of 5 Southdown-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WICKS of Jesmond Gordon-avenue East -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WILES of Hollycombe 41 Linden-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WILLS of Lynecroft 48 Linden-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WILSON of Haverhill Gordon-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WITHALL of Bryn Bassett-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WITHERS of 80 Annandale-avenue -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WOOD of 33 The Steyne -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WOOD of The Nutshell Nyewood-lane -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WRIGHT of Homestead The Crescent FelpharfT -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
WYATT of White Lodge Chichester-road -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)
YOUNG of 3 Canning-road Felpham -- Bognor Regis (Sussex)

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