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Bingley (Yorks) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ACKERNLEY of Gilstead Hall -- Bingley (Yorks)
ACKROYD of Kenwood Bradford-road Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
AINSLEY of 10 Preston-terrace Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
AINSWORTH of 6 Harrison-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ALLAN of 7 Cliffestone-drive East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
ALLEN of 4 Fox-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ANDERTON of 15 Broadway Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
ANDERTON of 2 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ANDREWS of 5 Lark-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ANDREWS of 8 Raven-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ARMINSON of 13 Harold-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ASHTON of 9 East-street Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of 19 Micklethwaite -- Bingley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of 381 Bradford-road Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of 6 Whitley Fold -- Bingley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of Langroyd Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
AUDSLEY of 4 Ryshworth Hall Cross Flatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of 1 Fairfax-road Gawthorpe -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of 11 Laurel-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of 17 Marion-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of 24 Priesthorpe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of 3 Southlands-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of Chimneys Southway off Sheriff-lane Eld wick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of Domus Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of Hazel Brae Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of Merville Southlands-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of Sunny Mount Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAILEY of Weymouth Warren-lane Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAINES of Glen Royd Hunsworth-lane East -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAIRSTOW of 47 Unity-street South -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAIRSTOW of 5-7 Knorr Farm Cottage Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BAIRSTOW of 53 Main-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BALL of 15 St. Ives-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
BALL of 33 Ryshworth-crescent Morton-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
BANNISTER of 24 Kirkhill Villas -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARBER of 2 Airdale-mount Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARKER of 39 Aire View-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARKER of 9 Gilstead-drive Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARKER of Berwyn 4 The Crescent Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARKER of Blakey Cottages Marley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARNASCONE of The Catholic Presbytery -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARNES of 4 St John-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARNES of Oakroyd 34 Wilsden-road Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARRETT of 1 Glenview-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARRETT of 1 Laythorpe-terrace Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARRETT of 12 Kings-road Cross Flats -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARRETT of 8 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARRETT of Dalewood Beech-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARTON of 10 Harrison-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BARWICK of Dauntsey House Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
BASTOW of 3 Saltaire-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BASTOW of Braithwaite Kings-grove Villa-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BASTOW of The Star Inn York-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BATTY of The Nest Aire View-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
BEAVER of Sutton House -- Bingley (Yorks)
BECK of 14 Primrose-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
BELL of 46 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BELL of 46 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENNETT of 10 Aireview-avenue Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENNISON of 5 Progress-avenue Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BENSON of 12 Amy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENSON of 8 Amy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENSON of Oak Lynn Grange Park-drive Cpttingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENTLEY of 4 Harold-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENTLEY of 46 Ryelands-avenue Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENTLEY of 7 Hulbert-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENTLEY of Hazelwood Lee-lane Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BENTLEY of Laurel Cottage Gilstead Moor -- Bingley (Yorks)
BERRY of 5 Altar View Cross Flatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
BERRY of 61 North-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BERRY of 8 Kings-road Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
BEST of 32Priestthorpe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BILBROUGH of 5 Carrier-row -- Bingley (Yorks)
BILSBOROUGH of 11 Lock View -- Bingley (Yorks)
BINNS of 10 Cliffe-road Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BINNS of 13 Derby-street Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BINNS of Goose Hall Farm Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BINNS of Heights Farm Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BINTCLIFFE of 6 Preston-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
BIRKMYRE of Fairmount -- Bingley (Yorks)
BIRTLE of 15 Moorview-drive Lee-lane Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BIRTLES of White Lodge Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BLENKINSOP of Ivy Cottage Otley-road East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
BLYTHE of 5 Fairfax-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOLTON of 20 Oak-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOLTON of 5 Croft-road Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOLTON of Park House Mews Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BONNETT of Sutton House -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOOTH of 1 Greenley Hill Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOTOMLEY of Briarfield Cottingley-drive Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOTTOMLEY of 22 Aireview-avenue Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOTTOMLEY of Southlands-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
BOWER of Glenthome Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRADLEY of 102 Hill-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRADLEY of 3 Wilson-road Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRADLEY of 61 Staybrite-avenue Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRAY of Parkfield Garage -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRIDGE of 26 Brook-street Crossilatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRIDGE of The Post Office Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRIGG of Woodview Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRIGGS of Ebridge House -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRIGHTON of 14 Rutland-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROADBENT of Morton Vicarage -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROOKE of Rotherwood Aireview-drive Sand-V beds -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROOKS of 17 Park-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROWN of 13 Longwood-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROWN of 4 Brook-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROWN of Rosemead Greenhill-drive Micklethwaite -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROWNE of 27 Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROWNE of 27 Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BROWNE of 27 Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BRUCE of Newlyn Langley-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUCKLEY of Lode Star Cottage Saltaire-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BURNETT of Crag Nook Bungalow Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUSFIELD of 39 Ashley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUSFIELD of 5 Harold-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUSH of 429 Moorview Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUTLER of 7 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUTTERFIELD of 13 Bethel-street Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUTTERFIELD of 17 Chapel-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BUTTERFIELD of Five Rise Farm -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUTTERFIELD of Midland Bank House -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUTTERFIELD of Prospect House Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
BUTTERY of 26 Clyde-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BYGATE of 4 Charles-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
BYWATER of 13 Morton-lane Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
CARLISLE of 2 Highfield-terrace Cullingworth -- Bingley (Yorks)
CARNEY of 18 The Drive Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
CARTER of 7 Druids-view Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
CARTWRIGHT of 4 Cavendish-drive Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHAFFER of 13 Harris-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHAPMAN of 32 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHAPMAN of Lingfield Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHARLTON of 43 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHARNOCK of 22 Emsley-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHELL of 31 Kent-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHEW of Beck-farm Micklethwaite -- Bingley (Yorks)
CHILTON of 7 Comwall-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
CLAPHAM of 57 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
CLARKE of Wayside 23 Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
CLOSE of 72 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
COCKROFT of 18 Laurel-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
COCKROFT of Longwood Hall -- Bingley (Yorks)
COLLIER of 44 The Oval Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
COLLINS of 28 Hill-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
COLLINS of The Hills -- Bingley (Yorks)
COOK of 32 Cornwall-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
COOKE of Aurora Glen-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
COOPER of 9 Princess-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
COOPER of Hill Top Gilstead-lane Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
CORDINGLEY of Ryshworth Bungalow Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
CORLESS of The Bungalow Sheariff-lane Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
CRABTREE of 6 Beckfoot-lane Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
CRAVEN of 51 Unity-street Myrtle Park -- Bingley (Yorks)
CROSBY of 10 Trinity-place -- Bingley (Yorks)
CROSLAND of 10 The Crescent Crossflats -- Bingley (Yorks)
CROSSLEY of 15 Aire View-avenue Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of 39 Moor Edge Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of 8 Altar View Slenningford-road Cross-flatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of 8 Altar View Slenningford-road Crossfiatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of 8 Alter-view Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
CRYER of 3 Poplar-drive Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
DALLAS of 13 Woodlands-grove Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
DALTON of 5c Chapel-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
DARNBROUGH of 7 North-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
DAVEY of 132 Main-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
DAVISON of 10 Aireville Mount Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
DAWSON of 80 Long-lane Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
DAWSON of Brantwood Villa-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
DAWSON of Hollingside Longwood-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
DEAN of 134 Main-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
DEARNLEY of 8 Sunny Mount Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
DENBY of 15 Mitchell-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
DENBY of 8 Park Hill Grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
DENTON of 9 Longwood-view -- Bingley (Yorks)
DEPLEDGE of 82 Hill-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
DEPLEDGE of 82 Hill-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
DERRY of Glendale Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
DICKERSON of 143 The Oval -- Bingley (Yorks)
DICKINSON of 4 Bents Foot Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DICKINSON of Rookwood -- Bingley (Yorks)
DINGSDALE of Spring Dale Sheriff-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
DIXON of 1 Ellis-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
DOBBS of 12 Church-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
DOBBY of 3 Lime-street Cross Flatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
DOLPHIN of 6 Wells-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
DOOLEY of 23 Aire View-avemie Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
DRIVER of Upwood Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
DUFFDLL of 22 Glenningford-terrace Crossflats -- Bingley (Yorks)
DUFFILL of 22 Slenningford-terrace Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
EARLE of 54 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
EDMONDSON of Laurel Cottage Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
EDWARDS of 14 Emsley-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ELLIS of 55 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ELLISON of 6 Warren-avenue Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
ELSTUB of 18 Trinity-place -- Bingley (Yorks)
ELSTUB of 18 Trinity-place -- Bingley (Yorks)
ELSWORTH of 14 South View-road East -- Bingley (Yorks)
EMMETT of 6 Primrose-drive Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
EMMOTT of 5 Otley-road East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
EMMOTT of Haincliffe Slenningford-road Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
ESSEN of 7 Woodlands-grove Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
FABRBANK of 8 Micklethwaite-lane Crossflats -- Bingley (Yorks)
FAIRBANK of 8 Micklethwaite-lane Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
FALKINGHAM of Halthorne 14 Ryshworth-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
FEARNLEY of 31 Manor-drive Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
FELL of 14 Micklethwaite-lane Crossflats -- Bingley (Yorks)
FIELDING of 4 Hollings-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
FIELDING of 5 Butterfield-homes Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 24 Regent-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 24 Regent-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 395 Keighley-road Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 5 Westleigh -- Bingley (Yorks)
FLETCHER of 1 Goit Stock Cottages Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
FLETCHER of 9 Quebec Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
FLETCHER of Beaconholnie Primrose Hill -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 26 Ashfield-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 26 Ashfield-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 31 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 31 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 42 Long-lane Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 42 Long-lane Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 5 Beech Grove Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 5 Beech-grove Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 69 Ryelands-avenue Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 7 Southill-drive Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of 86 Lane-top Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of Myrtle View Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of Rye Nook 69 Ryelands-avenue Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOSTER of The Oaks Holyoake-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOULDS of 13 Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOULDS of 3 Ferrand-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOULDS of 5 Clyde-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOULDS of 7 Clyde-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOULDS of Firside Park-drive-Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOULOS of 7 Clyde-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
FOX of Woodlands Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
FRANKLAND of 3 Raven-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
FRY of 7 Newlands-drive Crossflats -- Bingley (Yorks)
FULLER of 10 Waddington-street -- Bingley (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GAINES of 34 Green End-road East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
GAINES of 39 Green End-road East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
GAINES of 39 Green End-road Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
GARBUTT of 20 North-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GARNETT of 22 Percy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GARRETT of 433 Moor View Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
GARRETT of 433 Moor-view Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
GAUNT of 12 Ferndene Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
GILL of 1 Westwood-crescent Grange Park -- Bingley (Yorks)
GILL of 11 Heath-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GILL of 48 Church-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GILL of 57 The Drive Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
GLOVER of Springmount 13. Priesthorpe -- Bingley (Yorks)
GODDARD of 46 Mitchell-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
GOSLING of 22 South Hill-drive Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
GOTT of Beckfoot Farm -- Bingley (Yorks)
GOTT of Withens Sherriff-lane Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
GRAHAM of Briar Dene Spring-lane Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
GRAHAM of The Cragg Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
GRANGE of 4 Whitley Fold Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
GRAY of 9 Rylands-avenue Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREEN of 11 Bentinck-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREEN of 22 Marion-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREEN of 33 Mitchell-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREEN of 6 Amy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREENFIELD of St. Pats Waggon-lane Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of 13 Bethel-street Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of 7 Ferncliffe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of 8 Gladstone-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of Broadstones Sheriff-lane Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of Heatherbank Saltaire-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
HALES of 91 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
HALL of 1 Cardigan-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HALL of 154 Keighley-road Crossfiatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
HALLIDAY of 1 Fernbank-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
HAMMOND of Fircroft Park-drive Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
HANSON of Oakwood Hall -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARDAKER of 1 Mount-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARGREAVES of Moorland-house Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARKER of Lily Bank Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARRISON of Bianksome Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
HART of Amadia Lee-lane Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of 3 Ryshworth Hall -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of 3 Saltaire-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of 9 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of B'ElmTgrove JEast Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of Loch Leven Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of Loch Leven Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of Moorside Villa-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of The Orchard Micklethwaite -- Bingley (Yorks)
HARWOOD of 26 Stoney Ridge Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEAP of 12 Halifax-road Cullingworth -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEATON of 19 Ferncliffe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEATON of 3 Rook-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEGGIE of 2 Kings-road Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEMINGWAY of 18 Sydney-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEMMANT of Heathcliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
HERON of Thrush Croft Lady-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEY of 47 Park-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
HEY of Briarmead Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HILL of 36 Green End East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
HILL of 36 Green End-road East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
HILL of 57 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
HIRD of 15 Quebec Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
HIRST of 1 North Bank-road Stoney Ridge Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
HIRST of 1 Stoney-road Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
HIRST of Brookiands Hall Bank-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
HODGSON of 1 Ellis-street Cross Flatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
HODGSON of Hill Top Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLDEN of The Beeches Cottingley Bar -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLDSWORTH of 24 Ashgrove Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLDSWORTH of Claremont Cottingley-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLLINGSWORTH of 6-8 Ryecroft Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of 10 Beechroyd-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of 20 Binns-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of 25 Marion-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of 25 Marion-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of 6 Dyndon-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of 7 Poplar-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of Castlefield House Cross Flatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of Hillcrest 40 Stoney-ridge Cottingleynear -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOLMES of Moorland Grange Farm High Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOPKINSON of 11 Sydney-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HORNBY of 22 Dewhirst-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
HORNE of 4 Aire View-avenue Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
HORNE of Heathcote Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOUNAM of Wyncote Wagon-lane Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
HOWARTH of Drake Hill Farm -- Bingley (Yorks)
HUDDERSHAW of 6 Rutland-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HUDDERSHAW of 6 Rutland-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
HUDSON of 1 Whitley Fold Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
HUDSON of 14 Crown Court -- Bingley (Yorks)
HUDSON of 47 The Oval -- Bingley (Yorks)
ILLINGWORTH of 13 Ashfield-crescent -- Bingley (Yorks)
ILLINGWORTH of 2 Providence Row Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
ILLINGWORTH of 21 Kings-road Crossfiatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
ILLINGWORTH of 6 Ryshworth-avenue Moftori-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
INGHAM of 12 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
INGHAM of Hillcrest Southlands-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
INSTON of 13 Quebec Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
JACKSON of 13 Castlefield Cottages -- Bingley (Yorks)
JACKSON of 26 Prospect-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
JACKSON of 39 Park-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
JACKSON of 62 Main-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
JACKSON of Cockroft Fold Camp Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
JACKSON of Oakwood Cottage Lady-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
JACQUES of 2 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
JAQUES of 2 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
JEFFERSON of 6 Ashfield-terace -- Bingley (Yorks)
JEFFERY of 2 Southill-drive Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
JENNINGS of 4 Leyburn Grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 10 Rings-road Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 47 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
JOHNSON of Lynwood Sheriff-lane Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
JOWETT of 13 Ghyllwood-drive Cottingley-bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
JOWETT of 46 Primrose-lane Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
JOWETT of 5 Ryecroft Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
KAY of 15 Percy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
KENYON of 10 Britannia-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
KERSHAW of 10 Southhill-drive Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KERSHAW of Honey Pot Cottage Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
KING of 9 Raven-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
KITCHING of Glenwood Bailey Hills-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
KITGHINGMAN of 24 Longwood-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
KNOWLES of 15 Falcon-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
KNOWLES of 22 Smith-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAIDMAN of 2 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAKE of 2 Bentsfoot Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAKE of Cragg Wood Farm Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAMBERT of 16 Kell-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LANCASTER of Clevedon Southlands-grcve -- Bingley (Yorks)
LANE of 3 Fernbank-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
LANGLEY of 15 Harold-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LANGSTAFF of 20 Heath-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAWRENCE of 23 Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAWRENCE of 38 Longwood-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAYCOCK of 12 Richmond-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAYCOCK of 20 Harold-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LAYCOCK of 81 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEACH of 137 Main-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEACH of 25 Lane-end Hden -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEACH of 26 Kings-court -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEAH of 49 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEAHY of 28 Main-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEE of 21 Knight-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEE of 21 Knight-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LEWIS of Harden Hall -- Bingley (Yorks)
LISHMAN of 10 Sleningford -- Bingley (Yorks)
LISTER of 35 Ryshworth-cresdent Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
LITTLFIWOOP of 7 Victoria-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
LOGAN of 19 Emsley-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LONGBOTTOM of 38 Oak-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
LONGBOTTOM of 5 Westleigh -- Bingley (Yorks)
LONGBOTTOM of 7 Cranbrook-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LONGBOTTOM of 77 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
LONGBOTTOM of Hardy Nook Grange-road Manor Park -- Bingley (Yorks)
LORD of Joel Cottage 2 Ashfield Cottages -- Bingley (Yorks)
LUMB of 13 Park-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
LUMB of 413 Keighley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
LUND of 13 Beech-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
LUND of 18 Foster-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
LUND of 22 Crownest-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
LYNESS of 19 The Oval -- Bingley (Yorks)
MACDONALD of Craggside Farm High Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
MACFARLANE of 1 Wood-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
MACKERETH of Stocka House Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
MALLINSON of 4 Fern-grove Lady lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
MANOGUE of 21 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
MARSDEN of Suncot Warren-drive Eldwich -- Bingley (Yorks)
MARSHALL of Moordale Warren-drive Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
MARTIN of 22 Longwood-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
McGLASSON of 29 Ashley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
MCPHERSON of 30 Marion-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
MEREDITH of 22 Queen-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
MERRALL of 41 Chapel-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
MERRALL of 43 Park-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
METCALFE of 28 Main-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
MIDDLEBROOK of 27 Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
MIDGLEY of John-street Crossdatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
MILLS of 12 Cavendish-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILLWARD of 12 Calvert-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
MILNS of 1 Oak Lea Cavendish-drive Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
MINN of 9 Lister Ville Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
MITCHELL of 2 Cherrytree-row Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
MITCHELL of 2 Healey-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
MITCHELL of 47 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOORE of Bell Bank 12 Ireland-bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOORE of Fallwood Southlands-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOORE of Marley Bank Farm -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOORHOUSE of 6 Primrose Hill -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOORHOUSE of Cliffe Mill East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
MORLEY of 5 Aire View-avenue Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
MORTIMER of 20 Thomfield-terrace Wikden -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOULDEN of Allan Croft Crow Nest-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOULDEN of Allen Croft Crow Nest-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOUNTAIN of 17 Druids View Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
MOUNTAIN of 52 Hollings-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
MUNRO of 56 Manor-drive Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
MURGATROYD of 4 Foulds-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
MURGATROYD of 75 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
NAME of 7 Skirrow-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
NAME of 7 Skirrow-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
NAYLOR of 1 New Brighton-road Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
NELSON of 14 Leonards-place -- Bingley (Yorks)
NEVILLE of Prospect House Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
NEWBOULT of 12 Ashfield-crescent -- Bingley (Yorks)
NEWTON of Hillgarth 9 Cliffestone-drive Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
NOBBS of 7 Cfanbrook-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
NOCK of Rosemount Airview-drive Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
NORBURN of 14 Queens-road Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
NUTTER of 30 Wilsden-road Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
NUTTER of Woodhead Ryecroft Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
OGDEN of Fern Lea Villa-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
OGDEN of Fern Lea Villa-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
OGDEN of The Heights Heights-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
ORBELL of Station House -- Bingley (Yorks)
PADGETT of Hillcrest Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
PALMER of Braes Castle Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
PARK of Verona Longwood-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
PARKER of 12 Bridge-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
PARKER of 24 Ashfield-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
PARKER of Roseneath Langley-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
PARRATT of 17 Airedale View Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
PATRICK of 14 Rook-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
PATRICK of 3 Fox-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
PAYNE of 12 Hazelmere-avenue Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
PEARMAN of 2 Aire View-avenue Bingley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
PEARMAN of 2 Aire View-avenue Bingley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
PEARSON of 23 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
PEARSON of 23 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
PEARSON of 3 Brook-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
PEARSON of 40 Percy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
PENDLEBURY of 4 Elm-grove East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
PEPPER of 61 Mitchell-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
PERCIVAL of Harden Grange Farm Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
PERFECT of 5 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
PICKLES of 6 Wilson-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
PINDER of 20 Ashley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
PITTS of 7 Laurel-grove Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
PITTS of 8 Leyburn-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PLATTS of Moor Edge House -- Bingley (Yorks)
POPPLETON of 8 Barkers Yard -- Bingley (Yorks)
POPPLEWELL of 29 Manor-drive Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
POSTLETHWAITE of 52 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
POTTER of Airewood Beach-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
PRESTON of 19 Percy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
PRIESTLEY of 5 Aire View-avenue Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
PROCTER of Stocka House Farm Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
PULLAN of Glen View Rylands-avenue Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
RAMSELL of 1 Aire View-avenue Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
RAWLING of 8 Foulds-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
RAWLING of 9 Laurel-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
RAWLING of 9 Laurel-grove Longwood -- Bingley (Yorks)
RAYNER of 11 Fouldsterrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
REDMAN of 16 Ashfield-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 1 Laurel-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 15 Heath-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 15 Heath-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 20 Park View-terrace Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 3 Gladstone-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 6 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 63 Crow Nest-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 67 Ferncliffe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of 71 Crow Nest-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of Elder House Lee-lane Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
RHODES of Wood Bank Park-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
RICHARDSON of 5 The Green Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
RILEY of Woodville Bramham-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBERTS of Garsdale Beck-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBERTSHAW of 26 York-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBERTSHAW of 35 Ashley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBERTSHAW of Hurst Mead Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBERTSHAW of Riversdene Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 17 Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 2 Clarendon-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 33 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 50 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 55 North-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 77 Crow Nest-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of Brynmead Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of Marysdale Myrtle Park -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROPER of 1 Ashley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROSS of 2 Manor-drive Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROWLEY of 18 Bowood-drive Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROWLEY of 35 Market-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
ROYSTON of 1 Sheariff-lane Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSHFORTH of 1 Grange-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSHFORTH of Lily Bank -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSHFORTH of Rocklea 47 Ryelands-avenue Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSHTON of 6 Oak-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSHTON of 6 Oak-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSHTON of Crow Nest House -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSHTON of Crow Nest House -- Bingley (Yorks)
RUSSON of 23 Staybrite-avenue Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
SAMPSON of Wayside Southlands-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
SANDS of Hillcrest Villa-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SARGENT of 3 Ryshworth Bridge Crossffatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
SCHICK of 6 Beechroyd-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
SCHOFIELD of 137 Main-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
SCOTT of 61 Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SCOTT of Amberdale Harden-road Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
SCOTT of Killiney Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
SEWELL of 11 Fox-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of 14 Longwood-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of 24 Percy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of 28 Smith-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of 6 Marion-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of Lynroyd Aire View-drive Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHAGKLETON of 12 Albert-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHAW of 28 Wilsden-road Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHIPP of The Kraal Falcon-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SHOESMITH of 5 Stocks-hill East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
SIGGS of Whemside Beck-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
SLATER of 18 Wilson-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 18a Dubb-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 18a Dubb-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 22 Mill-street Cullingworth -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 23 Ferncliffe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 3 Myrtle-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 33 Broadway Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 393 Bradford-road Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 48 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of 8 Granville-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of Cliffville Bramham-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of Elston Bank Southlands-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
SMITH of Longwood Hall -- Bingley (Yorks)
SNOWDEN of 3 The Bungalows Manor-drive Cot-tingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
SNOWDEN of 3 The Bungalows Manor-drive Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
SNOWDEN of 4 Beech-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
STARKEY of Avenue Cottage Glen-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
STEAD of 10 Leyburn-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
STEAD of 2 Branksome-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
STEAD of 24 Priesthorpe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
STEEL of 27 Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
STELL of 8 Foulds-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
STONES of 6 Queen-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
STOYLES of 49 Crow Nest-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUDDARDS of 7 Ashley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUGDEN of 11 Sunny Mount Keighley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUGDEN of 34 Aire View-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUGDEN of 8 Edward-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUGDEN of 8 Leonards-place -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUGDEN of Ghyl Wood-drive Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUNDERLAND of 28 Horsfall-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUNDERLAND of 3 Roydwood-terrace Cullingworth -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUNDERLAND of 9 Fernbank-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTCLIFFE of 14 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTCLIFFE of 14 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTCLIFFE of 166 Main-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTCLIFFE of 30 Knight-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTCLIFFE of 46 Otley-road Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTCLIFFE of Rylstone House Saltairc-road Eld-wick -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTCLIFFE of The Brewers Arms Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
SUTHERLAND of Craig Royston Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
SWITHENBANK of 11 Gilstead-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of 22 Mrytle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of Somerville Grange Park Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of South View Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
THOMAS of 7 Leonard-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
THOMAS of 9 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
THOMPSON of 20 Swine-lane East Morton -- Bingley (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 21 Stanley-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 44 Mitchell-teixace -- Bingley (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 9 Bowood-drive Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
THOMPSON of Nab Lea Park Top Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
THORNTON of 11 Staveley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
THORNTON of 31 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
THORNTON of 8 Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
THORNTON of Ebridge House -- Bingley (Yorks)
THORNTON of l Clarendon-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
THORNTON of Riverslea Cottingley Bridge -- Bingley (Yorks)
TINGEY of 25 Unity-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
TOLSON of 5 Gilstead-drive -- Bingley (Yorks)
TOWERS of The Cragg Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
TOWN of 1 Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
TOWNEND of 106 Harden-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
TURNER of 29 Lynwood-terrace Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
TURNER of 3 Rise Locks Cottage -- Bingley (Yorks)
TURNER of 6 Aireville-mount Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
TURNER of The Fleece Inn Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
VARLEY of 19 Tweedy-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
VEAR of 22 North-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
VEAR of 27 Lime-street Crossfiatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WADDINGTON of 34 Stenningford-road Crossfiatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WADDINGTON of Glenthorne Eldwick -- Bingley (Yorks)
WADE of 11 Clyde-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WADE of 5 Tweedy-street Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
WADSWORTH of 45 Gilstead-lane Gilstead -- Bingley (Yorks)
WADSWORTH of Claremont -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALBANK of 2 Staybright-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALKER of 16 Preston-terrace Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALKER of 23 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALKER of 34 North-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALKER of 34 North-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALKER of Bar Royd 2 Station-road Cullingworth -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALKER of Northlands Bailey Hill -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALTON of 23 Lime-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALTON of 6 Falcon-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WALTON of 7 Thomas-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WARD of 2 Ayrton-crescent -- Bingley (Yorks)
WARD of Southfield Falcon-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATERHOUSE of 28 Ferndene -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATMUFF of 3 Herbert-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATSON of 22 Percy-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATSON of 31 Aire View-avenue Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATSON of 44 Kent-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATSON of 451 Keighley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATSON of 461 Keighley-road Sandbeds -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATSON of 53 Unity-street South -- Bingley (Yorks)
WATTS of 22 Belgrave-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WEAR of 11 Ryshworth-crescent Morton-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
WEATHERHEAD of Westfield -- Bingley (Yorks)
WEATHERHEAD of Westfield -- Bingley (Yorks)
WEBB of 68 Hollings-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
WEEKS of Ivy Cottage Priesthorpe-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
WEST of 14 Priesthorpe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WEST of 15 Staybrite-avenue Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHINCUP of 11 Charles-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITAKER of 11 Crown-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITAKER of 12 Myrtle-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WHITAKER of 13 Leonard-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITE of 1 Charles-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITE of 6 Cleveland-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITE of Briardene Grange Park Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITE of Burnside Beck-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITE of Hyndburn Villa-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITE of Pen-y-bryn Warren-drive Warren-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITE of The Mount Bailey Hills-rbad -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of 21 Ferncliffe-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITHAM of 7 Arthur-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITLEY of 9 Cedar-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITLEY of Southfield Falcon-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITTINGHAM of 13 Smith-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITTINGHAM of 13 Smith-street Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITWHAM of 2 Crowther Fold Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITWHAM of 4 Emsley-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITWHAM of 47 Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITWHAM of Hill Crest Southlands-grove -- Bingley (Yorks)
WHITWORTH of 30 Sidney-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WIDDOP of 3 Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WIGGLESWORTK of 1 Chesnut-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILD of 3 Southlands-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILDMAN of 9 Lime-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILKINSON of 38 The Oval -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILKINSON of 58 Main-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILKINSON of 87 Park-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILSON of 14 The Oval Ferncliffe -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILSON of 15 Charles-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILSON of 18 Thomas-street Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILSON of 19 Knight-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILSON of 2 Raven-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILSON of 4 Cross-lane -- Bingley (Yorks)
WILSON of Fairlady Farm -- Bingley (Yorks)
WINTERBURN of 35 Broadway -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOOD of 26 Kings-road Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOOD of 3 Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOOD of 3 Bromley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOOD of 7 Barran-street -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOOD of Woodcliff Plevna-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOODHEAD of Stotts Farm Harecrofts Wilsden -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOODIWISS of 13 Lane-end Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOODS of 17 Bradford-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOODS of 64 Long-lane Harden -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOOLLER of 2 Cleveland-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
WOOLLEY of 9 Park-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
WORRALL of 20 Altar View Crossflatts -- Bingley (Yorks)
WORSMAN of 68 South View-road East -- Bingley (Yorks)
WRAY of 20 Sycamore-avenue -- Bingley (Yorks)
WRAY of 4 Ashfield-terrace -- Bingley (Yorks)
WRIGHT of 12 Ayrton-crescent -- Bingley (Yorks)
WRIGHT of 27 Ashley-road -- Bingley (Yorks)
WRIGHT of The Knowe Fairy Dell Cottingley -- Bingley (Yorks)
YELLOWLEES of Beck Croft -- Bingley (Yorks)

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SCOTLAND COUNTIES North Britain  Scotland  Scotland (pt 1)  Scotland (pt 2)  Aberdeenshire  Angus-shire  Argyllshire  Ayrshire  Banffshire  Berwickshire  Buteshire  Caithness  Clackmannanshire  Dumbartonshire  Dumfriesshire  Elginshire  Fifeshire  Forfarshire  Invernessshire  Kincardineshire  Kinrossshire  Kirkcudbrightshire  Lanarkshire  Lothian  Midlothian  Morayshire  Nairnshire  Peeblesshire  Perthshire  Renfrewshire  Ross-shire  Roxburghshire  Selkirkshire  Shetland  Stirlingshire  Sutherland  Wigtownshire 
SCOTLAND TOWNS small Scottish town  Aberdeen  Airdrie  Alloa  Angus  Arbroath  Arran  Ayr  Banff  Berwick  Berwick-on-Tweed  Blairgowrie  Brechin  Bridge of Allan  Broughty Ferry  Calston  Cambuslang  Campbeltown  Carnoustie  Coatbridge  Crieff  Dalbeattie  Douglas  Dumbarton  Dumfries  Dunblane  Dundee  Dunfermline  Dunoon  Edinburgh  Elgin  Falkirk  Forfar  Glasgow  Grangemouth  Greenock  Haddington  Hamilton  Hawick  Helensburgh  Inverness  Kelso  Kilbride  Kilmarnock  Kirkcaldy  Kirkcudbright  Lanark  Largs  Lockerbie  Montrose  Nairn  Orkney  Paisley  Peebles  Perth  Prestwick  Rothesay  Rutherglen  Saltcoats  Selkirk  St Andrews  Stevenston  Stirling  Stonehaven  Stranraer  Strathaven  Troon  Uddingston 
BRITAIN ELSEWHERE Britain elsewhere  Guernsey  Isle of Man  Jersey  Gibraltar  Falkland Islands  Channel Islands 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND COUNTIES County Antrim  County Armagh  County Carlow  County Cavan  County Clare  County Cork  County Derry  County Donegal  County Down  County Dublin  County Fermanagh  County Galway  County Kerry  County Kildare  County Kilkenny  County Kings county  County Leitrim  County Leix  County Limerick  County Longford  County Louth  County Mayo  County Meath  County Monaghan  County Offaly  County Queens county  County Roscommon  County Sligo  County Tipperary  County Tyrone  County Waterford  County Westmeath  County Wexford  County Wicklow 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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