Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Batley (Yorks) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of 30 Purlwell-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
ACKROYD of 129 Bradford-road East -- Batley (Yorks)
ADDY of 7 Chapel Fold Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
AINLEY of 18 Whitaker-street -- Batley (Yorks)
AINLEY of 188 Healey-lane Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
AINLEY of 31 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
AINLEY of 39 Knowles-road Purlwell -- Batley (Yorks)
AINSWORTH of 93 Raikes-lane Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
AINSWORTH of Dale House 31a Dale-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
AKE of 14 Dewsbury Gate-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
AKEROYD of 32 Wards Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
ALLATT of 117 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ALLATT of 9 William-street Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
ALLATT of Wynford Bradford-road West -- Batley (Yorks)
ALMOND of 24 Belvedere-road Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
ARCHER of 15 Bridle-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
ARCHER of 45 Jail-road White Lee -- Batley (Yorks)
ARMITAGE of 103 Intake-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
ARMITAGE of 13 Yard 1 Hilberoyd-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ASHTON of 18 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
ASHTON of 23 Prince-street -- Batley (Yorks)
ASHTON of 24 Gladwin-street -- Batley (Yorks)
ASHWORTH of Longfield House Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
ASQUITH of 57 White Lee-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ASQUITH of 9 Quarry-lane Brownhill -- Batley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of 28 Common-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of 3 Oakhill-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of 70 East View Chapel Fold -- Batley (Yorks)
ATKINSON of Norcliff Halifax-road -- Batley (Yorks)
AUDSLEY of 159 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
AUSTWICK of 31 Victoria-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
AUTY of 39 Mortimer-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
AUTY of 46 Deighton-lane Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
AVEYARD of 10 Beaumont-street -- Batley (Yorks)
AVEYARD of 9 Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BAILEY of 11 Oaks-road Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BAIN of 22 Bank Foot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BAKER of 24 Back Coal Pit-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BALMFORTH of 17 Hume-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BANKS of 18 Hey Beck-lane Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BARBER of 2 Carlton-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
BARBER of 302 Leeds-road Howden Clough Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
BARKER of 2a East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BARKER of 85 Granville-terrace Bradford-road East -- Batley (Yorks)
BARNBY of Albert-terrace 46 Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BARRACLOUGH of 21 Upper Howard-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
BARRACLOUGH of 39 Bridle-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BARRACLOUGH of 39 Bridle-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BARRON of 179 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BARROW of 18 Lydgate-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BARTLETT of 149 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BARTLETT of 149 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BATEMAN of 173 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BATEMAN of 29 Oxford-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
BATTY of 25 Hume-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BATTY of Garfield Garage Bradford-road?Central -- Batley (Yorks)
BATTYE of 22 Bennett-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BEAUMONT of 107 High-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
BEAUMONT of Field House Cottage 25 Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
BEAUMONT of Ingledene Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BEDFORD of East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BEGG of Suffolk-avenue Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
BENN of The Crown Hotel Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
BENNETT of 12 Brearley-place Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BENNETT of Ralden 1 Hillcrest-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
BENSON of 69 Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BENTLEY of 55 High-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
BEVAN of 10 Amber-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BEVERS of Hillside Fort Anne-road Scothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BILTCLIFFE of 38 Railway-street Princess-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BILTCLIFFE of Alandene Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
BINKS of 49 Fort Ann-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BIRKHEAD of 5 Wensleydale Parade -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of 10 Banks-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of 141 Halifax-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of 26 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Ardwyn Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Beechcroft Heaton-road Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Hillcrest 148a Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of la Rose Bank-street Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Lyndlea Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Lyndlea Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Norville Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BLACKBURN of Ormville Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BLAKE of 15 Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BLAKELEY of 12 Alfred-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
BOOTH of 58 Wood-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BOOTH of Albertville Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
BOOTHROYD of 79 Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BOOTHROYD of Grosvenor House Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
BOOTHROYD of Luctonhome Low-lane Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
BOOTHROYD of The Bungalow St. Marys-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
BOWLING of Windyridge White Lee-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BOX of 10 Upper Croft-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BOYCE of 2 Law-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BRADBURY of 102 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
BRADBURY of 62 Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BRADER of Brentwood Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
BRADLEY of 5 Bradford-road West -- Batley (Yorks)
BRAGAN of 139 Bradford-road-west -- Batley (Yorks)
BRAGG of Cra-doc Upper Batley Low-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BRAIME of 71 Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BRAMMAN of 30 Blenheim-hill -- Batley (Yorks)
BRANNAN of 21 Prince-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BREAREY of 1 Fieldens-place Cross Bank-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BREAREY of 69 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BREARLEY of 107 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BREARLEY of 67 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BREARLEY of 81 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
BREARLEY of Stanroyd 91 Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BREARLEY of Stanroyd 91 Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BRENNAN of 1 Pearson-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BRIDGEMENT of 64 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BRIDGMAN of 5 Farfield-avenue Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
BRIGGS of 6 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BRIGGS of Jesdah Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BROADHEAD of 50 Deighton-lane Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
BROADY of 3 Common-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BROADY of 3 Common-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOK of 115 Common-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROOK of 17 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOK of 20 Victoria-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOK of lb Quany-street Track-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOK of Mostyn Villas -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOK of Oakhill-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOK of Oakhill-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOKE of 20 Mount-avenue Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOKE of 26 Brearley-place Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOKE of 34 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOKE of 35 Heybeck-lane Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BROOKE of 47 Denison-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
BROTHWELL of 105 Taylor-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BROUGHTON of Holly Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
BROWN of 28a Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BROWN of 8 Holland-street Caledonia-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BROWN of Hillside House Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BROWN of Manor Farm Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BRUCE of 20a Princess-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BRUCE of 20a Princess-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BRUCE of 24 Trafalgar-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
BRUCE of 37 Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
BRUCE of 52 Bunkers-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BRUCE of Belle Vue House Belle Vue-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
BRUCE of Lee Cottages 40 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BUDWORTH of 20 Surrey -street -- Batley (Yorks)
BURDEN of 32 Snowden-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BURNETT of 13 Hillary-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BURNETT of 184 Grange-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
BURNLEY of 1 Kilpin Hill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
BURNLEY of 16 Bank Foot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BURNLEY of 37 Bankfoot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BURNLEY of 6 Bridge-street-terrace Bridge-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BURNS of 26 New-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BURRIDGE of 11 Commercial-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BUTLER of The Bungalow Bradford-road Central -- Batley (Yorks)
BUTTERFIELD of 36 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
BYE of 74 Willow-terrace Oaks-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
CANNON of 20 Low-lane Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
CARDWELL of 6 Yard 1 Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CARLTON of 9 South View Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
CARR of 10 Lydgate-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
CARTER of 23 Lynden Lea Grange-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
CARTER of 36 Blenheim Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
CATTLEY of 30 Ealand-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
CAWOOD of 135 North-view Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
CHADWICK of Grange Cottage 2 Grange-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
CHAMBERS of 31 Caledonia-road -- Batley (Yorks)
CHAPPEL of 3 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CHAPPELL of 11 Princess-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CHAPPELL of 112 Grange-road -- Batley (Yorks)
CHAPPELOW of 181 Lccds-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
CHAPPELOW of 181 Leeds-road Woodkirk -- Batley (Yorks)
CHARLESWORTH of 13 Upper North-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CHARLESWORTH of High View Upper featley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
CHILD of 45 Timothy-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
CHILDE of 91 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
CHILDE of Cross Bank Farm -- Batley (Yorks)
CLAPHAM of 68 Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
CLARKSON of Craven House Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
CLAYTON of 16 Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CLAYTON of 6 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
CLAYTON of 6 Ivy Bank-terrace Crackenedge-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
CLEGG of 29 Caminon-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
CLIFFE of 261 Hesley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
COATES of 12 Yard 1 Hilberoyd-road -- Batley (Yorks)
COATES of 182 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
COATES of 4 Gladwin-street -- Batley (Yorks)
COATES of 7 Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
COGGON of 9 West Park-grove Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
COLBECK of 13 Ealand-crescent Park-drive -- Batley (Yorks)
COLBECK of 138 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
COLBECK of 19 Laurel-drive -- Batley (Yorks)
COLBECK of 43 Cross Park-street -- Batley (Yorks)
COLCLOUGH of 83 Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
COLLETT of Brooklyn House Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
COLLINSON of 35 Heybeck-lane Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
CONLIN of 145 Commercial-street -- Batley (Yorks)
COOKE of 7 Beck-lane Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
COOKMAN of 29 Beaumont-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
COOPER of 11 Lower North-street -- Batley (Yorks)
COOPER of 26 Laithecroft-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
COULSON of 35 Huddersfield-road Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
COULTER of Fairview 33 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
CRABTREE of 12 Ealand-crescent -- Batley (Yorks)
CRABTREE of 265 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
CRABTREE of Wood View Upper -- Batley (Yorks)
CRAIK of The Hollies Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
CRAIK of The Hollies Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
CRANE of 8 Tichbourne-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CRAWFORD of 5 Carlton-avenue Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
CRAWSHAW of 15 Oak Hill-road Wilton Estate -- Batley (Yorks)
CRAWSHAW of 2 Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CROFT of 37 Dewsbury Gate-road -- Batley (Yorks)
CROSLAND of 83 Brad-ford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
CROSSFIELD of 140 Leeds-road Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
CROSSLAND of 48 Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
CROSSLAND of Lowfield House 33 Leeds-road -- Batley (Yorks)
CROSSLAND of Lowfield House 33 Leeds-road -- Batley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of 99 Commercial-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of 99 Commerciali-street -- Batley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of 99 Intake-lane Brownhill -- Batley (Yorks)
CROWTHER of Redhill Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
CULLINGWORTH of Hurst House -- Batley (Yorks)
CURRY of 9 Oakhill-road -- Batley (Yorks)
DAWSON of 2 Purlwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
DAWSON of 3 Albion-street -- Batley (Yorks)
DAWSON of 95 King-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
DAY of 25 Clutton-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
DAY of Poplar House Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
DEAN of Crowther-strect Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
DEARNLEY of 11 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
DENNY of 6 Mill-lane Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
DEWS of 12 Pynate-road -- Batley (Yorks)
DEWS of 32 Princess-street -- Batley (Yorks)
DIXON of 27 Pearl-street Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
DIXON of Brentwood 195 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
DRAKE of 25 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
DRANSFIELD of 10 Blakeridge-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
DRANSFIELD of 110 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
DUCKHOUSE of 28 Highcliffe-road Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DUFFY of 15 Law-street Brookroyd -- Batley (Yorks)
DYSON of 9 The Grove Wilton Park Estate -- Batley (Yorks)
EASTWOOD of 54 Victoria-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
EATOUGH of Wensleydale House Bradford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
EDDISON of 16 Glenlow-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
EGAN of Mayville Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
ELLAM of 11 Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ELLIOTT of The Bungalow Fort Ann-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
ELLIS of 2 Kilburns Yard Victoria-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
ELLIS of The Hollies 34 Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
ERRINGTPN of 31 Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
FARRAR of 35 Bradford-road-west -- Batley (Yorks)
FARRAR of 43a Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
FARRAR of 54 Mizpah Cottages Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
FARRAR of Croft House Brownhill -- Batley (Yorks)
FAWCETT of 3 Turners Buildings Yard 2 Bunkers-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
FEARNLEY of 1 Oakhill-road -- Batley (Yorks)
FELL of 16 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FELL of 3 Yard 2 Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FENTON of 38 Trafalgar-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
FERGUSSON of Bryanston Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
FERGUSSON of Ebury Mount Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
FERGUSSON of Ebury Mount Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
FIELD of 41 Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
FIELDING of 27 Carlinghow Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 13 Park-street Smithies Moor-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 18 West Park-grove -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 28 Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 36 Gladstone-terrace Howden Clough -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of 4 Belle Vue-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of Holmlea Providence-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of Lyngarth 21 Grange-road -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of Rosedean Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
FIRTH of The Gables Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
FISHER of 44 Oaks-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
FISK of 127 Bradford-road East -- Batley (Yorks)
FITTON of 27 Dewsbury Gate-road -- Batley (Yorks)
FLATHERS of 24 Belle Vue-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
FLESHER of 23 Snowden-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FLETCHER of 22 Upton-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
FOWLER of Stoneleigh Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
FOX of 39 Weilington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FOX of Grove Farm Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
FOX of Mayfield Sussex-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FOX of Pilgrim Cottage New-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FOX of Spring-grove East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FOX of The Hawthorns Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
FOZARD of 2 off East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FOZARD of 7 Carlton-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
FRAIN of 9 North-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
FRANCE of 8 Pynate-road -- Batley (Yorks)
FRANCE of 8 Pynate-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
FREEMAN of 73 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
FULCHER of 9 Amber-street Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
FURNESS of 7 Cross Chapel-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
GARDNER of 6 Broomhill-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
GARNER of 62 King-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
GARNER of Ivy Bank Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
GATENBY of 1 Grace Leather-lane Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
GAUNT of 26 Deighton-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GAUNT of 60 Deighton-lane Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
GIBSON of 13 Oxford-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
GIBSON of 14 Upper Croft-road -- Batley (Yorks)
GIBSON of 34 Wilson Wood-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
GIBSON of 36 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
GIBSON of 46 Primose Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
GIBSON of 52 Laurel-drive -- Batley (Yorks)
GILL of 14 West Park-grove Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
GILL of 5 Cross Park-street -- Batley (Yorks)
GLEDHILL of 152 High-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
GODDARD of 2 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
GODDARD of 201 Healey-lane Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
GOLDTHORP of 16 Kent-street -- Batley (Yorks)
GOMMERSALL of 2 Willans-place off Peel-street -- Batley (Yorks)
GOODALL of 107 Common-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
GOODALL of 4 Stanley-terrace Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
GOODALL of 53 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
GOODALL of 6 Westbrook-terrace Bradford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
GOTHARD of 87 Bradford-road Central -- Batley (Yorks)
GOUGH of 41 Clutton-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
GRAFTDYK of Field Head Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
GRAYSON of 127 Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
GREAVES of 21 Upper Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
GREENALD of 5 West Park-grove Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
GREENWAY of 16 Pynate-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
GREENWAY of 2 Rosebank-street Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of 39a Oak-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of 4 Purlwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
GREENWOOD of 93 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
GRUNDELL of 35 Victoria-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
HAIGH of 5 Intake-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HAIGH of 50c Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HAIGH of 98 Chaster-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HALL of 7 Yard 4 Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HALLIDAY of 17 Park-street Smithies Moor-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HALLILEY of 4 Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
HALLIWELL of Holmdene Bunkers-lane Stain-cliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
HALSTEAD of 81 New-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HARGREAVES of 33 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HARGREAVES of 33 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HARKIN of 66 Woodsome-estate -- Batley (Yorks)
HARRIS of 60 Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HARRIS of 60 Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HARRISON of 36 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HART of 39b Oak-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of 2 Great Wood-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HARTLEY of Stoneleigh Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
HATFIELD of 19 George-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEAL of 14 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEALEY of 1 Alliance-avenue Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEALEY of 1 Alliance-avenue Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEALEY of 24 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEAP of 2 Bromley-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HELLIWELL of 13 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEMINGWAY of 13 Yard 2 East-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEMINGWAY of 61 Deighton-lane Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
HEPPENSTALL of Follingworth House Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
HEPWORTH of 11 Trenton-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
HEPWORTH of 9 Cheapside Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
HEWISON of 1 Preston-street -- Batley (Yorks)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HEY of 40 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HEY of 46 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HEY of Granville-place Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
HEYWOOD of Madgecroft 187 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HICK of 8 Hirst-place Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HILL of 75 Purlwell-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
HILLIER of 12 Lydgate-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
HINCHCLIFFE of 10 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HINCHCLIFFE of 8 Stanley-terrace Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
HINCHLIFFE of 10 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HINDLE of 5 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HIRST of 1 Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
HIRST of 10 Cullingworth-street Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
HIRST of 120 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
HIRST of 15 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
HIRST of 205 Taylor-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HIRST of 62 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HIRST of 68 Purlwell -lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HODGE of 136 Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HODGSON of 10 Back Coal Pit-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HODGSON of 95 Common-road -- Batley (Yorks)
HODGSON of Birklands Carlton-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
HOLDSWORTH of 30c Wilson Hood-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
HORNE of 173 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
HOSLEY of 45 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HOWDEN of 27 Peel-street -- Batley (Yorks)
HUDSON of 4 Upper-road Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
HUDSWELL of 25 Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
HUMPHREY of 114 Halifax-road -- Batley (Yorks)
HUNT of 40 Purwell-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
HUSKISSON of 133 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ILLINGWORTH of 117 Common-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ILLINGWORTH of 72 Brookroyd -- Batley (Yorks)
INESON of 10 Belmont-terrace Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
INESON of 105 Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
INESON of 29 Branch-road -- Batley (Yorks)
INESON of 33 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
INESON of 51 Purlwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
INESON of 96 Carrington-grove -- Batley (Yorks)
INESON of Ivy Dene Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
INGHAM of 16 Preston-street -- Batley (Yorks)
INGHAM of Falklands Common-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
JACKSON of 2 Aime-street Wilton Estate -- Batley (Yorks)
JACKSON of Brentwood Scotchman-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
JENNINGS of 4 Common-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
JENNINGS of Woodland Cottage 26 High-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 19 King-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
JOHNSON of 6 North King-street -- Batley (Yorks)
JONES of 10 Wilson Wood-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
JOWETT of Hill Crest White Lee -- Batley (Yorks)
JOWETT of Hillcrest White Lee-road -- Batley (Yorks)
KAYE of 16 Cross Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
KAYE of 16 Cross Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
KEIGHLEY of West House 11 Hanover-street -- Batley (Yorks)
KELSALL of Grosvenor House -- Batley (Yorks)
KERSHAW of 14 Brearley-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
KERSHAW of 3 Oxford-terrace Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
KETTLEWELL of 17 Clutton-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
KILBURN of 3 Church-view Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
KIRBY of 23 France-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KIRK of Leyburn Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
KITCHINGMAN of 48 Deighton-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
KITSON of 130 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
KITSON of 22 Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
KITSON of Glen Villas 219 Bradford-road West -- Batley (Yorks)
KNOWLES of 1 Upper Croft-road Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
LAND of 1 Croftlands Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
LAND of 14 New-street Mill-lane Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
LAND of 5 Blackburn-square Hilberoyd-road -- Batley (Yorks)
LANE of 44 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
LANGFIELD of 7 West-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
LAW of 62 Laurel-drive -- Batley (Yorks)
LAWRENCE of 166 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
LAWSON of 61 Beech-terrace Mount Pleasant (formerly Purlwell-lane) -- Batley (Yorks)
LAWTON of 5 Georges-square Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
LAWTON of 65 North-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
LAYCOCK of 22 Blenheim-terrace Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
LEACH of 11 Anne-street Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
LEACH of 206 Halifax-road -- Batley (Yorks)
LEE of 11 Cresswell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
LEEMING of 34 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
LENTON of 43 Batley-road -- Batley (Yorks)
LISTER of 14 Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
LISTER of 9 Towngate-road Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
LISTER of Hillcrest-avenuc Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
LOBLEY of 60 Upper-road Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
LOCKWOOD of 20 Primrose-hill -- Batley (Yorks)
LOCKWOOD of 24 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
LOCKWOOD of 62 Bunkers-lane Stainchffe -- Batley (Yorks)
LOCKWOOD of Royd Cottage 58 Kirkgate Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
LOCKYER of Allington Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
LODGE of 110 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
LODGE of 218 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
LODGE of 28 Purlwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
LODGE of 59 Mill-lane Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
LODGE of 77 Mill-lane Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
LODGE of One Ash Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
LONGBOTTOM of 15 Brownhill-road -- Batley (Yorks)
LONGBOTTOM of 26 Providence-street -- Batley (Yorks)
LUMB of 2 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
LUMB of 45 Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
LYNCH of 10 Kings-drive Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
MACHELL of 146 High Royd Common Side Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
MACHILL of Woolhill House 2 Victoria-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
MACK of 4 Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
MARRIOTT of 38 Homer-crescent Carlinghow-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
MARSDEN of 185 Bradford-road East -- Batley (Yorks)
MARSDEN of 8 West-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
MARSDEN of 9 Elmwood-grove Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
MARSHALL of The Bungalow 17 Hill Crest-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
MARSTON of 6 Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
MARTIN of 33 Smithies Moor-lane Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
MARWOOD of 7 Park-road -- Batley (Yorks)
MARWOOD of Ivy Dene Cottage Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
MAWSON of 41 Hensall-terrace Carlinghow-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
MCDONALD of 20 Princess-street -- Batley (Yorks)
MCKENZIE of 7 Field-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
MEEHAN of 23 Thorncliffe-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
MERRIMAN of 1 Thomas-street -- Batley (Yorks)
MERRITT of Oakwood Lodge Upper Batiey -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MESSENGER of 46 Richmond-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
MESSENGER of Healey-street -- Batley (Yorks)
METCALFE of 375 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
MICKLETHWAITE of 68 Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
MIDGLEY of 14 West-view Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
MIDGLEY of 8 Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
MIDGLEY of 9 South Bank-roadi Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
MILES of 23 Victoria-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
MILLMAN of 7 Holyoake-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
MILLMAN of The Mount 148 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
MILLS of Austhorpe Grange-avenue Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
MILNES of 1 West Bank Bradford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
MILNES of 105 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
MILNES of 267 Burnfield-terrace Healcy-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
MILNES of 267 Burnfield-terrace Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
MILNES of 69 Warwick-road Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
MILNES of 9 Spurr-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
MILNES of West-view 34 Gregory-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
MOISER of 27 Victor-street -- Batley (Yorks)
MONAGHAN of 49 Back Richmond-street -- Batley (Yorks)
MOORE of 14 Woodfield-terrace Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
MORTIMER of 14 Norfolk-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
MORTIMER of 38 Pearl-street Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
MORTIMER of 5 North Bank-road Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
MORTIMER of 55a White Lee-road Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
MORTIMER of 6 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
MORTIMER of 96 Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
MURGATROYD of 4 Yard 5 Cross Bank-road Carling How -- Batley (Yorks)
MYERS of 14 Wilson Wood-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
MYERS of 23 Wilton-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NAME of 7 Albert-street. Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
NAYLOR of 12 Providence-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NAYLOR of 17 Brearley-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NEEDHAM of Masonic Villas 49 Bromley-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
NEEDHAM of Masonic Villas 49 Bromley-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
NELSON of 71 New-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NETTLETON of 19 Russell-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NETTLETON of 32 Bankfield-terrace Bankfoot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NETTLETON of 7 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
NETTLETON of 9 Carlinghow-hill -- Batley (Yorks)
NEWSOME of 10 Snowden-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NEWSOME of 2 Park-drive -- Batley (Yorks)
NEWSOME of 23 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
NEWSOME of Longlands Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
NICHOLSON of 131 Bradford-road West -- Batley (Yorks)
NICHOLSON of Victoria Inn Bradford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
NORTH of 19 North Bank-road -- Batley (Yorks)
NORTH of 76 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
NORTH of Elmhurst Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
NORTH of Hill Edge 7 Laithes Croft-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
NORTON of 7 South-view Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDFIELD of 42 Liberty-terrace PurlwelJ Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDFIELD of 42 Liberty-terrace Purlwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDROYD of 19 Tindalls-buildings Chapel Fold Stain-cliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDROYD of 26 Common Side Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDROYD of 36 Chapel Fold Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDROYD of 36 Chapel Fold Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDROYD of 6 Pynate-road -- Batley (Yorks)
OLDROYD of 72 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
PADGETT of 22 Gladwin-street -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PARKER of 38 Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
PARKER of 8 Transvaal-terrace Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
PARKIN of 18 Gregory-street -- Batley (Yorks)
PARKIN of 76 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
PARKINSON of 8 Jack-lane Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
PARR of 42 Denison-street -- Batley (Yorks)
PARR of 62 Broomhill-terrace -- Batley (Yorks)
PARREN of 33 Chapel Fold Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
PARRINGTON of 87 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
PEACE of 70 Grange-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
PEACOCK of 37 Timothy-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
PEACOCK of 37 Timothy-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
PEACOCK of Oak Villa Halifax-road -- Batley (Yorks)
PEARCE of Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
PEARSON of 1 Pyenate-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
PEARSON of 121 High-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
PEARSON of 151 High-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
PEEL of 170 Halifax-road -- Batley (Yorks)
PERKINS of 141 Bradford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
PHILLIPS of 1 Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
PICKLES of 14 Lady Ann-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
PICKLES of 17 Laurel-drive Wilton Estate -- Batley (Yorks)
PITT of 5 Horner-avenue Carlinghow-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
POLLARD of 13 Coal Pit-lane Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
POLLARD of 23 Elmwood-grove -- Batley (Yorks)
POULTER of Royd Dene 8 Laithe Croft-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
PRESTON of 31 Holland-streeet -- Batley (Yorks)
PRESTON of 36 Cross Bank-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
PRESTON of 89 Woodview-terrace Garlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
PRIESTLEY of 2 Clutton-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
PRIESTLEY of Westbury House Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
PURDY of 59 Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
QUIRK of Creigneish 20 Gregory-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
RASPIN of 29 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
RAWNSLEY of 2 Wobdfield-terrace Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
RAYNER of 55 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
RAYNER of 8 Warwick-cottages Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
REDFEARN of 30c Wilson Wood-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
REDGWICK of 11 Purlwell-crescent Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
REDGWIGK of 10 Purewell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
RHODES of 14 Yard 3 Wards-hill -- Batley (Yorks)
RHODES of 97 Commonside -- Batley (Yorks)
RICHARDSON of 31 Grafton-street -- Batley (Yorks)
RICHARDSON of 5 Yard 1 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
RICHARDSON of Leyland House Intake-lane Brownhill -- Batley (Yorks)
RIDING of 68 Beaumont-street -- Batley (Yorks)
RILEY of 1 Dale-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
RILEY of 5 Welwyn-avenue Carlinghow-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
RILEY of 98 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
RILEY of Swiss House -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 2 Peter Hill Common Side -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 39 Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBERTS of 56 Halifax-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBERTSHAW of 3 Warwick Cottages Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 12 West Park-road Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 17 West Park-grove Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 40 Pearl-street -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 66 Broomhill-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
ROBINSON of 70 Cross Bank-road -- Batley (Yorks)
RODLEY of 46 Denison-street Purlwell -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RODLEY of Brentwood Carlton-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
RODLEY of Kirklea 7 Heybeck-lane Woodkirk -- Batley (Yorks)
RODLEY of Linton Carlton-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
ROEBUCK of 27 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
ROTHERY of 60 Bromley-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
ROTHERY of The George Hotel Wellington-street -- Batley (Yorks)
ROUGHTON of Ingle-bank Field7hill -- Batley (Yorks)
RUSHFORTH of West View Norfolk-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
SAYLES of 78 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
SCARGILL of 14 Pearl-street Carlington -- Batley (Yorks)
SCARGILL of 146 Grange-road Foothill -- Batley (Yorks)
SCARGILL of 45a Belle Vue-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
SCHOFIELD of 123 Upper Commercial-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SCHOFIELD of 24 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SCHOLEY of 69 Bradford-road Central -- Batley (Yorks)
SCHOLEY of Redwood Cottage Trinity-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
SCOTT of 11 Rock-terrace Birstall -- Batley (Yorks)
SCOTT of 3 Chaster-street Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
SCOTT of 31 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SCOTT of 4 Pynate-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
SCRUTTON of 15 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SEDGBEER of 33 Cross Park-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SEEKINS of 126 Carlinghow-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIDF) of 30 Wilson Wood-stteet Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 13 North-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 132 Bromley-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 16 Brearley-place Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 17 Chapel Fold Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 25 Cobden-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 25 Hume-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 43 Holland-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 7 Back High-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of 7 Bromley-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
SENIOR of Heaton Croft Timothy-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of 4 Transvaal-terrace Carlinghow Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
SHACKLETON of 5 Bromley-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
SHARP of 37 Prospect-terrace Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
SHAW of 14 Yard 1 Hilberoyd-road -- Batley (Yorks)
SHAW of 17 Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
SHAW of 20 Purlwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
SHAW of Caledonia House Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SHEARD of 133 Taylor-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SHEARD of 16 Back Brearley-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SHEARD of 32 Blakeridge-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SHEARD of 91 Bradford-road Bristol -- Batley (Yorks)
SHEARD of Cross Park-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SHEARD of Hill House Upper Howard-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
SHEARO of 2 Dennison-street Bon Accord-terrace -- Batley (Yorks)
SIMMONS of 18 Trenton-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
SIMPSON of 132 Common Side Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
SIMPSON of 30 East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SIMPSON of 44 Grange-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
SKELLY of 4 Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
SLATER of 175 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 15 Carlinghow Field Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 16 West-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 173 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 18 Cross Park-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 211 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 24 Albert-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SMITH of 4 Ivy Bank-terrace Crackenedge -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 5 Batley-road -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 52 Highbank-terrace Commonside -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of 8 Providence-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITH of Far Close Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SMITHIES of Holmlea 12 Bennett-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SPENCE of 6 Quarry-street Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
SPINK of 6 Upton St. Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
SPINK of 6 Upton-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
SPIVEY of 6 Suffolk-avenue Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
SPRAWSON of Highfield House 150 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SPURR of 1 Queen-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SPURR of 28 Laith Croft-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
STANDRING of 47 Heybeck-lane Woodkirk -- Batley (Yorks)
STANIFORTH of 199 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
STANLEY of 2 Fairview-avenue Carlinghow-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
STARKEY of 3 Back Carlinghow-lane White Lee -- Batley (Yorks)
START of 39 Smithies Moor-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
STEAD of 11 Back Henrietta-street -- Batley (Yorks)
STEEPLES of 2a Clarence-street -- Batley (Yorks)
STEWARD of 8 Howley-street -- Batley (Yorks)
STOCKDALE of Bleak House -- Batley (Yorks)
STUBBS of 3 Victoria-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
STUBLEY of 85 Intake-lane ? Brownhill -- Batley (Yorks)
SUGDEN of 122 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SUGDEN of St. Lawrence Upper -- Batley (Yorks)
SUMNER of 39 Track-road -- Batley (Yorks)
SUMNER of Ridge House 61 Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SWIFT of 1 Court 2 North Parade Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of 133 Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of 205 Elland-road -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of 215 Glen Villas Bradford-road West -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of 57 Holyrood-terrace Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of 6 Beckett-street off Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of 76 Commonside -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of Fairholme Deignton-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
SYKES of Lady Anne-road -- Batley (Yorks)
TALBOT of 12 Taylor-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TALBOT of 5 Grosvenor-terrace -- Batley (Yorks)
TALBOT of Ash Villa -- Batley (Yorks)
TALBOT of Ash Villa 11 Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
TALBOT of Mostyn Pillars -- Batley (Yorks)
TANKARD of 10 Whitaker-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TATE of 30a Wilson Wood-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
TATTERSFIELD of 40 Trafalgar-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
TATTERSFIELD of 51 Brearley-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of 14 Upper Batley Low-lane Upper -- Batley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of 22 Lady Ann-road -- Batley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of 37d Woodland-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of 5 Spring-grove East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of 5 Spring-grove East Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of Oakwood House -- Batley (Yorks)
TAYLOR of The Vicarage -- Batley (Yorks)
THACKRAH of 26 Highcliffe-road Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
THOMAS of 14 Common-road. Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 134 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
THOMPSON of 24 Bradford-road West -- Batley (Yorks)
THOMPSON of Oakdene 10 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
THORNTON of 15 Batley-road -- Batley (Yorks)
THORNTON of 178 Thomcroft-terrace Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
THORNTON of 4 Upper Croft-road -- Batley (Yorks)
THORNTON of 6 Croftlands Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
THORNTON of 8 Oxford-street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
THROP of 8 Carlton-street -- Batley (Yorks)
THURMAND of The Uplands Upper Batley -- Batley (Yorks)
TILLOTSON of 1 Oxford-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TINGLE of Laurania The Avenue Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
TINSDILL of 64 Bradford-road Central -- Batley (Yorks)
TOLSON of 1 Ealand-road -- Batley (Yorks)
TOLSON of The Olives Norfolk-avenue Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
TOMLINSON of 16 Back-crescent-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
TOMLINSON of 7 Holland-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TOMLINSON of Beaumount Upper Batley-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
TOWNEND of Cynwyd St. Marys-avenue Carlton Grange -- Batley (Yorks)
TOWNSLEY of 27 Commonside Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
TURNER of 16 Bath-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TURNER of 2 Staincliffe Mill Cottages Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
TURNER of 4 Clerk Green-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TURNER of 41 Bunkers-iane Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
TURNER of The Homestead 25 Carlton-avenue -- Batley (Yorks)
TURNPENNY of 1 Bankfoot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
TURTON of 37 Knowles-road -- Batley (Yorks)
TWOSE of 2 Perserverance-terrace Mount-street -- Batley (Yorks)
VINCE of 4 Henrietta-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WAILES of 112 King-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
WAILES of 16 Grosvenor-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WAINWRIGHT of 168 Grange-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WAINWRIGHT of 5 Wheatcroft -- Batley (Yorks)
WAKEFIELD of 12 Brearley-place off Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WALDEY of 22 Welwyn-avenue Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of 19 Cross Park-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of 21 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of 24 Norfolk-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of 39 Queen-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of 52 Common-road Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of 6 Belle Vue-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of 6 Belle-vue-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of Croft House Purlwell -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of Fairfield Heaton-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WALKER of Highroyd 56 Trafalgar-street Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
WALSH of Fleece Hotel -- Batley (Yorks)
WALSHAW of 4 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WALTON of 31 Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
WARD of 48 Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
WARDELL of 7 Hill Crest-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
WARDEN of 15 Fairfield-terrace Surrey-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WATSON of 12 Surrey-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WEBB of 43 Primrose Hill -- Batley (Yorks)
WEBB of 43 Primrose-hill -- Batley (Yorks)
WEBBER of 51 Bromley-road Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
WEBSTER of 111 Dark-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WELSH of 23 East-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WESTERN of 35 Purlwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITAKER of 10 Upper Howard-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITE of 35 Mortimer-avenue Healey -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of 100 Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of 4 Clarence-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of 6 Pynate-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITEHEAD of Bank Foot House Bradford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITELEY of 49 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WHITELEY of 49 Healey-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITELEY of 59 Holyrood-terrace -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITWAM of 45 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WHITWORTH of 160 High-street Hanging Heaton -- Batley (Yorks)
WILKINSON of 19 Olive Mount Upper Batley Low-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WILKINSON of Hirst House Staincliffe -- Batley (Yorks)
WILLANS of Croft House Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
WILLIAMS of St Marys Presbytery Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
WILSON of 10 Upton-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
WILSON of 138 Fairfield Soothill-iane -- Batley (Yorks)
WILSON of 15 Lower North street Mount Pleasant -- Batley (Yorks)
WILSON of 2 Union-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WILSON of 56 Wood-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WILSON of 6 Upton-street Cross Bank -- Batley (Yorks)
WILSON of 7 Woodficld-terrace Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
WINTERFLOOD of 86 Grange-road Soothill -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of 135 Bradford-road Carlinghow -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of 16 West View Common Side -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of 18 Talbot-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of 207 Taylor-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of 32 Carlinghow-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of 39a Oak-terrace Warwick-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of 46 Brookroyd-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOD of Ivanhoe 181 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WOODHEAD of 44 New-street -- Batley (Yorks)
WOODHEAD of 82 Soothill-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WOOLLEY of 57 Beech Terrace Purlwell-lane -- Batley (Yorks)
WRIGGLESWORTH of 49 Shay-terrace Bradford-road West -- Batley (Yorks)
WRIGHT of Oak Cottage Caledonia-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WRIGHTON of 32 Talbot Row Bradford-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WRIGLEY of 6 Puriwell Hall-road -- Batley (Yorks)
WRIGLEY of 8 Victoria-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
YELLAND of 11 Albert-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)
YELLAND of 11 Albert-street Batley Carr -- Batley (Yorks)

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