Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Ashford (Kent) is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of Ashdown Cottage Sevington -- Ashford (Kent)
ABRAHAM of Thelma St. Marys Bay -- Ashford (Kent)
ACWORTH of Glovers Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
ADAM of 70 Cheriton-road Folkestone and Little Foord West Brabourne -- Ashford (Kent)
ADAMS of Ranworth Faversham-road Kenning-ton -- Ashford (Kent)
ADDISON of 117 Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
ALFORD of The Cottage Hothfield West -- Ashford (Kent)
ALLARD of 32 Olantigh-road Wye -- Ashford (Kent)
ALLEN of 44 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ALLEN of 85 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ALLEN of Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
ALLNUTT of 136 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ALLSOP of 2 The Grove Pluckley -- Ashford (Kent)
ALTON of 23 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
AMES of 10 Park-street -- Ashford (Kent)
AMES of 146 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
AMES of 21 Rigden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
AMES of Honiton Brabourne Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDERSON of 101 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDERSON of The Rose Inn Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDREWS of 2 Kither-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDREWS of 24 Wellesley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDREWS of 66 Curtis-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDREWS of Hill House Stowting Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDREWS of Hill View Gore Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
ANDREWS of The Grange Egerton Forstal -- Ashford (Kent)
ANSELL of 28 Tufton-street -- Ashford (Kent)
ANSELL of 28 Tufton-street -- Ashford (Kent)
ARTHUR of 47 Herbert-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
ARTHUR of Mayshaves Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
ASHDOWN of 1 Ivy Cottages Great Churt -- Ashford (Kent)
ASHMAN of 28 Romney-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
ASHMAN of Rose Cottage Brabourne Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
ATKIN of 2 Ferris-cottage Old Romney -- Ashford (Kent)
ATKINS of Coldblow Bonnington -- Ashford (Kent)
AUSTEN of 12 Gladstone-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
AUSTEN of 16 Hillbrow-road -- Ashford (Kent)
AUSTIN of 22 Grosvenor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
AUSTIN of 58 Lower Denmark-road -- Ashford (Kent)
AVERY of 4 Denmark-place South -- Ashford (Kent)
AVERY of Rosemary Tudor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BACK of 16 Albemarle-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of 41 Romney-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of 8 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of 9 Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of Brook House 41 Romney-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of Little Bybrook -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of Maycroft Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of South Eastern Tavern 79 Torrington-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BAILEY of Willfran Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BAKER of 10a Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BAKER of 119 Beaver-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
BAKER of 6 William-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BAKER of Clyde Cottage Ball-lane Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BAKER of High-street Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
BAKER of The Drapery Stores Lenham Hath Charing Heath -- Ashford (Kent)
BALLARD of 27 Linden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BARKER of 53 Royds-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BARKER of Parkside Lenacre Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BARNES of 41 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BARNES of 85 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BARNETT of 33 Osbome-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BARRETT of The Bungalow Victoria-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BARTEN of 56 Gladstone-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BARTHOLOMEW of Sunny Bank Maidstone-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BARTLETT of 26 East-hill -- Ashford (Kent)
BARTON of 277 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BARTON of Highfield Cottage Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
BARTON of The Bungalow Whiteways Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
BASSETT of The Nook Church-lane Shadoxhurst -- Ashford (Kent)
BATCHELOR of 5 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
BATCHELOR of The Stores and Post Office Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
BATCHELOR of The Street Little Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
BATES of 52 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BATT of Court Lodge Sevington -- Ashford (Kent)
BAXTER of 162 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BEAL of Little Oak Farm Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
BEALE of 4 Spring-cottages Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
BECK of 9 Kither-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BECKETT of Deep Dene Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
BECKETT of Deepdene Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
BEECHER of 99 Mead-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BEECHING of 2 Scotton-street Wye -- Ashford (Kent)
BEGENT of Thatched Cottage Hastingleigh -- Ashford (Kent)
BEKEN of 67 Churchyard -- Ashford (Kent)
BELL of 149 Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BELL of 306 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BELL of Brookland -- Ashford (Kent)
BELL of High-street Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
BENNETT of 36 Star-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BENSTEAD of Ben-Moor Ashford-road Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
BENTLEY of Oakwood 13 Canberbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BERRY of 10 Upper Vicarage-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BERRY of 340 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BICKLEY of Munk F$rm Smaiden -- Ashford (Kent)
BIGGAR of 28 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BIGNELL of 32 Rigden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BINGHAM of 260 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BINGHAM of Great Chart-street Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
BINGLEY of 35 Hillbrow-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BIRCH of Grosvenor Sanatorium -- Ashford (Kent)
BISHOPP of 34 Tufton-street -- Ashford (Kent)
BISHOPP of 5 Elwick-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BLASKETT of Little Plumpton Farm Hinxhill -- Ashford (Kent)
BLASKETT of Little Plumpton Hinxhill -- Ashford (Kent)
BLASKETT of Parsonage Cottage Aldington -- Ashford (Kent)
BLATCHFORD of 117 Grosvenor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BLATCHFORD of 117 Grosvenor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BLOOMFIELD of 16 Sprotlands-avenue Willesbor-ough -- Ashford (Kent)
BLOTT of Inglenook Homash-lane Shadoxhurst -- Ashford (Kent)
BONES of 148 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOOTH of 55 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BOOTH of 55. Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BOURNE of Batemans Comer Bethersden -- Ashford (Kent)
BOURNE of Spotland Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOURNE of Spotland South -- Ashford (Kent)
BOWDEN of 111 Bentley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOWEN of Harlech House Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOWLES of 149 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOWLES of 78 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BOWLES of 9 Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOWLES of Redtiles 51 Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
BOWLES of Rodway House 16 Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOYCE of Whist Cottage Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BOYLE of The Kings Head Wye -- Ashford (Kent)
BRAMSDON of Stonebridge Green Egerton -- Ashford (Kent)
BRETT of 64 Gladstone-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
BRETT of Laurence House 435 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BRETT of Lees Farm Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BREWER of 56 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BRICE of 22 Park-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BRIDGLAND of 8 Earls-avenue -Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BRIGGS of 2 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
BRIGHT of 54 Albemarle-road Willesbrough -- Ashford (Kent)
BRISCALL of Sunnyside Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
BRISCOE of Wymondham Malvem-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BRISLEY of 67 Gladstone-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
BRITTAN of 145 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BROADBENT of 90 Canterbury-road Kensington -- Ashford (Kent)
BROADBRIDGE of 3 Bank Cottages Little Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
BROCK of Kilara Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BROCK of Kilara Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BROCKLEHURST of 25 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
BROMFIELD of 12 East-street -- Ashford (Kent)
BROOK of Field View Willesborough Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
BROOKLAND of 124 Osborne-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BROOKS of 40 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BROOKS of The Street Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BROWN of 135 Cudwbrth-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BROWN of 26 Norwood-gardens -- Ashford (Kent)
BROWN of 385 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BROWN of 41 Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BROWN of Hales-place High Halden -- Ashford (Kent)
BROWN of Stone House Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BRUNGER of 78 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BRYANT of 48 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BRYDONE of Ifield Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
BULL of 51 Whitfield-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BULLOCK of 1 Lower Vicarage-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BUNGEY of 71 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BURBRIDGE of 8 East-street -- Ashford (Kent)
BURBRIDGE of 8 East-street -- Ashford (Kent)
BURBRIDGE of Ideal Bungalow Charing Hill Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
BURCH of 103 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
BURCH of Elmhurst Newchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
BURCH of Nostra Domus Lower Vicarage-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BURCHETT of 19a Bank-street -- Ashford (Kent)
BURCHETT of Fairlawn Cottage Bough ton Aluph -- Ashford (Kent)
BURDEN of 17 Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
BURDEN of 393 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BURGESS of D.C.L. House Park-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BURNELL of 6 Wellesley-villas -- Ashford (Kent)
BURT of 24 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BURT of 34 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
BURTON of 31 Wolseley-toad -- Ashford (Kent)
BUSBRIOGE of Ingleton South Stour-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
BUSFEILD of Heber Manse Smarden -- Ashford (Kent)
BUSS of 165 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BUTCHER of 122 Cudworth-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
BUTCHER of 2b Sprotlands-avenue Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BUTCHER of Belmont Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
BUTLER of 92 Christchurch-road South Ashford -- Ashford (Kent)
BUTTON of 204 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
BUTTON of Glenroy Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
BUTTON of The Cottage Sandyhurst-lane Potters Corner -- Ashford (Kent)
BUZAN of 13 Eastern-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
BUZZARD of 54 Kennington-road Willes-borough Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
CACKETT of 8 Marlowe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CAISTER of 26 Wellesley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CAMERON of 8 Mabledon-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
CAMPBELL of 67 Whitfield-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CAPELING of 59 Albermarle-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CAPELING of Chilmington Northumberland-avenue Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
CARDWELL of Sand Pett Charing West -- Ashford (Kent)
CAREY of 2 Sturges-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CARLEY of Shirley Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
CARMAN of Monks Hill Cottage Warehorne -- Ashford (Kent)
CARR of 145 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CARTER of 13 Sturges-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CARTER of 293 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CARTER of Chambers Green Farm Pluckley West -- Ashford (Kent)
CARTERGEORGE of 17 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CASPALIL of 37 Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
CASPALL of 37 Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
CASTLE of Rosemarie 161 Hyde-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CATT of 198 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CATT of 6 Orlestone Villas Orlestone -- Ashford (Kent)
CATTON of 20 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
CAVE of 10 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAMBERS of Ardlui Maidstone-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPLIN of Brookland House Brookland -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPLING of 2 The Street Ivcnnington -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPMAN of 10 Marlowe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPMAN of 17 Hillbrow-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPMAN of 7 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPMAN of 70 Francisi-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPMAN of la Birling-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPMAN of Sonning Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHAPPLE of 37 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHARD of 33 Sackville-crescent -- Ashford (Kent)
CHARGE of The Lodge Gore Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
CHARLTON of 44 Twelve Acres Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CHEAL of 45 Cudworth-roa South Willesborougb -- Ashford (Kent)
CHECKSFIELD of Cecil Lodge 63 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHEESMAN of 69 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
CHILDS of King-street Crossing Brookland -- Ashford (Kent)
CHILLMAN of The Haven Steeds-lane Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
CHITTENDEN of 198 Kingsworth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHITTENDEN of Elm Tree Farm Brook -- Ashford (Kent)
CHITTENDEN of The Bungalow 198 Kingsriorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHRISTMAS of 149 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CHRISTMAS of 149 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CLARINGBOLD of 70 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
CLARINGBOULD of 80 Romney-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CLARKE of Nelda Shargate Brenzett -- Ashford (Kent)
CLAYTON of Farriers Arms Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
CLAYTON of Farriers Arms Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
CLEEVE of Courtlands Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
CLEMENTS of The Street Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
CLOKE of 26 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COATES of 37 Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COBB of 1 Albion Cottage Stone-street Stamford -- Ashford (Kent)
COBB of Court Lodge Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
COCKBURN of 81 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COLE of 2 Sprotlands-avenue Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
COLE of 62 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COLE of Caister 403 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
COLE of Eridge 29 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COLEMAN of 12 Linden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COLEMAN of 302 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COLEMAN of 97 Herbert-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
COLEMAN of Roadview Brabourne-road Sellinge -- Ashford (Kent)
COLLAR of 7 Clarence-street Folkestone and of 230 Kingsnorth-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
COLLINS of Homing 39 Canterbury-road Bybrook -- Ashford (Kent)
COLVILL of Hothfield Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
COLYER of Travellers Joy Vicarage road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
COOK of 57 Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COOK of Fairways Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
COOK of Hazel Bungalow HaStingleigh -- Ashford (Kent)
COOK of Hen wood Pumping Station WalHs-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COOKE of 14 William-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COOLING of Melrose Pound-lane Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
COOPER of 97 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
COOPER of Chestnut Cottage Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
COPELAND of 27 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
COPLEY of 155 Cudworth-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
COPPING of 20 Silver Hill-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CORBIN of 31 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
COSTELLO of 1 Sump Cottage Stumble-lane Kihgs-worth -- Ashford (Kent)
COSTELLO of Sump Cottage Stumble-lane Kings-north -- Ashford (Kent)
COURT of Canterbury-road Brabourne -- Ashford (Kent)
COVENEY of 30 Silver Hill Willesborough Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
COVENEY of Flint Lodge Mill Hill Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
COWLING of 23 Jemmett-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COX of 4 Hardinge-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COX of 56 Albemarle-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
COX of 8 Hampden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
COX of Heathcot Charing Heath -- Ashford (Kent)
CRAIK of Hothfield-place Gardens -- Ashford (Kent)
CRAMP of 1 Sunnyside-villas Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
CRAMP of 105 Bentley-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CREE of 19 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CRIPPS of 11 Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CRISPE of Four Winds Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
CRITTENDEN of 22 Curtis-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CROSS of Mercer Farm Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
CROSSLEY of St. Marys House Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
CROTHALL of The Paddocks Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CROUCH of Kent View Sandyhurst-lane Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
CROUCH of Prospect House Orlestone -- Ashford (Kent)
CROUCHER of 294 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CROUCHER of 30 East-hill -- Ashford (Kent)
CROW of 94 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CRUST of 11 Whitfield-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CRUST of 12 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CRUST of 84 Cudworth-road South Willcs-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
CRUST of Berberis Church Hill Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
CRUX of 461 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
CURREY of 144 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
CURTIS of 18 Bond-road South -- Ashford (Kent)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CURTIS of Plumtrees Charing Heath-road Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
DALE of Knoll Hill Aldington -- Ashford (Kent)
DAVIES of 5 Wellesley-villas Wellesley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DAVIES of Forge Hill Bethersden -- Ashford (Kent)
DAVIES of Kennington Villa The Lees Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
DAVIS of 132 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DAVIS of 6 Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DAVIS of 82 Kingsworth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DAVIS of Elmcroft Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DAWE of 12 Sprotlands-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DAWSON of 136 Cudworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DAWSON of Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
DAY of 10 New Rents -- Ashford (Kent)
DAY of 13 Edinburgh-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DAY of 14 The Street Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
DAY of 149 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DAY of 30a High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
DEAN of 12 Sprotlands-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DEAN of 5 Park-street -- Ashford (Kent)
DEAN of 5 Park-street -- Ashford (Kent)
DEARDS of 25 Forge-laue -- Ashford (Kent)
DETTMER of The Garage Mersham-le-Hatch -- Ashford (Kent)
DEVONSHIRE of Heatherbell Brorey Green-road Upper Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
DEW of 444 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DICKINSON of Brampton Potters Corner -- Ashford (Kent)
DICKINSON of Park Farm Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
DICKINSON of Tekrit Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
DINES of 110 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DIPROSE of Burden Cottage Beaver Green -- Ashford (Kent)
DIXEY of 120 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DIXON of 3 Sandy-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
DODD of Fern Cottage Brook -- Ashford (Kent)
DOLDING of Hillside Mill Hill Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
DOUGHTY of Marklin Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
DOUST of 312 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DOWN of 29 Torrington-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DOWN of 6 Tile Lodge Cottages Charing Heath -- Ashford (Kent)
DRAPER of Redstone Maidstone-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DRAPER of Sandbeck Lodge 51 Canterbury-road Bybrook -- Ashford (Kent)
DRAY of 28 Star-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DRISCOLL of 37S Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DROWLEY of 13 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DUNNELL of The Dale Farm Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
DUNSTER of 109 Herbert-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
DUNSTER of Elphick-place Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
DUNSTER of Quince Tree Cottage Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
DUNSTER of The Nook Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
DUNSTER of York Villa 109 Herbert-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
DURTNAL of Sandcroft Wolseley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
DYSON of 201 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EAGLES of Chez Nous Canterbury-road Brabourne -- Ashford (Kent)
EARL of 7 Bower-road Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
EARLE of 14 Gladstone-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
EARLL of 14 Hillbrow-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EAST of 195 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EASTHAM of Bitford Farm Monkshorton -- Ashford (Kent)
EASTMAN of 286 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EDBROOKE of St Leonards 147 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EDINGER of 1 Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EDMONDS of 8 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EDMUNDS of 114 Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
EDWARDS of 180 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EDWARDS of 21 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ELGAR of 63 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
ELKINS of 83 Cudworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLEN of 71 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLENDER of 8 Grosvenor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLIOTT of 23 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLIOTT of 23 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLIOTT of Redburr Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLIOTT of Redburr Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLIOTT of Springfield Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLIS of 44 North-street -- Ashford (Kent)
ELLIS of Belmont Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
ELSE of 210 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EMMS of 177 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ENFIELD of 21 Glover-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
EVANS of Smarden Rectory Smarden -- Ashford (Kent)
EVE of 2 Elwick-road -- Ashford (Kent)
EVENDEN of Rykel Pluckley -- Ashford (Kent)
EVERARD of Little Twysdens Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
EVEZARD of The Well House Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
FAGG of 23 East Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
FAGG of 31 Bently-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FAGG of 79 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FANCETT of 126 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
FANCETT of 128 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
FANCETT of 128 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
FANCETT of 95 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FARNHAM of 6 Queens-street -- Ashford (Kent)
FARRIS of 1 Croft Villas Croft-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FASHAM of 142 BeavCr-rOad -- Ashford (Kent)
FASSUM of 6 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FEAR of The Red House Bockhanger Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
FEATHER of Hillside Cotton Hill Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
FELLOWS of 70 Curtis-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
FENDICK of Brisley Rise Willesborough Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
FERGUSON of 157 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FERRIDGE of 21 Essela-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FIELD of Stumble Farm House- Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
FILE of Peep o'Day 132 Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
FINLAY of Link House Egerton -- Ashford (Kent)
FINN of 16 Hillbrow-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FINN of The Black Dog Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
FINN of The Post Office Mersham East -- Ashford (Kent)
FISHER of Ridgeways Maidstone-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FLAWN of 4 Vicarage-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
FLETCHER of Fourways St. Marys Bay -- Ashford (Kent)
FOORD of 14 Tennyson-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FORD of The Priests House Little Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
FOREMAN of 34 Earlsworth-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
FOREMAN of 70 Osborne-road Willisborough -- Ashford (Kent)
FOSTER of 26 North-street -- Ashford (Kent)
FOTHERINGHAM of Mendip 99 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
FOX of 173 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FOX of 21 Torrington-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
FOX of 22 Dennes-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FOX of 26 Mead-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
FRANCIS of 34 Star-road -- Ashford (Kent)
FREED of 50 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FRIGHT of Gateside Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
FULLER of 103 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
FULLER of 19 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
FULLER of Bydand Lenacre-street Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
GARDNER of 11 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GARDNER of 4 Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
GARDNER of 56 Royds-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GARLAND of Braeside Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
GARNER of 3 Glover-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GARRETT of Sunnycroft Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GASCOYNE of Court Lodge Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
GASSON of 10 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GAWTHORPE of 20 Magazine-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GEDDES of 48 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GEORGE of 31 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
GIBBS of 13 Albemarle-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GIBBS of 170 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GIBBS of Clovelly Magazine-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GIBBS of Deepdene Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
GIBSON of 13 Upper Denmark-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GILBERT of 52 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GILBERT of 53 Canterbury-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
GILBERT of Englefield Canterbury-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GILBERT of Primrose Cottage Brabourne Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
GILES of 70 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GILES of The Bogs Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
GLADWIN of 17 Canterbury-road Bybrook -- Ashford (Kent)
GLASSE of Boys Hall Farm Sevington -- Ashford (Kent)
GLASSE of Boys Hall Farm WDlesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GOBLE of 4 Earls-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GOBLE of 6 Eastwell-terrace Broughton Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
GODDARD of Ham Mill Farm Orlestone -- Ashford (Kent)
GODDEN of 1 Orlestone-villas Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
GODDEN of 27 Wolseley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GODDEN of Fairlawn Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
GODDEN of Hardings Bridge Farm Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
GODFREY of 57 Hunter-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GODFREY of Rose Cottage High Halden -- Ashford (Kent)
GODWIN of 8 Park Place South -- Ashford (Kent)
GOLDING of 119 Cudworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GOLDSMITH of 156 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GOLDSMITH of 159 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GOLDSMITH of 9 James-street -- Ashford (Kent)
GOODBAN of 6 Osborne-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GOODGER of 304 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GOODMAN of Christchurch Parsonage Glover-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GOODSELL of 72 Osborne-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GOODWIN of 15 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GOSLING of 92 Gladstone-road South Willesboro -- Ashford (Kent)
GOWER of 107 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GOWER of 2 Cranbrooks Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
GOWER of 288 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GRACE of 175 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
GRAHAM of Tamley Cottage Hastingleigh -- Ashford (Kent)
GRANTHAM of 55 Jemmett-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GRAY of 162 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GRAY of 4 Fleet Villas Grosvenor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
GREEN of 124 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GREEN of 63 Torrington-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GREEN of 90 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GREEN of The Bent Burton-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
GREEN of The Warren Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GREEN of The Warren Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
GREENWOOD of 216 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GREENWOOD of Pine Villa Bonnington -- Ashford (Kent)
GREGORY of 136 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GRIEVE of Sunnyside Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
GRIFFIN of Chestnut House Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
GRIGG of The Hollies Pluckley -- Ashford (Kent)
GRIGSON of 37 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GRIST of 220 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GROOM of 22 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
GROOME of The Bungalow Bedlam-lane Egerton West -- Ashford (Kent)
GROUND of 12 Wellesley-villas -- Ashford (Kent)
HACKETT of The Beaver Inn -- Ashford (Kent)
HAISELL of 51 Linden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HALDANE of 2 Plantin-house -- Ashford (Kent)
HALL of 12 Exeforde-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
HALL of 178 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HAMBROOK of Brownhurst Stubbs Cross Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
HAMES of Willesborough Hospital -- Ashford (Kent)
HAMILTON of 21 Magazine-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HAMILTON of 7 Elwick-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HAMILTON of East Mountain Farm Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
HAMMON of 326 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HAMMON of Swiss Villa Brabourne Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
HANEY of Winslade Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
HANSON of 208 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HARDING of 73 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HARDY of Riverside Mersham East -- Ashford (Kent)
HARDY of South View Warehorne -- Ashford (Kent)
HARDY of Tutt Hill House Hothfield Common -- Ashford (Kent)
HARE of The Firs Challock -- Ashford (Kent)
HARMAN of 20 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HARMS of The Downings Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
HARRIS of 62 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
HARTLEY of 187 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HARVEY of 42 Termyson-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HATT of Parsonage Cottage Pluckley -- Ashford (Kent)
HATTON of 260 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HAWKINS of 5 Denmark-terrace Lower Denmark-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HAXTON of High Lawn Barrow Hill Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
HAYDON of 64 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
HAYNES of High Barn Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
HAYNES of High Barn Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
HAYWARD of 29 Hunter-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HAYWARD of 7 Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HAYWARD of Laureldene Magazine-road and of 36 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HEAD of 71 Torrington-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HEAD of 71 Torrington-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HEADLEY of Forstal House Sittle Chart Forstal liear -- Ashford (Kent)
HEBDEN of -- Ashford (Kent)
HEBERT of Woodlands Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
HEMMINGS of 195 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HENDIN of 99 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
HENNEKER of 24 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
HENNIKER of 43 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HERITAGE of 179 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HERITAGE of 179 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HICKS of Leafield Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HILDER of 101 Grosvenor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
HILL of The Vicarage Bethers-den -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLIER of Burgate Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLS of 10 Kennington-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLS of 146 Christchurch-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLS of 161 Beaver-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLS of 19 East-hill -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLS of 22 Queen-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLS of 80 Herbert-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLS of Lily Vale Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
HILLSTHOMAS of 58 Albemarle-road Willsborough-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HIND of The Grange Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
HIRD of 101 Osbourne-road Wellesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HOBDEN of 4 Victoria Crescent -- Ashford (Kent)
HOCKLEY of 269 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HOCKLEY of Fairfield House Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
HODGE of 1 Brickwall-terrace Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
HOGBEN of 59 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HOGBEN of Elm Cottage Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLDEN of Treetops Maidstdne-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLDSTOCK of 2 Hillbrow-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLDSTOCK of 267 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLLANDS of 192 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLLANDS of St Hilda Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLLAWAY of 19 Hunter-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLMES of 10 Glover-road Wellsborough -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLMES of 23 North-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLMES of 99 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HOLST of The Bowers Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
HOOD of High View Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
HOOD of High-view Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
HOOK of 72 Lower Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HOOPER of The Den Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
HOPE of Fleeden Farm Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
HOPKINS of 1 Council-houses Mill Hill Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
HOPKINS of Lily Villa Egerton West -- Ashford (Kent)
HOPPER of 9 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HORLOCK of Four Wents Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
HORN of 6 Council Houses Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
HOTSON of 33 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HOWARD of 64 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
HOWARD of 64 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
HOWE of Denver Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
HOWELL of 20 West-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HOWELL of Sticketts Cottages Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
HOWLAND of 57 Oxenturn-road Wye -- Ashford (Kent)
HOWLAND of Rose Dene 130 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HUBBARD of 41 Apsley-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HUBBARD of Hothfield Rectory -- Ashford (Kent)
HUDGELL of 24 Lower Denmark-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HUDGELL of 35 Whitfield-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HUDSON of 23 Marlborough-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HUDSON of Teynham Egerton Forstall -- Ashford (Kent)
HUGGINS of The Saracens Head Hotel High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HULSE of 72 Christchurch-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
HUNTLEY of 21 Queen-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HUSBAND of Selvin Wood Ham-street -- Ashford (Kent)
HUSISEY of Highbank Gore Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
HUTH of Woodcote Stubbs Cross Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
HUTT of Christchurch House South -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HYDE of Stonlees Mersham -- Ashford (Kent)
HYDER of 24 Upper Denmark-road -- Ashford (Kent)
HYLAND of The Cedars Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
INGRAM of 124 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
INGRAM of School House Boughton Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
IRELAND of 81 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
IRVINE of 45 Linden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JACKSON of 13 North-street -- Ashford (Kent)
JACKSON of Meadowside Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
JACKSON of The Cottage Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
JAMES of The Willows Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
JANES of 53 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JANES of Rosedene Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
JARRETT of 20 Silverhill Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
JARVIS of 138 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JARVIS of 8 Norwood-street -- Ashford (Kent)
JEFFERIES of 24 Tufton-street -- Ashford (Kent)
JEFFERY of 68 Earlsworth-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
JEFFERY of School House Victoria-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JEFFREY of 17 Northumberland-avenue Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
JENNER of 29 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
JENNINGS of Kennington Hall -- Ashford (Kent)
JOHNSON of 1 Cray Villas Dering-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JOHNSON of 24 Hunter-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JOHNSON of Bimey Hill Malt House-lane Boughton Aluph -- Ashford (Kent)
JONES of 1 Victoria-crescent -- Ashford (Kent)
JONES of 143 Lower Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JONES of 179 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
JONES of Bockhanger -- Ashford (Kent)
JONES of Brockhanger -- Ashford (Kent)
JUDGE of 56 Silverhill-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
JUPP of 16 Mead-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
KAY of 6 Sturges-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KEAST of The Well-house Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
KEMBER of 183 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KENDRICK of St Helens Mill Hill Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
KENNETT of 10 East-street -- Ashford (Kent)
KENNETT of 16 Frances-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
KENT of The Old Cottage Aldington Green -- Ashford (Kent)
KENYON of 15 Western avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
KENYON of 15 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
KENYON of 16 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
KERR of Yonsea Farm Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
KILBY of 29 William-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KILBY of 29 William-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KIMBER of 304 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KIMBER of 304 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KING of 1 The Street Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
KING of 12 The Street Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
KING of 15 Mabledon-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
KING of 234 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KING of 28 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KIRBY of Sankey House Brook -- Ashford (Kent)
KITE of 44 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KNELL of 47 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KNIGHT of 184 Beaver-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
KNIGHT of 26 Romney-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
KNIGHT of Strathcaim Charing Heath-road Charing -- Ashford (Kent)
KNOCK of Barnwood Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
KNOCK of Winkfield Magazine-road -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KNOTT of 80 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
KNOWLES of Gatton 11 Burton-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
KNOWLES of Royston Church-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
KNOWLES of Royston Church-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
KNOWLES of Tregaron 49 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
KNOWLES of Tregaron 49 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
LADD of Swan-lane Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
LADUMS of 39 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LAKER of 10 Star-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LAKER of 163 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
LAKER of 22 Apsley-street -- Ashford (Kent)
LAKER of 38 Park-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LAKER of 4 Queen-street -- Ashford (Kent)
LAKER of Duncombe-cottage Brabourne Lees in -- Ashford (Kent)
LAKER of The Bungalow Little Churt -- Ashford (Kent)
LAMB of Mouse Hall Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
LAMBKIN of 104 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LAMBKIN of 2 Victoria-crescent -- Ashford (Kent)
LANCASTER of 224 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LANCASTER of Hermes Mill Hill Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
LANCEFIELD of 102 Osborne-road Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
LANDER of Roselea Hamstreet-road Bromley Green ? Orlestone -- Ashford (Kent)
LANE of The Hut Bilsington -- Ashford (Kent)
LARKIN of 13 Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LASHMAR of 21 Bank-street -- Ashford (Kent)
LASLETT of Eastside Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
LATTER of 13 Pemberton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LAW of 54 Hempsted-street -- Ashford (Kent)
LAWRENCE of Weavers Farm Beaver Green South -- Ashford (Kent)
LEA of Wayside Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
LEAVER of 39 Jemmett-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LEESON of 29 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LEGGE of 62 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
LEONARD of 44 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LEVICK of Shawlands High Haldon -- Ashford (Kent)
LEWIS of 39 Hillbrow-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LIDDELL of Silverhill 10 Silverhill-road Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
LILLEY of 100 Cudworth-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LILLEY of 52 Silverhill-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LILLEY of 81 Hunter-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LINKINS of 149 Bentley-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LOANE of 16 William-road-south -- Ashford (Kent)
LOUGHBOROUGH of Peartree St. Marys Bay -- Ashford (Kent)
LOUGHBOROUGH of The Rectory Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
LOWES of 122 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LOWES of 21 Pemberton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LUCKETT of Whitehill Cottages Bilting -- Ashford (Kent)
LUCKHURST of 168 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
LUMMES of 15 Eastern-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
LUNN of 84 Romney-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
LYNES of ChurcJi Hill Cottages Aldington East -- Ashford (Kent)
MACKELDEN of 24 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MACKELOEN of 24 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MACKETT of 190 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MACKETT of 84 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MADDOCK of 122 H3dhe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MADGE of 5 Jemmett-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MADIGAN of Gyminge Brook Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
MAIDSTONE of 29 Osbome-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MALLION of 9 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MALNICK of 56 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MANCINI of 4 Forge-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
MANN of 27 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MANN of 64 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MAPLE of 43 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MARDEN of Smeeth Cottage Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
MARPLES of 18 Church-road Wellesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MARRIOTT of 37 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSH of 20 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSH of 52 Royds-road Wellesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSH of Partridge Farm Herridge-lane Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSHALL of 1 William-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSHALL of 110 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSHALL of 18 James-street -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSHALL of 5 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSHALL of 5 Orlestone-villas Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSHALL of Beulah Mersham Frith -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSHALL of Bon Repos 161 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSLAND of Sandyhurst House Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
MARSLAND of Sandyhurst House Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 11 Ridgeway Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 20 Bank-street -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 203 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 203 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 69 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 8 Blackwall-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 87 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of 87 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of Gwestfa Canterbury-road Brabourne East -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of Pound Green Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
MARTIN of Shirley 28 Magazine-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MASTERS of 2 Padwell Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
MASTERS of 5 Wallis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MASTERS of 55 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MATCHAM of 64 Tennyson-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MATTHEWS of New Brisley Cottage Upper Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
MATTHEWS of Rock Cottage Shadoxhurst -- Ashford (Kent)
MAUNSELL of Northbrook -- Ashford (Kent)
MAY of 212 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MAYLAM of 114a Beaver-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
MAYLAM of 13 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MCCOLL of 18 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MCKENZLE of 113 Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MCMAHON of 44 Osbome-avenue Long-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
McSWEENEY of The Presbytery Maidstone-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MEAD of 160 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MEAGHER of 12 Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MEALHAM of Moat Farm Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
MELLOR of Isabelle Villa Faversham-road Ken-nington Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
MERCER of The Knoll Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
MERCHANT of Waterbrook Sevington -- Ashford (Kent)
MILES of 22 Gladstone-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MILES of 350 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MILES of 56 Cudworth-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MILLAIS of Chestnuts Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MILLEN of Little Engham Farm Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
MILLEN of Little Engham Farm Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
MILLHAM of 154 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MILLS of 1 Lime Cottage Hafnstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
MILLS of 56 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)

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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILNER of Forstal Cottage Monks Horton -- Ashford (Kent)
MITCHENER of Hillside Villas Pluckley -- Ashford (Kent)
MOFFATT of Hazel Hatch Smeeth East -- Ashford (Kent)
MOGG of 26 Providtencehstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
MOLESWORTH of Wideview Lenacre-street Eastwell -- Ashford (Kent)
MONK of 3 Stone-cottages Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
MOORE of 11 Lower Denmark-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
MORALEE of 38 Victoria-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MORALEE of 38 Victoria-road -- Ashford (Kent)
MORETON of The Windmill Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
MORLEY of 20 Sprotlands-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MORRIS of 2 Ridgeway-cottages Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
MOYLE of The Bungalow Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
MUNNS of 39 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MUNNS of The Oaks 39 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
MUNRO of 139 Bentley-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
MUNSON of 2 Lushington Cottages Appledore -- Ashford (Kent)
NAIDLEY of Bluebird Bungalow St. Marys Bay hear -- Ashford (Kent)
NEAME of 12 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NEWICK of Philman 59 Beaver-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
NEWNHAM of Park View Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
NEWNHAM of Park View Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
NEWPORT of 94 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
NEWTON of 2 Forge Cottages The Pavement Wood-church -- Ashford (Kent)
NEWTON of 43 Hardinge-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NEWTON of 48 Hunter-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
NICHOLS of 319 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NICHOLSON of Myrtle Cottage Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
NICKALLS of 25 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NICKLIN of 104 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NORMAN of 81 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NORTON of 7 Edinburgh-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NORTON of Montpelier 4 Jemmett-road -- Ashford (Kent)
NUNN of 14 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
OAKFORD of 44 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
OAKFORD of 44 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
OETZMANN of The Elms Hinxhill -- Ashford (Kent)
OETZMANN of The Elms Hinxhill -- Ashford (Kent)
OFFEN of 23 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
OKE of 25 North-street -- Ashford (Kent)
OLIVER of 174 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
OLIVER of 5 Banks-road -- Ashford (Kent)
OSBORNE of Primrose Cottage Brabourne Leas -- Ashford (Kent)
OVENDEN of West View Ham-street -- Ashford (Kent)
OWEN of 24 Apsley-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PACK of 3 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PACK of 3 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PACKHAM of The Rosery 43 Burton-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
PADGHAM of Central Stores Bethersden -- Ashford (Kent)
PAGE of 40 Queens-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PAIN of Bentley Lodge Lillyrvale Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
PAINE of 48 Cud worth-road South Wallesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
PAINE of 50 Cadworth-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
PAINE of Sens 199 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
PAINE of The Common Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
PALLETT of 9 Dover-place -- Ashford (Kent)
PALMER of 34 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PALMER of 34 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PALMER of Sunnyside Priory-road Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
PARHAM of 27 Albert-road -- Ashford (Kent)

For help identifying unknown grandparents with DNA ask us at

Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PARKER of 151Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PARKER of 43 Apsley-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PARRIN of 43 Park-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PASSMORE of 299 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
PATERSON of Bevenden Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
PATON of 66 Earlsworth-oad South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
PAY of 32 Hampden-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PAYNE of 31 Hempsted-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PEARSON of 107 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PEARSON of 128 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
PEARSON of 51 Canterbury-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
PEARSON of 91 Newtown -- Ashford (Kent)
PEARSON of Great Burton Farm Kenningtofi -- Ashford (Kent)
PENFOLD of 100 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PENFOLD of The Hollies Faversham-road Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
PERKINS of Barrow Hill-place -- Ashford (Kent)
PERRY of 23 Favershamrroad -- Ashford (Kent)
PETERS of Pax Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
PETTMAN of 59 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PHILCOX of Downside Hampton-lane Brook -- Ashford (Kent)
PHILLIPS of 88 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PHILPOTT of Court Cottage Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
PIDDUCK of 48 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PILCHER of 86 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PILCHER of la Sturges-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PILCHER of Water Farm Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
PIMLOTT of 7 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
PLATT of 19 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
PLEDGE of 37 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PONCIA of Highcroft Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PONCIA of Highcroft Gore Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
POPE of 1 Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
POPE of 13 Torrington-road -- Ashford (Kent)
POPE of 188 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
POPE of 256 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
PORTER of 5 Queen-street -- Ashford (Kent)
POSSEE of The Green Hinxhill -- Ashford (Kent)
POULSON of 52 Royds-road South Willisborough -- Ashford (Kent)
POWELL of 1 Autumn Cottages Sevington -- Ashford (Kent)
POWELL of 118 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
POWELL of The Rectoiy Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
POWELL of The Rectory Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
PREBBLE of 1 Albemarle-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
PREBBLE of Tolsford View. Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
PRETT of Grove Bridge Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
PRICE of 100 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PRICE of 101 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
PRITCHARD of Rosemount 6 Mabledon-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
PRYKE of 222 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PRYOR of 61 High-street and 59 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
PULESTON of The Whist Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PURDY of 5 Anchor Cottages East Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
PYNER of 61 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
PYNER of 77 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
QUANTRILL of Longwood Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
QUEEN of Walden Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
RABSON of Church Gates -- Ashford (Kent)
RADCLIFFE of The Hollies Shadoxhurst West -- Ashford (Kent)
RAFFE of 95 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
RAFFE of 95 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)

For help identifying unknown grandparents with DNA ask us at

Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RAGGETT of Argus Cottage Stowting Common -- Ashford (Kent)
RAINER of 1 Rose Cottage Brenzett -- Ashford (Kent)
RAINES of Chapel Field Brabourne East -- Ashford (Kent)
RAINS of 131 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
READ of 31 Forge-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
REAY of Orchard Cottage Little Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
REED of The Cottage Northbrooke Gore Hill -- Ashford (Kent)
REEVE of 23 Earls-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
REEVE of 8 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
REEVES of 205 Fayersham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
REVELL of 125 Cudworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
REVELL of 125 Cudworth-road. South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
REVELL of 3 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
REYNOLDS of The Homestead Bromley Green-road Upper Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
REYNOLDS of The Homestead Bromley Green-road Upper Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
REYNOLDS of The Homestead Bromley Green-road Upper Ruckinge -- Ashford (Kent)
RHODES of 6 Upper Denmark-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RHODES of 66 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RICHARDS of Belmont Park-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
RICHARDS of Belmont Park-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
RICHARDSON of 1 Sunnyside Warehome-road Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
RICHARDSON of 9 Edinburgh-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RICKETT of Lacton House Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
RIGDEN of 61 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ROBBINS of Argars Cottage Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
ROBERTS of 63a Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ROBINS of Holly Cottage Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
ROBINS of The Cottage Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
ROBINSON of Claremont Mill-hill Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
ROLFE of The Laurels Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
ROSSITER of 43 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
ROSSITER of 46 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
ROULSTON of St Stephens Westwell-lane Westwell West -- Ashford (Kent)
ROWE of Stemps Laud Stone-cum-Ebony -- Ashford (Kent)
ROWELL of Count View Egerton -- Ashford (Kent)
RUCK of The Lees Towers Hill Smeath -- Ashford (Kent)
RUFFLE of 129 Lower Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RUFFLE of 73 High-street -- Ashford (Kent)
RUMSEY of 227 Godington-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RUMSEY of 89 Bentley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RUMSEY of 92 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
RUSSELL of 20 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RUSSELL of 20 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
RUSSELL of Old Quarrie Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
RUTHERFORD of 138 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
SACKETT of 31 Cudworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SACKETT of 31 Cudworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SALMON of 120 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SALMONS of 41 Torrington-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
SALMONS of 63 Mead-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SANTER of Gorsewood Steeds-lane Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
SANTER of Gorsewood Steeds-lane Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
SCARFF of 51 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
SCOTT of 1 Stone Cottages Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
SCOTT of 394 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SCOTT of Northend -- Ashford (Kent)
SEEKINGS of St. Davids West Brabourne -- Ashford (Kent)
SEEKINGS of St. Davids West Brabourne -- Ashford (Kent)
SEMPLE of 136 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SENIOR of Brisen Bungalow Ashford-road Kings-north -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SHARPE of 152 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SHARPE of 62 Gladstone-road-south Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SHARPE of 99 Herbert-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SHELVEY of 19 Lower Denmark-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
SHEPARD of 26 Wofeeley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SHERLOCK of 2 Lewis Villa Faversham road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
SHERRELL of 146 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SHERRINGTON of 15 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
SHILLING of 18 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
SHILLING of 33 Hampden-road South -- Ashford (Kent)
SHIPPAM of Treves Kemps Comer Boughton Aluph -- Ashford (Kent)
SHOOBRIDGE of 3 Eastern-gardens Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SHOOBRIDGE of Sand Cottage Charing Heath -- Ashford (Kent)
SHORTER of fionnington-road-Bilsington -- Ashford (Kent)
SHOTTER of Longwood Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SHRUBSOLE of 97 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
SIDDERS of Woodview Stubbs Cross -- Ashford (Kent)
SIMPSON of 38 Park-street -- Ashford (Kent)
SINDEN of Washford Farm Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
SKINNER of 55 William-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SLINGSBY of 91 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SLINGSBY of Withersdane Cottage Wye -- Ashford (Kent)
SMAIL of 59 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 128 Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 214 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 22 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 25 Now Town -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 3 Ivy Cottages Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 302 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 51 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 84 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 84 Sandyhurst-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of 9 Aylesford Villas Bentley-road Willisborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of Bournetap Bilsington -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of Bournetop Bilsington Aldington -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of Haverbrack Challock -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of Highcroft House Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of Pine Villa Bonnington -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of Ridgeway Cottage Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
SMITH of The Firs Barrow Hill Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
SMYTHE of Orlestone Rise Hamsheet -- Ashford (Kent)
SNASHALL of 85 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
SNASHALL of 85 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
SNASHALL of 9 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
SNITCH of 1 Norwood-street -- Ashford (Kent)
SOFTLY of 6 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SONGHURST of Eastlea Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
SOUTHEE of 73 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
SOUTHERN of 1 Penstock Cottages East Brabourne -- Ashford (Kent)
SOUTHERN of The Gables 91 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
SPAIN of 33 Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SPAIN of 61 Hardinge-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SPICE of New House Boughton Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
SPICER of 116 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SPICER of 27 Romney-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SPICER of Seldown 116 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SPRATFORD of 260 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SPURGEON of Beth Elim Queens-road Willesborough Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
STAGG of 38 Earlsworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
STANDEN of 31 Bentley-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STANDEN of 6 Council Bungalow The Ridgeway Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
STANDING of 6 Canterbury-road -- Ashford (Kent)
STANNARD of 29 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
STAPLES of Cam Brea Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
STAPLES of Portreath Grosvenor-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
STAPLEY of 296 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
STARR of 4 Wolseley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
STARTUP of Little Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
STEADMAN of 70 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
STEADMAN of 70 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
STEDDY of Goatley Farm Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
STEDMAN of 119 Beaver-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
STEVEN of Heroncourt St. Marys Bay -- Ashford (Kent)
STEVEN of Kingsthome Farm Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
STEVENS of 13 Norwood-gardens -- Ashford (Kent)
STEVENS of 25 Forge-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
STEVENS of Seremban Sandyhurst-lane Westwell West -- Ashford (Kent)
STEVENSON of 4 Edinburgh-road -- Ashford (Kent)
STICKELLS of 57 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
STICKELLS of 8 Council Houses Swan-lane Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
STICKELLS of Little Hollies Bonnington -- Ashford (Kent)
STOCK of Meadowside 185 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
STONE of Sunnyside Vicarage-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
STONHAIYI of 7 Bond-road -- Ashford (Kent)
STONHAM of Fairview Priory-road Sellindge -- Ashford (Kent)
STRANGE of 8 Bank-street -- Ashford (Kent)
STREETER of Isolation Hospital Warren-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
SUDDS of 33 Francis-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SUNNUCK of 143 Lower Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SUTHERLAND of 44 Hunter-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
SWAIN of Torwood Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
SWEATMAN of 7 Norwood-street -- Ashford (Kent)
SWEETMAN of 6 Eastern-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
SWEETMAN of 6 Whitfield-road -- Ashford (Kent)
SWINNARD of 8 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
TABRETT of 39 Silver-hill Willesbrough -- Ashford (Kent)
TANTON of The Mills Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
TAPPENDEN of 2 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TAPPENDEN of 64 Albemarle-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
TAPPLY of 3 Caxton-House Wellesley-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TAPSFIELD of 37 Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TASSELL of Hillcrest Bethersden -- Ashford (Kent)
TATAM of Elvey Cottage Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
TAYLER of Cecil House Norwood-street -- Ashford (Kent)
TAYLOR of Dennard of 29 Jemmett-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TAYLOR of Hillside Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
TAYLOR of Yew Tree Farm Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
TEARALL of 134 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
TERRELL of 38 Park-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TERRILL of Richmond House 38 Park-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TERRY of 139 Kingsnorth-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TERRY of Rose Cottage 30 Silverhill-road Willesbor-ough -- Ashford (Kent)
TERRY of Rose Inn Silverhill Willesborough Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
THORNE of The Elms Stowting -- Ashford (Kent)
THORNE of The Elms Stowting Common -- Ashford (Kent)
THORNTON of 50 Hardinge-road -- Ashford (Kent)
THUNDER of 27 Glover-road -- Ashford (Kent)
THURSTUN of 142 Cudworth-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
TIFFEN of Oaklands Wolsey-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TILT of 4 Birling-road -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TINER of 114 Bridge-street Wye -- Ashford (Kent)
TINSLEY of 126 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TINSLEY of 2 Hamilton-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
TODD of Dunn-street House Westwell -- Ashford (Kent)
TOKE of 260 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
TOMLIN of The Firs Challock Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
TOMSETT of 21 Langholme-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TOMSETT of 68 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TOMSETT of Clevelands 439 Hythe-road Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
TONG of 138 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TOURNAY of Clydesdale Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
TREASURE of Hothfield Rectory Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
TRENDELL of Hornbrook Farm Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
TRICE of Brickyard House Chart-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TRINDER of 17 East-street -- Ashford (Kent)
TRISCOTT of 10 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TRITTON of Bircholt Comer Brabourne Lees East -- Ashford (Kent)
TUCKER of 33 Whitfield-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TUFF of 2 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TUFF of 66 Albemarke-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
TUNE of 34 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
TUPPER of 45 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
TURNER of 25 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
TURNER of 253 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
TURNER of Holbrook Stowting End -- Ashford (Kent)
TURNER of Roffen Magpie Hall-road Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
TWIDELL of 20 Earls-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
TYE of Gill House -- Ashford (Kent)
TYM of 92 Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
UPTON of 2 Hope-cottages Brenzett -- Ashford (Kent)
UPTON of 34a Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
USHERWOOD of 18 Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
USHERWOOD of 18 Providence-street -- Ashford (Kent)
USHERWOOD of 50 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
VERITY of Harlackenden Farm Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
VICKERS of Cartref Wye -- Ashford (Kent)
VIDLER of 189 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
VIRGO of 92a Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WADHAMS of 90 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WAGSTAFFE of The Vicarage East Brabourne -- Ashford (Kent)
WAITE of Prince of Orange 111 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
WAKELING of 35 Queen-street -- Ashford (Kent)
WALKER of Whitehall Brabourne Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
WALLS of 43 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
WALLS of 43 Kent-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
WALTER of 7 Muncaster House Church-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WANSTALL of Gibbons Brook Farm Stanford -- Ashford (Kent)
WARD of 11 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WARD of 138 New Town -- Ashford (Kent)
WARD of Godinton -- Ashford (Kent)
WARD of Hillside Mill-lane Aldington -- Ashford (Kent)
WARDLE of 8 Northumberland-avenue Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WARE of 83 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WASHFORD of 33 Sussex-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
WATSON of 2 The Bungalows Lower Vicarage-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WATSON of 6 Brinklow-terrace Shadoxhurst -- Ashford (Kent)
WATSON of Newlands Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WATTS of 111 Bentley-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WAY of Northlea Park-road Hennirigton -- Ashford (Kent)
WEAVER of 48 Herbert-road South Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WEAVER of Green Tiles Canterbury-road Kenr sington -- Ashford (Kent)
WEBSTER of 77 Canterbury-road-south Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
WELCH of Zetland Lodge Challock -- Ashford (Kent)
WELLARD of Brisley Farm Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
WELLER of 115 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WELLER of Tutt Hill Farm Cottage Hothfield Common -- Ashford (Kent)
WELLMAN of Keswick Brooke-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WELLS of 16 Essella-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WELLS of 20 Station-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WELLS of Kentish Knock Bungalow Stubbs Cross I Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
WENBORN of 106 Canterbury-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WENHAM of 20 Glover-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WENTWORTH of Rustic Lodge Keimington -- Ashford (Kent)
WESTON of Moor View Edensor Bakewell Derbyshire and 41 Faversham-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WETHERELL of Affricks Bilting -- Ashford (Kent)
WHEELER of Sunnyside Frith-road Aldington -- Ashford (Kent)
WHITE of 163 Canterbury-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
WHITE of The Haven Little Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
WHITWELL of The Old Manor Pluckley -- Ashford (Kent)
WICKHAM of Mackay Bourne-road Aldington -- Ashford (Kent)
WICKS of Burscombe Farm Egerton West -- Ashford (Kent)
WIDGEON of 98 Gladstone-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WILDE of 2b Sprotlands-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WILDE of 30 Albemarle-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WILDE of New Street Farm Great Chart -- Ashford (Kent)
WILKINS of 9 Earls-avenue Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WILKINSON of The Malt House Woodchurch -- Ashford (Kent)
WILKS of 42 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
WILKS of 42 Western-avenue -- Ashford (Kent)
WILLIAMS of 31 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WILLIAMS of Maids Moreton Smeeth -- Ashford (Kent)
WILLIS of Hollydene Buck-street Challock -- Ashford (Kent)
WILLIS of Old Mill Cottages Ulley-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WILSON of 59 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WILSON of 78 New-street -- Ashford (Kent)
WILSON of 81 Queens-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WILSON of Hillside Cottage Hamstreet -- Ashford (Kent)
WILSON of Little Criol Shadoxhurst -- Ashford (Kent)
WILSON of The Rosary Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WINCH of Plain Hill Brabourne Lees -- Ashford (Kent)
WINDER of 55 Bentley-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WINDER of 55 Bentleyroad Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WINSER of 13 Christchurch-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WINTER of 48 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WOOD of 1 Clock House Cottages Beaver-lane -- Ashford (Kent)
WOOD of Albert Villa Faversham-road Kenning-ton -- Ashford (Kent)
WOOD of Prospect House Molash East -- Ashford (Kent)
WOODBRIDGE of The Laurels Vicarage-road Kennington -- Ashford (Kent)
WOODS of Charingden Charing Heath -- Ashford (Kent)
WOOLCOCK of 25 Beaver-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WOOLFORD of Kenwood 132 Church-road Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
WOOLLEY of 167 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WORBIS of 8 Wellesley Villas -- Ashford (Kent)
WORGER of 15 Sturges-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WORGER of 16 Somerset-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WORSLEY of 122 Church-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WORTHY of 116 Hythe-road -- Ashford (Kent)
WRATTEN of Acedes Steeds-lane Kingsnorth -- Ashford (Kent)
WRIGHT of 386 Hythe-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
WRIGHT of Hothfield -- Ashford (Kent)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WRIGHT of the Hut Faversham-road Keimington -- Ashford (Kent)
WRIGHT of The Woolpack Inn Westwell West -- Ashford (Kent)
YATES of 93 Canterbuiy-road Willesborough -- Ashford (Kent)
YORK of The Laurel Stubbs Cross Kingsnortb -- Ashford (Kent)
YOUNG of 165 Canterbury-road South Willes-borough -- Ashford (Kent)
YOUNG of 189 Godinton-road -- Ashford (Kent)
YOUNG of Richmond House 38 Park-road -- Ashford (Kent)

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ENGLAND TOWNS Accrington  Aylesbury  Bath  Bedford  Birkenhead  Birmingham  Blackburn  Blackpool  Blandford  Bodmin  Bournemouth  Bradford  Brighton  Bristol  Buckingham  Burnley  Burton-on-Trent  Bury St Edmunds  Buxton  Cambridge  Canterbury  Carlisle  Chatham  Chelmsford  Cheltenham  Chester  Chichester  Colchester  Coventry  Crewe  Darlington  Deal  Derby  Devonport  Doncaster  Dover  Durham (town)  Eastbourne  Ely  Exeter  Folkestone  Gateshead  Gloucester  Great Yarmouth  Greenpool  Guildford  Halifax  Harrogate  Hartlepool  Hastings  Haverfordwest  Hereford  Holland  Huddersfield  Huntingdon  Ipswich  Kidderminster  Kingston-on-Thames  Kingston-upon-Hull  Lancaster  Leamington Spa  Leeds  Leicester  Lewes  Lichfield  Lincoln  Liverpool  Lowestoft  Macclesfield  Maidstone  Manchester  Margate  Middlesbrough  Monmouth  Newcastle-upon-Tyne  North Shields  Northampton  Norwich  Nottingham  Oldham  Oxford  Penzance  Peterborough  Plymouth  Poole  Portsmouth  Ramsgate  Reading  Ripon  Rochdale  Rochester  Salford  Salisbury  Scarborough  Sheffield  Shrewsbury  South Shields  Southampton  Southsea  St Leonards on sea  Stockton-on-Tees  Stoke-on-Trent  Stratford-on-avon  Sunderland  Taunton  Tonbridge  Torquay  Truro  Tunbridge Wells  Wakefield  Warrington  Warwick  Wells (Somerset)  West Worthing  Weston-super-Mare  Whitby  Wigan  Winchester  Windsor  Wolverhampton  Worcester  Worthing  York 
ENGLAND TOWNS (MORE) Ashton-under-Lyne  Birmingham  Birmingham (pt 1)  Birmingham (pt 2)  Birmingham (pt 3)  Durham  Liverpool  Liverpool (pt 1)  Liverpool (pt 2)  Manchester  Manchester (pt 1)  Manchester (pt 2)  Altrincham (Cheshire)  Hyde (Cheshire)  Northwich (Cheshire)  Runcorn (Cheshire)  Sale (Cheshire)  Stockport (Cheshire)  Wallasey (Cheshire)  Wirral (Cheshire)  Exmouth (Devonshire)  Paignton (Devonshire)  Barking (Essex)  Ilford (Essex)  Leigh-on-sea (Essex)  Romford (Essex)  Southend-on-Sea (Essex)  Westcliff-on-sea (Essex)  Stroud (Gloucestershire)  Hertford (Hertfordshire)  Ashford (Kent)  Beckenham (Kent)  Bromley (Kent)  Dartford (Kent)  Gillingham (Kent)  Gravesend (Kent)  Herne Bay (Kent)  Orpington (Kent)  Plumstead (Kent)  Sevenoaks (Kent)  Sidcup (Kent)  Welling (Kent)  Whitstable (Kent)  Barrow-in-Furness (Lancashire)  Bolton (Lancashire)  Bury (Lancashire)  Chorley (Lancashire)  Darwen (Lancashire)  Morecambe (Lancashire)  Nelson (Lancashire)  Preston (Lancashire)  Prestwich (Lancashire)  Southport (Lancashire)  St Helens (Lancashire)  Grimsby (Lincs)  Gosforth (Northumberland)  Whitley Bay (Northumberland)  Mansfield (Notts)  Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffs)  Stafford (Staffs)  Bexhill-on-Sea (Sussex)  Bognor Regis (Sussex)  Horsham (Sussex)  Hove (Sussex)  Rugby (Warwickshire)  Halesowen (West Midlands)  Smethwick (West Midlands)  Stourbridge (West Midlands)  Walsall (West Midlands)  West Bromwich (West Midlands)  Bromsgrove (Worcestershire)  Barnsley (Yorks)  Batley (Yorks)  Bingley (Yorks)  Bridlington (Yorks)  Brighouse (Yorks)  Dewsbury (Yorks)  Goole (Yorks)  Keighley (Yorks)  Pontefract (Yorks)  Redcar (Yorks)  Rotherham (Yorks)  Shipley (Yorks)  Skipton (Yorks)  Sowerby Bridge (Yorks)  Todmorden (Yorks) 
LONDON Croydon  London  London (E - pt 2)  London (E- pt 1)  London (EC)  London (N - pt 1)  London (N - pt 2)  London (NW - pt 1)  London (NW - pt 2)  London (other)  London (SE-inner)  London (SE-outer)  London (SW-inner)  London (SW-outer - pt 1)  London (SW-outer - pt 2)  London (SW-outer - pt 3)  London (W - pt 1)  London (W - pt 2)  London (WC) 
WALES COUNTIES Anglesey  Brecknockshire  Cardiganshire  Carmarthenshire  Carnarvonshire  Denbighshire  Flintshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire  Glamorganshire (pt 1)  Glamorganshire (pt 2)  Merionethshire  Monmouthshire  Montgomeryshire  Pembrokeshire  Radnorshire 
WALES TOWNS Aberdare  Bangor  Barry  Bridgend  Builth Wells  Cardiff  Carmarthen  Carnarvon  Llandaff  Merthyr Tydfil  Neath  Penarth  Pontypridd  Port Talbot  Rhondda  St Asaph  Swansea 
SCOTLAND COUNTIES North Britain  Scotland  Scotland (pt 1)  Scotland (pt 2)  Aberdeenshire  Angus-shire  Argyllshire  Ayrshire  Banffshire  Berwickshire  Buteshire  Caithness  Clackmannanshire  Dumbartonshire  Dumfriesshire  Elginshire  Fifeshire  Forfarshire  Invernessshire  Kincardineshire  Kinrossshire  Kirkcudbrightshire  Lanarkshire  Lothian  Midlothian  Morayshire  Nairnshire  Peeblesshire  Perthshire  Renfrewshire  Ross-shire  Roxburghshire  Selkirkshire  Shetland  Stirlingshire  Sutherland  Wigtownshire 
SCOTLAND TOWNS small Scottish town  Aberdeen  Airdrie  Alloa  Angus  Arbroath  Arran  Ayr  Banff  Berwick  Berwick-on-Tweed  Blairgowrie  Brechin  Bridge of Allan  Broughty Ferry  Calston  Cambuslang  Campbeltown  Carnoustie  Coatbridge  Crieff  Dalbeattie  Douglas  Dumbarton  Dumfries  Dunblane  Dundee  Dunfermline  Dunoon  Edinburgh  Elgin  Falkirk  Forfar  Glasgow  Grangemouth  Greenock  Haddington  Hamilton  Hawick  Helensburgh  Inverness  Kelso  Kilbride  Kilmarnock  Kirkcaldy  Kirkcudbright  Lanark  Largs  Lockerbie  Montrose  Nairn  Orkney  Paisley  Peebles  Perth  Prestwick  Rothesay  Rutherglen  Saltcoats  Selkirk  St Andrews  Stevenston  Stirling  Stonehaven  Stranraer  Strathaven  Troon  Uddingston 
BRITAIN ELSEWHERE Britain elsewhere  Guernsey  Isle of Man  Jersey  Gibraltar  Falkland Islands  Channel Islands 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND COUNTIES County Antrim  County Armagh  County Carlow  County Cavan  County Clare  County Cork  County Derry  County Donegal  County Down  County Dublin  County Fermanagh  County Galway  County Kerry  County Kildare  County Kilkenny  County Kings county  County Leitrim  County Leix  County Limerick  County Longford  County Louth  County Mayo  County Meath  County Monaghan  County Offaly  County Queens county  County Roscommon  County Sligo  County Tipperary  County Tyrone  County Waterford  County Westmeath  County Wexford  County Wicklow 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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