Toms Wills - the index to UK wills 1931-1949

Toms Wills: how it was, and of course,
how it should be*

Tom Chatley dreamt of an index to the probate calendars, in book form for many years. He began a card index in the 1930s, and these made it to the printed internet page in 2015. He wanted to collect the interesting addresses together. As looking for Joneses in Wales, or Smiths in Walsall is tough without an address, perhaps Toms Wills can help you? To consult the actual wills, or view a copy of the index which Tom scribbled from, these are available at various places online, including at Ancestry UK, US, Canada and at the British government's wills site. And thank you Tom!

The probate registry held its doors open for my stumbling schoolboy self, drunk on learning, back in 1992. The nutritious volumes there added majesty and possibility to my tree. In a patchy landscape of adult mistrust and lost waypoints, place and probate still matters. And place is what there is plenty of in Toms Wills. I decided to strip back 70 years of 'meh' to the 1940s, when Cider met Rosie, Eric Newby had his incandescent adolescence and Jack Kerouac was still happy in Lowell, Mass. 3 nights of passion in Elkins, W.V. and it is live. Hope you like. @fh_data_project

* "The most fantastic story is the truest - Isabel Fonseca Amis, Bury Me Standing, 1996" via Salt n' Pepa 1991, you know the name.
To help get the rest of Tom's project online, get in touch. (Tom is a pseudonym.)

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